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Subject: 06/18/91 - The National Midnight Star #267

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 267

                  Tuesday, 18 June 1991
Today's Topics:
                     Musical Spheres
                     Yes mailing list
      stars stopped in the sky, an everlasting view
        FAQL - What is a barchetta? (Not a Flame)
               How's this for a Rush Epic?
"We oil the jaws of the RUSH machine and feed it with our babies?"
               Moving Pictures CD Mastering
                       Part 2 ....
                       Rush Dreams
RE: 06/17/91 - The National Midnight Star #266 -- Camel info
                     RAP Tom Sawyer?
                   Subdivisions on ASOH

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Just a quick note:  the latest edition of Jimmy Lang's Complete Rush
Tour list is now available at the ftp site:  the new name is now


Date: Mon, 17 Jun 91 18:51:13 -0500
From: B Scoggin 
Subject: Musical Spheres

	I don't know if this has been covered before, but I was reading
in today's TNMS #266 about music of the Spheres.  I that this stems from
a music theory notion of Boethius'.
	He is a music theorist ca. 480-ca 524.
	He describes music being divided into three parts:

	Musica Mundana      Music created by the planets and such.
	Musica Humana       Music created by our bodies.
	Musica Instrumentalis Music made with the voice and instruments.

	These are gross simplifications, he only organized these notions,
and  I think the bulk of the information is correct.

						Thanks for your support,


Date: Mon, 17 Jun 91 19:58:55 EDT
From: Tanguy Kervahut 
Subject: Yes mailing list

Sorry to post this to the list, but my mail to the person who
requested this bounced; and if there are others who want to know, well
here you go:
  The address you have for the Yes mailing list is not good anymore
(at least for the summer). But someone else took over, and there are 2
addresses now:
or	CWalters@Ducvax.Auburn.Edu



Date: Mon, 17 Jun 91 20:23:12 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: stars stopped in the sky, an everlasting view

I too have enjoyed many a night at the telescope (observing dwarf
novae!) listening to Rush. I particularly enjoy ``Xanadu'' while
in the dark in an observatory dome beneath the heavens. Bach's
Toccata and Fugue in D minor (Biggs!) is also quite a rush!

Speaking of ``Xanadu'',

Back in Digest #235 it was reported (as an anecdote about a brush
with Rush -- great story, does anyone else have an unreported brush
with greatness?) that Neil was seen smoking a joint. Someone responded
(in a pretty Randian way, I might add -- Ayn didn't ever _drink_
(except once!) because, she claimed, drinking destroys one's rational
faculty -- that he looked down on the behavior and was disappointed.
Well, there's a big difference -- as was noted at the time by others
-- between an occasional doob and being a stoner-for-life!

One possibility for the smoke is that marijuana and other
`mind-altering' substances can serve to spur creativity (though
I don't recommend getting _too_ creative, heh heh). In fact, S.T.
Coleridge (the author of ``Kubla Khan'', see Digest #88) was an
avid user of _opium_, far more serious business.


Gregg Jaeger    (  ``Truth is after all a moving target''
Dept(s). of Physics (and Philosophy)
Boston University, Boston MA 02215     ->>READ DOS PASSOS!(his books, i.e.)<<-


Date: Mon, 17 Jun 91 22:54 EDT
Subject: FAQL - What is a barchetta? (Not a Flame)

This is not intended as criticism of FAQL.

Dave Hamilton asked:
>     ...  The FAQL tells me that the barchetta is a body-style and then
>goes on to list countless Ferrari's that were made in the
>"barchetta-configuration."  What I want to know, really, is what IS the
>barchetta-configuration?              ...

A barchetta IS an open road car (no roof), I think it literally translates to
"little boat" (wasn't that in FAQL???).

>            ...           How does is differ from a coupe style?

A coupe has a roof, a barchetta does not.  Barchetta is not particular to
Ferrari's, as FAQL says it's just a body style.  Italians also use "berlinetta"
for coupes and "spider" for convertibles.

For example: Ferrari 308GTBi

             Ferrari 308GTSi

>            ...                                                   And,
>moreover, why does the "H" key on my keyboard feel so soft today?

Must be the heat.  Pour some Coke on it and it'll stiffen up.

				   Jeff Sherota


From: (Victor Kamutzki)
Subject: How's this for a Rush Epic?
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 0:18:48 EDT

Yeah, I think Dune would be a cool basis for an epic tune, but here's
an idea I just came up with.  IOW, I have 2 cents and and I'm gonna
stick it in your face.

How about the Vampire Trilogy by Anne Rice?  You know the one.
Interview With A Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned.  (I
hear there's another book on the way, but that's another story.)  Anne
Rice has some really excellent things to say about life and death,
good and evil, self-actualization, love and friendship.  All this
based on a pretty surreal theme.  The Vampire Lestat would be my
personal fave for this kind of treatment.  Doncha think?  Talk it up!

Victor Kamutzki
<  VicTheRecptionist Kamutzki       <>  "Cast in this unlikely role,       >
<       <>   Ill-equipped to act,              >
<    <>   With insufficient tact..." -Peart >


Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 10:19:38 edt
Subject: "We oil the jaws of the RUSH machine and feed it with our babies?"

I read some things in yesterday's NMS that worried me greatly,
about perceptions of the band (well maybe not GREATLY, but still..)
Dave Rubin speaks of RUSH as a well oiled machine that can "crank"
out albums efficiently, as if they were churning out mere product.
I HOPE this is not what he believes, for Rush puts a lot of time
and effort into their albums, moreso than most bands chasing after
fame and money, and willing to toss any collection of shit to their
fans to achieve their end. Doug Grumann points this out too, saying
"Once the music making gets to be automatic, its time to stop."

However, Doug also worries about the speed of the production of the
current release. There are 2 reasons I have to disagree. 1) Its
been a year and a half since Presto came out 2) people DO write
stuff on tour, you know, and also develop creative ideas in tuning
sessions before shows. So the "speed" doesn't really suprise me at

On another note, (Laaaa!), I will corroberate (?) Mr. Crowell's
story regarding the cremation :-) also I have to add to the second
item: "...with no regard for sleep, nourishment, or guardrails."


Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 11:16:00 -0400
Subject: Moving Pictures CD Mastering

    Sorry if this has been answered before (standard disclaimer) but I'm new
to this digest.  Anyway, I was listening to MP last night and I noticed that
the disc is labelled AAD while the back cover of the CD case says ADD.  BTW,
the is the Canadian Anthem release.  Now, this is isn't a "my life depends
upon knowing this" question, but I was kinda curious as to which is right.

Mike Hackett
University of Western Ontario


Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 11:37:54 edt
Subject: Part 2 ....

(My brain dead mailer cut me off.....)

More pablum...

The real meaning of Rush, Doug Orleans asks? Why, its Rockers
Under Satan's Hand, of course. :-) :-) :-) :-\ %-S

OBRQ - "Eat me, Rolling Stone" (back masked into La Villa)

- "wump wump Marshall Robin wump fsssst wump"


Date: 	Tue, 18 Jun 1991 10:40:55 PDT
Subject: Rush Dreams

It's funny J.L.H. (The Lerxst of Alachua) should mention dreams
involving Rush...I was thinking about starting a thread along those
lines, too.

I've had a couple dreams about Rush lately (my husband says I've
been reading TNMS too much!), and was wondering if other people dream
about the boyz as well.  I don't mean fantasizing about meeting them;
these dreams I'm talking about are the completely unconscious, middle-
of-the-night type of dreams.

Both of my dreams centered around visiting the boyz and their families.
In the first, I dreamed of meeting the Peart household (mostly I remem-
ber really neat architecture in the "living room" with stacks and
stacks of books).  In the second, my husband and I played with first
Alex' family, then Geddy's family--having fun with the kids, joking
around, generally being completely at ease with them, like we'd known
them all our lives (sigh...I wish!).

So that's my story...anyone else have a good dream to share?

La Villa Strangiato de Xerox  :-)


Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 08:51 CST
Subject: FAQL

Please send me the FAQL.   Thanks.        -bRi-


Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 14:17:50 EDT
From: shadow! (David Kuznick)
Subject: RE: 06/17/91 - The National Midnight Star #266 -- Camel info

for A.G.Gibb

Though I am not the one who metioned Camel initially, I am a big fan.
Mirage, Raindances and I Can See your House From Here are all very
good.  In fact all of thier albums are very good.  Also look for the
group Happy The Man (Kit Watkins' group after he left Camel.  He
became the keyboardist when Peter Bardens left).  BTW, is there
anyone out there who knows how to get Camel on CD?  I found some at a
store in Jersey, but they were 23.95!

I would like to here from anyone who likes Camel.

David Kuznick


From: (Brian Grave)
Subject: RAP Tom Sawyer?
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 14:14:29 CDT

I was just wading through some back issues of the NMS and I was wondering
what ever happened about that RAP version of Tom Sawyer?  I never heard it
nor have I seen it.  Did they actually do it?

Just curious.
Brian Grave

"Curiosity killed the cat but for awhile I was a suspect..."
				- Steven Wright


Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 15:22 EDT
Subject: Subdivisions on ASOH

I haven't seen this mentioned before, so:
Does anyone know why in the ASOH version of "Subdivisions," that voice that
says "subdivisions" for the chorus isn't there?  Considering all of the other
things they digitized for that tour, why wasn't that one of them?  The song
just doesn't seem the same without that voice...

Herschel Gelman


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