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Subject: 08/20/91 - The National Midnight Star #318

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 318

                 Tuesday, 20 August 1991
Today's Topics:
                    more cuts from RTB
                 Dreamline! (what else?)
         How can you play dreamline on regular PC
                     THUMBODY HEP ME!
           They're Playing Dreamline in Cowtown
      Re: 08/19/91 - The National Midnight Star #317
                      RTB S.A. info
                        Rush tabs
                Another question for Geddy
      Re: 08/15/91 - The National Midnight Star #315
     Re:  06/10/91 - The National Midnight Star #258
       Where's my thing?  Did you look in Seattle?
                  rasterfiles on syrinx

Date: Mon, 19 Aug 91 18:15:56 -0400
From: "John W Connelly" 
Subject: more cuts from RTB

Hey, I heard the title track on the radio yesterday!  You know, the one with
the rap section?  It went something like this:

"Yo, sucka M.C's, my name is Geddy LEE
 And you won't be seein' ME on no M.T.V.
 We are the RUSH and now we're in the rap RACE
 And all I've got to SAY is, 'Get outta my SPACE!'"
                              ^   ^   ^   ^   ^
	(little WDVE morning-show in-joke, there)

Sorry, I just couldn't resist...

On a serious note, I *did* hear another cut from RTB, "The Big Wheel".  That
makes a total of *five* cuts I've heard on WDVE.  (And I'm *not* trying to rub
it in; this is just FYI if you can get WDVE, 102.5, Pittsburgh on your tuner).


| John W. Connelly  | "If you choose not to  |  |
|  511 LRDC Bldg.   |   decide, you still    |+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=|
|  U.of Pittsburgh  |    have made a choice" |    CONNELLY@Pittvms.BITNET   |


Date: Mon, 19 Aug 91 20:35:54 EDT
From: Elizabeth Fike 
Subject: Dreamline! (what else?)

Well, I finally heard it here in the Big Apple, on WNEW.  Good
thing, 'cause I couldn't get to play on my computer
for the life of me.  I downloaded it properly and all, but none
of the player programs recognized the format.  Am I missing
something?  (yes, I have a soundblaster and was trying to use
fmorgan and playcmf to play it).

Anxiously awaiting 11pm on 8/29....(the world premiere of RTB on


Betsey Fike 
CC '93/SEAS '94, Computer Science/Electrical Engineering
Columbia University Marching Band, the Cleverest Band In The World (tm)


Date: Mon, 19 Aug 91 21:19 EDT
From: Ken Renard 

	You know you're a Rush fan when... you go back to school in Pittsburgh
1.5 weeks early just so you can hear Rush on the radio (thanx WDVE).  But
you're a real Rush fan when, heading through the PA mountains, you pull over
to the side of the road to hear Dreamline on DC101, because the station keeps
fading out.
	To all you Philly people (Hi Donna! hee, hee :-) ), I heard on WMMR
about a laser show with the usual Pink Floyd, etc., but they mentioned Rush
on the bill, too.  Does anyone know the story on that?
	On the subject of audio files:  I'm in the same boat with some of
you with the 2.2M file and only a 2400 baud modem.  If Mr. Rush-mgr could
zip, compress, tar, or shar the file, the file will probably shrink to a
size that will piss you off even more when it won't fit on a 1.44.  There
are file chopping utilities around, but this is a binary audio file
and is very picky about things like that.  -OR- if you start downloading on
a 2400 baud modem now, it will probably be finished by Sept. 3! :-)

[ Actually, we've already tried to compress it - the file *grew* by 5%!
                                                                :rush-mgr ]

Ken Renard


From: (Amy Moseley)
Subject: How can you play dreamline on regular PC
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 91 20:40:39 CDT

OK.  I have the disk drive to handle the dreamline.voc file.  Exactly
what format is .voc for?  Anyway I also downloaded a shareware thing
called voc2snd which was supposed to convert the .voc file to .snd
file, which you can play through a program called remac over the
regular PC speaker.  I don't have the soundblaster audio card.

So could someone upload a genuine copy of dreamline.snd?  In exchange
I will mail *if this works* a copy of remac which reads Mac sound
files and plays them over PC (not great sound quality, but hey
the phone bandwidth is worse).

Amy J. Moseley
Motorola Computer Group
(512) 891-2426					:) or


From: (Marc Jordan)
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 91 22:56:22 CDT

NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING!  That's all I hear of RTB in fabulous-Rush-hour-
every-Thursday-night-Austin.  Somebody save me! Please! Send me a copy of what
you have! Please!  Call me at 512-338-0560 so I can give you my address and
you can send me a tape COD. Please!

Okay, I guess I better come up with something to give a symblance of dignity
to this pathetic cry for help.  Ummmm...... Ummmmmm..... Ummmmmm.......

I saw Rush 8, already posted that.....
I heard Hemispheres debut on, already posted that....
I saw their tour bus behind the, REALLY pathetic....
I took my mom to see them, unbelievably pathetic....
A friend of mine puked at the Texas, too nastalgic....
I puked on a friend of mine at the Texas was that a show!...

Okay, Okay.  So I don't have anything new.



Date: Tue, 20 Aug 91 00:47 EDT
Subject: They're Playing Dreamline in Cowtown

I'm a little hesitant to do this considering all the favorable reviews
Dreamline has received, but here goes.

I just heard Dreamline on WLVQ-FM-96 in Columbus Ohio.  If they're playing
it here, they should be playing it everywhere.  I taped it and listened to it
a couple of times.   After all the hype on NMS, I'm disappointed.

I'm not a musician and have no musical background, but here's my opinion.
I think Dreamline has a harsh, bright sound and is weak in the bottem-end.
The guitar solo is pretty good, and the bass is good in SPOTS but it is not
noticable throughout much of the song.  There is so much high-frequency sound
that there doesn't seem to be that much going on at the other end of the
spectrum.  (Maybe this is due to cassette to cart-tape dubbing that someone
mentioned.  There was some hiss that went away when they played Red Barchetta.)
In summary, to many HIGHs and not enough LOWs.  It doesn't sound like back to
basics old RUSH to me.  I'll have to see if it sounds better on CD.

I like the Farewell-to-Kings/Hemispheres/Permanent-Waves/Moving-Pictures period
of RUSH.  I liked Presto better than the 3 previous albums, and I was hoping
for more of the bass dominant Rush sound.

The radio station played Dreamline and Red Barchetta back-to-back.  I though
Red Barchetta sounded SOOOOOOO much better.  Red Barchetta has a warm, 
soothing, melodic yet powerful kind of sound.  Dreamline has this piercing 
dah-dah-dah sound, it leaves me cold.

Can anyone honestly tell me that they think Dreamline sounds better than
Red Barchetta?  Am I the only one who isn't wild about Dreamline?

I'm still going pick up the disk, come 9/3 (maybe even try 9/2 evening).
Let me go listen to Dreamline 10 more times, maybe it will help.

			I Hope the Boyz Never See This
                                 Jeff Sherota

P.S.  Rush-mgr, Keep up the good work!!!


Subject: Thanks!!!
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 91 23:13:54 EDT

Thanks to whoever made the .VOC file of "Dreamline" for us Soundblaster
people... the sound quality isn't perfect (but then again,who wants to d/l a
20 meg file?), but at least I got to hear the song!!!!  They've had the
album for a few days here in Cincinnati at WEBN but haven't played it yet
(although they were quite surprised when I called them and played it into
the phone!)


 The Crystal Wizard (wizard@ccbbs.uucp and

# The Guild of Legends BBS # 513/821-6543 # TNMS Back Issues Available #


Subject: Re: 08/19/91 - The National Midnight Star #317
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 91 08:51:59 EDT

RUSH hits Atlanta! (Atlanta shows who's boss!)

yesterday (8/20/91) Rush unveiled its new hit to Atlanta.

Dreamline seems reminicent [sic] of older times, and it certainly
had some motion to it.  my car even sped up to match the tempo!

let's see if it can take the number one spot 2 days straight!
(an accomplishment on the guns-n-roses network)  ;-{)

dangerous dave (i haven't had so much fun since i discovered my navel!)

If Rock 'n' Roll is responsible for teenage sex, does that mean that
Country-Western is responsible for incest? - (heard on radio)    (current CYBERNET address)     (future CYBERNET address)       (UNIX account, Gary Moore mailing list)      (something to call my own)

[ Dave, if you're getting the NMS, drop me a line at the administrative
  address.  I get bounces every day from your "dave.bbs" address.
                                                               :rush-mgr ]


Date: 20 Aug 91 10:20:00 CDT
Subject: RTB S.A. info


    I had a talk with the morning DJ at 104 KZEP which will give you a pretty
good view of the RUSH scene on the radio here in San Antonio. It went like this,

   "-Morning, K-ZEP"

   "Yes, do you have any info on the new RUSH single"

   "Well it should be out by the end of the week"

   "Do you know the title yet"

   "No, we haven't received it"

   "Did Atlantic records send out any kind of press release"

   "No, not that I know of. They're not with Mercury anymore?"

 (boy, talk about living a sheltered life, how long has it been, 2 years?)

    Finally, the evening DJ at 104 KZEP gave me some honest answers that I
would like to share with the other readers.

    First, the new single will debut on Thursday (official release?) but
he didn't have it so he's not sure of the title.  Hope the FedExp is on time.

    Second, he mentioned that they will be carrying the world premire radio
show, via satallite, on Aug. 29 at 10:00pm (which was previously noted in
this newsletter).

    He seemed really pumped up (sorry Hanz and Franz) about the release and
assured me that it would play Thursday.

[ We wanna Rush  you up!  :-)                              :rush-mgr ]

    Also talked to the evening DJ at C101 in Corpus Christi (sometimes I can
here them up here, blows our radio stations away) and he said that the new
single would be 'Roll the Bones' and that they would be receiving it tomorrow
and would play it and soon as it comes in.  (Got my radio set).

    The DJ from 102 KPEZ, in Austin, said that they haven't received the new
single and really had no idea on the title.  They also will be carrying the
satallite broadcast on the 29th.

    Well, that's it for this posting.  Get back to you soon with more details.

P.S.  If anybody would like to plan a RUSH party here in the Austin-S.A. area
      in the future (RTB tour 91-92), feel free to E-mail me.  I have access
      to a sound system.  Looking for a place to play.  THX

| Robert Graves                |
| "SIGHT AND SOUND MASTER"                                                   |
|                                                                            |
| "We read about the exceptions, in the papers everyday" RUSH, Second Nature |


From: (Jeff Beck)
Subject: Rush tabs
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 91 11:16:10 CDT

Hi everyone,

So, does anyone know for sure when RTB will be out?  I haven't heard
anything about it around Madison.  Second, to Frank Schaapherder,
I can't get mail through.  Please send me another mail message.  Your
last one won't allow me to use the reply command.  Neither will any of
the previous messages.  Also, please send me a list of tabs that are done,
so I don't duplicate anything.  Thanks much!

 * Jason Bold - Madison,WI= [(rutgers||ames)!uwvax||att!nicmad]!astroatc!bold *
 * OBRQ:  "Hey, ten bucks is ten bucks" - GL                                  *


Date: Tue, 20 Aug 91 12:51:51 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: Another question for Geddy

Keep up the good work Todd Palmer!!

Now a question for Geddy!

 Around the time of _Signals_ Alex told one interviewer that Rush
 were listening to alot of Ultravox. Ultravox is unique in rock
 for the strong role of Billy Currie's violin in their music. `Losing
 It' is the only Rush song to feature a violin (solo, anyway).
 The lyrics of ``The Weapon'' have an Ultravox flavor as well.
 Did Currie's synthesizer playing have any influence on You?
 Has the work of Ultravox had a lasting effect on Rush? Around the
 time of _Signals_ Ultravox's _Vienna_ was said to be one of Neil's
 favorite albums...

Thanks to you if you could pass this on Frank,


p.s. Personally, I prefer U-vox's _Rage in Eden_  to _Vienna_,
though _RIE_,_Vienna_,and _Quartet_ are all prime. Lesser recommendations
for U-vox's work since then (c. 1983).

Gregg Jaeger    (             ``Hold Your Fire''
Dept(s). of Physics (and Philosophy)                  ______/|/|
Boston University, Boston MA 02215                      (_) \|\|   Trystero?


Date: 	Tue, 20 Aug 1991 02:43:13 -0500
From: (Todd Madson)
Subject: Re: 08/15/91 - The National Midnight Star #315

As an aside:  Not only have I not heard any of the new Rush in Minneapolis,
but the radio stations here are so locked into the "Classics You Grew Up With
and Will Hear Until Your Death" or "Music That was Sampled From Someone Elses
Song" or "Lets' Dance, Even Though Disco has Been Dead for Ten Years" that it
would be impossible to even request it.

 I figure a good discipline exercise would be to learn all of the guitar parts
off of all of the Rush albums.

UUCP: {amdahl!bungia, crash}!orbit!pnet51!tmadson
ARPA: crash!orbit!pnet51!


Date: Tue, 20 Aug 91 13:58:42 -0400
From: (James Fowler)
Subject: Re:  06/10/91 - The National Midnight Star #258

please cancel my subscripion

hanks--it was fun!



Subject: Where's my thing?  Did you look in Seattle?
Date: Tue Aug 20 11:19:47 PDT 1991

I've found his thing!  On 96.5 here in Seattle (thanks Rob!)!
It's pretty cool.  It sounds like a jazzed up version of Hand Over Fist
(sans the vocals, of course).

And I heard Dreamline (thanks again Rob!).  Cool song.  Sounds like a
cross between Presto and Power Windows, to me, but that may just be the
recording I heard (tremendous loss of treble and bass - oh well).

ORQ:  Our causes can't see their effects


Date: Tue, 20 Aug 91 14:56 EDT
From: The God Of Balance 
Subject: rasterfiles on syrinx

Thanks to all of you who upload Rush Rasterfiles and GIFs to

I have a question....would somebody be willing to concatenate the Sun
Rasterfiles alex-, geddy-, and neil-presto.rast.Z into a single file?
I don't know, it may be a dumb question, but I *would* like to see all
3 of them at once!  8)

Respond to me via e-mail, please.

[ You could always use the file "agn.ptp.gif", which is all three of them
  from the Presto tour program.  There's also the "boyz1" thru "boyz3"
  raster/gif files.  The program "xloadimage" is available as a compressed
  tar format file in the same directory; this will show raster and gif
  images.  Peruse the CONTENTS file in the same directory.       :rush-mgr ]

Waiting to roll the bones...

God Of Balance


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