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Subject: 07/10/91 - The National Midnight Star #284

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 284

                 Wednesday, 10 July 1991
Today's Topics:
                  RUSH ITEMS UP FOR BID
                  philosophical rushians
           Bootlegs/New Album/Random shtuff...
                  Rush Songs for the PC
                   Philosophy and Rush
                     I want bootlegs
                       a Rush note
      RE: 07/08/91 - The National Midnight Star #282

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

If you joined the list in the last week or so, the informational
file I sent you was somewhat incorrect.  The back issues of the 
NMS which contain parts 1 & 2 of the FAQL are in issues #279 and #281.
Also, the name of the whole FAQL at the ftp site is 'FAQL.062891',
in the 'rush/special' directory.  Sorry for any confusion, folks!



Date: Tue, 09 Jul 91 19:54 EDT
From: MCS 

Wow, I'm quite flabbergasted by the amount of mail I've received
regarding that "Permanent Waves" test pressing that my friend has
for sale. I'm going to forward all of the offers to him and let you
know withing a day or two. There must be some colossal Rush fans here.

Also, I've had numerous messages requesting that I post the other
Rush items that are up for bids. All items are completely mint, many
never even played. All are items are *VINYL* (remember vinyl?).

New World Man b/w Vital Signs (LIVE) - Original UK 7" in picture

Subdivisions b/w Red Barchetta - Original UK 7" *picture disc*

The Big Money b/w Middletown Dreams - Original 7" in lavishly
packaged gatefold sleeve with clear "window" plastic in the front.
(basically, it's the cover of Power Windows with the guy with
binoculars with a clear plastic window that opens up - amazing!).

Time Stand Still b/w Force 10 - Original UK 7" in once again,
lavish packaging. This time it's the cover of hold your fire, with
three holes where the balls are. There is a cardboard insert,
in one position there are the three balls, if you pull the cardboard,
a picture of each band member appears in the holes. Once again, a
fabulous collectors' item!

Time Stand Still b/w High Water - Original Canadian 7" in Picture Sleeve

Looking Through A Window...Live In Quebec (Power Windows Tour):
Double live Bootleg album in deluxe sleeve. Excellent quality,
phenomenal song selection (email if you need more details).

The Big Money b/w Red Sector A (LIVE) - Original UK 12" in picture

Time Stand Still b/w the Enemy Within (LIVE) & Force Ten -
Original UK 12" **PICTURE DISC* - gorgeous reproduction of the
inner artwork of Hold Your Fire - you know with the guy juggling
the balls of fire etc..

Time Stand Still b/w The Enemy Within (LIVE), Witch Hunt (LIVE) &
Force Ten - Original UK 12" Picture sleeve single

The Big Money - Canadian promotional only 12" on Anthem Records

Interview Picture Disc - England (one side has Alex and geddy, the other
side has an awesome picture of Neil)

And still kicking about it the PERMANENT WAVES TEST PRESSING.

Remember, all of these items are absolutely, absolutely MINT. You can't
go wrong with any of them. All of these are already highly sought
after collector's items (just open an issue of Goldmine or Record
Collector for proof).

So please forward any bids to MCS@CARLETON.CA.

Thanks for reading.

| Neil Prasad        |  Carleton U.     | Recycle paper, |
| Mass Communication |  MCS@CARLETON.CA | not music!!    |


Date: Tue, 9 Jul 91 21:08:31 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: philosophical rushians

This is a response to Jon Slenk's interest in the philosophical
positions of Rush fans. I'm sure there are plenty of people on
this mailing list who cannot bear the idea of tangential
philosophical confessions, so I'll try keep this short and please
scroll on past if you're not philosophically inclined. I'm responding
`publically' only because philosophy is my metier (Jon, if you'd
like to talk drop me a line at <> ).
In fact I do both philosophy and physics (just as does, you might
recall, a certain Rand character).

I became interested in philosophy in part because of Rush -- `If you
choose not to decide..' was one of my favorites lines during my
high school years. The truth be known, not very many professional
philosophers think Ayn Rand to be of much consequence -- mainly
because her metaphysics, the `rough going' for any philosophy, can
be argued against quite succesfully and is not of a nature which
provides insight by being wrong in an _interesting_ way (it is often
said that it is better to be dead wrong in an enlightening way than
to have views with plausibility but little subtlety). Her ethics are
oft-discussed in introductory courses but usually as a `straw man,'
i.e. she is not done justice. There is an interesting book available,
for those who are interested in a philsophical analysis of Ayn Rand
by `non-followers'; it's called _The Philosophical Thought of Ayn Rand_
and is readily available (at least here in Boston). I do not consider
myself an Objectivist and find much that is reasonable in Neil's lyrics
which is not terribly Objectivistic. Yet I too `feel good' about Ayn
Rand as a writer and an advocate of the human spirit.

I believe self-interest to be a high virtue, as do many philosophers,
in fact, contrary to what Ayn often said. I am politically
constitutionalist but I believe public education is one of the greatest
feats of mankind; it allows free society to be free, as opposed to
being a land of virtual slavery where those of privelege restrict the
freedoms of the underclass ( our `underfed') and being able to deny them
basic human rights, because without knowledge the `weapon which is
man's mind' is inoperable. And I bet Neil would agree with that.

I hope I haven't bored anyone or wasted `bandwidth.'


Gregg Jaeger    (  ``Truth is after all a moving target''
Dept(s). of Physics (and Philosophy)
Boston University, Boston MA 02215     ->>READ DOS PASSOS!(his books, i.e.)<<-


Subject: Bootlegs/New Album/Random shtuff...
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 91 21:07:24 EDT

I don't know much of anything about bootlegs, but last issue, someone
asked where money would go if an address were set up to send money
'lost' via bootlegging. Knowing the way people are, it would probably
by a sixpack of Canadian beer. :)
New Album--I can't wait. This will be the first album by Rush I will buy
as soon as it comes out (Chronicles doesn't count) since I am fairly new
to rush fandom.
Somebody asked for a list of 'i like rush because I am...'
I like rush because I am into good music.
I like rush because I love electric guitar and bass.
I like rush because the lyrics are meaningful.
I like rush because it's *different* Not because I am
communist, catholic, jewish, cannibalistic, or objectivinistoic. ;)
Pretty much the same reasons I like Black Sabbath. And Queensryche.
Oh well, I guess that is all I really have to say.

'On your knees...kneel! Say your prayers...' -Prong
'A black shape with eyes of fire..telling people their desires...' - Sabbath
'.....' - Rush (YYZ) ;-)


Subject: Rush Songs for the PC
From: (Crystal Wizard)
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 91 20:50:33 PDT

To whoever posted about Rush songs in .ROL format (for Adlib and
Soundblaster cards on IBM compatible computers), I have over 10 songs
including Farwell to Kings, Red Barchetta, Hemispheres, and Red Sector A in
this format.  If anyone is interested in obtaining these files, send
email and we can arrange something.

C-Wizard@Darkside.Com  /  Wizard@CCCBBS.UUCP

The Guild of Legends BBS - 513/821-6543 - 38k bps v.32 - TNMS back issues


Date: Wed, 10 Jul 91 09:04:09 EDT
From: Wes Morgan 
Subject: Philosophy and Rush

Jon C. Slenk  writes:

	How many Rush fans consider themselves Objectivists?
	How many Rush fans consider themselves realists?
	How many Rush fans consider themselves communists?
	How many Rush fans consider themselves...

How about "none of the above"?  It's rather difficult to be a true
Objectivist/realist/communist/etc.;  most people modify their philo-
sophy to better integrate with their environment.

	Tell us what your philosophy is and why you like Rush - is it because
	Neil seems to be saying what you would if you could write lyrics, or is
	it because you find Neil to be trite and inconsequential and so merely

How about those of us who (*gasp*) don't consider lyrics important?
Philosophy doesn't have anything to do with my appreciation of Rush.
My first exposure was long ago, when my brother bought Caress of Steel.  I
listened to about 10 minutes and knew that I had to hear more of the *music*.
At that point, I didn't even pay attention to the lyrics; the sheer talent
behind the instruments hooked me.  I've been a musician for 21 years, and
I listen to several groups whose "philosophy" differs radically from mine.

Of course, I have paid more attention to Rush lyrics since that time.  I
don't comb the lyrics for hidden meaning or deeper symbolism; I just en-
joy the music.  To me, "Red Barchetta" was nothing more than an entertaining
story of youth.  In my opinion, placing music/lyrics under a magnifying
glass is an exercise in futility.  Music is *meant* to mean different
things to different people; each of us view a piece of music in a distinct
light, colored by our individual experiences and perspective.

I enjoy Rush; I consider them to be one of the best musical groups in their
genre.  Does this mean that I agree with the concepts they espouse in their
lyrics?  No, it doesn't, but that doesn't prevent me from appreciating the
music.  My parents, both in their 60s, can appreciate the talent in Rush.
My mom, for example, loves Alex' acoustic guitar parts; my dad wonders why
there isn't more acoustic work in today's music.  They don't like the
lyrics to "A Passage to Bangkok", but they can still tolerate the music.

In conclusion, let's discuss the music!  There are many thousands of
poets in the world whose work we can debate in a philosophical forum;
there's only one Rush, and their primary "purpose in life" is MUSIC!

Wes Morgan

 Wes Morgan, not speaking for  \  !{any major site}!ukma!ukecc!morgan
   the University of Kentucky's  \
     Engineering Computing Center  \
       Lint is merely the compiler's means of controlling the programmer's ego.


Date: Wed, 10 Jul 91 11:22:16 EDT
From: (Peter Chestna)
Subject: bootlegs

I suppose this subject has to come up at least once a year, and I
suppose I'll have the same responses to it every year.

There are no good reasons in my opinion for stopping me from booting
RUSH shows.  First of all, a bootleg is a great way of remembering
a show that you have seen; When I listen to some of the shows I have
recorded personally I have very vivid memories of what happened at
this or that moment, who I was with, etc.  Second, you all know that
RUSH does not release a disk for every tour, therefore there are large
discrepencies between what RUSH has put on a disk and what it has done
live.  Tell me, where else could you hear a live version of
"Natural Science" or "Cygnus X-1" or "Necromancer" if it wasn't for
the bootlegs that exist because of the need RUSH fans have felt to
capture those pieces of history on tape.

RUSH are perfectionists, they won't release a recording of a show
where Alex's guitar breaks and is lost for a few seconds, or Neil
has problems with his kit and Ged and Alex are forced to improv for
5 min., but this may all be found on bootlegs.  Besides that, what
if you want to hear Discovery from 2112, RUSH is certainly not going
to go back and re-release ATWAS with the complete 2112, but you can
hear it on a boot, same goes for A Farewell To Kings, Fancy Dancer,
Between the Wheels, Red Lenses, Camera Eye, Countdown, and a hell
of a lot more songs that they may never play again, they may never
release live, you are never going to hear live, EXCEPT for those
people who love RUSH and tape the shows so that a fan in ten years,
who is just starting to get into RUSH doesn't have to rely on just
what is comercially released.  That fan will be able to listen to
bootlegs and get a real feel for what RUSH sounds like live, through
all the albums(EXCEPT for COS, and I tell you honestly, the first
person to uncover a boot from that tour can charge whatever he wants
to distribute copies of that show because as all of us boot collectors
know, the one hole in all of our collections is anything from COS
tour.  That is probably the only case where large amounts of cash
changing hands would be understandable.)

The point I'm trying to make is that RUSH has put out 3 live albums,
I have over 100.  RUSH has released about 1/8 of their live material,
I have about 7/8 of their live material.  I own those 3 live albums,
but I want more, I want to be able to listen to RUSH in 74 without
having to build a time machine to go back and see them.  Memories
fade, but bootlegs don't.  I make no money from trading boots, and
neither does anyone I know, so where's the harm???????

I hope this has enlightened those of you against boots, and if it
hasn't, TOUGH!  I'm sure I'm not alone when I say, let us be RUSH
fans in our own way, if you don't like boots, don't listen to them,
but you'll never know what you're missing.



Date: Wed, 10 Jul 91 13:30:30 EDT
From: (Shawn Lee)
Subject: I want bootlegs

I keep hearing all this talk about Rush bootlegs and it's really starting
to make my mouth water.  I have all the Rush albums on CD, but I have no
bootlegs.  I'd love to be able to get my hands on some fresh Rush material,
but if trading is the only way to obtain bootlegs, I have nothing to trade

My question is this:  How can I get bootlegs without having to trade?
Is there someplace (or someone) where I can purchase them?  My goal is
to hopefully build a nice library of Rush bootlegs.

Shawn Lee -- "..the greater the unknown"


Date: Wed, 10 Jul 91 16:37:56 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: a Rush note

I just got a Rush note from Dottie (at the Backstage Club) which claims
that the ``Roll the Bones'' tour will begin in October but that no dates
have been finalized. To whomever asked about the response time of the
Backstage Club and who had waited eight weeks: there must be a problem
with your order as I got my order filled in two weeks. I hope by now
you have heard from Dottie.

Anticipation mounts! :0



Date: 10 Jul 91 14:20:00 EST
From: "engle" 
Subject: RE: 07/08/91 - The National Midnight Star #282

	Hi! I'm a member of the BMG music club and I have a few free CDs
coming to me. I'd like to get some more Rush titles, but nothing other than
"Presto" is listed. A friend of mine who reads this board (and incidently
got me into Rush) said that someone posted a list of Rush titles (and order
numbers) that BMG has in stock but never seems to publish. Could someone either
refer me to the correct issue of TNMS that contains this info, or else email
me or repost it? Thanks much!


P.S. In case you're wondering- I'm new- a member for just a mere 4 weeks or
so. And I can't wait for the new album either!


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