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Subject: 08/07/91 - The National Midnight Star #307

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 307

                 Wednesday, 7 August 1991
Today's Topics:
                   Soo much to say....
                 BayBash, Boots, and Tix
                    Take a wild guess!
                  Lerxst as a guitarist
                  New Album's Song List?
      Re: 08/06/91 - The National Midnight Star #306
           Philosophy, lyrics, and "Dreamline"
                 Dreamline and the B-man
                        Red lenses
               RTB release date in Germany?
                     I heard it too!
             Dreamline, King Crimson, and MTV
                       King Crimson
                        Losing it
                      Neil recycles?
     Re:  08/06/91 - The National Midnight Star #306
      Re: 08/06/91 - The National Midnight Star #306
               Weapons? Throw away the key!

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

There is a new directory at the ftp site, called 'rush/c64-sounds', and
contains sound files compatable with C64's.  Here is a note from Herschel
Gelman  who posted them:

"To play these, the "Sid Player" is needed.  This is available for anonymous
 FTP from at /public/download/c64/sids.  I think
 that "stereoplay10p3.sda" is the name of the most recent version."

I take no credit or responsibility for these files or the ftp info.  If
you have questions, I'd avise contacting Herschel directly.  Hope you enjoy

I'm working on getting the sparc sounds files out there also; I'm looking
for good quality sound files (recorded digitally if possible).  I'd rather
not take up valuable disk space with poor quality sound files.

The names file in the ftp directory "rush/names" has been updated to reflect
the status of the list as of 2:30 PM EDT Wed. 8/7/91, for those of you who
are interested in a new copy.

In case some of you missed it (at least one of you did), here is the song
list from _Roll The Bones_:

  Side 1               Side 2
    Dreamline            The Big Wheel
    Bravado              Heresy
    Roll The Bones       Ghost Of A Chance
    Face Up              Neurotica
    Where's My Thing     You Bet Your Life

The song "Where's My Thing" is the instrumental, and "Roll The Bones" contains
two rap sections.  No, I don't remember the issue(s) this was posted in 
originally, sorry.

Remember, administrative mail sent to the list will be ignored; there are
addresses posted at the end of EVERY issue as to where to mail what sorts
of mail.  Please read to the end of any NMS before sending any mail to Syrinx.

Lastly, part one of the FAQL should be the special edition today, with part
two tomorrow.  Now, let's see if I can live up to that preview...  :-)


OBRQ: "Gonna kick some gluteus max"   :-)


From: Patrick Quairoli 
Subject: Soo much to say....
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 91 19:42:51 EDT

	can i please hear some sympathy for those of us who haven't heard
	_dreamline_ yet.... (thanks).

	sorry i didn't bring this up while it was a hot item but i've been
	busy.  alot of people have been talking about The Body Electric and
	i thought it might be of interest to let any and all lit. freaks to
	know that Walt Whitman wrote a poem called "I Sing the Body Electric"
	i don't know what it is about... but there have been a few papers
	written on it...

	i don't have a cdchanger but if i did it woul be like this:

	Rush		HYF
	Marillion	Holidays in Eden
	Yes		90215
	Rush		p/g
	Marillion	Clutchin at Straws
	Queensryche	EMPIRE (seems to be the popular choice)
______________________________________________________________________________		|"If you ask me how do I feel inside;
widener!quairoli		| I could honestly tell you.
patrick j. quairoli		| We've been taken on a very long ride"


Subject: Presto!
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 91 16:20:25 PDT

On the Presto Tour, they did NOT play(sad, but true):
1) Camera Eye
2) Jacobs Ladder
3) Natural Science

Let's just hope they decide to remember those songs when they are making
up their playlist for the RTB tour!

ONPQ: "Copying off other people's records is incestuous."

                            -- Neil Peart,drummer, poet, hero. cancer
victim. Geddy Lee, Bass player, vocalist,bitchin' dude, blind man.

PLEASE! can someone call me collect if they've got a tape of the song
DREAMLINE, and play it for me over the phone!!! If you have it, and want
to give a fellow rush fan a break, please E-mail me and I will give you
my phone #. !!!! Later. Matt


Date: Tue, 6 Aug 91 17:43:24 PDT
From: (Robert Shaw)
Subject: BayBash, Boots, and Tix

| From: (Phil D. Croix)
| Date: Mon, 05 Aug 91 18:04:07 PDT

| I'm going to call up KOME right now and demand Dreamline!
| Also, how about a Rush party in the bay area?! C'mon, there are so many
| Rushheads out here! Let's do it!

Yes, I'm for it, except that I'm moving to Davis in early September...
Do we have musicians? I can play the chordz, if there's an Alex Junior
out there to play lead (I know, I know, two guitars playing Rush !?
C'mon let's not pretend Alex doesn't overdub ...) Seriously, though, It
all depends when & where, I'm *way* busy these days.....

If any stations out here are playing Dreamline, let me know Please!!

| From: slider@ATHENA.MIT.EDU
| Subject: Rush'n Roulette
| Date: Tue, 06 Aug 91 15:42:23 EDT

| About bootlegs and rare recordings-

| So.  Can anyone tell me more about these recordings?  Are they rare?
| Are they valuable?

Worth? Valuable? They're not comic books or old coins! :-)
(Notice the "smiley" -- since you say you're new to computing in general,
please note that the smiley means I'm being freindly, not condescending)
They are worth whatever they are worth to you, slider. ( Unless of course,
you're thinking of selling anything, then we can talk numbers :-| )
[flat-mouth face means I'm not totally joking]

The Stellar Dynamics (It's the title) one is not super-rare, I have that
LP too. In fact, you are lucky to be in Cambridge right now, Second
Coming Records (on Mass Ave, just before Hahvahd Sq. (if they're still
there) is where I found three different LP's...

Rush Through Time is legit, yes.

| Does anyone out there know how to get the good seats?

I wish I knew, it's all syndicated stuff - radio stations get large batches
of the tickets, Ticketrons get others... When I was where you are, I had
better luck at the Orpheum Theater Ticketron (it may not be a 'Ticketron'
per se, but you know...) than the Berklee place. And of course, the
24-hour wait in line helps (PoW at the Centrum - Front Row, Alex's side!!).

Phil D. Croix? Any helpful hints for Bay Area?

| You hear 'the morning after' that you kept hollering, "Just make sure that
| there's Rush playing when I pass out!!"

Yes, I never thought of that, maybe it would've lessened the hangover -
I'd suggest Lakeside Park as a good candidate.

Lakeside Park? Hey, I want to add that to my guesses for this tour's


Date: Tue, 6 Aug 91 20:50:02 -0400
From: jtkung@caf.MIT.EDU (Joseph Kung)
Subject: dreamline

Called WBCN in Boston to ask them why they weren't playing the
new single "Dreamline" from Rush's upcoming CD. They played it
on the night of Aug. 5th, but the record company told them to lay off
for a while, so BCN is not playing it. Oh well ...

- Joe


Subject: Take a wild guess!
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 91 20:03:39 CDT
From: David Sandberg 

About "Mission"... hehe, fooled you!  This isn't about "Mission"
at all%!  

Actually I just wanted to join in and list my top ten non-Rush
albums at the moment, since it offers further proof of the great
diversity among Rush fans:

  1)  Kennedy Rose, "Haiku"
  2)  R.E.M., "Life's Rich Pageant"
  3)  Todd Rundgren, "Nearly Human"
  4)  Maria McKee, "Maria McKee"
  5)  The Roches, "Speak"
  6)  R.E.M., "Murmur"
  7)  Utopia, "Oblivion"
  8)  Thomas Dolby, "Aliens Ate My Buick"
  9)  The Sundays, "Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic"
 10)  Todd Rundgren, "2nd Wind"

Different, huh?

  % Gregg Jaeger last complained about my assertions on proper
    English in regards to "Mission".  I still differ with him,
    but I also think everyone (myself included) has had quite
    enough of that topic, so I'll let him have the last word.

    (Unless _this_ counts as the last word... B-)

|  David Sandberg, a.k.a.
| "Like a boat out on the water that just can't make it to the shore
|  I can see you in the distance, but I can't touch you anymore" = Kennedy Rose


Subject: Lerxst as a guitarist
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 91 19:01:24 -0700

 > Subject: Alex
 > From: (Sean Flanegan)
 > Date: Sun, 04 Aug 91 17:46:19 PDT
 >   It seems to me that Alex Lifeson doesn't get the recognition that he
 > deserves.  On a previous post, someone stated that Geddy was the best
 > bassist, Neil the best drummer and Alex... well     one of the best
 > guitarists.  I know that this is in no way putting down Alex, but in my
 > opinion Alex is just as good at playing the guitar as Neil is at drums
 > and that Geddy is at Bass.  Just because Alex doesn't tap all over the
 > neck of the guitar or play at 1,000,000 m.p.h doesn't mean that he isn't
 > as talented as Geddy or Neil are at their instruments. He plays just what
 > is right for the song. He also has the incredible feel that is so
 > important to music.  I just think that Alex should get his fair share of
 > compliments that he deserves.
 >  Ps    Remember         La Villa
 >                         Freewill
 >                         Lock & Key ( a personal favorite )
 >                         Spirit of Radio
 >                         and I could mention every other Rush
 > song............

That was me that called Alex one of the best.  I didn't mean it the way you
took it.  I simply think he is one of the best guitarists, but I can't call
him the single best guitarist; he's got too much competition.  There are
several guitarists whom I would consider "the best", but I couldn't pick one
above the others.  (I'm not gonna name my other favorites, so that this
doesn't degenerate into a "who's best at their instruments" flame war.  If
you really want to know my opinions, mail me at On
the other hand, I can't think of any other drummer who can compare with Neil
Peart, nor a bassist who can compare with Geddy, although recently there
have been quite a few great bassists, like Flea (of the Red Hot Chili
Peppers), Les Claypool (of Primus), and Muzz Skillings (of Living Colour).
Of course, only Les plays while singing (and calling it singing is
stretching it somewhat... as we all know, PRIMUS SUCKS!!!  ... sorry about
that, couldn't control myself.)

I just wanted to clarify my statement: there are no guitarists better than
Alex, but he is not the best.  He definitely seems to be the most easygoing
and least uptight about his playing, from all the interviews I've read,
although Eddie V.H. takes a close second.


P.S. Actually, the guitar on "Spirit of Radio" IS played at approximately
1,000,000 m.p.h...


Subject: New Album's Song List?
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 91 22:20:52 BST

I was really bright and accidentally deleted some of my files including some
of the NMS files. Could someone with the album's song list and any other
available info send me a copy. Thanks.

I can't wait for the album to hit the stands. I may even make a special trip
down to the states just to get the CD since it always seems to take about
a month longer to get it up in Canada. Funny, considering Rush is a Canadian
band! Oh, well.

Dreamline is out in the radio stations but does anyone have info about the
albums being out anywhere? I saw here that it's finished?! That I can't
believe (I'd love it though 8-) I think I'll call CHOM and get it on there
NOW! See ya.

Chris Fuzzy Normandeau                | (ON LOAN)
Programmer/Analyst - STS Systems Ltd. | Bhagwan Sangeet Compacdiscji
2800 Trans-Canada Highway             |     Kupuswamy Hairy Hari Computer Pillai
Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada H9R 1B1 | RBSKNBRSTPLMRGSJWLBSSFFDG..............
"Better the pride that resides in a citizen of the world ..." Rush-Power Windows
"... Than the pride that divides when a colourful rag is unfurled"   Territories


Date:         Tue, 06 Aug 91 23:27:13 EDT
From: mike 
Subject:      Re: 08/06/91 - The National Midnight Star #306

   i am getting chills.  it is two-for-tuesday on WNEW-FM in new york.
and the first song (playing right now) is Presto.  I wholehearted am expecting
to hear Dreamline for the first time in the next two minutes.  My heart
is beating a million miles an hour.
   I can still remember the first time I heard 'The Big Money'  Sept 26,1985
          here goes...
      Damn F****** S***, Freewill, oh well I can live with it
                                                      ...UNTIL LATER...


Date: Wed, 7 Aug 91 00:29:04 EST
From: bigal@wpi.WPI.EDU (Nathan Charles Crowell)
Subject: Philosophy, lyrics, and "Dreamline"

	I never realized what a joke it is to say to yourself "I'll
read my digests when I get a chance" until tonight!  I've been reading
since 9:00 PM (it's midnight), and I'm not done with my back issues of
TNMS!  Mother of shit! (hi Pete!)

	Anyway, with regards to what I've seen about philosophy, I'd
like to add my .00125*16 cents.  First of all, I am what you'd call
a reform-Objectivist. 2112 got me to read "Anthem" (I couldn't get over
how those lyrics affected me), and from there I read several of her
other fiction and non-fiction works.  For maybe a year or two I was what
you'd call a real Objectivist, you know, arguing against collectivism
every chance I got, always challenging family and friends on altruism,
etc.  Then I realized that no one philosophy could provide a coherent
picture of life without eventually contradicting itself.  The truth is,
life is fucked up! Therefore any attempt to fully explain it must also
be- you guessed it- fucked up!  Actually I'm kind of a free-form liber-
tarian now, more anarchist than anything, fiscally and legally conser-
vative, environmentally liberal, pro-choice, anti-censorship, really a
panache of whatever makes sense to me.  Philosophy should make sense
with life, not have to go to unecessary extremes to "make itself fit".
Enough of that!

	As far as lyrics go, I love Rush's lyrics, and place equal
significance on them as their music.  The combination is what made Rush
my favorite band.  Music gets me to listen to more of a band, but the
lyrics are the final hook for me.  Lyrics are sung, and the voice is an
instrument! If the lyrics are not meaningful to me on any level what-
soever, then I consider the vocal instrument to be underutilized.  This
of course is all opinion, but so what.  The lyrical condition I place
on music is the main reason why I could never get into Yes and Genesis
as much as Rush.  To me, Yes and Genesis only ever did half of the job.
Their music is incredible, but the lyrics were never anything meaning-
ful to me.  Conversely, I can't get into bands that don't satisfy me
musically but have good lyrics.

	On to more useful discussions!  I haven't listened to anything
but "Dreamline" for the last 48 or so hours (including other Rush)! My
new album hysteria has begun......I can listen to it 10 times on each
one way trip to/from work!  The song is so uplifting and powerful, but
I expected no less from the Holy Trinity (go ahead and flame me for
the religious reference, I don't care, I'm actually an atheist).

Big Al , aka Nate   (

ORQ: "Like lovers and heroes, the restless part in everyone, we're
	only at home when we're on the run, on the run"


Subject: Dreamline and the B-man
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 91 23:55:36 PDT

     I can not wait to here it. I think that I will go bug a few Radio
stations  about playing it.  The more that people here and request it
the more they will play it.

      Someone asked if the B-Man ever answered his mail.
Well..................    I really think that   stands for Bozo,
Butthole, or arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
   This guy has got to be the biggest LOSER!!!!!!    I sent him a leytter
2 MONTHS AGO asking about some information because I am starting a Rush
fanzine with some friends.  He has sent nothing.  Have you read
Visions???!!!   He talks like he is sooooooo special because he knows the
band!!!    Someone I know met B-man and Geddy in a bar somewhere and he
says that B-man trys to look just like Geddy!!!!   The hair and
everything.   Anyway don't expect much fromthe BASTARD thats it thats
what B-man stands for!!!!!

[ He could be a case of the rabid Rush fanatic that we all want to avoid
  becoming, and what is flamed on Usenet... ?  Also, keep in mind the volume
  of mail he might have to deal with, and time lag in getting things done in
  general.  Neal takes several months to respond to mail.         :rush-mgr ]


From: Tero Valkonen 
Subject: Red lenses
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 91 20:20:50 EET

I wonder, has anyone ever noticed that in the very end of Red lenses,
Geddy, very clearly, states that "everybody can suck my dick"?
If you don't believe me, just go and listen to it - it IS there!

[ I listened, and it sounds shakey at best, IMHO.              :rush-mgr ]

--  							  Tero Valkonen
			     "Am I so crazy?"


Date: Wed, 7 Aug 1991 12:22:21 +0100
Subject: RTB release date in Germany?

Hi Folks!

Does anybody know when RTB is to be released in Germany? Or, in general,
how long it takes for a LP to come to europe after the US release date?

Looking forward to september...


P.S. Any german Rush freaks out there???

Ron Scharf --

                                      "...and don t lose your head!"


Date: Wed, 7 Aug 91 08:21:53 -0400
From: engle@afglsc.DNET.NASA.GOV
Subject: I heard it too!

	I heard it! I heard it! I was driving to work this morning (I work
a bit west of Boston), and about 8 min before I arrived I thought I'd try
to find that radio station from Providence that has been playing _Dreamline_
for the last couple of days. I found the station, although it was a bit
staticky. No sooner did I pick up the station, I heard "We've had a lot
of requests for the new Rush song, so here it is..."!!! Yeah! I heard it!
There was some static, and it was interupted by an Ames ad on another station
that was trying to drown out Providence, BUT I HEARD IT!!!!
	All I have to say fellow fans is I *REALLY* CAN'T WAIT FOR SEPT 3!



Date: Wed, 7 Aug 91 08:14:47 -0400
Subject: Dreamline, King Crimson, and MTV

Well, let me enter myself in the "jealous-people-who-haven't-heard-
Dreamline-yet" club...last i heard down here (NC) was that the first
single off RTB was to be released for radio airplay on Aug 16, but
i will nonetheless begin listening to the radio (i HATE doing that)
and hopefully catch it a couple of times before Sep 3.  Thanks to
whoever typed in the lyrics--very interesting.

Boy, i was right about all you King Crimson fans out there!  i've been wanting
to give them a listen for a long time--thanks for the recommendations.
perhaps i'll pick up a copy of _Discipline_ while i'm barrelling for the
"R"'s in the local record stores in a few weeks...

[ Yes, a truely excellent album!  It also has several different levels;
  wait until "Indicipline" sounds beautiful!                    :rush-mgr ]

>...a couple of issues ago, had some interesting comments
on MTV--to say the least--and i'd like to agree with him.  MTV makes me sick
almost every time i flip to it.  Kurt Loder is, in my most humbly under-
educated opinion, a total pud-wad. (when he wrote for/edited _RS_ he gave
bland and tasteless reviews of some very good albums, _Grace Under Pressure_
included.)  But we all know that it's not geared toward the "abstract
intellectual" in all of us--it's just a channel peddling zit-cream and cologne,
so to me it's only worth-while when they cut out the hype and play (rarely)
some decent videos.  It is obvious that their adveritsing customers do not
want commercials targeted toward anyone but pubescent, horomonally-imbalanced
teeny-boppers.  i can't be totally anti-MTV, though...i do like the
half-hour comedy thing they stick in between Brut by faberge ads.

now that this post has turned into an MTV flame, i'd better stop...i guess
i have to find a better way to vent my frustrations about the state of
today's music industry....sorry to everyone for wasting any space. (i'm
writing this on VMSMail--once you type a line, you can't delete it!)


"Art as expression, not as market campaigns/ will still capture our
imaginations.." --Rush, "Natural Science"


Date: Wed, 7 Aug 91 13:54:36 BST
Subject: King Crimson

I heartily recommend KC for Rush fans.  A very good CD to get (CD only)
is "The Compact King Crimson", which most of the best tracks from the
three most recent albums (with Adrian Belew), plus all thats worth listening
to from the very first album, "In the Court of The Crimson King" from
1969 and which includes "Twentieth Century Schizoid Man", which I have
heard Neil and Geddy both call out as being a direct influence of Rush's
music (it sounds like it too!).  You can't really go wrong with this
disk (which is 70+ minutes) if you can find it.  The Belew stuff
is some of my favorite music, too, made just after he worked with
Talking Heads on "Remain in Light".



Date: 7 Aug 91 08:52:00 CDT
Subject: Losing it

In the song Losing It, I'm pretty sure that the writer mentioned is supposed
to be Ernest Hemmingway, but does anyone know who the 'dancer' also mentioned
in the song is a reference to?

Also, here's my top ten list of "outside" records:

(1) Queensryche...Operation:Mindcrime !!!!!
(2) Steve Vai...Passion and Warfare
(3) Queensryche...The Warning
(4) Eric Johnson...Ah Via Musicom
(5) Cold Sweat...Break Out
(6) Whitesnake...1987 (u.k. version)
(7) Queensryche...Rage for Order
(8) Joe Satriani...Dreaming #11
(9) Scatterbrain...Here Comes Trouble
(10) Lynch Mob...Wicked Sensation


Date: Wed, 7 Aug 1991 11:11 EST
From: A spider wanders aimlessly within the warmth of a shadow
Subject: Marillion

For the person who wanted to know the address for the Marillion mailing
list, it is:


Hope this helps.



Date: Wed, 7 Aug 91 11:32:18 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: Neil recycles?

Just an observation on the 'Dreamline' lyrics. It seems to me that
this song has very few new words in it. The only new ones I can see
are 'Sahara,' 'Gypsy Caravan,' 'Vegas,' and 'Jupiter.' Probably there
are a few more but all in all the lyrics seem to draw on old vocabulary.
This seems to incorporate some nice resonances with past songs. I hope
Neil also has some nice _new_ words for us too! The lyrics seem a bit
'talky' to me too;it seems kind of like 'Second Nature' in that respect.
I guess we'll just have to see. By the way, the announcer on WBCN
who played the song called it 'Lovers and Heroes.' Must be a hook-
oriented guy....



Date: Wed, 7 Aug 91 11:01:24 cdt
From: J Sicolo 
Subject: Re:  08/06/91 - The National Midnight Star #306

	please unsubscribe me, this account is history soon.



Date: Wed, 7 Aug 1991 11:35 MST
From: Roo-Dog Rip 
Subject: Re: 08/06/91 - The National Midnight Star #306

joezete@wpi.WPI.EDU (Peter John Chestna) transcribes the lyrics from
"Dreamline" for us(and despite the flu! A Big "Thank You" to Pete) including
this set of lines:

We are young
Wandering the face of the earth
Wondering what our dreams might be worth
Learning that we're only immortal
For a limited time

Now I'm a physicist, and I don't believe in silly things like synchronicity,
but on my trip to Mexico to see the eclipse someone(I've forgotten who) in our
little group began a story with the Freudian slip "When I was young and
immortal...." I'm tellin' ya, synchronicity is a dangerous thing. So lets just
nip this one in the bud right now, OK?

Roo-Dog Rip
\Roo-Dog Rip is:                  <> "O! What a rogue and peasant slave am I!"/
\Derrell Durrett                  <>                 --- _Hamlet_ II. ii, 584 /
\D_DURRETT@COLOPHYS.BITNET        <>                                          /
\D_DURRETT%KAOS@VAXF.COLORADO.EDU <>   High Energy Physics: The New Religion! /
\Voice:(303)492-4821              <>                Get Some Today!           /
\Fax:(303)492-5119|Msg:492-1228   <>                                          /
\ High Energy Physics Group | University of Colorado | Boulder, Colorado, USA /


Date: Wed, 7 Aug 91 14:10:27 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: Weapons? Throw away the key!

In the last issue, someone wrote:

; Y'know, There's a line in the song the weapon that I just can't figure
; out. It makes my brain hurt to try to figure out what Neil Means. Maybe
; one of you can shed some light. Here's the line:

; And those who push us down that they might climb-
; Is any killer worth more than his crime?
; Does this mean that he is for or against capitol punishment? Does it mean
; that a murderer's life is worth more than his crime, therefore he should
; be spared, or does it mean that his life is worth more and he should pay
; for his crime with his (or hers, for all of you femenist freaks) own
; life? AHHHHH! My brain is strting to itch! Please shed!

I _really_ like this line. But anyone interested in Neil's opinion
on capitol punishment should see 'Lock and Key.' Therein it seems to
me Neil is _against_ it and for lifetime imprisonment instead.
Generally (in interviews, for example) Neil expresses the opinion that
human life is a most sacred thing. Since the lyrics above are in the
form of a question it seems to me that at this point there is no
statement for or against capitol punishment but simple outrage aimed
at the murder over the act of murder. That was _Signals_.
'Lock and Key' is on _Hold Your Fire_ (about six years later).
So it seems reasonable to infer that Neil came across the question
in '82 and mulled over it for awhile before coming to a definite


Gregg Jaeger    (  ``Truth is after all a moving target''
Dept(s). of Physics (and Philosophy)
Boston University, Boston MA 02215       In Rush I trust.


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