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Subject: 07/03/91 - The National Midnight Star #278

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 278

                  Wednesday, 3 July 1991
Today's Topics:
                        CD tracks
               stone bones and brown-stones
                 Rush bootleg CD for sale
                         Bye Bye.
                Songs on E...SL different?
            You know your a Rush fan when....
                     The Fountainhead
              You know you are a RUSH fan...
                Japanese P/G & Laser Show
                      Anthem Records
                        Julian Lee
       Fountainhead, Radio song, Geddmeister's 38th
              Alex Lifeson:  Sense of Humor
                    Rush Concert video
         Pgh Party; TNMS question; Creem; Presto
            "The Big Money" -- On Network TV!

QUICK ADMINISTRIVIA:  For some reason, this didn't go out last night.
I'm sending it out a bit late; hopefully better late than never.  There
should be two other NMS's today; the regular Wednesday issue, and also
a special edition (FAQL pt. 2).  Enjoy!



Subject: CD tracks
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 91 15:23:15 PDT
From: Dan Dickerman GSY 1-447-4425 

>                         ...   (I don't know about the rest of you, but my
> copy of Presto that I bought in late fall 1989 is slightly weird - when I
> program the tracks in a different order, the last half-second of the previous
> song will play before the next song.)

Although my Presto CD doesn't have this problem now, I did notice that some
of the tracks begin _exactly_ at the 0:00 tick of the track clock -- a problem
that used to cause behavior similar to that which you're seeing.  In my case,
the CD player itself wouldn't stop playing a track until the next track
ticked to the 0:00 mark, so if the next track started immediately, it would
play for half a second before moving to the next programed track.

For the technically curious, I've got a Sony MDP-510, and the problem was
fixed (after SEVERAL fruitless trips -- don't EVER buy a Sony video disc
player unless you never plan to have any service) by replacing one of the
controller chips (firmware?) -- although the 'techs' kept referring to it
as a 'microprocessor.'

The point is, it may not be the disc...


Date: Fri, 28 Jun 91 19:41:07 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: stone bones and brown-stones

After a few more listens to that great new VH album, I noticed another
hint of Rush, though only perhaps a minor lyrical one. The lyrics to
``Right Now'' seem quite similar to (to be a bastardization of?) those
of ``Marathon,'' though the `message' of the two songs is different.
I'm not too thrilled about ``Right Now'' relative to the other songs
(``Judgement Day'' is my fave!) on _F.U.C. Knowledge_, though it is
strangely reminiscent (to me anyway) of Saga (bass/guitar groove) and
Kansas (keys!). Also Sammy Hagar seems to like to make a few classic
rock allusions on other tunes: the James Brown `ow!' and the Rolling
Stones ``I like it,'' the first at the very beginning of ``Round and
Round'' and the second at the very end. What d'y'all think?


Gregg Jaeger    (  ``Truth is after all a moving target''
Dept(s). of Physics (and Philosophy)
Boston University, Boston MA 02215     ->>READ DOS PASSOS!(his books, i.e.)<<-


Subject: Rush bootleg CD for sale
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 91 19:31:58 EDT
From: Horst 


Due to the amount of interest in this Rush bootleg CD, I am going to sell it to
whomever makes the best offer.  The disc is a French release on X Rekords,
recorded live in stereo at the Montreal Forum, May 1981.  It is 52:30 minutes
long, it is in brand new condition, and the song list is as follows:

     Tom Sawyer
     The Trees
     Red Barchetta
     Closer To The Heart
     By-Tor And The Snow Dog
     In The End/In The Mood

There are some voice-overs, notably in the first few measures of "Tom Sawyer."
I'm not sure whom the voice belongs to.  I am selling it because I rarely
listen to Rush anymore.  So far, I have had an offer of $45.

If you are interested, please reply to me with your offer.

Horst Govin
  Cambridge, MA


From: Phil Kime 
Subject: Bye Bye.
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 91 1:12:52 BST

Please unsubscribe me. This digest has always been a little too religeous
anyway but whoever wrote the Ferrari crap in the FAQ wants killing. I know for
a fact that there are many readers who gag when we get all these purile and
unecessary 'lyrical interpretation' pieces and only stay because occasionally
there are interesting and useful bits of information that aren't just teenage
hero worship. I really like Rush, probably more than most people who read the
digest. However, they are not gods, Neil is not the last word on the problems
of the world etc. I get the feeling that this digest is doing a great job
of trying to put artificial meat on the bones of an interesting but limited
concept. Sure, why not give out scarce info on release dates, tour dates,
concert tracks listings etc. but all this 'well I think The Trees means this'
rubbish is gratuitous and very often infuriating (not just to me ---I know of
a considerable number of subscribers who only stay for the useful stuff). Just
keep all that crap to mail. Nobody really wants to hear a neo-romantic
interpretation of 2112 etc.
Please ignore all of this as it won't get allowed in the NMS anyway due to the
vast numbers of people who would flood me with sub-juvenile replies.
Unsubscribe me anyway.

[ First of all, please learn to use the correct address; all necessery
  addresses are posted at the end of EVERY digest.  Removal notices to
  this address are ignored.  Secondly, this forum exists for just such 
  things as you complain about above.  Among the reasons we're here is
  to promote "album & concert reviews, song 'dissection', tour speculation,
  and general discussions."  If you don't like the content of a person's
  post, skip past it.                                            :rush-mgr ]

|                   Phil Kime (                     |
|             Dept. of Philosophy, University of Warwick, U.K.             |


From: "Reidar Bjorhovde " 
Subject: Songs on E...SL different?
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 91 8:09:11 EDT

Marshall Robin posted in TNMS # 276 (?) for Friday 28.06.91 said that he
bought _Chronicles_ because he wanted live versions of "A Passage to
Bangkok" and "What You're Doing"

	My copy of _Exit...Stage Left_  (Cassette) has "A Passage to
Bangkok" on it-

	Does the CD of ESL not have this song on it?


			Ian D. Bjorhovde
			University of Pittsburgh


From: Patrick Quairoli 
Subject: You know your a Rush fan when....
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 91 9:03:18 EDT

you know your a Rush fan when after you've had sex with your
	girlfriend for the first time you quote
	"we can move with savage motion to the rhythms of the night"
	Force 10!

[my sincere apologies to anyone offended but she got a kick out of it too!]
______________________________________________________________________________		|"If you ask me how do I feel inside;
widener!quairoli		| I could honestly tell you.
patrick j. quairoli		| We've been taken on a very long ride"


Date:       Sat, 29 Jun 91 14:33:26 BST


   In a recent NMS, Gregg Jager asked whether the 3 red balls off HYF
   were related to 'The Fountainhead' by Ayn Rand in any way. I read the
   book a year ago, and there are numerous ideas & concepts in it that I
   believe Peart has used in his lyrics over the years.I've lent my copy
   of TF to a friend, so I can't quote exactly, but there is a section
   where one of the characters states that the symbol for Mankind should be
   the 3 balls of a pawnbroker - the idea being that Mankind has pawned its
   integrity to the highest bidder, and is satifying its short-term,
   primitive needs, rather than investing for the future & doing what is
   right & proper.

   There are other quotes in the book, which refer to Mankind's spirit of
   adventure and curiosity. Ayn Rand calls the force which motivates these
   impulses a 'Prime Mover'.

   Another Ayn Rand book, 'Atlas Shrugged' also has a few possible
   Rush influences. In this book, the whole world economy slowly collapses
   as Collectivism gets a deeper & deeper grip on governments. The leading
   character, Dagny Taggart, is the female controller of a railroad company.
   Throughout the collapse, she is one of the only people who doesn't
   despair, and continues to soldier-on regardless of the many difficulties
   she faces. Compare that description to the cover of Permanent Waves.

   Again in Atlas Shrugged, there's a section where one of the characters
   describes man's eternal desire for progress and adventure. The analogy
   given was that of a man searching for years through endless foreign
   lands, to try & find the secret of eternal life. He eventually finds it
   in the lost world of Atlantis, but instead of being happy, he is in
   total despair, since he has completed his life's mission, and no longer
   has a goal in life. Ayn Rand is making a point that we should never
   be satisfied with what we have, and should always strive for progress.
   Compare that to 'Xanadu' and 'The Fountain of Lamneth'.

   And of course, there's always the book 'Anthem' which inspired the
   song of the same name and 2112.

   There are numerous other references, some of which are tenuous, some
   blatant, in Ayn Rand's books. When I get The Fountainhead back from my
   friends I'll mail the quotes directly.

     "swimming against the stream"

        Paul May, Bristol University, UK


Date: Sat, 29 Jun 91 14:04:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: The Fountainhead

<From: atz@clmqt.marquette.MI.US (dweezilbub)
Subject: You know you are a RUSH fan...
Date: 29 Jun 91 21:13:11 EDT (Sat)

Hello everyone!  Has anyone been compiling all the "you know you
are a RUSH fan when" quotes from everyone?

I regret I didn't start doing this earlier...  I didn't realize it
would have such a great response over such a long period of time.

If you have, could you send me mail with what you might already
have?  Chanx!  oh and...  VOOBA!   -or-   ged@lopez.UUCP

      \_._____._____._____.    ====  ====  ===== .____._____.___.___/
  \__The Enterprise BBS      ==  ==  ==   ,===~   This space for rent!__/
       __-__________-__     ==~~==  ==   =====    ____-_____-___-__
         \          \  \    /     /   /


Date: Sun, 30 Jun 91 00:56:43 -0400
From: ah174@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Greg Johns)
Subject: Japanese P/G & Laser Show

2 items of interest......

1) I recently found a used Japanese version of P/G
   ( 1/2 Japanese, 1/2 English printing) for 15$

2) Saw 2 Rush tunes in the Paramount Laser Show, Temples of Syrinx and
   Tom Sawyer if I remember right.

You might want to check this out if it's in your area. Pretty interesting
f/x for the 2 songs, especially TS.

 _Eagle_ / Greg Johns \ ah174@Cleveland.Freenet.Edu /
     GJohns@Heartland.Bradley.Edu / eagle@NCoast.Org \ ac840 on MFN


From: (Chip Hart)
Subject: Primus
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 91 12:13:43 EDT

>   It reminded me
>   of a record I heard recently by a band called 'Primus'. It was
>   called "Suck on This". The record was recorded live and is an ok
>   record. Not like Rush at all though. Except the first song on the
>   record starts with the bass solo (sortof) of either Xanadu or Cygnus
>   X-1 (can't remember).
	To clarify, they opened the album with the first dozen bars or
	so of YYZ.  They ARE a three-piece and musically DO have a lot
	in common with Rush.  In the drum solo from the same album,
	"Herb" (the Ginseng drummer...), grabs a lot from Neil's solo.

	And, now that I think about it, their song, "Frizzle Fry," is
	VERY similar to By-Tor and the Snow Dog.  If you're rich and
	can afford to buy disks from bands you've never heard, go try
	Primus.  Les Claypool (the bassman) rocks.

	Ok, pardon the non-Rushness.
         Chip Hart -------------------------
                   |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| People's Computer Co.
                   ------------------------- Williston, Vermont
         	So messed up, I need you here... - Iggy
      There's no right or wrong, only pleasure and pain... - Jane's


Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1991 11:38 MST
From: Roo-Dog Rip 
Subject: primus

Scott Storey points out that:

 It reminded me of a record I heard recently by a band called 'Primus'. It was
 called "Suck on This". The record was recorded live and is an ok record. Not
 like Rush at all though. Except the first song on the record starts with the
 bass solo (sortof) of either Xanadu or Cygnus X-1 (can't remember).
 Wonderful!! Anybody here (probably everybody) that likes Ged's style, you
 gotta hear this guy from Primus. Excellent.

I have heard the Primus song in question. The parts being played are clearly
from _YYZ_. IMHO the primus version is a little too raw, but then that is
Primus's style.

Roo-Dog Rip
\Roo-Dog Rip is:                  <> "O! What a rogue and peasant slave am I!"/
\Derrell Durrett                  <>                 --- _Hamlet_ II. ii, 584 /
\D_DURRETT@COLOPHYS.BITNET        <>                                          /
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\ High Energy Physics Group | University of Colorado | Boulder, Colorado, USA /


Date: Mon,  1 Jul 1991 14:10:03 -0400 (EDT)
From: Gregory C Best 
Subject: Anthem Records

Can anyone tell me, or point me in the direction of, the address and
phone number of Anthem Records?  Personal or post, I want it ASAP.


"In this life, things are much harder than in the afterworld-
  In this life, you're on your own"


Date: Mon, 1 Jul 91 10:56:49 PDT
From: asardina@sdcc13.UCSD.EDU (Asbert Sardina)
Subject: later...

Can you please cancelled my subscription...
...going on vacation for the summer....

catch you on september



Subject: Julian Lee
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 91 12:08:45 PDT

How you guys doin' out ther anyway?(hands above eyes)

This is my first ever post to this Rush netherworld. I LIKE IT!!
Anyways, thinking back to when there was a big ole' list of Rush facts and
answeres to frequently asked questions, is that really Geds son, Julian,
riding the missle? Where's the nose eh? I'm glad that I found this out. Who
knows, I might someday find myself walking the streets of Toronto and By
pure coincidence, run into the Geddy-guy. Not knowing that his son played a
part in one of the videos, I might have asked, "oh, by the way, who's that
geek twerp loser little brat in the DEW video?"
Geddy, Clearly upset: "That's my SON you ASS!" Followed by a swift right
hook to my nose. Hey at least it would be my favourite(Canadian spelling, A
la B man) bass player who punched me out, and it's starting tp flow, I think
I might be sinkin'.
What the hell is all this talk about the saying of the word"subdivisions" in
the song of the same name. On ASOH it is CLEARLY Alex saying it! Are you
guys partially deaf? It's not a digitized voice either. Geez! Get a wife.
However, on the Presto Tor, they used THE digitized voice sample. How do I
know this for sure? I bootlegged the Oakland, Ca show (the first performace)
and the voice is loud and clear. almost too loud.

Concerning the new album, I heard that they might do an instrumental. Of
course, I heard it in TNMS a few weeks ago. Then someone said, and I quote"I
hope they don't tack on lyrics like they did with Hand over Fist." Whadaya
mean? That song is great! Great lyrics too. It became one of the themes for
the whole album, as well as the Tourbook.
Obligatory Shaggy Quote: ZOIKS Scoob! Let's ggget out of here!!
Well I think I'm done for now. later.

-------------"You've GOT, venom in your stomach, you've GOT poison in your
head- When conscience whispered, the vein lines stiffened, you were walking
with the DEAD!..."

                      --Marillion- Fish-

goodbye for now, Matt Van Horn, Easy access...


Date: Mon, 1 Jul 91 17:29:42 -0400
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: albums

Found a list of when the albums were released (finally one that has
ALL up to HYF) so here you go...

Rush - Aug 1974
FBN - Feb 1975
COS - Sept 1975
2112 - April 1976
ATWAS - Sept 1976
AFTK - Sept 1977
Archives - April 1978
Hemi - Oct 1978
PeW - Jan 1980
MP - Feb 1981
ESL - Nov 1981
Signals - Sept 1982
p/g - April 1984
PoW - Oct 1985
HYF - Oct 1987

I got these from a book at B.Dalton that had several rock groups and
their albums in it, with dates of release and comments about the individual
songs; like which ones were the first to be made, various other stuff.
Worth a look if you're in the bookstore - I don't remember any other bands
in it except VanHalen.



Date: Mon, 1 Jul 91 18:02:33 -0600
From: habbinga@tramp.Colorado.EDU (erik habbinga)
Subject: Fountainhead, Radio song, Geddmeister's 38th

Well, I tried to find the reference to the three guilded balls in "The
Fountainhead", but failed.  I just read the book for the 2nd time a month
ago, and remember reading the passage, but after skimming through the book
today I couldn't find it.  Hopefully someone else has found it, and can
give us a chapter number for its location.  I think the passage is at
the end of a chapter, but I am not entirely sure, and I don't want to reread
the book so soon for that little passage.

As for a Rush song I would play if I were a DJ with unlimited powers, I
would choose "Emotion Detector".  That has to be one of my favorite Rush
tunes, especially when the energy level kicks in going into the guitar solo.
The Boyz use dynamics quite well in that song, and I wish they would
have played it on the PW tour.

I hope you all celebrated Geddy's 38th B-Day on Saturday.  I was thinking,
maybe we should all send cards to the Boyz on their B-Days.  Can you imagine
getting 800+ cards on your B-day?  It's just a thought, but let me know how
you like it.

Erik Habbinga
U-niversity of
C-olorado between
L-ongmont and
A-rvada                        "Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball"


Date: 	Mon, 24 Jun 1991 10:10:14 -0500
From: (Todd Madson)
Subject: Alex Lifeson:  Sense of Humor

I thought I'd add my two bits to the Alex Lifeson sense of humor file.

 During the Minneapolis show of the HYF tour, Alex did something rather weird
during the traditional 2112/Temples of Syrinx frenzy towards the end of the
show.  He was SINGING, on mic., during the overture.

 As I best recall, it was somewhat like this:

 "La la la la la la la la, hahahaha"

 If that wasn't bad enough, during "..Syrinx", he was also doing things like
"Ha ha ha!" and playing weird, fast little notes.

 He also did (you can hear it on the album) the Billy Gibbons styled-"Ah haw
haw haw haw" in Force Ten, but much louder.

 I figured some of you might appreciate this.

 I should also mention that a friend of mine played keyboards in a christian
band at one time with a guitarist who had sold some of his equipment to Alex.
If you look in the Show of Hands video, you can see some of this stuff.
Interesting stuff.

UUCP: {amdahl!bungia, crash}!orbit!pnet51!tmadson
ARPA: crash!orbit!pnet51!


Date:         Mon, 01 Jul 91 21:17:01 EDT
From: Srikant Jayaraman 
Subject:      Rush Concert video

Hi everybody,

In a recent GOLDMINE (29 June 91), I saw an advertisement for a pro-shot
concert video recorded during the Presto tour (Auburn Hills, MI, 1990).
The dealer says that the soundtrack is hi-fi stereo, with playing time
of 120 minutes.

Has anybody seen this video?  Is it worth buying?  I've been ripped off
on 'bootlegs' before, and I thought I'd ask before coughing up money
for this one.


OBRQ: "His reserve a quiet defence/Riding out the day's events"


Date: Mon, 1 Jul 91 23:25 EDT
Subject: Pgh Party; TNMS question; Creem; Presto

A Pittsburgh Rush party sounds great to me!

Several months ago in TNMS were the results to a poll of the readers' favorite
songs from each Rush album.  Now that my Rush collection has increased, I'm
interested in comparing favorites.  Which issue can I find those results in?

About the Creem interview:  I am amazed.  This guy fell asleep listening to
MP???  I just got it several days ago and think it's perfect;  every song is
fantastic.  The two songs I didn't know before--The Camera Eye and Vital
Signs--I hadn't had too-high expectation for (not sure why) but they are
incredible songs.

Presto:  I just got this album recently also.  In the last two issues of TNMS
(or so) have been several readers' choices for best tracks.  No mention of
"Red Tide," which I think may be the album's high point.  I also like "The
Pass" and "Available Light" and, to a lesser extent, "Superconductor" and
"Chain Lightning" and "Anagram".  "Show Don't Tell" and "Hand Over Fist" were
chosen by some as their favorites, which I don't understand.  "Show Don't
Tell" but has some lyrics that just don't sound refined or polished:
"...It's hard to play it safe
But apart from a few good friends
We don't take anything on faith
Until later."
   "Hand Over Fist" just doesn't seem to fit together...  The paper, rock,
scissors theme only has a little in common with the failed relationship theme,

On some other tracks, the music is just not distinctive enough.  Perhaps I
haven't listened to it enough yet, but the non-chorus sections of a lot of
the songs seem, to me, to be, well, just not distinctive enough.  Oh well...

On the why Chronicles subject:  I just copied this from someone who bought it
for $4.50 from someone who was sent it as some sort of incentive from the
BMG Tape Club.  Anyways, since I have only a handful of Rush albums, I
copied it just because there was a lot on there I hadn't heard before. Such
as Lakeside Park, Bastille Day, New World Man, and (gasp) 2112 and Passage To
Bangkok (don't worry, I plan on getting _2112_ very soon).  And, as someone
else mentioned, it has Passage to Bangkok live, which those of us buying US
CDs can't get...

Ugh, it's a long post.  Sorry,but I like to ramble..

Oh, one more thing:  As I read the interpretation of "Red Lenses", it just so
happened that "Red Tide" was playing on my box.  Interesting correlations. I
skipped over the interpretation, however, because I've never heard "Lenses"..

That's all for now..

Herschel Gelman


Date: 02 Jul 91 00:05:21 EDT
From: Dave Hamilton <70244.322@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: "The Big Money" -- On Network TV!

Wow!  I just heard the intro to "The Big Money" as the introduction song for
ABC's "Sports Extra."  Just thought you might want to know.


ORQ:"I must confess, I'm an impatient cat."


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