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Subject: 08/13/91 - The National Midnight Star #313

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 313

                 Tuesday, 13 August 1991
Today's Topics:
            Tour dates, Target, GftPM, Top 10
          11 non-Rush CD's afor the adventurous
                  Lyrics to Dreamline...
                  Was that Really Neil?!
            You know you're a RUSH fan when...
                   Laser Show--Houston
         Playing Sparc/NeXT stuff on MS-DOS boxes
                         Far out.
             Long distance Dreamline Orgasm!
Questions for interview with Geddy; Roll The Bones -- a review for TNMS
             thanks for the "Deamline" audio
                   Available Boots List
                       Primus Fans?
             most listened to non-Rush albums
              DREAMLINE guitar transcription
                    I heard it too!!!
                       PC problems
              RTB release date: 9/2 or 9/3?
                   Top non-Rush albums
             Neil's comments on RTB, Skid Row
           Trivia, News for UK people, Lyrics.
            DREAMLINE transcription correction
               Alex, Primus and more Primus
             Legality of playing _Dreamline_
                Having rolled the bones...
                  Metallica's New Album
                    A Good Tune say I
            You know you're a RUSH fan when...
                  Just a quick question
                     Sorry, but......

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

First of all, there was no NMS for Monday, 8/12/91, so today's is long
(over 30 mail items!).

Also, PLEASE try to limit your posts to Rush and Rush-related topics, and
try to make it meaningful for more than just yourself and a friend.  I am
seeing a trend in more personal-type responses and divergence into other
groups.  These are fine if in a Rush context, but I'd rather not turn this
list into a Metallica, or Primus list.  Just try to keep somewhere near the
general topics pertaining to Rush, please.



Date:         Fri, 09 Aug 91 21:12:00 CDT
From: "Al B. Tross  (are you sure?)  NO!" 
Subject:      Tour dates, Target, GftPM, Top 10

Way too many things to talk about, eh?

Dreamline:  I LOVE IT!
Roll The Bones:  I LOVE IT!
btw, i haven't heard either yet, just a pretty sure prediction  :-)

Primus:  PRIMUS SUCKS!!!  such is the cry of the true Primus fan.

Now on to the subjects listed:  Does anyone have the tour dates and
cities for the upcoming tour?  Especially, if anyone (PLEASE!) can
tell me when they are coming to Minneapolis or Winnipeg.  It would
also be great news to hear they're coming to Bismarck or Fargo. RIGHT!

Target:  you know, the department store.  They seem to have the catch
phrase "Start Seeing Red".   AppropriateRQ:  I see red.

This appeared in the September 1991 issue of Guitar For The Practicing
Musician mag, LETTERS dept., published by Cherry Lane Music Company, Inc.
Taken without permission, so "Suck My Dick".  :-)

  It's 6:56 AM, and I just returned from England last night, so I'm not
quite adjusted to the time change yet.  We spent three weeks there mixing
the new album, _Roll_The_Bones_, and when I got home I saw my copy of
GFTPM's Hall of Fame issue.  I wanted to take the opportunity to thank
you and your readers for your very kind thoughts and support.  Joe Perry
and I have been around for quite some time now, and it would appear we'll
be around a while yet.  My regret is that Stevie Ray Vaughan can't be
there with us.
                                           Best regards,
                                           Alex Lifeson
                                           Toronto, Canada

end of transcription------------------------------------------------------
What a nice guy.  BTW, it's the issue with Nuno on the cover.

My top 10 non-Rush CD's (I also refuse to be left out):
1.  The Police                Synchronicity
2.  Yes                       Union
3.  Yes                       Fragile
4.  Megadeth                  Rust In Peace
5.  Genesis                   Genesis
6.  Damn Yankees              Damn Yankees
7.  The Police                Every Breath You Take--The Singles
8.  Queensryche               the first five  :-)
9.  Duran Duran               the first four
>...and starting Monday...
10.  Metallica                Metallica

Juan more thing:  My CD changing is going to get screwed because of RUSH's
new album.  (Although it's not really a complaint of any sorts.)  This is
my configuration for the past few months:

Magazine 1:  disc 1 - Rush    Mag 2: 1 - PeW   Mag 3: 1 - AtWaS
                  2 - FBN            2 - MP           2 - E...SL
                  3 - CoS            3 - Sig          3 - ASoH
                  4 - 2112           4 - GUP          4 - Presto
                  5 - AFtK           5 - PoW          5 - Chr 1
                  6 - Hem            6 - HYF          6 - Chr 2

I either have to knock off _RUSH_ and regroup them, or (*gasp*) actually
dig out some cash and buy another CD magazine.  The former would make it
three whole mags of Neil, Geddy, and Alex exclusive (with the exceptions
of guests like Hugh and Ammie, and the two first songs on Chr 1).

I was wondering if anyone else has their CD magazines like this (that is,
the first two mags full of their Polygram studio albums, and the last one
with their live, Atlantic, and compilation albums).

Till I post again...

Craig Rindy      ALBATROSS!

P.S.: The RUSH trivia question with the five digit number (something like
      40520?); well, that was the ZIP code for Middletown, OH.
I told you it was the most stupid question of which I could think.  :-)


Date: Fri, 9 Aug 91 21:04:11 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: 11 non-Rush CD's afor the adventurous


Well, I think I'll follow suit and display the weirdness of my
tastes. Here are some non-Rush things I like to hear:

Klaus Schulze -- X (x-cellent but a bitch to find outside Germany!
                    check out Klaus' 'Babel' in the States)
Karlheinz Stockhausen -- Kontakte ('slightly' avant-garde, unbelievable!)
Ultravox -- Vienna, Rage in Eden, Quartet (on the Boys' recommendation!)
Brian Eno/Harold Budd -- The Pearl (say no more!)
Philip Glass -- North Star (vocals!)
Igor Stravinsky -- Symphony in Three Movements (perfect music)
John Foxx -- Metamatic (classic techno-pop)
Edgard Varese -- Poeme Electronique (kicked butt at the '58 World's Fair)
Olivier Messiaen -- Livre d'Orgue (mystic harmonies)
J.S. Bach -- Goldberg Variations (as perf'ed by Glenn Gould -- go Canada!)
Frederic Chopin -- Preludes, Op.28 (as perf'ed by Ivo Pogorelich --
                                    the greatest living pianist, IMHO)
ok. I just couldn't stop at 10!



Date: Fri, 9 Aug 91 18:27:06 -0700
From: (Bill Barry)
Subject: Lyrics to Dreamline...

Hello all! Now that I have heard that SOME people got to hear Dreamline
I am requesting that somebody please give a semi-accurate description
of the lyrics. For those of us who haven't had a chance to hear the song
at least that will help!

Also, being this is my first contact with the NMS in 3 months, is there a
official release date for Roll the Bones? I apologize if this is common
knowledge, but I am usually the first person at the store on the release d
date. I remember I got Presto just as it was coming out of the box!

Good day for now....

Bill Barry

"Never turn your back on a monster!"


Subject: Was that Really Neil?!
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 91 17:43:56 PDT

The Press release or whatever that was that I just read, was that Neil
talking? I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!! I love it when they are psyched up for an
album and a tour! Looks like they are going to stick together for a good
long time. This thing about a rebirth of the band and all is making me
crazy waiting for the New Album. I have a feeling that it is gonna be a
massive seller(then again, maybe not. Roll The bones, anything can
happen!). It also seems to me that the song DREAMLINE is sort of a
"sequel" or companion to Time Stand Still, since he uses the same themes,
but carries them further.(Look at me! I haven't even heard one note off
the album, and I am already anylizing! I think I just heard a couple of
people flame me and then hastily unsuscribe from the digest. Oh, well. It
seems like we lose a few every couple of weeks or so. Oh, well- their
loss, if they can't handle knowing that some peoplelike to show their
interests and opinions, and it seems that they have lost use of their
"scroll finger". I guess you could call this an "open flame" to all of
the potential hotheads out there saying, basically- LIGHTEN UP! Anyways,
I'm sure all of you have heard all of this preachy type of stuff before,
so if you've stopped scrolling, remember this:


AND THIS: "capture my thoughts, carry them away..."- Neil Peart, Mystic



Date: Fri, 9 Aug 91 22:47:17 edt
From: "Dylan Kaufman" 
Subject: You know you're a RUSH fan when...

I just thought of this one...

You know you're a RUSH fan when, while trying to figure out why the
program you're writing is totally destroying it's file, you inspect
the hex file and see...

01 00 00 01 00 00 01

(and yes, that IS what the data file looks like!)

-<>Dylan<>-                     MA EMT-M, CA EMT-1A, BEMCo 107
Dylan Kaufman 			Major in Computer Science	Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
------<< Support your local Emergency Medical Services >>-------
"I've got something to say!  It is better to burn out than
to fade away!" - Kurgan


Date: Sat, 10 Aug 1991 01:12 CDT
From: INDE54Q@Jetson.UH.EDU
Subject: Laser Show--Houston

Just saw the Rush Laser Show in Houston.  It was good, not great, but good.
The best part I liked about the show was that someone else (of course) was
making the song selections.  Therefore, instead of me knowing what was coming
next, I was totally unaware and as a consequence surprised.

(They had the gall to ask the crowd if an encore was necessary!!)

Daryl Santos


Date: 10 Aug 91 15:28:00 EDT
From: "Mike Andrews" 
Subject: Playing Sparc/NeXT stuff on MS-DOS boxes

Somewhere, I have a utility to convert and play various formats including
Sparc, NeXT, SoundBlaster .voc, Mac, and a few others, I think.  I've used
it to convert a few Sparc sounds to Soundblaster format before.  The down
side is that I think the convertor program itself, for some dumb reason,
requires Windows.

Email me if interested.  I'm going to try to convert the Dreamline sample
to a Soundblaster file, which will play directly on Macs as well.



From: (Marc Jordan)
Subject: Far out.
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 91 23:31:15 CDT

Well, it's true.  One full hour of Rush every Thursday night at 10 on KPEZ here
in Austin.  I caught part of it last Thursday:

	The Necromancer
	By-Tor and the Snow Dog
	La Villa (ESL)
	The Weapon

These were played in the middle of the hour, so I missed about 15-20 mins at
the beginning.  I also missed the last 10 mins.  I couldn't believe it when
I turned on the radio and heard "Brooding in his tower...". HAH! I haven't
heard this stuff on the radio in YEARS!  Austin never has been big on Rush
(not like Houston, the Rush capitol of the south), but this sure as hell is
getting me worked up...

Oh yeah, every year at superbowl time KLOL in Houston has the Rock-n-Roll
Superbowl.  It's a call-in-and-vote deal.  Well, year before last Rush won
hands down.  Kicked butt!  Made Zeppelin eat humble pie.  This year they were
neck and neck with Zep (beat out AC/DC, imagine that.), but we had to get back
to Austin before the final votes were tallied.  We still don't know who won.
Anybody know?

Oh yeah again, KPEZ has a 'Seventh Day' special every sunday night.  They track
7 albums.  Guess what?  2112. Ahhhhhhh........

(the more I study random processes, the shorter my vocabulary gets....)

Marc Jordan


Subject: Long distance Dreamline Orgasm!
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 91 23:24:47 PDT

Now I have heard it too!! Thanks to a very generous soul by the name of
Pete, I heard some NEW RUSH!! I heard it over the phone from 3000 miles
away(if you haven't guessed, I live on the west coast, and it seems that
the only place that the new song has even seen the light of day is in the
Boston and Rhode Island area. I feel so much better now, but craving for
more! I'm not going to compare it to any other rush songs, but all I will
say is that September cannot arrive soon enough!!). ROLL THE BONES!
Thanks again, Pete, and if you ever find yourself in the bay area, give
me a call. Speaking of the bay area, how about a New Rush listening
party? I'm still up for it. As for the question on how to get good seats
in the Bay Area shows, I would say "plan on sleeping outside of Tower or
Wherehouse, get to know someone who works at said establishments, by them
stuff, and compliment their mothers. OR, become a mountainview resident
or make friends with one, because they get to buy tickets a day early! I
just happen to be a Mountainview resident! Yeah, TERRITOTORIES indead!

So lets get A rush party going! I play drums and I'm sure there is
a couple of people who just might happen to play guitar and bass.


"I looked in the mirror today, my eye just didn't seem so bright. I've
lost a few more hairs....I think I'm-I think I'm going BALD!"
*No, the above line is not autobiographical...

Peace, love, and Tracy Lords> later, Matt


Date: Sun, 11 Aug 91 14:55:24 +0200
From: tools!fl (Frank Lancaster)
Subject: Questions for interview with Geddy; Roll The Bones -- a review for 

Geddy Lee is coming to Germany for two days next week. And it's highly
probable that I'm going to do an interview with him on the 19th.  (I'm
already nervous now). I thought it would be a good idea to ask him some
really interesting questions. And where else than in the TNMS could I get
these. So post your questions either directly to me (fl@tools.uucp) or to
the TNMS.

I also had the great pleasure of receiving a pre-release tape of Roll The
Bones! I've been listening to nearly nothing else the whole weekend. I'll
try and give you some first impressions but I'm neither a musician nor a
good writer.

                              Roll * The * Bones

The cover: A boy in front of a wall with dice as bricks kicking a skull.
           The word "rush" is written with black dice on white dice on
           the wall.

The first thing that hit me was the guitar. I find it really
fantastic on this album. There are a lot of guitar solos but
it is really the main instrument on most songs.
Also Geddy's singing is really impressive. I find it has
a lot of the feel of 'Available Light' on Presto.

But don't think the other two guys are doing nothing. Just
wait until you hear 'Heresy', pretty awesome drumming on that
one. And I find the bass sound pretty neat. All in all I haven't
felt so impressed so quickly by a new album since 'Power Windows'.
Maybe the songs are little bit more accesable again, not so arty.


We are young
Wandering the face of the earth
Wondering what our dreams might be worth
Learning that we're only immortal for a limited time

This is real rocker. Fast, dynamic and compact. Quite
typical of the whole album. The words and music fit
very well.


And if the love remains,
Though everything is lost
We will pay the price,
But we will not count the cost

A slower song. Geddy's voice stands out.
A bit melancholy, sad. I especially like
the short guitar solo.

Roll The Bones

Why are we here, because we're here
Roll the bones
Why does it happen, because it happens
Roll the bones

Positively funky. And there IS rap in it.
But they've dunnit again. I never thought
I would like rap, but it fits very well
between the funky parts and the more normal
rock part. Smashing guitar solo again.

Get out there and rock, roll the bones

Face Up

If I only could reach that light inside

Face up, or you can only back down
Face up, hit the target
Or you'd better hit the ground
Turn it up, or turn that wild card down

Straighter rock, Rush as we know it.
As someone once said, a smooth 12
cylinder motor.

Where's My Thing?

Also funky, jazzy. But with hard rock
parts and airy, a tad bombastic, keyboards.
There's really a lot in this songs, and it's
so short and compact.

The Big Wheel

Playing for time, don't want to wait forever
Looking for love, for an angel to forgive my sins
Playing with fire, chasing something never believed in
Looking for love, the way the big wheel spins

'Chemistry' type beginning, then very rocky, hard
guitar sound. Chorus section very melodious.
Also somewhat tense, jerky parts.


All those wasted years
All those precious wasted years
Who will pay?

Do who have to be forgiving at last?
What else can we do.
Do have we have to say goodbye to the past?
Yes, I guess we do.

This is my favourite. The most political tune.
Has the best drumming on the record I think.
Military type intro (drums). Also very melodious.
Keyboards are a bit stronger but still background
as on the whole album.

A Ghost Of A Chance

I don't believe in destiny
Or the guiding hand of fate
I don't believe in forever
Or love as a mystical state
I don't belive in the stars or the planets
Or angels watching from above

All I believe there's a ghost of chance
To find someone to love and make it last

Again guitar dominated. A medium speed rock
song, a bit jazzy, with a slow, very emotive
chorus section.


Life is a diamond, we turn into dust
Waiting for rescue,
And you know you just don't get it

Neurotica, exotica,
Erotica, hypnotica,
Psychotica, idiotica

Throbbing bass part. A bit jerky and nervous.
Fast guitar solo.

You Bet Your Life

The odds get even
You play the game
The odds get even
The stakes are the same

Lively, wacky guitar. Weird background lyrics.
Probably the most cheerful, vigorous song. I
think it captures the feeling of the band as
they made the record best.

Get out there and rock, roll the bones


Date: Sun, 11 Aug 91 17:36:30 BST
Subject: thanks for the "Deamline" audio

subject says it...I downloaded it and have been listening
on my spark.  Wow, the miracle of modern tech!  Can't wait for
the whole stereo no less!



Date: Sun, 11 Aug 91 16:55:12 edt
From: "Dylan Kaufman" 
Subject: Available Boots List


Well, I finally received a single submission from someone else.  As
well, I received a couple of notes saying "please don't kill it yet,
I'm working on it".  So the list is still around.

There is a new version, dated 11 August 1991 (I'm going by date now
rather than version number... makes more sense, no?).  Another change
is that the files are now kept in a directory called abl and now do
not have the abl. prefix.  In other words, the files are kept on ( in the directory ~ftp/morgan/abl,
and are called people, item, and format.

Although I am keeping the files for now, if I don't start getting
responses within a couple of weeks after school starts (which gives
you about a month from now), I am going to discontinue it.

-<>Dylan<>-                     MA EMT-M, CA EMT-1A, BEMCo 107
Dylan Kaufman 			Major in Computer Science	Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
------<< Support your local Emergency Medical Services >>-------
One can never have too much RAM or too much disk space.
			-- Ancient American Proverb, c. 1980


Date: Sun, 11 Aug 1991 16:13 MST
From: "Eric Kay (303) 499-7577" 
Subject: Primus Fans?

I found the following article in Boulder Colorado's local
newspaper, the "Daily Camera", Sunday, 11 Aug. 91, in the
"accent" section, under "entertainment". (page 5C)



   Rush was always too damn serious. The heavy metal virtuosos'
album titles, for pete's sake, occasionally quote Shakespeare.
But you won't get that from Primus: Instead, take this year's
_Sailing the Seas of Cheese_, which squeezes Rush's musical
mastery through a hallucinogenic grater.

   The San Francisco trio, led by bassist Les Claypool and his
cartoon mohawk, tilts tight, Rush-like rythms about 45 degrees.
Claypool's bouncing bass meets drummer Tim Alexander's garage-rock
pounding for a surreal, catchy set of 11 songs.

   With meaning, too! "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver" describes a
cocky racing jock and his horrible fate; "Sgt. Baker" is as good
an anti-military song as any; "Tommy the Cat" even includes a
Tom Waits vocal cameo. And, lest you don't buy the Rush comparisons,
check out 1989's live _Suck on This_, which opens with a speed-metal
snippet of that band's "YYZ".

   Primus and Tad perform Tuesday at 8 p.m. at the Gothic Theatre,
3263 S. Broadway, Denver. Tickets are $12.50 at TicketMaster.
Call 290-8497.

                                       -- STEVE KNOPPER


Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1991 10:33 +1000
       HUSKER DU"
Subject: most listened to non-Rush albums

I like reading them - so before the rush-mangr calls an end...

Yes - Union (although the lyrics often read like japanime translations the
            input from so many musicians is amazing)
Fields of the Nephilim - Earth Inferno (LIVE and totally strange - the lead
                                        singer, Carl McCoy was the zone walker
                                        in _Hardware_)
Blue Oyster Cult - Career of Evil/Some Enchanted Evening (Astronomy.......)

The Grateful Dead - Built to Last/Blues for Allah

Marillion - Season's End (Well, I like it! You fishophiles can go...)


|"I had a dream of the open water    6| Cerebus! Eightball! Sandman! >MANGA!< |
A I was swimming away out to sea     4| Rush! Grateful Dead! Marillion! Yes!  I
| So deep I could never touch bottom 7| KW Jeter! OS Card! Gemmell! Tanith Lee!|
R What a fool I used to be" - Rush   3|   //AMIGA  | bETA 0mega bETA:`we suck'F
| >< 8| \X/unbound | O==][========> :-) deadcp|


Date: Mon, 12 Aug 91 01:54:45 -0400
From: jtkung@caf.MIT.EDU (Joseph Kung)
Subject: DREAMLINE guitar transcription

Thanks for whoever downloaded the audio file for "Dreamline" on the
net. Also thanks to our friendly NMS editor for putting it in
anonymous FTP and testing it on a NEXT machine. I was able to get an
analog copy from a NEXT machine and transcribe most of the song.

This is for the guitarists out there :

The song is probably cut with a PRS fitted with Evans active
single-coils and played thru a GK preamp (the newer model). The
following is a transcription (probably not completely correct, but
close I think).

The verse is played with extreme compression and distortion, and is
all muted picking on the B and E strings :


The above is repeated 6 times during the verse, though the last four
notes are not played on the 6th time since it goes into the power

The power chords section goes something like this (all no 3rds) :

	G, F#, E,
	G, F#, D (then some fills from Dmaj to Dsus4 to Dmaj. see *)
	F#, E, B,
	C, D, E
	G, F#, E
	G, F#, D (see *)
	F#, E, B
	C, D, E (right into the muted part)

* The fill section is like :


if you choose to play the D on the G, B, and E strings, else it can be
played higher :


I'm not really sure about these power chords. No-3rds seem to abound;
like in "The Analog Kid", this song sounds like it has no-3rds all
over the place (Alex is an admitted no-3rd maniac).

I usually play the no-3rd chords like this :

|--7-------------- as an example of D-no 3rd. All the power chords
|--7-------------- can be played like this on these three strings.

Following the power chord section is the intro mute sequence again,
same as before. Then into power chord section. This is followed by the
mute section played ONCE (last 4 notes cut-off again), then going into
the "We are young ..." section which doesn't sound like there's any
distinct guitar parts, but chords that would go well are :

Asus2, Gmaj, Dmaj, and Cmaj, based on Geddy's bass line. You can just
follow along with Geddy and do a muted rhythm with the guitar.

Then it goes into the muted section again, like before, followed by
the power chord section. After this, the solo begins :

			(bend up to E, (bend up to E,    (bend up to E
                          pick 3 times  pinch harmonic    pinch harmonic
            (vibrato)     and release)  4 times)           4 times)
   light                                            dive bomb
  whammy after
  sounding drone

  (bend up            (bend up
   to E)               to E)

                                        (slide)         (bend up 1)

which is followed again by the chorus, and then the power chord
section for the last time, ending on E.

I'm open to any opinions on the fingerings. Based on the tones, I'd
say that the solo starts on a higher string that's treblier, works its
way up, and the last flurry is done a lot like the ending to
"Limelight" (all on one string, ending on a bend) rather than between
the B and E. Alex usually fingers this way.

- Joe


Subject: I heard it too!!!
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 91 23:54:25 PDT

    I was with Matt   When Pete (thank you sooooooo much) called to
play dreamline over the phone.   It is intense!!!!!!
   And from what he says      his friends(who have heard the entire
album) say that the instrumental Kicks YYZ's Butt!!!!   Pretty hard to
believe but I think that it is definately possible!!!
I Can't Wait!!!!!



Date: Mon, 12 Aug 91 08:14:04 -0500 (EST)
From: (Richard R. Rubel)
Subject: ISTBE

The Bradbury "I Sing the Body Electric" was also once made into a TV special
entitled "The Electric Grandmother".  It aired some 8 - 10 years ago.

Surprising- in all the lists of favorite albums, no one seems to have mentioned
Jethro Tull, a group that to me sounds quite similar to Rush in style.  If I
were to list my top 10 non-Rush albums of late, they would include the 20 
Years of Jethro Tull CD,
  A few movie soundtracks (like Edward Scissorhands and LadyHawke), and many
of Bill Bruford's (late of Yes) albums.  Great stuff all.


Date: Mon, 12 Aug 91 09:36:36 -0400
Subject: PC problems

If it matters, i would like to add to the demand for a PC compatible
music reader thing...also,  i too am having a lot of trouble viewing gif
images on my PC -- "cshow" and "vgif" do not work for any of syrinx's gifs,
which can be displayed fine on the unix system at school...anyone know of
anything that works a little better on PC's?

My opinion of "Mission":  forget the lyrics--this is one of the most
beautiful sounding songs i have ever heard.  but my thanks noetheless go
to Amy, Gregg, and whoever else participated in the lyrical discussion--it
was very interesting but i'm glad it's over :^)

well, now that this post is officially pointless, i'll add one more
triviality -- i went to see that movie "Hot Shots" this weekend and guess
who did the lighting effects?  "Available Light, Ltd."  it was almost as
exciting as hearing "The Body Electric" in a "Robocop 2" promotion a few
months back...



Date: Mon, 12 Aug 91 12:12:35 EDT
From: Doug White 
Subject: RTB release date: 9/2 or 9/3?

I've been rummaging thru local copies of the NMS, and I cant find the release
date. It hit me that if it's 9/2 - that's Labor Day, a day off for me - and I
can plan on spending the entire day listening to RTB. (wife won't be home,
she works for a college :-)   Can someone straighten me out, via email?
	Thanks in advance, Doug`


From: (Sean A. Matheis)
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 91 10:32:50 -0700
Subject: Top non-Rush albums

Ok, looks like I'll have to jump on the bandwagon since I haven't been
able to hear the new song yet.

Top non_RUSH albums I've been listening to:
(In no particular order)

Metallica / Master of Puppets
Jesus Jones / Doubt
Anthrax / Attack of the Killer B's
Ozzy / Blizzard of Ozz
Ministry / The mind is a terrible thing to taste
Oingo Boingo / Dead Man's Party
Metallica / Ride the Lightning
Nine Inch Nails / (ack, i can't remember the title)
Holst / The Planets
XTC / (a mix tape a friend made)

Yes, a strange variety, but hey, if it weren't strange, it wouldn't be

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Date: Mon, 12 Aug 91 13:56:39 EDT
From: (shane p faulkner)
Subject: Neil's comments on RTB, Skid Row

I really enjoyed reading Neil's press release on the new album.  The part I
enjoyed most was when he said he forsees a LONG creative partnership in Rush's
future.  Better news was never heard!

Skid Row have recorded a cover of 'Finding My Way' (yikes.....)
It will appear as a B-side on a single (don't know which one, sorry..) in the
UK ONLY.  UK subscribers should be on the look-out for this!!

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Date: Mon, 12 Aug 91 18:09:56 BST
From: "A.G.Gibb" 
Subject: Trivia, News for UK people, Lyrics.

	On the subject of Rush trivia, well, it's all part of being interested
in a group. Who *doesn't* note little coincidences with familiar pictures,
quotes, philosophies etc ? (In a little book I read recently called Innumeracy,
people shouldn't be so surprised at the frequency of such coincidences, but I
digress.) Such as, The National Midnight Star --  a newspaper(?) in a crappy
little cartoon which I only saw for the first time on Saturday called 
'Gravedale High'; Australia beating New Zealand at rugby by 21 points to 12; 
a car seen in Northern Ireland with the registration  GIB 2112 (Check my name);
and so on, and so forth....:-) Such moanings about these things are a little
petty, methinks and as we all know, it doesn't take much to scroll past such
crap as this.

	Anyway, on to something else. Attention all UK subscribers: on the
Saturday Rock Show on formidable 1 FM (yeuch!!) Alan Freeman mentioned that
there was the possibility that a certain Geddy Lee *might* (a rather big 
'might' I fear) be available for a chat before the album was released. So 
keep your ears open every Saturday from now until September. I shall certainly
have my ears glued to the radio this Friday and Saturday to catch Dreamline,
unless I buy it first. Yes, I'm one of the poor few who hasn't heard a sausage
(in a manner of speaking...). Well, it feels like we're in the minority
judging by traffic in the NMS. (Stop whining!) Also, Rush's performance at the
(and I know this is completely wrong, so no rude comments please!) Pinkpop
festival in Holland in 1979 was aired again, as part of the requested Archive
section section of the programme. Good stuff. Apparently, that session is one
of the most often requested on the Friday Rock Show. Unfortunately, I have no
means of saving 'for posterity's sake' such a good performance :-( (spot the

	Reasons for listening to Rush? Number One, first and foremost is the
MUSIC -- lyrics always come a poor second, regardless of how good they are.
Having said that, groups which always come up with inane or repetitive lyrics
are much less likely to be listened to by me. I don't find the plethora of
songs about 'chicks' very appealing; hence the lack of many albums by van 
Halen, Bon Jovi etc. despite the fact that the music is very often quite good.
As I said, I don't sit down and pick lyrics apart to try and find what the
song's about but I quite like to read sensible discussion about their
interpretation. A paradox? Maybe. But there are two Rush songs whose lyrics
strike a chord (a suspended chord? :-) in me -- Anthem and everyone's fave at
the moment, Mission. Mission also is very strong musically -- if only it
ended instead of fading out. (New topic for discussion? Who else hates songs
fading out, rather than finishing properly? I'll start! The songs have to
finished in concert, so why can't they be ended on the studio versions as
well? Eg Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta, Mission, Marathon, Territories, The Enemy
Within,the list goes on...) Perhaps the fact that Rush's lyrics aren't inane
helps me enjoy the music more.

	Anyway, I've rambled on for long enough. Keep up the good work people.

		PS -- Roll(sic) on Sept. 3rd!!

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Date: Mon, 12 Aug 91 16:16:01 -0400
From: jtkung@caf.MIT.EDU (Joseph Kung)
Subject: DREAMLINE transcription correction

Sorry guitar fans, but the transcription I sent was in slight error on
the verse (the muted picking). If you listen very carefully, you can
hear the open E being played only 3 times in the riff. The correct
version is :


Any suggestions, errors, etc. please feel free to e-mail me about.
Looking forward to hearing the rest of the CD!

- Joe


From: gbest@ATHENA.MIT.EDU
Subject: Alex, Primus and more Primus
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 91 16:50:25 EDT

Oh Billy!  This Alex as guitarist thing looks volatile.  Please-- Take the 
following as my opinion and not as fact (as I do).

  Alex is an excellent guitarist-  he's extremely versatile, he is technically
proficient and he has balls.  All of these are necessary to be a great 
  Alex is the emotion in Rush.  Geddy and Neil are almost mechanical in their
precission and presentation.  (Listen to the bass on Marathon from ASOH, it
sound's sequenced.)  The bass and drums are played with mathmatical precision
but the guitar cuts across the numbers.
  Think of what Rush's stage show would be like w/o Alex!  The music is 
powerful but Geddy and Neil are too occupied to move.  The little imp of a 
guitarist makes the show much more interesting.
  Alex isn't afraid to take a chance, he always comes up with interesting 
textures and sounds.  He has a nack for finding the most obscure chords and 
making them sound perfect.  His ability to interpret the music is astounding.
  All of this to his credit, Alex is not the best guitarist, merely one of my 
favorites.  Look at some one like Steve Vai-- versatile?  you bet!  Innovative?
Damn straight!  Fast?  blinding!  Have the sense to slow down?  listen to "For
the Love of God".  IMO one of the greatest guitar pieces ever (the emotion in
that one is unbelieveable) and it was put down in one take.  Stage presence?
you can't help but be wowed.  Watch Crossroads.  Look at Robert Fripp, Andy 
Summers, Eric Johnson, Steve Howe, David Gilmor.  Eddie?  What has he done for
me lately!
  Would putting Steve Vai in Rush make it a better band?  Hell no!!  That is 
my whole point.  You don't have to be the best instrumentalists to be a great 
band (look at U2).  The three members have a synergy that comes from the 
balance of the players.  Robbie Krieger wasn't a great guitarist but he just 
fit in the Doors.
  Even calling Geddy the best is riding dangerously close to wrong.  He is by 
far my favorite but look at his competition:  Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius 
(God, the music world will miss him), Tony Levin, Les Claypool...

Primus sucks?  Suck This!  (hee hee).  I've been pretty overwhelmed by this 
band.  I stepped in tentatively and wound up a full fledged fan.  Alot of 
energy, good material, sweet bass...

More Primus:
This is reprinted from Musician Magazine without permission (can I go to jail
for this?):
Sailing the Seas of Cheese

Strip away the warped lyrics, the fashionable dissonance and the occasional 
incursions into thrash and all Primus' time tricks, obtuse melodic structures 
and jazzy vertuosity really add up to is an alternative rock equivalent to 
Rush.  How hip.
end reprint

I guess that is supposed to be a bad review but I'd be happy.  Comparing 
anything to Rush is positive in my eyes (and ears) and all the little add 
in's that they said to ignore are right down my alley.

"Take away the meaningful lyrics, the ability to play instuments, a concept 
of what music is, two band menbers and the singers large nose and Rush's use 
of the audio frequency range really just adds up to a better version of 
Madonna.  How meaningless"

Wow, this is a long one, sorry.  Better run.

Please flame personal

Fish on!

"Although Steve Vai insists that he is not trying to take over Eddie's mantle
next to Roth, he does play Eddie's landmark solo Eruption on the tour... with
his teeth."
	Reprinted without permission (they're gonna get me for life!)


Date: Mon, 12 Aug 91 17:15 EST
From: "Brian S. Bevins" 
Subject: Legality of playing _Dreamline_

I'm still sort of catching up with recent back issues, so sorry if this is
old stuff.

Is it still illegal for radio stations to be playing _Dreamline_?  Or does
this apply only to certain stations who haven't paid for the right?

I ask because I have heard it a couple of times in the last few days on a
local radio station that shall remain nameless.



From: "Gregory R. Bean" 
Subject: Having rolled the bones...
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 91 15:38:02 MDT

Wow.  After a long hunt, I finally obtained a copy of _Gonna Roll the Bones_.
It's a great story - I get something new out of it every time I read it.
(Kinda like a Rush tune! :) )

Unfortunately, the ending eludes me, even after three readings.  Have any
of you out there read this story, and are any of you willing to offer your
opinions about what's *REALLY* going on (especially at the end?)?

I'd throw my list of fave CDs in here, but with so many disks that I listen
to, I'm afraid to pick only 10.  C'mon September!

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Date:         Mon, 12 Aug 91 16:38:48 CDT
From: Alan Maupin 
Subject:      Metallica's New Album

Hi everyone.  This is my first time to post anything to the NMS so bear
with me.  It is kind of ironic, but I am not even writing in about rush.
I want to let everyone know about the new Metallica album.  IT IS GREAT!
If you like Metallica's old stuff, you'll love it.  I just got it today,
and haven't quit listening to it yet.  Pay close attention to "Enter
Sandman".  It is a winner!  Anyway, Rush still rules!  See ya later!!!

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                                  Texas A&M University
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Date: Mon, 12 Aug 91 15:06:53 PDT
From: (Robert Shaw)
Subject: A Good Tune say I

Well, as I'm typing this now, my machine is happily emanating Dreamline
out of its top -- thanx to whoever(s) made the sound file available.
Although not a high-fidelity reproduction by the time it comes out of
my Sparc, I like it. It has a fresh sound (to use the B-man's words
describing PeW), more bare bones basic rock-n-roll [pun]. It also sounds
like they are having fun, Presto didn't give me that impression.

I have good feelings about the new album. Maybe I'll even buy the single to
hold me over [and fulfill my ethical obligation to purchase Dreamline
legitimately in some form, now that I've copied the file...]  I've never
bought a Rush single before.

I never thought about this until now, but p/g thru Presto seem serious
in a different way than PeW thru Signals -- I can't put my finger on it,
but Dreamline has more of a Signals feeling than, say, HYF. Perhaps I'm
just reacting to the simpler sound (less synth, etc...) what do you

Al-bum  and  The Reviews,  let the fray begin! (to the tune of By-Tor)



Date: Mon, 12 Aug 91 19:42:36 edt
From: "Dylan Kaufman" 
Subject: You know you're a RUSH fan when...

while washing dishes, you hear the strains of The Trees in the squeaks
the soapy sponge is making against a mug... ;)

-<>Dylan<>-                     MA EMT-M, CA EMT-1A, BEMCo 107
Dylan Kaufman 			Major in Computer Science	Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
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Date:         Mon, 12 Aug 91 22:12:08 EDT
From: Srikant Jayaraman 

Hi everybody,

      I ftp'd from syrinx this weekend.  My friends and I
gathered around a Sparc and listened intently.  Pretty damn good!  Can't
wait for 3 Sept 1991!  (I'm still tingling...)

To daveg, we thank you a million times over.  How can we repay you? ;-)



Subject: Just a quick question
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 91 19:50:07 PDT

  In the CD booklet inside MP    why are there only pictures of Geddy and
Alex and not of Neil? I saw the NP picture in Visions. It is a cool
picture and should not have been omitted.

ROLL!!!  THE!!!!  BONES!!!!



Subject: Sorry, but......
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 91 18:18:19 PDT

Well, it's happening. The local radio stations are playing more Rush than
usual. I think sumthin's up! Yep, they just got done playing Presto and
YYZ. And when I got home from work, I flipped on a different station
and-- Distant Early Warning. Cool. Is it me or does Rush just SOUND 100
TIMES BETTER WHEN YOU HEAR IT ON THE RADIO?! "Invisible airwaves crackle
with life....".

Sorry to put personal mail on this digest, but I lost an e-mail adress
and I don't know how to find it. To james s. I sent your stuff today. I
hope you enjoy it("What is he talking about?! Drugs? Pornography? Dead
animals?! What?!"). I sent it to your Old Landing adress. Hope they get
there alright.

Sorry about that, but I was desperate. Well I'm off to the Bahamas
tomorrow(..."Bermuda, Bahama, c'mon pretty mamma..." Oooh, those lyrics
just MOVE me y'know!), so I won't be posting for a couple of weeks(like
anyone really gives, eh?). By the time I get back, RTB should be out. I
still can't sit still.  Also, I FINALLY  heard the thing that Neil did
for modern drummer in '87 called "Pieces Of Eight", and I think it is
where the xylophone(SP?) part in his current drum solo came from. It is
the reoccurring theme throughout the piece. It is pretty cool. Well, I'm
off to the matt cave! As Shaggy would say in a situation like this:
                ZOIKSSSS SCOOB!! Let's get out of here!
                  Right Raggy!!!

REMEMBER: Marillion, Rush, Floyd, Red Hots, Sting, Zep, Kascha and
Friends, Tracy Lords, and- The Omega Concern.

Oh, Yeah, I forgot- Poison.(YEAH, RRRRIGHT!!!!FAGS!)

            Unta Gleeben Globin Glowbin....
     Matt Van Horn


Date: Tue, 13 Aug 91 12:24:51 +0200
From: (Frank Schaapherder)

Hi there,

All of you who sent me mail requesting for tabs, just hang on a while.
I just had a few days off from work, and I will get back on each of you,
just be patient.



Subject: Wow!
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 91 14:28:14 EDT

Just reading Neils release on the album.  More excited than ever!

Where's my thing looks cool too.

Row the Boats,


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