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Subject: 05/02/91 - The National Midnight Star #231

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 231

                   Thursday, 2 May 1991
Today's Topics:
                Administrivia and lucidity
                       Big Money F#
                  I KNOW I'm going bald!
                       Meeting Rush
      Re: 05/01/91 - The National Midnight Star #230
                      Rush & Mr. Big
                    Life Without Neil
              Freewill, Discography, and art
                         Mr. Big
              Mystic/ 2nd chord FBN/ Mr. Big
             Mr. Big and background music...
                  That great Rick sound
           Fantasies, Ramblings, and Finals....
                   Uhh, Mystic Rhythms
                   Rush on radio, etc.
                     Mystics Rhythms
                       mailing list
      Re: 05/01/91 - The National Midnight Star #230
                       Re: Mr. Big
                      Spirit Of Rush
 Rush w/out members, festival seating, and stadium shows
                     Rush everywhere!

Subject: Administrivia and lucidity
Date: Thu, 02 May 91 15:06:27 EDT
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

First off, let me thank all the readers who "gently reminded" me that I
had my head up my ... well, that I was incorrect in my statement about
"Mystic Rhythms" yesterday.  Yes indeed, it's on Power Windows, and no,
*you're* not on drugs; apparently *I* was.  The point I was trying to make
(and failed) was that I attributed the studio album for each song in the
Chronicles file, as well as the live album.  As I don't have the disc
myself, I was going from lists send in by a couple of you, and didn't know
that the version of M.R. was from ASOH.  Hopefully things are straightened
out now (yo, Keith, fix it on your server!!), and I can slink away...

On another topic (change quick!), it's been brought to my attention that
people sometimes have problems mailing to the administrative address:

I'd only heard of one other case of this, but apparently it happens more
often than I realized.  The root of the problem seems to be that certain
(for now unknown) mailers cannot deal with a userid of more than eight
characters.  If you have problems sending administrative mail, you can try
the alternate adress:

to see if that gives better results.  Actually, this is the real address,
the other is an alias to conform to Internet mailing list standards.  I'll
be updating all my documents to reflect this addition.


"Just waiting for the drugs to take effect"  - S. Martin


From: The Bolton Flamer 
Subject: Big Money F#
Date: Wed, 1 May 91 18:33:57 BST

Here's one for all you musos out there:

I play The Big Money alot, and use a capo to tune the guitar to F#.  As
everyone seems to know these days, Alex uses a guitar tuned to F# for that

Why does he bother?  To get the harmonics for the solo (12th and 9th frets)
you obviously need to tune to F#, but why didn't they just do the whole song
a tone lower??

Ged seems to struggle with the last line 'Big Money got no soul' alot of the
time I hear him sing it - he seems to find it difficult to get the pitch of
it somtimes.  If they did the whole thing a tone down that would alleviate
the problem.

It could be that the bass lines are difficult to play a tone down - my
bassist brother complains of difficult fingerings if ask him to play Big
Money pitched down.

Maybe they just wrote the bulk of the song in F# and decided to stick with
it.  Any ideas anyone ????

Andy Currid -- mad cyclist, Bolton Flamer

University Of Warwick, Coventry, England.


Date: Wed, 1 May 91 15:23:33 -0400
From: Jeff Wilson 
Subject: I KNOW I'm going bald!

Some random Rush thoughts:

On the current thread about Rush not being the same band without Neil:
obvious.  You could say the same thing about Geddy Lee or Alex Lifeson as
well. Rush is one of those great bands that simply cannot do without any one
member (as is R.E.M., Led Zeppelin, and probably others but I can't think of
them now.)  I guess this fits the maxim "The whole is greater than the sum of
the parts". The essence of a great band was present on "Rush", they just
needed the Neil Peart spark to make them great. Contrast them with the Stones,
who are a great band, but were able to survive the loss of Brian Jones and
Mick Taylor without major loss of musical talent (that statement is arguable,
I realize. There are other examples.)

The digest should *NOT* become a newsgroup because:  a) Our "glassy-eyed"
adoration would come under the most heinous ridicule :-) b) The focus could
turn to many other subjects besides RUSH (unless, of course, the group is
moderated) c) I already have to wade thru 25 newsgroups, when I'd like to read
more, but just don't have time.

On Neil's prowess as a lyricist: I think he's probably in the top twenty
lyricists somewhere, but he's nowhere near my favorite. I must admit to
primarily liking Rush for their musical prowess, although the words to
"Subdivisions" can give me chills sometimes (" . .  and start to dream of
somewhere to relax their restless flight, somewhere out of the memory of
lighted streets, on quiet nights"). I also think Moving Pictures is very
strong, lyrically. There's one song they do, and I can't think of the name
(because it's on my least favorite album, HYF), maybe "Open Secrets", where it
really sounds to me like Neil was reaching for words (folks have got to have
choices, choices got to have voices, folks are basically decent). On the other
hand, "Chain Lightning" and "Available Light" are excellent, so maybe he's not
slipping as much as I thought.  Personally, I think he's the greatest drummer
in the complete cosmos, and that's saying a lot, because there are a lot of
great drummers out there (Bozzio, Gadd, Collins, etc.)

Favorite album: Moving Pictures
Favorite track: Xanadu, Red Barchetta, Limelight, La Villa Strangiato
 (Ya can't choose just one!) Freewill, Force Ten (worth the price of HYF), The
Enemy Within, Between the Wheels, Vital Signs, Hemispheres, Anthem.

Eeebbddbbeeebbdbeee that's all folks!
jwilson@ncratl.AtlantaGA.NCR.COM (Jeff Wilson)

"It takes a lot of inner strength to be a Braves fan." -Peter Buck


Subject: Meeting Rush
Date: Wed, 01 May 91 18:10:11 EDT

In 228, Brett Jenkins discussed whether or not meeting the members of
Rush would be as magical as many fans first think it would be.  Well, I 
have this friend, see, (doesn't everyone have a "friend" that does all
sorts of neat stuff?), who's actually the guy that got me into Rush five
years back, who saw a show in Cincinatti and another in Cleveland on the
Presto Tour.  It turns out that he and a friend were waiting at a bus
stop in Cleveland, when one famous bass player and another famous guitar
player walked by (the bus stop was right in front of the hotel where the
band was staying).  He showed me pictures he had taken of the two of them
walking on the other side of the street.  He said that when they saw that
he and his friend were both wearing tour shirts, that Geddy and Alex
approached them and asked them what they thought of the show...he then
got autographs on a Rush tour photo album he had maintained and on a picture
he had drawn sitting right next to me in art class that had all sorts of
Rush album cover designs on it...the pictures, by the way, were spectacular..

Another friend of mine owns a Signature guitar which was GIVEN to him by
Alex on the PW tour (He knows some of the road crew, and an awesome guitar
player himself), and on the Presto tour, he even got backstage passes for
the Charlotte, NC, show.  What is interesting about this is that he chickened
out at the last minute and couldn't go backstage...he was afraid that Neil
might not be in a very friendly mood...He still has the passes...

So personally, I can't say whether or not a meeting would be magical....I
guess it would probably be TOO magical, if you understand what I mean...



Date: Wed, 1 May 1991 18:16 EST
From: "Very sorry all....Welcome to Hell" 
Subject: Re: 05/01/91 - The National Midnight Star #230

	Kindly remove me from the mailing list....I'll be gone for
summer quarter.



Date: Wed, 1 May 91 17:56:59 -0500
From: (holtrf)
Subject: Rush & Mr. Big

Hi all,

Adding to the Mr. Big discussion...

Mr. Big from the Power Windows tour and all that does NOT refer
to the group Mr. Big.  Looking in the liner notes for PoW,
(addmittedly, this is from memory, and the last time I looked was,
oh, 2 or 3 years ago)  I remember a name being listed, with "Mr. Big".
in parenthesis following it.  I doubt this refers to the group.

The only thing I remember thinking when I saw "Mr. Big" open for Rush
was "God, I hope they pay attention 'cause they sure could learn a lot!!!"

Russell Holt
Hey, I listen to RUSH!!!!!


Date: Wed,  1 May 91 19:55:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: Life Without Neil

In response to the "what would Rush be without Neil" argument, I have a
few comments.  I read the other day that (paraphrased horribly) "Rush
would still be great because they have so much energy."  Well, I can't
accept that statement.

Look at all today's rock groups.  Groups like Kix, Damn Yankees, Tesla,
and the like all have a lot of energy.  But the fact remains: they
pretty much suck and we, as appreciators of a much greater force of
music, know that.  Ged and Alex with John Rutsey might have had all the
energy in the world, but that still would not give them a sense of
direction, which is exactly what Peart was able to do.  My guess is that
without the arrival of The Professor, Rush would have fizzles out by the
early eighties, if not earlier.  This is meant not to in any way
diminish Alex and Ged and their legendary talents, but rather to further
the appreciation of Neil.

The Professor just has a remarkable grasp of the english langueage and
imagination.  He can articulate his feelings so well, something that I
will admire until the day I die.

Phil Simon

"The focus is sharp in the city."
                            Neil Peart


Subject: stuff
Date: Wed, 01 May 91 17:30:18 -0700
From: Michael J. Konopik 

Boi o boi - lots of respondable stuff in the last NMS!

I remember hearing somebody say that Mr. Big was from Canada.  But I'm not
sure enough to bet a dime on that.  All I do know is that after about two
songs from their opening act, I get bored.  "Like, we're REAL impressed by
your ability to do supersonic fingerpicking - how about making some *music*
with those chops now??"  They seemed almost like a cliche!!

Has anybody ever found a Max Webster disc stateside?  I looked for 6 years in
every record store I saw, from Texas to California to Boston to Seattle, and
the only place I've ever seen one was the day I went to Windsor, Ontario.
(It was only the best-of disc, but of *course* I bought it!!!)

I agree with whomever it was who said the band was mutually dependent.  I
think any of them could make good music and maybe be successful in their own
bands, or especially in any paired combination.  But nothing but ALL of Rush
would be nearly as good.  And Rush with Rutsey would have been axed by the
record company before their fourth album, IMHO.

Every show I've seen has had assigned seats *and* a general admission
section.  Isn't "festival seating" where people scatter in picnic fashion on
blankets and such?  They have some of that in back at Shoreline Amphitheatre
here, where Rush played their second time through the Bay Area.

I always thought it would be such a rush (!!) to meet Neil on the street; and
I've rehearsed it in my mind a lot, so I get it right just in case it happens.
Hopefully I can manage to just smile, nod my head, and say, "Hey, Neil."
(Yeah, fat chance, right?!  I'd probably stutter and drool over myself ;-)

It was such a kick to hear Rush passages used on radio and TV intro clips
after PoW came out.  I've heard the intro to Emotion Detector on various
radio stations' "station identification" segments, and the intro to Mystic
Rhythms played when the NFL score gets shown before a commercial break.
And on the subject of Mystic Rhythms, oh esteemed editor -- isn't it really
on Power Windows???  Last song on P/G is Between The Wheels...

>>>>from last NMS:
>         Anyway, it says that Mystic Rhythms is from Grace Under Pressure
> in the file, instead of A Show of Hands.

> [ Hey, it *is* from GUP.  It also happens to be on ASOH.  Since I don't have
>   C, I didn't know.  It's fixed now.                               :rush-mgr ]

Lastly, somebody asked why Rush has a reputation in some circles as being
fascists or extremists.  I've heard them called every politically loaded
label from the far left to the far right.  I think the left hand side comes
from the way Neil preaches individualism and objectivism in his lyrics (like,
Question Authority!!).  And maybe the right hand side comes from those songs
where he writes about some right-wing ideas as a way of demonstrating how
inane and oppressive they are.  Any other opinions?  I'm curious, too!

Later, dudes (and dudettes); can't WAIT for August!


ORQ:  Those who know what's best for us
      Must rise and save us from ourselves.


Date: Wed, 1 May 1991 20:35 EST
Subject: Freewill, Discography, and art

  Just a few things here. In yesterday's issue someone mentioned a
discrepency in the lyrics to Freewill. The rush-mgr replied that on
the Anthem release it was "you still have made a choice" and on the
US release it was "cannot have made a choice." What is the US release?
Is Anthem a Canadian label? My copy is says Mercury on it, and I believe
the lyrics are "still have made a choice". Is Mercury the US release?

[ Mercury is the US release, Anthem is the Canadian release.  I bought my
  copy of PeW within a week of it's release, and the words say "cannot have".
  Not having re-bought it in vinyl and not having checked my CD lately, I
  don't know if it was fixed or not.  Like I said, I like the perversity
  of the wrong printed lyrics!  :-)                             :rush-mgh ]

  Also I have noticed a few things missing from the discography that
was sent out awhile back (ie Red Stars of the Solar Federation and
another album called Rush-N-Roulette different from the one listed. These
are not bootlegs and I have added them to my copy of the discography.
But I do not know where to send them to be added to the original. I also
have a better guess at where Rush Through Time fits in).

[ To send updates to the discography, you can address your mail to:

    David Datta                     :rush-mgr ]

"Throwing the Stones" (would that
  be TTS or TS :-) )          -- good
Rush digest -> Rush newsgroup -- bad

Last thing. How about a little Rush art (not very good, but hey)....
          .               .                         .            .          .
           .                    .          .           .             .
   .         .            .    ||_) || | ((~ ||_|    .      .
     .            .          . || \ ||_| _)) || |      .         .        .
            .           .       **   *   *   **  .            .       .
     .            .          . *  * **  **  *  *      .          .         .
  .        .            .        *   *   *    *    .           .          .
              .        .        *    *   *   *        .            .
         .               .     **** *** *** ****   .         .            .

                    "And the meek shall inherit the earth..."

[ You'd love my license plate...  :-)                           :rush-mgr ]


From: jhs4h@uva.pcmail.Virginia.EDU (james starnes)
Date: Wed, 1 May 91 21:47:37 EDT
Subject: Mr. Big

     As far as Mr. Big goes, they are definately not British.  I think they
are from San Francisco or something, and are made up of Billy Sheehan and
Paul Gilbert (and two other nameless guys).  Billy Sheean is a very talented
bass player, and was formerly with Van Halen (for a few days), then with the
David Lee Roth Band.  I also like Paul Gilbert's guitar playing (although
they spandex has to go).  Mr. Big was formed in probably 1989 (the Rush gig
their first tour). I saw the Presto tour four times with Mr. Big, and I
though they did a pretty good job.  They were certainly better than Y&T (who
were booed off the stage in Hampton, VA on the PoW tour.  Also, Tommy Shaw
did a pretty lame job opening for the HYF tour (also in Hampton).
     For any of you who did like Mr. Big, their second album just came out,
and IMO it is much better than the first.



Date: Wed, 1 May 91 21:59:59 EDT
From: (shane p faulkner)
Subject: Mystic/ 2nd chord FBN/ Mr. Big

The 'Mr. Big' referred to in the PoW tour book is actually Mr. Peter Collins,
the producer of the album.  I believe he got this name from his fancy
clothing and his smoking of huge stogies.

Rush-mgr: Shame on you for saying Mystic Rhythms is on GUP, it's on PoW!!!

[ I hang my head in shame...                                      :rush-mgr ]

To whomever wanted to ask Alex the fingering for the 2nd chord to Fly By


This is off the top of my head... I'll try it at home tonight and see if I've
remembered it correctly.

/ Shane P. Faulkner         |   A to B - Different degrees...           /
/ University At Buffalo     |                          - Rush           /
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Date: Wed, 1 May 91 22:35:30 -0400
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: Mr. Big and background music...

Hello, all - to set the record straight...Mr. Big as noted in the
Power Windows credits and video refers to their producer, Peter
Collins. In some interview (I can't remember which of the thousands
it was :) ) Geddy made reference to that fact.

I've frequently heard Rush music used as background material for
other shows, most notably NBC's "1984" (Mystic Rhythms). During
some auto race several years ago, a profile on some racer used
"New World Man," and during the NBA playoffs a couple years back,
another Rush ditty was used (Sorry, my memory is not what it used
to be!)

Also, I've recently gotten a hold of an autographed promotional
Presto poster (signed by all the boyz.) Not that I would sell it,
(What are you, NUTS? :) ) but how much could be fetched for it?

Progressively yours,

The Savster

P.S. - Dave, keep up the excellent work, as always!


Date:         Wed, 01 May 91 12:33:08 EST
Subject:      That great Rick sound

[ You've gotta learn to hit return before starting the body of your mail -
  the first line appeared in the header as,, ...   :-)                                     :rush-mgr ]

I have been a Bass player for about 7 years and a rush fan for five
of them. In my neverending quest to find the sound that Geddy gets on the
earlier Rush material, I have played with all sorts of effects and basses
with no luck. I had almost given up on it until just recently when I got
the opportunity to purchase my first Rickenbacker. I found that this gets
almost the exact same sound as Geddy with almost no effects.
     The Rick, in my opinion, has to be one of the best basses on the market
today. It gets a very unique sound that is evident in such players as Geddy
and Chris Squire. The Rick is a very playable bass. The action on it is
incredible. The only drawback is they are quite expensive. The 4003, which
I own, lists for $1100.00, while the 4001, which Geddy owns, runs for about
$1700.00. But, if you want a Bass sound that is unsurpasses by the rest,
the cost doesn't seem quite so much.

  ________________________________   _________________________________________
 /                                \ /                                         \
|          JEFF YEAST              |  "If you choose not to decide, you still |
|                                  |    have made a choice"   -RUSH           |
|         |                                          |
|         |   My philosophy : "What is Philosophy?"  |
|        |                                          |
|                                  |      Rickenbacker basses are better      |
 \________________________________/ \________________________________________/


Date: Wed, 1 May 91 23:30:07 -0400
From: atd@po.CWRU.Edu (Aron T. Drake)
Subject: Fantasies, Ramblings, and Finals....

Good day, eh.

     Well as so many students know the end is near.......FINALS SUCK.

        Enough of that....

   As for fantasies....
      A good friend of mine is a very avid Rush fan (not on TMNS tho', doesn't
like computers) and is also a drummer. He is getting a degree in music
education this year and has had this fantasy for some time. He goes to a 
Rush concert and has pretty good seats. Just before the show (heaven forbid)
Neil breaks his arm!! (ACK!!) And you guessed it, they ask him to fill in :).
I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever *dreamed* about anything like
this. Oh well just musing.

     I would also like to say...well, just what William F. O'Dell said in the
last NMS. GREAT JOB RUSH-MGR!! For yes I too will soon be leaving *sob*.

[ Well, if Jimmy ever finds it, (*ahem*) he'll post a list of subscription
  services to get computer/network/mail access.  Losing your account doesn't
  have to mean losing your NMS.  There's always Compuserve... (Sorry Jimmy,
  I couldn't resist!  :-)                                         :rush-mgr ]

     And for my last ramble....I think I'm gonna try and learn bass next year.
Geddy is very inspiring!!!

 Game 1 BRUINS over the Pens!!!!! GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!


QRQ:"Alternating currents Force a Show of Hands...."
QB&DMcQ:"Luke I'm your father, come to the dark side you knob."

college-- Def: An expensive form of sleep deprivation.

I think, therefore I am.....Confused!

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  it wouldn't be crunchy now would it?"--Monty Python


From: (Amy Moseley)
Subject: Uhh, Mystic Rhythms
Date: Wed, 1 May 91 22:33:27 CDT

> like this!  Anyway, it says that Mystic Rhythms is from Grace Under Pressure

BTW "Mystic Rhythms" is off Power Windows! Not Grace Under Pressure.

In the vein of using Rush songs for commercials etc. "Mystic Rhythms"
used to be the theme song for a CBS news hour called West 57th.

Amy J. Moseley
Motorola Computer Group
(512) 891-2426					:) or


Date:  Wed, 1 May 91 23:43:06 -0400
Subject:  Rush on radio, etc.

First of all, thanks to everyone who has told me about Rush and Arizona.  I
received conflicting reports from both of you (that was part of the everyone
joke), and I hope that they DO play Tucson for the next tour.

I took my last exam Tuesday, and celebrated HARD afterwards.  To stay awake
and fight those nasty spins, I turned on WRIF in Detroit.  What does the DJ say
but "I've got a call for some Rush, and why not, let's play it now.  Here's
Natural Science on the RIF!"  He proceeded to play Natural Science, all 10+
minutes of it!

This last issue of TNMS has some intersting stuff on it, like...

(from our rush-mgr)
>Hey, it *is* from GUP.  It also happens to be on ASOH.

The "it" is referring to "Mystic Rhythms".  "Mystic Rhythms" is from


>Thus, I'm led to believe that the Boys had some sort of association with
>Mr. Big dating back as far as 1985, unless that's just someone's
>nickname (which isn't entirely impossible).  Can anyone clue me in on
>this?  Does anyone know if Mr. Big is British?  Anyhow, that's all for

"Mr. Big" can refer to the band who opened up on the Presto tour, OR it
also refers to Peter Collins.  Read the Power Windows tour book to see what
I'm talking about.

(from B Scoggin )

>I don't understand why a band that
>respects their own music and music in general would release all their songs
>in a piano reduction and not in parts designed for a three piece band can
>use.  I tire of the little notes in these books saying, "guitar solo here."

It's probably not theirs to decide.  Odds are, they just license it, and let
the editor of what is released butcher it.  It's not that they *approve*
of such a thing, it's probably what happens, though.

(from Liaket Ali )

>I've read in some music publications articles about Rush which quite worried
>me. The writers describe Rush as "crypto-fascists", "nazis", "right-wing
>extremists", etc.

This is probably because these writers are associating Rush with Objectivism,
which has been equated with the aformentioned comments by its critics.

To read about the connection between Rush (i.e. Neil Peart) and Objectivism,
read some back issues of TNMS!


>I'm curious to hear what people think they would do or say given the chance to
>meet RUSH.
>Does anyone out there really think that meeting RUSH would be as magical as
>we might first surmise it would be?

I would like to meet Neil Peart, and discuss philosophy with him.  If I
tried arguing anything, I'm sure I would get my butt kicked, but hey, why
not.  I'm sure I would like to discuss percussion with him, as well.

Unfortunately, from reading about his alleged publicity-shyness, it probably
won't happen.

(and finally, from "William F. O'Dell" )

>I would also like to thank the mgr for making this the best damn
>newsletter/bboard I've come across anywhere. Real professional, yet at
>the same time, very personal.

Hallelujiah to that!  I've been on this from almost the beginning, and I've
constantly enjoyed it.  This is my last posting as an undergrad, but coming
soon to an Internet location near you, ??!!??

|Daniel L. McDonald    | Internet:              |
|University of Michigan| Bitnet: |
|Computer Science, '91 | USnail:   1705 Hill St.  Ann Arbor, MI 48104 |
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Date: Wed, 1 May 91 21:51:37 -0600
From: habbinga@tramp.Colorado.EDU (erik habbinga)
Subject: Mystics Rhythms

     Only a short note today, but I am bit confused by our rush-mgr having
a copy of GUP with Mystic Rhythms.  I've always pulled out Power Windows
to hear that song.  Maybe our rush-mgr has the extended 12" remix of GUP?

[ Or a helluva buzz...                                            :rush-mgr ]

     By the way, I've heard "Working Man" on the radio about three times
in the last week, and heard "Best I Can" about a month ago.  That's a song
I don't expect to hear on the radio too often!

Erik Habbinga                      We feel the push and pull        Of restless rhythms from afar.


Date: Thu, 2 May 91 06:50:07 GMT
From: (Mark Pickett)
Subject: mailing list

Please remove me from the list, thank you.


From: Matti Varis 
Subject: Re: 05/01/91 - The National Midnight Star #230
Date: Thu, 2 May 91 11:38:41 EET DST

Please remove me from your list.

Thank you,
Matti Varis.


Date: Thu, 2 May 91 10:47:01 BST
From: (Adrian N Ogden)
Subject: Re: Mr. Big

"ANDREW J WILSON"  writes:

>A lot of people have been questioning why the Boys
>chose Mr. Big to open on the Presto tour.  Well, last night I was reading
>through my Power Windows CD, and I noticed under the thanks you's:
>	"In England: Peter Mensch and Stu Wathan...Mr. Big and the Royal
>                     Jamacians..."
>Thus, I'm led to believe that the Boys had some sort of association with
>Mr. Big dating back as far as 1985, unless that's just someone's
>nickname (which isn't entirely impossible).

The band called 'Mr. Big' didn't even exist in 85: they were formed in
'89 if memory serves. Billy Sheehan hadn't even joined Dave Lee Roth then,
he and the others were still virtual unknowns.

Mr. Big was in fact the boyz' nickname for producer Peter Collins.

(We already know that Terry Brown was Broon, and Peter Henderson was
Hentor The Barbarian, but has Rupert Hine aquired a nickname yet?)

<< Adrian Ogden   _ . _ _   _ . _ _   _ _ . . >>

    "From his lips come truth within insanity
     And people passing by don't hear and cannot see." -- King's X


From: Andrew Brooks 
Date: Thu, 2 May 91 11:53:38 +0100
Subject: Spirit Of Rush

The next issue of the Spirit Of Rush magazine is due out sometime
in May.  Here are the details if you are interested:

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It's a really good magazine, with plenty of interviews, articles, letters
and reproductions of advertising/passes/rare records etc.

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Date: Thu, 2 May 91 08:59:25 CDT
From: (Caufman)

I would like to ask everyone out there what their opinions
are concerning Alex Lifeson's soloing. I mean, look at his
"growth" as a musician throughout all the albums. In the
beginning, when RUSH was a Zeppelin clone band, his solos
were burning, bluesy, and scale riffs. As time moved on, they
became more melodic/thematic (ala La Villa and the concept
albums like Hemispheres etc). In Moving Pictures, we begin
to see a different style (ala "Tom Sawyer")-- a squeaky kind of
harmonic thing with abrupt stops and starts. Admittedly, this
is not consistent throughout the whole album, as "YYZ" is a pretty
conventional melodic thing. Grace Under Pressure finds him doing
more of the "Tom Sawyer" style of soloing, especially in
"Manhattan Project" and "Distant Early Warning." Now, on Presto,
the solos on the first three songs, "Show Don't Tell" "Chain
Lightning" and "The Pass" are all that quirky combination of
harmonics and volume control with a twist...

Where is he going, musically?

What can we expect on the next album?

Am I being too nit-picky?

********Mark Caufman	*** "The more that things change,     RUSH          *
*********** "the more they stay the same..." -Circumstances *


Subject: Openers
Date: Thu, 2 May 91 8:36:15 PDT
From: Doug Grumann 

> Thus, I'm led to believe that the Boys had some sort of association with
> Mr. Big dating back as far as 1985, unless that's just someone's
> nickname (which isn't entirely impossible).  Can anyone clue me in on
> this?

I have no clue as to whether the band knew Mr. Big from before, but I did
ask Neil why they had Mr. Big open for them on the Presto tour.  He said
that the record company gives them a very short list of bands that the
company is trying to promote.  The band needs to pick one of them to open.
For the Presto tour, they had a choice of bands that had style, but no
talent, and a band that had talent, but no style.  Talent won out over style
so us Rush fans were treated to a 90-MPH guitar frenzy this year (thank
god for cotton).

On the subject of people meeting the band, I would just advise that you
try to retain some small measure of dignity when/if you meet them.  They
are real people, not gods.  They'd want you to respect them, not worship

I fondly remember hearing somebody a LONG time ago on this mailing list
brag about how they'd managed to give Neil a note.  They followed his van
after a concert, thru traffic, and "luckily" got stuck in traffic on the
freeway.  They got out of their car, walked to Neil's van, and gave him the
note.  When I met Neil, I asked him about this, and he told me about how
some wild-eyed person had pounded on his window in the middle of a freeway
and gave him some bizarre treatise full of metaphysical mumbo-jumbo.  He said
people give him all kinds of crap that may mean a lot to the person giving
it, but means little to him.  That's one of the reasons people find him
unapproachable.. a kind of defense from all the wackos he's had to put up
with over the years.  (I don't mean to offend anybody.. sorry if I have).

People have different ways of coping with popularity.  Look at how different
Hollywood actors as well as musicians respond to fame.  Some get incredibly
wrapped up in their own perfection, some become intensely private and
reclusive, some bathe in the publicity and ham it up.  Geddy and Alex are
more the ham types, Neil guards his privacy.  None of them want to be


Date: Thu, 2 May 91 12:38 EST
Subject: Rush w/out members, festival seating, and stadium shows

Greetings Programs,
	First topic: Rush with members missing.
	I agree with the person who posted (Sorry, the name escapes me) that
Rush would not be Rush without Niel, Alex, or Geddy.  Removing any one of them
radically alters who and what Rush is.  I for one pray that they never break
up.  It would be a sad decade worth of mourning for the entire world.
	Second topic: Festival seating.
	This is not necessarily connected to Rush explicitly, but I'll manage
to find some way to tie it in. :-)  I am glad that the boyz do not employ
general admission at their shows.  I am wondering why anyone still does.  Even
in the brand new Ervin J. (Magic) Nutter Center located on the beautiful
campus of Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, there exists general
admission seating for the Dayton Wings of the World Basketball League.  There
is no justice in this world.
	Third topic: Stadium shows.
	I have only seen Rush in concert once, not having even heard of them
before Presto, in Cooper Stadium in Columbus, Ohio.  They set up the stage in
the outfield and had seats put up in the infield and part of the outfield.
I sat in short center field (13th row, 13th seat, on June 13th!) and I felt
that the music was fine.  I have seen a couple of indoor shows (Tom Petty and
ZZTop), and I did not detect any reduction in quality at the open-air Rush
show.  But then again, I have the musical sense of a slab of limestone so I
could be wrong.  :-)
	Anyway, I just felt I should say a couple of things about things.
See everyone later.

| "They call me ... Jason" 	|| "College examinations notwithstanding,   |
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	"All there is is the two of us."  -  Who do you think!


From: (Marc Jordan)
Subject: Rush everywhere!
Date: Thu, 2 May 91 13:01:09 CDT

Well, not really everywhere.  In response to the post about Rush songs on
tv and stuff, I've heard some also.  There was a show hosted by Connie Chung
back in 1984 (called 1984 I think) which had Mystic Rythmns as the theme --
pretty wild for a national show!  One other that I can recall (this one makes
me sick!) was Hemispheres played in the background to a local wrestling show
in Lake Charles, La.  This was in '84 or 85.  There are also snatches of
Limelight in a B-movie called Gas.  I know I've heard at least one other one,
but I can't remember it at this time.  One thing I can gladly say is that I've
never heard Rush on Muzak!  A friend of mine told me he heard a Rush tune done
in rap, but he later denied it after an hour of severe beating.

Also, I'd like to say something on the 20/20 spot on the deaths at the AC/DC
show.  The whole time they were developing the story, making you feel sorry for
the victims and such, they kept showing live footage of the band.  If you
really didn't pay too much attention (most people don't) and just absorbed what
was being shown without much filtering, you got the impression that the band
knew what was happening on the floor.  Not until later did they actually say
that the band didn't know.  My respect for news media took another plunge
(as if it could go lower).  Did anybody else catch it?


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