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Subject: 05/15/91 - The National Midnight Star #240

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 240

                  Wednesday, 15 May 1991
Today's Topics:
                      Strings in HYF
      Re: 05/14/91 - The National Midnight Star #239
             Geddy/TV, Satanism, UK band info
                       Simple Minds
                        new album
           Rush Videoes on Betamax -- a source
                      RE: Questions

Date: Tue, 14 May 91 19:13:27 EDT
From: (shane p faulkner)
Subject: Strings in HYF

Off the top of my head, _Second_Nature_ definitely has some strings.. as do
parts of _High_Water_

/ Shane P. Faulkner         |   A to B - Different degrees...           /
/ University At Buffalo     |                          - Rush           /
/ V127L2QZ@UBVMS.BITNET     |                                           /
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Subject: Re: 05/14/91 - The National Midnight Star #239
Date: Tue, 14 May 91 17:13:55 -0700
From: Mitch Hendrickson 

I think it was Jim (? : deane@galileo.IFA.Hawaii.Edu (Rebel Without A
Clue)) who said:

Jim> 	jdenkins@somewhere wondered what "If you PLAY IT, SAY IT!" means.
Jim> That slogan is a reminder to send in copies of your station
Jim> playlists and playlogs to music services (ASCAP, etc) or record
Jim> companies.

Umm, I always thought it was an exhortation to be sure to announce the
band/album info so's all those people out there who said "wow, that
was neat" can go out and buy it...




From: Chris Marshall 
Date: Wed, 15 May 91 14:02:47 +0200
Subject: Geddy/TV, Satanism, UK band info

Hi all,

1)	An amazing thing happed here in the UK on Monday morning.
	I actually saw Geddy Lee on the telly! WOW! I think he said
	about 20 words in total, but it was something.  He
	said something like "Books are the most portable artform there is".
	If I've munged this quote slightly, the asbestos suit is on hand...

	Of course, it was actually a Canadian program (New Music - doing
	a program about literature and Rock), but quite an unusual sighting.
	Has anyone seen this New Music program in the US/Canada? I'd be
	interested to know how long it takes it to filter over the
	atlantic. Too long probably. And when is it usually screened?
	Over here it is on at 1am which is a bit of a bummer... Mondays
	being Mondays and all that :-)

	I know this message is a bit unstructured and confused (I'm a C
	programmer :-)) but with a bit of luck it'll spark a few threads &
	opinions about TV & Rock & Rush.

2)	Satanism in rock. I think that everything that can be said about
	it has been. There was a TV documentary about it over here
	recently (concerning the Judas Priest record) which showed the whole
	thing up as being laughable. There was one record played backwards
	which made reference to peppermints... Could obesity be linked to
	rock music with backward sweetie messages in it? I think not...

3)	On a different subject completely, I'd like to plug some gigs to the
	UK people on the list. I know - I should really get the member list
	filter through it and mail them but last time I tried to ftp the
	thing, it floated off into the either, never to be seen again.
	{I'll try ingr next...}

[ In general, I'd rather people take this approach.  Chris asked me about
  this first, and I ok'd it.  If you want a copy of the names list, I will
  send that via normal administrative mail.  I'll decline for requests of
  back issues, GIF files, etc. though.                          :rush-mgr ]

	The Band is called Lavender Rose, we play nice acousticcy (?) numbers
	er... what else can I say?

	Here we go:
		19th May, The Pineapple, Catherine St., St. Albans, Herts.

		21st & 22nd May, The Canal Cafe Theatre, Maida Vale.
				3 / 3.50 pounds.
				Reservations: 071-289-6054

		27th May, The Mean Fiddler Acoustic Room, Harlesdon High St.
				Contact me for tickets.

		28th May, The Bedford Angel, Tickets 3 pounds on door.

	Right, thanks for your indulgence {speelt write?}, I've got to go
	and hack a supermarket simulator so it works... not a chance...

*      This is a Vax 8650 Somethingorother running Berserkley 4.3 Unix       *
* Chris Marshall,         * INTERNET (on a good day):                        *
* 2nd Year BSc CS Degree, *                     *
* Hatfield Polytechnic,   * (blech)              *
* Hatfield,               *                       *
* Herts. UK.              * UUCP:                                            *
* Phone    +44 727 810402 *   ...!ukc!hatfield!cs2ct                         *
*                  "Bosses keep talking so tough,                            *
*                   and if that wasn't evil enough,                          *
*                   we get the drunken and the passionate pride,             *
*                   of the citizens along for the ride."                     *


From: Randall Stark (PhD 90/RA) 
Date: Wed, 15 May 91 17:40:15 GMT
Subject: Simple Minds

I have now twice heard people express disbelief that any members of Rush
like/were influenced by Simple Minds (as they have stated a few times, esp.
Geddy).  These people tend to associate Simple Minds with their
post-1984 pop style.  They had a few albums made before that, not
released in the States until they hit the big time, that are very
innovative and interesting, and that had a clear influence on
Geddy's synth playing.

The album that Geddy seems to be most impressed by is "New Gold Dream",
relased I'm-not-sure-when but I remember listening to it in 1982 and thinking
"This sounds like what Rush would sound like if they were a synthesizer-pop
band."  Its influence can be most clearly heard on _Power Windows_,
on songs like "Middletown Dreams" etc.  Also "Scars" on _Presto_ sounds
a lot like a Simple Minds tune...

Anyway, the album is well worth listening to.  If you don't like
the synth aspect, this is not the album for you; no power chords
here, not much a guitar presence at all, and oriented towards
dance rhythms.  This is definately a synth-pop record, but with a
good use of rhythm and atmospheric melodies.

"Sparkle in the Rain" is a much harder, more rockin' album, but not
as interesting IMHO.

Anyone else know this album?  Like it/hate it?



Date:         Wed, 15 May 91  14:11:35 EDT
From: John Nicholson 
Subject:      new album

FROM: John Nicholson

I just got off the phone with Anthem Records. They said, "The album will be
released late this fall." She could not (or would not) give me a month and
she said that there is no title as yet.

Frustrating news. Did anyone else do better with Anthem or try Atlantic?

ORQ: For you the blind who once could see,
     The bell tolls for thee.

John Nicholson        |  I don' wanna' grow up. I'm a Toys 'R Us kid...
u7667jn@doeer.bitnet  |


Subject: server
Date: Wed, 15 May 91 14:05:38 CDT
From: (Keith Ford)

I am currently seeking someone to assume control of the email archive
file server I am running at Intergraph.  I have it automated to the
point where all you have to do is reply to special messages that users
may send and modify the index when new files (not TNMS's) come in.

The system runs on a Unix workstation under System V with Sendmail.

It uses a Filter from Elm and SENDMAIL to place the incoming digest
in the proper directory.  A hacked version of Elm is used to process
requests and send out the files.  It works nicely and I have not had
to touch it for some months now except to add some new functionality.

The server itself requires about 2.5 megabytes of space.
The archives currently requires 8.7 megabytes of space.
An average TNMS is 25.6 kilobytes.

If you are interested, please send me email ASAP.
Time is not an issue here, just disk space.  (right Rush-Mgr ?)

[ Yep, it's my biggest restriction now.  I have it available to me, but
  spread around on several platforms.  Hopefully the new 4M of RAM is a
  forshadowing of the disk to come.  At that point, I may be able to offer
  things for ftp in an uncompacted format...  We'll see.        :rush-mgr ]

/  \ Micro Magic BBS  1:373/12  (205)830-2362
\__/ home of OCAT/OBUL/OASWAP/Arkalog and the Rush archives
[__] "He knows changes aren't permanent, but change is" -Rush


Date: Wed, 15 May 91 16:16:19 EDT
From: Gary L Dare 
Subject: Rush Videoes on Betamax -- a source

The Beta Only Store in New York has a couple of Rush cassettes
as part of their continuing clearout.  "Exit, Stage Left" and
"Through The Camera Eye" are available, FYI.  The price is ...
$1.99 a music tape!

That's right, $1.99 -- but they don't do mail order, I'm afraid.



Date: Wed, 15 May 91 16:20:25 EDT
From: (Scott Paisley)
Subject: RE: Questions

Stuart Raymond writes:

> However, I don't think they have WRITTEN a song about love or such
> like!!  Any ideas,  because I think if they had, the lyrics would be
> great....

How about "Entre Nous" from permanent waves?  That's the closest thing
I can think of as a "love song" Espesially in the first verse, "Even
joined in bonds of love" would qualify this as a love song.  I can't
think of anything else off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are
more.  I guess it all depends on how you interpret the songs too.  Any
other suggestions?

"Inspiration and vocal coaching by Daisy the Dog"

Scott Paisley      ..!uunet!cme-durer!paisley


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