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Subject: 06/17/91 - The National Midnight Star #266

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 266

                   Monday, 17 June 1991
Today's Topics:
                     RUSH Longetivity
                       bone rolling
                      Thanks Dan :-)
      Re: 06/14/91 - The National Midnight Star #265
                 allusions and illusions
                         unsub me
                 How about Acustic Rush?!
            RTB, Dune and nocturnal habits....
           You know you're a Rush fan when.....
                     Yes/ABWH digest
Dreams, game shows, and officially liscenced Rush Products...
                 The Music of the Spheres
                    Satan, backmasking
      mystery science theater 3000 strikes again...
                       KOME Auction
  The real meaning of RUSH; Subdivisions vs. Territories

Date: Fri, 14 Jun 91 16:33:38 -0400
From: (Dave Rubin)
Subject: RUSH Longetivity

RUSH is a very well oiled machine.   They are able to crank out albums
very efficiently and seem to have no internal personality conflicts to
interfere with their songwriting and production.  I suspect RUSH will
continue on this pace until:

a. They get bored with their formula and crave something different
b. They get tired of touring (I doubt if RUSH would ever become a
   studio exclusive band)
c. They decide to change their careers (Neil becomes a writer,
   Geddy a producer, Alex .... King of a small island)

I predict at least 2 more albums, then they will work on the proverbial
"other projects" for a few years, then get back together and continue to
crank out quality albums for the next 100 years or so.



Subject: bone rolling
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 91 16:13:25 PDT
From: Doug Grumann 

Derek comments..
> I don't want my Rush collection darkened by poor works (and I think they
> know when it'd be time to stop, too).

The speed with which they cut the latest album amazes and worries me.  Do
they really have so much material built up that they can lay down the tracks
within a month of the end of the last tour?  Seems strange.  Once the music
making gets to be "automatic", its time to stop.

>    I went out to look for Leiber's "Gonna Roll the Bones", but couldn't
>    find it anywhere.  I checked the biggest bookstore (Borders) in the
>    -Dave Schmidt

Luckily, the short story "Gonna Roll the Bones" is in a compilation that
should be in most of the bookstores.  Look for a book called "The Best of
the Nebulas", edited by Ben Bova.  It has the Leiber story as well as some
other great ones.  Personally, I thought "Gonna Roll" was too off the wall,
even being the Twin Peaks fan that I am.


"Wow, Bob, wow"


Date: Sat, 15 Jun 91 00:29:40 EDT
From: (vaalpens)
Subject: Thanks Dan :-)

Cheer Up Dan,

I've been reading TNMS from before it was called TNMS, and I think]
your job of the FAQ is FANTASTIC.

As you say, if someone else thinks they can do a better job,
then they should ask for the job.  If it wasn't for your support,
the TNMS wouldn't be as great as it is.

So maybe I'll just post this to the TNMS to let people know
that everyone who contributes to this digest is appreciated
- especially the great TNMS Mgr, and the rest of the gang.


ORQ:: "It aught to be second nature, at least that's what I feel..."

Cornelius J. van der Merwe   (


Date: Sat, 15 Jun 91 15:42:30 EDT
From: jhs4h@uva.pcmail.Virginia.EDU
Subject: Re: 06/14/91 - The National Midnight Star #265

I assume that some of you out there have subscribed to the Spirit
of Rush recently, since it was mentioned in the  NMS a while
back.  I just got my first issue last week, and with it was
included a list of several hundred Rush bootlegs.  Does any one
know if this is just a list to let us know what's out there, or
are these perhaps available for trade or something?  I would love
to get copies of the Oakland, CA and Richmond, VA Presto shows.
(also the Greenville, SC show).



Date: Sat, 15 Jun 91 17:11:08 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: allusions and illusions

Thanks to Jeff Gray for his comments relating to Neil's lyrics
and _Red Tide_.  I didn't ask the question ``Is Neil making
an allusion here OR is he referring to nuclear winter?'' Though
it seems that my comments were taken that way. The poem posting
makes it all the more clear that he is referring to nuclear winter
here as his modification of the phrase ``gentle into that good
night'' is to change ``good'' to ``endless winter'' -- this
was what leads one to the nuclear winter allusion. What adds
more support are the similarities with ``D.E.W.'' -- references

to acid rain and alarms; ``Red Tide'' is a red song and ``D.E.W.''
has its ``red alert''.  Anyway...

Way back in Digest #223, it was suggested (in Rand rehash) that Ayn
Rand keeps company with Ronald Reagan. In fact, Rand considering
Reagan to be an idiot (I'm not exaggerating). There's a big
difference between Rand's (quasi-)Libertarian stance and Conservatism
-- like the difference between the work of Rush and Paul McCartney
(and his ``Wings''), who Neil once called a musical ``prostitute''
who ``doesn't have alot of artistic integrity'' -- see the now
infamous J. Kordosh piece in a 1982 Creem issue.

(I just noticed it's not in the `special' directory! Seeing as this
interview is a CLASSIC, we must have it!! I will send a transcription
to the Rush-manager immediately!!!)

When reading this piece also note Neil's statements about the
Right-wing, e.g. ``I can't stand the whole concept of law-and-order
and authority and everything...''

Just thought that you should know (in case you didn't already!),


Gregg Jaeger    (  ``Truth is after all a moving target''
Dept(s). of Physics (and Philosophy)
Boston University, Boston MA 02215     ->>READ DOS PASSOS!(his books, i.e.)<<-


Date: Sun, 16 Jun 91 02:05:21 PDT
From: rstanton@UCSD.EDU (Desperately Seeking)

	Please take me off the list, just for summer - won't be here.


From: (Jeremy Ellis)
Subject: unsub me
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 91 12:53:00 CDT

Please unsubscribe me to the Rush
mailing list...
Jeremy A. Ellis


From: (Jeff Boerio)
Subject: How about Acustic Rush?!
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 91 16:39:32 EST

Ya know, I was listening to Tesla's "Five Man Acustical Jam" the other day,
followed by "A Farewell to Kings" and "Signals", and I brought up the
following idea with a friend.

Wouldn't it be absolutely amazing to hear Rush do a portion of their show
acustically??  Think about all the music that would lend itself to such a
performance.  And with the capabilities of all three bandmembers, I am
certain that the results would be out of this world.

Another thing that came up in the conversation (after seeing "Robin Hood:
Prince of Thieves") was just how medievel Rush lyrics really are.  I could
just imagine how the earlier sounds of Rush would fit in with such story

     - Jeff

Jeff Boerio:


Date: Mon, 17 Jun 91 10:04:15 BST
From: "A.G.Gibb" 
Subject: RTB, Dune and nocturnal habits....

	It's a great pleasure for me to be back once again.... (Ring a bell?
ESL video :-) )

	Not a lot to say but it's about time I said something. Here we go...

	"Roll the Bones"? Can't say I fancy that much as an album title, but
the more I hear it the more I get used to it, as with a few other titles.

	The idea of the boyz doing their own musical interpretation of "Dune"
brings to mind the trouble Iron Maiden had with Frank Herbert over their
version. (Some might say, That's no surprise! but I shan't enter into that
debate.) Originally, Maiden were going to call the song "Dune" and have it as
the title track of that particular album (ie what is now Piece of Mind) and
out of courtesy they contacted the author and asked his permission to name that
song and the album "Dune". Their reply (from Mr Herbert's agency or whatever)
was effectively that he wanted nothing to do with rock bands and so Maiden had
to drop it (although the song survived as To Tame A Land). I personally think
it would be a great idea (although I'm no Sci-Fi fan and haven't read the book)
mainly because I like concept albums and songs. (Hence my three fave Rush albums
are 2112, AFTK and Hemispheres.)

	Who was it who mentioned listening to Rush whilst using a telescope?
Along with a friend of mine (you know who you are Mr Campbell) I have had the
pleasure of the Boyz' company during the small hours when using the
small telescope currently on loan to me. Most relaxing. On my next observing
trip (hopefully to Hawaii) I intend to take a few CDs and play them at the
top of Mauna Kea to help pass those hours of recording data from outer space.
Imagine my surprise when only today I found that the source I'm working on has
dimensions of 21" by 12" (seconds of arc). The significance of my find was lost
on the other members of the group. Oh well, never mind.... Maybe one day they'll
see the light (or radio waves since we're radio astronomers :-) ).

	Moving off the rails even further (sorry Rush-mgr) can the person who
wondered how many of us Rushians enjoy listening to Camel recommend a few of
their albums to me (I already have The Snow Goose and Moonmadness)? Ta.

	Mille mercis...

PS How do you pronounce 'Eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww' ??!

  A.G.Gibb,                  |       Acoustic -- a Scottish cattle prod.
  Radio Astronomy Group,     |
  University of Kent,        |       Buenos Nochas, Mein Froinds
  Canterbury, Kent, UK.      |             -- Rush, La Villa Strangiato


Date: Mon, 17 Jun 91 11:11:05 EST
From: bigal@wpi.WPI.EDU (Nathan Charles Crowell)
Subject: You know you're a Rush fan when.....

I've seen the messages about this lately and had to add my 2/100 dollar: perform a bizzare, arcane cremation ritual in your
	fraternity house's basement for a damaged Rush disc.....
	(this really happened, we have pix, just ask the other two
	 TNMS subscribers who were their to do this with me!) drive from Massachusetts to South Carolina to catch
	the first date of the Presto tour, with no regard for sleep
	or nourishment, just an insatiable desire to see Rush!


Big Al

OBRQ: "Ya, oh, yaaa!" - Finding My Way

OBQ: "Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice Doggie' until you can
      find a rock."


Date: 17 Jun 91 11:06:02 EDT
From: Dave Hamilton <70244.322@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Yes/ABWH digest

I know that this is NOT the best place to be asking about this, but it's the
only way I could think of to get any information.  I have been trying to get on
the mailing list for the Yes/ABWH digest, but everytime I send mail to it tells me that that address cannot receive new
mail.  Does someone have the correct address for me?  Thanks.  Oh, and sorry
about tying up valuable space here.  Please respond with mail.

                                                 -Dave Hamilton

ORQ: See that fool on television, getting paid to play the fool.


Date: 17 Jun 91 11:37:00 EDT
From: "HINDS" 
Subject: Dreams, game shows, and officially liscenced Rush Products...

Greetings to everyone out there in TV land.

I was trying not to perpetuate the "You know you're a Rush Fan when..." thread,
figuring that it had just about outlived its usefulness as a summer-time space/
time filler until more info was available about the new album topic, until I
read the post about an hypothetical line of Rush-Products that a disgruntled
record company might release to cash in on a certain band's popularity.

*** The following is a true story ***

Does anyone else have this recurring dream:

I am on a game show called, "BREAKFAST WITH NEIL," where the grand prize is a
breakfast with anyone named Neil in the world.

Well, here I sit, a contestant, answering trivia questions...  Today's "Neil's"
are Neil Sedaka (Sp?), Neil Armstrong, and (you guessed it) Neil Peart.

Yes, yes, I know Neil (OUR Neil) would never prostitute himself on a gameshow,
but this is a DDREAM, remember?!

In any event, I usually wake up before the winner is announced, but right before
the final winner-take-all question is read, the announcer describes the "list
of parting gifts for our runners up,"  which include, (Remember, I am not
making this up) a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni, and a complete set of By-Tor
and the Snow-Dog action figures (eeeew!)

Call me eccentric or strange, but I suppose, "You're a real Rush Fan when you
dream about winning breakfast with Neil, but would be happy to have won the
parting gifts.

*****  Responses by anyone whose name is Freud, or rhymews with Freud will be
       ignored, and the offending party pummeled repeadedly about the head
       with a stack of rush tour books.

To sleep, perchance to dream,
J.L.H. (The Lerxst of Alachua)


From: Patrick Quairoli 
Subject: The Music of the Spheres
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 91 11:58:17 EDT

	a little while ago the topic arose about the phrase
	'music of the spheres'  i've just come across a passage
	in lord byron's don jaun and the notes say that according
	to the Pythagorean doctrine of harmony, those planets nearer
	the central cosmic fire travelled more slowly and made deeper
	sounds; those that were farther from the centre and orbited
	more rapidly rang higher notes.

patrick j. quairoli		| "He hears, alas, no music of the spheres
widener!quairoli 		|   But an unhallowed, earthly sound of		|    fiddling,"  Lord Byron _Don_Juan_


Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1991 12:06:05 -0400 (EDT)
From: Gregory C Best 
Subject: Satan, backmasking

I had to jump in on the backmasking topic.  My roommate had a cassete
deck with a button you could press to reverse the tape direction (I
believe for editing purposes).   A group of us sat around one night and
ran through a series of tunes backwards just to hear what came up.
Stairway was the most interesting.  The cassette deck reversed at normal
speed, which is more effective than trying to spin a disc.   We felt
that "There's no escapin' it" was pretty clear under each iteration of
"And it makes me wonder", and then we also found "I live with Satan",
"There's power in Satan", "My sweet Satan", all of which we felt were
clear enough to be intentional.  There were also some random lines like
"666" and such that we attributed to us going batty after listening to
"wump wump Satan wump fsssst wump" for so long.

We also tried to several Beatles tunes (no one had the white album on
tape).  I believe we found "I feel remorse" in Strawberry Fields, but
that may have actually been forward.  We also found "Congratulations,
you have found the secret message, send your response to the Funny Farm
in care of Old Pink..." in the wall (obviously intentional) and "It's
fun to smoke marijuanna" in Another One Bites Dust (it sounded pretty
clear to us).  I've heard that "Satan" is backmasked into Shoobe-doo by
the Cars but it was weak at best.  More likely a result of the mixing
effects.  (However it could be a *cause for* the mixing effects, which
would explain why that song is so wierd).

A friend of mine is a DJ and was telling me that they flipped Madonna's
Justify My Love on their reel to reel and heard quite distinctly "I love
Satan" under "for you to justify my love".  (kinda figured she musta
made a hell of a deal with someone to get this far on what shes got.)

As far as worrying about the far right pulling martial law on the music
industry, I don't think there is much to worry about in having a little
fun, or pulling a publicity stunt.  I don't think the minds of our youth
are being corrupted by backmasking, to get anything out of it
(subliminal or other wise) from the forward direction, you would have to
store the waveform for the duration of the segment, reverse it and
reanlyze it, pulling that one sentence from the mix and ignoring the
music that is still playing forward (which is far more interesting to
the listener).  Come on, the human mind is amazing, but not that
amazing.  It doesn't make sense.  It  is a useless capability
(evolutionarily speaking).  The most that will come out of it is alot of

Has Rush done anything like vocal backmasking?  I know the Chain
Lightning solo was reversed (quite impressive actually, didn't even
catch on till I read it here).   Sorry I got so long winded.


"Why sound I whistle when the caged bird sings?"


Date: Mon, 17 Jun 91 13:08:57 EDT
From: (Mark Adam)
Subject: mystery science theater 3000 strikes again...

good day, eh!

just the other day i was watching mst3000 and as ussual they were
ranking on a VERY bad movie. it was some kind of e.t. rip-off. except
that the creature was a killer when he wasn't around the kid.

anyways, in one of the more 'tense' moments of the movie there was a
'tension building' drum beat in the back ground and of the character
watching the movie said 'neil peart, on drums'

some time ago someone mentioned another mst3000 reference to rush. as
least the guys watching the movie are more real than the people in the
movie. if you've never seen mst3000, try it. it is highly amusing.

mark ----------------------------

		"Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers that smell bad."
		"I am NOT a merry man!"


From: (Dave "Louie" LaPlant)
Subject: KOME Auction
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 91 11:36:53 PDT

I just heard on KOME (San Jose and the Bay's Rock Station), that they'll be
having an auction (as well as a concert headed by the drill rockers themselves,
Mr. Big) this Saturday starting at 5pm. One of the items they will be auctioning
off is a Platinum (or gold, I don't remember) albumn of Hold Your Fire,
autographed by the Boyz. Just thought you Bay area folks with big bucks would
want to know.



Subject: The real meaning of RUSH; Subdivisions vs. Territories
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 91 13:33:12 -0700

Hi.  I just read through the FAQL; it answered a lot of questions I had
about Rush.  However, I'm not satisfied by the explanation of the origin of
the band's name.  "John's older brother Bill piped up, 'Why don't you call
it Rush' and Rush it was."  But *why* did Bill suggest the name Rush?  What
significance did it have?  Were they simply in a rush to get a name?  Or is
it really a silly acronym for something which they'd rather not talk about?
(Sort of like DA used to be Death Angel, or Y&T used to be Yesterday and

[ That's all we have *documented* for now ...                    :rush-mgr ]

The FAQL also mentioned the connection between the three parts of Fear.
Another cross-album connection I noticed was between Subdivisions and
Territories; the latter seems like the perfect sequel to the former.
Subdivisions is about the cliques in high school and the
compartmentalization of suburban life, whereas Territories is about the
divisions of nations and the "territorial games" that the world leaders
play.  Does anyone know if this connection was intentional?

Doug Orleans

ORQ: "Some world views are spacious, other merely spaced"


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