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Subject: 04/16/91 - The National Midnight Star #215

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 215

                  Tuesday, 16 April 1991
Today's Topics:
              ASOH price and Neil Drum TRix
                       the party..
       Bending Chime Notes and FM as an opening act
                      Re:  The Trees
                    Tubular Bell Bend
                    Rush on the radio
                       guitar synth
                      Re: drum-rolls
                  Hello Fellow Rush Fans
                King Biscuit CD's -- Tape.
             Rivers and cities in Necromancer
                       More 2112...
                     Apple plays RUSH
                     Stupid question?
                  Hand Over Fist pattern
                         The Fixx
                        the trees
                     Guitar Questions
                Neil flips in "The Weapon"
                      police whistle
      Re: 04/15/91 - The National Midnight Star #213
                "The Trees" interpretation
                        The Trees

Date:         Mon, 15 Apr 91  18:06:16 EDT
From: John Nicholson 
Subject:      2112

FROM: John Nicholson

In issue 212, somebody brought up the fact that they thought the ending of the
sone was a tragedy. I agree, but for a different reason. I always interpreted
it as him not being able to bear life anymore and committing suicide, as the
writer does, but then I thought that the tragedy was that he did this before
(no time period specified) the Elder Race returned to "claim the home where
they belong". The Elder Race then makes the broadcast to the pilots of the
Solar Federation that "We have assumed control." This seems to make more sense
to me than having some kind of solar system-wide broadcast from the Priests
to all pilots of the Solar Federation saying that the one person who might
have rebelled against them is now dead.

I see it as a tremendous tragedy that he couldn't hold on long enough and just
secretly rebel until his opportunity to see his dream come true came.

John Nicholson       |  "I will choose a purpose clear-
U7667JN@DOEER.BITNET |   I will choose free will."


Subject: ASOH price and Neil Drum TRix
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 18:38:36 EDT

Just my input--I got ASOH for 2.95$ from BMG music club...
And on drum, whoever said most "chuckleheaded" heavy
metal artists play stick games, and just tune into mtv to see..
Wrong...It has been a long time since I saw a metal artist on MTV.
Pop/Hard Rock, yes...a little bit of good stuff, but most of it
is Warrant/Winger/We can make noises with guitars type bands..
No Metal.


"What better way to demoralize, when your own children are your spies"
"1001001 SOS..."


Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 19:33:43 EDT
From: tbear 
Subject: the party..

If anyone from the greater NYC area is going to the party on (I
think) the 18th and can give me a lift, please let me know. I
will be happy to help w/ gas, etc.

[ You might want to make clear *which* party you're talking about - there
  are two afoot currently.                                       :rush-mgr ]



OBRQ: Now's the time to take the time while hope is still in sight
      Let us not go gently to the endless winter night
				--"Red Tide"

"I think that God's got a sick sense of humor
 And when I die, I expect to find him laughing"
				--Depeche Mode, "Blasphemous Rumors"


Date: 15 Apr 91 16:59 -0500
Subject: Bending Chime Notes and FM as an opening act

>X-Mailer: Mail User's Shell (7.2.1 10/31/90)

	In yesterday's NMS Nick Pitfield 
elaborates about the British band FM.  In Canada they're known as
FM UK.  Although Nick is correct in his assessment of the band, I
stand by my affirmation that the Toronto band FM is the one that
opened for Rush - I can look through "Visions" and some other
interviews for confirmation.  FM modelled themselves somewhat on
Rush in that they were a three piece (since expanded) who played
many instruments at a time.  ALso, I think FM opened for Rush in
the late 70's/early 80's which I think predates the British band
but puts the TO band in their prime.
	Lance Neustaeter asked about a tubular bell sound that is
struck and then the pitch bends down.  The easiest way to do this
that I can think of is to put it through a delay unit with analog
controls.  As the "echo" goes through, turn the knob in the direction
to slow the repeats down.  The pitch of the echo will decrease
somewhat proportionally.  I think in Xanadu the bell is actually
echoed, isn't it?  Some might have thought it was being struck
5 or 6 times, when it's actually struck once and the rest are
echoes.  I haven't seen bells with a wiggle stick on them, but
Irving Berlin had a capo on his piano and played everything in
F#, using mechanics to change keys.  I could be wrong - maybe
it wasn't Berlin.

Kerry Yackoboski 	
The Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Laboratory in the Cellar
U of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada


Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 16:55:18 PDT
From: (Raymond Degennaro)
Subject: Re:  The Trees

Kinda busy (so this will be a little rough) but really I need a break and
here's a good excuse.  In TMNS #213, Lara J Allen (
brought up _The_Trees_.  This is the first time its being discussed since
I've subscribed, so I too hope we ain't beatin' a dead horse.

Anyway, I feel _The_Trees_ is a satire based on the ideas expressed by Ayn
Rand.  The story stems from "All men are CREATED equal."  Which is often
shortened to, "All men are equal," which isn'y quite the same thing.

In the song, you have two groups. One (the oaks), have done well, the other
(the maples) have also prospered, but look to the oaks and feel slighted.
Eventhough they may be taller than many of the plants in the forest, the
maples blame the oaks for being taller than they are.  The maples are not
concerned with their progress. Nor do they concider that they may have
advanced to the limit of their ability; their only concern is that the oaks
are taller.  In other words, they are relieing on others to be a measure of
their self-worth.

The philosophy is that it isn't fair that the oaks have accomplished more
and this bothers the maples.  So instead of trying to improve themselves
or being content with what they have accomplished, the maples want the oaks
held back.

The satire comes in because the law they passed is a noble law. How can you
speak proudly of a law that if one rises above his brothers, he is killed?

Ayn Rand was a proponent of egoism and pride in excellence back when
communism was en vouge; all the well educated people saw it benefits, and
if you dissagreed, you must not be well educated.  When _The_Trees_ was
written, America (and most likely Canada too) was at the height of
oppressive affirmative action and teaching at the pace of the slowest
student.  This I remember experiencing.

At this time, my youngest brother was in kindergarden.  He was one of a few
students that could read.  The students that could read often finished an
assignment before the teacher finihsed explaining the instructions to the
other students.  His teacher felt that it wasn't fair to the other students,
so he wasn't allowed to read.  After the parents, of the kids that could
read, spoke with her, her response was to black out the instructions on the
assignments before copying them for the students (Ralph, do you remember

The real scarry thing is that this is comming back again.  This time it
being called, being "Politically Correct." Anybody out there from Brown,
University of Michigan or Santa Monica College? You'll know what I'm talking
about.  There was a good article in _Time_Magazine_ about this.  It was two
or three issues ago, and I'll post the exact reference once I find it.  Well,
I think I'll get off the soap box and back to modelling upper airway 
resistance.  Send flames to:

     What you own is your own kingdom, what you do is your own glory.
     What you love is your own power, what you live is you own story.


Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1991 19:55 EDT
Subject: Tubular Bell Bend

    If I'm not mistaken the tubular bell did not 'bend' in the live version
of Xanadu. (You can correct me if I'm wrong.)  The bend is a studio trick,
which explains why they didn't do it live. It can be done easily with a
pitch-shifter and an echo. First the sound is routed through an echo device
and then just the echo is rerouted into the pitch shifter again and again
so it lowers in pitch each time it goes through. Or in the case of Cygnus
X-1 the pitch goes up, but it's the same thing. Many multi-effects units
have that feature built in nowdays but I'm not sure if there was anything
like that available back in the 70's. If not, it could have been done by
using a reel to reel tape deck and progressively speeding up or slowing
down the deck while using a tape loop. If you want more, check out
Arriving UFO on Tormato by Yes. Chris Squire uses it on his bass.

    -Charles Grogan

******WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE******  The guitar synth on Hemispheres.



Date: Tue, 16 Apr 91 00:25:24 GMT
From: (Tony R. Rice)
Subject: Rush on the radio

Hello fellow RUSH fanatics

   Thought I would toss in my $.02 on the topic of Rush on the radio.  Down
here at Virginia Tech the local rock station is Rock 105 FM.  They play Rush
constantly!  They will play a Rush request without batting an eyelid.  Lots
of good music comming from the station.  Back home in Northern Virginia, the
album rock-type station is DC101 FM.  They play Rush occasionaly.  Never more
than the latest single or Tom Sawyer but its a start.  They are very good
about giving the trio a good amount of air-play when a new album comes out or
a concert is comming up.

   One would tend to wonder why these stations play more music from artists
who have never sold out a show and less of groups like Rush with a tremendous
following and a great sellout rate.  Hmmmmmm.

Long live the trio

-.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --..
       Tony R. Rice               Virginia Tech Department
  (         of Computer Science and
                                  Sleep Deprivation Studies
-.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --..


Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 19:26:37 -0500
From: (Robert J. Friedman III)
Subject: guitar synth

Hey David!

     Okay!  Enough already!  I figured someone else would answer this
a long time ago and I'm getting a little irritated (am I the only one on
this list that plays guitar synth?)...
     Just before the vocals in "Cygnus, bringer of balance" there are some
soft slow attack synth chords (which are guitar synth).  These chords
continue throughout the intro until the change of tempo in the song ("then
all at once the ...).  As far as I can tell this is the only place the
guitar synthesizer is used on the whole album.  The other synth sounds are
all typical Moog sounds.  The only place in live performance a guitar synth
could have been used is the aforementioned.  The other synth voices were
probably triggered via Taurus pedals (but don't quote me, that was a little
before my time :-).  Take care all!

                                         -Bob Friedman

BTW, I think that "not blue" stresses that the "soviets are the blues" and
not what we should be concerned with/afraid of.

ORQ "Sometimes our big splashes
     are just ripples in the pool."


Subject: Re: drum-rolls
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 20:37:37 EDT


	I was refering to _only_ fills.  I think it is a more accurate
way to judge a drummers style since all drummers are apt to play a roll
once in a while.  In fills, however, most drummers use only the
mechanics they are most comfortable w/so as not to throw off the band.

	Hope I was more clear ( <== is that clear?) this time.

 "What you believe is what you are..."    | Neal A. Dillman
 "If you choose not to decide,            | Internet:
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 "Trust is just as rare as devotion."     | Snailmail: 6134 Ellicott Hall
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  while feeding the flames"               | College Park, Maryland 20742
                                 * RUSH * |


Date:         Mon, 15 Apr 91 21:14:16 EST
Subject:      Hello Fellow Rush Fans

Hi..This is my first posting to the NMS.  I've been a RUSH fan for a long
time.  I became interested in RUSH while playing percusson in band.
Yes, everyone who plays drums knows Neil Peart is God :-).
In fact I got a poster from Modern Drummer of Neil standing behind
his set, it's like the picture from the Presto tour book.  Every morning
i wake up, face the poster and bow (just kidding).  I was happy to learn of
this network since i've had lots of questions about the band.  I spent the
first two weeks reading back issues trying to catch up with the current
disusssion.  One thing I have noticed was that in the "most asked questions"
digest, one book is missing.  I found a few years ago a Lyrics book complete
with the piano parts for many of the popular songs as recent as Moving
Pictures.  I will dig this book up from my stacks and post the Name, publisher,
etc.. I found it in a local record store where that keep the sheet music.  I
was surprised to find it in Lexington (Ky.), Many of the record stores around
here only sell the latest album (what a sin).

     I am also keeping three or four friends up to date since they don't have
access to a computer account.  One of my friends has a very interesting theory
about the order of songs at their concerts.  He claims that the first song
in concert is determined by the first song on the album after the last live
album (or somthing like that), I will ask him again.

[ Nope.  They opened with "The Spirit of Radio" for the tours for _Moving
  Pictures_ through _Power Windows_, then switched to "The Big Money" for
  the HYF tour, then "Force Ten" for the _Presto_ tour.  At least here.
                                                                 :rush-mgr ]

     Also, I have learned that "YYZ" is pronounced "YYZed"? can anyone conferm

[ The Canadians and English (possibly others, Australian?) pronounce the
  letter "Z" as "Zed".  That's just the way they talk...         :rush-mgr ]

      Also, just a short comment, after the Challenger Explosion in '86(?) I
remember playing "Countdown".  After talking to some other Rush fans from
around here, they also said that they played that song during the following
days after the accident.  I'm sure others did too.

     Well, In closing, I glad I finally found some other Rush fans.  Seems like
Lexington is kind of short of them.

Till Later........

Mark Anders
University of Kentucky


Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 20:30:00 EST
From: mailrus!iuvax!ALWAYS.CONSTANT@uunet.UU.NET,
Subject: King Biscuit CD's -- Tape.

$250 sounds way to steep for one C.D. no matter what's on it.  I taped this
King Biscuit show when it was on Q95, and if anybody wants a copy we might be
able to work out a deal.  :>  This tape also has "Finding My Way/In The Mood"
which is pretty neat.  For the debating that was going on last month, Geddy
definately sings "I drank 12 beers" on this tape instead of "I lost count of
the years."  I thought that was pretty cool.  Later.

					Josh Vaughn


From: (Victor Kamutzki)
Subject: Rivers and cities in Necromancer
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 23:18:42 EDT

|] >Anyone know the name of the river the "Three travellers" follow in "The
|] >Necromancer"?
|] >I think that's the only word in the whole song I can't
|] >understand....
|] I could never figure it out either.  But it's such a minor thing.  Is it:
|] (1) "Fording the river Dawn..."     or
|] (2) "Fording the river at dawn..."

Ooof.  You slay me!  But you're not from around here, so I'll forgive you.
The Don River runs through The City (Toronto, that is--up here we like to
call it The City because the rest of Canada is just a big suburb of Toronto,
right?  All you other Canadians can vouch for me on this one, right?  :-) )
from north to south, emptying into Lake Ontario slightly east of the downtown
core.  Therefore, it is "Fording the River Don".

|] The voice is distorted too badly for me to be certain.

I'm sure of it.

|] Also, while we're on the subject, is it "men of Willowdell" (which sounds
|] more Tolkienesque) or "men of Willowdale" (which I think is an actual
|] Ontario city)?

Willowdale.  It's sort of the north-eastern corner of Metropolitan Toronto.
Funny how The City keeps showing up, isn't it?  Where did you say this band
of yours was from?  :-)  :-)

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/  Has a tendancy under pressure to reveal its identity..."                 \
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\                        -Victor Kamutzki         /


From: (Snarkboy!)
Subject: More 2112...
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 23:41:48 WET DST

Baron von Phil:
  You suggested that the man in 2112 should have played for the people
of the land before going to the Priests. Nice thought, but he had a
supreme trust in the Priests. He thought that they would be amazed, that
they would revere his name forever, that would bring great changes to the
gloom of the land.  Alas, the power-hungry Priests wished to keep a
"stable" and "calm" land -- they didn't need music, new thoughts, or
individualism to screw up their plans.

  Just some thoughts....

  -- Snark!


From: (Snarkboy!)
Subject: Apple plays RUSH
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 23:46:09 WET DST

Is your CD player perhasp not good enough? Well, here's something worse!

Not too much worse, but kinda neat.

A friend of mind has an Apple //gs and has been gathering some sound files
for it. So far, in the RUSH line, he has one called "Scars" and "Limelight"
and one other that I don't recall...  if you have a GS and want to use
it, mail me... (

I think it uses Sonix or Hyperstudio or something...  (You can add, remove,
edit each sound, etc... remove vocals, add vocals... mix all... pretty
good prog.)  Anyways....

-- Snark!

"Seven deadly sins, seven ways to win,
 Seven holy paths to Hell, and your trip begins."
            -Iron Maiden.


Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 23:02:05 CDT
From: Escherichia coli 
Subject: Stupid question?

I was wondering... who is the background vocalist in
"Time Stand Still"?  A friend of mine says
it's the chick from Til Tuesday... but I don't have
the liner notes so I'm not sure.
What's her name?

[ How about the immediate-response-method?  It's Aimee Mann, of Til Tuesday.
                                                                  :rush-mgr ]
e-mail preferred.

*  Liz!   @>---->-----               --+*+--          *
*  "Can't stop the world,            --+*+--  *
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From: (Basil Fawlty)
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 21:52:39 -0700
Subject: Hand Over Fist pattern

Help! I am in need of assistance! I cannot locate a book with drum 
transcriptions from Presto (and yes, I know there's probably one out there).
Any of you drummers with good hearing or anyone with the book, please tell
me this: In "Hand Over Fist" when Geddy sings "I feel my spirit resist, but
I open up my fist..." there is a highhat/cymbal pattern Neil is playing that
I cannot figure out.
I am not very good with figuring out how to play something from a song unless
I have the transcription. It took the "Chronicles" video to make me figure out
that in the intro for Red Barchetta Neil plays an open highhat at the same
time as a cymbal (kinda obscure, though, isn't it?). Anyway, help on this
would be greatly appreciated.

Yoav Tone_Deaf Gershon (UNIX)


Date: Mon, 15 Apr 91 23:51:19 MDT
From: Mark S. 
Subject: The Fixx

I was curious as to see how many here have heard of the Fixx.  I think
they are a great band myself.  Basically I brought them up because I
never hear them mentioned on any mailing lists that I am on.  Also
I wanted to hear if anyone knows when they are planning to tour here.
I'd appreciate the info.  Thanks.
						Mark S.


Date:         Tue, 16 Apr 91  08:44:58 EDT
From: John Nicholson 
Subject:      the trees

FROM: John Nicholson

In NMS #213, Lara Allen writes:

> they think that the honorable law of axes and saws is truly honorable?
>should the oaks have their come uppance? or should the maples just survive
>the way they are?

This song has always bothered me a little. It would seem like, since the oaks
and maples can't agree on the terms for mutual existence, the song is
advocating some kind of external government. This does seem to go against the
Randian/"Free Will" philosophy that they usually espouse. (However, I am NOT
a Randian expert. Those of you who are, please feel free to correct me if I'm
wrong (not that you wouldn't anyway))

Does anyone know if there is a particular significance to the Maple/Oak
antagonism? Is Canada the Maple? And, if so, who is the Oak?
                              |   Insert your own pithy and applicable quote
John Nicholson                |   here 'cause I can't think of one right now.
U7667JN@DOEER.BITNET          |


Date: Tue, 16 Apr 91 09:25:00 EST
Subject: Guitar Questions

Does anyone out there know how to play the end part of Alex's solo on
"The Trees"?  You know, the fast riff down the neck that ends in the
G/D/A chords.

Also, how about the chords at the start of "War Paint"?

How's that for a progressive interest in Rush's music?

-Alex Lifeson Fan


Date: Tue, 16 Apr 91 11:08:52 EDT
From: (David Pakman )
Subject: Neil flips in "The Weapon"

Someone mentioned that Neil primarily performs stick flips during
non-musical passages.  What about "The Weapon"?  If you'll recall,
he has integrated a casual, but fairly difficult flip into the
verse section of this song.  The rhythm is not particularly easy as is,
and the flip makes it just that much harder.

David Pakman
University of Pennsylvania


Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1991 09:29 MST
From: "Eric Kay (303) 499-7577" 
Subject: police whistle

This has already been discussed, but EXACTLY where in DEW is this
sampled "police whistle" sound? If someone could provide the exact
time(s) from a CD player's display it would be hugely appreciated.
                                               thanx- Eric Kay


Subject: Re: 04/15/91 - The National Midnight Star #213
From: (David Edward Weiss)
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 91 13:23:20 EDT

some answers:

1) to the person who asked about funny stories involving concert events:
at the Miami Arena show on the "Presto" tour, Geddy's bass went *way* out
of tune, and at the opening of "The Pass", took it off and traded it for
his Rick.  the roadie re-tuned it during the song, and when Geddy turned
around to get his Steinberger back, he saw two Playboy Bunnies carrying
it out on stage.  he was shocked.  he retaliated though -- he stomped on
the sound board on that side during his next bass solo.

2) the correct spelling (from "The Necromancer") is:\
"Willowdale"  - this is a suburb of Toronto.

3) to the person who asked if they were influenced by the Beatles:
they did a cover (from Beatles VI) called "Bad Boy" once or twice.
does this answer your question?

and now, i have a question:
what is said at the vvery beginning of "Witch Hunt"?
there is some murmuring, and it sounds kinda like:
"[can't figure it out].... Rush in Ft. Lauderdale"
am i close?

dangerous dave (also looking for musicians in So. FL)

why don't piranha attack [insert your favorite religious/ethnic/racial
group here] lawyers?  professional courtesy!
purity test score results: 17.3% (12/90) 1,000 ques. version (UNIX site, Gary Moore fan club address) (discrete, datsicily)


Date: Tue, 16 Apr 91 13:34:30 CDT
From: (Ervan Darnell)
Subject: "The Trees" interpretation

In the previous NMS Lara J Allen asks:
> the trees is such a fascinating allegory...i know that the band
>   feels one way or the other on it, but for the life of me
>   i can't decide which it is.

	I think the message is clearly that equality is a destructive
goal.  How can it be good if everyone is worse off than before?
Also, at the time that "The Trees" was written, Neil was still writing
Objectivist (i.e. Ayn Rand inspired) lyrics.
	At first I saw the song as an analogy for labor/management
relations.  But, now I think it is a more apt analogy for race relations
and civil rights legislation, the hatchet.
	Without disecting the lyrics in detail, I've always liked the way
the instrumental interlude of the two voices battling back and forth
follows the (lyical) setup and just preceeds the final catastrophe.
----Ervan Darnell


Subject: The Trees
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 91 15:09:25 EDT

In NMS #213, (Lara J Allen) asked:

>do they think that the honorable law of axes and saws is truly
>  honorable?  should the oaks have their come uppance?
>or should the maples just survive the way they are?

I don't think we're supposed to feel any sympathy one way or the other
for the Maples or the Noble Law.  It is easy, however, to feel concern
for a group who is consistently trodden upon by larger and more powerful
individuals.  In the song, what is it that finally makes all the trees
equal?  A "law" enforced by "hatchet, axe, and saw"... This is a very
accurate parallel to human society.  A kid gets beaten up in the street by
larger kids, who must face the wrath of a law designed to "cut them down"
if you will--but that same law has to apply to everyone, the whole forest.
I think there is little "honor" in the plight of the Maples and the "Law".
What's honorable about Maples is that they are beautiful trees, they
symbolize a country.  Oaks are honorable because they are sturdy and useful
trees, although we don't eat oak syrup.  So the only way to appease the
Maples, who demand more light, is to cut down the oaks--not honorable.
But if only Oaks were cut down, the Law would be discriminatory and unfair.
 So it seems the only way to solve the problem is to enforce a law that
is harmful and helpful at the same time.  People will always complain and
demand better laws without having the foresight to protect against greater
problems in the future--thats human nature.  I just wish we didn't have to
level the forest....



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