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Subject: 08/28/91 - The National Midnight Star #326

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 326

                Wednesday, 28 August 1991
Today's Topics:
                      bitchin' heat!
         RTB to be played in SA tonight (Tuesday)
                     Anthem/ Mercury
               About getting into the FAQL
            RTB premiere in Boston.  Where????
                RTB ON Q96 IN SAN ANTONIO
                Questions for the guys...
                       Mailing list
                        TNMS #325
    NJ/NY area due for interview and album on the air!
                       HYF Cryptics
                         Box set?
                still dreaming.../"sounds"
          AAAIIIIRRRRGGGHHHH!  (understatement!)
                     my $.02 worth...

Subject: Administrivia
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 91 15:48:51 -0400
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

Ok, so I have egg on my face again.  The special edition posted yesterday
(as you'll see Eric comment on later) was a repeat of what was in issue 312.
*sigh*  I went by the title and magazine name, which was different between
the two submissions (from two separate people).

For those of you thinking about posting transcriptions, please make sure
you have the correct information in the title - like the full name of the
source from whence the article came.  I was thrown off as one said "from
Guitar", and the other said "from Guitar for the Practicing Musician."
Silly me, I assumed they were two different mags.  Once again, *sigh*

I still have a few special editions, but I'll check closer before sending
them out...  Or maybe I'll just hang this rag up and walk away...

 ... nahhhh ...  :-)

Lastly, we have officially hit the 850 mark for subscriptions!

The National Midnight Star (RUSH fans mailing list)    or


Subject: bitchin' heat!
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 91 14:11:43 -0700
From: Michael J. Konopik 

The last week has been filled with reviews of the new stuff.  Having not
heard any of it, I couldn't stand to read any of the opinions.

I only ever listen to radio when I need a quick news fix during the commute.
But last night I tuned in to hear "Dreamline" on the Nine Most Wanted At Nine
show on KOME (*thanks* to Vinnie at Darkside for the pointer!).  I only have
three brief comments to make about it:

1) I'm not sure I've ever heard Rush play such a HOT tune!  That sucka KICKS!

2) Am I the only one who thinks the lyrics (with the melody to which they're
   sung) feel TOTALLY out of place with that kind of burnin' music?  It's
   nearly like singing "Tai Shan" to the tune of "YYZ"!!  They're both quite
   good in their own right; but they really wouldn't sound right together.
   Oh well, I imagine that after hearing it a dozen times more, I'll wonder
   whether the mate between lyrics and song could have ever been done better.
   (Yeah, uh huh, right... :)

3) My condolences to those not fortunate enough to have heard it yet.

Oooooo, I can hardly WAIT to hear that instrumental!!!  Hmm, maybe my subject
line should read "bitch in heat", instead...



Date: 27 Aug 91 17:10:00 CDT
Subject: RTB to be played in SA tonight (Tuesday)

Just heard that Q96 (96.1) here in San Antonio will be playing the whole
CD of RTB today at 6:00 P.M.  When I talked to the station yesterday they
said they didn't even have the whole album. Yea, Right.  Roll the Tapes.

| Robert Graves                |
| "SIGHT AND SOUND MASTER"                                                   |
| "We read about the exceptions, in the papers everyday" RUSH, Second Nature |


Date: Tue, 27 Aug 91 18:54:51 -0400
From: supriya (Lyricist)
Subject: Anthem/ Mercury

Are there any differences between the Anthem and Mercury releases??

[ Anthem are the Canadian releases, Mercury are the US releases.  The
  lyrics for "Freewill" are different between the two releases, for one
  difference.  Dunno about sound quality, tho.                :rush-mgr ]



Date: Tue, 27 Aug 91 16:29:25 -0700
From: (Dan Delany)
Subject: About getting into the FAQL

Lately I've been getting mail from people who have suggestions for
additions to the FAQL file.  I don't mind this - I encourage it.

But please, people, remember what FAQL stands for:

Frequently Asked Questions List

not "Let's see who can find the most obscure bit of Rush trivia" file.

It's interesting to read about some of the connections people come up
with between Rush and other stuff, but if it's not something people
seem to ASK about on a regular basis, I'm probably not going to
put it in.

I've suggested before that somebody could start up a file of obscure
trivia, but I will not be the keeper of such a list.  Please do not send me
your most obscure piece of Rush trivia and suggest that I include it in the


(again, for those of you who insist on sending me lots of suggestions)


(again, for those of you who think "well, this is soooooo cool that Dan
won't be able to resist.")


Please consider this before sending me a suggestion for an addition.


[ Dan's got my support on this, for what that's worth...        :rush-mgr ]


Subject: RTB premiere in Boston.  Where????
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 91 20:29:49 EDT


  Does ANYBODY know what (if any) Boston station is planning to carry the RTB
premiere on the 29th?  PLEEEZE!!!



Date: 27 Aug 91 19:34:00 CDT

   I can't believe Q96 in San Antonio just played the whole CD (RTB).
   I would just like to express my feelings about the CD: great, superb,
   magnificent, extraordinary unlike anything of this world. O.K. I
   know I got out of hand but the CD KICKS. Like always RUSH has out done
   themselfs again. Wait till everyone hears the Rap section on ROLL THE
   BONES it is so awesome. Well gotta go I hope everyone gets to listen to
   it soon.

                                            ROLL THE BONES, ROLL THE BONES
                                               ROLL THE BONES, ROLL THE BONES



Subject: Questions for the guys...
Date: 27 Aug 91 20:18:25 CDT

The question about what to say to the guys if you ever meet them is something
I've actually been thinking about for awhile (ever since I tried to get
backstage at the HYF concert). It seems like it would be _real_ hard not to
come across as a "normal" rabid fan unless you were cool almost to the point
of indifference. Consequently, I don't know if I would even _want_ to have
an on-the-street encounter with one of them!

What I've been thinking about doing (if I ever get of my butt and get those
addresses for the band) is just sending them a simple thank you card. I'd
just say something to the effect of "I don't worship you or anything, but
your music has been a major force for me." Or something like that.


Date: Tue, 27 Aug 91 20:54:30 CDT
From: (Satish Ramachandran)
Subject: Mailing list

I will be gone for a while, so please take me off the mailing list. Will let
you know when I get back. Thanks.



From: erik habbinga 
Subject: TNMS #325
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 91 20:09:33 MDT

Please don't throw away issue 325 just because of the reposting of the
interview with Neil.  I did tack on a small "In The Listening Room"
interview with Geddy at the end, which is interesting in itself.



Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1991 23:28 EST
Subject: NJ/NY area due for interview and album on the air!

For those of you in the New York, New Jersey area, RTB will be played on
102.7 WNEW FM at 11:00 PM, on Thursday Aug. 29th.  The boys will also be on in
between tracks to comment on the album.  I will be taping the whole thing so
if anyone happens to want a copy just send me mail and we'll talk.

Before I go here is a thought:

		could the quote "We have assumed control", from 2112 be NP's
way of showing Rand's ability to contradict herself in Anthem.

						Just a thought.



Date: 28 August 1991 00:01:34 CDT
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 

Hi all. For those who can't wait until Sept. 3rd. They can tune into
the Loop, thats WLUP FM 98 in the chicagoland area. They will premiere
RTB at 10pm sharp on Aug. 29, 1991---this Thursday. Should have interviews
w/ the Gedster and Lerxst too. Who knows maybe Pratt will show up too?
Thats it for now, Gonna RTB again! :)

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G                                      Genie:  P.Choy              G
P                                                                  P
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Date: Wed, 28 Aug 91 08:59:13 -0400
From: at656@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Sensor)
Subject: HYF Cryptics

Hello folks,

	Regarding the post by Robert Graves in the 8/27/91 TNMS about more
symbols on the HYF picture, I'm having a hard time finding all that he

	First, the "woman looking out the window" beside the Statue of Liberty
(on the fire escape) was supposed to be a picture of a woman performing oral
sex on a man! I wish I could remember where I read that - I think it was in
"Rush Visions."  The boyz were, if I remember, upset over that and asked that
the fire escape be placed where it is now to obscure the picture.

	As far as the "oxford shoe" and the MP painting by the steps of
the building: I can't see them too well.  The "shoe" looks like it could
be anything.  The painting looks like a crumpled rag.  Of course, I *do*
have the CD, so the resolution isn't too great.

	Hm... the owl on the far right lamppost? That's pushing it, IMNSHO.
Upon closer inspection, it appears that it *might* be an owl, but who knows?
After all, we all heard "Start to smoke marijuana" when they played Queen's
"Another One Bites the Dust" backwards in grade-school religion class and
told us exactly what to listen for! ;-)

	Not to rib ya, Robert.  You could be right!  There's so much stuff
on that picture that I think the only way we could be absolutely sure would
be to ask Hugh Syme! :-)

	Keep rolling them bones... and try to stay sane for Sep. 3 (although
no record store in Philly has any clue about the release date.).


Michael Sensor					Temple University
			Temple Towers E109
"Because he was moral				Philadelphia PA 19122
 They called him insane" -Rush, "Cinderella Man"


Date: Wed, 28 Aug 91 12:05:49 -0400
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: Box set?

I don't think that Rush will come out with a box set since they came out
with "Chronicles" last year.  Actually IMO, "Chronicles" would have been
made into a boxset if they added about 10 to 15 songs but I guess that they
didn't want people to shell out 60 dollars for it.  Oh well....



Subject: still dreaming.../"sounds"
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 91 12:14:48 EDT

Time to gripe.  This sunday, WRDU played Dreamline, and I missed it...  but my
girlfriend, who isn't even a fan, heard it...she said she didn't know it was
Rush until the Dj announced it..but the REAL pain in the ass about this is
she heard it not 5 seconds after she dropped me off at school...()!!!

so i called the station, asked the DJ to play some "New rush"...he said ok and
15 minutes later, i heard...TOM SAYWER!!()!!!!! well, i managed to
look on the bright side--old rush is better than no rush--but i still have not
heard Dreamline.  i'll just give up and wait til the sucks.

about WKNC here at NCSU playing Where's my thing...i don't know if i can put
up with all the crap on student radio to get a listen....

>...and about certain bands having a "sound" as someone (pardon me for not 
remembering you) talked about earlier--i agree, but the one thing about rush i
really like is that their characteristic sound, to me at least, has always
been one step ahead of my expectations...and in no way do i think MP was
their peak (saying so may even be personally insulting to the band) simply
because the progression of rush can't, imho, be plotted on a simple line
graph--i love Caress of Steel but i also love HYF...their music has *always*
been good--close to the best--but because they as a group continually grow
and experiment emotionally, intellectually, stylistically, whatever, 
assigning a "peak" to any one particular era i think is unrealistic...BUT if
we were to plot rush's music against that of other modern bands, i have a
pretty good idea where the "peak" would be...:-)



From: erik habbinga 
Subject: AAAIIIIRRRRGGGHHHH!  (understatement!)
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 91 11:36:31 MDT

Ok, now here's the situation...
  I went to the Rec Center to get some swimming in, when I hear over the
cheesy radio speakers some Rush-like music.  I wasn't quite sure if it was the
real thing, since the music in the pool is usually of the post-modern-
alternative type.  I swim a few laps and listen again.  Still sounds like
Rush.  I wait awhile, and the DJ says, "This is the Colorado premiere of
the Roll the Bones CD, I'll be right back with the end of the disc."  Well,
I jump out of the pool to call a friend to tell him to record the rest, and 
then I called the DJ and asked him when they will play it again.  He said 
maybe after 5pm, and they are not sure if they will carry the world premiere
tomorrow or not.  So I heard the entire back side of the disc, but the sound
quality (splash, splash) left a lot to be desired!  AAAIIIRRRRGGGHHH!



From: David Arnold 
Subject: my $.02 worth...

Having heard a few cuts off the new album, I must say that I am impressed -
this album seems to be more accessable to me than any of their last several.
I'm looking at it through the eyes of one who thinks their best period was
from 2112 through Moving Pictures.  When Signals came out, it was a bit of
a letdown after MP, but it grew on me over time.  When P/G came out, it too
took a bit of time to grow on me.  To tell the truth, I was never really
captivated by either Power Windows or Hold Your Fire, and Presto while
being better, still took me a while to appreciate.

The new album, though, has sevaral cuts which reached out and grabbed me
immediately.  The first single, Dreamline, while being more pop-oriented
than most of their songs, was also infectious, and I was humming it after
a couple of listens.  The title track is a very upbeat tune, and the rap
section integrates quite well into it.  The instrumental, while being too
short, still grabbed me after one listen.  If you liked "YYZ" you'll like
"Where's My Thing."

If there's one reason I have to point to as to why I like the new album so
much, I'd have to say "energy."  Most of the songs are upbeat, fast-paced
tunes, with guitar riffs and melody lines that catch my ear like no Rush
has since MP.

David Arnold       Keywords:    Rush, Jethro Tull, Crack the Sky, Squeeze, BOC,
                                 Neville Brothers, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, 
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