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Subject: 04/30/91 - The National Midnight Star #228

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 228

                  Tuesday, 30 April 1991
Today's Topics:
                    Throwing the Stone
                     Festival Seating
                    Rush in Canada...
            The incredible shrinking postings
                        New Topic?
                       Meeting RUSH
                    Obligatory Posting
               Crew member close encounter
                Rush Newsgroup vs. NMS...
                       Poll Results
               The three gilded spheres....
                 Neil and Rush's Destiny
             Kid Gloves & Emotion Dectector.

Subject: Administrivia
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 15:02:26 EDT
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

It's reaching the end of another semester, and many list members will be
losing computer access soon, or will be taking a break for a while.  We've
lost about 10 people in the last two days for this reason.  I'd like to
make a request:  if you know you're going to be losing your account soon,
or will be unable to log on and read your mail, please unsubscribe from
the mailing list.  It's much easier for me to get a "please remove me"
message than to figure out if yours is *really* an unknown  userid.  All
you need to do is drop a line to the administrative address (where you
subscribed) when you wish to discontinue your mailings, and you'll be off
the list within 24 hours.  Syrinx is a permanent machine (well, as permanent
as computers can be), and will be here when you come back.

Also, if you wish to be removed from the list, PLEASE send your mail to
the apropriate address.  If you send an "unsubscribe" message to the list
alias, it will go out as part of the digest, and you'll appear to the
whole as unable to follow simple directions.  I see at least one per week;
it's getting more common.  Remember, the addresses are at the end of EVERY
digest - if you forget, just check there.

New stuff available:  I've compiled the lyrics to Chronicles and placed them
in the rush/lyrics directory at the ftp site.  I've also mailed them to the
person in charge of the server at Ingr, so I assume they will be available
there shortly (if not now).

Lastly, I am in the process of formulating some sort of poll for the list.
I'm interested in demographics of you people - general idea of age, position,
location, how long you've been a fan, etc.  I'll be posting this formally
in the near future, so please, no replies for now.  I'll probably set up a
special address (poll@syrinx, or something like that) for this to make it
smoother for me.  Keep your eyes open!



Date: Mon, 29 Apr 91 15:09:24 PDT
From: (James C. Harman)
Subject: Throwing the Stone

    I am startled at the response to the album title that I suggested in
NMS 233(or 232?). PLEASE REMEMBER: "Throwing the Stones" is a "WORKING
TITLE" which means it may be changed. The source of this info is KERRANG!
magazine. Personally, I think that "Throwing the Stones" would be an
interesting concept for an album. I guess all  will be revealed in August.
Let's hope!!


Date: Mon, 29 Apr 91 18:57:04 EDT
From: (shane p faulkner)

rush-mgr is right-- things are getting stale

We need a song analysis or something to motivate the masses... how about one
of my favorites, Grand Designs.  On a basic level, I feel it's about getting
the most out of one's life, not just trudging along in a two-dimensional

In particular, I think the line "A to B - Different degrees" suggests that
there are different degrees of quality in which you can exist (ie. move
from A to B -- birth to death)....


/ Shane P. Faulkner         |   A to B - Different degrees...           /
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From: hasan@ropes.Reston.ICL.COM (Hasan Wahdan)
Subject: Festival Seating
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 91 19:02:42 EDT

If this question has no place on here then please let me know.
I caught a segment of 60 minutes the other night on festival seating
and was vaguely reminded that Rush abolished that idea awhile back.
Does anyone know what caused them to stop performing with festival seating?
I was under the impression that the Who tragedy in Cincinnati was the cause.
Any ideas

[ They will never play stadium shows because they feel it is too impersonal.
  They see them as a ploy by a few to make a lot of money.        :rush-mgr ]

Hasan Wahdan	ICL North America, 11490 Commerce Park Drive, Reston, VA 22091
Internet:	hasan@ropes.OPCR.ICL.COM


Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1991 19:30 EST
From: "All The World's A Stage..." 
Subject: Rush in Canada...

In response to cfynx@epsl's question about how popular Rush is in Canada...

Well..... being conveniently located only and hour away from Rush's
hometown of Toronto... I'd say by gauging the radio play and concert
attendance.... I'll go out on a limb and say Rush is very popular in
Canada... Presto tour... two sold out shows at Maple Leaf Gardens if
i'm not mistaken.... question??? when's the last time anyone heard
Lakeside Park on the radio.... anywhere....?? 97.7 FM from Hamilton,
Ontario... south of Toronto.. plays it and other Rush tunes regularly..

The answer to the Amie Mann question is obviously yes... didn't ya
see the video... watch MTV at 3 or 4 a.m. and occassionally you'll
catch a Rush video...

To add my two cents to the Rush wouldn't be anything without Neil..
I'd have to agree... but not taking anything away from Geddy and Alex..
you have to admit.. Neil is the centerpiece and the engine of the band..
Ask anyone... "You like Rush??" they immediately respond.. "Oh, yeah...
Neil Peart's an awesome drummer."  All three work so well together..
I doubt Rush would be Rush with John Rutsey behind the drum kit..

Anyone care to comment..??

Also.. one other thing... rush manager... how bout an age poll of
list subscribers... i'm bout you??

[ Funny you should ask - see the Administrivia section...        :rush-mgr ]

I'm 24... been listening to Rush for 12 or 13 years... now...


Toonces The Cat

"I CAN drive!"


Date:  Mon, 29 Apr 91 19:44:02 -0400
Subject: The incredible shrinking postings

I noticed our illustrious manager's comments on the size of the list, and
postings as of late.  I can bring up three things that would cause this:

1.  Finals, etc.
2.  People leaving school, hence their E-mail.
3.  Nervous anticipation for any new material.

I seem to recall the issue sizes getting smaller before Presto came out, and
then when Rush started touring, etc. everybody had their $0.02 worth and more.
Of course, if anyone DOES have any interesting anecdotes, etc. please, bring
them on!

On an entirely unrelated subject......

I mentioned some time ago about moving to Arizona for next fall.  It turns out
I WILL be attending the University of Arizona (Tuscon) for grad school.  My
question relating to this and Rush is where do they play in Arizona?  Do they
do show(s) in Tucson?  Or will I have to road trip to Phoenix or Tempe?

That's all for now.  I've got finals to attend to!
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Date: Mon, 29 Apr 91 20:03:36 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Charles Edward Batey, Jr." 
Subject: New Topic?

Hi everyone,
In the last digest, after someone mentioned that they met Jack Secret and got
to tour the mobile recording studio, the rush-mgr asked how these people
manage to do these things...  In the past, there have been numerous other
accounts of meeting people/getting to do cool things at Rush shows.  Perhaps
we could open a new topic for discussion and you people who have done these
things could describe how you pulled them off?

Ted Batey


Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1991 22:34 -0500
Subject: Meeting RUSH

After being prompted by our illustrious manager, I felt a little guilty since
I almost never post to this list.  So I decided it was about time to speak
up.  Here goes.:

I'm curious to hear what people think they would do or say given the chance to
meet RUSH.  I would guess most of us have had some pretty wild fantasies about
meeting them at one point or another.  I know I used to think about it all the
time.  The reason I ask is because two days ago my bassist got to go backstage
to meet LIVING COLOUR (another band we both idolize).  He came back with some
pretty nice autographs, but that's all.  There were no fireworks or sirens or
anything magical.  After we talked about it for a while we both concluded that
if we ever got the chance to meet RUSH we'd probably not say much at all
(except maybe to offer to buy 'em a beer).

Does anyone out there really think that meeting RUSH would be as magical as
we might first surmise it would be?


"Do I have to take all this in just to get to Nebraska!"
            - King's X


Date: Mon, 29 Apr 91 20:55:17 -0600
From: habbinga@tramp.Colorado.EDU (erik habbinga)
Subject: Obligatory Posting

   Being one of the newer members, I am sorry if I haven't posting as much
as I should.  I have been trying to catch up on the back issues of the
Digest (I've read through #112) while also keeping up with the new issues,
not to mention my studies.  Thanks for the info on Alex's new guitars.
I went out and bought that issue of GFPM with Alex on the cover, and was
surprised to learn of his sickness at the Denver PoW concert.  I was there,
and didn't notice any problem with his playing.  However, I was quite a
ways away from the stage.  I lost my copy of the boot we made of the show,
so I can't listen for any mistakes.  I didn't go to the Signals show, where
they had synth trouble, but I did go to the Presto show.  It wsa a great
show, especially since it started exactly on time!  The main problem I saw
was during "Time Stand Still",  with Aimee Mann's sampled vocals.  On the
word "still", the sound was really bad and seemed to be overloading the
speakers it was running through.  For the encores, we on the floor rushed
(so to speak) the stage and crammed in the front.  Geddy immediately moved
back from the front of the stage, and Alex ran up to look at our bodies
all packed together.  I spent all of "La Villa
about fifteen feet from Alex, and tried to follow him to the center for
"Finding My Way"  Alas, I missed the pick he through in the crowd by about
ten feet.  We didn't get a boot of this show, which is too bad.  If they
tour for the new album, I hope they make it to Denver, and stop their
"Let's-go-to-Denver-for-every-other-tour" cycle.  If not, I can see a
road trip in my future (hopefully not during finals).
   Before I get back to studying, does anyone have a transcription (or
remember) a radio special on the Boyz that must of aired around fall '84.
I'm pretty sure that the B-Man was one of the interviewers, and Alex had
him up in a plane and let him take the controls!  Also, could someone tell
me in which tour program the first crossword puzzle appeared?  I've got
the Signals program with the 2nd puzzle, and would like to see the first.
Also, was there a third in the HYF toorbook?

   Once again, I must thank our great rush-mgr for the incredible service
he is doing us.  Getting mail on Rush every day is great, and having all
the lyrics and pictures available really blows my mind when I actually
think about it.

Erik Habbinga                      We feel the push and pull        Of restless rhythms from afar.


Subject: Crew member close encounter
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 91 21:09:10 CDT
From: David Sandberg 

I always thought this was a little bit too thin to merit posting
to TNMS, but since we're seemingly strapped for material at the

During the HYF tour, myself and two other guys were walking
through Met Center shortly before the concert.  A long-haired,
slightly heavyset guy brushed past us, on his way somewhere, and
we all immediately recognized him as Howard Ungerleider (who of
course is the lighting director and tour manager).  One of us
said "Howard" in pointing him out to the other two of us, at
which Howard turned around and stood there waiting for us to say
something.  (I think he mistook us as being with the local staff
or something - we had that look, I'm sure.)  Anyway, we just
stood there for a few seconds, not having anything to say, until
Howard's face finally screwed up with confusion and he went on
his way.

Anyway, we were amused.  Anyone else have any close encounters
with band or crew members to relate?

Actually, one of the two guys that went along to that concert
was the lighting director for the Jets at the time (I know the
average TNMS reader probably isn't a huge Jets fan, but anyway).
Sensing a pattern here?  B-)  Anyway, Steve was able to describe
in detail pretty much the entirety of Rush's setup, both in
lighting and sound equipment (which he was quite impressed with,
as I recall, especially with regards to the placement of the
power amps for the flown stacks).  However, he did so in enough
technical detail so that I can't begin to remember, much less
recount any of it.  Oh well.

 \*=-      David Sandberg,    ,=,       ,=,        -=*\
  \*=-       "It's so hard to stay together,      | |uadric `=,ystems   -=*\
   \*=-     passing through revolving doors."     `=\       `='          -=*\


From: Chris Marshall 
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 03:43:25 +0200
Subject: Rush Newsgroup vs. NMS...

Regarding the question about whether to become a news group....

Noooooo, don't do it. There are some of us out here who have e-mail
and nothing else. It seems to be the case over here that quite a lot of
places don't consider news something that students should have access
to. I tried to get our folks here to install an rrn feed to the student
machine, big NO! They were worried about disc space on the student
machine (rrn doesn't use any)...

[ True, but the files you can save from, oh, comp.sources could fill up
  quite a bit of space...                                        :rush-mgr ]

As regards the contributary dry spell - I can't help there. My brain is
now dead after a 6 hour programming session :-(

Does anyone have any idea when Rush will tour the UK again? I only got
into them last year and therefore haven't been to a concert yet... I
suppose they'll tour once the new album is out (whenever that is).


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From: stedmant@LONEX.RADC.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 09:18:46 EDT
Subject: newsgroup??

        Although I have access to news, I don't have access to any of
the rec. newsgroups (they are considered bogus by my employer probably
because they are not even remotely work related).  So if TNMS becomes
a newsgroup, I am out of luck.  Also, making the digest a newsgroup
invites anyone with access to news to stomp all over the band we all
love so much, and then everyone would have to hit the 'n' key a hundred
times to extinguish all the flaming posts.  IMO, the digest format
works the best.  If you can receive email, you can participate.

  I_) I I <~ I_I          Terry Stedman           ORQ: "if I could wave
  I \ I_I _> I I   (         my magic wand..."


Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 10:10 EDT
From: "Douglas G. Schwabe" 
Subject: Poll Results

Hi Folks,

   Bad news.   When I was compiling the results to the cassette poll I forgot
a few lists.  due to this grave error as well as my discography being chewed 
up the results will be posted tommorrow.  Honest Injun, dudes.  I am going 
up to Toronto Thursday and I won't have time to post them then.  Speaking of
Toronto, I am interested in buying some Kim Mitchell tapes when I am up there
(Did you ever notice that no one has mentioned him in quite some time?)  To
all of Kim's fans (Shane, Robyn, Dave W.), what record stores in Toronto 
carry his material?

Remember, Poll Results posted TOMORROW!!!!!  Make a mental note, mark it on
your calendar  BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!





Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 07:28:31 -0700
From: wbarry@cory.Berkeley.EDU (Bill Barry)
Subject: The three gilded spheres....

A couple days ago someone mentioned a scene in The Fountainhead that mentioned
three spheres. Well, I looked this up and found out that the character
who said this was Kurt Lansing. He was telling the protagonist, Howard
Roark, why he was fighting for him. At the end of his discussion Lansing
said "If I were to choose a symbol for humanity, it would not be a lion
or a unicorn, but three gilded spheres." Unfortunately he does not elaborate
why he chose the three spheres. It is merely stated and the chappter basically

Here's an interesting question: On my copy of the Caress of Steel album, I
cannot find the credits to the lyrics. Obviously Neil wrote most, if not
all of them, but the liner notes does not mention who is responsible for
the lyrics. Does anyone know the credits?

Good day



Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 09:42:00 EST
Subject: Neil and Rush's Destiny

    I have to agree that Neil's lyrical and rythmic contributions are
    probably most responsible for Rush's success.  But Alex and Geddy
    really had something unique at the start.  It's hard to pin it down,
    but their first album (although raw and somewhat simplistic)
    exhibited something special.

    The "energy" of the band was there from the start- and Neil's
    creativity was exactly what they needed to acheive greatness.

    Dave "Lerxst" Schmidt


Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 12:50:15 PDT
From: (Raymond Degennaro)
Subject: Kid Gloves & Emotion Dectector.

in the interview with Neil in TNMS #221, he says:
>I think you have to
>say that if a song doesn't connect with people then the fault of
>accessibility lies with communication.  `Emotion Detector' is an
>example off `Power Windows' and `Kid Gloves' on `Grace Under Pressure.'
>We did our best but didn't achieve what we wanted.

i don't know, they're my favorite song from the albums. they aren't the best 
ones, just my favorites.  both of these songs really relate to personal 
experiences, almost as if Neil had me in mind when he wrote them (ditto for 
"Scars" from _Presto_).

to all of you that don't "connect" with either of these songs, why not?

to those of you that do, why?


  "Then you learn the lesson that it's cool to be so tough.
   When you learn the lesson that it's tough to be so cool."

  "When we lift the covers from our feellings, we expose our insecure spots.
	Trust is just as rare as devotion, forgive us our cynical thoughts."

  "Pleasure leaves a fingerprint as sure as mortal pain."


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