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Subject: 06/25/91 - The National Midnight Star #272

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 272

                  Tuesday, 25 June 1991
Today's Topics:
                       misc. notes
                   RUSH and Queensryche
                     The Fountainhead
                    Why _Chronicles_?
                      rush on tv...
            Alex and the PRIDE OF THE SUNSHINE
        Rush's sales and album chart performances
           Tero Valkonen's post in the last NMS
                    Production Quality
          TV: I'm thinking about...the underread
                   Re: Force Ten lyrics
                   Rush Backstage Club
                      Rush and Sting
                      Rolling Stone

Date: Mon, 24 Jun 91 17:22:24 BST
Subject: misc. notes

--the circle on the guitar is indeed a panhter patrol path.  Perhaps
this is one for the FAQL.  Like Bob Friedman, I was once (about 12 years
ago) Patrol Leader of a panther patrol, this one Troop 416 in CA.

--Alex's singing is, I think, pretty darn bad, or at least, does not
lend itself to very nice harmonizing with the Gedster.  I think
they should turn his mike *off*!!  He does sing quite a bit on
the ASOH video, seemingly out of enthusiasm, and it is left in mixed
quite even with Geddy's voice, and it invariable sounds awful.  IMHO,
of course.

--Also re: something Bob Friedman said: Tell us more about the
new Fripp album!! I am prticularly interested since you mentioned
King Crimson, does this new group do "Crimson"-ey stuff?  If no one
else on the list cares about this, please respond in e-mail!

--Another vote for an album-by-album sales chart, if anyone can get such
information.  Another one fort he FAQL, that!



Date:         Mon, 24 Jun 91 15:03:08 CDT
From: "Geddy?  I wish." 
Subject:      RUSH and Queensryche

G'day.  Okay, there was some talk a while back about Queensryche and
RUSH.  I have all cds from both groups (show off?) and found some
similarities that someone brought up and I would like to share with
you...and you...and you.  Some are stylistic similarities and others
are trivial.  Here goes, eh:

Each did a song called _Best I Can_ -- wow!  What are the odds?

Queensryche and RUSH--as well as very few other bands--use odd time
signatures.  Check out _Best I Can_ off EMPIRE.  I personally enjoy
the end of that song where they start the outro with four 7/8 measures
to establish a groove, then they go to an alteration of 7/8 & 6/8
which turned out great, very RUSH-like.  The solo section of that song
is also in 7/8.  Hmm...what RUSH song has a solo section and outro in

Have you ever noticed that some drummers just play on the album and
live without their patterns and/or fills worked out?  Well, we all
know Neil is perfect.  Scott Rockenfeild (yeah, pretty bad name, eh),
the drummer for Queensryche, seems to be rather perfect as well, when
it comes to playing exact.  I love it when musicians are really
accurate.  Examples: our lord Neil, Scott R., and Metallica guitarist
Kirk Hammett.

Both bands warm up on RUSH songs!!!

Besides odd time signatures (especially 7), the boyz and the ryche
have another aspect of rhythm in common.  You know the old classic
_Subdivisions_ where Neil really makes my blood flow at the end.
He's on the crash cymbal or more-than-likely a china on the 'and's
of each beat and the snare is *on* the second and fourth beats,
then later on every beat.  I can't explain the feeling I get from
the power of that song.  Anyway, Scott does the old china off-beat
thing at the end of their latest single _Jet City Woman_.  As a
side note:  Skid Row's drummer, another young talent, does the
same RUSH trademark at the end of *their* latest single _Monkey
Business_.  It seems now that many pro musicians likes RUSH (i.e.,
Van Halen, Skid Row, Queensryche, White Lion).

That's all I could think of off hand.  Anyone else want to add
anything?  Did I miss something important?  Do I need a biscuit
to form a cranberry from muscrat entrails?

On another subject...We all know that Rush has ties with SCTV, but
is there anything with the Kids In The Hall?  What do the boyz think
of this other Canadian comedy team.  I love it, but I'm insane.

Craig Rindy  mv012791@ndsuvm1.bitnet

Got a joke for ya, eh?
One guy:  Hey, this love and life are coooold.
Other guy:  Yeah, and deep, too.


Date: Mon, 24 Jun 91 16:47:55 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: The Fountainhead

    As a die hard Rush fan, I am intensely interested in what inspired
The Boyz to do what they love to and are so good at.  I had heard that a
certain book by Ayn Rand was the singlemost important book/inspiration
in Neil's life, since it literally turned it around.  The book to which
I am referring to is entitled "The Fountainhead" and I was amazed at the
many references Rush has made to the book, and more generally, Ayn Rand
and Objectivist philosophy.  In particular, the three balls on HYF,
"Anthem", and even 2112 have all ben profoundly influenced by Rand.  I
would highly reccommend reading any of Rand's material since it not only
affected Neil and his writing style, but my life and the way I see
things as well.

That is all.


"We'd like to do for you a song from our Farewell to Kings album.  This
is a little Spanish song.  This is called Closer to the Heart."

                                                        Geddy Lee


Date: 24 June 1991 15:50:46 CDT
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 

Hi all. Its been awhile since my last post. Been fairly busy gathering more
items for my Memorabilia list. A friend of mine was at the Big auction at
the Carbaret, in San Jose, CA. yesterday. Just want to thank everyone for
helping me out in trying to bid for the Record Award. (especially Dave for
without this digest I would not have known about the auction at all).
Unfortunately, I did not get it. It went for $625 and the most I had on it
was $600. Oh, well life is tough, maybe next time.
If the person out there who outbid me for this item is a reader of this digest
please email me privately. I would still like to get the award.
Anyways, at least we know that HYF surpassed 1 million copies. Thanks again
to all the people who helped me out on trying to obtain the award at the
auction. type to all of you later.

P                           P
-        Patster                     Bitnet: U24129@uicvm.bitnet   -
G                                    Genie:  P.Choy                G
P                                                                  P
-  OBRQ: "Memory banks unloading, bytes break into bits            -
G         unit one's in trouble, and its scared out of its wits"   G

ps: You know you're a RUSH FAN when .... You meet Geddy Lee backstage and you
    find yourself tongue tied and all you can say is, "Hi Ged!"

maybe next time I'll be more coherent and verbal!!!


Date: Mon, 24 Jun 91 14:18 EST
Subject: Why _Chronicles_?

I've just resubscribed to the list after setting up a new account
at my summer job, so forgive me if this has already been overly discussed....

I've been hearing a lot about friend who introduced me to
Rush some five years ago was virtually frothing at the mouth to go
buy it as soon as it was released.  This struck me as odd--he owns every
album on C.D. so that would mean he has a copy of every song (or PARTIAL song)

on _Chronicles_, but he still wants to own's at least a $30 pop, too...
i mean, with 30 dollars, i'd just as soon go buy some other good music i don't
know by heart's sort of like a "greatest hits album"--i think it's 
good for people who aren't real fans but want a good Rush mix to impress those
of us who are.  He went out and bought it anyway, and to him it was 30 bucks
well spent; and i have to admit, anything with "Rush" on it is a tempting
purchase, but a collection of songs you already have?  Of course there's no
question I'd buy a $30 dollar album if was mostly previously unreleased live
shots or something like that, but anyone can mix 20 songs together that
we all already have and call it another album.  I guess a lot of real fans need
to own such an album; i just don't like spending more money on the same songs.
> ...and i can't wait to get home so i can listen to ALL of "2112" ....

cAm  (now)                 (fall)

"...mongo love candy..."


Date: Mon, 24 Jun 91 18:14:24 EDT
From: Peter Paul 
Subject: rush on tv...

On the show `DeGrassi High' shown here in Cleveland on PBS, the
song `Fly By Night' was played on one of the character's car tape deck.
Not too surprising since the show takes place in Canada.

Just thought you might want to know.


"Time Stand Still!!"


Date: 24 Jun 91 18:02:00 EDT
From: "HINDS" 
Subject: Alex and the PRIDE OF THE SUNSHINE

Greetings from Sunny Gainesville, Florida!

Re: Alex on mike (microphone, that is)
    I have heard a recording from Nassau Colleseum (sp?) where Geddy and Alex
    are singing the chorus of "Temples" simultaneously, but can't agree on
    the lyrics...  An exerpt:

    Geddy: We are the Priests
    Alex:  We are the plumbers
    Geddy: Of the Temples
    Alex:  Who'll fix
    Geddy: Of Syrinx
    Alex:  Your sink
    Geddy: Our great computers
    Alex:  Our great wrenches
    Geddy: Fill the hallowed halls
    Alex:  Will fix your sinks

etc... (On the final chorus, they DO agree on the lyrics; Geddy gives in
        to Alex, and sin Alex's version)

On another front, last year during half-time at one of the Gator football
games, the UF Band (THE PRIDE OF THE SUNSHINE) played YYZ and exerpts from
La Villa.

Talk about a strange rendition?!  Sousaphones, Trumpets, trombones, and
assorted other instruments commonly found on a football field!  Ohh-hoo!

Later DaZe,
(The Lerxst of Alachua)

"Summer's going fast, nights growing colder..."


Date: Mon, 24 Jun 91 20:53:33 PDT
From: Mark Lent 
Subject: Rush's sales and album chart performances

Someone was asking about how many records Rush has sold.  Since I
haven't seen the following posted yet, here is what I've come up with.
A gold record means 500,000 copies sold while platinum means 1,000,000
copies sold, if I'm not mistaken.

>From Billboard's Book of Gold and Platinum Records (1990):

Release Date  Cert.  Date of Cert.  Chart Peak  Title

3/76          G      11/16/77       61          2112
              P      2/25/81

10/76         G      11/16/77       40          All The World's A Stage
              P      3/4/81

8/77          G      11/16/77       33          A Farewell To Kings

10/78         G      12/14/78       47          Hemispheres

1/80          G      3/17/80        4           Permanent Waves
              P      11/9/87

?/81          G      4/13/81        3           Moving Pictures
              P      4/27/81
              2P     10/12/84

10/81         G      1/5/82         10          Exit...Stage Left
              P      11/9/87

9/82          G      11/10/82       10          Signals
              P      11/10/82

4/84          G      6/26/84        10          Grace Under Pressure
              P      6/26/84

10/85         G      12/18/85       10          Power Windows
              P      1/27/86

9/87          G      11/9/87        13          Hold Your Fire

1/89          G      3/9/89         21          A Show Of Hands

>From Billboard's Book of Top 40 Albums (1991):

Date      Peak  Weeks  Cert.  Title

11/20/76  40    2      P      All The World's A Stage
10/8/77   33    5      G      A Farewell To Kings
2/9/80    4     15     P      Permanent Waves
3/7/81    3     29     2P     Moving Pictures
11/14/81  10    14     P      Exit...Stage Left
10/2/82   10    11     P      Signals
5/5/84    10    12     P      Grace Under Pressure
11/2/85   10    14     P      Power Windows
10/3/87   13    14     G      Hold Your Fire
2/4/89    21    5      G      A Show Of Hands
12/9/89   16    11     G      Presto

I think this is worthy of being in the FAQL.

You know you're a Rush fan when....    You drag your girlfriend to the
premiere showing of the new Rush laser show and when they agree to do
an encore you scream "Rivendell!!!!!!"

Mark Lent

OBRQ:  Excitement so thick--you could cut it with a knife.


Date: Tue, 25 Jun 91 07:31:09 CDT
From: (Paul E. Knight)
Subject: Rush/Genesis

Let's pray that Rush does not go the route of Genesis; One song
about illegal aliens set to a carnival-like tune is enough for me.



From: stedmant@LONEX.RADC.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 91 11:25:53 EDT
Subject: Tero Valkonen's post in the last NMS

>>From: Tero Valkonen 
>>Subject: To Gregg Jaeger and other fanatics.

>>honest, I think also that Presto IS crap. Just like HYF. All these Gregg

I have no problem with this.  That is YOUR opinion of the albums to which
you are certainly entitled.  Surprising as it may seem though, not everyone
shares your views on these last two Rush releases.  Perhaps you could at
least provide justification for your opinion without just resorting to
"________ is crap."  Maybe that would spark some constructive conversation
in TNMS.

>>..............................................Can you guys believe that 
>>body DOES NOT have to like Rush? The Rush fanatics in and alt.
>>rock-n-roll are really [insert the f-word here] stupid.....................

What a concept!  Rush fanatics are stupid people.  I guess there must be
a lot of stupid people on TNMS mailing list then.  Perhaps you are
unaware that TNMS is otherwise known as the Rush FANS mailing list.  Posts
like yours are typical of those regarding Rush in the above mentioned news
groups.   IMO, they are neither wanted nor appreciated in this digest.

>>......................................................But at that point
>>I'll get the f*ck outta here.

/* sarcasm mode on */
And break all of our hearts...  It's going to be tough on us all but, See
/* sarcasm mode off */

With the utmost respect (and apologies for this post) to the rush-mgr, who
makes TNMS possible.

  I_) I I <~ I_I          Terry Stedman           ORQ: "if I could wave
  I \ I_I _> I I   (              my magic wand..."


Date:    Tue, 25 Jun 1991 10:37:52 CDT
From: SRF6200@ZEUS.TAMU.EDU (Hactar)
Subject: Production Quality

I, too, am a little wary of a fast Rush recording session, but not for the
quality of the music.  What worries me the most is sloppy technical work,
such as background noise (audible hiss) like on Hemispheres, or a bad
mastering job, such as Presto (I don't know about the rest of you, but my
copy of Presto that I bought in late fall 1989 is slightly weird - when I
program the tracks in a different order, the last half-second of the previous
song will play before the next song.)  But on both of these disks, the
quality of the music has not suffered.  I consider Hemispheres to be one
of their best albums musically, despite the noise.

I suppose all we can do is wait.....


ORQ: "Hello."
     "Mornin' Guv."
(my interpretation of the mumbling on _The Camera Eye_)


Date: Tue, 25 Jun 91 12:01:29 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: TV: I'm thinking about...the underread

  Tero V's little tirade in the last NMS was quite amusing. Apparently
TV needs a lesson in ``Show Don't Tell.'' My letter to Rolling Stone,
unlike the slanderous accusations of Bob Mack's `review', had a basis
in fact which TV seems to have overlooked in a desperate search for
black and white (the true stuff of fanaticism). What prompted me to
write Mr. Mack were his (objectively false) accusations of plagiarism
on the part of Rush, not some maniacal fanaticism or desire to convert.
Recall that the central character of the ``Show Don't Tell'' video is
a paperboy delivering journals (the NMS?!). Very soon the now-infamous
Creem 1982 interview will appear in the NMS, revealing Neil's opinion
about slandery -- see if you don't recognize TV's tone in the happy-go-
lucky J. Kordosh. Anyway, now for some show-don't-tell.

Mack accused Rush of _stealing_ from The Police (in Red Tide) and from
Foreigner (in Anagram): `` `Red Tide' doesn't just imitate the Police,
it simply steals the melody from `Message in a bottle'.  Similarly,
`Anagram' ...pilfers the epic chords from `Long, Long Way From Home'.''
This is slandery, pure and simple. My reply was equally simple: ``there
is nothing stolen from old pop songs to make [Presto].'' I then went on
to express my opinion of Mr. Mack's obviously meagre journalistic
abilities while complementing others on the RS staff. I guess that makes
me a fanatical `keep faith' guy ready to burn any nonbelievers at the
stake, now doesn't it? Tero says, ``Guys, opinions are OPINIONS! You
don't have to flame someone about his opinion,'' which is exactly what
he did to me in _his_ posting. Since RS was unwilling to allow my opinion
to be heard (I wonder why?) in its ``Letters'' section I thought I'd
send it to a truly free press, the NMS. I'm sorry if TV's offended by
the opinions of others with whom he disagrees, but ``The truth is often
bitter'' and I can't let it be ``left unsaid.''



Date: Tue, 25 Jun 91 12:32:06 -0400
Subject: Re: Force Ten lyrics

In the previous issue, Vijay Lele ( wrote:

>                ...   Also on "Force Ten" why doesn't Geddy sing the lyrics:
> 'Rising falling at force ten   we twist the world and ride the wind'?  Just
> wondering? ...

     Actually he does.  If you listen more carefully, you can hear his voice
in the background, though somewhat muffled or distorted.  It was obviously
passed through something to give it that kind of "airy" feel to it.  Sorry I
can't describe it any better.  Just listen, that's all I can say.

| Mike Hackett                  | "He's so unhip that when you say Dylan, he  |
|      |  thinks you're talking about Dylan Thomas,  |
| Honors Computer Science II    |  whoever he was."                           |
| University of Western Ontario | -Paul Simon, "A Simple Desultory Philippic" |


Date: Tue, 25 Jun 91 12:59:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: Rush Backstage Club

Good day-
     I was wondering if any of you  fellow rush fans have ordered from
the Rush Backstage Club and if so, have you had any problems.  I have
ordered 70 dollars of merchandise 8 weeks ago and have heard nothing.  I
would appreciate anyone who could send me a phone number or any other
information.  Thanks for your time.


-You know you're a rush fan when you have the import disk "Red Stars of
the Solar Federation."


Subject: Rush and Sting
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 91 15:03:09 EDT


  Greg Jaeger writes about an instance in Sting's _Bring on the Night_ film
where, he believes, Sting's manager (Miles Copeland) is using Rush's stage
show as an example of quality:

	>there was some discussion about the stage and lighting and Sting's
	>manager (I believe) says ``... like Rush's.''

I'm not sure, but I think the passage he's thinking of is where Miles is
discussing costumes with the designer, and he asks her, "Have you seen the

What he's talking about is the rush-prints (quickie, usually b&w prints from
the previous shooting session), which he's using to say that the band's
outfits looked boring.

If there's another reference to Rush, I'd love to hear it, but I'm not sure
it's there...

Oh, well.


Subject: Rolling Stone
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 91 14:44:51 EDT

Greetings, writes:

>But who cares, really? Does it really piss you off if some ignorant says that
>Rush is crap?

Ordinarily, no.  However, if that ignorant happens to be putting his
uninformed viewpoint in print where millions of people are going to read it,
and if many of those millions have never heard Rush and take that reviewer's
word that it's not worth listening to, then yes, I get p*ssed.  I think it's



Date: 25 June 1991 15:56:15 CDT
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 

Hi, got off the Phone w/ one of my big RUSH heads in Seattle the other night.
There are now 3 Rush cd boots. They are: Red Stars Of the Solar Federation,
Fly In The Night, and TEMPLES OF SYRINX. Some of you may recognize the title
since a 1980 St. Louis show that was put out a long time ago on one record
goes by the exact title name. Anyone else seen/heard/HAVE this CD? I'm look-
ing for it. Gotta keep that collection to date. Have a Good Summer

P                           P
-        Patster                     Bitnet: U24129@uicvm.bitnet   -
G                                    Genie:  P.Choy                G
P                                                                  P
-  OBRQ: "Memory banks unloading, bytes break into bits            -
G         unit one's in trouble, and its scared out of its wits"   G

ps: you know you're a RUSH FAN when .......

You take a trip to Toronto just to see the Anthem office and take pictures
of ALL the Record Awards.


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