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Subject: 06/12/91 - The National Midnight Star #261

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**   /  / / /__    /  \/ /  /  /  / /__/ /  \/ /  / /___   **
**                                                         **
**                    __            ___       ____         **
**        /\  /\   / /  \  /\  / / /  _  /__/  /           **
**       /  \/  \ / /___/ /  \/ / /___/ /  /  /            **
**                                                         **
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**                 /__    /   /__/ /__/                    **
**                ____/  /   /  / /  \                     **

          The National Midnight Star, Number 261

                 Wednesday, 12 June 1991
Today's Topics:
                  last chance for audio
                 Let Us Not Go Gently...
                         Red Tide
                     Juke Box Network
                 Laser Rush in Pittsburgh
                  RUSH radio interviews
              Which FM opened for the Boys ?

Date: Tue, 11 Jun 91 17:40:51 EDT
From: Doug White 
Subject: last chance for audio

Attention all subscribers of the National Midnight Star!
We have available audio!
(profuse apologies to Neil Peart and 2112 fans everywhere)

For a limited time - about a week and a half - you can ftp to   with the name 'lerxst' and paswd
'lifeson'. This is a guest-level account. change directory to
'Rush' and you will have the following Sparc audio files at your
beck and call:

1370532		Closer to the Heart
1581740		Fly By Night
1733059		New World Man
1961342		Scars (real hard, eh?)
2373150	(I think you understand this one...)
2145022		(and this)
1101426		\
1705257		 \   from 2112
1761032	 /
 468057		/
 828032		approx first 2 min. of The Body Electric
 976768		approx first 2 min. of Marathon
 947728		approx first 2 min. of Red Lenses
 545927		acoustic intro to A Farewell to Kings (1 min.)
 248831		acoustic intro to La Villa Strangiato (30 sec.)

These are going to vanish from here by the last week of June. I have been
trying to find other places to upload these to (with little success),
so I figure, what the hey, y'all want 'em, come 'n' get 'em.

P.S. I have promised that the next time I get the chance to record, the
entire La Villa Strangiato goes in. (You know yer a Rush fan when...)
I will entertain suggestions (via mail) for essential noises to get
during the next session. (boy, will THIS create traffic)

 Douglas White, National Institute of Standards & Technology
 Bldg. 225, Rm A216, Gaithersburg, MD 20899 /  Voice: (301) 975-2182 / FAX: (301) 590-0932

 "All this machinery, making modern music can still be open-hearted ..."
  - Rush


From: (kerry yackoboski)
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1991 17:55:29 CDT
Subject: Let Us Not Go Gently...

	Yesterday Gregg Jeager wondered aloud about the line from
"Red Tide" that goes "Let us not go gently into the endless winter
night".  I don't want to say anymore, but there is a famous poem
that probably originated a *very* similar line...
Ok, I'll admit I forget which poem it is, but I think that might be the title.
I think it might be by Dylan Thomas, but right now as I try to remember it
I can't separate it from "A Child's Christmas In Wales".  I'm sure someone
else can refresh my memory...

	Also, to Craig Rindy in yesterday's NMS, no you're not the
only prairie person here!

Mysterious Moon Man of Manitoba 
The Canadian Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Lab


Date: Tue, 11 Jun 91 22:52:24 -0400
From: jpb8@po.CWRU.Edu (Jeffrey P. Bodner)
Subject: Red Tide


	This is in response to the post that suggested that the line
"Let us not go gently.. etc" was perhaps aimed towards nuclear war. Well,
I seem to remember reading a poem in English class entitled something
like "Please do not go gently into that good night" . I am sorry, but
I can't remember the author! :(  In any case, the poem was written by
a man to his dying father, asking him to not give in. IMHO, the line
from Red Tide is an allusion to this poem. He did something similar
in Limelight with "All the world's a stage" as well as in other songs.

If I quoted the poem's name wrong, please correct me!! I'm an engineer,
what do I know about lit.?   ;)

"We can circle around like hurricanes |   Jeffrey P. Bodner  (jpb8)
Dance and dream like lovers           |       IRC op / Sysop
Attack the day like birds of prey     |
Or scavengers undercover"       -RUSH |  "Fencers love to touch!"


From: (Marc Jordan)
Subject: LOR/Necromancer
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 91 9:34:44 CDT

I thought the song 'The Necromancer' was patterned directly from Lord of the
Rings. I'm not sure who the 'three travelers' are -- they probably aren't
actual LOR characters.

My wife is a rabid Rush fan, Neil being her hero.  Of course, though, when I
first showed her the NMS (I discovered it last semester), she said "Jeez! Get
a life, geek!". Well, not all of us can be perfect!

Marc Jordan


Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1991 09:26 MST
From: "Eric Kay (303) 499-7577" 
Subject: Juke Box Network

For those receiving the "Juke Box Network" (possibly on a UHF station),
they have reinstated the video for _The Pass_. I think the code is 496,
but you can call 1-800-ASK-JUKE to verify. I was told that the videos
are changed weekly. Requesting a video uses a 1-900 number and costs you
$2.50 thru the phone company. A video request should be honored in 30-45
minutes (shorter or longer depending on location/time of day, etc...).
A video for _Superconductor_ exists and might be available. To request a
video not immediatly available, call 1-800-ASK-JUKE. Another NMS subscriber,
Pat E. Perez, suggested the possibility of getting other NMS subscribers
to flood the -ASK-JUKE number with RUSH requests. Anybody out there get
this station and/or is willing to call?

                                                        thanx- Eric Kay
                                                        Boulder, CO


From: "Ian D Bjorhovde" 
Subject: Laser Rush in Pittsburgh
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 91 13:49:30 EDT

Well, here's some news that might excite some people out in Rushdom:

	The now-infamous Laser Rush shows from the Bay area will be
playing here in Pittsburgh!

	I just got off of the phone with the Buhl Science Center:
here's the info:

	Laser Rush will be playing Friday and Saturday nights at 10:30,
starting June 21.  The woman I talked to said that the premiere show
will be restricted, a la free tickets from radio stations.

Any interested, or wanting info, mail me:

Doug, Herschel, Ken?


Ian Bjorhovde
University of Pittsburgh


From: (Alexandre Olazabal)
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 91 13:07:49 CDT
Subject: RUSH radio interviews

      Hi y'all,

   my name is Alex (what an honor!) and I'm a recent subscriber to the
newsletter, which I consider an awesome source of info about the boyz.
   When I was browsing through some old newsletters, I noticed several
trancriptions of radio interviews (mostly from San Diego radio stations)
that you posted. I started listening to Rush in Spain (where they are
not that well known, save a few heavy metal fans) and I have therefore
missed all those radio and video interviews of the wonder trio. Needless
to say that I would love to hear some of them and that is why I was
wondering if any of you has tapes of the interviews or knows how to get
them from the original radio stations.
  If you don't want to clutter the newsgroup with your replies, send
me email to
  Thanks in advance for the myriad of messages offering to send me copies
that you guys are going to post (I thought I'd try some subliminal
conditioning :-)).

					Alex Olazabal

	Nothing here yet...


From: Nick Pitfield 
Subject: Which FM opened for the Boys ?
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 91 14:42:24 BST

>                            VII LOSING IT
>                      Le Studio, Quebec, June,1982
> ...
> We had talked for a while about getting Ben Mink to play electric
> ...
> to get away from his group, _FM_ for a couple of days, and bring his

I guess this settles the debate a few months ago as to whether it was the UK or
Canadian group called 'FM' that opened for the boys a few years back (1976 ?).
There's definitely no 'Ben Mink' in the UK version !.


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