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Subject: 04/15/91 - The National Midnight Star #213

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 213

                  Monday, 15 April 1991
Today's Topics:
                  My brother loves me...
             redness, rolls, and extra frills
                      Concert Tales
                      FM (the band)
                Tubular bell notes bending
                     The Necromancer
               Buddy Rich Benefit/NJ Record
                 The Music of the Spheres
                      Gif file help!
                      2112 story...
                     Some questions..
        04/12/91 - The National Midnight Star #212
           Prices of Chronicles and ASOH videos
                   no rush on the radio
                     FM (are British)
          Rush/Queensryche link + Alex's Guitars
                  Re: the BEST drummer?
 Re:  'Bending' chime tones and Neil's visual control...
                      re: drum-rolls
                        the trees
                   King Biscuit CD.....
                  "Witch Hunt" Question
           Transportation to Philly Rush party
                     JUST A THOUGHT.

Date: Fri, 12 Apr 91 15:16:40 -0700
From: Douglas V. Simpkinson 
Subject: My brother loves me...

He has a great job now, and came in to see me one day, and said:
"Doug, since I have more money than God, and cannot afford to be
seen in anything but Fila and Italian suits, how would you like my
Rush Tour Jacket?"

Heh heh heh.  I can see you turning green through the terminal.



Subject: redness, rolls, and extra frills
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 91 15:46:09 -0700
From: Michael J. Konopik 

I liked Lance N.'s discussion of Red Lenses, 'cause it happens to be one of
my closet favorites.  I remember reading how Neil made RED the prevailing
theme throughout P/G - I'm not really sure whether the Red Book can be tied
at all into Lance's bad-news and seeing-red model.  I prefer the silo-book
angle.   Anyway, to make a short story long, what's this about the "not blue"
being just for fun?  I always thought it was added in to make the point that
he was seeing red (angry), not blue (depressed).  It's their "or green, violet,
yellow..." fun with the light crew during their shows that is probably just
for fun.  :)

I haven't listened to much before Hemispheres lately (kinda OD'd on it a
couple of years ago), so my memory's a little fuzzy.  I recall, though, that
Neil used several buzz rolls - I'm pretty sure one of them was in a segue in
the middle of By-Tor on FBN.  And I recall him playing at least one in every
solo I've seen live.  They're all pretty uneven.  It could just be the
teachers I had, but they tried to get me to make ALL rolls even and seamless
unless specifically accented.  Single, double, or buzz.

Lastly, I won't flame back, Tom.  Opinions vary.  Until the HYF tour, I had
the opinion that Buddy had better chops than Neil.  But then Neil put
together his own big-band program on his Simmons for his solo, and it showed
me that he really DID have Buddy's capability.  I watched Buddy break his
right stick in the middle of a solo, toss the butt off the stage while
playing a BUZZING single-stroke roll with just his left hand, BETWEEN THE
SNARE AND 12" TOM, all while reaching into his bag for a spare stick.  I had
to clean the arena floor goop from the bottom of my chin and pop my eyeballs
back in after THAT sight!!  I'm not sure anybody could match that particular
trick.  Everybody picks their own "best"; I think Neil holds his own beside
anybody else I've ever seen or heard, and since I like his style most out of
the elite drummers, I choose him as the best.  (yeah - "period!"  ;-)

Lots of hot air, and very little sleep,

ORQ: "Wheels can take you around
      Wheels can cut you down"


Date: Fri, 12 Apr 91 18:46:54 -0400
From: jpb8@po.CWRU.Edu (Jeffrey P. Bodner)
Subject: Concert Tales

Hello fellow fans!

	I'd like to know if anyone has any really interesting stories
as to unusual happenings at a RUSH concert. For example, the one about
Alex singing because Geddy was ill. (whether that was true or not, you
get the idea) Here's my own: Everyone is familiar with the little
three stooges bit the boyz do to kick off the concert. Well, at about the
time that started, a beach ball began bouncing among the crowd near
the stage. Towards the very end of the bit, the ball kicked up onto stage
and from my vantage point seemed to land in Neil's lap! If not in his lap,
at least inside his kit. Well, Neil got the ball outta there with
like two beats to spare and still hit the first note of the opener.

	P.S.  I am a fencer too! I fence sabre for Case Western Reserve
University in Cleveland. (aaron's my teammate)

     What you own is your own kingdom, what you do is your own glory.
     What you love is your own power, what you live is you own story.
          Jeff Bodner                              aka: The Bod


Date: 12 Apr 91 19:08 -0500
From: Kerry Yackoboski 
Subject: FM (the band)

	The FM that opened for Rush is the
Toronto band that is still around.  Their
debut album was "Black Noise", not "White Noise".
Violinist/singer/electric mandolinist Nash the
Slash later sucessfully sued Pepsi for ripping
off his image in a TV commercial.  His replacement
in the band, Ben Mink, plays violin on Losing It.
Mink is now with kd lang, and Nash is back in FM.


Subject: Tubular bell notes bending
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 91 21:51:13 EDT

In the last digest, Lance Neustaeter asks:

>    ps.  On Xanadu, Neil plays a tubular bell (chime) and the note
>bends downward.  Does anyone know how this is done?  I have an theory
>(haven't tried it, so it's still a theory) so if no one knows, I'll
>see what you think of my version of an explanation.

Hmm....  I seem to remember from the ESL video that there was a shot from the
back of the kit right after Neil did one of the tubular bell solos of somebody
(looked like a roadie) backing away from the bells.  Could this person have
something to do with it?



Date: Fri, 12 Apr 91 14:06:38 EDT
From: vanth! (Jim Shaffer)
Subject: The Necromancer

A week or so ago,  writes:

>Anyone know the name of the river the "Three travellers" follow in "The
>I think that's the only word in the whole song I can't

I could never figure it out either.  But it's such a minor thing.  Is it:

(1) "Fording the river Dawn..."     or
(2) "Fording the river at dawn..."

The voice is distorted too badly for me to be certain.

Also, while we're on the subject, is it "men of Willowdell" (which sounds
more Tolkienesque) or "men of Willowdale" (which I think is an actual
Ontario city)?

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Date: Fri, 12 Apr 91 09:17:46 EDT
From: Master of Calculus 
Subject: Buddy Rich Benefit/NJ Record

	A friend of mine went to the Buddy Rich benefit show, and told me
that, all told, it was a rough night for Neil.  He said that Neil was
definitely nervous and uncomfortable playing in a jazz-type environment,
and that his timing and playing were off.  Neil did his usual solo (in all
fairness, I think it's time for a new solo.  Neil has been doing this
one for almost 15 years, since the beginning remnants can even be heard
in the drum solo for ATWAS), and did a duo piece with Will Calhoun.
According to my friend, Will was being a real ass and trying to show off
while taking advantage of Neil's difficulty in this situation.  Apparently
Will thinks he is a better drummer than Neil and was trying to prove it.
Anyway, this is just what my friend told me, and I don't know how much of
it is fact and how much is just judgmental.  He did record the show on
his high-quality walkman, but I haven
(I hate typos)
			  but I haven't gotten a chance to hear it yet.

	In other news, there is going to be a NJ Record
Convention on April 27th at the Airport Music Hall in Allentown, PA.
If anyone is in the area, this is a great place to stop by and find all
kinds of imports, videos, and collectibles, most of them not to be
found in your local record store, if you catch my meaning.  They usually
have a lot of Rush stuff there to be had, but it ain't cheap.  I just
thought I'd let everyone know.

					Gene Porochniak
				        Moravian College


Date:         Sat, 13 Apr 91 12:38:33 EDT
From: Dave 
Subject:      The Music of the Spheres

I was looking at a propaganda magazine put out by the Phillip Morris
cigarette people.  In the back of this rag they have a crossword puzzle.
So for some reason they decided to title the crossword puzzle.  Well, the
title was "Music of the Spheres"  Maybe they're Rush fans.  Maybe they're
Dante fans.


Well, don't any of you 800 people know where the hell that guitar synthesizer
is in Hemispheres?!?


Date: Sat, 13 Apr 91 16:06:00 EST
Subject: Gif file help!

Date: 13 April 1991, 16:02:23 EST

Hi fellas - this question is not totally related to the RUSH goings-on, but I
was wondering is anyone could tell me (and any other novice NMS subscribers)
how  we can get/download/whatever those neat gifs located at the FTP site.
What kind of procedure would I have to follow if I were using an IBMPC or
a Mac as a dumb terminal? Or do you have to have access to a Sun to be able
to see the images at all? Any help in this category would be sincerely 

[ The first thing you should do is learn how to use 'ftp' in general.  For
  specific questions, you can send mail to the administrative address.  Also,
  to ftp files, you have to be directly connected to the Internet.  If you
  only have Bitnet access, you'll need to get the GIF files from the mail
  server at Ingr.  As always, addresses are available in the tail of every
  NMS.                                                         :rush-mgr  ]


From: (Snarkboy!)
Subject: 2112 story...
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 91 18:01:10 WET DST

I realize that before I speak, I should look into the matter further (get
the facts first), but if i tried to do this, I would most likely forget
my question by the end of reading my mail and the thought would be
lost forever. (Big Deal -- get on with it...)

After the guy kills himself at the end of 2112. what happens?

I thought it talked of the Elders coming back and taking over again --
not the Priests regaining a balance. (Sounds like _Brave New World_, doesn't

When it says "Attention all planets....."  who is speaking?

               Priests?       Elders?

--  Snark!


Date: Sat, 13 Apr 91 20:00 EDT
Subject: Some questions..

Ok, I have a couple questions about Rush-related topics:

1) Why am I having problems decompressing the lyrics I FTPd from the FTP site?
   I downloaded them in binary mode, so that's not the problem.  What the
   program does is decompress most of it, but stop at some point close to the
   end: _Hemispheres_ stopped about two words into Circumstances;  PoW
   only cut off part of Mystic Rhythms...  Also, most capital "Y"s were
   deleted.  Anyone know what the problem is?  I'm using a program called
   "lzdcmp.exe" on a VAX VMS...

[ Sounds like it's not 100% compatable with the Unix 'compress' program.  If
  you have access to a Unix system, use 'uncompress' to decode them.  If you
  don't, and don't have a program which understands 'compress' format, you
  can get the same files from the mail server at Ingr.            :rush-mgr ]

2) Does anyone out there have some .sid files of Rush?  (These are music files
   for the Commodore 64).  I have a few, but I'm sure that there are more out
   there (somewhere...)

Thanks in advance...

Herschel Gelman


Date: Sat, 13 Apr 91 19:14:38 MDT
From: (Fred Peabody)
Subject: Jam?

   Any NMS subcribers out there who play an instrument[Bass, Drums, Guitar]
who go to the University of Colorado?  If so, let's jam!  Just meet somewhere
and informally trade licks, or try to play some songs...  I'm a Freshman here
and my instrument is guitar. I'm not that great, so don't be afraid!



Date: Sun, 14 Apr 91 05:33:08 -0400
From: (jason greene)
Subject: 04/12/91 - The National Midnight Star #212

in TNMS #212 someone queried where the Boyz would be recording the new album
(what studio in London, that is), to which Jay Cook replied:

> "My guess would be the Manor...but I've been wrong before.."

As have I, but that's why they're all called guesses. I have "heard" (what a
strong word) that over the next few weeks/months (this was starting a month
ago) that the Cult, Mark Knopfler (dire straits, hopefully) and Jethro Tull
have all booked time at the Manor studios...

With all of Rush's cool midi & sequencing machinery, that would really
make one HELL of a crowded studio.

Who knows, though? A lot of times a performer/act might only record one
track at a studio.......................................

(hoping for that Geddy guest vocal on the new Cult album)


From: Chris Marshall 
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 91 11:25:02 +0200
Subject: Prices of Chronicles and ASOH videos


In NMS#xxx (can't remember now), Jeff Faunce wrote about prices of Rush vids
in a store somewhere. They were Chronicles $17.96 and ASOH $18.96, He asked
(I think) about whether they were good value or not. Well, compared to UK
prices, they are great value.

Over here, I paid 11 or 12 pounds for ASOH, which works out to roughly 22/24
of those dollars of yours. I live in the wrong country!!!


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Date: Sun, 14 Apr 91 10:05 EDT
Subject: no rush on the radio

Hey Eric from Wichita,
eve it!!!!! The radio stations in Pittsburgh rarely play
Rush.  We have 2 good stations to listen to, one plays more classic
rock and the other plays more newer rockbut they both play a whole
lotta Led.  Maybe no one ever calls it in for requests or maybe all
the dj's just hate it around here.  Who knows?

"Jack Straw from Wichita cut his buddy down"-The Grateful Dead


From: (Bing Kongmebhol)
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 91 17:45:27 PDT

Just a few questions:

	1)In ASOH, Geddy is wearing a pin on his guitar strap.  You can see
	  it really well in a picture on the inside cover of the album and
	  on some pictures in the tour book.  But does anyone know who the
	  person in the pin is?

	2)The Beatles have influenced many musicians, and I was wondering if
	  anyone knew if Alex, Geddy, or Neil have ever said anything about
	  that.  Do any of them like the Beatles at all?

	3)Has there ever been a list of songs done on their tours posted or
	  sent out in the NMS?


From: Nick Pitfield 
Subject: FM (are British)
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 10:10:15 BST


There is a British band called FM, who have two albums out (the first is called
'Indiscreet', the name of the second escapes me).

This band were at one time being touted as a great British hope, and their 
first album is quite good (although a bit lightweight). Live, however, there
were appalling; the vocalist could take the strain, and the songs sounded
very samey after 10 minutes.

If a band called FM supported Rush in the past 6 years or so, then it was the
British version, as they are still active.


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Subject: Rush/Queensryche link + Alex's Guitars
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 10:57:39 WET
From: Moschops 

Hey gang,
        About the Geoff Tate " playing in a Rush/VH covers band-
I have always been attracted to the QR sound because of the likeness
of their sound to Rush's.
        I read somewhere that the Drummer and Bassist in QR are avid
Rush fans, and spend time in rehersals playing Rush tunes.
        Plus the fact that Peter Collins produced their albums.

I'm not surprised that Alex is now using Paul Reed Smith guitars
        IMHO They are the best guitars in the world!!!


BTW - I managed to get hold of AFTK and Hemispheres ( They were half
price - what the hell I thought! )

BTW again - Has anyone got anything from the Queensryche music board?
I mailed them about 3 weeks ago - As yet no reply

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From: Adrian N Ogden 
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 91 14:35:19 BST
Subject: Re: the BEST drummer?

>In response to Mike's post on Neil:
>>As if it needed to be said - Neil Peart is the BEST drummer in the business.
>I hope you're kidding here.  I love Neil and have been a fan of his
>for over 10 years, but there are MANY drummers who could clean his
>clock.  I'm sure he would agree.
>Flame if you must.  I'm sure I'm not alone on this one.

>- Tom

No, you're not alone. There are indeed many drummers who are technically
better than Neil. He's said in interviews that he doesn't know everything
by a long way, but he knows enough to be able to do what he wants to do
within the context of the band. He feels it's no longer so important to
improve constantly as a) he's reached a plateau, above which any improvement
would take _major_ practice, and b) he's more concerned with playing what's
right for the songs than showing off his technique.

Some of my favourite players are Bill Bruford, Terry Bozzio, Simon Phillips,
Vinnie Collaiuta and Phil Collins (Brand X and _early_ Genesis :-) ), all
of whom I think are equal to or better than Neil. But Neil remains my top
favourite simply because I like his style.

<< Adrian Ogden   _ . _ _   _ . _ _   _ _ . . >>

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         Napoleon was a Short, Dead Dude."


Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 08:13:07 EDT
From: Wes Morgan 
Subject: Re:  'Bending' chime tones and Neil's visual control...

>    ps.  On Xanadu, Neil plays a tubular bell (chime) and the note
>bends downward.  Does anyone know how this is done?  I have an theory
>(haven't tried it, so it's still a theory) so if no one knows, I'll
>see what you think of my version of an explanation.

Hmmm....there's a technique used with marimba that involves placing your
mouth next to the bar and 'bending' the sound by opening and closing the
mouth......could that be applied to the chimes as well?  It could be done
if the mike was *right* next to Neil's mouth.

By the way, to those who were quick to point out that Neil does his share
of visual effects w/his sticks, you'll notice that they are almost exclu-
sively during non-playing time.  *That's* the difference to which I was
referring.  The usual chuckleheaded heavy-metal type will spin all day,
regardless of what it does to the time.  Just turn on MTV for proof of
this one.


From: (Robert N. Berlinger)
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1991 10:18:14 EDT
Subject: re: drum-rolls

On Apr 10, 20:01, wrote:
> ...In fact, I
> can't remember any fills that Neil has played that include standard
> double or straight buzz rolls (no right or left hand extra strokes or
> consistent accents; e.g.: the high tom roll in Middletown Dreams ( just
> before "and he's still heading ...") wouldn't count.
>-- End of excerpt from

How about the triplet double-stroke rolls that he does in the intros to
_Countdown_ and _Manhattan Project_.  Or the intro to _Camera Eye_ (a
number of five-stroke rolls etc.).  I'm sure there are a few other
examples as well.


Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 08:18:33 PDT
From: (Lara J Allen)
Subject: the trees

has the trees been discussed to death yet?
if not, i'd like to start a thread

the trees is such a fascinating allegory...i know that the band
  feels one way or the other on it, but for the life of me
  i can't decide which it is.

do they think that the honorable law of axes and saws is truly
  honorable?  should the oaks have their come uppance?
or should the maples just survive the way they are?

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Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 11:45 CDT
From: merch!infohub!skyler!  ((Peter Nichols))
Subject: King Biscuit CD.....

>Date: Fri, 12 Apr 91 00:07:06 EDT
>Subject: Excluded on the discography

>I was surprised when I saw a Rush disc for that show (...King Buscuit...), as
>I had never heard of them doing a live set for it.  Well, as it turns out,
>(or at least this is how I heard it) the CD, although it was recorded and
>compiled from a few shows, was never played on the air for one reason or
>another.  I guess that explains its price-tag....a mere $250!! I could never
>shell out that kind of dough, but I wanted to inform the interested...That
>is the story as best as I can remember. Has anyone else seen this?  Or is it
>extraordinarily rare?

Well, unless I have totally lost my marbles (quite possible...), I have
heard it played twice on the radio. Once on a station in New England
(WHJY if memory serves me right) and once here in Texas (on KTXQ ??).
I had a poor bootleg from the New England station (as I didn't record it)
but I now have a good quality copy recorded from the station down here.
I don't have the discography here, and don't plan to upload it unless
there is interest (as I would imagine that many of you have it already,
and is not counted in the discography for a reason ??).

[ I too think I have a tape with part of this show.  Also, the discography
  is mostly for official releases; any boots listed are 'gravy'.  :rush-mgr ]

As for the price tag, I would rather have a 105Meg IDE drive, but then
again, I don't have all the RUSH CD's either. One thing that the disc
would be good for is the introduction to Distant Early Warning. It is
about 30-45 seconds long and really OMINOUS!! I believe that this intro
gives the audience a better idea as to the mood the song is really trying
to project...

				-stump (P. Nichols)

OBQ: "I don't know whether it's schizophrenic, manic depressive....or just
      plain broke..." Dr. H. Flyod


Subject: "Witch Hunt" Question
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 11:19:51 +0100
From: gimper@leland.Stanford.EDU

I have read a few interviews with the band about how "Witch Hunt"
was supposed to be the "studio track" from the MP album.  But to me,
they have performed it exceptionally well in concert.  (I heard them
play it on the p/g tour, and of course from the p/g video and the
ASoH album.)  Geddy has said that advances in synthesizer technology,
etc., have allowed them to perform this song live.

I accept this.  But here is my question (please excuse my ignorance):
What makes the original "Witch Hunt" from MP such a huge production
number?  To me, it doesn't sound overproduced.  Maybe that's because
I'm used to the Peter Collins brand of production now, but it does
not sound like there are ten million tracks on there that they
couldn't reproduce onstage.  About the only part I can see is the
ending where Geddy plays the bass solo with the synthesizers droning
in the background.  I have also heard that Neil plays two separate
drum tracks on this song.  It still sounds like a typical Neil drum
part to me! :-)

Can anyone help me out?

-- Stuart Miyasato


Subject: Transportation to Philly Rush party
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 16:43:48 EDT
From: David Arnold 

If you are in the Washington DC/Baltimore MD area, were planning
on going to the Rush party (last known date, 5/18), and were interested
in getting a ride with me, contact me soon.

My plans are to probably go up Saturday morning.  My wife will be with
us, and will be staying with friends up there.  This means I have room
for 2 (easily) or 3 (squeeze) people in my car.  Since the one guy I
was talking to about this will probably already be up there (hi Pat),
right now I have no passengers.  The space is first-come, first-served.

David Arnold       Keywords:    Rush, Jethro Tull, Crack the Sky, Squeeze, BOC,
                                 Neville Brothers, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd,
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Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 13:43:47 -0700
From: Baron von Phil 

	I was thinking today, may be the hero in the song 2112 should have
tried playing his music for the people of his world before submitting it
to the Priests.  They might have loved the music, overthrown the Temples,
and "become" the Elder Race themselves.  (Or he might have just done that,
and the "Elder Race" at the end is the people finally realizing that they
can take thier life in thier own hands.)  Just a thought.



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