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Subject: 05/14/91 - The National Midnight Star #239

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 239

                   Tuesday, 14 May 1991
Today's Topics:
            live discs, doobs, and other evils
                      Rush satanic?
            Concert and miscellaneous stuff...
                   Hello and quick note
                       Fancy Dancer
                     LOOKING 4 a RICK
                       HYF Strings
                Stuff with _no_ substance
              seye ruoy rof dab si msinatas
         another symbol for the HYF inside photo
            And on with the PromoCD Singles...
           The a%#hole who wanted off the list.
     Re:  05/09/91 - The National Midnight Star #235
                 VOTE BASSIST OF THE YEAR

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

If anyone cares, Syrinx has been upgraded to 16M of memory.  (Thanks, Ed!)
It probably won't have any effect on you people, even in anon. ftp, but you
never know.  The mailing of todays digest will be one acid test...

What this means is that with any luck, the machine won't grind to a halt
when the list goes out.  It also means that the upgrade is under way!  Here's
hoping the disk gets here soon!!

Also, this is to announce that the mailing of the NMS will be bumped back
about an hour, from 17:30 EST/EDT to 18:30.  This shouldn't affect anyone,
but if you're keeping tabs on times, be aware of this.

Lastly, when unsubscribing, note the correct addresses at the end of EACH



Subject: live discs, doobs, and other evils
Date: Mon, 13 May 91 14:50:35 -0700
From: Michael J. Konopik 

I just wanted to touch on a few things from the last 6 NMS issues (which I
just read after getting back from Tejas).

Until ASOH, it seemed like Rush really was issuing their live discs kind of
like punctuation marks, at points where they made big stylistic changes.
But am I the only one who thinks that HYF sounds a lot more like Presto
(which came AFTER the live cut) than like PoW (which is right before it in
the same grouping)??  It would have made much more sense to me for them to
have done the live thing between PoW and HYF, but that's just MHO...

It's jumping to a hasty conclusion to say that Neil's destroying his mind
by smoking an occasional doob.  I've known lots of pot smokers, and about
half of them never seem to experience any loss of cognitive ability from
occasionally getting high.  But then the other half do, and it's *they*
who owe it to themselves to save their synapses by quitting.  (Sure wish I
was in that first category - oh well, caffeine can be entertaining, too...)

But about good and evil in rock music - sheeeit.  We should just ignore those
brainless twits who make those "rock is the devil's tool" claims.  Somebody
once said that we all see what we want to see (or hear, in this case).  These
people spend their time looking for evil, so of course they find it.  And
because it's their mission to find it, they get a rush whenever they do.
They're the dangerous ones - maybe they need to find *full-time* jobs?  I bet
if someone listened to enough backwards rock&roll, they could also find stuff
like "I am controlled by ice cream", "wise man lives with lemurs", or even
"wood chips wood chips shine like diamonds".  It's just too absurd to take
seriously!!  It's often hard enough to understand what the lyrics say when
the songs are played forward!  I can't even buy the claim that our brains can
parse backward sentences, especially when there is lots of music and forward
lyrics to occupy our full attention.


"BigbooTAY!  TAY!  TAY!"

[   Bang!                                                         :rush-mgr ]


Date: Tue, 14 May 91 08:13:00 +1000
From: Stuart Raymond Mills 
Subject: Questions...

Good morning. I thought it was about time I posted again. Several

	a) Having recently broken up from by girlfriend I was fairly
distraught and thought I'd turn to the boyz for solace. However, I
don't think they have WRITTEN a song about love or such like!! Any ideas,
because I think if they had, the lyrics would be great....I was quite

[ How 'bout "Madrigal"?  It's close... but it's also written in the present
  tense...                                                        :rush-mgr ]

	b) Mr BIGs new album is out. I know they supported RUSH in the
past, and people in alt.rock-n-roll are raving. Are they any good?? Is
their musac similar to the boyz??

[ Let's keep the responses to e-mail on this one, please folks.  I'd rather
  not wade through 100 pro/con Mr Big posts!  Thanks!             :rush-mgr ]

	c) Any more news on the latest album or tour??

Thanks a bunch, and shove another shrimp on the bAR-B!!

***********            ***********
***********	  UNIVERSITY     OF      SYDNEY       ***********
***********  "Todays Tom Sawyer, mean mean pride...." ***********


Date: Mon, 13 May 91 15:24:32 PDT
From: David.Martin@EBay.Sun.COM (David Martin)
Subject: Rush satanic?

         I've been reading about Rush being satanic for about a
    week. No one has mentioned yet about the symbol of a man
    standing with his back toward you and his arms forward.
    (Archives is a good example) When I was in highschool back
    in 79, a frind showed me if you cover his legs, his right arm
    and part of his head you will see someone or something.(look
    for the lighted areas vs. shaded) Since seeing that in 79
    Rush has cleaned up their act to become one of the most
    talented and respected band around,they even look different
    now. If they are or are not satanic, only they know the truth,

[ Well, we all do, theoretically.  Check out Neil's editorial on Satanism
  in popular music, available at the Syrinx (and Ingr, I assume) servers.
  It's in "rush/special/neil.satanism.ed.Z", and available in NMS #22 also.
                                                                  :rush-mgr ]

    but at least if they are then they`re not as open about as say
    for example Ozzy.



Subject: Concert and miscellaneous stuff...
Date: Mon, 13 May 91 18:30:09 EDT

One thing I'm hoping for is better timing w.r.t. concert-going this year.
Last year, I ended up going in the middle of finals (May 11th) to Worcester
Mass.  Originally, there wasn't an Albany show planned, as some may recall.
This time, I'm hoping they show up early in the semester, when I have
more money, and I'm less stressed out!

I still want to set up a party/get-together for you net.concertgoers
in the upstate NY/Mass/Vermont region.  If there's a show here, I'll
hold a barbeque or something before or after the concert.  If you want
to join in, mail me with your phone number and email address, and I'll
set up a list for it.

Actually, I really don't have much to say today.  I'm getting burned
out.  Summer's here!  Pinksterfest was this weekend! (Boy, did I have
fun.  Anyone else go?)

		And I've still got three finals!  Augh!

"It takes a little more persistance, to get up and go the distance"
	(Uh huh.  What does he know?  He didn't go to college!)

"Live for yourself, there's no one more worth living for" everyone!

						Derek L.
       derek@albnyvms.bitnet       <>
====}=---------------`  Fencers love to touch  '-----------------={====
               "Cinderella man... hang on to your plans..."


Date: Mon, 13 May 91 12:30:24 HST
From: deane@galileo.IFA.Hawaii.Edu (Rebel Without A Clue)
Subject: Hello and quick note

	First I'd like to welcome myself to the group here.
	Hi, Jim
	Now that that's over with, I'm in the graduate emd-of-term crunch,
so I'll be brief:
	jdenkins@somewhere wondered what "If you PLAY IT, SAY IT!" means.
	Last year I was general manager of WSRN-FM 91.5, the Swarthmore College
radio station. We'd get promo albums all the time - around 15/day (no RUSH,
unfortunately - wrong format). That slogan is a reminder to send in copies of
your station playlists and playlogs to music services (ASCAP, etc) or record
companies. If they see that you play their stuff, they are more liable to send
you more good albums (all 3 media - cd, tape & vinyl). If you're not playing
their stuff, they send to other stations.
	Hope that clears it up a little.
	While I'm here, I'll ask; Why doesn't RUSH get that much airplay? I've
listened to/been involved with radio stations from VA (Tidewater & DC), Philly,
Michigan and Hawaii, and only rarely do I hear RUSH on even the classic R&R
stations, and then only a few tracks - Tom Sawyer, Limelight, Big Money and
occasionally Closer to the Heart.  I have to request it to hear them at all,
practically. Is their air presence more prominent in other parts of the country?
	Thanks for being,


Date: Mon, 13 May 91 18:37:20 -0400
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: Fancy Dancer

'Ello, y'all - I picked up a, live Rush concert this weekend
from 1974, which included a song called 'Fancy Dancer.' It's kinda
funny...for those who have never heard the song, Geddy intros the tune
by saying something like "Here's a song for all you dancers out there -
this is called Fancy Dancer..." and then Alex starts ripping his\
guitar. Hardly a dance number, IMHO :)

Here is an off-the-top-of-my-head list of songs never released on
a studio album:

Fancy Dancer
Bad Boy
You Can't Fight It
Not Fade Away
Broon's Bane
Rhythm Method

Are there more? Any more covers?

Also, to repeat a suggestion I made the other day, can someone in
Canada call Anthem Entertainment or someone in NY call Atlantic
Records to find out about a new album release and post the answer?




Date: 13 May 1991 18:24:23 CDT
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 
Subject: LOOKING 4 a RICK

hi! Guess everyone is getting ready to enjoy the summer months ahead. Those
of us are unfortunately on quarters have to wait another month.
Does anyone out there have or is willing to part with a 1979, 1980, or a 1981
black, fretted 4001 RICKENBACKER bass? I have a Kubicki Factor but i would
like to get Ged's rick-0-sound too. If so please email me at the address
below. thanks. Happy Vacationing!

P                           P
-        Patster                     Bitnet: U24129@uicvm.bitnet   -
G                                    Genie:  P.Choy                G
P                                                                  P
-  OBRQ: "Memory banks unloading, bytes break into bits            -
G         unit one's in trouble, and its scared out of its wits"   G


Date: Mon, 13 May 91 19:58:53 -0400
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: Addendum...

OK, OK...I've FOUND the phone numbers...For Anthem Records, the number is
(416) 923-5855. For Atlantic Records in NY, the # is (212) 484-6000.
Someone or two, CALL...I'm getting antsy :^)



Date: Mon, 13 May 1991 21:33 MDT
From: "David C. Copley" 
Subject: HYF Strings

Ok, here's a question I've been wondering about for quite some time.
On HYF, in the credits, we read "Strings arranged by ..."

Where are the strings?  On PoW, they jump right out in "Marathon" and
"Manhattan Project."

The only place I hear what _could_ be genuine orchestral strings is in
"Force Ten." About 2:15 into the song I hear a rapid arpeggio-type part
played with what could be strings, however the attacks seem too
regular, and the timing smacks of a sequencer, so I suspect
synthesizers there.   Other "string parts" seem even more synthetic,
with the breathy Roland D-50 sounds abounding.

I'm wondering if they used strings on HYF in much the same way they
employed a brass band --- as part of a layered synth-sample voice (as
on "Mission").

Also, to you keyboard players out there, I'm having a little
difficulty pinning down the last section of the second synth solo at
the end of "Countdown."  I've slowed down the passage on my recorder,
but I'm still not getting it quite right.  Any pointers would be

Oh, and seeing as Geddy is taking piano lessons (...hopefully he still
is!) wouldn't it be great if we heard more piano, solo synth and
maybe some of the other keyboard instruments?  (Can you imagine a Rush
song with a mammoth cathedral pipe organ?)

[ Yeah, pushing about 10 hz on the low end... !!                :rush-mgr ]


Subject: Stuff with _no_ substance
Date: Tue, 14 May 91 01:26:26 -0700

Since I have a huge project due tomorrow, I thought it wise to post
a little message and squander the precious little time I have left...

On the cover of Permanent Waves, is the girl walking away from destruction
unscathed supposed to suggest that "The meek shall inherit the Earth?"
(please no flames on women being the meeker sex, _just_ an observation)
And further, is the guy leaning against the walk/don't walk sign an
allusion to the Monty Python sketch where the "Press Button for Walk
Signal" is replaced with "Press Button to Destroy Building"?

That's all for now, my team-mates await!


ORQ: Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.


Date: Tue, 14 May 91 08:30 EDT
From: Matthew Gorman Barton 
Subject: seye ruoy rof dab si msinatas

Has there been any references / studies done on the backward lyrics
hoopla prior to the early 70's / late 60's?

It seems to me a big stoop to the whole backward lyric condemnation
would be attibutable to the movie "The Exorcist" in which nice little
Regan's speech impediment was later found by a sound technician (it's
just amazing who gets involved in exorcisms isn't it?) to be something
meaningful (what was it, "Dominoe's Pizza, please hold 'clik')?

After this flick, the religious masses took Hollywood (and the writer
Beatty?) at full value for this process. Nothing like a good movie to
feed small minds, huh?

Coupla question arise from this:
- Was the Beatle's backward lyrics (prior to the Exorcist) labelled
   as satanism when it was discovered?
- Why doesn't someone come up with a good sized recording exploiting
   this b.s. phenomena (nah! you couldn't dance to it ;)


From: stedmant@LONEX.RADC.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
Date: Tue, 14 May 91 09:00:41 EDT
Subject: another symbol for the HYF inside photo

Dear Rush fans-
        Perhaps it was too obvious to mention, but the arches above the
windows in the HYF insert photo look remarkably like the arches on
the Old Parliament building in downtown Toronto.  A direct reference to
_Moving Pictures_ I think...  The FAQL does not mention this.
        And being the one who brought up the "Mystic Rhythms" on TV thing,
I must say that _1986_ was the show I had in mind.  Also, the music was
definitely from "Mystic Rhythms" and not from "Territories" as someone else


  I_) I I <~ I_I          Terry Stedman           ORQ: "if I could wave
  I \ I_I _> I I   (         my magic wand..."


Date: Tue, 14 May 91 9:43:01 EDT
From: Ross Allan Roberts 
Subject: And on with the PromoCD Singles...

We have one of these "it's promo, let's sell it" record stores here in
Columbus, OH, too, and I managed to pick up the CD singles to 'Show Don't
Tell' and 'Time Stand Still.' Both of them only have edit and full album
versions of each song. Nothing new or fancy, but boy! watch the mouths of my
fellow Rush-fans start to water when I pull them down and show them off! The
'Show' CD is still even in its cellophand shrink-wrap, and I got them for $3
apice. Now I gotta watch out for 'Superconductor...'     :)

|Ross Roberts			   |   KEYSTONE DRAFT LIGHT DRY!!!	 |
||The Great Light Beer In a Can	 |
|				   |That Tastes Like Beer In A Bottle	 |
|Vai, Rush, Apple, Pioneer, Honda  |That Tastes Like Beer In A Keg	 |
|and about $50,000 are all I need! |With No Beer Taste, and No Aftertaste|


Date: Tue, 14 May 91 12:28:18 EDT
Subject: The a%#hole who wanted off the list.

I recently was put on a REM list and asked merely to be taken off the
list, mostly because of the way the list operated (bumping messages instead
of a compiled list). All of the messages that I received (usually about
35 per day ate up all of my 'free' 'funny money'. So I asked the person
who maintained the list to remove me. She (as well as some other people)
sent me some nasty notes with little real content, informing me of how
stupid and whiny I was.

So, now I get to the point a little more. I read the NMS note about a
ex-) fan who wanted off the list. It reminded me much off my situation. While
I didn't mention how stupid and pointless their 'list' was, I guess I

Now, comparing the Rush list with the REM list would be ridiculous, as
the former is extremely better than the latter. So, to the person who
wanted off this list, please try to read the REM list, and you'll
realize that although EVERY single topic here might not be all that
interesting to you, the NMS is defintely better than any other list I've
seen (and the system of it is better, too).

That's all for here in Ann Arbor, (Go Braves (America's Team)),

Mike Sebaly
Ann Arbor, Michigan

'I got no time for livin' yeah, I'm workin' all the time'
'it seems to me I could live my life, a lot better than I think I am'
'That's why they call me...the working man.'


Date: Tue, 14 May 91 13:17:41 EDT
From: (Kurt E Patzer)
Subject: Re:  05/09/91 - The National Midnight Star #235

Please remove my name from the RUSH mailing list



Date: 14 May 1991 13:58:31 CDT
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 

Hello! Just received my BASS PLAYER mag. today aaaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddddd, there
is a VOTING for bassist of the year. Lets get our votes in early! Deadline is
June 1, 1991 so don't delay. We DON'T want Paul Mc Cartney to win again, like
he did in this year's rolling stone over the Gedster. So send your's in today!

the address is:        Bassist of the Year
                       Bass Player
                       20085 Stevens Creek
                       Cupertino, Ca., 95014

take it easy.

P                           P
-        Patster                     Bitnet: U24129@uicvm.bitnet   -
G                                    Genie:  P.Choy                G
P                                                                  P
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