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Subject: 04/29/91 - The National Midnight Star #226

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 226

                  Monday, 29 April 1991
Today's Topics:
                     Exit Stage Left
                 Seen today on our campus
                    Just a thought...
                Re:  god bless Neil, etc.

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Just a couple of quickie things here.

If anyone has been having problems with the anonymous ftp site on
Syrinx, please send mail to the administrative address to report it
to me.  I've gotten mail from one (local) list member, and they are
getting a strange error.  I'll be getting more details and following
it up, but I need to know about these things.

Secondly, the signal to noise ratio of the NMS is getting lower and
lower - there seem to be fewer "meaty" posts lately.  I realize this
is because of the lag prior to a new album (we've been through it twice
before).  What I'd like to ask here is this:  if you have any interesting
questions, statements, anecdotes, etc. to say, now wouldn't be a bad time
to speak up.  Being new to the list ins't an excuse - with over 800 members
out there, there must be *something* of substance to discuss.  Now, I
don't want people to post just for the sake of posting, but if you've been
holding back because you're not sure how your mail would be received, don't.
If it's been covered recently, or is in the FAQL, I'll summarize or direct
you to check out the FAQL.

Well, enough haranguing for now...  :-)



Date: Fri, 26 Apr 91 14:52:26 -0500
From: (James Moseley)
Subject: Concerts

Hey Marc Jordan!
Guess you go to UT here in Austin with me.

Anyway, I went to the Signals concert in Houston too.  Actually, there were
two of them on March 6&7, 1983.  I remember that date because it was my first
RUSH concert.  Hell, I was only in the 5th grade too.
Golden Earring opened up for them, and as I can remember, it was a pretty
awesome show.  Hey, that reminds me, someone back in the summer posted a
letter asking if anyone else had seen Golden Earring open for RUSH back
in 1978, or so he thought.  Well if he was talking about the Signals tour
in '83, I'm one.
I also saw the PW and HYF concerts here in Austin front row.  Great concerts.
If you haven't seen them up front, you're missing out.  Before the HYF
concert, me, my sister, and some friends got to talk with Jack Secret and
take a tour of the mobile recording studio.  Never knew you could pack
a million dollars worth of recording equipment in the trailor of a semi.

[ How do these people pull off stuff like this????                :rush-mgr ]

Well, gotta go.
Homework calls!

James Moseley

ORQ: "Better people, better food, and better BEER..."


Date: Fri, 26 Apr 91 22:57:55 EDT


Did Amiee Mann sing on only time stand still (HYF)?
In the visions book it claims she was in the following song
as well...however i cant notice her voice...hmm.

Interesting...i wonder how popular RUSH is in canada..there
was a show on tv last night called Fly By Night, kinda
the canadian version of Airport...with a french canadian and
a vancouver lady as the major protagonists...hmm..i wonder
if there was any realtion here.

anyhow....GO EDMONTON!!! (i hope the briuns make it so the
oilers can whip em again...HAHAH!)

(caps are gone...wings are gone..all i have left is edmonton..*sigh*)

off the wall: is there a STAR WARS newesgroup outhere? or s.i.g?
              please inform me..if interested ditto.

[ Have you tried reading the newsgroups rec.arts.movies, alt.cult-movies,
  or ?                                  :rush-mgr ]

may the force be with you.

"Goal.....ha...assists..ha! A defensmen craves not these things!" - Yoda
on behind the bench.


Date: Sat, 27 Apr 91 13:05:20 EDT
Subject: Exit Stage Left

Good day folks...

What's the deal?  On my Exit...Stage Left CD, it says that the the disc is
AAD on the case, but on the actual disc itself, it says ADD.  What gives?
Any enlightenment on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

   William MacDonald

"...he knows changes aren't permanent...but change is..."
   Rush, MP 1981


Subject: Seen today on our campus
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 91 21:28:45 EDT

On the lighter side --

	Today as I was walking around our campus, I saw in the distance
a sign proclaiming:





Unfortunately, as I got closer, the sign really read...

	Our bassist thinks he's GEDDY LEE
	Our drummer wants to be NEIL PEART
	Only our guitarist knows who ALEX LIFESON is.

	RUSH! on over and see the JHU Jazz Ensemble ...

OBRQ: "Is it living or just existence?"

				-- Erin


From: (Snarkboy!)
Subject: Chronicles!
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 91 4:39:21 WET DST

It's been a while since I read my mail... I had 251 messages waiting.

Well, after wading thru all of the bad and perusing the good, I pretty
much had a big pile of dung.  Oh well...

I got a copy of Chronicles the other day, lost tape one, went back to the
store, someone had stolen tape two from another set, and re-bought tape
one for a mere $6.00.  Not a bad deal considering I really wanted the tape
again and was faltering at normal, every-day activities due to my own
stupidity and insecurity from losing that darn tape.  Anyways...

I looked at the ftp site for some lyrics to Chronicles.  Yes, I realize
that all of the songs are throughout the other album lists, but isn't
anyone going to put all of the Chronicles stuff into one file?  It'd help
those of us who really don't have ALL of the RUSH tapes.

[ If somebody mails me a list of what's on the album, I'll compile it.
  (Send mail to the administrative address, plz.)              :rush-mgr ]
Does this sound reasonable?  Perhaps I'm too lazy to dig thru the lyrics
to everything to find the ones on Chronicles...  Oh well...

I'll be going to the library tomorrow.  Ayn Rand here I come.

Perhaps this is mentioned somewhere else, but I'll ask.  Who is singing
(female voice, I think) on "Time Stand Still"? (At least that's the
one I think that I think that I thought I heard an odd voice on...)

[ See the third post in this issue - somebody read your mind!   :rush-mgr ]

Ya know, I can really relate to the thought of "Show Don't Tell."  When
someone lies to you too many times and they always say they will change
or that they will do something right this time, the only thing you
can rely on is that person actually doing what they say -- words are
merely words.  Show me don't tell me.




Date: Sun, 28 Apr 91 02:14:45 -0700
From: ddelany@polyslo.CalPoly.EDU (Dan Delany)
Subject: Just a thought...

I was thinking about our litle Digest while driving home tonight, and I
realized that if we put our minds to it, we could have our own
newsgroup.  We could certainly come up with enough yes votes to start a

This would certainly make the trusty rush-mgr's life much easier, wouldn't
it?  I'm not saying that we need a newsgroup due to any aspect of David's
work - quite the opposite - he's done an amazing job!

A newsgroup would certainly have a higher amount of flamage than the
Digest, although lately the Digest has had (IMHO, of course) far too much
flamage and not enough Rush discussion.  A moderated forum, such as this,
is nice in that regard.

[ Hmmm, maybe I'll send mail to Brad Templeton (sp?), who runs the group
  "rec.humor.funny".  That's a moderated newsgroup - I'll see what he went
  through to set it up.  The main arguement against this is that those
  w/out netnews access would be SOL.  :-(  I guess I *could* keep a list
  of just those w/out netnews, and mail the digests to them, but would that
  be more work?                                                  :rush-mgr ]

Any thoughts on  Is it a good idea?  A bad idea?  Should I
be banned from keeping the FAQL for even suggesting such an idea?

[ Nooooooo!!!!  Please stay the Keeper-Of-The-FAQL!!!  :-)       :rush-mgr ]

"He's got a force field and a flexible plan... he's got a date with fate in
 a black sedan... he plays fast forward just as long as he can, but he won't
 need a bed- he's a digital man..."


Date:    Sun, 28 Apr 91 16:15 EDT
From: "Malzor" 
Subject: Re:  god bless Neil, etc.

The argument was that if it wasn't for Neil RUSH wouldn't be what it is,
of course.  However the poster named the primitive lyrics of the first
album as proof.  These may be 'primitive' compared to the RUSH we all know
and love, however, these are typic lyrics in 99% of songs recorded and
played on the radio.  On the contrary, maybe RUSH would have been much
more successful in pop radio if it wasn't for Neil.  The Gedster's and
Alex's lyric abilities would have grown over the 13 (14) studio albums
just as Neils obvious has.  Of course, if it wasn't for Neil, we probably
wouldn't have this digest, and Rush without him would have been just another
rock band.  Of course, the people who no longer listen to Rush since the
Moving Picture days, never appreciated what the three boys TOGETHER
made Rush represent.

c u l 8 'r


Subject: Query
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 91 12:15:49 WET
From: -= Electric Gypsy =- 

I was looking through the LPs at a record store in London the other
week and saw a Rush lp ( i can't remember what it was called ), but it
seemed strange that on the front cover it had a picture of 4 blokes,
not the 3 you come to expect from Rush.  It had the look of a bootleg
of some kind.  I would have bought it but did not have enough money,
and i was late to meet someone, otherwise i would have looked at it
more closely.  Could anyone shed some light on this lp on the small
amoun of information provided.  I would be most grateful.  Next time i
am at this store ( if they still have it ) I will buy it.



as madness takes its toll ...........

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Subject: stuff
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 91 14:21:44 EDT

Here's some stuff that I was told might spark some interesting discussion.

1)  The suggested album name "Throwing the Stones" might be true.  It
seems that the Boyz harbor ill feelings towards the Stones (rolling).
Alex (according to his interview in ME (Music Express)) felt that the
stones lacked class for coming out of retirement after making a big
deal about their farewell tour.  IMHO, that could be some of the usual
RUSH irony/homor.

2)  Over the weekend (in NJ) I heard a DJ on 102.7 (I think) mention
that in a recent conversation w/the Gedster Ged said that the album was
supposed to be out the first Friday or the second Wedsday in August.
He also said Ged told him not to hold him to that.

Could  someone please E-mail me and tell me where exactly we all got
this lovely title from??

[ I'll save some trouble here: I check back and the post is in Digest #223,
  in a post from James Harman <>         :rush-mgr ]

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