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Subject: 08/09/91 - The National Midnight Star #311

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 311

                  Friday, 9 August 1991
Today's Topics:
   Since I, like others, haven't heard the new stuff...
               The Dreamline sampling. . .
                        Gif files
              Roll The Bones / YES / and MTV
                 I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC
       Neil Peart's release info on Roll The Bones
                Jumping on the bandwagon..
                        RUSH Hour
        "SDT" Video; silly persons; non-rush faves
                 Manhattan Project Video
                   Sun to Mac converter
                   unsubscribe? NEVER!
                       Rush worship
                     Fly in the Night
                       Ne?l Peart?

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

If you know how to translate Sun/NeXT audio format to something that can
be played on a PC or Mac, send mail to me and I'll post it here.  Thanks!



Date: 8 August 1991 15:04:51 CDT
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 

Hi everyone. Is it just me, or is Sept. 3 approaching very slowly?
Just wondering if anyone has or if there exists Digitized Sound files
for the MAC for Rush of course.? I just got a new program that will play
them back for my HP 95LX. :) Can't stand them MACs. I'm a IBM person myself.
Mr. Riker, bet your Casio or Dar's Wizard can't do that eh? :P Gotta show
ya some of them sound files. Not exactly DAT quality but not bad either.
Well, time to hit the road. Talk to everyone later. bye.

P                           P
-        Patster                     Bitnet: U24129@uicvm.bitnet   -
G                                    Genie:  P.Choy                G
P                                                                  P
-  OBRQ: "Memory banks unloading, bytes break into bits            -
G         unit one's in trouble, and its scared out of its wits"   G

ps: You Know You're a Rush Fan When.... "you go to a Chicago Sox VS Blue Jays
    game and you CHEER FOR THE JAYS and you are bummed out when the game is
    6 mins to ending and the Sox are about to win and you haven't bumped into
    Ged yet. :( " Oh, well time and a place for everything....


Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1991 18:46 CDT
From: INDE54Q@Jetson.UH.EDU
Subject: Since I, like others, haven't heard the new stuff...

In Houston, I haven't had much success in being able to hear any cuts
off RTB (if any of you near me have, please let me know which stations).
Therefore, I'd like to post my most recent top ten listening selections:

1. D.Bowie--Sound+Visions
2. Jimi--Essential V.1&2
3. REM--Outta Time
4. Stevie Ray Vaughan--In Step    (Stevie, Rave On)
5. Concrete Blonde--Bloodletting
6. B.Marley, et al.--Legend
7. P.Gabriel--Passion (Theme from Last Temptation...)
8. T.Heads--True Stories
9. Sting--Soul Cages
10. Steely Dan--Decade of S.Dan
11. (oops) The Presidents--With Guns and Cannons and the Book
           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Local Austin/Houston World Beat Stuff

Okay, so you caught me...alot of these are greatest hits type discs.  Sorry.

Daryl Santos
University of Houston
Department of Industrial Engineering


Date:    Fri, 9 Aug 91 01:30 EDT
Subject: The Dreamline sampling. . .

OK, for all us PC users there has to be a way to listen to the sound file.
I found a shareware program in the archives here that will play 8 bit sound
files through a PC's internal speaker.  It sounds amazingly good.  There
is a sample data file that has HAL talking. . .good good but I digress. . .
so I'm assuming that the data is stored in a relative level between 0 and 255
>. . .and the data file is just a whole lot of bytes like this. . .my question
is this-- is the sampling already at Syrinx convertable to a simple 8 bit
pattern?  I would be eternally ecstatic if between the 800 readers we can
figure out how to get a taste of Dreamline through our PC's. . .can
someone else come up with a scheme to play the sampling on the PC?  I'm
going to try to upload a file to the \rush\sounds\ directory with this
8 bit self-unzipping executable file...if anyone does figure this dilemma
out the 8 bit sampling can be zipped for ease of downloading. . .maybe
I'm the only one using a PC?  I hope not-- let's pull this thing together--
I'm dying to here Dreamline-- why should we have to wait two weeks?

[ If you want to upload a file to Syrinx, it can only go in the directory
  'rush/incoming' - the other directories are only writable by the list
  account and the administrative account.  If you upload something to
  Syrinx, please send mail to the administrative account to let me know
  so I can do what needs to be done with it.                   :rush-mgr ]



Subject: Gif files
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1991 16:59:25 -0800 (PDT)
From: (Lance Neustaeter)

   Hi.  I rec'd one of the gif pictures from the listserver (2112) and
upon decoding it and viewing it, it appears to be only one quarter of
a complete picture.  The image fills up my screen, but it's cut off
and looks as if I'm only being shown the top left quarter of the full
picture.  I'm baffled because the resolution is still quite sharp,
which I wouldn't expect on a blown-up quarter of an image.  I'm
viewing the gif with "hamgif" on an Amiga.  Can anybody explain this
phenomenon?  Is it just this gif file or should I try others?

[ Using the Unix utilities the full picture is displayed, so the file
  seems to be fine.  Can someone help with figuring this out?  I'm not
  a PC person...                                              :rush-mgr ]



Subject: Roll The Bones / YES / and MTV
From: (Vindicator)
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 91 01:12:08 PDT

  Well it has been a while since I was on here, but I really have to get
some things out in the open here.  Not bad things but good ones!!!

  First like everyone else I can't even believe that a new album is
comming out.  10 new tunes from the boys, it just hasn't sunk in yet.
And everytime I hear a song on the radio i think, this could be it it
could be it!  But as I have seen on here I guess it sorta slipped out!

  Now to the topis of YES.  I just got back from their final concert on
this tour and my ears are still ringing.  It was beyond belief!  First of
all Wakeman at one point in the concert put on the guitar style
keyboard (don't know the official name) and went out into the audience.
It was cool because we were in the second official row, dead center!
Perfect seats!

   We had also made a huge killer banner with our names on it and the
logo reading "YESShows 91"  Well they put it on the video screens and
when the band came out for the encore Jon Anderson looked straight at us
and pointed at all six of us right on down the line.  Having a connection
like that was all we wanted, I really made the show.

   During the intro to "Saving my heart" the road crew marched across the
stage with Bud 12 pack boxes over their heads.  They also lit sparklers
during the encore and were having an ice fight across the stage.  It was
wild!  I'm still recovering!

        Well I would blab about that any more, but I do hope that MTV
splits up into specialized stations.  It would make viewing more
enjoyable.  There is so much pop crap on.

        Oh well I am tired and have a dental appointment tomorrow.  So I
will see you all later!  Keep the dream alive!

        (could someone give me some info on how to access these sound
files and what I need to play them, thanks!)

[ If you have ftp and a Sun/NeXT system available, just grab it off Syrinx
  and play it. Sorry, don't know how to convert to other formats. :rush-mgr ]

  "...we read about the exceptions, in the paper every day!"



Date: Fri, 9 Aug 91 03:37:24 PDT
From: WHAT THE #$&% 


      You're wrong, _I_Sing_the_Body_Electric_ was made into an

    episode of _The_Twilight_Zone_. Just thought I'd let you know


                                  Who Has Still Only Heard Half of


OBRQ: He's old enough to know what's right, but young enough not to choose it


Date: Fri, 9 Aug 91 13:08:44 +0200
From: tools!fl (Frank Lancaster)
Subject: Neil Peart's release info on Roll The Bones

[ This is interesting; I'll probably pull it out and make it available
  at the ftp site.  Keep your eye on the administrivia for details.
                                                             :rush-mgr ]

This was distributed by Atlantic (East-West here)
to reviewers and interviewers.


by Neil Peart

_We're only immortal for a limited time_

Musicians are sometimes said to be immature. Not _us_ guys, you
understand, but some of the other musicians we know.  Like them,
we spent our adolescent years welded to our instruments, obsessed
by music to the exclusion of nearly everything else in normal
"life". And maybe that youthful seriousness, which in a way is
growing up too fast, means that the adolescent sense of
immortality and irresponsibility stays with us a little longer,
into the time when we're supposed to be adults. This is called
the "artistic temperament".  This is also called a good excuse.

The point is, each of us experiences a time when we feel
immortal, when time is not passing and we're never going to die.
But it's a limited-time offer --- time _does_ pass, and soon
enough the realities of life come crowding in on us, whether
we're ready for them or not, and we have to get serious. This is
called "facing the real world."

_We're only at home when we're on the run._

Being mature doesn't have to mean being dead. You just have to
get out there and rock, keep your bones _rolling_, and stay out
of the ruts.  That has been true for Rush as well; we have
continued to learn and grow and change, but behind all that the
important thing was just to keep moving. Rolling bones gather no

Through seventeen years and umpteen albums and tours together, we
seldom stopped to look back, but neither did we look ahead much
beyond the next album or tour. We just kept doing what seemed
right, without worrying about the future --- it would take care
of itself. That is called being philosophical. _That_ is also
called a good excuse.

But suddenly it's different --- all at once it seems obvious that
we have a long creative partnership ahead of us. Maybe we're
growing up a tiny bit; I'm not sure; but I do know that we are
excited about this band in a whole new way. Each of us feels it,
and _Roll The Bones_ was the catalyst --- this record was so
enjoyable to make, and the process was so satisfying through each
of its stages that suddenly we feel a new conviction, a sense of
rebirth. We cut our holidays short in order to start the record
sooner, we finished it in "record" time, and now we're eager to
get it out so people can hear it. We're even cutting our holidays
short again in order to start a tour, then get on to the next
record.  We are _psyched_. And still immortal...

_We will pay the price, but we will not count the cost._

A line from John Barth's _The Tidewater Tales_ (he said I could
use it) which echoed around inside me for a long time after I
read that book.  To me, it just means _go for it_.

"There are no failures of talent, only failures of character."  I
think that's often true too. Sure there are a lot of talented
people who don't achieve artistic or worldly success, but I think
there's usually a reason --- a failure _inside_ them. The
important thing is: if you fail once, or if your luck is bad this
time, the dream is still there. A dream is only over if you give
it up --- or if it comes true. That is called irony.

We have to remember the oracle's words, from Nike, the Greek
goddess of victory and lumpy athletic shoes: Just do it. No

_The night has a thousand saxophones._
   And nary a clarinet between us.

_Turn it up --- or turn that wild card down._

The line that started it all... On a rainy day in late summer,
cool enough to draw me close to the fire, I sat on the floor of
my cottage with a pile of papers around me --- notes from the
previous two years, lines and phrases collected on the road, or
in that dream-like moment before sleep. I began playing with the
phrases "turn it up" and "turn it down", thought of turning a
_card_ down, as you do in some game I forget the name of, and
then I started to think more about the "wild card" idea. I guess
that's called inspiration.

So many wild cards we are dealt in life --- where we're born, the
genes we wear, the people we meet along the way, and the
circumstances of the world around us. Sometimes we even _choose_
a wild card: Faith is like that, and so is Trust --- one of the
biggest chances you can make in life is trusting somebody, and
yet most of us take that chance, at least once or twice. Some of
us pursue ambitions where the odds against success are great (and
where we might have to stay adolescents all our lives.)  That is
called bravado.

There is truth in homilics like "the harder I work, the luckier I
get" and "luck is when preparation meets opportunity," but they
are only tendencies, not _laws_. The best-laid plans, et cetera.
No matter how intelligent, talented, and beautiful we might be,
we still don't know what the hell's going to happen next. But we
_can_ improve the odds by the choices we make.  I am _not_ an
existentialist, I am a _free_ man!

_Where's my thing?_

Where indeed. No deep meaning here, I'm glad to report --- just
one of those people say: "Where's that... um... oh, _you_ know...
where's my --- _thing_?"

We had lot of fun with this one, putting so much stuff into it
there wasn't even room for a _small_ kitchen sink. And for once,
the lyrics are guaranteed politically correct. We've been meaning
to do another instrumental (exercise in self-indulgence) for a
few years, but something always seemed to derail our good
intentions --- as soon as Geddy and Alex would come up with a
good musical part, it would fit with some lyrics I'd just

This time I outsmarted them: I wouldn't give them any more words
until they'd finished an instrumental! It worked.

_Playing the game, but not the way the big boys played._

Yo DJ --- spin that wheel!

Sorry. You lose. Life is so unfair. I mean, shuffling around this
mortal coil, this vale of tears, playing the cosmic game show and
waiting for the party-at-the-end-of-the-world, taking commercial
breaks and flicking through the channels --- then suddenly the
show is _over_? If you played well and gave it all you had,
you're certainly a true winner, but sometimes the winner takes
nothing. That is called tragedy.

_Do we have to be forgiving at last?_

I suppose. The deconstruction of the Eastern Bloc made some
people happy; it made me _mad_. For generations those people had
to line up for toilet paper, wear bad suits, drive nasty cars and
drink bug spray to get high --- and it was all a _mistake_? A
heavy price to pay for somebody else's misguided ideology, it
seems to me, and that waste of life must be the ultimate heresy.

The drum part in this song was inspired by a different part of
the world.  One hot night I lay under the stars on a rooftop in
Togo, and heard the sound of drums from across the valley. Even
on the edge of sleep the drumming moved me, the rhythm stayed in
my head, and while working on this song I used variations of it
and other West African infuences. Depending on your
point-of-view, that is either called cultural cross-pollination,
or plundering the Third World...

_Somehow we find each other, through all that masquerade._

The timeless quest --- find somebody to love, and make it at
last. We know the odds are not good, but most of us keep trying.
Some of us get lucky.  Some of us don't. _C'est la vie_.

Some great guitar stuff in this song, I think, but don't tell him
I said so.  This is the kind of song that _we_ always think ought
to be a massive hit single, but by this time we've learned that
it won't be, because we're too weird.

_Life is a diamond you turn into dust._

Some people can't deal with the world-as-it-is, or
themselves-as-they-are, and feel powerless to change things ---
so they get all crazy. They waste away their lives in delusions,
paranoia, aimless rage, and neuroses, and in the process they
often make those around them miserable too. Strained friendships,
broken couples, warped children. I think they should all just
stop it. That is called wishful thinking.

_Be-bop or a one-drop or a hip-hop its-pop-metallist._
                                 [ ^^^ couldn't read this word, so...]

Yep --- no matter what kind of song you choose to play, you're
betting your life on it, for good or ill, and what you believe is
what you are.  So there. However you slice it, you're taking a
chance, and you _might_ not be right. (Just this once.) No one
can ever be _sure_, in this best of all possible random

That's why the essence of these songs is: if there's a chance,
you might as well take it. So what if some parts of life are a
crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap. A random universe
doesn't have to be _futile_; we can change the odds, load the
dice, and roll again.

And there's no escaping the dice; even if you try to take the
sting out of a random universe by embracing the prefab structure
of Faith, you still have to gamble that it's the _right_ one. Say
the secret word and win a hundred dollars. For anyone who hasn't
seen Groucho Marx's game show "You Bet Your Life," I mean that no
one but Groucho knows the secret word, and one guess is as good
as another. You might have lived a good long life as an exemplary
Christian, only to be met at the gates of heaven by _Mohammed_...

Anything can happen. That is called fate.

_Why are we here? Because we're here._ Row the boats.


Date: Fri, 9 Aug 91 9:37:16 EDT
From: Elizabeth Fike 
Subject: Jumping on the bandwagon..

I feel an uncontrollable compulsion to submit my own most-listened-to
non-RUSH albums.....

In no particular order:

Meat Loaf/Bat Out Of Hell (cheezy, but fun)
Elvis Costello/Girls Girls Girls Disc 2
Adam Ant/Manners and Physique
Billy Joel/Greatest Hits Vol. 1
Roxy Music/Avalon
Elton John/Sleeping With the Past
Jesus Christ Superstar, Disc 1 (the Original Cast edition, of course)
Eric Clapton/Timepieces
Rampal & Bolling/Suite No. 2 for Flute & Jazz Piano Trio

You'll notice that many of these are greatest-hits
compilations.  It's the most economical way for me to get all of
my favorite songs :-)  I usually go back and buy the albums,
because I find that sometimes my favorite songs are the ones that
never get any airplay and don't make it on to greatest-hits
collections, but that takes $$$ that is non-existent in my bank
account :-(

Anxiously awaiting Sept. 3,


OBRQ:  A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission...

Betsey Fike 
CC '93/SEAS '94, Computer Science/Electrical Engineering
Columbia University Marching Band, the Cleverest Band In The World (tm)


Date: 9th August 1991, 11:34pm EST.
From: "Mark Connell" 
Subject: RUSH Hour

For all you RUSH fans in he Austin Texas area, KPEZ Z102 at 102.3 have
just started a RUSH Hour. One whole hour of RUSH music each Thursday
between 10 and 11pm. They also take phone requests for the songs !!


Mark Connell                 
Melbourne, Australia


Date: Fri, 9 Aug 91 09:46:26 -0400
Subject: "SDT" Video; silly persons; non-rush faves

Getting back to the MTV subject, i DO remember when "Show Don't Tell" was on
the call-in countdown for a few days, and i remember thinking the director of
that video shot too many close-ups of geddy and not enough of alex and neil...

i have to thank Michael J Konopik for a good laugh in the last issue--not that
his post itself was funny was funny; i think he's 100% right, but J sicolo's
post right after his just made my day...i laughed and laughed....

here are some non-rush albums i really enjoy listening to (NPO):

_Fun and Games_, _One Simple Word_ -- The Connells
_Fragile_, _Close to the Edge_, _Classic Yes_, _90125_ -- Yes
_Surfing with the Alien_ -- Joe Satriani  (Long live Norrin Radd!)
_Synchronicity_ -- The Police
_War_, _The Unforgettable Fire_, _Rattle and Hum_ -- U2
_Dark Side of the Moon_, _Momentary Lapse of Reason_ -- PF
_Lincoln_ and _Flood_ -- They Might Be Giants
_Social Distortion_ -- Social Distortion
and _The Beethoven Sonatas_ by Horowitz

> ...and yes i will try some King Crimson soon...


"The Future belongs to analog loyalists;  F*ck digital." -- off the
Big Black _Songs About F*cking_ album cover (hey james you're not the only


From: rjjuba@ATHENA.MIT.EDU
Subject: Manhattan Project Video
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 91 11:00:58 EDT

When I first saw the video for Manhattan Project on the SOH video, I wondered
who the scientists shaking hands after the test detonation were. About a 
month ago I was walking through a hallway at MIT when I noticed the exact
same picture in a picture case documenting the history of MIT. The scientists'
names are Vannevar Bush and James B. Conant. Needless to say, I was excited
to see that MIT scientists appeared in a Rush Video.

I just subscribed to NMS last Friday  and I am damn glad I did. I wouldn't
even have known about RTB or _Dreamline_, since I had previously heard a
rumor that the next album was due in October.

It appears that listing your top ten non-Rush albums is a must, so here they

1. Def Leppard - Pyromania
2. Styx - The Grand Illusion
3. The Police - Every Breath You Take The Singles
4. The Phantom of the Opera (what can I say :-) )
5. Scorpions - World Wide Live
6. Yes - 90125
7. David Bowie - Changes
8. Paul McCartney - Tripping the Live Fantastic
9. Iron Maiden - Live After Death (Gee, guess I like live albums)
10. Def Leppard - High N' Dry

Damn I can't wait for September 3rd
Rob Juba    "The Superconductor"

P.S. Special TKPhi to joezete, cygnus and bigal and any other Zetes from Poobah
     and Rodeo Clown of PA.


Subject: Sun to Mac converter
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1991 09:21:23 PST

If anyone has the software to convert "Dreamline" from Sun to Macintosh
PLEASE let me know!!

[ And drop me a line here also, please.                         :rush-mgr ]

Ted Batey


Date: Fri, 9 Aug 91 13:10:10 EDT
From: pmw3y@acacia.cs.Virginia.EDU
Subject: Dreamline!

I've heard it.  The first couple of times I played it, I really didn't get
into it, but it has grown on me quickly....come on 9/3!!!!

Dreamline sounds to me like a curious blend of Manhattan Project with
Chain Lightning.  Anyway, here's to the boyz:  looks like they've done
it for us again :)

ORQ:  "i been down so long, i lost count of the years
       i sang some sad songs - i drank 12 beers"

Patrick Widener                  Internet:
Department of Computer Science	  
University of Virginia           ICBM_Net:  38.02 N, 78.30 W
"I watched Lassie for 4 days before I figured out why the short furry
 kid never talked."


Date: Fri, 9 Aug 91 14:23:54 EDT
From: (Mark Adam)
Subject: unsubscribe? NEVER!

with the recent group of unsubcription requests (thought crimes), i
surprised i haven't seen anybody give the correct response: flood
their mailbox! i am suggesting a very simple thing. if you see some
"please take me off this list" mail send that person a letter with the
following subject line:

Mail to unsubscribe!

include no text in the letter body. come on, don't get snippy. a
righteous flame is still a flame and a flamer is an asshole. period.
end of sentence.

with any luck even the threat of being bombarded will make people think.

[ No, please don't do this.  I'd rather not have our list known as the one
  where people get ganged-up on.  I can't tell people what to do, but I'd
  like to go on record as saying I don't agree with this practice.  Hopefully
  seeing their post in this public forum will help get the idea across.  I
  have only seen a couple that posted more than once.             :rush-mgr ]

mark ----------------------------

		"Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers that smell bad."
		"I am NOT a merry man!"


Subject: Rush worship
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 91 14:29:28 EDT

In TNMS #309, Atthe Tossavainen  responds:

	I won't flame you for the religious reference but instead
	for the idiot-like attitude of Rush WORSHIP that prevails
	amongst us fans. They're just a couple of blokes who make
	some really good music, but that doesn't make them the
	ultimate masters of their instruments and even less gods.

	To conclude, I AM a Rush fan and a quite rabid one at that,
	even though it may seem otherwise. I just know that they
	aren't gods or the ultimate musicians to ever walk upon the
	earth, and feel compelled to make everyone see that.

Ich bin ein Rushfan, auch.  (Or is that, "Ich bin Rushfan." ? :-)  I
was first introduced to Rush about 5 years ago.  I went through the
traditional Rush worship.  Then, a couple of years later, and I know I
should probably be crucified on a big red star for this, I went through
a period of not particularly caring for the music.  (It didn't have
enough emotion, was too cold, blah blah blah.)  Now I've reached a happy
medium, I consider them to be an excellent group of musicians with great
songs and (Gott sei dank!) intelligent lyrics.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest.  The real reason I sent
this was to include my top ten favorites, non-Rush, obviously.

In no particular order:

	1.  Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop with Terry Bozzio and Tony Hymas
		-Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

	2.  Bill Frisell _Is That You?_  (I think that's the title.  I just
		think of it as Bill Frisell.)
		-Delightfully different.  (Nice cliche, huh? :-)  An
		 instrumental album, I don't really know how to describe it,
		 it's sort of jazz/fusion/avant-garde, although I really
		 hate labels, especially that last one.

	3.  Steve Morse _High Tension Wires_

	4.  Mark Whitfield _The Marksman_

	5.  Jimi Hendrix _Axis:  Bold as Love_
		"Little Wing" gets my vote for most beautiful thing done
		with a guitar, although some of Frisell's stuff comes close,
		but in a different way.  Please let's not start a flame war,
		it's just an opinion.

	6.  Pink Floyd _The Wall_

	7.  Eric Johnson _Ah Via Musicom_
		It's probably just my ears, but EJ's the only guitarist
		I've heard whose tone is (to me) really distinguishable.
		Also, I got to sit on an interview with EJ, and he's a
		really wonderful person.  About the same as what somebody
		else said about Living Colour.  And speaking of which,...

	8.  Living Colour _Time's Up_
		Amazing.  Let me modify my "Little Wing" statement to
		include the possibility of "Solace of You".

	9.  Fleetwood Mac _Rumours_

	10. Sting _...Nothing Like the Sun_

	(Kinda guitar heavy, ain't it?)

		Chad Mynhier



Date: Fri, 9 Aug 91 14:54:07 -0400
From: supriya (Lyricist)
Subject: Albums

I just wanted to add in my list of 11 non Rush albums
that I've been listening ot lately.  Here they are:

(no particular order)

Depeche Mode--Violator
U2-Joshua Tree
Pink Floyd--The Wall
Sting--The Soul Cages
Robert Plant--Manic Nirvana
Led Zeppelin--Disk II of the Anthology
Metallica--Master of Puppets
X--Under The Big Black Sun

Well there you have it..:-)



Date: Fri, 9 Aug 91 15:05 EDT
From: Richard Andrew Zehel Sofranko 
Subject: Fly in the Night

Hey, everybody.  I picked up an import CD the other day
called "Fly in the Night".  It is on an Italian label called
Rarities and Few, released 1991.  The songs on the CD were
recorded live in Montreal 1980.  Stand back.  Here's the song

A Farwell to Kings
Closer to the Heart
Something for Nothing
Working Man
Fly by Night
In the Mood
Cinderella Man

The Cygnus-X is *their* typoe not mine.  The cover of the CD
depicts the underside of a four engine plane.  The sound
quality on this CD is not too good (i.e. it makes Red Stars of
Solor Federation sound good).  There isn't much bass to it and
you can hear a bit of echo.  I would swear it was a bootleg to
boot but I can't believe a *real* boot could make it to CD
(also it seems a shade fast).  The cover of the CD says "Limited
release 1000 copies").  I'm glad I bought it regardless of the
sound quality (at least the sound quality is better than "Looking
Through a Window").  For those of you in the Pittsburgh area, I
bought the CD at Eide's.  Good luck.  BTW they also sell "Success
Under Pressure" and "Rush: the official biography" there too.



ORQ "Merci!  Merci beaucoup!"  Geddy  -Looking Through a Window


Date: Fri, 9 Aug 91 13:28:27 -0600
From: erik habbinga 
Subject: Ne?l Peart?

   The reason I didn't call the most excellennt Rush-mgr on his spelling of
"Neal", is that is the Phonogram alternative spelling found on my PeW cassette
liner.  "All Lyrics by Neal Peart except 'Different Strings' by Geddy Lee".

These are the same guys, who on my ESL cassette, decided to rename that great
tune "Xanadu" to "Zanadu" on both the liner and the cassette.  I remember
I had the earlier release of that cassette, but it was faulty.  The record
store was going to replace it, but they didn't have any, so they had to wait
for a shipment.  The new one finally came in, but was also faulty as well.  They
wouldn't let me get a new one with the correct spelling, since I had caused them
enough trouble by purchasing a faulty cassette from their store.

[ Gee, I don't know how I'm supposed to take being compared to that - should
  I be incredibly insulted?  :-)                                  :rush-mgr ]

I'm getting of listening to the radio, waiting for "Dreamline".  There was a
close call two nights ago, when the DJ said, "I've got some new music to play
from....Procol Harum"  My friends were quite disappointed at that.  Time seems
to stand still before the single comes out.  Hopefully it'll still be released
on the 14th.

Erik Habbinga            "And on bass, The Doc of Shock, The Duke of Spook!"
U-niversity of
C-olorado between         "Time to make the doughnuts, you bastards!"
L-ongmont and
A-rvada                        "Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball"


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