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Subject: 04/09/91 - The National Midnight Star #208

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 208

                  Tuesday, 9 April 1991
Today's Topics:
             Truncation of Monday's NMS, etc 
     Animated Special/1991 Juno Awards/Ottawa Concert
                 My first post/new album
                    bootleg and covers
                   Rush in other lands
        Those little dolls on Ged's keyboard, etc.
               Fly in the Night CD bootleg
                     Hands in Presto?
                  Red Tide Sampled Sound
              Music of the Spheres/New Album
                     GIF files at FTP
              The Body Electric multi-single
                 Hello New Subscribers!!
                         Air Rush

After flailing around a few times, here at last is Tuesday's real digest.
Wednesday's digest will be mailed out at the usual time (17:30 EDT).


From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Truncation of Monday's NMS, etc 

Hi all,

    By now you've figured out that I had a wee bit of trouble with the
NMS for Monday, 4/8/91.  The first version was truncated after the second
article because there was a period encountered at the beginning of a line.
(This is the End Of Text character for most mailers.)  I set it up again,
and tried to see if that was the only instance, and re-sent it Tuesday
morning.  Unfortunately, my eyes aren't what they used to be (no comments!),
and I missed another occurance of it; the second version was also truncated,
only later.  I give up.  The missing articles have been stored, and show up
in this issue instead of trying again...

    I've written a little C program which will scan the file after I've
edited it to check for a period in column one.  Hopefully this will take
care of the problem in the future.

    I would like to say thank you to all those that sent mail letting me
know something was amiss.  I received over 50 (whew!) items that were almost 
identical, but I knew about the problem right away.  Better over-informed
than not at all.  

    One other thing: someone recently uploaded a GIF file to the incoming
directory.  It was an image of the Presto cover.  I don't know who did this,
and can't credit you in the CONTENTS file in the images directory unless you
drop me a line at the administrative address.  I've put it in the images dir.
for now, but would like to give credit where credit is due.

    Lastly, as a side note, we now have broken the 800 member mark!  Welcome
to all you newcomers, and really, this list usually NEVER has problems!  ;-)

The National Midnight Star
(RUSH fans mailing list)


Date: 	Fri, 5 Apr 1991 09:42:00 -0500
From: Mark (M.J.) Marcelissen 
Subject:  Animated Special/1991 Juno Awards/Ottawa Concert

After reading the Frequently Asked Questions list, I did not notice
any talk about the RUSH animated cartoon special that aired a few
years back on CTV (Canadian Television Network) and simulcasted on
local FM radio stations. I forget the name, but is was about (correct
me if I am wrong) the last man and woman in a city that was controlled
by a master robot and their journey to escape. Can anyone expand? It was
about 5 years ago. The music was from GUP? Has this been discussed in
the NMS before? I am a recent subscriber.

I don't recall reading this in the last few weeks NMS's: (was it?)
Last month, at the 1991 Juno Awards (Canadian equivalent of the Grammy Awards).
RUSH won the Album of the year award for Presto. (correct me if I am wrong -
I did not watch. TV - narcotic for the eyes). I guess, they were not there
to accept, but GOWAN did accept for them (Alex is on GOWAN's new album -
dicussed earlier in the NMS).

Power Windows Tour, Ottawa, Canada 1986, FM was the backup band - for your

This was and is probably the last Rush Concert in Ottawa due to RUSH's
so called "15K person minimun advanced booking requirement" - local radio
station. Is this true elsewhere?
|\  /|\  /|
| \/ | \/ |
|    |    |


[ Oh, no, this guy actually hunted me down and found my office! :-)
                                                             :rush-mgr ]
Subject: My first post/new album
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 91 23:46:44 EST

first off: I have "an in" ('kinda; they don't know me directly)
w/Alex's parent's.  As of 2 days after Christmas Alex left for london
to record "the same place they went last time".  All of the recording
must be done by now (IMHO) , especially since Neil is appearing live
Moday eve. at the Ritz in NYC.

I know the answers to most trivia about Neil's current and past kits.
If you've got questions e-mail me.  If I don't know the answer I do
know someone who knows someone (we've heard that before!!) who is one
of Neil's electronic techs and I can hopefully find it out from him.

Neal Dillman -- University of Merryland

"trust is just as rare as devotion" - ORQ


Date: Sun, 7 Apr 91 11:28 EDT
Subject: bootleg and covers

	I was just wondering, has Rush done any cover songs live.  I
would like to hear them play their interpretation of another writers
song.  I don't have any specific songs in mind.  I'd also like to
hear them play other songs at varying tempos instead of playing the
song like they recorded it.  I've only seen Rush 3 time so for all
I know they hav not done much of this yet.
	One other note, anyone in the Pittsburgh area got any Rush bootlegs
I'd like to get some copies, especially older stuff.
				mail me at


Date: Sun, 7 Apr 91 23:29:15 -0400
Subject: Rush in other lands

Does anyone have any idea how popular Rush is in other countries?  As someone
going through the "Worshiping the Ground the Boyz Walk On" stage of Rush
fandom (well, maybe not that strong but close :-) as well as possibly thinking
about moving overseas as well as curiouser than a dead cat (big Cheshire :-),
I wanna know how big an international following they have, especially in
non-English-speaking countries.


[ For what it worth, we have people from Japan, Austyralia, New Zealand,
  Brazil, US, Canada, and various places in Europe...           :rush-mgr ]

Bill Barnes

-"He's not afraid of your judgement"  (Sorry, it's what I'm listening to at
the moment...)


Date: Mon, 8 Apr 91 01:05:21 -0400
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: Those little dolls on Ged's keyboard, etc.

Greetings to all once again...

A few things:

I don't know for sure what those dolls are, but I thought they might be
the Rockin' Constructivists (see ASOH liner notes!) - those characters
at the beginning of the ASOH video...any guesses?

Does anyone know about a concert during HYF(?) when Ged was sick and Alex
sang the lead vocals for the entire show...I think it took place in New
England somewhere...

If anyone is going to the Buddy Rich tribute in NYC Monday, a posted review
would be appreciated...

That's all for now...



Date: Mon, 8 Apr 91 03:38:16 EDT
From: Mike Borella 
Subject: Fly in the Night CD bootleg

I just picked up a "new" CD bootleg of the Permanent Waves tour called
"Fly in the Night"

Good overall sound quality.  A bit better than "Red Stars..." but not as
good as the Yes and Genesis CD boots put out by Flashback.

Track listing:

1) Intro/Xanadu
2) A Farewell to Kings
3) Closer to the Heart
4) Something for Nothing
5) Cygnus X-1
6) Working Man
7) Fly by Night
8) In the Mood
9) Cinderella Man

The main reason I got it was to check out the live versions of the Farewell...

According to the cover, this is a limited edition release, with only 1000
copies made.

Happy Hunting!!!

-Mike Borella


Subject: Hands in Presto?
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 91 16:19:13 WET
From: Moschops 

        How goes it.

I just got NMS#205 with the "most frequently asked questions" section.
Something that I thought was missing.

What do the hands on the inside of Presto mean?
Are they some kind of sign language or what?
This has puzzled me for a while. ( ever since getting the album )

Oh yes  .. I want to hear from all the guitarists out there.. Yes I
know you're out there!!!

Bye for know
( I know ... I can't Spell!!! )


BTW Clive Williams - did you get my mail? Call me!!

   ------- Mike O'Donnell -------        || Thats " Moschops " to my friends
                                         || I love Rush,Queensryche and most
Janet :       || Rock/Metal bands
   (or)   ||   London Monarchs lead the WLAF
Purity Test Result(400 quest version)-%63||   Anything Can Happen - Rush

What the hell, go ahead and put all your eggs in one basket.


Subject: Whoops
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 91 16:24:07 WET
From: Moschops 

Hey nearly forgot....

        I wanna get a Rush album on Saturday....Haven't got them all

        What should I get out of

                Permenant Waves
                Farewell to Kings
                Moving Pictures

        Please mail me direct with suggestions and reasons for choice.

Many Thanx


   ------- Mike O'Donnell -------        || Thats " Moschops " to my friends
                                         || I love Rush,Queensryche and most
Janet :       || Rock/Metal bands
   (or)   ||   London Monarchs lead the WLAF
Purity Test Result(400 quest version)-%63||   Anything Can Happen - Rush

Next Friday will not be your lucky day.  As a matter of fact, you don't
have a lucky day this year.


From: (Basil Fawlty)
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 91 19:43:15 -0700
Subject: Red Tide Sampled Sound

In Red Tide on Presto, just before Geddy sings "Now's the time [to turn the
tide.." I can hear a sampled sound that sounds like a strange flute or 
whistle. Anyone know what this is? (This is in spirit of noticing "hidden"
samples like Neil's whistle in Distant Early Warning).


Date: Tue, 9 Apr 91 12:09:18 -0400
From: (Jason Rosenberg)
Subject: Music of the Spheres/New Album

About the "Music of the Spheres" questions:
   I took an astronomy course last year(ooh...ahh...) and remember
this subject.  One of the early astronomers(I can't remember who
either) DID try to use physical data to create a musical pattern,
but it came from an even funkier idea.  That was back in the days
when some thought that everything in the sky was plopped down on
its own glass like sphere.  The stars/planets rotated because their
spheres were spinning.  Anyway, the interaction of all these
different sphere caused a sound much in the same way that rubbing
crystal makes a sound.  Supposedly only the truly gifted could hear
this sound...apply that to "The Analog Kid" and it makes a lot of
sense(to me!).
   Shane Faulkner:
   About the new album...I don't want to sound picky, but who
exactly is this "VERY RELIABLE SOURCE" of yours?  2 weeks
seems like an ANEMIC amount of time, I have to have some

Jason Rosenberg
"I'm not lying, I'm insane"


From: "Ian D Bjorhovde" 
Subject: GIF files at FTP
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 91 12:46:22 EDT

Hello again!

Lately I have tried to FTP some of the GIF files from the FTP site, but
without luck.  When I try to display them, I am given an error message-
"Bad Code at XXXX" or something.

Does anyone know how to FTP these files correctly?  I use Binary.  HELP!

(Please send responses to me directly-)

[ Beats me... any ideas people?                              :rush-mgr ]

Ian Bjorhovde
		Univ. of Pittsburgh


Date:         Tue, 09 Apr 91 13:09:48 EST
Subject:      The Body Electric multi-single

  I don't know if anyone else has this, but I didn't see it on the
discography.  I have a "The Body Electric" multi-single which also
contains "The Analog Kid" and "Distant Early Warning" and it's printed
on red vinal.  (They have a thing with red don't they)  I was just
wondering if it was worth anything or if anyone else had it.

       Brian Hoffman
   "There's no bread, let them eat cake"


Date: Tue, 9 Apr 91 13:50:40 -0400
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: Hello New Subscribers!!

This is directed to the new subscribers in the audience:

For the last three weeks I have been conducting a poll asking NMS readers
if they wanted to make a cassette of their all-time favorite Rush songs, what
would they be?  I gave readers a list of themes (e.g. favorite 70s Rush, 80's
Rush, Live material from albums and videos and (for the musicians) there favorite drums songs, bass songs, guitar songs and keyboard songs).  I asked each
reader to send a list of songs (10 min, 20 max:  90 or 100 min) which will be
compiled into a cassette of the readers all-time favorite Rush songs.  These
songs will be divided into the above categories plus I will post any unique
themes if any come up.  So far the poll is coming pretty nicely.  The results
will be posted around the begining of May but if entries start to trickle or
there is a clamor for early posting (I realize that this is finals month so I
understand if you don't have any time) I will post them sooner.  Here are the
addresses to send your lists:

Thanx for your support

Douglas Schwabe


Date: Tue, 9 Apr 91 14:10:43 EDT
From: Usually Dazed 
Subject: Air Rush

Of course its juvenile but everyone admit it that they do it!!!!!!!

On the 18 of this month, at the Newport in Columbus Ohio, some fraternity,
I think A-E-Pi (its all greek to me) is having the contest I mentioned some
issues back.  We are doing Rush, and are "performing"..........
	Tom Sawyer (sp) off the SOH video

	Ok I admit it I never learned these songs completely on the guitar,
and I dont think I could even FAKE the solo to Freewill!!!!!!!!!!

	Anyone in the area come check it out and scream for us.  We have made
Public television both times and the 11:00 news the second time.  This year
we have "Our Choice" of position in the battle cuz we have been screwed
around for the past two times (and we have a friend in high places this

	Come one Come ALLLLL!  Crowed response counts!

	I want to goto ROCESTER and Pennsylvania for the Parties!!!!




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