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To: rush_mailing_list
Subject: 05/03/91 - The National Midnight Star #232

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**       /  \/  \ / /___/ /  \/ / /___/ /  /  /            **
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**                ____/  /   /  / /  \                     **

          The National Midnight Star, Number 232

                    Friday, 3 May 1991
Today's Topics:
                       Rush Bashing
                    NMS Summer Access
                 Revised 2nd chord to FBN
                 Rush missing members...
                   Fly By Night chords
                  Comments and questions
                        Big Money
                      Geddy's Shirt.
                        FBN Chords
                   How old is the NMS?
                   Mr Big + other stuff
        The National Midnight Star as a Newsgroup

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Just a quick note: If you're interested in finding other people in your
area, copies of list membership (as far as *I* know) are available at the
administrative address.

Also, for those of you losing access for the summer (or any other time),
check out Jimmy Lang's posting about public Unix access for continued



Date: Thu, 2 May 91 16:22:00 EST
Subject: Rush Bashing

    I just read the Rolling Stone reviews of about 5 Rush albums that
    are posted on the FTP server.  They really p*ssed me off.  It seems
    like the critics are just out to stomp all over Rush.  Almost every
    review referred to Geddy's "shrill" voice and how he should
    "control" it.  The critics also seemed SCARED of Neil's powerful
    lyrics- it seems that they would enjoy the lyrics off Rush's first
    album better.

    I just don't get it.  How could Rush be so popular with reviews like
    those?  One of them even said "One Rush album should be enough for
    anybody (preferably Moving Pictures)."  Are we (the readers of NMS)
    just weird mutants?

    I think the critics just have their heads up their a**.

    -Dave Schmidt


Date: Thu, 2 May 91 17:31:31 -0400
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: NMS Summer Access

Hello again fellow list members.  With the summer approaching us and the
school year for many of the members coming to a close, a lot of us will
lose Internet access and our accounts over the summer months.  For some
it might be a needed break, for others, I guess you could find yourself
craving for some NMS and Rush news over the summer with the new album
on the horizon.  Here's some help for those of you who still wish to get
the NMS over the  summer months but have no means to do so.

The alternative is to find a public access Unix system in your area,
apply for an account and re-subscribe to the list.  Briefly, public
access Unix systems exists in many states and are generally connected to
the Internet in some way (usually they are fed via uucp by bigger hosts
actually on the Internet), and its users can send and receive email from
the Internet as well as read some USENET news.  A majority of these
sites are free! (some do charge small fees - a few bucks a month)  Many
have smart mailers on them so you can send email just like you regularly
do : mail  to resubscribe for example.

If some of you are interested in finding out more about this, please
feel free to drop me a line ( and I will help you
locate a Public Access Unix site near you.  For those of you familar
with ftp, you can get a copy of the public access Unix machines from in the ~ftp/files/Tex.techie/nixpub file.

Hopefully, some of you won't "really lose" your access to NMS if you
choose to go this route.  If you are going to mail me about it, please
be sure to include your area code (IMPORTANT!) so I can locate a system
near you.


[ Thanks, Jimmy!                                             :rush-mgr ]


Date: Thu, 2 May 91 18:52:41 EDT
From: (shane p faulkner)
Subject: Revised 2nd chord to FBN

I have no idea how it happened, but yesterday I posted the 2nd chord to Fly
by Night (as per a request) and a few lines got lost, making me look like
a total idiot because I was showing a guitar neck with 3 strings...

Let's try this again...  2ND CHORD TO FLY BY NIGHT:


/ Shane P. Faulkner         |   A to B - Different degrees...           /
/ University At Buffalo     |                          - Rush           /
/ V127L2QZ@UBVMS.BITNET     |                                           /
/ |   Rush - Marillion - Kim Mitchell         /


From: Roger Swanson 
Subject: Rush missing members...
Date: Thu, 2 May 91 18:04:27 CDT

To take this discussion to the extreme, what would Rush sound like without
any of them? Just think... the band breaks up, but they're still under contract
for another album. Neil sends them a blank tape, and says that the silence
represents the new minimalistic philosophy of the band. He tells them that
the fans will understand his meaning, and will love the album, especially
since it will contain over 70 minutes of "music" on it. Hey, anything's

(Sorry, my brain's sort of in that fried finals mode.)

[ Yeah, Roger, it's pretty obvious...  :                          :rush-mgr ]


Date:     Thu, 2 May 91 20:16 EST
Subject:  Hopkins

Hey there!  I'm a new subscriber and wouldn't have posted so soon if I
hadn't understood that there's an apparent lack of material on TNMS
lately.  Anyway I'm glad I'm on the list now and really wish I was
earlier.  But what can you do.

Actually what I'd really like to know is if there are any more of you guys on
the list who go to Johns Hopkins (like I do) that I don't already know of.  It's
always good to meet more fans of the Big Three.

[ See my note in the administrivia section.                       :rush-mgr ]

Hopefully, I'll have more interesting topics to discuss on TNMS later if my
mind doesn't dry up after finals.  So until then, Adios!

Nidhip "Punjabi" Mehta
Johns Hopkins Univ.
Baltimore, MD

************A quantum leap time and space*************


Subject: Fly By Night chords
Date: Thu, 2 May 91 19:45:52 CDT
From: David Sandberg 

First, a bit of business.  I feel reasonably confident that the
following is an accurate transcription of the intro/verse guitar
part of Fly By Night:


Now for some chit-chat.  Mark Caufman writes:

> I would like to ask everyone out there what their opinions
> are concerning Alex Lifeson's soloing.

Now _here's_ a subject I can get into.

> .......... when RUSH was a Zeppelin clone band, his solos
> were burning, bluesy, and scale riffs. As time moved on, they
> became more melodic/thematic (ala La Villa and the concept
> albums like Hemispheres etc). In Moving Pictures, we begin
> to see a different style (ala "Tom Sawyer")-- a squeaky kind of
> harmonic thing with abrupt stops and starts....  Now, on Presto,
> the solos on the first three songs, "Show Don't Tell" "Chain
> Lightning" and "The Pass" are all that quirky combination of
> harmonics and volume control with a twist...

I think you've summarized Alex's stylistic progress pretty well.

For myself, I was never an enormous fan of his Jimmy Page-esque
solos from the early albums.  I first started to really like his
solo work on parts of the AFTK album: specifically, the solo to
ATFK itself is like an early precursor to the 'quirky' stuff he
would start doing much later, and the solo near the end of Xanadu
(which never fails to put me on the floor) shows the first signs
of melodic control which he exhibited more of on the following

I guess I like his slow, extremely melodic work the best.  But
the quirky (great description) solos are close behind, especially
really odd solos like that in "Chain Lightning".  It takes real
courage to branch out and try stuff that different in a solo, and
somewhere along the line Alex has apparently gained a level of
courage that most rock guitarists never approach.  In fact, I
think that's what makes Alex a guitarist to be reckoned with.
Technically he's not the world's most skilled guitarist (though
don't get me wrong; he's still in the upper strata, particularly
with his rhythm work).  But he's trying things that no one else
in the field is.  He's pushing the edges of the envelope.

> Where is he going, musically?

I guess only Alex knows.  B-)

> What can we expect on the next album?

Something good, I'll warrant.  B-)

 \*=-      David Sandberg,    ,=,       ,=,        -=*\
  \*=-       "it's time i was king, and not       | |uadric `=,ystems   -=*\
   \*=-            just one more pawn"            `=\       `='          -=*\


Date:     Thu, 2 May 91 20:21 EST
Subject:  Comments and questions

A couple of questions for you all:

        Has anyone noticed Neils repeated use of the color red in several
songs?  Any idea why Neil seems to be partial to that color?

        I have heard several rumors about the education of the members of
Rush, everything from high school dropouts to Phd's from MIT.  Can anyone
fill me in on the education of the Boyz?

[ With sources, if possible; we can get it in the FAQL then.      :rush-mgr ]

        The suggested album title "Throwing the Stones"  would certainly
be a title that could be jumped on by the bible thumping Rush-is-the-
anti-christ group.  But then I suspect that Neil recognized this double
meaning also. . .  his penchant for doulble meanings in lyrics is well

To Terry Stedman: Neat Logo!

In response to Brett's question about meeting Neil:
        I have a great deal of respect for Neil and RUSH.  I also respect
Neil's desire not to be worshipped.  I suppose that if I ever meet him I
will say something like "I really respect your work.  Keep it up."  I do
not think it would be proper for me to voice any feelings, even positive
feelings, about the guys personally because I don't know them at all. All
I know is their work and I would choose only to comment on that.  I view such
things as autographs as rather pointless.  People who collect autographs
have bought into the packaged bigger-than-life persona that record companies
and movie makers try to sell to the public.  It isn't reality, as Neil
commented in his interview a couple of years ago.  (see TNMS about 5 issues

Strong disagreements are always welcome.  Flames are discouraged.

To TNMS mgr:  Good work and a tip of the hat!



Date: Fri, 3 May 91 00:33 EDT
From: Lewis A Bernstein 
Subject: 1984????

I really seem to remeber the show in question was 1986, not 1984.
It would have been really tough for Territories to have been the
lead in to that show (Territories, mind you, not Mystic Rhythms)
if it were 1984, considering the two above mentioned songs weren't
released until late 1985..... Anyone????    Just a little time

As far as other Rush blurbs, I hear working man, at the 'noon time
blocks' on  a Buffalo radio station.  I also heard the last chord of
Chain Lightning as a part of a station blurb and really get a little
ticked, because I actually think that they are going to play it, and
then don't do it.

I have seen at least four different Max Webster CD's here at the
Record Theater here on UB's campus.  They are about normal Cd price.

I certainly can't wait for the next album/tour.  I'll probably get to
three or four shows again.  (Toronto,Buffalo,Rochester, and maybe one
more)  It is cool being here within 80 miles of three concert sites.

(Bruins in 6)

ORQ: ...when super science mingles with the bright stuff of dreams....


From: Phil Kime 
Subject: Big Money
Date: Fri, 3 May 91 13:43:58 BST

I honestly didn't know that it was common knowledge that Big Money is
played tuned to F#. I've always played it in straight E and have never had any
problems. Are we talking about a live version by any chance? The harmonics are
still possible in E and E matches the tape version perfectly. My brother plays
bass really well and never has any problems playing it in E. Maybe you have a
fast CD/tape/record player!!

|                   Phil Kime (                     |
|             Dept. of Philosophy, University of Warwick, U.K.             |


Date: 3 May 91 08:35:00 CDT
Subject: Geddy's Shirt.

Hello all!

Just a quick question.  On the inner sleeve of the Presto CD; Geddy has
some writing on his shirt...anyone know what it is?


P.S. Any of you fellow RUSH nuts in Austin, TX; contact me as I am returning
     to UT soon.... :)

[ See my note in administrivia.                                  :rush-mgr ]

ORQ:  "Hold your Fire; Keep it burning bright...."


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    (Ultrix)     ICBMnet: 41' 35", 67' 34"
      (BSD UNIX)   MaBellnet: 402.384.3620

UUnet    : uunet!!

                         "INVICTUS MANEO"


From: "Ian D Bjorhovde" 
Subject: FBN Chords
Date: Fri, 3 May 91 9:43:32 EDT

It's been a while since I last posted....

	To the person who was asking about the second chord in Fly By
Night, I think I have the answer- but see if you agree that this is the
first chord:

	E   A   D   G   B   E

	X   X   O   -   -   -       (1 fr.) )
                    *   _   *       (2 fr.)
         (3 fr.)

X = Do not play string;  O = Open string  * = Fingering

This chord is a simple D chord.  OK?

Here's how I play the second chord, (it *sounds* right, when listening)

	E   A   D   G   B   E

	X   X   X   -   -   -       (1 fr.)
		    *   -   -       (2 fr.)
		        *   *       (3 fr.)

So really, all you are doing is moving (or adding) a finger on the high
E string to the 3rd fret.  Does this help?

	And one other thing:   If   *I*    could meet the band, I would
ask Neil/Ged/Alex:

	1)  What the hell is the time signature for Superconductor?

	2)  How the hell do you play it??

(Memories of discussions long since buried, remembert, rush-mgr?)


Ian Bjorhovde


Date: Sat, 4 May 91 01:35:51 NST
Subject: How old is the NMS?

Hey rush-mgr, according to my brief extrapolation the NMS has been out for
about 2 years now - is this about right? I've been reading the NMS since
issue 170, and I have this sudden burning urge to ask questions like,

 - when did the NMS start?
 - what gave you the idea to start the NMS in the first place?
   (other mailing lists, or all your own idea? Did anyone encourage/
   attempt to discourage you from starting it?)
 - how many (do you know?) members are still reading the NMS that have been
   reading it since it started?

Many new (or relatively new) members on this list might like to hear a story
of how it all began. I would anyway. Any chance? You might wish to put some
notes in the FAQL, come to that.

BTW, who is the oldest member on our list (age)? And how long have you been
listening to RUSH? Come on, own up!:)! Is there anyone on the list who
saw their first concert? Where was it, and what did they play?

More! More! More!! And Details!! I want Details!! 8]

Iieee! The NMS! The dark goat of the woods with a thousand rush quotes!

[ Ok, I'll try to keep this short.  The NMS came into embryonic being in
  the fall of '89.  It evolved through various (sometimes painful) in-
  carnations to reach it's current place.  If you check out the back issues
  of the NMS #98 & #99, you'll find the two-part first anniversary issue.
  This contains a history of the list, and some info on the original members.
  This also answers your second question, and the third question will be
  (eventually) answered by the poll I'm currently considering.  As for age
  of members, the survey will hopefully answer this; I can tell you that
  we have at least one or two members who have crossed that big 3-0 mark,
  and I'm hot on their heels.  :-)  Lastly, a list member did post some-
  thing about seeing an old show from one of the first couple of tours,
  but I'll let them tell the story (if they want).


Subject: Mr Big + other stuff
Date: Fri, 3 May 91 16:05:34 WET
From: Moschops 

Yo dudes and dudettes,
        Somebody said something about Mr Big being Brits.
Well there aren't.

As for Rush working with Mr Big years ago. As far as I know
(And don't quote me on this ) Mr Big have only been around for a few

Does anyone read the Books of William Gibson?
        Don't know why but last night whilst listening to Signals
I thought that I could see a relationship between the song
Digital Man and Gibson's Book "Neuromancer"
references to 'Zion and Babylon' etc
Both are places in the Neuromancer book.

Then again this could be the deranged ramblings of my mind.
Then again it could be a new topic _ Shock Horror _

Any way Chew that one over for a while


   ------- Mike O'Donnell -------        || Thats " Moschops " to my friends
        At Thames Poly - London          || I love Rush,Queensryche and most
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Date: Fri, 3 May 91 15:46:50 GMT
From: (Tony R. Rice)
Subject: The National Midnight Star as a Newsgroup

I don't know how serious of a consideration this is but let me get my
$.02 in right away.  The NMS is a special newsletter in that it is read
by and contributed to only by

a) die-hard fans
b) people who are VERY interested in learning more about the band
c) people who already know a lot about the band
d) all of the above

If the NMS "goes public" as a newsgroup, there will be flames about what a
great band Bon Jovi is and how Neil couldn't play his way out of a wet paper
bag compared to ______.  You get the picture.

We true RUSH fans don't need this kind of noise interferring with our e
electronic adorations.  The list remains open to anyone with an internet
account (back me up on this mgr.)  This means only folks who are real
RUSH fans with something of substance to say are part of discussions.

I've babbled on long enough
Long Live the Trio,
Tony R. Rice

"Thats the semester and I am outahere" - D. Miller (well kinda)


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End of The National Midnight Star Number 232

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