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Subject: 05/01/91 - The National Midnight Star #230

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 230

                  Wednesday, 1 May 1991
Today's Topics:
                         Mr. Big
                     Rush in Arizona
                      Rush in Canada
                      Rush cartoons
                   Neil as Prime Mover
                      Rush on radio
                     Distorted sound
                     Festival seating
Re: 04/30/91 - The National Midnight Star #229  ** Special Edition **
                      stadium shows
               Re: the three gilded spheres
                       Rush on PBS
              About the lyrics at syrinx...
            Close Encounters of the Rush kins
                     Close Encounters
  Re: new album title, festival seating, et cetera.....
      Re: 04/30/91 - The National Midnight Star #228
                    Until next time...

I ask yesterday for people to send mail to the apropriate address.  Does
it sink in?  Naahhhhh...  *sigh*

I have a problem, and maybe some of you list-member mail gurus can help.
I've gotten mail from somebody trying to join, but I cannot get back to
them.  The closest I can get to an address is "glinj!com!",
but when I send to that, I get the message "com!srl... Host unknown".
If anyone has any hints, send mail to the administrative address, plz.



Date: 30 Apr 91 15:49:00 EDT
Subject: Mr. Big

In recent issues, a lot of reminiscing has been going on about who opened
for Rush when.  A lot of these people have been questioning why the Boys
chose Mr. Big to open on the Presto tour.  Well, last night I was reading
through my Power Windows CD, and I noticed under the thanks you's:
	"In England: Peter Mensch and Stu Wathan...Mr. Big and the Royal
Thus, I'm led to believe that the Boys had some sort of association with
Mr. Big dating back as far as 1985, unless that's just someone's
nickname (which isn't entirely impossible).  Can anyone clue me in on
this?  Does anyone know if Mr. Big is British?  Anyhow, that's all for

					- AW
"One moment's high,
 and glory rolls on by,
 like a streak of lightening
 that flashes and fades in the summer sky..."


Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 15:37:56 -0500
From: brian frank 
Subject: ESL

To whoever said that their copy of ESL was AAD on the package and ADD on 
the disc: me too!
I dunno what it is either...



Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 15:53:36 MDT
From: "Jerome Jahnke BSW Rm 238" 
Subject: Rush in Arizona

Daniel McDonald wanted to know about Rush in the Grand Canyon State.

Unfortunately the only place that they will play here is in Pheonix. It is aa
two hour drive from Tucson (well at 65 mph it is, but defact speed limit on
the stretch of road between the two is quite a bit higher.) It bothers me that
my ideas of a "nice" city will no longer support a stop on a rush tour. I grew
up in Green Bay, WI. And well I remember seeing them play in a movie theater
to a crowd of 250 people. The then played Green Bay for quite a while. Then I
had to drive down to Sun Valley to see them. Now I gotta drive to Pheonix. I
do it, but it is a pain driving back.

Jerome Jahnke
University of Arizona
Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology
(602) 621-3820


Date:    Tue, 30 Apr 91 19:09 EDT
From: "F. d'Anconia (KD3LR/AFA1UP)" 
Subject: Rush in Canada

Good day, all.

Today's NMS (226 or something, I disremember the number) contained a posting
about Rush's popularity in Canada and Toronto.

I and a friend (*poke*) were in Toronto about a month ago, for the purpose of
checking out the city and its surroundings. We visited a few record-stores in
hopes of getting some decent bargains on Rush CDs. To my surprise, they were
a bit difficult to find. We eventually found all the albums, but it required
some searching.  (Note to Max Webster fans: "Universal Juveniles" is readily
available.  You can usually find it in the Bargain Bin.)

Of course, everything is on Anthem Records, which probably means better pack-
aging. I almost bought AFTK (which was on sale for C$11.98, or about US$10.00)
but did not, which I now regret. I wonder if the early releases -- those up to
2112 -- have better packaging than the US Mercury releases? (eg. meatier CD
sleeves with lyrics, etc.) Anyone know?

On a related note: I was trying to remember exactly where Lakeside Park of
CoS fame was located. I remember -- vaguely -- a post last year dealing with
this subject. I think it may be located in St. Catharines, which is where Neil
was originally from. (NB: In the movie "Strange Brew", a "Lakeside Park" is
mentioned when Doug & Bob are given directions to drive the kegs of beer to
the "party" -- which ends up being Lake Ontario. :} ) Can anyone enlighten me
on this point? (How can anybody be enlightened...)

Take care, all, and good luck on your respective finals. Oh, lest I forget:

LET'S GO PENS! <---- Especially now!
LET'S GO BISONS! Major league baseball for Buffalo!

Michael Sensor 
Penn State University

OBRQ: "All my nerves are naked wires, tender to the touch. Sometimes super-
       sensitive, but who can care too much?"


Subject: chatter
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 18:11:30 CDT
From: (Keith Ford)

The lyrics to Chronicles are now available at the email archive server
as rush/lyrics/chroncls via your Rush-Mgr.  Thanks David!  BTW, is anyone
having trouble with this server?  If so, email me directly.  The server
is based upon a hacked Elm, so use the Reply-To: field if you suspect
your return address to be flakey.  This has been a solution for one or
two people already.

A far fetched observation:
  "Hold Your Fire" - don't flame people.
  "Presto" - say the magic words if you do.
  "Throwing the Stones" - what happens if you don't.
I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here.  HYF was in the last trilogy.
Just seemed to pop out at me.

Anyone have a nice cookie maker for Rush?  Or just a good quotes file?
I'm using one on my bbs now, but would like to add to it.
 __, ...!uunet!ingr!{fordke,infonode!umagic!sysop}
/  \ Micro Magic BBS  1:373/12  (205)830-2362
[__] "He knows changes aren't permanent, but change is" -Rush


Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 19:12 EDT
From: Ken Renard 
Subject: Rush cartoons

	Just saw an interesting cartoon in Modern Drummer today.  There
is a kid taking drum lessons saying:  "Can't we skip all this rudiment
and reading stuff and get right to some RUSH?  Here, I brought a tape."
Sounds aweful familiar, doesn't it?  It's in the June 1991 issue, pg. 91,
lower right-hand corner about 3/4" from the bottom of the page.  So, stop
by your local newsstand and take a peek at it.
	Also, this is a second call for all musicians who would like to
jam at a party in Philly 18 May.  We could really use a couple of good
guitar/bass/drum/keyboard people to jam with.  I think TWA has some good
fares, so don't be discouraged if you live in California or Australia or
something :-)  We're just looking to have some fun and jam some Rush stuff!

[ And "drink 12 beers" ...  :-)                                  :rush-mgr ]

						Ken Renard

ORQ: Quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand - Which Hunt
OSTQ: There's such a fine line between clever and stupid.


From: Chris Schiller 
Subject: Neil as Prime Mover
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 16:43:22 PDT

Ooops, I deleted the name of the person who wrote:

> To add my two cents to the Rush wouldn't be anything without Neil..
> I'd have to agree... but not taking anything away from Geddy and Alex..
> you have to admit.. Neil is the centerpiece and the engine of the band..
> Ask anyone... "You like Rush??" they immediately respond.. "Oh, yeah...
> Neil Peart's an awesome drummer."  All three work so well together..
> I doubt Rush would be Rush with John Rutsey behind the drum kit..
> Anyone care to comment..??
I like to think of it like this:

Neil, Alex, and someone else:   Naw, wouldn't work.

Alex, Geddy, and someone else:   Good music; "baby, baby, baby" lyrics

Neil, Geddy, and someone else:   It might work, although you couldn't do
				 Signals or Grace Under Pressure.

It is my impression from interviews and the music that if there was
anything like a leader in the band, Geddy would be it.  He seems to
drive and motivate the band in the proper musical direction.  Neil
is a drummer supreme, and Alex is a good guitarist, and they both
contribute creatively, but the core I would have to say is Geddy.
Remember, a good part of the music is written before the lyrics and the
drum parts are composed.  If you want a bad analogy, Geddy and to
a lesser extent Alex, are the cake, and Neil is the frosting and the
candles.  Don't get me wrong, I worship Neil's lyrics and drums, and
they are an integral part of the band, but Geddy seems to set the
directions.  Sort of like an editor for a book.

>..I set the clouds in motion
   Turn up light and sound
   Activate the window
   Watch the world go 'round

Chris Schiller


Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 21:01 EDT
Subject: summer


I'm leaving at the end of the week.  Feel free to remove me whenever
due to finals I will have no time to read the digest anyway.
See you next fall.



Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 21:21 EDT
Subject: Rush on radio

About the recent mention of the lack of Rush on Pittsburgh radio...

It's amazing!!  Yesterday when driving to school I heard "Freewill" on
a station that it seems just changed its format from "classic rock" to
"classic rock" along with new sh*t-songs...  Anyways, then today I heard
"Spirit of Radio" followed by "Closer to the Heart" on another station...  And
they mentioned something this weekend that Rush fans would want to catch--but
I wasn't paying attention and missed what he said..

Anyways, I just though that all this Rush deserved some comment; also, do
any other Pittsburghers out there know what this thing is this weekend (this
announcement was on WDVE..)

Oh, also, I assume that some Rush was played at my high school's talent show
today...  Since they wanted $3, I didn't go, but one group performing has
members that really love Rush, so I assume they did a cover (maybe...)  Even
more Rush!! Wow...

Anyways, so long...

Herschel Gelman


Subject: Distorted sound
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 21:20:05 EDT

In the last issue, someone wrote:

>The main problem I saw was during "Time Stand Still", with Aimee Mann's
>sampled vocals.  On the word "still", the sound was really bad and seemed to
>be overloading the speakers it was running through.

I second this observation.  Both shows that I saw on the Presto tour had some
distorted sampled sections.  In Boston (Worcester Centrum), the Aimee Mann
vocals were distorted.  In California (Shoreline Amphitheatre), Neil's sampled
tubular bells sounded TERRIBLE.  Again, way, way distorted.  I am glad,
however, that he at least made the attempt to sample the bells.  Before (in
Boston, and on ASOH) used a sort of glockenspiel sound from his KAT controller
for the solo during "Closer to the Heart".  I really prefer the sound of the
bells for that solo, so I'll look forward to their getting that right.

  I wonder how these poorly-set levels get through the soundcheck.  Anyone?



Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 22:11:25 EST
From: cygnus@wpi.WPI.EDU (Marshall Robin)
Subject: Festival seating

Hasan Wahdan writes that Rush refuses to play festival seating shows. This,
although I had heard the same, is not true. The first date on the Presto tour
in Greenville SC was festival seating, both on the floor and in the balcony.
It was a total madhouse, worse than any other festival seating concert I've been
to (I was 3rd row). People kept kicking the back of my knees to get me to
fall over and things. The band did not appear pleased with the situation
in front of them, or maybe it was just stress from it being the first night.
I have read that they don't like to play them, but I guess they will.

- marsh

-OBRQ - Tide after tide will flow and recede
        Leaving life to go on as it was.....


Date:    Tue, 30 Apr 91 22:54 EDT
Subject: Re: 04/30/91 - The National Midnight Star #229  ** Special Edition **

  I am a subscriber to your mailing list, but as School is over in a week I
would ask to be removed from the list since I will not get a chance to read
the newsletter anyway. I will definitely resubscribe next semester. Keep
up the good work . Thanks.
Phil Mazza


Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 22:36:55 -0500
From: (Tyler Weaver)
Subject: stadium shows

  I have been noticing lately that Rush have a policy not to perform at
the large outdoor stadium shows, such as Castle Donington or Live Aid, etc.
(see Neil interview of NMS #227)  I know of one event that is an exception.
They headlined the 1984 Texxas Jam [sic] during the Grace Under Pressure tour.
It was outdoors in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Tx.  I believe other bands
that year were Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Jovi(7800F), and 38 Special.
The show was good, but the least pleasurable of all I have seen of them
(I've seen all tours from Signals to Presto).  The weather was miserable-
rain, then summer sun and humidity, all in one afternoon.  And my seats sucked,
they were at the back of a 60,000 seat stadium.  The sound in the huge stadiums
is almost always bad too; but enough whining.  That's the way it was, and we
liked it, dammit!  But I agree that this is not a great way to see a concert,
and I hope that Rush will stick to the indoor arenas.



Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 23:34:10 -0500
From: B Scoggin 
Subject: stuff

	Well here goes my first posting.  I just want to clarify from the
beginning that I am a Rush fan.  (This is not the first step to treatment).

	I feel I must comment on a few statements being submitted by other
readers.  This is _not_ a flame.

	I agree that Rush would not be Rush without Neal P.  But then again
Rush would not be Rush without Alex or Geddy either.  They have won equal
number of awards and contribute their all to the band.  Why make these
remarks in the first place?  We have all subscribed to this newsletter for a
reason, we all like the band as a whole.  :-)

	My first comment upon meeting the band would be directed towards
Alex and would be phrased something like, "How do you finger the second
chord from Fly by Night?" (I have seen at least two or three different
answers to this question in print).
	Which brings me to the heart of this posting.  I submit this to
the readership in hopes of a reply.  I don't understand why a band that
respects their own music and music in general would release all their songs
in a piano reduction and not in parts designed for a three piece band can
use.  I tire of the little notes in these books saying, "guitar solo here."
Not only are the solos not included but the chord symbols that they take time
to include are wrong plenty of times.

	Well that is enough for my first post, and thanks to the mgr for
taking time for the rest of us to put this together.



Date: 	Tue, 30 Apr 1991 22:17:00 PDT
Subject: Re: the three gilded spheres

Ok, history lesson time...back when not too many people knew how
to read and write, shops had a signs they hung out front (a boot
for a cobbler, for instance)...sorta like the international signs
you find in Europe now, actually.  The three gold balls (two on
top, one underneath, like this:

    O O
) was the symbol for a pawnshop.



Date: Wed, 1 May 91 01:27:17 PDT
From: sboswell@UCSD.EDU (Jogger asshole)
Subject: Rush on PBS

I was flipping through the channels once & turned to the local PBS station
(KCET, ch. 28 in Los Angeles) and I heard the opening bars of "Emotion
Detector" during some sort of announcement!  Has anyone else heard Rush
clips in strange contexts like this?

Steve Boswell    | Sure, God USED to perform miracles...  | ... but what has He done for you LATELY?


Date: Sat, 24 May 03 02:59:06 -0700
From: Brian Markenson 
Subject: About the lyrics at syrinx...

	I just ftp'd the lyrics for the Chronicles disk from syrinx, and I
noticed a couple of minor problems with it that I thought should be mentioned.
First, let me say that I think that its a GREAT service to provide the lyrics
like this!  Anyway, it says that Mystic Rhythms is from Grace Under Pressure
in the file, instead of A Show of Hands.  

[ Hey, it *is* from GUP.  It also happens to be on ASOH.  Since I don't have
  C, I didn't know.  It's fixed now.                               :rush-mgr ]

                                         Also, I just wanted to ask if we'd
ever resolved the answer to the lyrics of Freewill.  I know that the liner
notes give the lyrics as "If you choose not to decide, you still haven't made
a choice", but shouldn't the lyrics that WE have say the real words?  I mean,
it seems to be pretty obvious, both from listening to the song and from the
context of the rest of the lyrics, that Geddy actually does sing "
still have made a choice...."
	I was just wondering if maybe this should be changed....

[ Well, they do sing "still have made a choice", and that's the way it is
  on the Anthem release, apparently.  In the US release, it's "cannot have
  made a choice".  I kind of like the perversety of the latter...
                                                                 :rush-mgr ]

Brian Markenson


From: Liaket Ali 
Date: Wed, 1 May 91 11:18:06 BST

Hi Rush fans!

Here's a question I've been meaning to ask for a while.

I've read in some music publications articles about Rush which quite worried
me. The writers describe Rush as "crypto-fascists", "nazis", "right-wing
extremists", etc.

Is this true? What basis do these writers have for these allegations.

I am one of those people who listens more to the MUSIC of songs than the lyrics
and therefore I may be missing something in Peart's writing.

Please enlighten me. Thanks.


LIAKET ALI        a.k.a.


From: (Chip Hart)
Subject: Close Encounters of the Rush kins
Date: Wed, 1 May 91 8:17:58 EDT

> From: David Sandberg :
> I always thought this was a little bit too thin to merit posting
> to TNMS, but since we're seemingly strapped for material at the
> moment...
	In the same vein,

	A friend of mine used to work at a restaraunt and one day
	served a guy who had sheets of music, covered with pen and
	pencil marks, spread before him.  Closer inspection revealed
	titles from Moving Pictures and Signals (this was soon after
	the release of P/G).  My friend asked this guy if he had some
	connection with Rush.  He replied, "Yes, I'm the stage left
	technician," and went on to say that he was just passing
	through town (Burlington, VT. is on the way to Montreal).  He
	also identified himself as "Skip Gildersleeve."  Well, when my
	friend got home, he looked it up on ESL and there it is.
	Believe it...or not!
         Chip Hart -------------------------
                   |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| People's Computer Co.
                   ------------------------- Williston, Vermont
                ...but you can call me the Salaminizer!


Date: Wed, 1 May 91 09:31:00 EST
Subject: Close Encounters

    Here is some more space filler:

    During the "Power Windows" tour, myself and a friend made a road-
    trip from NYC to Toronto, just to see Rush.  We arrived the night
    before the show that we had tickets for, and we stayed in a hotel
    *adjacent* to the Maple Leaf Gardens.  The first of two Rush
    concerts had just started, and I could hear the Boyz from the hotel
    room!  So, of course we went outside, and we convinced a guard that
    we were waiting for someone- it was cold, so he let us wait in the
    lobby of the Gardens- with just a thin door between us and Rush!  We
    listened to almost the whole concert- but it was unbearable not
    being able to see!

    We waited 'till the end of the show, then went out back.  We saw a
    few limos waiting there- including one old and "evil" looking one.
    Apparently, this scary looking limo was Ged's.  (Anyone know of any
    lore about this beast of a car?)

    Eventually, a door opened, and two people came out.  A man, and a
    striking woman, wearing a fur coat.  We asked them if the band
    members were coming out.  The woman, blonde and very attractive,
    said "Yes, I think my brother is almost ready to leave"  I said
    "WHAT????"  She responded "Alex Lifeson is my brother.  Here do you
    want this?"   She peeled her backstage pass off her coat and handed
    it to us.  We thanked her graciously, and she left.  (No, the
    backstage pass was no longer valid that evening.)  We kept waiting.

    We waited and waited, and then Yes!  I see Alex!!!  Now Geddy!!!
    They were behind a glass foyer, talking and kidding around.  I
    yelled out "ALEX is GOD!"  And he responded by laughing and raising
    his fist and doing a "Arsenio Hall"-type motion.  I had a camera,
    and snapped some pictures.

    They eventually got in their limos and sped off.  We heard that they
    were going to some Toronto niteclub, but we didn't know where.

    The next night, we saw the show, and it was fabulous.  I think they
    really enjoy playing in their home town.

    Anyway, that was as close as I have have ever gotten to the Band.
    It's true, but not that exciting.

    Until Later,
        Dave Schmidt


Date: Wed, 1 May 91 09:27:03 EDT
From: Wes Morgan 
Subject: Re: new album title, festival seating, et cetera.....

>From: (James C. Harman)
>    I am startled at the response to the album title that I suggested in
>NMS 233(or 232?). PLEASE REMEMBER: "Throwing the Stones" is a "WORKING
>TITLE" which means it may be changed. The source of this info is KERRANG!
>magazine. Personally, I think that "Throwing the Stones" would be an
>interesting concept for an album. I guess all  will be revealed in August.
>Let's hope!!

Actually, it IS an interesting concept.  I'm sure that most of us are
familiar with the folk proverb "People in glass houses shouldn't throw
stones".  Well, one of the more popular albums in recent years was
Billy Joel's "Glass Houses".  An album titled "Throwing the Stones"
might be interpreted as a comment on the music industry's ivory tower.
Just a thought.........

>Does anyone know what caused them to stop performing with festival seating?
>I was under the impression that the Who tragedy in Cincinnati was the cause.
>Any ideas?
>[ They will never play stadium shows because they feel it is too impersonal.
>They see them as a ploy by a few to make a lot of money.        :rush-mgr ]

A minor nitpick; "festival seating" does not necessarily mean "stadium
show".  Festival seating simply means that the possession of a ticket
does not imply a particular seat.  When they used festival seating at
Rupp Arena (Lexington, KY -- 25,000+ for concerts), they just threw open
the doors to the floor until the floor area was packed.  It wasn't pleasant.
To my knowledge, Rupp hasn't used festival seating for about 8 years.

>I'm curious to hear what people think they would do or say given the chance to
>meet RUSH.
>Does anyone out there really think that meeting RUSH would be as magical as
>we might first surmise it would be?

Sure!  I'd offer Neil dinner and drinks just to talk music.  I wouldn't
want to talk about any particular style of music, not even theirs.  I'd
much rather talk about percussion, the various "ethnic" percussion styles
that have influences him, and the technical aspects of his style.  I can
see it now -- furiously scribbling notes and rhythms on some napkin while
arguing the merits of mixed meter.......ahhhh.....

Of course, this also applies to Billy Cobham, Omar Hakim, Bill Bruford,
Phil Ehart, Ed Shaughnessy, and the rest of my "percussive heroes" list....

I'm just a ratamacue in a paradiddle world.......

>Alas, I missed the pick he through in the crowd by about
>ten feet.

One of my most prized souvenirs is one of Neil's sticks from the
"Moving Pictures" tour.  Apparently, Neil doesn't just toss a broken/worn
stick in the floor; there's a box by his set for just that purpose. (I
guess he doesn't want to risk falling when he moves around in his pit).
We were milling around after the show, and some roadie just walked up
to the edge of the stage and started tossing sticks.  After climbing
over a few people (I'm 6'5"), I managed to snag one.  That's when I
first noticed that he doesn't use the bead of the stick; he flips it
around and uses the butt.  Of course, I immediately adopted the same


Date: Wed, 1 May 91 12:21 EDT
Subject: Re: 04/30/91 - The National Midnight Star #228

in response to Brett's question on meeting RUSH, i myself had the grand
opportunity of meeting Alex and Geddy on 4-28-90 in Rochester, in front of
their hotel. Alex was rather kind; I was speechless as I accepted his
autograph in my PRESTO program, but my friend mustered a question concerning
Alex's role on the GOWAN album. I met Geddy a little later- he seemed less
friendly (but not mean), more than willing to sign an autograph. Word has
it that you DON'T want to meet Neil- his public appearances are few, and
admittedly does not like to be approached by strangers. My friend met him
in front of MacLear place during the ASOH recordings, and said he was a bit
less than friendly. Any more stories on meeting the band out there? makes
for interesting talk, IMHO.

Hey Harris: How 'bout "Roll the Bones"...............


Date:         Wed, 01 May 91 11:07:05 CDT
From: Craig Rindy 
Subject:      Coincidence?

Good day, has anyone ever noticed the patterns in Rush's live albums?
For one thing, they have consistently released four studio albums, then
a live one.  Coincidenccccce? . . . I think not.  All three live albums
begin with the same first track as the one two albums ago.  (For example:
Bastille Day is the opener on All The World's A Stage *and* Caress Of
Steel.)  Bhrooooo. . .I'm telling you kids. . .it's scary.  In fact, it's
so scary, it'll put . . . ah . . . bumps on your . . . skin . . . things.
OKAY!  Another monster chiller horror--All The World's A Stage, Exit . . .
Stage Left, and A Show Of Hands were all recorded live in concert.  It's
just one irony after another, eh.  Mr. Big opened for Rush, and the video
for The Big Money has an animated car with a license plate reading--right!
                               "MR. BIG"

This is just a series of eerie occurances in no way accusing Rush of
contrivity.  I love all three of them for giving me musical and personal
inspiration.  I think it is their Mission.  Is it okay to do some *musical*
"dissections"?  Keep up the list--please, no newsgroup.  It would be rather
convenient for me, but others might not have access, and there would probably
be more flames.  Terrific work, rush-mgr!

Craig "Floydd" Rindy   

"I'm not giving up on implausible dreams,
 Experience to extremes."  --  GOD (or some would say)


Date: Wed, 1 May 91 13:18 EDT
From: "Douglas G. Schwabe" 

That's right dudes and dudettes, After weeks of receiving your lists and
checking them twice, the results of the Rush Cassette Poll are here!!!!
Alright, let the festivities begin!!!!!!!!

In the category of the best of 70s Rush, the winners are:

In the Mood
Bastille Day
Something for nothing
A Farewell to Kings
Lakeside Park
Twilight Zone
Need Some Love
Closer To The Heart
Fly By Night
Making Memories
Cinderella Man
I Think I am going Bald (Sy Sperling Theme song)
Beneath Between and Behind
A Passage to Bangkok
Cygnus X-1 Book 1
The Trees
La Villa

Total Time: 97:29  this list, as well as the rest of the other lists in this
poll will fit on an 100 minute cassette.  To check the times refer to dave
datta discography.

I made a tape for those who love the genius of Neil's songwriting:

Side 1

2112 (Complete Version)
Cygnus X-1 Book 1 The Voyage
Cygnus X-1 Book 2 Hemispheres

Side 2

By-Tor and the Snowdog
The Trees
La Villa Strangiato
Jacobs Ladder
Natural Science

I made 2 80's tapes because most of the poll was from the 80's.  you can switch
songs from each tape.  Make sure it is 100 minutes, though.  here it comes

Rushin the 80's

Spirit of the Radio

Tom Sawyer
Distant Early Warning
The Big Money
Force Ten
Show don't Tell
Red Barchetta
Different Strings
Kid gloves
Digital Man
Entre Nous
Red Sector A
Available Light
Manhattan Project
Time Stand Still
The Body Electric
The Analog Kid

Rushin the 80's Part II

Chain Lightning
Turn the Page
Emotion Detector
New World Man
The Pass
Lock and Key
Jacob's Ladder
Natural Science
Red Lenses

For all who love live Rush here 'tis

The Big Money
Red Sector A
La Villa
Broon's Bane
The Trees
Tom Sawyer
Closer To the Heart/Beneath Between and Behind
Red Barchetta
Rhythm Method
Closer to the Heart (SOH)

Musicans Poll:


Drums: Limelight
Guitar: Kid Gloves
Bass: La Villa Strangiato

Thanx Mike!!

The most interesting Theme came from my computing lab partner, Ken Renard
( or sent some of
his favorite songs that features Neil's extraordinary drumming

Through the Drummer's Eye

Tom Sawyer
Lock and Key
Force Ten
The Rhythm Method
The Spirit of the Radio

Thanx Ken, and thanx to all the people who sent in your lists.



Date: Wed,  1 May 91 13:23:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: "William F. O'Dell" 
Subject: Until next time...

It's getting close to the end of the semester here at CMU and I would
just like to take this space to say thanks to all of you for making this
thing so damn fun.
I have never seen a group of fans so knowledgable about their band. From
long and involved (and sometimes drawn out) discussions about everything
from lyrics to playing style to nose size, you guys do it right. And I
would also like to thank the mgr for making this the best damn
newsletter/bboard I've come across anywhere. Real professional, yet at
the same time, very personal.

[ Thanks.                                                     :rush-mgr ]

Thanks David A for stocking me up on my Rush shows, 

[ You're welcome.  :-)                                        :rush-mgr ]

                                                    and thanks to
everyone who typed in interviews, articles, and fast breaking reports
about the boyz.
Keep up the good work everyone, and hope to hear from you in August with
a new Rush disk in my hand.


"Good evening everybody. We're really looking forward to playing some
stuff off our new album, and also stuff from older albums as well."


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