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Subject: 05/16/91 - The National Midnight Star #241

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 241

                  Thursday, 16 May 1991
Today's Topics:
                Re: Permanent Waves cover
                        Love Songs
                   Rushian Love Ditties
                        Love songs

Date: 	Wed, 15 May 1991 14:48:27 PDT
Subject: Re: Permanent Waves cover

I dunno about the Monty Python reference or the meek inherit the earth
idea (she doesn't seem particularly meek to me, anyway), but there're
definitely some visual puns in that cover (not as many as Signals, but...)
The girl's hair has "permanent waves" (as does her pleated skirt), the
man is waving, and because the scene has been photographed (I'd love to
have seen how they set it up!), his wave and the ocean waves (and, I
suppose, the wave her skirt has made) are all frozen--so they're
permanent, too.  I know _I_ wouldn't be that calm if I had waves crashing
behind me like that!



From: (Lauhanen Rauli OH1MKS)
Subject: RED-STAR
Date: Thu, 16 May 91 14:33:13 EET DST


 Shortly, I'm just now leaving your pleasant company, due summer...
But let's meet on autumn again... (  ;-)  )

  But into the business... In my opinion, that red star symbolize
the Solar Federation... See, " Hold the red star proudly high in hand ,
tum tum tum tum tum tum, We are the priests, of temples of Syrinx... "
I'v always tought that that naked man is alfraid of that red star,
which symbolize the solar federation.. Maybe he's just that man, who
found that guitar... May be he's Ronald Reagan.. Beats me...


ObRQ " dum dum dum du dum du dum du dum du dum "
Rauli Lauhanen * 50.000 men were sent, to do the will of
Post: BOX 62,  SF-32701 Huittinen * one. His claim was phrased quite simply
Opiskelijank. 4A15  Tampere 33720 * , tought  he  never  voiced   it  loud.
Genesis ,  Wind & Wurthering >>>> *  - And I am he , the chosen one .....


Date: Thu, 16 May 91 14:35:13 BST
Subject: Love Songs

Rush is not big on love songs, but they have written a few..

"Panacea" - Caress of Steel
"Madrigal" - A Farewell to Kings (already mentioned)
"Entre Nous", "Different Strings" - Permanent Waves

I can't think of any other unambiguous ones.  Probably the lowest
ratio of love songs of any rock band! The last two albums have a couple
lyrics that are a bit more "personal" (eg "Presto") but not really nove songs
per se.

ObRQ- "Even love must be limited by time"


Date: Thu, 16 May 91 13:24:50 +0200
From: (Frank Schaapherder)

Hi there,

I wanted to announce this earlier, but I screwed up and sent the wrong
file. Lemme try again.....

A tab archive for Rush guitar music has (finally) come into existance. 
Rush songs you always wanted to play on guitar, but didn't know how to,
can be obtained through anonymous ftp on syrinx. Check the digest tail
for the exact address.

[ I'll try to work it out so they're also available via the server at
  Ingr, but may not be possible due to the space problem.   :rush-mgr ]

For guitarists who don't have access to ftp, the tabs can be obtained on
request by e-mailing to one of these two addresses:

Jason Bold


Frank Schaapherder

The tabs are not too detailed, but fairly accurate, according to my knowledge
and playing skills. They are not 'Alex-acknowledged' however. References
to lyrics, duration of notes, bars and time signatures are generally ommited.
Guitarists should be able to figure that out themselves! An explanation of
the symbols used is provided in a readme file, as well in a small tail to
each file.

The current list of tabs is:

A Passage To Bangkok
Hemispheres: Prelude (bass)
A Farewell To Kings Intro.

Soon to be expected:
Mystic Rythms
Camera Eye
Jacob's Ladder
Tom Sawyer (bass)
La Villa Strangiato

As I didn't do the transcriptions myself (Hi Charles, David, Pat, Joe, Shane)
if you have comments or suggestions for the tabs, refer to the address
included in each file or to one of the addresses above. If you want to submit
tabs, contact me (=Frank).

Well, that's all, I hope to serve some guitarists here.


Date: Thu, 16 May 91 10:11:48 EST
Subject: Rushian Love Ditties

Stuart Raymond writes:

> However, I don't think they have WRITTEN a song about love or such
> like!!  Any ideas,  because I think if they had, the lyrics would be
> great....

Hmmmm....Off hand, I can think of very few, you are correct. I would say

Tears (2112)
Panacea (CoS)
Madrigal (AFtK)
Entre Nous, Different Strings (PeW)
Open Secrets (HYF)

Would all qualify, although Panacea and Open Secrets are probably a bit
of a stretch. I guess Open secrets is more of an " Out of Love" Song, but
hey, it still gets to me every time. Later, all!

-Saurav Misra (Aldstf10@Ouaccvmb.bitnet)
"I'm not going...Down with the ship!!!" - Scatterbrain


From: "Ian D Bjorhovde" 
Subject: Love songs
Date: Thu, 16 May 91 11:52:42 EDT

Hello again, all!

		****  THIS IS NOT A FLAME   ******

	Rading TNMS #240 sparked my interest:  The topic of Rush writing
Love songs came up, and made me think (God forbid I should think, it's
summer!!  :-) )

	I asked myself why I can listen to Rush for 3-4 hours a day, and
never tire of it.  I also asked myself what about Rush appeals to me.

	I came up with many conclusions, but this one stands out.  If
you read the lyrics - _read_ not listen, {thanks for ftp site, rush-mgr
:-)}  you can see the diversity of the topics written in each song.  One
reason I, imho, dislike so much of today's music is because the lyrics
to nearly all of the songs are about the *same thing*

	Rush hasn't done that with their lyrics and it makes me very

	However, there are many "love songs" if you look at it in a
different perspective;  not only is "Entre Nous" a love song, but think
about songs like "High Water" or "Tai Shan"  Couldn't they, too qualify
as love songs, not because of the lyrics, but because of the emotion
involved?  This might be a weak argument, but what does anyone out there
think?  Yea or Nay?

	{ BTW, Rush-mgr, thanks for everything!  How many subscribers do
we have right now, with all of the dropouts?  #240 was lookin' slim,

[ At last count, I have approximately 760 members, but there are also some
  lurkers out there on the local re-distributions, so I'd put it a little
  higher than that.                                             :rush-mgr ]

Adios, amigos!

Ian Bjorhovde
University of Pittsburgh


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End of The National Midnight Star Number 241

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