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Subject: 04/26/91 - The National Midnight Star #225

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 225

                  Friday, 26 April 1991
Today's Topics:
      RE: 04/25/91 - The National Midnight Star #224
                   God Bless Neil Peart
                  A chill down my spine!
      Re: 04/24/91 - The National Midnight Star #223
                   Re: Gary Lee Weinrib
      Re: 04/25/91 - The National Midnight Star #224
                     Synths and stuff
         Camera Eye phrases & "headphones trick"
               Alex's Sounds and Equipment
                       NOT a flame
      Univ. of Toronto NMS readers, I need you help
      Re: 04/23/91 - The National Midnight Star #222
            Re: Headphone (and speaker) trick

Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 15:18:37 CDT
From: (Keith Ford)

Hello fellow fans.  First I would like to publicly thank the rush-mgr
for what he does.  I think he is doing an outstanding job getting TNMS
out, despite the computer headaches that I know he is having.  Hats off
to ya David.

Second, if you have had trouble with the email archive server running
at, please send mail to with a subject of
MESSAGE.  This will make it available for me to read.  As keeper of
the server, you can email me directly using my .sig info, but I prefer
the afore mentioned method.
 __, ...!uunet!ingr!{fordke,infonode!umagic!sysop}
/  \ Micro Magic BBS  1:373/12  (205)830-2362
\__/ home of OCAT/OBUL/OASWAP running Opus+DV+UFgate+X00
[__] "He knows changes aren't permanent, but change is" -Rush


Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 1991 18:00:10 CDT
Subject: RE: 04/25/91 - The National Midnight Star #224

Please, please, please UNSUBCRIBE me from this list...



Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 19:09:12 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject:  God Bless Neil Peart

    Yet another first time poster, but not reader.  I have listened to
the various arguments regarding Neil Peart (i.e. best drummer or not) in
recent issues.  Someone very articularly said that it was impossible to
determine the absolute best drummer since the comparisons would be many
and complicated.  Nevertheless, anyone who knows anything about drumming
would regard Peart as one of the best, and I, the die hard Rush fan that
I am, can deal with that.  I would like to speak of The Professor in a
somewhat different light, however.

    I would like to argue that Neil Peart was the savior of the group
Rush.  Do not get me wrong, I am not intending in anyway to discredit
the musical abilities of Geddy or Alex.  Conversely, I happen to think
they are among the best at what they do.  I am just maintaining that if
it weren't for the arrival of Neil, Rush would not be considered the
great rock group that they are today and no doubt will be a damn long

    After I read "Visions", it became really apparent that Ged and
Alex's talents do not lie in writing lyrics.  One need only to listen to
the rather primitive words on Rush's first album to recognize that Rush
was in need of someone with more lyrical creativity.  Along came Neil,
and the rest is history.

    Look at the evolution/progression of Rush.  The lyrics have gotten
increasingly more complex, profound, and generally better.  Also, with
the burden of composing lyrics off their backs, Ged and Alex could and
have been able to concentrate more fully on just writing great music.
Once again, if it weren't for the presence of The Professor, I highly
doubt that Rush would have lasted, let alone been as popular, as they
have become.  God Bless Neil.

flames are welcome, but not encouraged.

[ No they're NOT welcome, but that's old hat by now...  1/2 :-)  :rush-mgr ]

Phil Simon

"A rush is a good vibe."
                Geddy Lee


Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 20:29:28 -0400
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: A chill down my spine!

I was walking back from work yesterday along the "Beach" here at
UDelaware (does every school have a beach? :^) and from a distance I
see a band in front of my dormitory playing "Presto." I dropped my
books, spun myself around a couple of times, pinched myself, and
smacked myself upside the head before realizing that this was REAL!

I ran closer, and saw about 100 people cheering on the band...and they
were pretty good, too. That was the only Rush song they did, but it
was the first song they played! Needless to say, I was singing along
(much the surprise of the Top-40 crowd, astonished that I knew the
words to this song!) and it made my day.

In front of MY building,too...I can't believe it...

ORQ: "I think I'm going bald."


From: Roger Swanson 
Subject: Re: 04/24/91 - The National Midnight Star #223
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 91 19:48:30 CDT

Ya sayed:

> Note to Rush mgr:  If the following is inappropriate, please remove it.
> [ This is a tough one.  The Jethro Tull moderator had this same question
>   (Hi, Roger) a couple of weeks back.  I'd prefer not to turn the NMS into
>   a classified section, but occasional notes of this type aren't too bad.
>   Please keep any replies to email.  If you have problems reaching someone,
>   drop me a line at the administrative address and I'll help you out.
>                                                                  :rush-mgr ]

Hi! Actually, I've kinda changed my mind on this subject. I think the
idea of a "Cleve classifieds" issue would be kinda neat. Of course, it's
kinda late for me to implement it :-). I paased along my opinion to Dave,
but it's up to him as to what he does. I'm not sure that there would even
be enough interest in posting to it, but I think it's worth a try. Especially
when Dave said he was thinking of possibly some weekend issues. (In terms
of NMS, I think there might be too many people subscribing to make it
managable). Speaking of questionable posts, I WOULDN'T have allowed the
flame later in this issue. There's no reason for this type of thing, and
it just leads to more flames, as in the next issue. Although I never
received any, my policy on flames was to nix the posting, send the person
who sent it a warning message that this wasn't allowed, and if they posted
something like this again, they would be removed from the subscribers list.
As you yourself noted, this policy is clearly stated in the first message
that you send people. They should know better. If we wanted to read flames,
we'd read! :-)

Well, that's my 2/100's of $1 worth. BTW, what'd you think of the
transition of management on the Cleve. I couldn't have asked for a smoother
switch-over! Oh well, gotta go!



[ For those of you confused by Roger's post, he was (until a day or two
  ago) the moderator of the Jethro Tull mailing list, The St. Cleve 
  Chronicle.  (If you're interested in joining, send mail to:

  Roger has a point, and outright flames with no other content will be 
  squelched, and you can expect mail from me.  With any luck, I'll never 
  have to do that.                                             :rush-mgr ]

\/Roger Swanson                        /\  To subscribe to the Jethro Tull  \/
/\Internet:  \/  mailing list, send a message to: /\
\/Bitnet: swanson@uiucvmd.bitnet       /\  \/


Date: 	Thu, 25 Apr 1991 19:25:33 PDT
Subject: Re: Gary Lee Weinrib

Actually, I was just perusing my Presto tourbook the other day and
noticed in Geddy's little blurb mention of a "N. Young and Julian W."
which sounds to me like Nancy Young, his wife, and Julian (could it
be...Weinrib?)...his son.  Admittedly, this is still guesswork, but
it is from Geddy's own, hand.  I'm tempted to go along
with the Weinrib story...



Date:         Fri, 26 Apr 91 01:06:51 EDT
From: mike 
Subject:      Re: 04/25/91 - The National Midnight Star #224

    i would thourghly like to thank kerry yankoboski for confirming the fact 
that geddy lee is in fact    GARY WEINRIB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    considering the fact that it was i who first brought this to light, and 
that i feel totally justified all i would like to say is

                                                ...UNTIL LATER...
p.s. but still, who is alan weinrib?  $10.00 to anyone who can tell me.


Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1991 01:29 EDT
Subject: Synths and stuff

    Hello all,

    I just want to point out that synthesizers were not originally made
with keyboards attached. Keyboards were added later because they were
the most _convenient_ way of control. Synths are NOT keyboard instruments.
This stereotype is what hold musicians back from realizing the ultimate
possibilities of what they can do. A keyboard is a keyboard, a guitar is
a guitar, and a synth is fair game for anyone who can make it go.
     (sorry Mr. Moschop)


    -Charles Grogan


Date: Fri, 26 Apr 91 02:50:42 -0500
From: (James Moseley)
Subject: Camera Eye phrases & "headphones trick"

Sorry about yesterday's posting.  Something happened and only the second
part of my posting was sent.

Anyway,  the phrases at about 8:53 (on CD) in the Camera Eye are:


"Good morning guv."

Guv being short for governor.  Governor is an English greeting similar to
sir.  Hope that helps all of you trying to figure those lines out!

Now to the headphones trick.  About two weeks ago, I accidentally discovered
this.  To get into the trick mode, twist or pull on the headphones' plug
until you get a funky sort of sound.  When you move the balance to the left,
the left channel comes through both sides of the phones, the same for the
right.  Now what's really weird is when you move the balance to the center.
Yes, the sound is in mono (both channels coming through both sides), but
somehow the signal gets passed through some kind of filter.  This filter
cuts most of the lows.  The bass guitar,bass pedals, and most of the lower
toned drums are cut.  The vocals too are really distorted.  They sound as
if you were standing outside an arena listening to someone singing through
a mike on the inside.  But all the guitar and keyboards come through with
detail.  Sounds complicated doesn't it?  Anyway, for those trying to
figure out a certain guitar or background keyboards part, try doing this.
No, doing this does remove any tracks, but some specific frequencies
are cut.  After reading NMS #223, I broke out my phones to figure all this
out.  Hope it clears things up.


James Moseley

ORQ: "For you the blind who once could see, the bell tolls for thee..."


Date: Fri, 26 Apr 91 08:55:00 EST
Subject: Alex's Sounds and Equipment

    I would love to learn more about Alex's gear, and how he creates his
    sounds.  The interview with Alex in the May issue of Guitar for the
    Practicing Musician does mention some details about his equipment.

    It also has alot of interesting little tidbits (like: he tunes his
    guitar up to F# for "The Big Money" -Ah! I was right, I played it
    with a capo in the second fret.  It's the *only* way to get those
    harmonics that he plays.)

    Dave Schmidt


Date: Fri, 26 Apr 91 09:42:14 -0500
From: (Robert J. Friedman III)
Subject: NOT a flame

Good day, eh?

     Well, if I knew we were going to spark so much trouble I probably would
have let guitar synth bashing slide, but I had some spare time and...

     Anyway, maybe I got a little out of hand with that "technique sucking"
comment, but in general I agree with my brother's last post--I was almost
entirely civil (actually questionable as a flame).  (BTW rush-mgr. ,  I think
you would be quite suprised by my playing {thanks Mark}).

     The real reason I'm posting today has to do with Rush and flames in
general.  Mossy's comment on not expecting a Rush fan to make such comments
as we did got me thinking.  It seems like every time somebody produces a flame
or an unpopular opinion the inevitable "I would have expected more from a
Rush fan." soon follows.  Rush is a fantastic band,  but just because we are
fans does that elevate us above humanity.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but we are
all people--not demigods.  We al have quite different backgrounds.  And quite
frankly I've met more of my fair share of Rush fans who are complete jerks
(AND  a plethora of truly wonderful ones--like this list).

     Mossy, I'm not putting you down personally (nor was that my intent
in my original posting).  I'm just responding to some things that you've
said recently but have been said many times before (I just picked now to
speak up).  I really enjoy your contributions to this list.  They add quite
a bit of colour to it--keep 'em coming.  Heck, I really enjoy this list,
otherwise I wouldn't be as active on it.

     I guess what I'm trying to say is that Rush fans are going to dissagree
about a lot of things, but we all agree about one thing.  Rush is a great
band and we'll always enjoy their music!

[ I *welcome* disagreement - it's a good way to open one's mind.  It's the
  method that makes the difference.                              :rush-mgr ]

                                  Anxiously awaiting the new album,
                                                -Bob Friedman

"Growing up it all seemed so one-sided
 Opinions all provided...              "-Well...


Date: Fri, 26 Apr 91 10:45:31 -0400
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: Univ. of Toronto NMS readers, I need you help

A friend of mine lives in Toronto and wants to use you 2400 baud modem
to send e-mail to me.  What is the number for the modem and once she's in
can she send mail through internet?

    I will be posting the results of the cassette poll Monday or Tuesday
so Keep those lists coming please!!!

Another thing:  GET OFF OF EDDIE VAN HALEN'S BACK!!!!!!!!!

Still Another thing:  Watch out Bruins, here comes the Penguins!!!

Even Another thing:  Look out Toronto, there's a Rocket headed your way!!

Douglas Schwabe

"And Ladies and Gentlemen, ELVIS HAS JUST LEFT THE BUILDING!!!!"

Mike Lange, Voice of the Pittsburgh Penguins after Mark Recchi's empty-net
goal sealed the Patrick Division playoff title.

Go Stars!!!!!!!!!!


Subject: Re: 04/23/91 - The National Midnight Star #222
From: (David Edward Weiss)
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 91 11:31:35 EDT

> From: Mark "Crimson" Friedman 
> Subject: Re: Guitar Synths + other stuff
> ]I have played a Guitar synth in the past and have found them awkward
> ]to play well due to the fact that the synth will convert any sound
> ]into a synthy noise.~S[]
> Heh!  Errr, pardon my ignorance, but isn't that the whole *POINT*?!?!?!
> 						Cryminee...
> 						- Crimson

i think it is the whole point.  ask Adrain Belew or Robert Fripp, or just
listen to their music.

> Oh, and I believe my brother will be posting a similar message!
> 			Take it away Bob...

is this last line a quote from Frank Zappa's "Freaks"?
it sounds like it, when they go into the Bob Dylan impersonation.

> +----====>>>))) Mark Friedman is (((<<<====----+

> From:
> Subject:      Neil on his 'Witch Hunt'
>       In NMS#219, writes;
> >what is said at the very beginning of "Witch Hunt"?
> >there is some murmuring, and it sounds kinda like:
> >"[can't figure it out].... Rush in Ft. Lauderdale"
> >am i close?
> >
> >  The part that you think is 'Ft. Lauderdale' is the main part I couldn't
> >figure out.  If I stick 'Ft. Lauderdale' into what I think is said, here's
> >what I get:
> >
> >       "It's time for us to stand up to Ft. Lauderdale.

this might actually make sense.
there was a *slight* riot in Ft. Lauderdale at the Sunrise Musical Theatre
in 1981 when they came down.  Neil's plane was late or something, and the
crowd threw a fit.  they refused to play before a riotous crowd, and swore
they would never play that place again, even if it is acoustically perfect.
instead, they played the Hollywood Sportitorium [the DISTORTAtorium] until
it was destroyed [humanely] after the 1988 tour.
now they play the Miami Arena, which is nicer and newer, and set only
blocks from where the Overtown Riots take place.    :-)

i hope this helps someone.

> >        We've got to protect our children!"

i agree.
from censorship.

dangerous dave (i bought "2 Live Crew", are you going to arrest me?)

why don't piranha attack [insert your favorite religious/ethnic/racial
group here] lawyers?  professional courtesy!
purity test score results: 17.3% (12/90) 1,000 ques. version (UNIX site, Gary Moore fan club address) (discrete, datsicily)


From: (Ken Weaverling)
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1991 12:47:10 EDT
Subject: Re: Headphone (and speaker) trick

On 24 Apr 91 18:29 -0500, writes in NMS #224..

KY> by inserting the plug just far enough it's possible that the plug ring
KY> and the plug tip are connected to the jack "left" and jack "right"
KY> contacts, and the sound that is heard is then the *difference* between
KY> 2 channels.

I learned this trick using speakers years ago. You can get a second pair
of speakers, place them behind you, wire them *wrong*, and you get the
canceled out sound behind you.  Sounded awesome when watching stereo TV
and movies.

Trouble is, I forget how I did it. I read it in a Stereo mag about a decade
ago and used it for years until I got divorced.  I do remember being afraid
that I'd damage the speakers cause they were connected *wrong*.

I do remember it was wired in a triangluar fashion. As in one wire from
amp to rear speaker. Then from one rear speaker to other, then back to amp.
I just don't remember the polarities....

[ Since this was discussed at some length a while ago here, I'll include
  pieces of old digests which are pertinent:                              ]

  From: (Jonathan L. Orwant) (NMS #176)

  Twist or tie your two ground (black) speaker wires together instead of
  having them receive input from the amp.  Each speaker then gets the
  difference of the right and left tracks.

  From: Brad Armstrong <71161.1313@CompuServe.COM> (NMS #178)

  Jon describes a method for "eliminate" Geddy's singing, by connecting
  the two speaker ground wires together.  This will produce a
  differencing between the left and right tracks as indicated, but is
  hard on your amplifier.  If you decide to do this, make sure your amp
  is up to it and don't run at anything more than a low level.  Also,
  make sure the amp is off when you change this type of wiring in any way
  or you may lose an output transistor or two.  Hooking the speakers up
  in series, as described, can put a difficult load on the amp, but don't
  try to get cute and hook up both speakers in parallel.  This is another
  easy way to fry transistors.  Using just one of your two speakers is
  preferable to hooking up both as described.  Simply hook each of the
  two leads from one speaker to the opposing positive terminals (left +
  and right +).  The same warnings from above apply.  This configuration
  can be used to get a surround sound channel for your stereo.  This
  really works well, but you have to be careful.  I can describe this,
  and the logic behind it, to anyone with an interest in inexpensive
  surround sound.

[ DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility if you fry your equipment, your
  belongings, dwelling, or yourself using the above technique.  But, if
  you discover any deep secrets, let us in on 'em!  :-)        :rush-mgr ]


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