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Subject: 06/27/91 - The National Midnight Star #275

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 275

                  Thursday, 27 June 1991
Today's Topics:
                     Tero V.'s tirade
                     RE: Fripp Review
     Re:  06/25/91 - The National Midnight Star #272
              Re: About miking Neil's drums
                     random tid-bits
                   more Rush chart info
                   Creem foolishness...
              'TEMPLE OF SYRINX' CD Bootleg
                   Re: RUSH/QUEENSRYCHE
                     Rush get CREEMED
                 KOME auction and boots!
                      Hold Your Fire
                     Creem Interview
                    RUSH Party in Pgh!
06/26/91 - The National Midnight Star #273 -- Genesis Albums --
      Re: 06/26/91 - The National Midnight Star #273
        Chronicles and the Dreaded CREEM interview
                  Re: Production Quality
               Satanism revisited (sort of)

Date: Wed, 26 Jun 91 13:08:31 PDT
From: (Todd Hawley)
Subject: Tero V.'s tirade

>>>honest, I think also that Presto IS crap. Just like HYF. All these Gregg..
>..I have no problem with this.  That is YOUR opinion of the albums

. I was disappointed w Presto too, but not to the point where
I'm convinced it was crap. YES, this is my all are welcome to
yours! BTW, this is my 1st posting to TNMS..I happen to like Rush, no I'm not
a fanatic, but I happen to really LIKE SOME of their STUFF, which is why I
subscribed to TNMS. I'm sorry Tero feels the way he does. I always thought
fanatics were those who will only talk about the subject of their fanaticism;
and nothing else 24 hrs a day; I really haven't seen that here (yet :-)). I
like Rush because their songs are always quite spacey & ethereal & I think
require you to use your imagination to enjoy them. I didn't get that feeling
about Presto (tho I LOVE the title track).

-todd hawley 	"now on Sundays I elude the eye & hop the turbine freight"


Date: Wed, 26 Jun 91 16:02:11 -0500
From: (Robert J. Friedman III)
Subject: RE: Fripp Review

In keeping with the policy of posting only Rush related material, I have
decided to send a copy of my review of the new album by Robert Fripp
and Co.  as per request of Randall Stark.  Request to below.
"Let music never become just another   !  "Life is too important to
 way of making money." -Keith Tippet   !   be taken seriously" -Oscar Wilde

          Bob Friedman is at


Date: Wed, 26 Jun 91 18:11:20 -0400
From: Ralph R. Miller 
Subject: Re:  06/25/91 - The National Midnight Star #272

lease unsubscribe me from this mailing list.


From: Jyrki Ollinen 
Subject: Re: About miking Neil's drums
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 91 0:17:03 EET

> Date:     Fri, 21 Jun 91 9:24:41 EDT
> From: "Kenneth D. Renard" (COOP) 
> Subject:  Neil's set and its miking
> 	Has anyone out there been bothered by the fact that Neil's set has
> been miked differently on the past few albums?  With the invention of the
> multi-disc player it has become more evident.  On Exit...Stage Left and
> earlier albums, Neil's set is miked to give the effect of watching the band
> on a stage, while later albums have the mikes turned 180 degrees as if you
> were sitting in Neil's seat.  This is evident in big fills around the
> toms. [ high pitched toms on the right, low on the left and vice versa for
> more recent albums ]  Personally, I prefer the later albums that put you in
> Neil's shoes (maybe my drumming background, eh?)  I often find myself
> turning earphones around when listening to the earlier albums.

   Yeah, that was the way I found it out, too.  I had a habit when I was
younger to put myself asleep while listening Rush (it's not so boring,
people!), and I had a little Sonny Walkman headphones and I had no way
finding out on dark which one was the right and which one left channel.
So I started to listen to Neil's drums, and I remember I found the same
fact as you out when Power Windows came out, because I was at the army
then and I listened it a lot with my WalkMan.
   To put us on Neil's shoes...yeah, why not. Neil was my n:o 1 reason
for buying drums. Nowadays I feel more like Bonham, Copeland and Van
Halen + Bruford, but Neil's style is there somewhere at the bottom.

> 	Has this bothered anyone else, has anyone else noticed this, or
> should I just get a life?

   You should get a wife :-).
   Well, that's some kind of inside joke, I suppose.  Hint: never seen
"Part III of Fear"-video? They turn the stage 180 degrees when Neil
wants to play those so called "futu toms".  Is this the answer to your
questions that were always in your own eyes, do you realize: it's just
my own theory I'm making, but not too seriously.

> Ken Renard

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Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1991 19:19:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: Gregory C Best 
Subject: random tid-bits

Just a few quick thoughts that came up as I was reading the last few issues:

Has anyone considered the possibility that Presto may be cheap because
it's on a different label.

Regarding a comment about the speed of release of RTB and greedy record
companies-- Aren't Rush's contracts extremely freeform.  I know it was
at Mercury (as far as creative license at least) and I can't picture
them going into a steeper one.  (Can anyone point me towards where the
change in record labels came up in back issues of NMS)

Regarding the groups of three-- Has anyone notice the image of the boy
with the binoculars starring out of one of the TV's?  Maybe I'm just

Good musicians, no chemistry-- Did someone say Mr Big or am I just
hearing things?

Alex singing-- Randall: can anyone really harmonize with "the Gedster".
Geddys voice, as much as I enjoy it, and as well as it fits, certainly
isn't made for barbershop style material.  Please tell me he wasn't in
church choir!

I would put Chronicles as a "Best of" (with many exceptions...) rather
than a "Greatest Hits".  Kind of a fine distinction, but you can get my
gist.  I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out as well planned as
it was.  Too bad they didn't get someone who knew something to write the
liner notes.  (As a contrast, the red Doors double disc is a "Greatest
Hits" and not a "Best of").

Rush and the Police--  Has anyone noticed the similarity between the
bass line for Limelight and the guitar line in Message in a Bottle.
Thought that was cool.

Just say "No!" to solo projects.
And remember:  Soundtracks kill.


"They make their living off of arts and crafts...
  The summer swap meet is a battle ground...
  She keeps her photographs close to her heart now
  He keeps his cigarettes close to his heart now"



Date:    Wed, 26 Jun 1991 19:12:18 CDT
From: SRF6200@ZEUS.TAMU.EDU (Hactar)
Subject: Rush/Queensryche/Metallica

Although I don't profess to be an expert on either Queensryche or
Metallica, I do believe that all three bands have a common musical thread
(which might explain why a lot of us like these bands.)  It's the fact that
each one has a distinct rhythm underlying the harmonies, and these rhythms
add much to the quality of the music.  It's a very basic, hard sound that
brings out a lot in the song itself.

Of course, I'm not a music specialist either.  I just know what I like.

Steve Fennell (


Date: Wed, 26 Jun 91 18:02:28 -0700
From: Mark Lent 
Subject: more Rush chart info

Just to complete what was in TNMS #272 about Rush's chart performances,
let me add:

Moving Pictures has a release date of 1/81

Rush is the #24 artist of the Eighties

[ What source?                                                  :rush-mgr ]

Mark Lent

OBQRQ:  We've come to far to turn around
        Does emotion hold the key?
        Is logic just a synonym for this savagery


Date: ,
Subject: Ramblings..

HI guys...
	Thought it was about time I wrote something..
I'm supposed to be revising for a LISP exam in 1 hour (!) but
I know where my priorities lie!

Anyway, I agree with someone in the last NMS about RUSH writing
a LOVE song. I checked recently and I haven't found a REALLY
GOOD one by them (Apart from the ones stated). I think Neil
would be able to write some GREAT lyrics, and the others could
do them justice in music. Why do you think they haven't done so
already? Maybe they are a little inexperienced themselves in this

Also, I just read the Presto tourbouk and I LOVE Neils final line
at the end:

	"Yeah, you're right; I don't need those guys anyway."

(This is in reference to what would happen if he filled the stage
with all the REAL gear he makes sounds from instead of the sampled
stuff on disks. - The question being, where would the other 2 stand?)

Being a drummer myself, we tend to stick together.!! HA!

ALSO: To echo some comments from a few days back:


If anyone can pull some strings (seriously) please DO!

***********            ***********
***********	  UNIVERSITY     OF      SYDNEY       ***********
***********  "Todays Tom Sawyer, mean mean pride...." ***********


Date: Wed, 26 Jun 91 23:58:31 EST
From: cygnus@wpi.WPI.EDU (Marshall Robin)
Subject: Creem foolishness...

I don't understand what motivates music magazines to pick people who
absolutely _hate_ a group to review it's work. I thought Rolling Stone
had an exceptional knack for this, but I see Creem is/was in the same
league. What's next, a review of the latest Pink Floyd album by guest
reviewer Roger Waters? :-/

Hmmmpf. What else is new.



Date: Thu, 27 Jun 91 00:17:52 EDT
From: (George Papadopoulos)
Subject: 'TEMPLE OF SYRINX' CD Bootleg

     On the question of RUSH CD Bootlegs, I happened to pick up the
_TEMPLE OF SYRINX_ CD (Notice Spelling, only one temple). Got it here
in downtown NYC. It was the only copy they had. Its actually an
Italian import.
     The disc has a pretty neat picture of the boyz onstage on the
cover, surrounded by (big mistake) a pentagram. The back cover says
it was recorded live during the '89 Tours. I sincerely doubt that.
Actually, I'm very suspicious that its segments of P/G video put on
CD. I haven't been able to verify it, since my VCR munched my copy
of the P/G Tour Video. Anyways, heres is whats on it....

The Spirit of Radio, The Enemy Within, New World Man, Distant Early
Warning, Red Sector A, Closer to the Heart, Temples of Syrinx, Tom
Sawyer, Vital Signs and Finding My Way/In the Mood...

     The recodrding quality is excellent with the exception of _Red
Sector A_, on which the synths overload my speakers. Otherwise, its
great, if only to have _Vital Signs_ and _The Enemy Within_ live on
CD. Thats all the info I can give ya at this point. Sorry, but I can't
tell you where to get this disc. Good luck in finding it.

     George Papadopoulos


Date: Wed, 26 Jun 91 23:16:28 -0600
From: Mark S. 

I have not listened to Oper. Mind. enough to if they are similar to
Rush or not, but I too have heard that the band also has a PINK FLOYD sound
to them as well.  So don't rule them out completely.  Especially since
the story behind Operation Mindcrime is very similar to the one behind
PINK FLOYD'S classic THE WALL.  You have to realize this similarity to before
giving all the credit to Rush.

						Mark S.


Date: Thu, 27 Jun 91 01:54 EST
From: MCS 
Subject: Rush get CREEMED

I realize that TNMS did not want ten thousand messages regarding that
absolutely incredible (and I mean that in the most negative sense)
Rush "ARTICLE". Did that article ACTUALLY appear in print like that!?
Was that actually a verbose rendition!?!? Good lord, it's a travesty.
I've never seen **ANYTHING** like that in my life! Now I know why
Peart stopped doing interviews.

I'm not even gonna bother commenting (I'm really holding back here!)
and that jerk's asinine pseudo-observations. Just thought I'd remind
you all to:


Wanna read *REAL* Rush articles? Check out the ones that have appeared
in Canadian Musician, honest and objective -- no personal vendettas.

(Did that Creem article really appear in print!?!?)

Take 'er easy..

| Neil Prasad        |  Carleton U.     | Recycle paper, |
| Mass Communication |  MCS@CARLETON.CA | not music!!    |


Subject: KOME auction and boots!
From: (Vindicator)
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 91 00:47:55 PDT

This first part here is mainly directed at the Patster and anyone else
interested in information about the KOME rock auction.

Being the Rush fan that I am I did enter a silent bid on both Rush items
because I was unable to attend the auction (final the next day).  I put
a bid in for the autographed Chronicles CD and a bid for the Platinum
record.  Needless to say I did not get either.  But there is a twist. I
called the station to see if I had the winning bid on the Chron. CD, I
had bid $200.  The promotional director stated that it was auctioned for
something like $268, but that the guy in charge, a Dave I believe, was
going to try and get another autographed CD for me for the $200.  Well
they were supposed to call me back but never did.  I don't think I want to
accept either because there is nothing to guarentee that this "second" CD
is the real thing.  I'll get another chance some day.

As far as the platinum record goes, I saw it at a gallery in Sunnyvale.
It was a platinum record from the Canadian Recording Association (or
something like that) it was for the sale of 100,000.  The glass cover of
the frame it was in was also autographed. it said

       "From RUSH"
         Geddy Lee

I believe it was just signed by Geddy, his was the only signature except
for the "from rush" part. It was a sharp looking bit of memorobilia
though.  Too bad it went for some 600 bucks.  A few years back something
similar went for around $800.

Well thought I would fill you in. Keep in touch all. And if anyone is
interested in the Rush fan magazine I am starting let me know, I can be
reached at   Later...

Anything can happen!


Date: Thu, 27 Jun 91 07:39:04 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: Hold Your Fire

   In regards to the person who wanted to know more about my supposed
knowledge of the three balls on the HYF album, here goes.  I don't have
the book The Fountain Head with me, but I seem to remember the three
separate balls having to deal with individuality.  Ironically, Rush
consists of three members, which invalidated a previous theory I had on
the subject.

   Consistent with the Objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand, the three
balls represent three distinct and separate entities.  Now I begin my
journey away from fact and into the world of speculation.  I would
assume that the balls are independent, important in terms of their
relationship to one another, but by no means selfless.  By that, I mean
that the balls, representative of man, have their own egos, pride,
integrity, and sense of self-worth.

    As to why the balls happen to be read, along with the rest of the
album, I have absolutely no idea.

That is all


You know you're a Rush fan when... will passionately argue that Geddy is God.


Date:       Thu, 27 Jun 91 13:34:51 BST

re: Subdivisions.


    All this controversy about the loudness of the 1st Subdivisions in ASOH
 led me to check my copy. Since I live in England, I've got the European
 pressing of the ASOH CD, which is made in West Germany. It too has the 1st
 Subdivisions barely audible. Later ones become a bit clearer but not much.
 That song was recorded at the NEC in Birmingham, England. I was at one of
 the shows here, and remember that the Subdivivsions was audible at the
 concert, but was played very deeply, ie through a sub-woofer or something.
 It could be that the microphones used to record the concert for the live
 album were not sensitive to such low frequencies?

   You know you're a Rush fan travel to Montreal for a holiday,
 find that Rush are playing there (co-incidentally) a week after you are due
 to come home, and prolong your holiday to see them. This happened to me last
 year. After all Rush only play England once every 4 years, so it was too good
 an opportunity to miss.

   You know your an even bigger Rush fan when... you include an obligatory
  Rush quote at the front of your PhD dissertation. Mine was "Science like
  nature, must also be tamed, with a view towards its preservation. Given the
  same, state of integrity, it will surely serve us well." Goodinnit?Has
  anyone else out there include ORQs in similar 'official' documents?

     "Swimming against the stream"

         Paul May, University of Bristol, UK.


Subject: Creem Interview
Date:    Thu, 27 Jun 91 09:17:35 EDT

Wow, that was a surprise.  I know that Rush has been panned by nearly  every
critic on this Earth, but this guy actually had contempt for a guy (Neil)
he had never met.  That was an attack from the very start.

I'm glad I don't listen to the "critics", I would have missed out on
some great music over the years.

On a more positive note, I met a friend of a friend that's really into
Rush.  Moreover, so is his mother (who I'd say is 50-55 yrs. old).
She knew that Rush had an album coming out, and said she'd take the three
of us to the first tour date!  How's that for bridging a generation!
We also had a jam session at my friend's house, and she's calling out
all these songs and clapping and singing, what a scream!



Date: Thu, 27 Jun 91 09:45:31 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Charles D. Nichols" 
Subject: RUSH Party in Pgh!

>From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
 via NMS
>To Chuck Nichols :
>I checked the "names" file in the Rush directory at Syrinx and their are
>13 Pitt students (including John Connelly, the Laser Rush man.  JC, how long
>is the Laser Rush show run through?) and 16 students from Carnegie Mellon
>University (CMU).  Looks like we have the makings of a monster party, eh?

Hey all you Pittspurgh RUSH fans (at least 29 of you) !!!

Sounds like its time to party with Geddster and the Boyz!

E-mail me back at my address soon with suggestions (place, time, etc...)
and I will try to compile something. Hopefully we can get something
together before the end of july!



Date: Thu, 27 Jun 91 10:16:25 EDT
From: shadow! (David Kuznick)
Subject: 06/26/91 - The National Midnight Star #273 -- Genesis Albums --

Indicative Genesis albums?  They went through many stylistic changes.
The more art-rock albums: Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (one of the best
concept albums ever IMHO), Foxtrot (contains Supper's Ready; one of
the greatest 20 min. songs IMHO).  These both are when Peter Gabriel
was still with the band.  The two albums immediately after he left are
excellent as well; A Trick of the Tail, Wind and Wuthering.  After
Steve Hackett left (after Wind..) the band kind of went down hill,
though And Then There Were Three has grown on me again.  That is the
first album with the present day lineup.  If you only want to try one,
I think Lamb Lies Down is the best though it is a double-album.

David Kuznick


Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1991 11:48 MST
From: Roo-Dog Rip 
Subject: Re: 06/26/91 - The National Midnight Star #273

Gregg Jaeger opines on interpreting these lyrics of _red lenses_:

 "the soviets are the blues --
  you see black and white --
  and i see red
  (not blue)"

-As for `you see black and white -- and `i see red/(not blue)',
 `see[ing] black and white' means believing that the truth of the matter
 is simple -- the way the paranoid feel that the existence of conspiracies
 is clear -- and `i see red' is probably Neil's reaction to this
 simplistic psychology (which could get us all killed!). The `(not blue)',
 I think, is an expression of the feeling that the future isn't so
 clear and bright (with blue sky) as many conservatives think
 but rather is quite uncertain (clouds, a falling barometer).

The interpretation I've always had for the "(not blue)" parenthetical is that
Neil is making sure that you don't misunderstand that the Soviets(the blues)
are not the root cause of our problems, but that the "reds" are, the red being
the unbridled, unchecked, and unthinking passion that has us searching for
scapegoats and not honest solutions much as Gregg has suggested.

Of course there is only a little of this with regards to the Soviets anymore.
We need a new scapegoat-of-the-week. After Saddam is completely finished off,
of course. This is not to say that some don't try to hang on to the past,
though. I was in Boston visiting my wife in the fall and stumbled on a TV panel
discussion while awaiting the start of a football game. In it a rather old,
Irish-American politician was trying his best to convince everyone else that
it(the move toward reform in the Soviet Union) was all just a trick. But then I
suppose this is all getting a bit off the subject of Rush... or is it?

Roo-Dog Rip
\Roo-Dog Rip is:                  <> "O! What a rogue and peasant slave am I!"/
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Date: Thu, 27 Jun 91 14:32 EDT
From: "Douglas G. Schwabe" 
Subject: Chronicles and the Dreaded CREEM interview

cfabrams makes a excellent point about purchasing "Chronicles".  If you
are a die-hard Rush fan, go out and buy a blank tape or two and tape the
songs that are on "Chronicles" from their respective albums.  The tapes
(blank, sorry 'bout that) cost about a third of the price of "Chronicles".
Plus, if you want to add or replace a song that you do not like, you can
do so.  In the past I have been disappointed with some "greatest hits"
compilations because they contain only "hits".  There are some songs on this
compilations that you wish shouldn't be on there, and there are those that
should be there.  I think "Chronicles" is a good album.  However, I believe
it contains only a smidgeon of the history of Rush.  Where are songs like
"Xanadu", "Cygnus", "In The Mood" (How could they leave that song out is
beyond me) "YYZ"?   The point is (finally!!) that Rush fans, or any fans,
should make their own "greatest hits" album without spending more money on
songs they already have.  I'm sure you agree that this is an economically
sound idea as well as one of old-fashioned common sense.

I have a question: Why didn't Ray Davies kill J. Kordish when he had the
chance?  Neil's interview with him was atrocious, to say the least.  I never
liked the magazine to begin with, so this interview didn't surprise me at all.

What is CREEM'S address by the way?


"Old friends, Old Friends, sitting on a park bench like bookends"


Date: Thu, 27 Jun 91 15:30:28 -0400
Subject: Re: Production Quality

>                         ...   (I don't know about the rest of you, but my
> copy of Presto that I bought in late fall 1989 is slightly weird - when I
> program the tracks in a different order, the last half-second of the previous
> song will play before the next song.)

    A friend of mine got an early Canadian (Anthem) release which had that
problem.  Because of that, I went down to Buffalo to pick up mine and it
does not have that problem.  Now, it doesn't have the nice red cover on the
CD, and the spine was printed upside-down, but it plays fine.  I expect that
later Anthem relases had the problem corrected, but I didn't want to wait
and take the chance.

    Also, to the editor, regarding Rush's label change:  I believe the only
change was in the US distributor (from Mercury to Atlantic).  In Canada, all
of their releases have been from their own label, Anthem.  Who was
_Chronicles_ released by in the US?  I though it was Atlantic (their new
label).   [ Please correct or clarify any of this if I am wrong. ]

[ Ok, consider yourself corrected.  The _Chronicles_ disk was put out by
  Mercury after Rush had signed with Atlantic.  I see it as a last chance
  to get some more money off the fans.                         :rush-mgr ]

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From: stedmant@LONEX.RADC.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 91 16:23:04 EDT
Subject: Satanism revisited (sort of)

        Does anyone have a copy of the article written by Jim Hankins for
the Daily Texan that prompted Neil to write his excellent rebuttal on
Satanism?  If so, email to me, post to TNMS, or point me in the right
direction.  Thanks!

  I_) I I <~ I_I          Terry Stedman           ORQ: "if I could wave
  I \ I_I _> I I   (              my magic wand..."


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