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Subject: 09/03/91 - The National Midnight Star #329

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 329

                Tuesday, 3 September 1991
Today's Topics:
                         RTB, etc
                    Ah, another song!
                Geez, what's with Finland
               Roll the Bones (of course!)
                 Turn My Back To The Wind
           What we've heard so far from RTB...
                   RTB and Crazy Finns
                        RTB & more
  They Roll the Bones in Finland - so what's the hurry?
     Re:  08/30/91 - The National Midnight Star #328
                Early album release date!!
                      Roll The Bones
                       ROLL THE RAP
                   Heresy vs. Hypocrisy
                   RTB (what else? :-)
                    ROLL THE BONES !!!
                     RTB impressions
                       RTB CD cover
              If you are right, I disagree!!
                comments the RTB cd launch
              Mt. View Pre- Show interview?
         We're only human when we're on the run!
                     RTB rap section
                        Got it!!!
                       True colours
                   my bones are rolling

Subject: Administrivia
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 91 14:02:44 -0400
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

Well, it's September 3rd, the day all of us (in the US, at least) have
been waiting for.  I was able to find a copy of _Roll The Bones_ at
our local CD shop, "The Wiz", so it IS released.  They're going fast,
though; at 12:30 I got the next-to-last one!  I loved the photo on the
first two pages of the liner notes/lyrics!  They still have a sense of

Apparently the album was released on different dates in different places;
we had a Finnish report saying it was available 8/30.  I checked at a local
record shop that day, and they didn't even know when the release date was!
That same store has it today (9/3), though.  Others found stores willing to
sell before the official date.  If you got it before 9/3, you're lucky.  If
you still can't get it, you're even more unlucky.  Sorry...

I have updated the lyrics at the ftp site, and they are now available in
the file "rush/lyrics/14.rtb" via anonymous ftp.  I have not compressed the
file, to anyone with ftp capability should have no problem getting them.
I can vouch for the lyrics correctness; I edited Meg's interpretation that
was in the 'beta' file and corrected all the errors.  It seems there were
more lyrics than appeared, at least in GOAC; I typed two extra paragraphs
in addition to what Meg had.  All lyrics are as they appear on the Atlantic
release of the RTB CD; if you find a discrepency, drop me a line at the
administrative address.

Also, I have uncompressed ALL the lyrics files, so this should not be a
problem in the future.  In addition, I have uncompressed ALL the files in
the 'rush/special' directory.  The only files that are still in compressed
format are the back issues of the NMS, of which there are almost 350.

If you don't have compress on your local system, remember it's available via
anonymous ftp in the 'rush' main directory, under the name "compress.shar".
This is a shar (shell archive) format file; in Unix all you have to do is:

    /bin/sh compress.shar

This will tear apart the archive and create the program 'compress'.  You
can then create 'uncompress' by either linking it to 'compress', or by
copying 'compress' to 'uncompress'; the same program does either, depending
upon how it's called.

If you don't have Unix, the code is in there in ASCII text, along with the
help files.  With a little work you can break out the pieces manually.

Check out Chris Katopis' post about possible NYC dates.

Part one of the new version of the FAQL will go out tonight; part two should
go out Wednesday (cross fingers here).

Lastly, thanks for sharing your opinions without serious flamage.  It's good
to see that a new release can get trashed and praised in the same issue, 
without any name-calling, etc.  Remember, if you don't like someone's comments,
you can skip over them, and chances are the poster(s) don't live within 2000
miles of you!  :-)  If you MUST flame, send private e-mail to the poster, not
through this list.  Flames will be killed.


OBRQ: "Now it's dark"


Subject: Mongo
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 91 14:17:40 PDT
From: Dan Dickerman GSY 1-447-4425 

> I don't know if this question is FAQL material but hey, I'll ask it anyway!
> Do anybody know if MONGO in the Anagram (for MONGO) songo title is in itself
> an anagram?

If it is, you can bet a dime to a dollar (whatever that means) that it's
not intentional.  It's a reference to the line "Telegram for Mongo" from
the movie _Blazing_Saddles_.  It's either a Mel Brooks or a
Frederico Fallini film; I can't remember which...

[ It's Mel Brooks.                                            :rush-mgr ]



Date: Fri, 30 Aug 91 16:12:31 MST
From: "Daniel L. McDonald" 
Subject: RTB, etc

I haven't heard EVERY track yet, but I do like what I hear.  Especially
Roll The Bones, Dreamline, and Where's my Thing stick out.  THe "rap"
in Roll the Bones is more like the spoken lines in INXS' "Mediate".  (Don't
flame, but I think its a more valid comparison than "rap.")  If it's out
today, I'm getting it.

Catch ya' later.  Dan McD.


Subject: Ah, another song!
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 91 16:55:02 -0700
From: Michael J. Konopik 

While driving in the local hills last night (radio reception sux where I
live) I heard a second song from RTB  ("You Bet Your Life").  I couldn't
stand to listen all the way through it; I shut off my radio after a few of
the ending chorus repetitions, fighting off a sinking feeling in my gut.

The first time I heard "Dreamline" I got bigger goosebumps than when I first
heard the intro to "Show Don't Tell".  It's hard to believe these two songs
are even by the same group, let alone on the same album!

Rush sure did roll the bones this time.  And unfortunately, this one came up
snake-eyes.  Just MHO, of course...


Subject: Geez, what's with Finland
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 91 20:51:23 EDT


  I just finished listening to the tape of the Q107 broadcast for about the
300th time, and I sat down to read the digest.  Did Finland get the same album
they played on the radio?  Two extremely negative reviews (three if you count
the double-posting), and one lukewarm, but less raving.  I, for one, thought
everything I heard was great!  I'm really looking forward to the tour!



Subject: Roll the Bones (of course!)
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 91 21:14:50 EDT


After much moral agonizing (well, not really 8^), I've decided to give
to the temptation to say:
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Go green with envy, suckers!!!
(Moi?  Rub it in?  You must be mistaken...8^)

Although HOW I got to hear the album does get on my nerves.  Y'see,
apparently Atlantic released the album to newspapers, magazines, and
whatnot for review.  Now apparently at least some of these
publications sell their copies to used CD stores.  Sooooo, I'll bet
you'll never guess what a friend of a friend of mine BOUGHT when he
went to a certain particular used CD place.
What's that you say?  "Roll the Bones?"  However did you guess?

Really...I'm okay...honest...after all, I GOT TO HEAR IT!!!!!!
8^> 8^> 8^> 8^> 8^> 8^> 8^> 8^> 8^> 8^> 8^> 8^> 8^> 8^> 8^>
I HAVE A REASON TO LIVE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, suffice it say, I think the album is extraordinarily cool, a bit
more mellow (for lack of a better word) than their previous albums,
but still great.  Hell, even the rap (or whatever we're supposed to
call it) section is good (My apologies to any rap fans out there.
Prior to Rush I thought all rock-n-roll was crap as well, but then
this was back when Top-40 was my only source of info on modern

[BTW, to all you Finlanders who've been down on Roll the Bones, I think
you're going to get seriously flamed in the near future.  Hope the
asbestos checks out.  You're going to need it.  8^]

Bill "ARGH!!  I'm not going to AnimeCon!!" Barnes
Disclaimer:  Don't assume anything I say is truthful, accurate, or worthwhile.
Datclaimer:  My employers wouldn't WANT to share some of my opinions.


From: Patrick Quairoli 
Subject: Turn My Back To The Wind
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 91 23:01:19 EDT

	it seems that everyone on the list that is from the u.s. seems to
	like the sound of the new songs. (this is not a flame) but the fellows
	from '.fi' seem to think that it is seriously lacking.  i didn't like
	alot of albums the first time i heard them but love takes time 8-)
	i think before everyone starts shooting off remarks (comments) they
	should give everything fair consideration.  the problem with giving
	rush consideration is that alot of their songs are to complex to
	tear apart.  i'm usually silent on the list but i think people
	sould give RTB a chance, other then that 'to each his/her own'.

(any and all e-mail replies welcome!)
______________________________________________________________________________		|i will wear your white feather
widener!quairoli		|i will carry your white flag
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Date:         Fri, 30 Aug 91 22:53:59 EDT
From: Ian Nathan 
Subject:      What we've heard so far from RTB...

Just to add to the comments on the new material...

I've been listening to these guys since I was in 4th grade, and although
they might have peaked a few years ago, or maybe they still haven't peaked
the new material, to me, is exciting and fresh, and although some of it may be
reminiscent of the attitude of Presto, or the technology of Power Windows, I
have to say that I have never been displeased with an album of theirs, and I
congratulate them on their attitude and their accomplishments with Roll The Bon

Let's face it: It's not Permanent Waves. It's not 2112. It's not Hemispheres.
It's not Moving Pictures.

It's Roll The Bones. And even though I really, really like what I've heard,
I consider all of us, as RUSH  fans, lucky to be expecting a new album, no
matter what it sounds like (after 20 years) - How many quality bands
can boast 20 years of accomplishments even similar to that of RUSH?

P.S. So "Where's My Thing" may not be the same as YYZ or Villa Strangiato.
Who would have thought that we'd ever see an instrumental from them again?

Ian Nathan.
(I also am a big fan of Marillion, Yes, Max Webster, some Genesis)
The George Washington University
Washington, D.C.


Date: Fri, 30 Aug 91 23:44:41 -0400
From: at656@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Sensor)
Subject: RTB and Crazy Finns

Hello all,

	Figured I'd join the plethora of insane Rush fans on TNMS and add
my $.02 about RTB - or what I heard of it.

	To my surprise, WMMR in Philly actually played the so-called
premiere last night.  The DJ should have been shot, IMNSHO. The whole
attitude of the show seemed to be "let's play as few songs as possible
with as much chat and commercial time as possible; I'll make that even
better by playing an old Rush song that most of the people listening already
have and then pretend at the end of the show that I don't have enough time
to play any more cuts!"

	*grumble* Enough with that.  My reaction to RTB: "THIS is Rush?"
I like the cuts I heard (DL, Heresy, RTB, Thing? and Bravado), but I
really can't say that they are too Rush-like.  This album seems to smack
highly of Rupert Hine - eg., they sort of sound like Saga and other Hine
bands in a weird sort of way.

	The rap section in RTB should have been left out - but not because
it's rap, or, as Ged said, "spoken-word".  It's a funny section, to be
sure ("kick some gluteus max"? *cackle*), but it just doesn't fit in with
the rest of the song - which is a kicker otherwise, I might add.

	Thing? sounds okay, but it's a bit too polished, not to mention
processed beyond belief.  One is reminded of Yes' "Cinema" from 90125
upon listening to "Thing?".  Too cut & dried, guys.  Not enough time
signature changes! :(

	RTB, IMHO, has the potential to be a cool album - but, at the
same time, one shouldn't listen to it in the context of other albums.
I had hoped that RTB would carry on the minimalistic, severe trend that
Presto did (guess you threw that one right out the window, eh, Rupert?),
and, as a consequence, I kept trying to pick out Presto-like patterns.
That just won't work.

	I think this is the problem our friends from Finland have.  Never
have I seen such venom in writing about a Rush album.  Give it a break,
guys: Rush isn't dead ("bury the bones" indeed!); they've just *changed*.
It almost sounds as if they want RTB to be in the mold of Moving Pictures.
Hey, MP was a great album, but it's a period they're done with and will never
go back to.  You aren't the same as you were 10 years ago; why should Rush be
any different?  Everyone has to develop.

	Oh well.  Enough rambling! RTB looks like it'll be an interesting
album and tour.  Let's hope, though, that the boyz get wise and dump Hine.
RTB may be okay, but I don't like the direction in which they're heading.

	Get out and rock & roll those bones! :-) :-)


|======|  Michael Sensor			"Because he was moral
   ||	  		 They called him insane"
   ||     Temple University		          -Rush, "Cinderella Man"
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Date: Sat, 31 Aug 1991 00:03:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: RTB & more

Greetings once again.  I've got a couple of things to say about RTB
which premiered last night.  After reading many of the responses I feel
that many people are disappointed in the new stuff.  Granted, I hear
some licks that sound a bit familiar, but for the most part, I like the
sound and orchestration of the songs.  I think the chorus on Roll the
Bones is hot, and the rap part is about as "tasteful" as rap can get.  I
don't know about everyone else,  but I like what I hear.  Unfortunately,
they didn't play Neurotica or some of the other songs.  I've only heard
what they played last night plus about 20 seconds of Neurotica, so I'm
dying to hear the rest.   FOUR MORE DAYS!!!!!!

Has any tour information been released? Specifically in the Pittsburgh area?

 By the way.... Alex played on one of those square records that sometimes come
in Guitar player magazine.  It was called something like the Canadian
Guitar Jam or something. It features Alex, Rik Emmett, some Canadian
jazz guy, and a female classical guitarist who I've never heard of.  I
want to say it was in the April issue of 1987, but that's just a guess
(I don't have it).  It was fairly recents (last couple of years or so)

Incidentally, how much (in cash) is an Alex Lifeson guitar pick worth?
I've got one (not for sale, however) and I'm trying to gauge its
relative worth.

 Also... each Rush producer has a nickname...
      Terry Brown = Broon
       Peter Henderson = Hentor
       Peter Collins = Mr. Big

   What is Rupert Hine's nickname?

					John Santore

 "Leave me alone and let me rock and roll"
				-Rush,  Best I Can



From: Jyrki Ollinen 
Subject: They Roll the Bones in Finland - so what's the hurry?
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 91 17:16:53 EET

   It's funny reading two of my friends writing here in the NMS their
opinion of Roll the Bones (Atthe Tossavainen + Tero Valkonen).  Quite
funny, especially when they have been listening the record only a day or
   Now, how about if all of you guys try to listen it at least a week or
two and then trying to write another article? Is this because everyone
wants to be the first one of writing HIS own opinion about this case? If
it is so, then blow your heads off and start listening Beethoven.
   There hasn't been ANY records in my life that I have liked for the
very beginning.  I want to listen RtB at least 20-30 times before I give
you even the slightest idea of my opinion.  I think you all should do
the same, not having a competion who'll be the first jerk writing his
the-very-first-impressions out and being The King of the Hill.

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Date: Sat, 31 Aug 91 15:28:39 EDT
From: pmw3y@bodhi.cs.Virginia.EDU
Subject: Re:  08/30/91 - The National Midnight Star #328

Well, I guess it's safe to say that Roll The Bones didn't
go over too well in Finland....

Patrick Widener                  Internet:
Department of Computer Science	  
University of Virginia           ICBM_Net:  38.02 N, 78.30 W
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 kid never talked."


Subject: Early album release date!!
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1991 22:34:51 -0800 (PDT)
From: (Lance Neustaeter)

   Hi.  As of tonight, I've heard seven of the songs off of Roll
the Bones.  Not bad, but it didn't grab me the same way Presto did.
Wait for it, it'll grow on me.  I've also learned that RTB will
be hitting the record stores TOMORROW (Aug 30) here in Vancouver.
Is there different release dates for different areas?

Good Premises,
Lance Neustaeter 

   "A proper theory of concepts is not sufficient to save the world.
But it *is* necessary.  The fact that concepts *are* valid tools of
cognition whether we know it or not will not save us--not unless we
*do* know it."                               --Leornard Peikoff


Subject:   Opinions
From: (David St. Hubbins)
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 91 13:58:20 PDT

     Well there seems to be many new opinions on the new album.  Most
seem to like it.  Some people in Finland don't.  Thats cool everyone has
there own opinion.  Thats what I like About NMS.  I get to here what
other people think.  I know what I think. RTB rocks and it is really
difficult for me to see much bad about it. The only thing that I can
compare Rush to is other Rush.... and even that is hard.  It is really
pointless to call Alex, the Edge.  Rush are always changing.  Everything
about them. Lyrics, Instruments, vocals.  One other thing that I really
like about the new album is Neils Bass drum!!  This opinion is in
complete disagreement with that guy from Finland. Neils bass is pounding
and has a thick feel.  I like it.  Lars Ulrich is a completely different
drummer than Neil. He plays fast and his bass has a quick attack and is
cut off.  Speed does not make a good song.  " Alex wouldn't even play
fast"  No, but he plays with more feel and intelligence than Kirk Hammet,
Steve Vai,  Joe Satriani, or  ( don't flame me) Eddie Van Halen.
It is not that I don't like these players.  I like them all.  I just like
Alex better.



Date: Sat, 31 Aug 91 17:29:40 EST
From: bigal@wpi.WPI.EDU (Nathan Charles Crowell)
Subject: Roll The Bones

	I was reading some of the reviews of the new RUSH today
on TNMS, and was a little surprised at the negative reactions.

	First of all, only white people could get irritated at a
rap part!  More specifically, bleached, Weber grill, Saab driving,
surburbanite yuppie-wanna-be white people.  I personally had my
"gluteous max" kicked by that tune, and the rap is cool.  Music of
any kind is only bad if it isn't interesting (which is why I don't
like country & western).

	Where's My Thing? is cool, not exactly YYZed or La Villa,
but they don't believe in going backward.  I don't either.  This
album, at least the 5 tracks I've heard show some real emotion and
energy, which is more than you get out of most bands.

	Dreamline could be more interesting, but it's still a good
song with good lyrics.

	And Metallica have not gone downhill!  The new album is just
as hard as the others, and now you can actually hear Jason Newstead's

	Everyone's of course entitled to their own opinion, but I
don't think this album "sucks" (a very rational opinion :)). From
what I've heard, I already like it more than Presto!

Big Al (from the bowels of WPI)

OBRQ: "We will pay the price/ But we will not count the cost" - Bravado


Date: Sat, 31 Aug 91 17:38 EDT
From: MCS 

I haven't had the new album long enough to give an objective opinion
on it, so I'll hold my fire on that for now.

However I want to put forward a point of view that I came up with that
I may not even agree with, but it's something that might interest you
guys (and gals? are there any women on this list?)..

Now, as we all know the title track has a rap by M.C. Omega Concern,
and it's very quite and very catchy etc.. it's interesting to hear
intellectual rap for a change...

But anyhow... the fact that RUSH has effectively utilized rap on their
latest release makes you wonder that by doing so, they are "legitimizing"
rap as a form of music (Stu Hamm did it too on his new album!).

Are Rush giving the go ahead to "real" musicians to add rap to their
songwriting? Are Rush saying "Yeah, Rap is cool"?

Will the next Pink Floyd, Marillion, Camel or ELP album have rap?

I for one despise rap with *EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING* with a passion
that I cannot even put into words and I'm desperately hoping that
this is a one-off cutesy-ass joke that Rush put into the track for
our amusement. Perhaps they're making fun of rap?

"Roll The Bones" is likely my favourite track on the album (so far..)
and I think that it may have been a better track WITHOUT the rap portion.
Ontological examination and rap don't mix.

I'm really interested in what you guys (and gals... ?) think of this.

[ To steal a quote from a favorite show, "Say to yourself, it's just an
  album, I should really just relax."  :-)                     :rush-mgr ]

| Neil Prasad           |  Carleton U.     |
| Communication Studies |  MCS@CARLETON.CA |


Date: Sat, 31 Aug 91 18:05 EDT
Subject: NOT-New_Rush

Ok, since I just read that the album was released 30th ((yesterday), I
assume that this post will be sandwiched between "My record store doesn't
have it" and "It's great!!!".

Anyways, I just got _2112_.

At the same time, I got Jethro Tull's _Thick_as_a_Brick.

So, I copied the tapes onto one 90 minute and have been playing it constantly
(I don't want to wear out the originals).  Anyways, I have some questions
about the _2112_ tape.

First of all, and most importantly, why is "The Grand Finale" split up?  For
those of you w/CDs, that song fades out in the middle of the guitar solo,
and the side ends.  It fades back in and continues on the second side, for
exactly one minute and three seconds.  The result?  Both sides are exactly
19:37, according to the song list.  Who cares?  WHY would they split it like
that???  I've heard of sides being balanced, but that's just rediculous.
Many tapes are unbalanced by far more than a minute (Presto is VERY
unbalanced).  Anyone have any idea why they did that to the song???

[ It's almost certainly to make the tape sides equal in length, thereby
  saving tape when making copies.  On the album and CD versions it's not
  like that. (Reminds me of days of 8-tracks!)                 :rush-mgr ]

Also, there's no mention of Dolby anywhere on the tape.  When was Dolby
developed?  I know of tapes older than 2112 with Dolby, yet this tape doesn't
mention it anywhere.  It seems to be exactly what one would get in 1976,
no updating in any way.  Submitted for your approval are the following

It has "Mercury" on the tape, but no "PolyGram."  Instead, there's
"Phonogram."  Was that an old name of Polygram's?  The address given
is different than PolyGram's...

Plyus, inside, there is no story, and no lyrics.  Just a list of "MORE POP
TAPES".  It includes COS, plus stuff by Ohio Players, Bachman-Turner
Overdrive, 10cc, Escovedo, Charles Earland, The Dells, Skyhooks, Uriah
Heep, David Byron, Thin Lizzy, and Roger Glover & Guests.  I havenn'r'rt
heard of most of these groups...

[ Some are 60's/70's rock/pop groups (OP, BTO, 10cc, UH, TL); Roger Glover
  was in Deep Purple, wasn't he?                                 :rush-mgr ]

Is it really necessary for them to write "this stereo tape can also be
played on monaural equipment"????

Is it incorrect for me to assume that there are newer versions of _2112_
out there on tape?  With "The Grand Finale" complete, perhaps?

Another thing I don't like about the album:  since I got it, I didn't need
TNMS for more Rush.  So, I missed out on the news of the playing of the
complete RTB on the radio.  You can imagine how pissed I was when I just
read those old issues...

Well, carry on, rock and roll them bones...



Date: Sat, 31 Aug 91 21:45:20 EST
From: bigal@wpi.WPI.EDU (Nathan Charles Crowell)
Subject: Heresy vs. Hypocrisy

	Two posts in one weekend! This is a record for me.  I
just posted about my feelings about criticisms about the album,
and I realize my reaction was a little hasty. Not to say I've
changed my mind - I still love the new songs - but I did check
up on something that was bothering me about one of the criti-

	First, let me quote Webster's Ninth Collegiate Dictionary
on the word heresy:

"heresy:(n) 2a: dissent or deviation from a dominant theory,
                opinion or practice; b: an opinion, doctrine,
                or practice contrary to thr truth or to gene-
                rally accepted beliefs or standards."

	My point isn't a language lesson. The criticism was that
the song "Heresy" was really about hypocrisy, and thus mistitled.
Hypocrisy is claiming to be what you aren't. This song doesn't do
that. Even in the broad span of opinion, this assessment of the
lyrics misses the point.  The song, at least on one level, expresses
Neil's view that the changes in Eastern Europe should piss us off,
that just saying "Ooops!" should not absolve the Communists of the
suffering they inflicted on their people.  This could be called
"heresy" because it is an opinion that is in dissent with what we
as Westerners are expected to believe.  We are supposed to be ec-
static that the Wall came down, that reform is occurring, etc., but
Neil is saying "What about the past 40 years?".  (quotes mine, just
for readability, I'm not putting words in Neil's mouth).

	Anyway, that's just MHO.  I love the song, and I think Neil
has really written some powerful lyrics. But what else is new!

Big Al (urrrp)

OBRQ: "         " - RUSH, Where's My Thing? (Part IV, Gangster of Boats


Date: Sun, 1 Sep 91 21:48:10 +0300
From: Petri Wessman 
Subject: RTB (what else? :-)

After reading a couple of articles by Finnish guys bashing the new
album, I have to throw in a differing (Finnish) opinion. Loved it!
Moving Pictures II it's not, but it beats the crap out of their three
previous albums (at least).

As has been said before, the album arrived here on the 30th. It was a
sort of a shock to me, since I walked into a CD store on my way to the
nearest cold beer :-) to ask about the album release date, and the guy
behind the counter got this "funny you should ask that" look on his
face and fished up a gleaming copy of RTB from beneath the counter. I
instantly decided to skip the beer...

I won't bore you with Yet Another Album Review, but my first
impression is: Like it a lot, especially "Roll the Bones" (kill me,
but I *liked* the "rap" section) and "You Bet Your Life". I don't
really care for "The Big Wheel" or "Neurotica", but first impressions
often change.

That's all for now.



Date: 1 September 1991 17:01:01 CDT
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 
Subject: ROLL THE BONES !!!

Hi all. Just got back from a 2.5 hr drive. I picked up the CD today, thats
Sept. 1, 1991 at about 2:33pm, in Illinois , USA. I found a store that had
it and was willing to sell it to me. :) Life is cool. I luv them album!
Can't wait for the tour. I can almost die happy now! Here's a little secret
to the other Rush Heads out there. With most major releases, like Rush on a
major label, like Atlantic, stores get it a day or two b4 the release. That
way they have time to price it and put it on the shelf for sale. If you can
find the right store/person you can get it b4 the day its allowed to be sold.
Good luck in getting the upcomming albums! Well, gotta run, I want to listen
to Roll The Bones again. There's nothing like listening to Roll The Bones
w/ about 425 Watts of power, in a car stereo w/ about 8 speakers at 125 dB.
see ya.

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-  OBRQ: "Memory banks unloading, bytes break into bits            -
G         unit one's in trouble, and its scared out of its wits"   G

ps: ya know you're a Rush Fan when.... You spend 2 hrs calling over 30 stores
    to find the store/person who will sell ya Roll the Bones 2 days b4 it is
    legally saleable! :P  see ya tomorrow Mr. Riker!


Date: Mon, 2 Sep 91 01:05:50 EDT
From: (Chris J Katopis)
Subject: RTB impressions

RTB was definately released everywhere on Aug.30. I got a copy in NYC on
the 31st.  What happened to the Sept. 3 release date?  Odd. (Not that I'm

I was a little shocked by the incredibly bad reviews from the boys in Finland
in the last NMS.  I was impressed by the detail they went into to totally rip
the album to shreds; I guess they have no tolerance for new music. Sad.

Anyway, I think the album is marvelous, the boyz best yet.  BTW, did you
notice that Alex is given credit for Backing Vocals?  Is this the first
time he has sung on a studio album?  Which parts do you think he sings?
How about Rupert Hine?  Which sections do you think he sings on?

I liked all of the songs on the first listen, except for Neurotica;  I am
starting to like it though- especially the last section (SNAP!...)

My fav's are Roll The Bones, Face Up, Where's My Thing?, Heresy, Ghost of a
Chance, and You Bet Your Life.

The guitar work is excellent; Ghost' is incredible!  The note selection
is impeccable in the solo, and during the chorus; sooooo sweet!  The two chords
after "...In a state of grace"  are mind-boggling!  Did you notice the barely
audible "Ghost of a Chance" spoken in the last second of fade-out?

Anyone else notice that the begining of You Bet Your Life sounds very
REM-like?  Also, the word-game-round or what ever you call it- ("anarchist
reactionary running-dog revisionist...") is REM-like, kind of like "It's the
end of the World and we know it."  I really like it, even though the guy from
Finland thinks "anybody could have done it."

I really like the lyrics for "Heresy".  I don't understand why the Finlandian
thinks they are "hypocritic."  Maybe I'm just stupid.  Maybe "I just don't
get it."

What's the deal with the picture of the tail of an elephant under the
printing of the credits?

**WNEW FM in NYC said that Rush has reserved two nights at Madison Square
Garden in November.

Which songs do you think they will play live?  I'm worried that they won't
play "Roll the Bones" because of the acoustic guitar break- they didn't play
"Presto."  It would be ashame, because "RTB" would be hot live!

Any news of any RTB videos being released?

-Dave Schmidt


Date:       Mon, 02 Sep 91 17:01:30 BST
Subject:    RTB CD cover

   A point of total trivia...has anyone noticed that the CD of RTB has
a picture of a skull on the disc itself? You can see it if you turn the
disc to the light in certain directions.

[ Neat-o, kind of like a poor man's holograph...                :rush-mgr ]

    Also, RTB is 'Brought to you by the letter "B" '. I wonder
if all the letters from the last few albums plus a couple from the next
few will spell anything interesting...

    "swimming against the stream"

        Paul May, University of Bristol, UK


Subject: If you are right, I disagree!!
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 91 09:42:13 PDT

I have heard all of Roll The Bones, and I absolutely love every last bit
of it. And I thought Presto was awesome! I am listening to The Big Wheel
on the radio right now and it is just so, so.......ELECTRIC! Geddys Voice
is just so gorgeous on this album. So, Finland, I'm sorry you feel so
hostile toward this new album. Somebody who reminded you of rush must've
really slapped you around when you where little or something. It seems to
me you have missed the point. RUSH IS A VERY PROGRESSIVE BAND! You don't
expect them to come out with the exact same album every two years, do
you? They are not stuck in the late seventies like many other bands out
there. Look at ZZ Top. No wonder they called their latest album
"RECYCLER"! They recycled their songes from their last three albums!
Sure, I was thrown off a bit when I heard the "rap" in Roll The Bones,
but you know what? It seems to fit so perfect. Nothing in this world is
for certain, including rush. That's why they come up with a different
sound with each album, and that's the way I like it. So, if you can get
away with a giant rip on the new album, I hope this will have a
counter-reaction to it. So There! And, by the way, I listened to the new
songs with an objective ear, ready to be dissapointed, but it failed to
happen. I know what I like from the first time I hear it, and I loved
ROLL THE BONES from the second I heard each song! And the fact that you
don't like this album at all just makes me a bigger fan. One less ticket
sold for the upcoming tour means better seats for me!
Also, Did you know that Rush has OTHER songs, other than Tom Sayer and
The Spirit Of Radio?

Y'Know What? You ARE wrong. By the way, you sound suspicu=iously similar
to a guy who once wrote an article in CREEM a few years back.....

Later. Matt


Date: Mon, 2 Sep 91 14:27:27 -0400
From: "John W Connelly" 
Subject: comments the RTB cd launch

As I'm sure you *all* know by now, the North American broadcast of the _Roll
The Bones_ CD was disappointing in that, after promising the whole thing, they
played only half of it.  But of that half, I want to include my two cents:

While WDVE was playing cuts all along, I thought "Ghost Of A Chance" would be
my favorite.  That was until I heard "Roll The Bones" Thursday night.  Some of
the riffs in there just plain KICK!  Sure, it has Yes-like keyboard stabs in
it, but some of us *like* them.  :)  Many of you seem to think the "spoken"
section sucked, but I think it was done quite tastefully.  I'd been dubious
about a rap section, and expected the worst, but I'm actually *pleased*.

I'm pretty disappointed in "Where's My Thing".  As another subscriber put it,
it just "doesn't go anywhere."  It sounds just like a song that they forgot
to add lyrics to.  It's nowhere near the quality of YYZ or La Villa.  Sure,
it'll probably grow on me, but it's not the kick-ass instrumental we've all
been hoping for since _Moving Pictures_.

Anyway, of the 80% of the album that I've heard, count me in for "Roll The
Bones" and "Ghost Of A Chance" as my two current favorites.


| John W. Connelly  | "If you choose not to  |  |
|  511 LRDC Bldg.   |   decide, you still    |+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=|
|  U.of Pittsburgh  |    have made a choice" |    CONNELLY@Pittvms.BITNET   |


Subject: Mt. View Pre- Show interview?
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 91 19:26:46 PDT

Hi all. Last July, rush held a concert at the Shoreline Amphitheater in
Mountainview. About an hour  before the show, one of the radio stations
was broadcasting from backstage. It was a chat with Geddy, and possibly
alex too. Did anyone happen to record it? I would very much like to hear
it again and have it for my archives. Any help will be very welcome!



Subject: We're only human when we're on the run!
From: (Vindicator)
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 91 01:11:58 PDT

It seems that a number of opinions have surfaced concerning the
new album and I would like to add my own observations.  No, I'm
not going to bore you by reviewing tunes, instead I'm simply
going to discuss what I believe have been some extremely
misguided statements.

I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
You may be as correct as the next reviewer.  That's why we call
it an opinion.

It seems that up to this point in time the reation to Roll the
Bones has been quite overwhelmingly positive.  My personal views
are that it is a very powerfull and concise album, much more than
Presto, with a much fuller sound, reminicient of HYF or PoW.

But there seem to have been a few disagreements. A majority of
these have come, interestingly enough, fron Finland.
(Don't know why?).

The first example I would like to refer to is the two reviews
made by Tero Valkonen.  His first post simply deals with the album
in an overall approach pointing out his disgust at the rap section.

>The rap section is horrible.  The voice (whoever it is) is just so
>disgusting.  And the lyrics, not nearly as good as I had expected.

First of all the title track happens to be one of my most favorite
tracks on the entire album.  It is very up tempo and rocks really
hard in spots. Personally I feel the rap section fits in very well.
I usually don't listen to rap, and I'm not sure if I would call
this serious rap either.  I actually would commend the band on taking
a stab at a different form.  Once again they show that they can do
anything.  But it can also be looked at as somewhat of a satire.
The play on words (remeber they don't say kick some butt or ass)
like the line, "you better run home boy", shows just how they are
having fun with and making fun of rap in general. Hats off.

The remainder of this post and Tero's second post deal with the
lyrics of the album.  Tero admits to being a lyricist
(I would never have guessed) and states that Neil really goes
downhill in this album.

Once again I believe that Mr. Valkonen forgets what a lyricist is.
He or she is not a poet, or a somgwriter, but both.  Neil cannot
simply write poetry and hope that Geddy and Alex can write to fit
it, or sing to fit it.  Geddy stated in a recent interview that they
were going to attempt to make the lyrics fit better musically.
They do just that in this album. I feel that Neil has grown on this
album.  He can be a poet when he wants to, we all know that.
He can write godlike material, and he can faulter, but at least
he is growing, when it come to writing for music. (Tero, are you sure
you are a lyricist?)

Another comment made was that Dreamline's most prominant line could
have been changed. (Don't ask me why!)

>This lyric should be shortened to "We're only home when we're
 on the run"

I ask WHY?  What is the point?  The timing currently works,
why change, it does not change the meaning, if anything it sounds
awkward!  The cliche saying "I'm only at home when I'm (insert
whatever)" has the "at" included and would sound terrible otherwise.
It seems that some of us are getting just a little too critical.
It's an attempt to look for nonexistant faults.

On the subject of LOVE, I find it fantastic that Neil has finally
embraced the subject so fully.  No it's not that he has just realized
his love for his wife, I'm sure one can find allusions and comments
on the subject of love on past albums.  But it seems that he has
fully embraced it along side the subject of chance.  He obviously
believes (as so do I) that chanceplays a large part in finding
love in life.

And what is wrong with dealing with the most powerful emotion
I can think of.  Rush is the most powerfully emotional band I can
think of.  I think that the synthesis is more than fitting.

We all continue to refer to Rush as "the thinking man's band".
Well it's about time we lean back and think about why we all enjoy
what these three guys do.  It's because they are different.  Roll the
Bones is as conventional as HYF, PoW or Presto, but not mainstream,
we like that, and believe me, that will not change.

We also like the continuous change the band provides.  This album
sounds different because it sounds new.  I don't want to hear 2112
again or HYF or Hemispheres, I want to hear an album that I can refer
to as Roll the Bones.  And that is what we have here.  Geddy sings a
little lower, it's a change, that what keeps them interesting.
They added chorus sections, a new move, a new change.

The band summed it up best in two spots.  Geddy described themselves as
a big satellie dish moving down the highway, soaking up all different
styles as they went.  Well they are still soaking it up, and far from
over.  They are still rollin their bones.

Rush isn't dead.  In fact they are very much alive, and living
somewhere in Toronto.

"Just relax, ya dig?"                           Dan-


From: Robert Kudla 
Subject: RTB rap section
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 91 9:39:23 EDT

As a rap, technopop and Rush fan, I'd like to point out that the "rap"
in the middle of Roll the Bones isn't a rap per se, but more of a
sendup of early-80's technopop a'la Kraftwerk, Taco, etc.... a deep,
cultured voice reciting some words in rhythm.  If he'd had a German
accent it would have been just too funny to bear, since then it would
have sounded perfectly like Kraftwerk.

Anyway, I heard that and Dreamline (which I'd heard before but only
because it's like the Hot New Song on Power Cuts, a syndicated rock
radio show I sometimes listen to coming home on weekends from faraway
places) when I was stuck in traffic heading north out of Springfield,
Mass, to a friend's house.  New England stations seem much more
inclined to play Rush than Albany-area stations; they play
non-"classic" Yes songs more often there too (I've heard "Make it
Easy" three times while in Massachusetts but have never heard it on
the radio here).  I have yet to even hear the first word about Rush
having a new album due on local stations.  But then, that's why I
never listen to local stations.... if I really wanted to hear the
latest overproduced generic garbage by Jon Blowme or Gregg Allman or
whomever, I would go buy it.  No, I'd prefer to hear the latest
generic overproduced garbaged by Yes, or Rush.



Date: Tue, 3 Sep 91 11:40:36 EDT
From: David Harrison 
Subject: Got it!!!

(this is my first post, so I hope not to bore anyone with my ideas)

RTB is out in Boston.  Strawberries in downtown had it "here and on the sales
floor" at 10:30 am, Tower and Sam Goody didn't.  So, I trekked over from
Cambridge to make the purchase.  My job is not going well, my pending marrriage
is on shaky ground, but today, that is of little concern.  I have bought myself
approximately 47 minutes of escapism from the boyz.  I didn't get to hear the
world premieres, even though my favorite station was broadcasting it, so I got
a pretty open mind towards the new album.

The verdict?  I think it is a fine effort, a continuation of a band's maturity
and professional relationship.  I am not one to say, "IT'S HOT!!!" or "IT 
and I respect the people who have posted stating their dislike for it.  I
was a little disappointed with HYF and Presto, and I don't have that 
ment with this album.  I would challenge all who read this to listen to RTB
with an open mind, and with the realization that one is hearing a band that is
not comfortable putting out the same "product" every two years.  If you are
looking for a 2112 part II or a "Permanent Waves Continued", then this work
very well may disappoint.  But, are you the same person with the same interests
when that music first came out?

Now that my token informal review is over, I would like to know if anyone out
there would be willing to sell/trade me an EX quality 1990 show.   I don't have
any audio tapes from the PRESTO tour, and would be interested in getting them.
Also, anybody know how to try and get tickets for Hamilton?  I would be up for
a road trip as it would be four weeks away from my intended wedding date...

Dave Harrison


From: Chris R. Oliva 
Subject: True colours
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 91 11:41:48 D

  Well here we are. The latest RUSH album is out and some fans out there
  are all mixed up. Even the most devoted fans are thrown into a raging
  maelstrom of confusion and mixed emotions. What I mean to say of course is -


  I don't know guys, I'm tryin real hard to understand it , I've listened
  to the song several times, contemplated the lyrics but I still don't see
  how it fits in. Ok now that having been said lets look at the facts :

     The rap is not all that bad. What I mean is that after listening to it
     a few times you kind of get used to it. Actually it's not the same kind
     of rap as the main-stream hip hop street stuff. I would call it more of
     a talk than a rap ; kind of reminiscent of that pseudo-pop stuff that
     emerged in the early 80s.

     RUSH is a progressive rock group whose trademark is trying out new
     and (for them) unexplored styles of music. Rush has always kept us
     on our toes , not knowing what to expect from them. There is alot of
     experimenting going on in this album (new sounds) and alot of it really
     works !!

  So after thinking about this for a while I've come to the conclusion that


  But that's the last bit of complaining you'll here from me!
  Let's just say this : RTB is still a really rocking song and the "talk"
  doesn't ruin it.

 *                            |                              *
 *      Chris Oliva           |   *
 *                            |      London , Ontario        *
 *                            |                              *
 *                                                           *
 *         ... at least I thought I was dancing,             *
 *            'til somebody stepped on my hand.              *
 *                                                           *


Date: Tue, 3 Sep 91 11:55:30 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: my bones are rolling

Well, I must say that I never thought I'd like pop music, but if
Rush is making it do I have a choice? I have free will! Don't
listen to what those ``heretic'' Fins from that `Pink' place
tell you -- rejoice in the counter revolution. I think alot
of bones will be rushing the boys' way after this release...



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