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Subject: 06/06/91 - The National Midnight Star #254

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 254

                  Thursday, 6 June 1991
Today's Topics:
                        Epic Songs
          "Chain Lightning" guitar, other stuff
      Re: 06/05/91 - The National Midnight Star #252
                 Audio Files - apologies
                   Audio files - part 2
                        Cygnus X-1

Date: Wed, 5 Jun 91 19:50:40 EDT
From: (shane p faulkner)
Subject: tidbitsd

Yesterday I heard Mr. Peart do a public service anouncment on a Canadian
radio station on behalf of some Canadian environmental group...  I was
shocked as I've never heard Neil do such a thing before.

Someone asked how Lerxst pulled off Chain Lightning on the Preto tour...
well.... he didn't.  The real reason being (I would presume) that the
guitar solo to that song is BACKWARDS.... ie. Alex recorded the solo, and they
mixed it into the song by running the tape backwards.  I've always wanted to
get a hold of a real-to-reel (sumliminal Marillion ref) and hear what that
thing sounds like forwards.

All this talk of Rush parties is making me majorly jealous....  I would love
nothing more than to play guitar in front of a throng of RUSHians.... how
far away is Maryland??? :-).

/ Shane P. Faulkner         |   A to B - Different degrees...           /
/ University At Buffalo     |                          - Rush           /
/ V127L2QZ@UBVMS.BITNET     |                                           /
/ |   Rush - Marillion - Kim Mitchell         /


Date: Wed, 5 Jun 91 21:13:21 -0400
From: ak901@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Andy Douglass)
Subject: Epic Songs

[ PLEASE keep your line lengths to < 75 chars!                  :rush-mgr ]

I've read in the last few exciting episodes a certain opinion that Rush
should perhaps do another "story" or extended song dealing with a theme of
some kind.  It is MHO that they should take it a step further.

In all of the years that the boyz have been around, Neil has consistently
been one of (if not THE) most intellectually stimulating rock-poets I've
ever had a chance to listen to.

I look at 2112, The Fountain of Lamneth, By-Tor, Hemispheres/Cygnus, and I
see works of art.  I believe the only thing this group has left to achieve
that it hasn't already , is a full-length rock opera. Theorettically speaking,
Peart could do it with relative ease. They've centered around fantasy-type
songs in the past, and also did a great  deal of Sci-Fi works. I don't see
why they couldn't hammer out another masterpiece...

For Example, Imagine this, see here, etc, etc...

   1. The Lord of the Rings
   -Tolkie deserves more recognition among todays youth. His works have 
    captivated millions. Wouldn't it be great if the boys could give us
    that story, along with a kick ass bass line...

   2. Dune
   -Not that great of a movie, but a great book. Neil could stick in a few
    messages about the dangers of drug addiction as well as presenting us
    with an exciting and intriguing tale.(sorry if I'm losing some of you. 
    read the book! :')

   3. Paradise Lost
   -This one could have a lot of possibilities! Corruption, greed, 
    frustration...Not happy things- but then again, not all of their songs
    have happy endings.

   4. Robin Hood
   - This would be -awsome-. Classical guitar by King Lerxst, as he 
     demonstrated expertise with in several songs (The Trees, AFTK,
     Circumstances), not to mention some fast tunes for the action
     scenes, slow ones for romantic Maid Marian scenes, sinister
     ones for The Sheriff...

   I'm sure there are a lot more that would be great to write an opera on.
Maybe youse guys (and gals, who deserve more recognition as Rush fans) could
come up with some other ideas...

   If YES can do it...and the Who can do it(Tommy), Why the hell not RUSH????
        The possibilities are virtually endless...
                  -Andy Douglerxst (hey!)     ;)

   "Let us not go gently into
    the endless winter night..."
           -Rush (RED TIDE)


Subject: "Chain Lightning" guitar, other stuff
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 91 22:06:20 CDT
From: David Sandberg 

Craig Rindy (mv012791@ndsuvm1) writes:
> I was wonder how Alex (I love the name King Lerxst) does _Chain
> Lightning_ live...
> The end of this tune has a (possibly very slightly distorted)
> guitar doing the  G C# D  thing and also a (definitely) distorted
> guitar doing the synchopation unison to the bass.

I don't know for certain, but I'd be willing to bet that Alex
would just play the ringing guitar part (G C# D) and let Geddy
fill it in with bass chords, like he is already doing in the rest
of the song.  With those bass chords at concert volume, nobody's
going to miss the extra guitar.

Craig also mentioned that he wanted to set up or attend a Midwest
RUSH party.  Well, I'm in Minneapolis, and would certainly attend
such a party if it were held somewhere in or around this town.
(Don't ask me to set it up, though; I know nothing about giving
parties, and don't have a good place to throw one anyway.)  Just
count this as a vote of interest.

By the way, Craig, I'm a guitar player as well, and well-versed
in Lerxst-lore to boot... but we'd need bass and drums too, and
those might be the tougher positions to fill.  I do know of a
bassist and a drummer who are pretty hip to Rush (I used to work
in a band with one of them), but they have still got a band going
and I'm sure wouldn't want to take the time to learn a bunch of
Rush tunes in addition to their normal work load.  (Whereas I
*always* set aside practice time for Rush in addition to whatever
else I might have to learn... I've got *my* priorities straight,
you see. B-)

I *have* been starting to sequence a few Rush tunes on my MIDI
setup, so I guess if we were really desperate... B-)

One other thing... I've never personally met a woman who liked
Rush, but I am positively thrilled to see that they do exist in
significant numbers after all, and that many are present right
here on this list.

 \*=-      David Sandberg,    ,=,       ,=,        -=*\
  \*=-     "you feel there's something calling    | |uadric `=,ystems   -=*\
   \*=-       you, you're wanting to return"      `=\       `='          -=*\


Date: Thu, 6 Jun 91 03:42:00 EDT
From: jhs4h@uva.pcmail.Virginia.EDU
Subject: Re: 06/05/91 - The National Midnight Star #252

        To answer the question of "How does King Lerxst play
Chain Lightning live?" . . . He does't, they didn't do it on the
Presto tour, which probably means that we will never hear it
live.  However, the "that's nice" part did survive in concert . .
 it was placed at the end of another Presto song . . . I think it
was Scars, but I'm not sure.  It was sampled from the album, and
probably triggered by Geddy at the appropriate time.


Date: Thu, 6 Jun 91 11:13:09 EDT
From: Doug White 
Subject: Audio Files - apologies

To Those Who Replied To Me By Mail But I Couldn't Get A Return Path To:

	here's a list of the audio files I've dumped in. I probably
will not be bringing any more in - I've just about topped off my
share of disk space. Some of these are entire songs, some are lead-in
segments. The sparc IPC has a built-in 5 minute limit for recording -
I haven't found a way around it yet - which is why I chose the first
six songs listed. (The Spirit of Radio cut it _CLOSE_!!)

bytes  (approx. 480K per minute)
1370532	"Closer to the Heart"
1581740		"Fly By Night"
1733059	"New World Man"

1101426	"Temples of Syrinx" segment of 2112
1705257	"Discovery" segment of 2112
1761032  "Presentation" segment of 2112

468057	"Attention all planets..." from 2112
828032	opening of "The Body Electric"
545927	acoustic lead-in to "A Farewell to Kings"
248831	lead-in to "La Villa Strangiato"
976768	opening of "Marathon"
947728		opening of "Red Lenses"

Unfortunately, anonymous FTP is not supported here (Gov't, you know).
I may see about popping these up to one of the other anonymous servers
I know of.
By the way, these are pretty clean files, but don't expect anything
better than AM radio quality ...


Date: Thu, 6 Jun 91 12:47:41 EDT
From: Doug White 
Subject: Audio files - part 2

For those interested, and (see previous post) are
available by anon FTP from ( in
/incoming/sparcsounds .     Doug


Date: Thu, 6 Jun 91 11:14:36 PDT
From: (Robert Taylor Fisher)
Subject: Cygnus X-1

In a volume entitled "Science in the Twentieth Century," the New York Times
reprints many of the history-making articles which appeared in its pages
over the years. I came across an article called "An X-Ray Scanning Satellite
May Have Discovered a 'Black Hole' in Space," dating from April 1, 1971. The
article desrcibes how the X-ray observatory Uhuru ("uhuru" means "freedom"
in Swahili) detected highly rhythmic pulses at a rate of 15 pulses per
second from an object previously known to be a source of X-rays -- Cygnus
X-1. The absence of longer wavelength radio waves and the relatively high
rate of spin led scientists to believe that they were not observing a neutron
star rotating at fast speeds (an object known as a pulsar). The X-rays
themselves originate not from the hole, but rather from the matter which
accretes into a disk around the hole, as they become heated up to higher
and higher temperatures ("The X-ray is her siren song..."). The discovery
was reported the day before the publication of the article to the American
Astronomical Society in Baton Rouge, La., by Dr. Riccardo Giacconi. 

Incidently, the name Cygnus X-1 designates the first X-ray source in the
constellation of Cygnus, the Swan.

Bob Fisher


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