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Subject: 04/24/91 - The National Midnight Star #223

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 223

                 Wednesday, 24 April 1991
Today's Topics:
                 Neil Interview of 12/89
      Re: 04/22/91 - The National Midnight Star #221
                Don't get in Geddy's space
                      Guitar synths
                       Rand Rehash
               Headphones and 'Witch Hunt"
Re: 04/23/91 - The National Midnight Star #222 (Ayn Rand)
                       Album Title
                 Voice in the Camera Eye
                      One More time
                     Lots o' stuff...
                     Headphones trick
                    "Witch Hunt" intro
             Re: Guitar Synths + other stuff
               Last Week for Cassette Poll
              RE: Guitar synth + other stuff
                      re: Witch Hunt
      Re: 04/23/91 - The National Midnight Star #222
      Blocking channels to hear 'Witch Hunt' ranting
             Re: Shoreline Amplitheatre shows
            Music of the Spheres, definitively
                  Chanting on Witch Hunt
              Time Stands Still Guitar Sound

Subject: Neil
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 91 17:54:07 EDT

With all this talk going on about Neil being or not being the best drummer in
the world, I'd like to say something.  First off all, the "Best Drummer In
The World" title is one that will never be awarded simply because it is 
impossible to determine a real winner.  There are so many different styles 
of percussion that to label one drummer as the "best" isn't fair to others 
who may be as or more talented but with different tastes and influences.  
Neil happens to be my FAVORITE drummer, but I can't say he's the best.  What
appeals to me about him is how very well he plays AS A MEMBER OF THE BAND.
Combined, few trios or groups of any size have the talent for incredible 
musical achievement as Rush.  What Neil contributes to the band is amazing: 
his timing, his style, his versatility and imagination are all monumental 
and revolutionary.  But it isn't fair to all the other really talented 
drummers out there to say he's the "best."  And you can argue all you want,
but you'll never truly prove Neil is the best until you've listened to 
EVERY drummer, heard EVERY solo, itemized EVERY kit, and analyzed EVERY 
stupid roll--no one has that kind of time.  Let Neil play without the label.

 ". . . a pocket full of silver, the key to heaven's door . . ."


Subject: Neil Interview of 12/89
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 91 17:02:50 CDT
From: (Mark Brubaker)

Over the weekend, I read the interview of Neil that appeared in Modern
Drummer back in December of 89.  For all those people out there that have
been discussing Neil's feelings on showmanship (stick tossing etc), along
with other things, I would reccomend you read it.  I found this to be a
very interesting interview!  (Especially the part where he talks about
synthesizing and sampling Count Basie horn hits so that he can trigger
them from a pad at the end of his solo "The Rhythm Method")

In the transcription, Neil refers to a song on Presto called "Show Hotel."
I assume this is just a typo for "Show Don't Tell", rather than another
song that got cut from the album....

ORQ: "everyone knows everything
      and no one's ever wrong
      until later"


From: The Spanish Penguin 
Subject: Re: 04/22/91 - The National Midnight Star #221
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 91 17:18:55 CDT

Greetings fellow Rush fans-- the Spanish Penguin here...

some notes I took from Monday's NMS.

Moschops talked about Rush and Mr. Big:
Well, I went to the Richmond, VA show on May 4 '90 when Mr. Big
(a pretty damn half-way decent band, IMHO --> Billy Sheehan, etc...)
opened up for them.  The incident you talked about happened, but in-
stead of the guitarist walking out there and singing with the boyz..
the WHOLE BAND went on stage, but they sang a single chorus line from
"Temples of Syrinx"  (ya know "We are the priests...of the temples..
of Syrinx.").  At least, that's what *I* thought they were singing to...
Rush-mgr, didn't you go to that show, do you remember?

[ Nope, didn't make it to Richmond - never got a ticket.       :rush-mgr ]

Savvy talked about the much-awaited (overstatement) new album:
Tell me friend, when is this "Strawberry Field" thingy?  I plan
to be in Philadelphia the first full week of May...if it's then
and the boyz will be there, so WILL I!!!!  

[ The "Strawberry Field thingy" is the idea to erect a park to the
  memory of John Lennon in various cities.  A plot of land is donated,
  and a strawberry patch is planted, in addition to general open, park-
  type area.                                                 :rush-mgr ]

                                           Oh, and thanks for the
release date month....that helps that it'll come out in August.

Well friends, that's all for now, the penguin's gotta go for some
more tacos!!  iAdios!

*  Jay Cook (aka "Wedge" and "Pinguino: the Spanish Penguin")*
*  Virginia Tech  (UVa WHO???)                               *
* (yea, I'm a displaced Minnesotan) *
*  ORQ - "Take off, to the Great White North!!"              *


Date:    Tue, 23 Apr 91 18:44 EDT
Subject: Don't get in Geddy's space

     I thought you all might enjoy this story.  Two morning DJ's here in
Pittsburgh, Scott Paulsen and Jim Krenn of WDVE tell a great story about
Geddy.  According to them, they were at a Blue Jay's game in Toronto when
they happened to see our favorite bass player.  They went up to him and
introduced themselves to which Geddy turned and replied "Get out of my space!"
Crushed, they went back to their seats.  After the game, they got behind him
on their way out of the stadium and quietly made fun of him the whole way out.
According to Scott, what was Geddy going to do?, since he "only weighs 98
pounds" and is "one of three guys on the planet" that he could take in a fight.
Geddy doesn't appear to be "stuck-up" to me, so I guessed the  Jays must have
really been pounded that day and the Ged-ster was just in a bad mood.
    On another note, does anyone have the tab to "The Spirit of Radio"?
I'd be willing to pay for photocopy/trouble/mailing costs if you could make a
copy and mail it to me.  If you're willing please e-mail me. Thanks in advance.

  -Rob Klemz                               "I'm an impatient cat!"
                                                         -The Ged-ster


From: (Jeff Beck)
Subject: Guitar synths
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 91 16:40:19 CDT

On the subject of guitar synths.  I just read a response to someone's
post about them, but didn't copy it because I'm too lazy to delete the
rest of the Digest in elm.  Anyway, here's my opinion...

As soon as they develop a half-assed guitar synth, I'll buy one.
Sure, guitar synths are not for everyone (just like a whammy bar),
nor can they be over used, nor does their use detract from the wonderful
sound a guitar can produce, but hey, why not?  There's two things to
music:  the final sound, and the "feeling" you get producing it.
Certainly, the final sound "could" be different if you use a keyboard
vs. a guitar, but the feel always will be.  Playing a keyboard is nothing
like playing a guitar, and people have their preferendes.  I am a guitar
player.  I think it is more fun to wail on strings than to bang on keys.
But I sure like some of the synth sounds that I have heard and would like
to be able to produce them with my guitar....or make that produce them
with the strings.  You kindof lose the guitar's natural sound when you
use a synth.  That's what people object to.  As far as what is available
now for synths, they all suck.  Someone in the last Digest posted that
certain things like power chords just "aren't in their vocabulary".
Well, tracking is the problem.  Anyway, enough about synths.

Note to Rush mgr:  If the following is inappropriate, please remove it.

[ This is a tough one.  The Jethro Tull moderator had this same question
  (Hi, Roger) a couple of weeks back.  I'd prefer not to turn the NMS into
  a classified section, but occasional notes of this type aren't too bad.
  Please keep any replies to email.  If you have problems reaching someone,
  drop me a line at the administrative address and I'll help you out.
                                                                 :rush-mgr ]

For anyone who is interested, a friend of mine is selling a Paul Reed Smith
guitar like Alex's.  Same color, same design, but it has two humbucking
pickups with a 5-position switch to give two humbucking positions and
three single-coil positions instead of two single coils and a humbucker.
Asking price is $900.00.  The guitar is about 6 mos. old.  Not even paid
off yet.  (That's why he's selling it).  Why don't I buy it?  I already
own a PRS like Alex's :-)  :-)   :-)

OBRQ:  "Hey, ten bucks is ten bucks" - GL

 * Jason Bold - Madison,WI= [(rutgers||ames)!uwvax||att!nicmad]!astroatc!bold *
 * "A strawberry mind, a body that's built for two" - Michael Hedges          *


Date: Tue, 23 Apr 91 19:16:35 EDT
From: (Tony Mancill)
Subject: Rand Rehash

	In reference to the reference made to the posting I made last
Sunday, I want to tell Mr. Turner that he is completely correct in one
sense, but I do not retract.  The plot of 2112 is a lot closer to
the actual story line of Ayn Rand's _Anthem_, but I must still contend
that the song Anthem (in spirit) comes directly from that book (and
perhaps other works by Rand).  It has been a while since I've read
_Anthem_ (about 4 years), and your point is well taken.  (I had never
made the mental correlation between 2112 and _Anthem_... thanks!)
	While I'm not a great fan of Rand's, mostly because of the
company she keeps (esp. one Cowboy Ronnie-boy-Reagan), I think that
                                   ^^^^^^     ^^^^^^
[ Hey, watch it!  This is close to profanity to me.  Your list mgr is
  about as liberal as they come...   :-)                       :rush-mgr ]

in pure principle, Objectivism is a very attractive philosophy.

Tony Mancill


Subject: Headphones and 'Witch Hunt"
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 91 18:29:56 CDT
From: (Mark Brubaker)

    In NMS#221, Mark Anders ( writes:

>song over and over.  Also I have found out that if I use the head phone jack
>and carefully insert the headphones, I can block out some of the tracks.   For
>example, on 'Show, don't tell' I can block out Geddys vocals and plainly hear
>neil say 'give the jury direction....'.  I know this sounds crazy, but it
>works if you use the right touch when placing the Headphones into the jack.

   I think what's happening here is that you are simply loosing one channel
(left or right).  If you look at the end of the mini-plug, you can see three
seperate contact areas.  The part closest to the cord is a common (ground)
connection, and the other connections are for the left and right channels.
Likewise, there are three contacts on the inside of the jack. When you put
the plug in the jack the way you talked, most likely what you did was connect
the ground connection to its contact, and BOTH the other connections to ONE
of the jack's signal contacts.  You could achieve the same effect by turning
the balance on a stereo to fully one channel (But in that case it would only
be through one side of the headphones).  Did you notice that there is
absolutely NO stereo separation when the plug is in like this?

  Anyway, sounds like it helped in figuring out what Neil says.  I'll have
to listen for "The war must be just!" when I get a chance.

  By the way, I hope no one took me seriously about 'Ft. Lauderdale'...

Mark Brubaker

ORQ: "Reasoning is partly insane"


Date:    Tue, 23 Apr 91 19:43 EDT
From: "Frisco (KD3LR/AFA1UP)" 
Subject: Re: 04/23/91 - The National Midnight Star #222 (Ayn Rand)

Good day, fellow Rushians...

In today's NMS I noticed two posts about Ayn Rand and Rush. I would like to
take this opportunity to address the issues brought up in these posts.

First, the originals:

>From: t47822@ursa.Calvin.EDU (Mark C. Turner)
>        In reference to the posting yesterday by (I'm sorry...I'm too lazy
>to go back through and read who it was) a gentleman claiming that the song
>Anthem is "obviously" taken from Ayn Rand's book by the same title - I must
>disagree. Alas, it is _2112_ , NOT _Anthem_ that more closely parallels the
>book. Have you read it? I know it's confusing but ... trust me.


>From: wbarry@cory.Berkeley.EDU (Bill Barry)
>    Yesterday somebody urged us all to read Ayn Rand's Anthem.
>I must admit, I have already read the book twice (it only takes
>about three hours) and it seems that the song Anthem off of Fly
>By Night is not really so much inspired by the book Anthem but
>is inspired by Rand's Atlas Shrugged. After reading that book (it
>only took me three months!) I listened to Anthem the song and found
>that the lyrics really emphasised the philosophy that is so inherent
>in Atlas Shrugged, but is not so directly pointed at in Anthem the
>book. So does anybody else see it this way?

*straightens collar* Wow, a chance to pontificate... :-a

Well, IMNSHO, songs like "Anthem" and "2112" are based not just on _Atlas
Shrugged_, but on Rand's philosophy of Objectivism as a whole. Of course,
I am of the opinion that Objectivism influences most of Neil's work -- even
to the present-day -- but I have a bit of a bias in this matter. I am an Ob-
jectivist myself and thus see things a bit differently than others would.

_Atlas_ is Rand's _magnum opus_ of Objectivism -- it took her ten years to
write -- but you can find Objectivism in every other one of her works. Some,
like _Anthem_ (the book, eh? :} ), are not quite as pointed as _Atlas_.

I could go on about song interpretations in this context but I don't want to
use up the bandwidth *or* start an interpretation war (a la "The Pass").

BTW, no one has of yet mentioned the quote found in the LP to _2112_, before
the lyrics to the song "2112":


That should clear up any misconceptions on "2112". :)

Take care, yins. <--- Oh no! A Pittsburghism!

[ Oh, hons.  (Baltimorism)  :-)                                :rush-mgr ]

Michael Sensor 
Penn State University
Questions for Neil:

Q: How do you feel about Ayn Rand and Objectivism?
A: Pretty good. How do you feel about them?
                                   -- Rush Backstage Club newsletter, 1/1988


Date: Tue, 23 Apr 91 17:02:20 PDT
From: (James C. Harman)
Subject: Album Title

    Someone made a guess in yeterday's NMS about a new album title. I read in
an article about Scarpati(the cover photographer for Presto) and he said that
he was going to do the album cover for Rush's next album. The article was in
KERRANG which is a European music magazine. The magazine states that the
"working tiltle" for the next album is "Throwing the Stones." This is what the
magazine(by now a 1.5 months old) said, it is not my prediction. If this is
true, maybe the album could have themes like "He without sin cast the first
stone" Who are the people throwing the stones???
    If this is old news, forgive me.
    If this is false news, castrate me.


Date:         Tue, 23 Apr 91 21:34:04 EST
Subject:      Voice in the Camera Eye

     Can anyone identify what is being said in the Song "The Camera Eye".
At about 8:53 into the song, after geddy sings ".....Unique to every
city's streets",  there is a voice that says somthing like;


  'you with us?'

     I don't know if this has been discussed before but if anyone knows,
please pass along the information to me......

Mark Anders
University of Kentucky


[ YO, Dan!  Check this out for the FAQL.  If anyone can get a photocopy
  of this to Dan Delany, DO IT, so we can lay this to rest once and for
  all.  Personally, I'm thrilled, becase I voted for "Weinrib" all along.
                                                               :rush-mgr ]

From: (Amy Moseley)
Subject: One More time
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 91 20:37:37 CDT

OK.  Now.  I realize that you said you don't want any more discussion on Geddy
Lee's last name.  HOWEVER, I have some written evidence of such, better
than I grepped through the old Digests.

While attending the University of Texas at Austin, with its huge library
system, I noticed in the Fine Arts Library the CAPAC magazine.  This
magazine is for members of the Canadian equivalent of ASCAP, the
writers/publishers/composers guild.  Anyway, in each issue of
the magazine they listed new members.  Now I KNEW that Rush had to
join CAPAC before releasing many albums for copyright purposes.
So I looked back and sometime in 1971 ( I made copies but can't
lay hands on them) was an issue with three new members:

Gary Lee _Weinrib_
Alex Zivojinovich
John Rutsey

Neil Peart appears later.

So, if anyone else can find Gary Leibovitz in the new members
of CAPAC, circa 1971, then the information is redundant.  However,
the chances of this being a fluke are small.

Amy J. Moseley
Motorola Computer Group
(512) 891-2426					:) or


Date: Tue, 23 Apr 91 19:16 MST
From: "Pat E. Perez" 
Subject: Lots o' stuff...

Hello everybody! I'm a new member here & I'm really pleased to say the
NMS mailing list has created a bright spot in my days!! Keep up the
good work & the great reading material!!

A few questions:
1. I've been reading the back issues of the Digest & in one of the 1st
ones, someone gave the specs of their Unix Rush Fortune Cookie
Generator. I was wondering if there's a way to do this same thing on a
VAX provided your account had all the lyrics online.

[ Maybe you mean "do this same thing in VMS"?  My VAX speaks fluent Unix.
                                                                :rush-mgr ]

2. Speaking of back issues, could Mr. Rush-mgr please warn us ahead of
time before he annihilates/moves the old stuff? I've only read the 1st
30 or so & I want to read the rest!    

[ Read up, Pat.  Disk space is pretty tight currently, and I've received
  an offer to store those issues elsewhere.  Once I get my head together,
  I'll do that.  They'll still be available somehow, but possibly not as
  convenient as before.  Besides, I'll always have them, as will the server
  at Ingr.                                                       :rush-mgr ]

3. In the FAQL, Geddy's real first name is given as 'Gary'. The
question I have is, how did he get 'Geddy' out of 'Gary'? Is this a
nickname with a weird story behind it?

Being a linguist, I'm always trying to find reasons why words/
names/almost-anything is pronounced the way it is. So, I think I have
a possible linguistic answer for how 'Geddy' can be derived from
'Gary'. The English 'r' is a pretty hard thing to pronounce for people
whose native lang. isn't English - most languages will use 'l' or
other types of 'r' (ex. the Spanish flapped 'r' in 'pero' and trilled
'r' in 'perro') instead. So, imagine a non-native speaker of Eng.
(whose native lang. doesn't have an English type 'r') trying to say
Ged's name - they'll replace the 'r' in 'Gary' with something kinda
like it or with whatever their lang. uses for those types of sounds.
My guess is that whoever it was pronounced it with a flap (like the
"t/d" sound in 'butter' & 'ladder') and his name came out as [gEDi]
('D' is the symbol for the flap & 'E' is the vowel in 'bet'). I know
this kind of substitution happens with native Italian & Spanish
speakers... Anyways, somehow the pronunciation of his name must've
stuck & he even writes it with 2 d's...

[ Um, well, in a word, Bingo.  Gary/Geddy's mother is of Polish descent,
  with a heavy accent.  It is she that unwittingly gave him his nickname.
                                                                :rush-mgr ]

Heh, I'm probably taking my (almost!) profession a little too
seriously here but it's not every day I get to think deep linguistic
thoughts about stuff relating to my favorite band!!

||Patricia E. Perez               || "From the point of ignition            ||
||            ||          The point of the journey      ||
||Internet:||               Is not to arrive"        ||
||       ||                                        ||


From: (Basil Fawlty)
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 91 20:50:13 -0700
Subject: Headphones trick

In regard to Mark Anders's remark on NMS 222:

It might be fairly obvious to some of you, but I thought I might as well make
the remark. The 'trick' involved with the headphone jack is very simple. If you
examine it, you will notice that the metallic part of the headphone jack has
three sections seperated by some sort of insulation between them. The first one
(closest to the base) is ground, and the other two are for the right and left

Thus, when you plug the jack in with 'the certain touch' you are simply 
eliminating one of the channels (right or left) by letting only one of the
'metallic sections' make contact with the jack 'plug-in piece' contacts. For
the effect of stereo and so forth, some tracks are mixed in very strongly 
(high levels) on one channel and weakly on another, thus, when you listen to
only one side, you can pick up the 'strongly' recorded ones better that the

It is also possible that you are shorting the two channels together, in which
case you would be listening to 'mono' music (i.e. same thing on both 
headphones).   It depends on how you 'mis-insert' the headphone jack.

Well, that was it. On to more interesing remarks!
Yoav Gershon


From: jscalise@sdcc13.UCSD.EDU (Barchetta)
Subject: "Witch Hunt" intro
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 91 0:31:44 PDT

To Mark Anders who wrote in on Apr. 22, 1991 concerning what is said
at the beginning of "Witch Hunt".

I have an interview on tape with King Lerxst himself that say you
are not really supposed to understand what is being said at the
beginning of "Witch Hunt".  According to Alex, when they were
recording "Moving Pictures", they decided they needed to get some
sort of "mob" sound for the beginning of "Witch Hunt".  After all of
the people in the studio had had a few drinks, the band coaxed the
studio crew outside where microphones were set up.  Being that it
was in Canada, in the winter,and at night, it was very cold out
side.  Needless to say, the crew were very upset that the band had
locked them outside in the freezing cold.  The band got many
recordings of the ranting crowd and then proceeded to overlap the
recordings on each other.  This produced the affect of a small riot
building strength.  Thus if you hear any wierd phrases it is
probably just noises that happen to sound like words in certain
    At least this is how I came to understand it.

What I want to know is what is said in the small interlude of "The
Camera Eye"  To me it sounds like a person with a heavy English
cockney accent saying,"Hello? Good morning love."  With the accent
it sounds more like,"Ello? Morn'in luv."  I know that the FAQL has
no definite answer to it but maybe someone out there does.

Glad to be of some help
--Jason Scalise--

"Wave after wave will flow with the tide and bury the world as it
Tide after tide will flow and receit leaving life to go on as it


Date: Wed, 24 Apr 91 07:09:09 EDT
From: (Mark Saleski)
Subject: Re: Guitar Synths + other stuff

]Hey Dudes,
]        About the Guitar synth subject-
]To Quote Edward Van Halen  A synth is a synth, a guitar is something
]else - Why bast***ise the guitar  ( Well .. something like that )

    well...if i didn't have a guitar synth i wouldn't be able
    to play both the bass & synth parts to YYZ

"Who sold you this guitar?  Was it perhaps, oh, I don't know ... SATAN?" 
                                                          -the church lady
|     | Mark Saleski              +------most reliable
|Tegra| (508) 663-7435            v
 -----  {...sun!sunne,ulowell, ..uunet}!tegra!msaleski


Date: Wed, 24 Apr 91 07:56:51 -0400
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: Last Week for Cassette Poll

Good Morning,

    I will be taking cassette lists from now until Sunday.  The Results should
be posted Monday or Tuesday.



Lets Go Pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Wed, 24 Apr 91 08:41:33 -0500
From: (Robert J. Friedman III)
Subject: RE: Guitar synth + other stuff

Yup, you guessed it...

It's flame Mossy time!!

[ No, not necesserily.  If you remember the first piece of mail you got
  from Syrinx (welcome notice), "flames are discouraged".  Differences of
  opinion are fine, abuse is not.  Besides, you observations aren't 
  necesserily valid; others agree with the original poster (see eariler
  post about the technology).  Also, using Robert Fripp as an example
  isn't quite fair; it's like comparing you to Alex, or any other great
  guitarist.  You'd lose.  Please (everyone!) keep your postings civil,
  or I may have to wield this editorial sword after all...    :rush-mgr ]

     You were warned by my brother.  Now here's my reply.  Sure Eddie VH
has done some interesting things on guitar in the past (what was that about
being in a rut for 10 years :-), but in general Eddie-baby is an arrogant,
narrow-minded ass!
     If you found playing guitar-synth "awkward" then your technique sucks
not the synth.  You hit the nail on the head when you said "a synth is a
synth and a guitar is something else" (er, a guitar maybe?).  EXACTLY!
Well, a guitar-synth is a guitar-synth.  It is a completely new and
different instrument and you must approach it as such.  As my brother
("Crimson") so eloquently put it " 'chucka chucka' power chords aren't in
its vocabulary."  A very controlled, accurate picking technique is needed
to effectively wield the guitar-synth.  It took me all of a few months
to tailor my style so that I could play my guitar synth well and I've
never found it "awkward" , just different.
     Listen to any of the recent King Crimson albums or better yet watch
their "Three of a Perfect Pair" video.  Watch/listen to Fripp wail and
THEN tell me guitar synths are "awkward".  I don't think so.
     Oh, and about turning the guitar into a "synthy sound"...
Well duh!!  (What were you thinking of when you said that?)
BTW, the guitar synth is an indispensible composers tool--but then again
who wants to actually compose when you can be a glorified sequencer
like Eddie-baby? :-)
                                       -Bob Friedman

"Can I call you Eddie-baby?"-John Cleese


Date: Wed, 24 Apr 91 10:32:46 edt
From: (Jeff Haas)
Subject: re: Witch Hunt

  Just a quick comment.  The chanting that is heard at the beginning after
the bit about 'We must protect our children' sounds quite a bit like
'Kill the Witches'.  Don't know if it's true.  I just have a puny
Magnavox boom box.

-- Elezar


From: (Rotem A Elgavish)
Subject: Re: 04/23/91 - The National Midnight Star #222
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 91 12:07:03 EDT

      To whomever asked me if I like Beast Light.. Yes, I do. and Its got
   that great blue shield on it! Best of all.. around here I believe we pay
   about $8-9 for a CASE. Very good deal.



From: (Ron Rader)
Subject: Blocking channels to hear 'Witch Hunt' ranting
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 91 10:56:28 EDT

> Also I have found out that if I use the head phone jack
> and carefully insert the headphones, I can block out some of the tracks.

  You can do the same thing with the 'balance' knob on any stereo.

  ORQ:  Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for

ron rader, jr OR ...!mcnc!bbt!rlr = Opinions are my own and do
| |  i gotta six-pack & nothing to do...       = not necessarily reflect those
 | | i gotta six-pack & i don't need you       = of BroadBand Tech. (SO THERE!)
  *** Punk ain't no religious cult, punk means thinking for yourself - DKs ***


Date: 	Wed, 24 Apr 1991 09:15:58 PDT
Subject: Re: Shoreline Amplitheatre shows

Re: the video screens at Shoreline Amplitheatre

Sorry to disappoint you, but that's common practice for all the
shows at Shoreline--even the annual 4th of July San Francisco
Pops concert (good fun! My husband and I take a couple sleeping
bags and hang out on the lawn, then hide under the sleeping bags
when the fireworks start so we don't get hit with the falling
debris!).  I'd be really surprised if they did a video from
that show...not that it wasn't a good show!  I enjoyed it, too.



Date: Wed, 24 Apr 91 12:36:42 CDT
From: (Ervan Darnell)
Subject: Music of the Spheres, definitively

The speculation on this reference is getting a bit out of hand for something
so readily known.  The following are quotes from Asimov's Biographical
Encyclopedia of Science & Technology.  Entries are arranged by scientist.

	This study may have led Pythagoras to
	the belief that the whole universe rested
	on numbers and their relationship, for he
	(or his followers) proceeded to invest
	numbers with all sorts of mystic

	Plato decided also that since the
	heavens were perfect, the various heav-
	enly bodies would have to move in exact
	circles (the perfect curve) along with
	the crystalline sphere (the perfect solid)
	that held them in place.  The spheres
	were another Pythagorean notion, and
	the Pythagorean preoccupation with
	sound also shows itself in Philolaus'
	belief that the spheres of the various
	plantes made celestial music as they
	turned--a belief that persisted even in
	the time of Kepler two thousand
	years later.  We still use the phrase "the
	music of the spheres" to epitomize heav-
	enly sounds or the stark beauty of outer

	In his work, however, Kepler was side-
	tracked by his interest in mystic notions
	dating back to the Greeks.  He believed
	firmly in the "music of the spheres" first
	propounded by Pythagoras and his
	followers and even tried to work out the
	exact notes sounded by each planet in its

>From Bartlett's Familiar Quotations:
Shakespeare references the "Music from the spheres" in Pericles, act V,
sc. i, l. 231.  Sir Thomas Brown (1605-1682): "Sure there is music even
in the beauty, and the silent note which Cupid strikes, far sweeter
than the sound of an instrument.  For there is a music wherever there is
a harmony, order, or proportion; and thus far we may maintain the
music of the spheres."

There may be relevant recent uses of the term of which I'm unaware, but
this should explain the historical use of the term.

---Ervan Darnell

ORQ: "And her voice rings in his ears"


From: "Ian D Bjorhovde" 
Subject: Chanting on Witch Hunt
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 91 14:23:11 EDT

Hello all!

	In response to the discussion about what is said at the
beginning of Witch Hunt, I remember listening to an interview with Geddy
a while back-

	I can't remember exactly what Geddy was saying, but can
paraphrase it-  He was saying that when they were recording the song,
they wanted to make these chanting sounds-  So the boyz went outside
with a bottle of whiskey, and started making these chants-  Geddy said
that as the bottle emptied, the chants started to get wilder and wilder.
The boyz recorded something like 8 tracks, and then in the studio
overlayed them-

	Trying to figure out what is said in these chants could be
difficult- Geddy said that when they were recording, noone really knew
what they were saying- they just said it.

	That's the story behind the chants in Witch Hunt.  Anyone have
the interview for a transcript?


Ian Bjorhovde



Date: Wed, 24 Apr 91 14:25:00 EST
Subject: Time Stands Still Guitar Sound

    Alex get's some amazing sounds out of his guitar.  The guitar sound
    in Time Stands Still is awesome.  It is a distorted sound, but with
    a "digital" edge.  Does anyone out there know how he achieved this

    Dave Schmidt

    P.S. Alex Rules

[ Not me, he doesn't.                                         :rush-mgr ]


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