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Subject: 06/13/91 - The National Midnight Star #263

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 263

                  Thursday, 13 June 1991
Today's Topics:
                     dune and others
            My question about the new album...
                      tidy red bits
       Re:  06/12/91 - The National Midnight Star #261
                 Laser RUSH in Pittsburgh
                  A new and sad topic...
                  _Gonna Roll The Bones_
                          Oh Oh
            You know you're a RUSH fan when...
                 Soundtool files request
               Red Barchetta = Inspiration
06/12/91 - The National Midnight Star #261 -- audio files --
                     Visions of RUSH

Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1991 15:13 CDT
From: INDE54Q@Jetson.UH.EDU
Subject: dune and others

I also highly recommend Dune by Frank Herbert.  The movie did not
do justice to the book IMHO.  However, as I believe Herbert wrote in one
forward to the book, the main thrust of the book was concerning the
control of natural paraphrase, or quote ( i don't have the
book) ---the power to control a thing is the power to destroy a thing--
(or vice versa)
anyway, there are limited resources on dune, melange, water, etc. and
whoever controls these things has power--(did i hear someone say, kuwait?)--
herbert wrote a sci-fi novel/epic  based reflected upon earth's natural
resource...i cant remember if melange or water is symbolic of earth's oil
reserves...anyway, i thought that this may be important, specifically since
neil is an environmentalist.
i don't discount, however, the argument about how dune could be used in
a song about the dangers of drug addiction....i'm sorry that i am

add me to the group which subscribes to the thought that the
red barchetta answer in the FAQL is extensive/laborious.
"Red Barchetta = Red Italian Sportscar"

You know you are a rush fan (period)

good bye for now,

daryl santos
university of houston

"sometimes i get impatient"
  (or i hope that's part of the line)
  BBKing  "Hummingbird"


Subject: My question about the new album...
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 91 10:40:48 EDT
From: Christopher A. Briggs 

Actually, I think somebody already asked a question designed to
get to the same answer, and to no avail. But here's my approach:

Who (besides Rush) is producing it?

If the answer is someone that they've used before, then I think
we'll have a good idea as to the basic sound and style of the
album. But, does anyone here know?

"When the dragons grow too mighty to slay with pen or sword
 I grow weary of the battle, and the storm I walk toward"


Date: Wed, 12 Jun 91 18:55:05 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: tidy red bits

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the feedback on the ``endless winter's night''. I read
about the origin of the line in a previous posting (Neil sure finds
some good stuff -- almost as good as Sting at grabbing those tidbits
from English literature! IMHO; I think Neil is a better lyricist).
What I was interested in getting at was the REASON it was incorporated

in the song. There was some debate (in the 80's of the digest, as I
mentioned) about exactly which environmental problems (and future
disasters?) Neil may have been focusing on; one young woman offered
a nuclear war theory and was beaten down. But I think this line gives
some plausibility to the idea that Neil was interested in touching
on the environmental effects of nuclear weaponry. The two respondents
seem to be con, any pros?



Date: Wed, 12 Jun 91 19:32:21 EDT
From: Todd Fantz 
Subject: Re:  06/12/91 - The National Midnight Star #261

Here is what ya'll (you+all=ya'll) have been talking about.

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night	1952

	Do not go gentle into that good night,
	Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
	Rage, rage aginst the dying of the light.

	Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
	Because their words had forked no lightning they
	Do not go gentle into that good night.

	Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
	Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
	Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

	Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
	And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way
	Do not go gentle into that good night.

	Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
	Blind eyes could blaze like meteors be gay,
	Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

	And you, my father, there on sad height,
	Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray,
	Do not go gentle into that good night.
	Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

			Dylan Thomas (1914-53)

And there you have it...

[ Thanks, and this will show up in the 'rush/special' directory soon.
                                                              :rush-mgr ]


Date: Wed, 12 Jun 91 20:19:08 -0400
From: "John W Connelly" 
Subject: Laser RUSH in Pittsburgh

To all youns fellow NMS readers in Pittsburgh who have been lobbying for Buhl
to get the laser Rush show, I've got some good news.  The show begins there
next Friday, 6/21.  10:30 PM, I believe.  Call 231-2319 for more details.


P.S: Forgive me if this has been mentioned here already.  I'm months behind in
	digesting my digests.

| John Connelly, 511 LRDC | |"Klingon sons, you've |
| University of Pgh	  |=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+|  killed my bastard!" |
| Pittsburgh, PA  15260   |   CONNELLY@Pittvms.BITNET  |     --STIII (almost) |


Date: Wed, 12 Jun 91 19:01:05 PDT
From: (Robert Shaw)
Subject: Howdy

Hi Everyone, I've just subscribed. I hope there are alot of guitarists
around, so that I can what Alex is doing on a such-and-such a track every
now and then. At the moment, though, I'm working on _Free_Will_ from the
last issue of GFTPM (I think it's that mag).

I've noticed something missing, I hope it's not a taboo subject. At the
risk of making a faux pas, I'll bring it up (besides, it always comes up
when I sleep out for tickets...)

How many bootlegs are floating around that people know about? Do you
guys trade them and such ? I have three at the moment:

 (1) the Electric Ladies radio interview
 (2) "Stellar Dynamics" - a Cleveland show from about the same time with
     not so good sound quality
 (3) A St. Louis show from 1980, titled "Temples Of Syrinx"...

[ Other albums that I've seen or heard about:  Live at Pinktop - Holland '79;
  "Sailing Into Destiny" - GUP vid. soundtrack + part of Exit soundtrack;
  "Looking Through a Window" - 1986(?);  "Xanadu" - two record set from same
  show as #3 above.  Countless taped boots.                       :rush-mgr ]

BTW, The "three travellers" in The Necromancer are most certainly not from
Lord Of The Rings. They are "men of Willodale" (hint, hint). Refer to
_Visions_ ....

Rob Shaw


Subject: A new and sad topic...
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 91 21:59:46 EDT

and a topic that most Rush fans would rather not address, I'd bet; myself
included, but the NMS is in a lull right now.  It is...... how much longer
do you think the band can go?  Within three years they'll be in they're
forties.  I know, I know, there are bands that have kept going long past
the twenty-year mark, but I'd rather not think about all the revival bands
(the Who, the Stones, etc).  How much energy do the boyz have to keep their
touring pace up?  Would we even _want_ a RUSH that doesn't tour (better than
no Rush at all, of course).   Do you think they can make it to their fourth
live album?

In the end this is unanswerable.  We still haven't seen the fragmentation
of the members as happens in other bands, with solo projects beginning to
take precedence.  I hope they can keep producing quality material, without
beginning to rehash styles (i.e. I hope they keep changing and maturing).
I don't want my Rush collection darkened by poor works (and I think they
know when it'd be time to stop, too).  What do you all think?  How many
more years will the threesome go?

						Derek L.
       derek@albnyvms.bitnet       <>
====}=---------------`  Fencers love to touch  '-----------------={====
               "Cinderella man... hang on to your plans..."


From: (Amy Moseley)
Subject: Poem
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 91 21:52:32 CDT

The poem everyone wants is Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night,
it was written by Dylan Thomas for his dying father, the
part I remember off hand is
Rage, Rage!
Against the dying of the light
But do not go gently into that good night.

Amy J. Moseley
Motorola Computer Group
(512) 891-2426					:) or


Date: Wed, 12 Jun 91 16:20:00 EST
Subject: _Gonna Roll The Bones_

    I went out to look for Leiber's "Gonna Roll the Bones", but couldn't
    find it anywhere.  I checked the biggest bookstore (Borders) in the
    D.C. area, but no luck.  They looked up Leiber on the computer, and
    quite a few titles came up, but all since 1976.  "Bones" is dated
    1967, and apparently is (long) out of print.  I havn't yet tried a
    library- heck the Library of Congress should have it!

    Has anyone else been able to find this book?

[ Try checking out Olson's books on Dupont Circle, in Georgetown, Bethesda,
  and Rockville.                                                 :rush-mgr ]

    -Dave Schmidt


From: atz@clmqt.marquette.MI.US (dweezilbub)
Subject: Oh Oh
Date: 12 Jun 91 22:06:04 EDT (Wed)

Sheri.Gillette@EBay.Sun.COM (Sheri Gillette) scribed...

> RUSH are top quality, there fans are people who like
> top quality music! ya know, i had an attitude about RUSH for a couple of
> of my favorite bands, The Runaways, opened up for them...

Quality...  I like that word.  But I dont remember a band named The
Runaways who opened up for the boyz?  Was I in jail then maybe?

Hope everyone is liking the GIF's...

BTW...  If you haven't gotten your address on my mailing list for GIF's,
send it and I'll just simply start over...  (That is, if you cant do ftp
stuff like me.)

      \_._____._____._____.    ====  ====  ===== .____._____.___.___/
  \__The Enterprise BBS      ==  ==  ==   ,===~   This space for rent!__/
       __-__________-__     ==~~==  ==   =====    ____-_____-___-__
         \          \  \    /     /   /


From: atz@clmqt.marquette.MI.US (dweezilbub)
Subject: You know you're a RUSH fan when...
Date: 12 Jun 91 22:25:44 EDT (Wed)

You download all the NMS from a week gone by, and read them

You send out 200K a day of RUSH GIFs to only a few of you fans out
there who patiently wait for the next one to show up in your

You SLIGHTLY move your home speakers cause 'THE PASS' must be
played at 200 watts...

Hi everybody!  yabba vooba ooo

      \_._____._____._____.    ====  ====  ===== .____._____.___.___/
  \__The Enterprise BBS      ==  ==  ==   ,===~   This space for rent!__/
       __-__________-__     ==~~==  ==   =====    ____-_____-___-__
         \          \  \    /     /   /


From: stedmant@LONEX.RADC.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 91 08:49:33 EDT
Subject: P/G

        Upon reading this week's TV guide, I discovered that "grace under
pressure" was Ernest Hemingway's definition of courage.  It's amazing the
sources you can find stuff like this in.


  I_) I I <~ I_I          Terry Stedman           ORQ: "if I could wave
  I \ I_I _> I I   (         my magic wand..."


From: (Ron Rader)
Subject: Soundtool files request
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 91 8:34:08 EDT

Doug White sez:

> We have available audio!
> For a limited time - about a week and a half - you can ftp to

  Unfortunately, there are many sites which don't support ftp.  In particular,
the site we get our Net feed from.  Therefore, I'm hoping a listserver is
available which will allow us to request sound files via email.

  Since it's doubtful whether this will be accomplished by the end of June,
when these files won't be available any longer at ncsl, I ask anyone who has
these files in their possession to email them to me.  Otherwise, I'll miss out
on the cool Rush samples.

  In particular, I'd like Fly By Night, A Farewell to Kings, YYZ and the 2112
files, but I'd appreciate any files at all.  Thanks in advance to those kind-
hearted souls helping out we ftp-less rubes!

[ Somebody hang on to them!  One of these days/months/years I'll have disk
  space, and will look into getting a mail server for Syrinx.  Hang in there,
  all you non-ftp folks!  :-)                                     :rush-mgr ]

ron rader, jr OR ...!mcnc!bbt!rlr = Opinions are my own and do
| |  i gotta six-pack & nothing to do...       = not necessarily reflect those
 | | i gotta six-pack & i don't need you       = of BroadBand Tech. (SO THERE!)
  *** Punk ain't no religious cult, punk means thinking for yourself - DKs ***


Date: 12 Jun 91 11:30:00 CDT
Subject: Red Barchetta = Inspiration

Hello all,

Well, the "Neck Romancer" (I'm sure that turns on all the women! :)), said
a lot about the Red Barchetta and I was reminded of how that song changed my

I was 15, and at the Univ. of Texas at Austin.  I was a skinny little kid and
lonely as hell. I was poor and struggling, but it was my youth and I was having
fun! :)  (why IS youth wasted on the young?)

I was thrust into the mainstream of college life after being under the thumb of
the oppressive "parental vision", and I let loose.  But, I became very tired
of the whole scene and sought solace in music.  Though Led Zeppelin was my
favorite, I had heard RUSH via the normal radio station airplay (KLBJ -
for you Austinites) and liked the usual songs (i.e. Tom Sawyer...)

I was also a car nut and when I heard Red Barchetta I was hooked!  I didn't
listen to any other RUSH song (only recently did I listen to the entire ESL
tape that I had).  I would put on RB and dream I was there driving with the
wind in my hair and dreaming of a world of air cars.

It meant a lot to me then and it stills does.  It is one of my favorite songs,
and after 9 years, I still find solace in it.  Thus a testimonial to the boyz.


OBRQ: "I will choose a path that's clear.  I will choose freewill"


Internet :  (VAX/VMS)    Bitnet: keshav@unoma1
    (Ultrix)     ICBMnet: 41' 35", 67' 34"
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                         "INVICTUS MANEO"


Date: Thu, 13 Jun 91 13:06:43 EDT
From: shadow! (David Kuznick)
Subject: 06/12/91 - The National Midnight Star #261 -- audio files --

I would like to get at the audio files, but we are not really an
Internet host yet, so I acn't use ftp.  Would someone out there be
willing to UUCP them to me?

David Kuznick


From: admiral!daveh@uunet.UU.NET
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 91 14:08:16 EDT

>From daveh  Wed, 12 Jun 91 14:08:16 EDT
Subject: FAQL - What is a barchetta?
From: daveh@admiral.UUCP (Dave Hamilton)
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 91 14:08:16 EDT
Organization: The Grid/Waffle BBS, 203-661-2873, -1279, -0450, -2967

I was glancing through the most recent FAQL and was re-reading the part
explaining what a barchetta was and it seems to me that it is quite
unclear.  The FAQL tells me that the barchetta is a body-style and then
goes on to list countless Ferrari's that were made in the
"barchetta-configuration."  What I want to know, really, is what IS the
barchetta-configuration?  How does is differ from a coupe style?  And,
moreover, why does the "H" key on my keyboard feel so soft today?

                                             -Dave Hamilton

ORQ: How can anybody be enlightened?  When truth is, after all, so
     poorly lit.

daveh@admiral.UUCP (Dave Hamilton) 
The Grid/Magpie and /Waffle BBS
(HST/V32) 203-661-1279 (PEP/V32) -2873 (V32) -0450 (V29/MNP6) -2967
Multiplayer Games, Multicolor Chat, Multibbses, Multifun!


From: (Alexandre Olazabal)
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 91 14:01:27 CDT
Subject: Visions of RUSH

  Hello there,

     a bit of ancient history for you:

       on Oct 10th 1990, (Meg) writes:

" If anyone would like a copy of what is said in _Chronicles_ I typed it in...
I also have the book _Success Under Pressure_ and _Visions_ (ok only some
of it right now) typed in if anyone would like a copy... "

  I was wondering if she did transcribe the Visions book (or if anyone else
did) since I have not seen it in the "rush/special" directory of the server.
I have tried to email her a message but she is not there anymore.
 If anyone has a Visions online please let us know (sorry if this request
was already posted, I'm new around here :-(P )

[ I declined to accept the text of "Visions" for publication in the NMS.
  This was because it is a generally available, still in print book, and
  I didn't want to deal with copyright infringement.  The S.U.P. book is
  virtually impossible to find (out of print?), and that's how I justified
  posting that.  Oh, BTW, Meg is still on the list; you'll probably be
  hearing from her soon.  Right Meg?  (She makes good shirts too.)
                                                                :rush-mgr ]

				Alex Olazabal


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