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Subject: 06/21/91 - The National Midnight Star #270

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 270

                   Friday, 21 June 1991
Today's Topics:
            RE: That "thing" on Alex's guitar
                 Alex speaking in concert
                    Subdivisions Live!
                 You know you're a fan...
                      Sinatra Sucks
                Neil's set and its miking
               oops, one more thing (sorry)
                    Longevity worries
                   The two Dave Rubins
                     Re: Alex Speaks
           how many copies did each album sell?

Subject: Administrivia
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 91 14:24:09 -0400
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

[ Sorry this is yet again late.  The problem was due to reconfiguration
  of path names on Syrinx.  *sigh*                                      ]

You may have noticed a bit of fluctuation in the times you've been
receiving the NMS these last couple of days.  The delay for Wednesday's
digest (6/19) was due to the installation of the new hard disk and
subsequent load of a new level of the opsys.  Thursday's digest (6/20)
was never mailed because the cron daemon was not up.  Both these digests
were sent manually the next day.

I've fixed the cron situation, so today's issue should go out at the
regular time.  Keep your fingers crossed...


Are you deailing with a new, unfamiliar, or just plain cranky mailer?
Is your system flakey, or are you simply fumble-fingered?  Then this
offer is for you!  If you send something to the list address for inclusion
in the NMS, and the resulting mail is gibberish, or at least not your
native tongue?  If you act quickly enough, you can relax and not look
like an idiot to the rest of the list.  If you mess up and send something
garbled or incomplete, quickly send mail to the administrative address
letting me know what happened.  I can remove it from the digest before
it's mailed, with noone being the wiser.

I've done this a couple of times this week, which prompted me to send
this; I noticed things and checked back with the authors.  They usually
wanted it removed, which I did.  (Not to single anyone out.)

At least read that bit before sending admin. mail; half of peoples
answers are in there, believe it or not!



Date: Thu, 20 Jun 91 15:35:32 -0500
From: (Robert J. Friedman III)
Subject: RE: That "thing" on Alex's guitar

Good day, eh?

	Long time no speak.  Been busy lately.  Anyway, that circular
"thing" on Alex's guitar is a patrol patch used by some Boy Scouts.
That particular one is the "panther" patrol patch.  Oddly enough, many
moons ago (10 years already!)  I had the honor of being the patrol
leader for one such "panther patrol" in Troop 44, Poland, Ohio.
Could this be my brush with greatness? ;-)

	BTW, any King Crimson fans out there should check out the debut
album from Fripp's new group.  The band is "Sunday All Over The World"
and the album's title is _Kneeling_At_The_Shrine_.  It's a beauty!

					-Bob Friedman

"Let music never become just another   !  "Life is too important to
 way of making money." -Keith Tippet   !   be taken seriously" -Oscar Wilde

          Bob Friedman is at


Date: Thu, 20 Jun 91 19:57:13 EDT
From: (shane p faulkner)
Subject: Alex speaking in concert

I used to have a Power Windows audio boot where there was a major problem with
the drum set when they tried to start Marathon.  After about 40 seconds of
silence Geddy says (paraphrased)..  "We've got a slight problem with the
drum kit... We'll be right with you...."  After a little while longer Alex
starts to play a little rock-a-billy/country thing that sounded quite good.
When he finishes he says.. "whoa!!!! I bet you didn't know I could play that"

Then Geddmeister starts jamming some funky bass.  Alex joins in with a short
little heavy metal solo, followed by massive feedback and delay, at which
point he yells,  "Whoa!!!!! My stomach!!    Anybody know any good jokes??"

By this point the problem is fixed and the show continues.  Very funny to
say the least!!

[ I've heard a boot where Alex does a bit of a rock-a-billy/blues riff (with
  Geddy doing a bass line like "Tumblin' Tumbleweeds" behind him for a few
  seconds, then they jump into "By-Tor"...                        :rush-mgr ]

/ Shane P. Faulkner         |   A to B - Different degrees...           /
/ University At Buffalo     |                          - Rush           /
/ V127L2QZ@UBVMS.BITNET     |                                           /
/ |   Rush - Marillion - Kim Mitchell         /


From: smb1@Ra.MsState.Edu (Murdock)
Subject: Subdivisions Live!
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 91 23:36:05 CDT

  Howdy Ya'll.. (Southern Rush fan, cant'cha tell)  Anyway, here in
Atlanta for the Presto tour Alex did the 'Subdivision' part voice for
the tune.. He just no-chalantly walked up to the mike and did his
thing.. Everyone around heard him fine and it was nice and loud..
  I do know that at other times during the show he would walk up to the
mike and be saying things into it (during solos of his, and at times
when it was just a musical interlude) and no one heard him.. Like as
if the sound guys weren't ready for it and didn't turn him up..
  From what I understand Alex at times will just walk up to the mike and start
babbling stuff.. So I guess the sound crew dosn'et know what to expect
from night to night during a tour..

| Steve Brunton  (aka Murdock)  |"These bloody women sheltered from realities,|
|            | living in a sentimental dream world of their|
|                               | own! If they'd face up to things they could |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-| help a man, help him enormously. While they |
| Quote from: "On the Beach"    | clung to the dream world they were just a   |
|  by: Nevil Shute              | bloody millstone round his neck."           |


From: (Snarkboy!)
Subject: You know you're a fan...
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 91 3:52:50 WET DST

  You know you're a RUSH fan when you take a leisurely stroll and start
seeing if the Oaks are shutting out the Maples...

  What do Arizona Rush fans do?  "Uh... what's a Maple?"  (Or are there Maples
in Arizona?)

  "Over my head, I hear music in the air!"


Date:    Fri, 21 Jun 1991 8:27:18 CDT
From: MTS0028@VENUS.TAMU.EDU (Presto!)
Subject: Sinatra Sucks

Well, this is my first post to TNMS, I have been on for a while but
lately I have been buried in a large stack of back issues (1-current)
printed out and bound in nice red covers (I have yet to incscribe a
Star in a circle on the cover) stacked on my floor.
Upon going through back issues, I have noticed some points/comments
that I will now post.

The first two concern the Tour Date List...

1) Power Windows Tour:
   Incorrectly listed is a date for the Meadowlands, East Rutherford NJ
   Only one show was played there, I don't know offhand which date is the
   correct one though.

 2) Hold Your Fire Tour:
    The Nov 6 date, again at the Meadowlands, did not take place.
    The show had originally been scheduled for this date and not the 7th
    but thanks to Frank Sinatra, the show was moved to the next day.
    It seems that Frank, who was to play there the night before, had a little
    problem.  The truck with all the sheet music for his band never arrived.
    The Boyz, being the kind gents they are, agreed to bump their show so that
    Sinatra, whos set was already set up etc. could play. The next evening
    Rush performed to a barrage of signs...among the milder phrased of these
    were "SINATRA SUCKS".  The Boyz came out, played a few songs, then gave
    their usual greeting and, following their typical sense of humor, Geddy
    announced to a packed arena of die hard RUSHians 'well, we didn't
    forget OUR sheet music' (not an exact quote)...needless to say, the crowd
    went WILD.

[ Hey Jimmy, double-check this!                               :rush-mgr ]

My next comment is about La Villa Strangiato...
Back in High School I went to one of the Spanish teachers, who was also fluent
in Italian, and asked him what this meant.  He gave a loose translation as
'The Haunted House'. Though this fits the song very well IMHO, I also like
Alex's statement that it means 'Weird City', that is kinda cool when you think
about it.

Lastly, the new album must definitely be coming out soon 'cause  101 KLOL
out of Houston, which normally airs quite a bit of Rush, has been going all
out lately, It seems like every time I turn it on I hear a Rush tune or some
mention of Rush.  This seems to be a promising sign...airplay usually increases
right around the time of an album release.

Well, that is all for now, I have been up all night and I have class in 2 hrs.
then it is time to come home and PARTY.

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                       *                      *
Mark Snedecor   Texas A&M University

ORQ: ...Six stars of the Northern Cross
        In mourning for their sister's loss
        In a final flash of glory
        Never grace...the night


Date:     Fri, 21 Jun 91 9:24:41 EDT
From: "Kenneth D. Renard" (COOP) 
Subject:  Neil's set and its miking

	Has anyone out there been bothered by the fact that Neil's set has
been miked differently on the past few albums?  With the invention of the
multi-disc player it has become more evident.  On Exit...Stage Left and
earlier albums, Neil's set is miked to give the effect of watching the band
on a stage, while later albums have the mikes turned 180 degrees as if you
were sitting in Neil's seat.  This is evident in big fills around the
toms. [ high pitched toms on the right, low on the left and vice versa for
more recent albums ]  Personally, I prefer the later albums that put you in
Neil's shoes (maybe my drumming background, eh?)  I often find myself
turning earphones around when listening to the earlier albums.
	Has this bothered anyone else, has anyone else noticed this, or
should I just get a life?

BTW:  Thanks to all of you who called the Buhl Science Center in Pittsburgh
to request a Rush laser show.  They finally gave in.  This sounds like a
good excuse for a Rush party in Pittsburgh!!  HINT, HINT!!

Ken Renard


Date:    Fri, 21 Jun 1991 9:44:54 CDT
From: MTS0028@ZEUS.TAMU.EDU (Presto!)
Subject: oops, one more thing (sorry)

Forgot to include this in my last post...

If this was in the appropriate section of the FAQL then I am totally blind, but
in the "Who said/sang XXXXXX  line(s)/backing vocals etc." section of the
FAQL we might include, if anyone can answer my question,

   Who is it that says
                      "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe"
   on the live version of _In The Mood_  from ATWAS?

Thanks and sorry to clutter the digest with another damn header.

[ I'll wager $.50 that it's Geddy ...                            :rush-mgr ]

-Presto! (Mark Snedecor  Texas A&M University)


Subject: Longevity worries
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 91 16:41:54 N
From: Gordon MacKinney 

Hinano Akaka writes:
>> ... about the longevity of Rush ... I'm hoping they'll be like
>> what Genesis is like now -- doing projects with other people
>> for a few years and then getting together when they have the
>> time/enthusiasm ... and doing a project ...

It's a hopeful picture, but I don't think it would work, and that
worries me.  Rush is the best example of band synergy I've ever
seen.  One can identify in most songs specific creative
contributions that each person has made.  I'd be afraid that
this spark might be lost if they drifted into too much solo work.

The comparison with Genesis actually supports my argument, I think.
I was a Genesis fan long before Rush "entered my life," and I
became disillusioned as the quality of Genesis' work diminished,
coinciding with the proliferation of solo work.  Sad story, in my

Readers: Can solo projects damage the Rush "magic"?


Subject: The two Dave Rubins
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 91 9:39:22 PDT
From: Doug Grumann 

> From: (Dave Rubin)
> Subject: Re: a bad album?
> Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 17:10:06 -0400
> >From: Doug Grumann 
> >... 
> feeling of that magical first take.  I look forward to a RUSH album that is
> more loose and spontaneous.  With the level of musicianship and teamwork that
> RUSH has achieved, I seriously doubt they are capable of recording a bad 
> album.

Its been fun seeing posts lately to the mailing list from Dave Rubin.
I worked with Dave Rubin for several years at HP.  He's a good drummer,
and has played intermittently with different Bay Area groups doing
different kinds of music.  He's into Rush, but mostly plays fusion-type
stuff.  He left HP around a year ago to work for SyBase. (

Dave: Does this sound like you?  No?  Will the real Dave Rubin please stand
up?  I forwarded Dave Rubin's post to TNMS to Dave Rubin.  Dave said that
he didn't agree with Dave's opinions.  Dave notes:

1.  It usually IS a bad thing to produce an album quickly.  As any one that
    has EVER done ANY recording knows, it takes FOREVER to get even one song
    to the level of satisfaction that the players are looking for.  When
    an album is done quickly this is most assuredly a sign of intense
    pressure from the record company to pump out the product and make MONEY.

2.  Being a musician for the last 15 years (and growing up learning and
    playing Rush materiala and jazz fusion stuff) I have finally learned
    that great players and musicianship don't mean great music.  You can't
    take monster players and put them in a band and automatically have
    "great" music.  Great music is music that is written from the heart
    and soul of the writer regardless if they can play 64th note triplets
    or not.  I've listened to alot of incredible players and bands over the
    years and some of my favorite music is made by guys who are quite a bit
    less then virtuoses.

Could the appearance of two Dave Rubins have anything to do with the last
Twin Peaks episode?  Maybe we should send some email to drubin@black.lodge

"The one and only.."


Date: Fri, 21 Jun 91 15:19:00 EST
Subject: Re: Alex Speaks

    Does anyone else have any amusing stories of Alex saying/singing
    things, or doing things on stage during a show?  It seems to be
    quite rare for him...

    Yes, he appears to sing during alot of songs, but he is almost

    Dave Schmidt


Subject: how many copies did each album sell?
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 91 15:28:33 -0400

One thing I've always wondered is how many copies did
Rush sell of each of their albums.  I've seen polls where
people vote for their favorite album, but how has the public
voted with their money.  I read somewhere that Rush has
averaged ~1.5 million copies per album, but it would be
great to see the breakdown of this.  Anybody know this info.

Richard Coleman
G.E. Aerospace


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