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Subject: 08/26/91 - The National Midnight Star #323

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 323

                  Monday, 26 August 1991
Today's Topics:
                      New RUSH sound
        Dreamline, and radio stations with guts...
        Wheres My Thing?,  Face UP, Roll the Bones
         Dreamline "kicks" and Bluejays baseball
                      lyrics to rtb
               Bones to be played on KPEZ!
                       Rush Box set
                    RTB radio special
             alex' soloing on Roll The Bones
                      Geddy's voice
               Discretion: the better part
                    Pressure / Success
              Definitely More Power in RTB!
                   Roll The Bones Live
                     The Fountainhead
             HYF Picture Dreamline Soundfile
                   Ali McGraw & RUSH?!
                  Another Dreamline Post
                    Dreamline, Visions
                     Take a guess...
                  RTB premiere on radio
                   more random tidbits
                       New Fan Mag

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

If you check Meg's posting (five posts down from here), you'll see that
we have a first guess at _Roll The Bones_ lyrics.  If anyone out there
has an official release with lyric sheet, please drop me a line at the
administrivia account and we'll work out a way to double-check the words
which are guessed at this point.

Also, be forwarned; all RTB sound files will be removed the day the
album is officially released.

Lastly, administrative mail is about a day or two behind b/c of the weekend;
I'll get to things as soon as I can...



Date: Fri, 23 Aug 91 10:43:17 EDT
From: Glenn M. Mason 
Subject: New RUSH sound

>. . .
>I just heard Dreamline on WLVQ-FM-96 in Columbus Ohio.  If they're playing
>it here, they should be playing it everywhere.  I taped it and listened to it
>a couple of times.   After all the hype on NMS, I'm disappointed.

I wasn't *really* disappointed although I know that it has been my observation
that a majority of the RUSH fans out there are much like myself in that they
tend to like anything that the band produces. I think that RUSH is a lot like
Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin ... groups like these don't produce *hits*
(although some of their tunes do make their way into the hit charts), they
produce a *sound*. The real fans of groups like RUSH, LZ and PF tend to like
everything or most everything done by these groups because they like the
overall sound of the group.

I wasn't knocked over by Dreamline, but I did like it because I tend to like
everything they do. I've also felt that the first release off a new CD by
the band has always ended up being the least favorite on the CD. Why is
that? Distant_Early_Warning of P/G and Big_Money off PoW are two examples
where this was the case for me. I'm still really looking forward to hearing
the complete CD.

>I like the Farewell-to-Kings/Hemispheres/Permanent-Waves/Moving-Pictures 
>period >of RUSH.  I liked Presto better than the 3 previous albums, and I
>was hoping for more of the bass dominant Rush sound.
>. . .
>Can anyone honestly tell me that they think Dreamline sounds better than
>Red Barchetta?  Am I the only one who isn't wild about Dreamline?

No you're not the only one. But I don't think that it is really fair to
compare these two songs. For the first thing, everything that the band
produces is not going to blow away anything that they have previously done.
Even though I feel that RUSH is going strong and doesn't seem to have any
inclination of "cooling the engines", every group has a peak period where
they seemed to produce their best and most popular work. I really believe
that Moving_Pictures was the absolute peak for RUSH ... probably because I
really can't imagine any piece of work released by any band that would be a
better sounding effort than that contained within the MP release. Even though
the sound of RUSH has changed, I still like their sound and look forward to
hearing everything they put out.

I also hope that they remain IN FORCE for a few more decades!



Subject: Dreamline, and radio stations with guts...
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 91 13:10:14 PDT
From: cgd@ocf.Berkeley.EDU

I was down in Los Angeles on Wednesday or Thursday, and was
hopping around stations trying to find some Rush...

on KLOS, i get Dreamline, at the very beginning...

as if this wasn't enough, when it was over, the DJ said
"That was great -- let's do it again!"


i was somewhat shocked, and, needless to say, *RATHER* pleased...



Subject: Wheres My Thing?,  Face UP, Roll the Bones
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 91 12:52:12 PDT

        A guy played them over the phone for myself and my brother
Dan.  Guys.....   all I can say is that Rush must have been on creativity
pills when they made this album.   It is so INCREDIBLE!!!  The songs are
very FUNKY not really jazz orientedbut extremely Funky!!!  I like it!!!
It seems to me( I could live my life a lot better than.... sorry!!)  that
Rush are definately going in a new direction.  There is so much energy
and excitement in the music.

I Heard the Rap SECTION!!!!!

    THe guest rapper is Vanilla Ice with Geddy doing beat box!!

  Just Kidding!!!!   Scared you didn't I????

It resembles the drums to Red Lenses with tinges of guitar in the
background.  A low Digitized voice is saying some the lyrics but I
couldn't understand them because it was over the phone.  All I can say to
the people who were frightened (like myself) about Rush doing
RAP...................Don't Worry!!!!!!!..............................
Rush have done it again!!!  The song is so uplifting... a real rocker!!
Face Up is also great,  again a good rock tune,  Alexs guitar solo is

Wheres My Thing?  It resembles YYZ more than La Villa...  except it is
more happy sounding. Some excellent bass work by geddy.  Suprisingly
Dreamline is the most basic Rock tune out of all of these....  They are
more complex than rushhave been lately( HYF, Presto)

It just sounds like they are having so much fun.  I think that Rush have
reached a point in their career where they can amaze us at will.  Well
maybe I am overreacting a little.



Date: Fri, 23 Aug 91 16:52:15 -0700
From: David Conley 
Subject: Dreamline "kicks" and Bluejays baseball (Vindicator) writes in NMS #322:

>        I was wondering if anyone found Dreamline to have an added power
>that was somewhat lacking on Presto.  For some reason it just kicks me a
>little harder, and it's not what I expected.  Of course I am very very
>pleased things turned out the way they did.  I hope the other cuts are
>just as good!

I agree with Vinnie that the song kicks, much more so than the
majority of tunes on Presto. I like the bass and drum licks!!!
My major gripe is TOO MANY REPEATS OF THE CHORUS !!! I think the
song could be trimmed 30 or 40 seconds and still have the same
drive. My humble opinion of course :-). writes:

>Hey, Forget about the new album anyway. Talk about Baseball.
>The Blue Jays are in first, but they have lost twice the Brew Crew.
>Why does'nt somebody tell Geedy to start the tour know, and get it
>over with. Even if the Jays go to ALCS they are going to lose to the
>Twins. Minneasota is winning and winning and it's the Twins all the

My sentiments almost exactly. I LOVE baseball too (looks like our
Mariners might be taking their show on the road to Florida :-(  )
but the show MUST go on! Anyway, the Tigers are going to catch the
Jays :-). Hope Geddy's dispostion on the tour doesn't hinge on
the Jays success/failure !!!

David Conley
University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle


Date: Fri, 23 Aug 91 22:47:47 -0400
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: lyrics to rtb

I put a copy of Roll The bones lyrics on the ftp site at syrinx
in the incoming directory, called rtb.lyric

[ Now moved to 'rush/lyrics/14.rtb.beta'                    :rush-mgr ]

This is not transcribed from a lyric sheet but from a tape
so the lyrics are a best guess kind of thing
but it does inclue the rap section in "Roll The Bones"
as done by our esteemed rush-mgr (take a bow :) )

Remember these are not the 'real' lyrics but a best guess on my part
so there's plenty of mistakes in there...




From: (Marc Jordan)
Subject: Bones to be played on KPEZ!
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 91 22:33:44 CDT

Good news from the DJ on last nights Rush Hour:  RTB will be tracked in it's
entirety on 8/29 during the Rush Hour on KPEZ.  Last nights Hour-o-fun:

Losing It
I Think I'm Going Bald
Xanadu (ESL)
La Villa Strangiato
Red Barchetta
Passage to Bangkok

Feel like I'm havin' one of my thpellth!  Thumbody hep me!



Subject: Rush Box set
From: (David St. Hubbins)
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 91 23:04:27 PDT

    This is something that would be really cool

   if there is unreleased material.
For example:    I'm a big Zeppelin and Yes fan and they have both come
out with career spanning box sets.  I didn't buy the Zeppelin one but I
will buy the Yes one as soon as I get the money.

the reason:  The yes box has alot of previously unreleased material on it
while the Zep one has two unreleased songs. I have all of Zep on tape or
CD and Most of Yes ( - Time and A Word & YESShows) I will get those two
as soon as I get the money ( Do you notice that I am broke )   I am not
going to spend over 60 bucks just to get a Photo album ( BUY VISIONS )
I want stuff that I have never heard before or hard to find stuff.  Like
a really clear digital version of the stellar dynamics show. Anyway  I
thing it would be almost impossible because of the 2 different record
companies. ex:  The Chronicles video didn't have any videos from presto
How dissapointing!!!!!



Date: Sat, 24 Aug 91 10:29:03 -0400
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: RTB radio special

For all you interested Pittsburghers interested in the special:

    97Rock  Thurs  8/29     11PM

97Rock is a part of the Rock Radio Network based a Q107 Studios in Toronto.
While in Toronto listen to Q107.  Excellent station!!!!
Who from Q107 is interviewing Rush?

Acoustic Rush?  'Tears', 'Different Strings' (although Alex's solo at the
end might not go over acoustically)  and a few others I can think of at
this time would be great for an acoustic set.  I think there is a poll
in the works.  If Rush ever did an "Unplugged" session what songs do you think
they will do?  Respond at the address at the end of this message.

I know our favorite Blue Jays fan has been going through some tough times right
now but I don't think that he's going to give up on them and go out on the 
When I was in Toronto the Jays were in the midst of a major losing streak and
I kept hearing this wail in the back of my mind.  Sounded like our hero in
2112 guys know the rest!!!  I feel the Jays can win the division
and move on to the Series.

Adios muchachos

Douglas Schwabe

P.S.  Picked up Gowan's "Lost Brotherhood", the album with Alex and King
      Crimson's Tony Levin.  I recommend it highly.


Date: Sat, 24 Aug 91 18:03:21 -0400
From: jtkung@caf.MIT.EDU (Joseph Kung)
Subject: alex' soloing on Roll The Bones

When Neil said that there was some great guitar work on "Ghost Of
A Chance," he definitely wasn't kidding! This is some of Alex's
best emotional guitar work since the solo from "Between The Wheels"
from _Grace_Under_Pressure_. After listening to the entire album
about 10 times, I would say that every cut is good, and it takes
very little time to appreciate Geddy's vocal melodies and songwriting.
As he said in that interview by Frank Lancaster (thanks!), he
concentrated on the vocal melodies and songwriting around that, and it
definitely shows on the album. His vocals on "Bravado" are tremendous,
following in the same direction set by _Presto_ in "Available Light."

As was mentioned before, every cut has a prominent guitar solo, and
Alex is screaming on every one. The melodic hooks on the album are
in plentiful supply here ... in the song "Face Up" where he
says "if I could only reach that valentine ..." ... the melodic flow
and pace are just gets your heart racing! You know where
the musical progression builds in a climax with a lot of pace and
energy? ... well this happens in a lot of the songs. This is probably
their best work since _Power Windows_ ...

- Joe

 ... anxiously awaiting the Northeast tour starting in Oct or Nov. !


Subject: Geddy's voice
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 91 19:14:07 PDT
From: Dan Dickerman GSY 1-447-4425 

It has been noted before that Dreamline's vocal line is lower than
most of the older stuff.  Although the lyric line has been steadily
getting lower over the years, the pitches sung on Dreamline and
Anagram are in a completely lower octave.

Does this mean that there's some truth to the rumor that he suffered
some throat illness, and can no longer make the screach we've all
come to know and love?

[ I think it's more the fact that a person's voice changes from when
  they're 18 to when they're 40....                             :rush-mgr ]

On a side note, the SF Bay Area playing of Dreamline has not been
restricted to KOME.  The other night, after hearing it on KOME,
the DJ (Loose Lewis) came on and stated that we had just heard...(etc),
and that KOME had procured the single through their special contact with
the band, and that they are the only ones in the Bay Area with it.
I tuned the radio to KSJO (to avoid some AC/DC) and the DJ announced
that they were about to start a 45-minute set, including the new one
from Rush.  Sure enough...

Go figure.
--Dan (not Dan-)


Date: Sat, 24 Aug 91 23:33:40 MDT
From: Michael Clark 
Subject: Discretion: the better part

Has it occurred to any of you who have called Atlantic Records or major
radio stations lately that our freedom to openly discuss certain (boot)
topics (.au files) in this forum (copyrights) may not be well served
(ftp site) if the existence of The National Midnight Star becomes too
well known in certain circles?  Something to think about.

My thanks to the Rush-MGR for a good job and a valuable service.



Subject: Pressure / Success
From: (Vindicator)
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 91 23:09:17 PDT

        Well we took a little pilgramage to pier 39 today in San Fran to
collect some new Rush memorobilia.  And we were both disappointed and
        The store, don't remember the name but I'm sure Sean will post
about it, had some good snap shots.  They had a great on of Geddy from
Presto, but it was a little too expensive.
        I personally wanted a rush tapastry, but they were all out,
except for the display model that they would not sell, they should be
getting some more in later.
        They of course had _Visions_ which I already have, but we did
find _Success Under Pressure_ the bio that covers up until P/G.
        It's a good book with some really cool photos, but it's far from
being as comprehensive as _Visions_.  It tells more about the formula for
the band than the actual history.  It covers each member in a serarate
chapter.  Pretty good stuff.  Did ya know Alex is considered a gourmet
chef by the rest of the band!  Hmmm.
        And there is an interesting part about Neil.  he refused to
answer this questionaire the author had put together.
        Ales also has a son that is, we have figured out, probibly 20.
Geeze I think of Alex being 20.

        Well I am listening to Roll the Bones, Face Up and Where's My
Thing.  All excellent songs, but a bad recording.  It was taped in this
fashion.  A tape of the CD was played into a phone, it travedel 80 miles
down the lines to my phone where it was dumped out over speaker phone
onto a recorder stationed near by.  But hey it's better than nothing!

        "So get out there and rock and roll the bones!"

                        -last line from the rap section
                          (mystery guest rapping)

Dan....................................................... .  .   .    .


Date: 25 Aug 91 15:51:00 CDT
Subject: Definitely More Power in RTB!

In the last newsletter, someone said that they thought the new album has a lot
more power than Presto did. I wholeheartedly agree with that! I really don't
know what it is about Dreamline, but whenever I play it in my car, I always
find myself going at least 20 or 30 miles per hour over the speed limit. If
the cops ever want to catch me, they can find me at the RTB concert.
I'll be the idiot screaming my head off and air drumming during the whole
show...Gee, no one else does that at a Rush show, right????


Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1991 17:01 EST
From: "Rob Lizak Jr." 
Subject: Roll The Bones Live

To all people in the Buffalo NY area:

  97 Rock (96.9 on the FM dial) is broadcasting the release party of Roll The
Bones on Thursday at 11PM...  this is supposedly a live broadcast where Ged,
Alex, and Neil will be playing all the tracks from the Roll The Bones...
should prove to be interesting... I know my cassette deck will be "rolling"!



Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1991 22:34 EST
From: "Kevin J. Sullivan" 
Subject: Rockline...

Hey there,
	I hope this hasn't been going around too much but I heard the other
day that Rush would be on Rockline this Thursday (not real sure of the time)
but to those of us who only listen to the radio when new Rush is being
released, I thought you may want to know.  Anyways the whole album will be
played along with intermixing of interviews/questions to the band.  Going
by past Rocklines probably only Geddy will be on there, it would nice if
all three were!
	Anyways Dreamline is definitely an outstanding tune, I've also
captured Where's My Thing?, it's a very good instrumental (long...but not
as long as I'd like).  Oh, by the way, a friend of mine had asked me to
post a question and I can't recall it ever surfacing.  He was wondering what
the cities at the end of the FBN album stood for or meant, I had noticed
Cincinnati at the end of one of them.  Does anyone know the reason for this?
These are actually located on the old albums, I'm positive you won't find
these on the CD's or Cassettes (as I have both versions...probably like
everyone else).
							Kevin Sullivan
							Univ. of Cinti.
							WEBN...The Frog!


Date: Mon, 26 Aug 91 10:11:42 EDT
From: Doug White 
Subject: The Fountainhead

I've been looking for TF in the library - no luck yet - but this weekend, I
was ragged out and decided to plop down in front of the tube with my wife.
(She's a video fan, I'm audio) She asked me what I'd like to see, and as I
was rummaging thru her tapes I found the flick The Fountainhead! It stars
Gary Cooper, and before the groans start, the screenplay was done by
Rand herself! (sure, she wouldn't have let MGM bastardize it) I gotta say,
it was an excellent story, great cinema, wonderful flick to catch. Now
I gotta find the book, and see how it differs.
Only a week to wait ...     Doug

P.S. Dylan - thanks! I've only had time to listen to Hemispheres so far -
     and it's great! Doug


From: Ross M. Sabolcik 
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 91 11:24:27 -0400
Subject: HYF Picture Dreamline Soundfile

In response to the question about the Rush sign in the inside cover of the
HYF album...Ehhh could be.  I just happened to look at the album yesterday
and I noticed the familiar TV screen and window from Power Windows behind
the juggler's shoulder.  (pretty cool, I never caught that before)

I also had the opportunity to bring down the "Dreamline" soundfile last week.
Given the sampling rate at which it was digitized I would say that the
sound quality is about as good as can be expected.  The sampling rate was
8000 hz.  For those unaware of basic sampling theory, the maximum frequency
captured during sampling is 1/2 the maximum sampling frequency.  So the
highest frequency in dreamline is 4000 hz.  That's about the same as
listening to the song over the telephone.  It took me about 7 minutes to
bring the whole sound file down to my machine.  If you haven't yet heard
"Dreamline" (like there's anyone out there who hasn't!) it's worth a listen.

Waiting like the rest of the world for Spt 3rd.


Date: 26 Aug 91 11:03:00 CDT
Subject: Ali McGraw & RUSH?!

Fellow RUSH gurus,

Just a quick note, Steve McQueen used to be a big hero of mine years
ago, and it seems that one of his wives (Ali McGraw) has written an

Guess what it is called?




Subject: Another Dreamline Post
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 91 14:48:03 EDT

WKNC (The NC State college station---and its METAL, not the standard crap
college radio station) played "Where's My Thing" FINALLY!  Reacton? Well,
I had flashbacks to Signals and Moving Pictures. The Keyboards and Drums
at times really sound like they would have fit in on those two albums.
But, the bass sound is really new, much deeper.  I contribute this to the
new Wal, I guess.  Alex...  Well, hes just Alex and he rules.  I caught the
tail end of another song on another station that same night.  I sounded pretty
cool, but I'm not sure what song it was.  I'm assuming Dreamline.
Has anyone heard that there is going to be a multi-part epic on RTB?
I'm assuming this is a rumor.  What I heard was that "Where's My Thing"
was part four of something.  I'm not sure, but if anyone knows, speak up!
With the CD technology that we have, I think its time for bands to go back
to the epics and such.  Just think....  72 minute songs!  I don't know about
anyone else, but I like that stuff.



Subject: Dreamline, Visions
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 91 15:29:31 EDT

Thanks to everyone responsible for getting the Sound Blaster version of 
Dreamline out.  Not great quality, but at least I heard it.

A third vote against the B-Man.  His personal relationship got in the way of 
the reading of interest.  The text was much better in the time before he met
the band.  Good pictures, just wish they had captions.

All for now,

"The other ones are complete bullshit!"
				-The Police


Date: Mon, 26 Aug 91 15:33:08 -0400
Subject: Take a guess...

    Yes, I went home to Fonthill (Ont.) this weekend and finally heard both
Dreamline (pretty good) and Where's My Thing? (fantastic!).  I first heard
Dreamline while I was up at a variety store where I ran into a friend from
high school that I hadn't seen in a couple of years.  We were talking for a
while, then when her tape in her ghetto (sp?) blaster ran out, she put on
the radio.  When the first song came on, I paused, and she said, "That's
sounds like Geddy Lee."  And I said, "It is.  Finally the new Rush!"
    All 3 radio stations in the area (1 in St. Catharines and 2 in Buffalo)
that I listen to where heavily playing both songs, so I had no need to tape
them.  103.3 was also giving away the CD with the COMPLETE Rush catalogue on
CD everytime that they played any Rush song!!!  Unfortunately, being over
the river, I had absolutely no chance of getting through (didn't stop me
from trying!).
    The important thing, though, is that the St. Catharines station
confirmed that the new album would be available on Sept. 3rd in Canada as
well, despite what my local (London, Ont.) HMV store says.  I was in there
last week and they didn't even know about it!  They said it would probably
be at least 2 months and I just about flipped out on the spot.  Obviously,
the people on that night were horribly out of touch.  I guess I'll try again
later this week.  Can't wait to Roll The Bones.
    And the news about the tour starting in Hamilton has got me excited.
I'll be there!  Better start calling around to find out when the tickets go
on sale.  Last time, I was 20th in line to get tickets for Toronto.  They
were good seats, but this time I want to do better.  And Copps Coliseum (sp?)
is _way_ better than Maple Leaf Gardens, from what I hear.  Hope to see some
of you there!

Mike Hackett


Date: Mon, 26 Aug 91 16:24:10 -0400
From: "John W Connelly" 
Subject: RTB premiere on radio

I heard on WDVE (102.5, Pittsburgh) this weekend that they'll be carrying a
radio show this Thursday (8/29) at 11pm, featuring interviews and "the entire
new CD from Rush".  I don't know if this is the same premiere mentioned in
TNMS a couple weeks ago, nor do I know if it's a national premiere like Yes
did with "Union".  (BTW, what was claimed to be a premiere of "the entire new
CD from Yes" turned out to be only 8 cuts!)  In any case, it might be more new
Rush than WDVE's been playing already, so if you can, tune in!

"Bearing a gift beyond price, almost free..."


| John W. Connelly  | "If you choose not to  |  |
|  511 LRDC Bldg.   |   decide, you still    |+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=|
|  U.of Pittsburgh  |    have made a choice" |    CONNELLY@Pittvms.BITNET   |


Subject: more random tidbits
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 91 16:41:36 EDT

->I had problems getting the file to play on the soundblaster as well.  It 
was because the header was illegal or missing or something.  I downloaded 
the .voc file, tried a thousand things to get it to play, finally my friend 
(the owner of the PC) edited the header and used a prog called vplay to run 
it out.  We settled on a samp freq of 8 kHz for playback.  Don't know if that
is right, but 10 was too fast.

->Damn, I knew it was a big mistake to let myself get dragged out of 
Pittsburgh (kicking and screaming no less).  Great town, and I miss the radio 
stations.  i hear there have been a few format changes since I left though...

->Back to the sound file, it took me 2 1/2 hours to download on a 2400 baud 
modem.  Not all bad.  Compressing knocked it from 2.2 M to 2.0 M a savings of 
about 10 min.

->Back to dreamline:  It is definitly pushed to the high end of the spectrum.
I thought it might have something to do with the fact that I heard a digitized
version (thanks again!) and there was information loss in the conversion (esp
at 8 kHz!).  I ignored the fact that sampling looses the high end, not the 
low end.  I would hope the CD is better, and that this isn't the result of 
hurry up production.


"Jerry was a race car driver, and he drove so goddamn fast
 He never did win no checkered flag, but he never did come in last"


Date: 26 August 1991 00:54:44 CDT
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 
Subject: New Fan Mag

Ya Hey all. A lot of ppl i've talked to thru private email, voice mail,
etc seem interested sooooo, i'll post this. There is a new fan mag called
A Show Of Fans, by steve Streeter. the first sample issue, which steve calls
a half issue has been out for about 2 weeks its pretty neat and only a buck.
the address for those interested is:

A Show Of Fans
P O Box 292
Canton, Conneticut, 06019
U S A (for those UK fans out there :)  )

send in a check or money order or cash (kinda risky) for $1.00 and a 29cent
stamp for postage and you should get it soon.
guess thats it for now, anxiously awaiting for the new tour. see ya

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