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Subject: 07/25/91 - The National Midnight Star #298

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 298

                  Thursday, 25 July 1991
Today's Topics:
                    Geddy going Blind?
                      catching up...
                   It's good to be back
             RUSH party in Batimore/Maryland
                     origins of 2112
                  First Single from RTB
                       mail warning
                     Chord Inversions
                      New song list
       Re: Printing on Presto CD is upside down...
                Presto CD / Columbia House

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Due to the fact that I hosed my main mailer on Syrinx (mh), I haven't
been keeping up with administrative mail for the past couple of days.
I'm slogging through with Berkeley mail, but it's slower.  If you posted
something to the admin. address in the last two-three days, have patience,
I'll get to you eventually!



Date: Wed, 24 Jul 91 17:32:59 -0700
From: mikes@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (60392000)
Subject: Geddy going Blind?

	I heard a 'Rumor?' the other day.......Geddy is going blind, because
of the stage lights.......thus the song Available Light.
	Can anyone verify or discredit this??   Just a conserned thought.
	".....making the shadows darker or the colours shine too bright."


Subject: catching up...
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 91 18:51:08 -0700
From: Michael J. Konopik 

After two weeks of racing for connecting flights (and missing some!), I got
to catch up on the recent threads in NMS.  Here's some thots...

Why play Van Halen for Bastille Day:
  Maybe that the core members came from Canada is too simple an answer?
  (Didn't Eddie and Alex grow up in the GWN?)

Ripping off other groups:
  If similarities imply ripoffs, then how about the opening chords for
  "War Paint"?  They sound just like those for U2's "Pride" to me...
  (I'm not saying there's a ripoff, just that with all the melodies
  being written, SOME of them have to sound similar - it's all a matter
  of combinatorics!)

Living in the past:
  Seems to me that "Time Stand Still" is about holding time still so that
  more living in the *present* can be done.  Remembering the past is much
  different than living in it, and the other songs mentioned just talk about
  remembering past times, friends, or events.

Robots and ASCII codes:
  Umm, my little ASCII cheat-sheet has 1001001 as "I".  "$" is 0100100...
  I don't mean to be nit-pickey, just want to avoid having a fellow fan
  look really stupid by saying, "Hey, that part refers to a dollar sign!"
  in the company of somebody who likes to give Rush fans a hard time...

Musings on Mission lyrics:
  "If their lives were exotic and strange ...." - don't these lines refer
  to people who lead ordinary lives wishing they were famous or had done
  something extraordinary that would make their lives exciting?  It's almost
  like Neil's saying that we should be thankful for our ordinary lives,
  because if they weren't that way we would wish they were.  Just my $.02,
  in case anybody else found that thread interesting.

It's great to see the NMS volume turn up as the release date nears, eh?
Thanks to the rush-mgr for continuing the list in spite of other demands!

Trying to keep as busy as possible, to make 9/3 come around more quickly...



Date: Wed, 24 Jul 91 22:03:49 -0700
From: "Daniel L. McDonald" 
Subject: It's good to be back

Hey, hey!  Lock me up at IBM for a few months, and look what happens:

   -A new album, "Roll the Bones", due out 9-3

	This is cool that a new Rush album coincides with the beginning
	of a new school.  When "Hold Your Fire" came out, I was a frosh
	at U. of Michigan (yes, I used to be
	Now as a first year grad. student, I get "Roll The Bones".  Not
	extremely profound or anything, but a rather interesting coincidence.

   -A new "series" called "The Gangster of Boats"

	Hey, I'm game!  One thing though, someone pointed out a possible
	reference in "Hold Your Fire".  What is it, and is this for real, or
	another clutch at straws, like the "1001001" actually intended to be
	the ASCII "$".  Personally, I think he picked "1001001" because it fit!

	For you lyrical interpreters out there, I remember reading in some Neil
	Peart interview that he'll write lyrics that flow rhythmically.
	I believe that a lot of our interpretations (my own too) are probably
	way off the mark.  Look at my signature file, for instance.  "What does
	that mean?" ask my co-workers.  I usually respond with "It makes more
	sense if you hear the whole song.  But the words themselves sound cool,
	just the way they roll."  Someone mentioned that "I don't claim that
	Neil wrote it to mean that, but that's what I get out of it."  This is
	a good attitude to take, IMHO.  Now I know why certain power trio
	lyricists might advise us to get a....  Well, I certainly won't spoil
	it, right rush-mgr?!?  (p.s. This wasn't meant to flame anyone!  I

   -A rap section in the new album?!?

	My first reaction was pure shock.  But then I thought, not all rap is
	the Top-40 drivel that MTV shows in prime time.  Hell, even some of
	of that Top-40 drivel isn't THAT bad (not taken seriously, of course).
	Have any of you heard Faith No More's first song (the name of which
	escapes me)?  Some people would call certain parts of that rap.  But
	there are no rap cliche's, and it rocks extremely hard.  Listen to
	"Dangerous" on the new Yes album.  There are parts in it that sound
	very hip-hop, but it's played WELL.

   -A "gambling" theme for this album?

	This might go along with the lyric section, but I actually agree with
	this idea.  In the Hold Your Fire tourbook, Neil Peart mentions about
	writing around a central theme.  Hey, I won't indulge, but it makes an
	interesting concept.

Enough catching up.  I won't be reading this daily until school actually starts
in a month (I'm still at IBM, actually).  It's good to be reading TNMS again.
Catch ya' later!

| Dan McDonald          |          Internet:            |
| University of Arizona |-----------------------------------------------------|
| Computer Science      | "rising falling at force ten			      |
| 1st year Grad. Student|  we twist the world and ride the wind" - Rush       |


Date: Thu, 25 Jul 91 01:39 MST
From: "Pat E. Perez" 
Subject: Response-o-matic...

Hello once again! I've been jotting down little responses to the Star
for about a week & I think it's about time they were heard/seen/

1. I found another Roll the Bones quote - from Jack Kerouac's _On The
Road_  :

"They were all urging that tenorman to hold it and keep it with cries
and wild eyes, and he was raising himself from a crouch and going down
again with his horn, looping it up in a clear cry above the furor. A
six-foot skinny Negro woman was rolling her bones at the man's
hornbell, and he just jabbed it at her, "Ee! ee! ee!" "

Heh, I was really excited about finding that one - almost made for
another instance of You Know You're a...  Speaking of which - I know
exactly how the Mountain DEW drinker feels - that happens to me all
the time!!  :-)

2. All of you other Tucsonans *should* go see the Rush laser show at
the Flandrau - it's really great - even though you have to sit through
the Yes stuff. I think I'm gonna go again soon & start lobbying for a
Rush-Only show...

3. I noticed that the one of the last interviews with Geddy was taken
while they were in Tucson for the PoW tour - wasn't this the infamous
show where some scuzball threw a rock on stage hitting the Gedster on
the head? I've only heard vague rumors of this & was never sure which
tour it was...needless to say, Rush never stop here anymore on their

4. I saw that Buddy Rich video w/ Neil on it in a music store recently
but I couldn't buy it at the time to check it out. So, it's out there

5. Dave Weiss noted (right? I dunno, I feel weird saying 'Dangerous
Dave noted...'  ;-> ) a few issues back that:

>Jacob's Ladder...uses alternating 5/4 | 6/4 measures in the beginning.
>one of the things that alternating time-signatures does is it helps
>to add a feel of motion to the music even if the tempo isn't all
>that fast to begin with.  the anticipation of that "extra" beat
>makes the music exciting.

Not only does this (writing in the alternating time sigs. instead of,
say, 11/4) aid musicians who are trying to read the music, but it's
the way most people will 'group' this strange beat section. I tested
10 people who had never heard this song on it to see if they could
find a time signature that could handle the 5/4 | 6/4 pattern and only
1 one saw/heard that 4/4 can describe it adequately (9 out of 10
non-Rush-fans agree...). Interestingly, when the singing starts ('The
clouds prepare for battle...'), these people instantly perceived 4/4
time & totally ignored the continuing odd beat in the background - the
one that originally created the 'anticipation of that "extra" beat.'
Actually, most of the people thought I was trying to mess with their
mind by adding that extra beat - heh.  ;-)

6. I'm gonna finally make a pilgrimage to Toronto in a few weeks
could anybody direct me to any previous issues that give interesting
Toronto points of Rush-interest (besides the obvious Danforth & Pape
intersection) or something? I'd greatly appreciate it!! 

That's all!!

||Patricia E. Perez               ||"I was lost when I went down to the     ||
||            ||"The coast is out of order" - Horseflies||
||Internet:||"Now it's time to turn the tide" - Rush ||
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Date: Thu, 25 Jul 91 09:13 EDT
Subject: RUSH party in Batimore/Maryland

Hello out there.  All this talk of RUSH parties makes me anxious for school to
start,  well at least the party part.  I'm tired of work, how about a RUSH
party in the Baltimore or MAryland area.  I'm not sure of a place, maybe my
house, but my housemates might have objections.  Anyway, if there is enough
interest I'd be glad to work out details.  Just e-mail me at  Well back to work :(  SEEYA!!


[ I'll be there!                                                  :rush-mgr ]

OBLZQ:"It's been a long time since I did that goove..." -Rock&Roll, untitled


Date: Thu, 25 Jul 91 09:17:21 EST
From: joezete@wpi.WPI.EDU (Peter John Chestna)
Subject: origins of 2112

did you know if you take the known age of the universe, add Geddy
Alex and Neil's birthday in years, divide by the eye color of
their wives, eat three bananas, sing Tom Sawyer and multiply by
a fudge factor of 3.45X10-23 the answer is ...
EXACTLY 2112.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Come on lets not reach beyond our noses.  Sorry I just had to post
this because it always makes me laugh to see how far pepole go
to find a meaning in everything RUSH has ever done.

NOTE: for those who have no idea what I'm speaking of, see yesterdays



Date: Thu, 25 Jul 91 09:56:34 EST
From: joezete@wpi.WPI.EDU (Peter John Chestna)
Subject: First Single from RTB

Just talked to the record company and the good word is that the
first single will be released on 14 Aug and the title "Dreamline"

I wonder what 700+ people will be doing Tuesday Aug 13?????




Date: Thu, 25 Jul 91 10:28:00 EST
Subject: Chord Inversions

    The March 1990 Guitar world article had some interesting stuff in
    it.  For instance, Alex said that he likes to overdub two different
    types of guitars on some songs; and he often plays different
    inversions of the chords on each guitar.  He mentioned "The Pass" as
    an example.  He get's an amazing sound on most songs, and this is
    probably why!  I would like to learn more about his techniques!


    "Roll the Bones" has a rap section???  Could be interesting!  But I
    have a feeling some people are gonna hate it!


Date: Thu, 25 Jul 91 10:47:03 EDT
From: (shane p faulkner)
Subject: various

Someone mentionned going to a record store and enquiring after RTB and getting
no response.  DONT WORRY.. It's coming out SEP 3..  it's practically written
in stone.

There are 10 songs on RTB, not 11 (trust me :-)

Neil Peart/Buddy Rich thing:  There is indeed a video coming out very soon
(may already be out).  Only drawback.. it has a $75+ price tag (ouch.)

I would hazard a guess that the THEME of RTB is fate, chance, and taking
risks, but this is just wild blind hypothesizing.

///////////////////////// The Gangster of Boats /////////////////////////
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Date: Thu, 25 Jul 91 10:23:15 EDT
From: (David Kuznick)
Subject: New song list writes:
>	I was just wondering how excited people are getting about the
> new album!! Seeing the list of songs gave me a heart-beat for a
> minute!!

What does your heart normally do the other 59 minutes an hour? :-)

Seriously, I think those are some realy cool sounding titles.  Going
by just them, it sounds like we are in store for a good album (pretty
silly way to judge album quality ;-) )

David Kuznick
ORQ: We each pay a fabulous price, for the visions of paradise.


Date: Thu, 25 Jul 91 14:22:41 -0400
Subject: Re: Printing on Presto CD is upside down...

>         The side printing on my Presto CD is upside down which means I have
> to turn the disc completely around in my display case so the writing matches
> all my other discs.  Surely I'm not the only one, but has Atlantic fixed
> this yet?
>    Terry Stedman    Internet:

    I just popped up the tray and then detached the spine part of the back
cover (it's perforated), flipped it around and _carefully_ placed the tray
back in.  So far it's holding up fine.  Easy enough solution, but let's hope
Atlantic gets it right this time.

Mike Hackett


Date: Thu, 25 Jul 91 16:06 EST
From: HE WHO IS 
Subject: Presto CD / Columbia House

Howdy! (Whoops, wrong opera house)

stedmant@LONEX.RADC.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman) writes:

>Subject: Printing on Presto CD is upside down...
>        The side printing on my Presto CD is upside down which means I have
>to turn the disc completely around in my display case so the writing matches
>all my other discs.  Surely I'm not the only one, but has Atlantic fixed
>this yet?

I have the same problem, although I only have five CD's of which 4 are RUSH.
It may be just the way Atlantic does their printing. (Adrian N Ogden) writes:

>Subject: New Album: Kerrang gives us the full scam!
>      ------------begin quoted text---------------
>"Dreamline", "Bravado", "Roll The Bones" (which is the first Rush
>track ever to feature a rap section!), "Face Up", "Where's My Thing?"
This should be extremely interesting if true!

>(an instrumental), "Big Wheel", "Heresy", "Ghost Of A Chance",
>"Neurotica", "You Bet Your Life".

>      -------------end quoted text----------------
>A Rush song featuring A RAP SECTION???!!! What is this, The Revenge
>Of The Sampled Tom Sawyer? :-) Whatever, it sounds very interesting:
>I'm starting to expect big things of this album.

I'm hoping for the best.

><< Adrian Ogden   _ . _ _   _ . _ _   _ _ . . >>

"Reidar Bjorhovde"  asks:

>	Also, does anyone out there know what Rush CD's COLUMBIA HOUSE's
>club has to offer?

Unfortunately, Columbia House only has Presto which it labeled as RUSH's
club debut.  I don't have too high an opinion of Columbia House, but they
are prompt in delivering orders.  (I still haven't gotten my CD's from BMG,
and it's been a couple of weeks now!)

>	I know that BMG has 2112, Presto, ASOH, and Chron.
>	Thanks-

Hey, I'm happy I can actually answer a question in this crowd!  :-)

>	Ian D. Bjorhovde

Well, I guess I could bow to the pressure and toss in my $2E-02 on 'jewel
boxes'.  As I mentioned above, I only have 5 CD's and the first one I bought
was broken (I have not bothered to replace it as I don't listen to it often).
I kind of like their convenience.  THey can be stored and transported
relatively easily.  I have little problem reading the printing even though I'm
legally blind(Hey, four-eyes, nice triple-coke-bottle glasses!).  I don't see
too much of aproblem with them, but then I am relatively new to CD's and I
have not experienced other p[ackaging techniques yet, so....
	Now that I've added my meaningless comments to a potentially
meaningless topic, I'll say good day (night, whatever) and sign off.  Talk to
you later.

Jason D. Crabtree		| "I can't believe you're saying
Wright State University  	|  These things just can't be true"	|		-RUSH

	"Buck D'arma is God"   - Anonymous (a friend of mine)

[ I thought it was Buck Dharma?  (I was a BOC fan back before _Agents of 
  Fortune_ ...                                                  :rush-mgr ]


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