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Subject: 06/03/91 - The National Midnight Star #249

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 249

                   Monday, 3 June 1991
Today's Topics:
                    D&P, Women & Rush
                  Women don't like RUSH?
                      Droids in Drag
                  FLY IN THE NIGHT BOOT
                      ROLL THE BONES
                     Undelivered mail
                    A strange request
                       Bob and Doug
              Re: Good party weekend notice
            You Know You're A Rush Fan When...
      Re: 05/30/91 - The National Midnight Star #248
                 Other Music on this List
                       Great title!
                      Rush and women
    Certain threads of late... and Hey How's it going?
                  shouting on Witch Hunt
                   The new album title?
    Kim on Video, You know when... and Trivia question
                     Audio samplings

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Hi all,

    Just a couple of quick notes.  First of all, I made a mistake in the 
last issue, which only ONE person called me on.  When I said Geddy's B-day
was June 29th, I meant JULY 29th.  Oops, heh heh...  And I even checked the
FAQL.  My eyes must be going.  Alas, July 29th is a Monday...

Also, the new FAQL will be coming out in the next day or two.

Lastly, stay tuned for a special edition for NMS #250 - the Power Windows
tourbook transcription, coming soon to an archive near you!



Date: Thu, 30 May 91 11:40:08 -0400
From: uvmark!davem@uunet.UU.NET (Dave Meeks)

First of, we keep hearing two different titles floating around for the new
album.  Both "Throwing the Stones" and  "Rolling the Bones".  Does anyone
know with any authority what the title is supposed to be.  Is it possible it
could be much more obvious (as far as a knock on the Rolling Stones), something
like "Rolling the Stones".  Also, does anyone have any updated info on
release dates, song contents, etc...

Secondly, on the whole Queensryche/Rush line.  I have been listening to Rush
forever (ok, it only seems like it), and Queensryche for a couple of years
(Since Operation:Mindcrime), and quite frankly, I don't see much in common.
They are both great bands, making great music... Both groups are musically
talented (Rush is much more so, IMHO), and both groups are strong lyrically.
But, other than that, I don't see the arguments.  I can very clearly see
the Pink Floyd influence in Queensryche (which is funny that everyone is
bringing this up because of "Silent Lucidity" when Operation:Mindcrime seemed
to be very similiar in style to The Wall).  Can anyone provide their
reasoning behind what they see as the similarity?

Lastly, for any of those Rush fans out there looking for a great band with
great lyrics and musical abilities, check out Marillion.  A couple of
people have mentioned them, and I strongly agree...  One of my favorite

>Wade Williams
>P.S.  In case anyone cares, (which I doubt) two other shuttle astronauts, Matt
>Mattingly and Hartsfield, were graduates of this institution, Auburn
>University.  Other than military academies, Auburn has more astronauts than
>any other university.

Sorry to disagree with you on this one Wade, but as a graduate of Purdue Univ.
I have to clear the record on this one.  Purdue University has long been known
as the "Astronaut University" in that more astronauts have graduated from
Purdue and more of the men/women who have actually been in space have gone
to Purdue University.  In fact, in 1989, the year I graduated, the University
had a parade highlighting this very fact and had like 7 or 8 of the astronaut
alumni on hand.  At last count, I seem to remember them saying that ~20
of America's astronauts were Purdue Alumni.


Date: Thu, 30 May 1991 14:54:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: Gregory C Best 
Subject: Blackholes

I may be way off base here, but I was walking through Blockbuster Videos
and noticed Disney's "The Blackhole" on the new release (?!) shelf.  I
picked it up to see how long ago the movie actually came out (I remember
watching it years ago) and noticed that the blackhole that the ship
circles and then goes through is called Cygnus.   Coincedence?  I can't
remember enough of the movie to see if there is any more parallelism.
Something to think about.

You know you're a Rush fan when:

  You show no concern over a broken eject mechanism on a ten disk CD
changer, as it contains a pack of Rush albums.


"I'm sure I would be much more upset if I wasn't under such heavy sedation..."
             David St. Hubbins


Date: Thu, 30 May 91 10:25:28 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
Subject: D&P, Women & Rush


First off -- thanx to Amy Moseley for answering my Danforth and Pape
question!  I'll definitely let him know!

Women and Rush (on the next Oprah Winfrey):  Well, _I'm_ a woman and I
have been in love with Rush since... god, I dunno, forever, I guess.
I grew up listening to their music (of course  a) my brother had all
the albums and  b) I had heard of a band called RUSH once and could've
cared less and  c) I loved all their songs -- "Tom Saywer", as far as
I was concerned, was invented by the gods... and  d) I had no idea
that all of their songs were from one group!) -- so it was a pretty
bizarre and confused upbringing!  But I _figured_ out who they were
on my own.  I can recall very vividly that January 1984 evening when
MTV played "Tom Sawyer" -- and I flipped when I realized that this
2-bit, unheard-of (by me, anyway), who-the-hell-are-these-guys group
was the same group that played MY SONG!!!  Instant conversion.  And
the rest is history.  And even better was the knowledge that they were
ccoming out with their latest album in a few months (GUP)!  Life as a
Rush fan -- so much fun!

But I have always been fascinated by the fact that most of their fans
_are_ male.  If nothing else, that's gotta be one sign of how much
different they are from other rock bands.  In that sense, I'm glad
because I wouldn't want Rush to have the type of female fans who show
up in their dressing rooms naked (unless its their wives, of course!)
hoping for a little "rendez-vous".  This isn't going to read the way
I'm intending -- I'm not saying that a band that has a majority of
males as followers is superior, or that _all_ female rock fans want to
screw every male musician.  I think female Rush fans have a hell of a
lot more class than that.

What I'm trying to say (rather badly, I admit) is that it _does_ seem
peculiar that Rush seems so different from other rock bands in terms of
the male/female ratio of their audience.  And their female audience is
so different from female audiences of other bands -- and it is SO NICE
TO SEE!!  And I agree that Rush is a musicians band -- it seems that
the amount of musicians (professional or amateur) as Rush fans is more
than for other bands.  It certainly goes a long way to showing the
caliber of the band.

Of course, this does not erase the fact that Neil _is_ very sexy.

But that's NOT the reason why I love Rush so much!  Honest!!

puanani akaka     College World Series:  Go Creighton!  (UH almost
						made it...almost!...)


Date: Thu, 30 May 91 20:34:17 EDT
From: tbear 
Subject: Women don't like RUSH?

Hmm.  If women don't like RUSH, then either I'm not a woman or I don't
like the boyz.  Since neither of these is true, the first
statement must be false.  I must admit, the majority of fans that
I know are male, but I know I'm not alone.

Actually, my introduction to RUSH came because the boy I was
infatuated with in 11th grade was a RUSH fanatic.  It was love at
first hearing, and it was a love that still survives today.  I
saw the boyz live for the first time on the Presto tour, at the
Meadowlands Arena, and it was a near-orgasmic experience for me.

O ye of little faith! :-)

'ave a better one...........


OBRQ:  A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission...


Date: Thu, 30 May 91 21:12:14 EDT
From: gordon@Stars.Reston.Unisys.COM
Subject: Droids in Drag

|-| |= |_ |_ [],

	Okay, since we're in the summer lull, I'll add to this thread...

	You know you're a Rush fan when:

            - your 2-year old son goes around singing,
              "1-0-0-1-0-0-1, S.O.S.  1-0-0-1-0-0-1, in this dress."

	    - you buy all forms of Rush releases (CD, tape, album) to
              drive up sales figures, even if you'll never actually
              play them all

            - all your friends and relatives receive nothing but Rush
              albums, tapes, and CDs from you for birthday gifts,
              holiday gifts, etc., to drive up sales figures, even if
              they'll never actually play them all

	Hmm, and while I'm here:

	Since I lost out on "Oldest Rush Fan on the List" (missed me
    by that much) maybe my son qualifies as "Youngest Rush Fan on the
    List"?  {Barry, you don't look a day over over 29!}  =^)

Thanks for noticing me,
 /\      /\      /\      1-0-0-1-0-0-1, S.O.S.  1-0-0-1-0-0-1, in distress.
/  \  /\/  \  /\/  \  /-------------------------------------------------------
    \/      \/      \/   |>el <-ordon   |><-


Date: 30 May 1991 22:45:33 CDT
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 

hi! After waiting very impatiently for this boot, i was somewhat disappointed.
its not very good. the highs and mids are there, but practically no bass.
the only thing worth buying the boot for is: its rare and it has cinderella
man on it. They rarely play that live! only other time i've heard it is 2/14/77
in scotland i think. It is a nice rare memorabilia to have though. Too bad
I can't pick up a few more, great for trading.... :)

P                           P
-        Patster                     Bitnet: U24129@uicvm.bitnet   -
G                                    Genie:  P.Choy                G
P                                                                  P
-  OBRQ: "Memory banks unloading, bytes break into bits            -
G         unit one's in trouble, and its scared out of its wits"   G


Date: 30 May 1991 22:49:16 CDT
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 

Yo! again. After being terribly disappointed because i missed the Queensryche
show in Peoria, Il. (car stereo trouble). Had free tickets and a backstage pass
The good news is that my other friend made it and got backstage to talk to the
Ryche. But more importantly she talked to Howard (RUSH'S production manager)
AND the album is indeed called ROLL THE BONES! It is 100% done. He says that if
Neil has his ways, he doesn't want to tour until Jan. But we'll see what
happens. The release date of the album is still unknown but i'LL keep ya all
informed. She regularly talks to John Colfield (the projectionist for RUSH).
Hope this brightens your day for finals. It sure did for moi. Good luck on
tests! and i got 2 more days left. And i'm out w/ my Comp. Sci. degree.
Can't wait! :) Keep up the great work Dave. caio

P                           P
-        Patster                     Bitnet: U24129@uicvm.bitnet   -
G                                    Genie:  P.Choy                G
P                                                                  P
-  OBRQ: "Memory banks unloading, bytes break into bits            -
G         unit one's in trouble, and its scared out of its wits"   G


Date: 31 May 91 01:44:00 EDT
Subject: Amazing...

Something amazing happened today - I heard Xanadu on the radio!  :-O
Hats off to Rock 105 (104.5) in Jacksonville, FL.


Date: Fri, 31 May 91 06:16:29 PDT
From: mjahnke@UCSD.EDU (******* Meg *******)
Subject: A strange request

Yes as the name implies, this is a strange request.
I've been thinking about writing a game for personal computers for a while
now, and thought of an interesting premise for the game -- you're at a rock
concert (Rush of course!) and the ultimate goal is to meet the band
backstage. Ok I've got the start and the ending, but I'm having trouble
coming up with puzzles to solve inbetween! Like all good games, this needs
some puzzles to make it fun! So I'm asking the list and anyone on it for
any hints, clues, puzzles, ideas for puzzles, pictures or music to go in
it, basically just about anything you can think of. I'm planning on writing
it for the mac if anyone cares about that sort of thing... and maybe port
it over to the ibm later. Anything you can think of to e-mail me about would
be greatly appreciated!!

Mail to:

On the subject of women and Rush, well I guess I'm in the minority then eh?
I actually discovered them by myself, if you can believe this, on MTV. Back
when "The Big Money" video came out they played it quite a bit to show off
the computer graphics and I rather liked it. Then my dad bought the Power
Windows album; listening to it once I didn't like it too well and so, apart
from a brief glimpse of "Distant Early Warning" on MTV, I basically forgot
about Rush until I met my SO -- *heavily* into Rush. Then I re-listened
to Power Windows and wondered how I could miss out on something that good!

Just my 2.68 yen worth (going to Japan this summer - need to get back into
using yen!)...



From: (Chip Hart)
Subject: Bob and Doug
Date: Fri, 31 May 91 9:35:32 EDT

> One more thing, for all you "Strange Brew" fanatics.  I'm not positive, but
> I thingk the MacKenzie's van (is it a van?) has a Rush bumper sticker on the
> back.  This is visible when they are underwater, drinking beer and placing the
> bottles on the ceiling.  I've seen the movie two  too many times, and can't
> bear to check this out, so could someone do this for me? Thanks.

	Well, when they ram the car of the lead woman (what's her
	name?) at the gate to the entrance of Elsinore
	castle, you can clearly see an AC/DC sticker on the rear right
	window.  And I haven't seen the flic in at least a year.  Ok,
	six months...

         Chip Hart -------------------------
                   |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| People's Computer Co.
                   ------------------------- Williston, Vermont
	        ...but you can call me the Salaminizer!


Date: Fri, 31 May 91 10:13:25 EDT
From: (Barry A. Warsaw)
Subject: Re: Good party weekend notice

	David>     I was talking to another NMS member (hi Barry), and
	David> mentioned that Saturday, June 29th would be a reasonable
[ See note in administrivia...                                 :rush-mgr ]

	David> date for a party if someone felt like throwing one.

Hi back at ya, Dave!  Anyway, I just wanted to add a little incentive
for you potential party hosts.  It *looks* like we may actually have
bass, drums, and guitar (hi George!) for playing some live Rush.  Just
call us Geddy Brie, Alex Limburger, and Neil Port-wine -- we'll be
cheesin' through requests, but we need a place to play :-) :-) :-)

Seriously though, this could be a lot of fun!



Date: Fri, 31 May 91 10:52:08 -0400
From: Michael S Savett 

Before I go, I have this fantastic information to pass along...
I called Atlantic Records in NY Friday morning, and after being put into
telephone limbo for about 5 minutes, was told that the new album would be
released on Semptember 3. At this time, they did not have an album title
or single title.

Glad I could end this semester with a bang (Now if only my grades went the
same way :)

Hope this is great news to all of you ... see you in the fall!

Michael : old address (don't mail me!)


Date: Fri, 31 May 91 12:37:31 EDT
From: Robyn Landers 
Subject: You Know You're A Rush Fan When...

>...when your best man quotes Rush lyrics at your wedding.
	"Take yourself a friend..."

>...when your fiancee designs the wedding rings, and you find Rush
 lyrics to explain the part of the symbolism of the pattern.
	"The spaces in between leave room for you and I to grow"

	"I'm just doing my rock'n'roll duty." -- Dubois


Date: Fri, 31 May 91 13:06:56 PDT
From: djabson@UCSD.EDU (The God of Balance)
Subject: mirrors

	Here's something of questionable interest:

War Paint: "...the mirror always lies"

Queensryche's _Eyes of a Stranger_: "I've always known that the mirror never

Who's right? Maybe the mirror sometimes lies...hmm...



Date: Fri, 31 May 91 16:27 EDT
Subject: Re: 05/30/91 - The National Midnight Star #248

I cant believe you guys are still wondering about the "misterious"
misprint for on the Free Will lyrics.  Its not a misprint.
For some reason or another, they just wanted to put it like that on the
lyric sheet.  My friends and I have been tripping out on this
fact for ten years, or thereabouts.  Get wid it y'uns.

[ The confusion stems from the fact that the lyrics are printed correctly
  on the Anthem (Canada) release of the album, and on later pressings of
  the Mercury (US) release.  Only the early Mercury pressings seem to have
  the discrepency.  Also, Neil was asked about this, and responded that all
  the lyrics on the albums were correct.                         :rush-mgr ]

	- sw


Date: Fri, 31 May 91 11:46:16 BST
Subject: Other Music on this List writes:

> On other topics, Queensryche IS a very good band.  If you like bluesy
> hard rock, you might also consider picking up Temple Of The Dog, a
> band whose debut disc has just come out.  The latest Elvis Costello
> album is great, too.  I could go on, but the TNMS might turn into
> a copy of "my CD collection."

Whilst lists of CD collections are over the top, I *do* appreciate
people on this list talking about other music they like, as
it provides the possibility of branching out!  I am already
a big Elvis Costello fan, so that doesn't count for me, but I
will give Queensrych a listen sometime -- a band I would have
surely ignored if not for the discussions on this digest!
(I have still never heard a not of theirs...)

So keep on mentioning other bands, paritcularly if you can
talk about how a Rush fan might be able to appreictae them.



Subject: Great title!
Date: Fri, 31 May 91 14:52:58 -0700
From: Just call me Meis. (The Crystal Wizard) writes that a good title for
the new album would be "Rolling Stone Can Smoke My Bone".  I don't know
if it is because I read it on Friday afternoon, but I found that very
funny.  I have to admit that it is a good choice for a title.

					Group Party!!!!!



Date: Fri, 31 May 91 15:09:45 -0700
From: mikes@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (60392000)
Subject: Rush and women

	My Ex thinks that we can patch up our 6 year old relationship, but I
have to make the first move...Stop listening to the satanic music...:-]
I showed her all the info I have on the topic................but that didn't seem to phase her... Oh well...
I'm gonna miss her!!!

On My Ship The 'Rocinante' Wheeling Through The Galaxy........Cygnus X-1
            Quick to Judge
		  Quick to Anger
		  Slow to Understand
  "Ten Bucks is Ten Bucks!!!!"   Geddy Lee


Subject: Certain threads of late... and Hey How's it going?
Date: Fri, 31 May 91 21:56:37 -0700
From: "Keith A. Marino" 

Well, It has been sometime since I have posted.  Seeing as I am now
just coming out of recursive hell (we had a major LISP assignment due
this morning) (I hate parens) I thought that I'd drop a line to ya'll.

I am very excited about the new album... I could care less what it's
called....  That is an issue we can debate when it happens.  But we all
know that we will have 45 minutes or more to add to our RUSH library.
Wouldn't you all love to see another 12 or so minute song?  I have
recently been listening to the older RUSH like COS and AFTK, some of
their best (IMHO) and I have re-fallen in love with The Fountain of
Lamneth. (not to speak of one of my all time favorites, Xanadu.)  I
would really like them to make another half-album song.  (For all you
2112 fans... I have worn out my CD too.)  I don't know why I have been
attracted so much to go to their past, but I have.  Don't get me wrong,
I love the new stuff too.  But during these last weeks I have spent a
lot of time in front of a *&^#@!$ computer terminal programming in LISP
and doing detailed designs that I have needed long songs to keep me
paced.  I like the story behind the theme of the songs.  Well enough
rambling on this issue, on to others.

As far as the current GIRLS don't really like RUSH stuff... I know
quite a few college aged and beyond that like Rush.  AS a matter of
fact, when I saw the Presto tour (second row, right in front of the
Gedster! :^)) I was surrounded by women.  They were not "Groupie" types
either.  They knew the words to all the songs and screamed as much as
any man was. So what I am saying is, that they may not be as appearant
as men, but they are there and boy they're cute!

Also, when the thread on "The Trees" was going on, I didn't have time
to put my two sense in... so here it goes ----  Has anyone thought of
the beauty of this song as maybe that mother-nature has suppressed one
living thing from another and then "man" came in to change what was
natural all along?  I take the last lines to represent mans
intervention of the natural occurance of things.  Man invented Law, the
hatchet....  Another thought I had was that it was more about races of
people and frequently sought after solutions, especially how bad those
solutions are maintained.  ie. that a law could make someone treat
someone one way and another another way without just cause.

Just some thoughts to spark (Oh no, I didn't mean to use that word! ;-))
some conversation.

Oh well, I guess I'll stop now...  Thanks for your time... Thanks to our
esteemed (holier-than-ev'rone for starting this up and doing the massive work
that this takes) Rush-Mgr.  Don't stop.....


Keith Marino                    # "Reasoning is partly insane      #  Image just an eyeless game"  #            - Neil Peart (Rush)


Date: ,
Subject: MPs

G'Day mates!

How ya all doin tonight?
I have just been sent MP and Chrs (is that the right abbreviation?) from the
States courtesy a couple of cool net-friends (Meg and Jimmy) along with a
T-Shirt and heaps of other things you can't get down here in OZ!! Thanks!

I threw on MP at full volume and WW OO WWWWW!!! Tom Sawyer studio version
is A W E S O M E!!!! The whole album just BLEW ME AWAY! I had never heard
Limelight, The Camera Eye or Vital Sugns before and they're ALL BRILLIANT!
Over 10 mins of song in The Camera Eye! IS that Rush's longest single track?
I mean apart from Side 1 of 2112 or Hemispheres?
I can understand why it was Rush's highest selling album..(no' 3 in the album
charts right? - in the States anyway).
Question: IN YYZ whats that noise that occurs several times about halfway
through the song - sounds like Neil is smashing glass or something!!

Also I think Rolling the Bones is a TERRIBLE title - too weird. Throwing\
the Stones would be nicer by a long shot- any news yet?

OK. Enough idle banter from the Antipodes.

ThankYOU very much,



Date: Mon, 3 Jun 91 01:39:06 EDT
From: (vaalpens)
Subject: shouting on Witch Hunt

   A friend of mine told me that at the beginning of 'Witch Hunt'
from MP that part of what the people are yelling is something
about "Ft. Lauderdale, Florida" followed shortly thereafter by
"protect our children".  I thought I heard them yell "stand up in
Ft. Lauderdale Florida ... protect our children", but cannot be certain
of the "stand up in" part.  Another friend of ours believes they yelled
"the Devil is in Ft. Lauderdale Florida" - which would make sense followed
by "protect our children".

Anyway, anybody else here anything?  You audiophiles...

for my friend:  Sylvio (BTW: he plays a mean YYZ)
		       { rotary engines are # 1 !!!...}

Also, we would like to know (since I probably deleted the wrong back
issue of TNMS) where the information on the title "Roll the Bones"
came from?  Is it official?  It sounds more like a new Aerosmith
album title than RUSH.


ORQ:    "Get a life!"  Neil Peart   ;-)


Subject: The new album title?
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 91 10:24:33 WET
From: Moschops 

Hey Gang.
        Did I miss something or has "Rolling the Bones" been confirmed
as the next album title?

        I quite liked the other name " Throwing the Stones " that
someone mentioned.

        But I have only fast read the last dozen or so NMS because of
the damn exams.!!



 I Don't Believe in Love, I never have I never Will
 I Don't Believe in Love, I'll Just pretend she never was real
 I Don't Believe in Love, I need to forget her face I see it still
 I Don't Believe in Love, It's never worth the pain that you feel

 Mike O'Donnell - - Thames Poly - London


Date: Mon, 3 Jun 91 10:30:07 -0400
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: Kim on Video, You know when... and Trivia question


  Does anybody know if Kim Mitchell has any Video compilations out?  If so
what record stores in Toronto and Buffalo carry them?

Friends, you KNOW your'e a Rush fan when:

1.  You hear birds and "The Trees" and AFTK come to mind

2.  Yougo to a fireworks show and think of "Lakeside Park"

3.  You see a willow tree and "Lakeside Park" comes to mind

4.  You see maples and oaks and immediately think of "The Trees"

5.  You start to lose your hair and say "Well, it's time to call

    Sy Sperling"!!!!  :-)  (self-explantory)

Can anyone tell me what movie this quote came from:

Q1: "You better be careful, there is a huge skunk in that tent"

Q2: "I know, it is a Toronto skunk"




El Magnifico de Mario   1991 Conn Smythe Winner

Let's Go Bucs   (Watch out Rangers, the Bucs will win 15)


[ There was other stuff here, but along with a bunch of control characters.
  I salvaged what I could...  sorry.                             :rush-mgr ]


Date: Mon, 3 Jun 91 15:10:21 EDT
From: Doug White 
Subject: Audio samplings

Hello! Since things are getting sparse, I'll toss this out:
I've been doing some diddling on a Sun sparc, and have sampled
some Rush tunes - I gotta have something I like to do repetitive
tests on audio files! I mentioned this to the rush-mgr, and,
once disk space is available, pieces of tunes might be available.
How many of you would be interested in having audio snippets
available? (How many of you can play audio on yer boxes?)
For example, the (approx.) one minute acoustic opening to
A Farewell to Kings takes about half a meg. And at 8000 samples
per sec. it's NOT CD quality by a long shot.

Anyhow, lemme know whatcha think!

[ At this point in time, I don't have the space to archive the sound files,
  but may be able to in the future.  Don't toss out those files yet!
                                                                :rush-mgr ]

 Douglas White, National Institute of Standards & Technology
 Bldg. 225, Rm A216, Gaithersburg, MD 20899 /  Voice: (301) 975-2182 / FAX: (301) 590-0932

 "Wheels within whhels, a spiral array; a pattern so grand and complex..."
  - Rush


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