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Subject: 09/09/91 - The National Midnight Star #335

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 335

                 Monday, 9 September 1991
Today's Topics:
                     brief ponderings
               Top 40????   Yeah  RIGHT!!!!
                        Those dice
                      Tour Dates...
        When and Where is Rush playing in Toronto?
                 NUMBERS on the cover...
                 AUSTRALIA GETS RTB!!!!!
                      the number '3'
                        RTB Review
                       RTB... etc,
                Need Music Transcriptions!
                    The mystery rapper
                 RTB; DC101 can eat my...
                    The heretic speaks
         I've got an answer about the rap (sorta)
              Roll, roll, roll the bones...
                     RtB on the lists
                 Presto show in Rochester
               No, I don't want another MP
               Hand Over Fist - In Pascal!
                        Cover Art
               The Mighty are still mighty
                 Credits...Alex moves up!
                    NFL Pre-Game Show
               Alex's effect on women.....
              More on getting into the FAQL
                My short (!) review of RTB
                       Kid on Cover
         re: South End of a North-Bound Elephant
     Holy Templevision, Pratt-man! "Bravado" on NBC!
                    New Album thoughts
                       Ged and Devo
               gif-less, and unhappy   :-(
         "Where's My Thing" and RTB similarities
                    Rapper??? & Geddy
            Startling new opinions about RTB!

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

First of all, let me remind all of you that while open discussion is
encouraged, outright flames are discouraged.  If you have a calm, lucid
difference of opinion, feel free to post.  If you post outright flamage,
I'll remove your post and send you mail about it.  I know that the new
album has divided the concensus, but look at it as a good thing!  It gets
discussions going, that's for sure!

Also, we're perilously close to 900 readers; within a dozen now.  Considering
I just today posted to and alt.rock-n-roll about the list,
I think we have a good shot at hitting 1000+ this semester!  (whew!)



Subject: brief ponderings
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 91 15:09:09 -0700
From: Michael J. Konopik 

Now that I've heard RTB over 20 times, just a few brief opinions:

  - Hugh Syme has really outdone himself on the artwork this time!
  - As usual, Rush has made a radical style change - and even though I don't
    prefer this style, they still did it about as well as it can be done.
  - Bravado: sentimental sap crap.  The lilting lyrics could have been saved
    by the music; but the way Geddy sings 'em makes 'em even MORE sappy.
  - Maybe "Where's My Thing?" got its title BECAUSE of its meandering feel?
    Each theme change in it makes me feel like it's asking, "No, is it HERE?"
  - Didn't the group just recently discuss the glaring lack of LOVE songs
    in the Rush repertoire?  Seems like we got a bunch of 'em this time.

But most importantly:  Has Rush fallen in love with the REPEATING CHORUS?
Does their growing tendency to use them disturb anybody ELSE out there?
Gives me cold shivers...


Subject:  Top 40????   Yeah  RIGHT!!!!
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 91 15:34:15 PDT

          I really can't believe that some of you out there think that
RTB is heading RUSH in a top40 direction.   This is absolutely false.
RTB is less MTV oriented than Presto, HYF, or PoW.  I can't see your



Date: Fri, 6 Sep 91 19:54:15 -0400
From: jjm13@po.CWRU.Edu (Jeffrey J. Murphy)
Subject: Those dice

You know, I think I know the reason that RUSh is spelled out with
the dice in the 6-5-4-3-2 sequence--cause it looks cool!  Seriously,
I reall like the visual effect the pattern produces, kind of reminds
me of a waterfall or something.

I sometimes wonder if the boyz ever stick anything on their album
covers that has absolutely no meaning at all, as a joke, just
because they know that hundreds of us are going to sit there and
ponder "I wonder what that means!"

Just as a thought...


From: (Joe Bob Edward Smith)
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 91 16:39:43 -0700
Subject: Tour Dates...

Has anyone got the tour schedule yet?  There's no
way I can go to Canada for the first show, so I'll
just have to wait till it comes around here.


Subject: NSF
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 91 17:36:42 -0700
From: Michael J. Konopik 

I must have missed the original question.  But if somebody's asking what
"NSF" could mean in the context of "The Big Money", here's an alternative:

Some of the most-sought-after and lucrative defense department contracts come
out of the NSF.  DCA, DARPA, USN, USA, and other agencies also do funding,
but many who know about government micromanagement drool after the idea of
getting research-contract money from the NSF.  (I think it means National
Science Foundation, or something like that.)  For some, NSF = Big Bucks.

I'm sure the NonSufficientFunds is probably the right meaning.  But I thought
the coincidence was pretty amusing anyway.



Date: Fri, 6 Sep 91 20:44:38 -0400
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: When and Where is Rush playing in Toronto?

Does anyone know at this point?  What day does 10/25 fall on?  I hope it's
during the weekend because I might be able to make it to Hamilton if it is so.
I would love to see the boyz play at the SkyDome.  For those who never been 
there it is the most beautiful stadium/entertainment complex on the planet.
Wouldn't it be nice if they did? :)

Alex does not look fat in the RTB pic.  It looks to me that he aged over the
last two years.  In the Presto pic he looks like he's about 25 or so.  In his
latest he looks like some his age. Maybe in the Presto pic he wore alot of 
makeup  and this time around he didn't.  Go figure, eh?

Keep rolling those bones!!!!!


'Jack, relax, get busy with the facts'  RTB 


From: (Russell Holt)
Subject: NUMBERS on the cover...
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 91 19:46:40 EST

Why are people so obsessed with numbers?  I really don't think that
the 3's on the dice are supposed to represent the members of Rush -
they make nice diagonal lines.  And the disarray toward the bottom of the
wall? Take a look at the sidewalk.  It's not exactly in terrific condition
itself.  And I don't believe that the numbers making up "rush" are of any
other significance than visual effect - that of dot density increasing
with height - good shading.   And hey - why is that one die beneath the "h"
much brighter than the others around it?  Big deal!

When I listen closely to the title track, during the lines
"We go out in the world and take our chances
 Fate is just the weight of circumstances
 That's the way that lady luck dances"

I think I hear a deeper voice in the background, which could be Alex...

Then again, maybe I'm all wrong!

ORQ: "All the same, we take our chances,
      Laughed at by Time,
      Tricked by circumstances..."

--Russell Holt ====)--------------


Date: ,


	Well since I haven't written for a LONG time and seeing as
we have had comments from around the world I better give one
from Australia. RTB was released in Sydney on the 7th (quite fast
really) and when I went down to the import store I was very pleased
to note 4 other people buying it in a space of 30 mins!! (This is
a LOT for Australia). There was also this guy there who wanted the
Chronicles video (also newly released here) and I said 'have you
got the new album yet' and he said 'What new album??' !! I said
'ROLL THE BONES!! It was released TODAY!!'  'SHIT!' he said and
promptly went to the counter and bought it!! He also bought the
only copy of Chronicles video ...:( but I didn't have the money

	Album comments from a long time fan..

	DREAMLINE, BRAVADO - Awesome! Dreamline is the best single
since Time Stands Still..
	ROLL THE BONES - Yeas, trez funky! The 'rap' bit is good, but
a little out of place I think.
	FACE UP - Very poppy , rock and roll
	THING	- Hmmm..I like it but I have a feeling this was simply a
song with no words. NOT a full blowm instrumental WRITTEN to be an
instrumental. Oh well... good stuff! Funk again!
	HERESY, GHOST, NEUROTICA - Not bad. I don't like these as much
as the others.
	BET YOUR LIFE:	GREAT CHORUS!! Still very poppy sounding, but
I'll get used to it.

In general this album sounds more like HYF than PResto (especially
songs like Second Nature, Tai Shan and High Water). I'm still
waiting for another Time Stands Still....

Still....better than Presto I think. And whats wrong with Rupert HInes
production?? I hear people don't like it. I think the sudden fade outs
are AWFUL though - but his voice is cool on the rap. (I assume its
him - he IS credited with backing vocal if you look....).

PS: Doesn't Geddy look C O O L on the picture!!
He's sort of saying "....hey! I am! - Geddy!"
What's the elephants backside for?

Anyway enough from the Antipodes...

ORQ:	"Why are we here?
		 Because we're here!
		 Roll the Bones..."

I  *L U R V E*  that bit!!

Rock and Roll


Date: Fri,  6 Sep 1991 22:27:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Kevin L. Wolfe" 
Subject: the number '3'

Have any of you (aside from myself) noticed that the number three below
the letter 'h' on the cover seems to not only be cleaner than the
others, but it is sticking out a little farther than any other visible
on the album? Now, when I hold the album a full arm's length away, that
'3' seems to reach out at me and say something.

Also, the boy is standing in front of the word Bones, so there exists a
skip in the word and it seems to read "ROLL THE BO NES"  Can anybody out
there pick up and symbolism for this!? (someone can probably come up
with some cocamamy (sp?) reason for this...

oh well, that's all for now... Until later,


Subject: RTB Review
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 91 23:38:50 EDT
From: Phil Scarr 

		REVIEW: RUSH - _R_O_L_L__ T_H_E_ _B_O_N_E_S_

				by Phil Scarr

Rating (out of ***** ):  *

     Well, here it is.  The new Rush album has appeared and I've had a
chance to listen to it a few times and it stinks.  It's not a *real*
stinker, just a kind of disapointing stinker, an album that leaves you
annoyed at what *could*, or maybe *should* have been.

     The most obvious criticism is that this album sounds exactly like
Presto, their previous album.  Rush fans like myself have always come
to expect a kind of metamorphosis of the band from album to album, but
RTB is merely an extension of an already existing sound and form, one
which, in my opinion, is not very good.  Alex seems to have one
setting on his guitar and pedals: bright and metalic.  There is no
more brooding guitar sounds, it all sounds so bright and annoying.
Geddy's bass is in good form, whipping up and down the fretboard, he
could give Stanley Clark a run for the money.  Neil continues to be a
dissapointment.  As a friend of mine said after the _Presto_ show "I
saw his face, he looked like he was going to work on a Monday
morning".  His drumming has not evolved in the way I had hoped it
would.  He went through a brief "Copelandesque" phase with _Signals_
but that quickly deteriorated to a rather dull, rock-steady sound.  He
doesn't seem to have the chops he once had on songs like "2112" and
"Natural Science".

     The fundamental problem with the Atlantic Rush albums (_Presto_
and _RTB_) I think lies in the choice of Rupert Hine for producer.
Not that he's generally a *bad* producer, but he seems to be drawing
out a kind of popishness that Rush never had before (or with very rare
exceptions like "Limelight", "The Spirit of Radio", or "New World
Man") and which doesn't fit them very well.  I remember the first
production change when Peter Collins replaced the beloved Terry Brown
after the release of the generally panned _Signals_ (an album which,
despite it's "synthetic" sound has held up quite well, I think).
Broon's departure, it was thought, would mean the end of the band.
They had been together for over 10 years at that point.  It was like
losing a band member.

     The original choice of replacement producer was Steve Lillywhite
(of U2 fame) for the work on the next album _Grace Under Pressure_
(P/G) but for whatever reason (some say he laughed at the idea of
producing a band like Rush) he declined and Peter Collins stepped in.
His production values, while fundamentally different from those of
Brown, were, I think, more in line with the way I saw Rush progressing
and, I hoped, the band themselves saw as well.  Just listen to the
songs "Afterimage"(from _P/G_), "Mystic Rhythms"(from _Power Windows_,
my all-time favorie Rush song), "Tai Shan" and "Prime Mover" (both
from _Hold Your Fire_) to get an idea about what I'm talking about.
The lyrics  were more introspective than in the earlier Brown years
and the music seems to fit.  Gone are the progressive Wagnerian pieces
like "2112" and "Cygnus X-1 / Hemispheres", replaced by tighter, more
compact songs.

     This trend had begun in the Brown years with _Permanent Waves_
which had only one long song ("Natural Science" at 9:16) followed by
_Moving Pictures_ (also with one long song, "The Camera Eye" at
10:56).  With _Signals_ the last Brown album, the long songs were gone
completely and the stage was set for a tighter format with songs
running an average of 4:30 or so.  I liken this transfomation in the
musical style as the movement from the novel to the short story.  Rush
were still doing interesting, creative, and varied things in their
music, it just didn't require a book (or an overature) to do so!
Unfortunately, this also set the tone for the albums _Presto_ and
_RTB_, where the tighter song format was transformed into a pop sound.

     Collins in turn was replaced by Rupert Hine.  Unfortunately, I
get the feeling that there is nothing behind these releases _Presto_
and _RTB_ except the quest for the royalty check.  The sound he has
mixed (presumably with Geddy, Neil and Alex somewhere nearby) is bland
and lifeless, full of noise and very little passion.  It fits the mold
of the new Rush song-length, but he does nothing to create the kind of
"short story" of music that Brown or Peter Collins managed.  Rush has
never been an overley emotional band, they have always tended towards
the cerebral, but this new album (like _Presto_ before it) is almost
sterile in its presentation.  It seems icy.  The most chilling example
of this is in the instrumental "Where's My Thing" which could just as
easily have been played by a computer.  Gone is the freeform sound of
"La Villa Strangiato" and the funky jazz of "YYZ",  It's been
replaced by a cold, calculated and unpleasent sterility.

     Perhaps Rush are played out, these things do happen (look at The
Who) or they have sold out.  They certainly have stopped producing the
kind of music that excites like they used to.  This is not a plea akin
to "why don't they sound like they used to???", rather it is "why do
they sound the way they do???".  I'm not one who is looking for the
progressive 70s sound (I have plenty of albums which fulfil that
category!), rather I was looking for something *else*.  Why has Rush
chosen *this* musical path when there are so many more interesting
things going on in world music?  Why go the pop road when it is so
obviously a creative dead end?

     I recall seeing them on the _Permanent Waves_ tour and feeling
transported away when the first chords of "Natural Science" (you know,
the acoustic part) filled the arena.  Or when they broke into "YYZ" or
even "Working Man".  It was an energy that was there but now is gone.
For me, _RTB_ is the death-knell of a really good band, three
musicians who, despite all the early criticism of their work, stuck it
out.  My thanks are to them for a solid dozen studio albums and three
great live sets.  But for me, _Presto_ and _RTB_ will never be part of
that heritage.
(--)== === Phil Scarr === Department of Anthropology ==(--)

	"Believing, with Max Weber, that man is an animal suspended
	in webs of significance he himself has spun, I take culture
	to be those webs, and the analysis of it to be therefore
	not an experimental science in search of law but an
	interpretive one in search of meaning."   -C. Geertz


Date: Sat,  7 Sep 1991 00:04:27 -0400 (EDT)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: RTB... etc,


Greetings once again.

Couple of things.

1) I will get back to all the people who emailed me about the videos as
soon as my stuff (videos) gets sent up here from home.

2) Yet another RTB review--
	Dreamline-  very interesting vocal rhythm and melody.   The verses
(lyrically) seem a little contrived, but I like the chorus.

	Bravado-  sounds a lot like the mid couple of songs on HYF (Open
Secrets, Lock and Key, Prime Mover...).  The lyrics, however are superb.

	RTB-	I love the chorus melody.  It has a lot of strength behind it.
Lyricalll, I enjoy the standard Neil play on words.  Even the "chat" (my
pick is Alex as the Mystery Rapper) pleases my aesthetically, and I
unilaterally HATE rap, bass, and all of that genre of music (If it even
deserves to be called music).  Rush "rapped" with a style unbeknownst to
most true rap artists (again "artists" is used for want of a better

	What's My Thing-  Many individual pieces stand out as awesome, a fill
here, a lick there, but the song as a whole is kind of weak.

	Big Wheel-  Lyrically I find it interesting, but musically, IMHO it's
pretty weak.

	Heresy-  Too "pastelly" with what I feel are lyrics trying to pertinent
to today and sounding contrived (just my opinion, no flames please).

	Ghost of a Chance- Alex RIPS on this song. The riffs are very prominent
and catchy.  Lyrically, as well I like it.  something is missing though,
but I can't put my finger on it.

	Face Up- This song would be 100% better without such a repeating chorus
(much in the way Big Money repeats a lot).  Other than that, it is
pretty goods.

	Neurotica-  I JAM to this tune, definitely on of my faves.  I don't really
know why, It just hits me.... maybe because it has a unique style to it.

	You Bet Your Life- Sort of the High Water of RTB.  It's just kind of
there.  It's OK, I guess,  it just doesn't stand out as anything
special...(any Rush song is special, but for Rush....)

	I think I got all of the songs... Just one additional comment...
Alex really KICKS on this album.  I wouldn't say this album focus on him
per se, but Alex does play a more prominent position than in many
previous Rush albums.   Just judging the album on this alone makes it
great.  All in all, I am not the least bit disappointed....waiting for
the tour.

3)  No one got back to me on Rupert's nickname?  What is it?  (No I
don't care for his production on this album either)

			"Rollin' the Bones"
				-John Santore


From: (David A Warner)
Subject: Need Music Transcriptions!
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 91 1:50:16 EDT

i've just joined the nation midnight star, and i think it's an
excellent source for information, trading ideas, and sharing!!

this is what i'm looking for:

a complete transcription to La Ville Strangiato , for guitar, and bass.......

if possible, text format would be okey, but the real music in notation
or tab would serve the purpose!!


I don't know if anyone could tell me, but the song off of
holf your fire.. Tai Shan, at the end, I can hear back up vocals
which sounds oriental, or japanese....whatever!!

does anyone else hear this?, and if they know the meaning, please
let me know!!

thanks world for taking your time out to read my post!!!

[ At this point I removed > 20 lines of .signature.  This is a list for
  musical discussion, not display of nifty .sig files.  Refer to my note
  in NMS #321.                                                  :rush-mgr ]


Subject: The mystery rapper
Date: Sat, 07 Sep 91 08:11:05 -0400

The mystery rapper?  My guess is that its none other than keyboard tech Tony
Geranios.  Don't ask me why; just a guess.

BTW, who is Jack Funk?  "Jack-relax."  A connection there?

Bob Foery


Date: 07 Sep 91 09:28:57 EDT
From: Thomas Regina <71530.417@CompuServe.COM>


O.K. people, goto your favorite cd store and you will see that on some
of the RTB longboxes, the boy has a green earring! Not only that, there
is a small red HYF sphere in the center of the earring! I only saw this
on some of the longboxes, not all. Care to speculate?

Thomas Regina


Date:     Sat, 7 Sep 91 09:41 EST
Subject:  RTB; DC101 can eat my...

        Just thought I'd put in my own $0.02 since everybody else is.
RTB is definitely a winner with me. Ever since I first heard Dreamline
on the radio, I was pretty much psyched.  Fortunately for all of you
out there, I won't give a song-by-song detailed analysis, but I will say
that my favorite songs on the album do remain the ones I heard on radio
airplay before it came out, namely, Dreamline, Where's My Thing, and
Roll The Bones.
        Although Thing? is nothing near La Villa or YYZ, I still like it
a hell of a lot, for the same reason I like the other two, even though
they're pretty different from each other as well.  (Did anyone under-
stand that?)
        Someone mentioned that Geddy was paying more attention to
his vocals than bass, and I'd have to strongly disagree.  His bass on
a number of the songs sounds, at least to me, very upbeat and
up-front. Meanwhile his vocals, albeit at a lower pitch, also give
off a lot of energy.
        One thing I loved about this album is the increased number of
drum fills as compared to HYF of Presto. Glad to see Neil rocking
        Although lyrics tend to be at the lower spectrum of why I love
Rush, I definitely appreciated the lyrics in this album, esp. Neil's
angry view in Heresy.
        Looks like this post is getting pretty wordy, so I'll end it
by proclaiming the extremely high a**hole quotient of the guys over
at DC101, the D.C. classic rock station.  I won the CD last Thurs. the
29th and the congratulated me on the fact that I would get RTB before
anyone else.  Then they took my tel no. and said they'd call back to
let me know how to get the CD.  It's now Sept. 7, and, since I was
more concerned with getting it early rather than free, I went ahead
and bought it on the 4th.  If they call me now, I'll tell them what
imaginitive things they could do with the CD (involving their own
body orifices).

[ Umm, for the record, DC101 is not D.C.'s "classic rock station."  That
  title goes to WCXR 105.9.  DC101 is just a rock format station.  :rush-mgr ]

        Well, this post is way too long now so I'll end it here.

Nidhip Mehta
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD

P.S.- I agree that they should boot Rupert Hine.  Get Broonsie back.

ORQ: Ting ta ting ting ting, ta ting ting ting ting,
     te te ting ta ting ting ting, ta ting ting ting ting.....
                                -YYZ, 'Moving Pictures'


From: Tero Valkonen 
Subject: The heretic speaks
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 91 16:22:30 EET

Dear Ian D. Bjorhovde, I gave RTB a chance. I wouldn't have flamed the album
if I hadn't understood it. You see, the problem is that there is absolutely
nothing to understand. 2112 took me a few listens to get into and Moving
pictures took a week. On RTB there was nothing that would have captured my
attention; the album is plain boring and in some points an agonizing
mess (tracks 3, 7, 10 and especially 5).

Gregg Jaeger: I bought a white marble bowl for you and I will send it to you
if you give me your address. I hope it fits the colors of your altar.


Subject: I've got an answer about the rap (sorta)
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 1991 12:50:36 +0000
From: Tony "R." Rice 

       The person doing the rap on Roll The Bones is _NOT_ Alex


       Reconstruct the voice in that song eliminating as much of the
	   background (i.e. drums, bass, and guitar) as possible.  Compare
	   the result to existing sample of "that's nice" which is generally
	   accepted as being the voice of Alex.


	   (1) Ensoniq EPS Digital Sampling Performance Keyboard
	   (1) ART digital effects processor
	   (1) Macintosh II using SoundDesigner sound editing software
	   (1) Sony CD player
	   (1) copy of Roll The Bones


       When "thats nice" is played 1 step above original pitch, the voice
	   can be heard at it's correct pitch.

	   After messing with a section of the rap enough to a point where I
	   could get enough of the voice audible and try some pitch shifting
	   and other effects I determined that
	       a) the voice is not pitch shifted
		   b) the voice has the hell flanged out of it
		   c) my effects processor can't remove all of the flanging

	   So what does all this mean?
	   from what I've heard, it ain't Alex.  I will try this again with
	   a better effects processor.

	   The next test: Neil saying "subdivisions"

-.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --..
||_) || | ((~ ||_|       Tony R. Rice          Virginia Tech Department
|| \ ||_| _)) || |  (  of Computer Science and
                                               Sleep Deprivation Studies
-.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --.. -.-- -.-- --..
************* Please note - my internet address has changed **************
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From: Jyrki Ollinen 
Subject: Roll, roll, roll the bones...
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 91 18:34:09 EET

> Date: Tue, 3 Sep 91 19:34:36 -0400
> From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
> Subject: kicking some gluteus max
> There is a Johnny Abdul listed in the Special Thanks section.  I wonder if
> he is related to Paula :)

   He's Paula's brother. I'm sure you have heard Paula Abdul's song
which was a great hit about a few months ago called "Rush Rush". Johnny
has written the words on it.

> From: Atthe Tossavainen 
> Subject: Re: 09/03/91 - The National Midnight Star #329
> Date: Wed, 4 Sep 91 16:11:28 EET DST
> Face it guys, the album does suck big time, they've decided to be just
> another rock band. There's no need to stick the Rush label on this one,
> it might just as well be AC/DC or Rolling Stones or Guns'n'Roses or any
> three-chord band.

   There's a text on my CD-cover: "Rush". Do you all agree with this?
   But they surely aren't just "another three-chord band".
   I promised you all that I'll listen RtB about two weeks before I give
you my opinion. And I will.

> atthe
> PS. Jimmy Jazz, you can go home to learn practicing what you preach, until
>     that, wank off. Thank you.

   If you got any problems go to see your doctor. He does the best with
you he can.

> Face it, RTB is bad.

   YOU think it's bad.
   I'm sure WE don't.

> Thank you, you just confirmed my suspicions, you aren't really a Rush
> fan, Rush is your religion.

   You're wrong.
   The point is that you're so young and you want to be n:o 1 on
everything.  You're not the only one who's done the same mistake in this
conference: telling one's opinion out of this album just after listening
it a day or two...
   It took me about three of four years to understand Yes, four or five
before I realized what Weather Report really was, only two years before
I understood that Marillion is a great band and even now I got many
projects, for instance I'm beginning to like Metallica's old albums.
This has taken only six years and I'll continue...
   If you would have listened it about one week or two, even one month
or even more you might have another opinion. How you must stand just
there where you are with your own opinion.
   Alex, Geddy and Neil are the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx. They
even go toilet once a day except Neil who does it even 3-4 times! They
eat food, they sleep, they love and hate just like any of us. They're
not gods, even if you may think so.

> atthe

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From: Jyrki Ollinen 
Subject: RtB on the lists
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 91 19:10:53 EET

   Btw, RtB is (funny language, isn't it?) number two on the
Finnish list called "Stadin Lista", which is done from the Helsinki's
record shops. Metallica's newest LP is on the n:o 1.
   How about in other coutries?



Subject: Videos
From: (Vindicator)
Date: Sat, 07 Sep 91 11:12:54 PDT

        Just a quick post asking anyone with rush related videos and
souveneres, please get in contact with me, we could possibly trade.

        If you have already contacted Sean, (wilkinso) don't worry about
contacting me, he is my brother and anything he gets I get.

        If for some reason he has not responded to your mail, you may
want to try be though.  Thanks...



Date: Sat, 7 Sep 91 17:04:32 EDT
From: (shane p faulkner)
Subject: Presto show in Rochester

Someone mentioned in the last NMS that only 2 new songs were played at the
Rochester NY Presto show, as compensation for the week and half delay..

No, 5 Presto songs were played, just like at every other presto show..
Show Don't Tell, The Pass, War Paint, Scars, and Superconductor.

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Subject: No, I don't want another MP
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 91 0:36:19 EET DST

Since so many people keep trying to prove (to themselves?) that all the
negative reviews on RTB are based on expecting Rush to redo one of their
older albums, I thought I'd add my $.02. Of course I don't represent Tero
or Atthe in any way, but they still might agree to some of this.

I would never want Rush to stop progressing with each album. No, the whole
idea is to keep changing. Basically, when I listen to new music (new to me),
I always want to find new ideas. Something I haven't heard before. The
problem with RTB is, that I feel like I've heard it all before. One song
sounds like post-fish Marillion, one like U2, one like REM. And that's NOT
what I expect from my all-time favorite progressive rock group. I want Rush
to create trends, not follow/copy them. I want to hear themes stolen from
a Rush record on a REM album released next year, not vice versa.

I don't voluntarily listen to REM, because I consider it to be just another
pop-group. I just got rid of Marillion's Holidays in Eden, because there
was nothing to distinguish it from the rest of the crap out there. Why
should I listen to Rush that sounds just like any old american rock band?
Out of respect for their past efforts? No, that just won't do.

What is it, that makes Alex's work on RTB so great? We already knew he can
play lead guitar and throw in solos when needed. It's the ideas that count.
What makes the guitar solos on RTB different from each other, and different
from other guitarists out there? Nothing. He just plays the same basic
scales with a thin sound that's blurred under a wall of reverb. Just think
of the solo in YYZ. It's derived from B Spanish Phrygian, a scale utilized
regularily by many jazz musicians, but very unusual for a rock group. Or
the solo on Kid Gloves. I know it's a bit Edge-like, but I've never heard
Mr. Evans or anyone else do anything like that, before or after. No, I
don't want Alex to play the same solos again, I don't want to hear a new
guitar lick in spanish phrygian. I want Alex to invent something NEW I
can admire. Right now it seems to me he's not even trying.

As for the lyrics, I can very easily relate to Tero's opinions. I got
the same feeling when I read Hogarth's lyrics from 'Holidays' and tried
to compare them with Fish's work. Fish is a lyrical genius, both his
ideas and his use of english vocabulary are fantastic, not to mention
the sheer passion he puts in those songs. Hogarth's lyrics were special
only in the way, that some of them were especially naive even for pop
songs. With RTB I have even bigger problems, because I just can't believe
it was the same person who wrote the lyrics on HYF. With the billions of
love songs around, I was so glad there was at least one band that had
the courage/intelligence to write mature songs about human relationships.
Without getting entangled in the same old cliches. And now my favorite
lyricist is doing just that. Not to mention Heresy, which sounds about
as stupid and uninvolved as possible. Sigh.

No, this was not a useless album. Actually it was very inspiring, since
each of the songs gave me ideas about how they could have been done
better. I'm not going to redo the record, but it gave me an idea about
what I want to do next and you're right in that it's probably what I would
have wanted Rush to do...

I've listened to this album more than the 30 times it usually takes to
learn to fully appreciate a Rush record. But I don't see that happening
here. Basically I'm getting fed up.

ORQ: Omitted.

Flames to:


Date: Sat, 7 Sep 91 18:36:43 -0400
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: Hand Over Fist - In Pascal!

You know your'e a Rush fan when:

You look at one of the programming assigments in a Pascal text and it asks you
to write a program simulating "Scissors, Paper, Stone" with a person who types
S, P, and R at each turn.  This assignment is not required for my Pascal class
but I think I might give it a try.  Anyone who knows Pascal and is interested
please send me email for instructions.

Has anyone been making a list of "You know...".  We have been doing this for
most of the summer and I can imagine that the list is probably huge at this

Also, does anyone know when the new Kim Mitchell album will be released?



Date: Sat, 7 Sep 1991 19:51 EST
From: Why Are We Here? Because We're Here -- Roll The Bones! 
Subject: Cover Art

OK here is something a little different off of the track of RTB is awesome or
RTB sucks threads...

My friend and I are sitting here (ready to kill each other, knives are drawn
and all...)...  arguing about Symes cover art.  We are looking at Mr. Longbox
and I am claiming that its 100% hand drawn, even though the boy, skull, and
water look damn real, but I feel Syme is that good of an artist... my friend
contends that those three objects are photographs which were processed into the
drawn parts...

Well guys and gals...  what is it?  do you think I am right or do you think
that he is right...???

Have a rockin' day...



From: atz@clmqt.marquette.MI.US (dweezilbub)
Subject: The Mighty are still mighty
Date: 8 Sep 91 02:21:08 EDT (Sun)

In NMS #331 Glenn M. Mason  writes:

>I just finished to the complete _Roll_The_Bones_ release, and I
>am disappointed to say the least. It *really* does sound like
>RUSH is trying to break into the pop scene. RUSH has changed over
>the years, and I have changed with them and have liked mostly
>everything that they have done, but my first impression anyway
>is that I think they may be losing me at this point. It has taken
>some time for some of the previous CDs to grow on me, but somehow
>I really don't see that happening with this release.

You will!  Anyone who can say they like HYF or Presto will love this!?!

What's the problem here?  A little so-called RAP is bummin' you
so-called RUSH fans out?

Send your flames and other stupid mail to

Maybe RUSH is making fun of RAP and you dont even know it?  I would
probably like rap music if there was a screaming guitar in the
background or even an excellent bass line thru it...

I think it is an excellent album, better than HYF but I'm not sure about
comparing it to Presto...  It took me awhile to appreciate that album,
and like I have said in other posts, it will take time for me to
appreciate this album.

The talent is there...  It always will be

> ...and I will appreciate it.

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         \          \  \    /     /   /


Date: Sun, 8 Sep 91 13:15:25 -0400
From: mem10@po.CWRU.Edu (Milton E. Moskowitz)
Subject: Credits...Alex moves up!

Here's a little tidbit that I just noticed -- in RTB, under the pictures
(you know - where they credit the group with what they do) -- has anyone
noticed that Alex is now credited with "Electric and Acoustic Guitars,
Backing Vocals"?  I checked back with Presto, Hold Your Fire, and Power
Windows (didn't feel like going back any further), and he's just guitars in
those albums.  Perhaps Alex is the mystery rapper in the title track.  What
else is he singing?  Just a little tidbit that I just *had* to pass on.

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Date: Sun, 8 Sep 91 16:41:38 EDT
From: Glenn M. Mason 
Subject: NFL Pre-Game Show

Did anyone catch the NFL pre-game show on CBS? They aired the Buffalo vs.
Pittsburg game here on the east coast. On some of the action cuts the
background music was Bravado from RTB!! Cool!!! I wonder how the music
for such things is chosen ... probably one of the sound engineers is a
RUSH fiend;^)



Date: Sun, 8 Sep 91 20:06:24 -0400
From: (Doug Worthington)

	Did anybody see the NBC NFL Live show today.  During a bit about
the San Fran QB problem they played Bravado as the background music.
Somebody at NBC is hip.



Date: Sun, 8 Sep 91 22:36:37 EST
From: bigal@wpi.WPI.EDU (Nathan Charles Crowell)
Subject: Alex's effect on women.....

	Just to mention it to the girl who said she thought Alex
is good looking, my girlfriend thinks so too!

Big Al (Nate)

OBRQ: "Gold adult contemporary urban country capitalist" - YBYL

OBNewJackCityQ: "Sit your $5.00 ass down before I decide to make
		 change!" - Nino


Date: Sun, 8 Sep 91 20:42:58 -0700
From: (Dan Delany)
Subject: More on getting into the FAQL

I had this message waiting for me when I returned home from my vacation
today.  Maybe I was just cranky after driving 300 miles, but I think I'll
post this message as a good example of how to irritate me with FAQL

> HYF: the font used in the "restaurant" is not similar to that of p/g
> cover. See it for yourself! Whoever found that out must have made it up!

Please don't ever tell me that something is wrong when it's something as
intangible as being "similar."  I *did* see this for myself.  I looked in
my CD booklet and said "ok, that's kind of similar."

> Absalom: add this to the FAQL:

Please don't ever tell me to add something to the FAQL.  Be polite.  Say
something like "I looked up  and here's what I found out."  I'll
be happy to add/correct something then, but I don't like getting email from
people *telling* me to do something.

>  "Anyone interested in Absalom's specific biblical roots should check
>   out the chapter 18 of II Samuel in the Old Testament."
> [Check the chapter out - I'm referring to the Finnish Bible and I'm
>  not sure whether it's indentical with the English one. The Absalom
>  thing is in the very end of the chap.]

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying you need to grovel in order to get your
name in the FAQL.  You just need to provide me with useful information and
do it politely.  And please don't send me something really obscure just for
the sake of getting your name in the FAQL.  I mentioned this a few weeks
ago, and I'll mention it again.  FAQL stands for Frequently Asked Questions
List, not "obscure Rush trivia file."  This "Absalom" information doesn't
fall into the category of "obscure stuff" at all - it's actually the kind
of information I like to put in the FAQL.  But every time the FAQL gets
posted, I get mail from somebody saying something like "I've never seen
this discussed in TNMS, but you might want to mention that Neil's drums are
painted with paint from Joe Blow's Paint Factory" or something like that.
(Note: That was a hypothetical example.  I don't know or care about the
company that made the paint, and I'm not going to put it in the FAQL, even
if somebody does research the subject.)  Receiving mail like that makes me
want to ask if the sender has ever kissed anybody.

Is being polite that much to ask?  If it is, maybe I'll just freeze the
FAQL as it is.  Remember, I am under no obligation to maintain the FAQL.
Please don't be rude to me when you send me a suggestion.

Reading back over this post, I think it sounds harsher than I mean it to
be.  But please don't insult me or an answer when you comment on the FAQL.
The only feedback I get on the FAQL is the email I get, which is mostly
very positive, and I appreciate getting positive feedback.  (And I'll use
this post to publicly thank John Caruso for sending me a Real Nice
message/suggestion.  Thanks, John!)

Dan Delany                                   
  "If Bob can't figure out his VCR, he'll never be able to figure out women."


From: erik habbinga 
Subject: My short (!) review of RTB
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 91 23:25:42 MDT

Well, to add my $0.02:

    Why do I like Rush?
    Because it's Rush.

    Why do I like RTB?
    Because it's RTB.

   You know the rest.

Get Busy!


Subject: Kid on Cover
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 91 23:19:28 EDT

The kid on the front cover (according to an Atlantic rep (learned this froma
guy who works in a record store)) is Alex's younger son.  There, that
clarifies it.

OBRQ: "... homeboy" - Rush, _Roll the Bones_

P.S. The rapper is probably Geddy with his voice lowered by computer...


Date: Mon, 9 Sep 91 08:06:07 EDT
From: (Stephen N. Spencer)
Subject: re: South End of a North-Bound Elephant

Perhaps the elephant-butt picture is in reference to the cat-butt picture that
graces the newest REM release, "Out Of Time".  Evidently, "Cat Butt" was one
of the proposed titles for the new album, but someone didn't like the idea.
They kept the picture in, however.



Date: Mon, 9 Sep 91 09:33:55 EDT
From: Doug White 
Subject: Holy Templevision, Pratt-man! "Bravado" on NBC!

	Someone at NBC must be a SERIOUS Rush fan. I clicked on the NFL
pregame shows yesterday a little before 1:00, and NBC was doing some story
about Joe Montana vs. his replacement (forget his name). As they were
showing game footage, the 30-second instrumental lead-in to "Bravado"
was the music in the background. Sh!t !! Less than a week after the (official)
release of the album, some one at NBC is using cuts off it !!

P.S. - for Geddy :)
	I have _despised_ the Blue Jays since '89 when they robbed the
Orioles of the AL East title in the second-to-last game of the season.
(But they _do_ have a great stadium to play in)    >:-P


From: telxon!teleng!dank@uunet.UU.NET (Dan Kelley)
Subject: New Album thoughts
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 91 10:51:26 EDT

Ok, I'll throw in my 2 cents worth about _Roll The Bones_.  I have been
listening to it since Sept 3 when it was released here in NE Ohio.

I agree somewhat with the recent comments about the album being an aim at the
mainstream, poppy, Top-40ish, etc.  I also am the kind of Rush fan that
likes to hear the rawness of an album like _Moving Pictures_, etc, however,
I don't expect that from Rush anymore (I listen to the new Van Halen instead
:-).  That simply is not their goal anymore.  After _Signals_, I kept wanting
that raw R 'n' R, kick-a$$ sound but they never released an album like that
post-MP.  Instead, the boyz have moved toward a hi-tech, progressive sound.
Ok, I like progressive rock and that is what I expect from them nowadays.
Unfortunately, I don't get that feeling from this album.  I kinda see some
of the direction taken from the last couple of albums but RTB simply sounds
too simple.  Don't get me wrong - I do like some tracks but I guess I expected
too much from them this time around and didn't get it (and I *HATE* that
rap-like section in the title track!  Oh well...).


Dan Kelley               ()   ===== ===== =   = =    ///// =  =
                         ()     =   ===   =    =   /////// == =
>..!uunet!telxon!dank    ()     =   ===== ===== =  /////   = ==   Corp. ()                                       Akron, OH


Date: Mon, 9 Sep 91 11:32:38 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: Ged and Devo

   First the lyrics of _..Bones_:
   I think that these lyrics show a definite Barth/Robbins influence.
   That is to say, they're hip -- especially those of the 'rap'
   section (which I like and for Christ's (and Mohammed's!) sake
   pay attention to the great guitar work in the 'background').
   Personally I find this section to be the kernel and essence of
    the 'message' of the entire album and alot of Neil's previous
   thought said in the mode of our time. The 'rap' is a perfect
   vehicle for them. These lyrics fit our times like none since
   those of 'Tom Sawyer.' I also dig Neil's little polysyllabic
   catharsis at the end of the album ('You Bet Your Life').
   There are definitely signs of the post-less-is-more
   (cf. _Tidewater Tales_ -- John Barth). It's interesting to notice
   that Neil has made his way quietly through English literature
   from Shakespeare and Dickens ('75-'76) through Hemingway and
    Eliot (Signals and p/g) right up to the present. Is Neil the
   'Professor' or what?!!!

   Second, the music:
   I think that the short studio time might
   have contributed to the relative simplicity of Neil's work,
   to why his drumming is so closely tied to the tunes (which
   also has its virtues and seems to have been overlooked).
   Geddy's work on 'Face Up' sounds damn like Devo! (Remember
   his Devo button c. Signals? cf. _Visions_ p.83). An interesting
   angle on 'Thing?' : listen to Ultravox's 'Astradyne' on the
   _Vienna_ album (''Rush's last three LP's have gone Top 10,
   quite a feat for a band whose music is so atypical of most
   commercial successes. _Signals_ .. should be their biggest
   yet...Why the modification of sound? Lee credits some of the
   music the band has listened to during the past year, like
   one of Peart's favorite records, Ultravox's moody, layered
   _Vienna_'' (reference lost c. 1983)). As for Alex's work:
   only one word, SUPERB!!



Subject: gif-less, and unhappy   :-(
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 91 12:46:44 EDT

i finally got a gif-viewer, and now when i try to download gif's,
i get errors "bad packet" etc.
anyone know what i'm doing wrong?
also, how can i get ZMODEM (from DSZ) to work with ProComm+?
i think i suffer from PS/2 50Z ailments.

[ Do you get the error during the download?  Are you doing a binary
  transfer?                                                        :rush-mgr ]

don't you feel sorry for me?

dangerous dave (not having a "Ghost of a Chance")

If Rock 'n' Roll is responsible for teenage sex, does that mean that
Country-Western is responsible for incest? - (heard on radio)

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From: stedmant@LONEX.RL.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 91 12:51:45 EDT
Subject: Snap!

        Did anyone notice that "Neurotica" ends with a faint "Snap!" from

    Terry Stedman    Internet:
    I ) I I <~ I_I   "It is my will which chooses, and the choice of my will
    I \ I_I _> I I   is the only edict I must respect." - Rand from _Anthem_


Date: Mon, 9 Sep 91 10:21:08 -0700
From: David Conley 
Subject: "Where's My Thing" and RTB similarities

For the first time in 15 years of buying Rush albums I ran out on the
first day of release and bought the newest album/disc.
I am not going to analyze each cut and not going to speculate on why
the die are arranged this or that way or why are there three wishbones
or femurs on the inner sleeve. I will say that like Presto I was
very disappointed the first time I heard it, but after several
listens I really do like some of the songs.
SINCE MOVING PICTURES. I really get into this one!!!! So many
past songs and styles are reflected in the music. I hear bits of
YYZ, Hand over Fist, and even some of the throatier guitar licks
remind me of stuff off of AFTK. (Yes really:-) ). I also hear some
new age influences. Listen to Patrick O'Hearn albums and you can see
what I mean. This one should be gggreat played live !!!!

Sadly tho some of the songs are just too drawn out; the choruses repeated
one too many times for my taste. It seems like the boyz are borrowing
sounds from other artists as well, but I think the same can be said for
just about any performer today.

> (6079 Smith J) writes in his SIGNATURE!!!

>4-aminobiphenyl, hexachlorobenzene/Dimethyl sulfate, chloromethyl methylether/
>2, 3, 7, 8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-para-dioxin, carbon disulfide/Dibromochloropane,
>|  James W. Smith, University of Arkansas  |         |
>chlorinated  benzenes / 2-nitropropane,  pentachlorophenol / Benzotrichloride,
>strontium chromate/1,2-dibromo-3-chloropropane/Watch it run straight down.....

Wow! After I heard You Bet Your Life I thought of this tune off of Warren
Zevon's _Transverse City_ album (called Run Straight Down). In the
background of the song Zevon's voice can be heard reciting chemical formulae
in the same type of rhythmic speech as Geddy's vocals. VERY similiar.


P.S. Maybe the mystery rapper is (heaven forbid) Arsenio Hall. That would
explain the line "Get Busy"! :-)  :-)

OBRQ:  "Who's the brother in the band?"    Toronto DJ on the Rush RTB
radio premier show.

David Conley
University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle


From: (Lauhanen Rauli OH1MKS)
Subject: Rapper??? & Geddy
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 91 21:25:05 EET DST

   Hyv{{ P{iv{{ kaikille turhan t{rkeille Jenkki-Rush-Faneille !!

 Jou, I'm not trying to break your cerebral vains by telling this..
but one friend of mine (Kiitti vitusti, Veke!) copied me RTB, This
work of beauty, and after that 100-min tape he included a special
track, which was named, "Geddy Lee, Truly sucks" ...Not only was
this song 100 % pure shit, It's tempo was abt 260 pps and and it
lasted only 48 secs. Its lyrics are hilarious and highly intellec-
tual: "Geddyleetrulysucsgeddyleetrulysucks" and it ended like YYZ
begun, I mean similar Morse-code section but -.-- -.-.-  as ya
know, -.-- is Y , but -.-.- is nothing but start-mark.
 This work of art is made by a Finnish friend of Veke, who before
has been a real progressive-fan, but suddendly fed up, put up a
speed-metal band. O tempore, O mores, Let's castrate him later...
 Thats different here in Finland... Castrating, I mean...

 RTB - somebody said something that 'Rush had changed too much'
I suggest him to take out his lexicon, and check what a word
'progressive' means.

 RTB - If ya wonder, who rapped on RTB, I'm guite sure that we'll
find it out in next RTB consert... My guess is Alex.... This vocal
section is too difficult to present as sampled, Much more difficult
than Aimee Mann's "Time stands still".

    Hope Very frustrating youth to all of you...

Rauli Lauhanen * 50.000 men were sent, to do the will of
Post: BOX 62,  SF-32701 Huittinen * one. His claim was phrased quite simply
Opiskelijank. 4A15  Tampere 33720 * , tought  he  never  voiced   it  loud.
Genesis ,  Wind & Wurthering >>>> *  - And I am he , the chosen one .....


Date: Mon, 9 Sep 91 14:59 EDT
From: Eric Thies 
Subject: Startling new opinions about RTB!

Heh-heh, the rush battle in alt.rock-n-brawl has warmed up to a nice hum.
Imagine this: some people like the new album; some don't!  Some think it's
rock-n-roll, some think rush has lost it.  Some think _presto_ was the
beginning of the end, some think rush is better than ever.  Some think rap
blows, some think it might not be rap, some like rap and love/hate rush'
version.  Some love/hate RTB/all rush lyrics.

We all have opinions. Here's mine: "The Big Wheel sounds neato-keeno to me."
Tacked on the 'to me', so it's FACT not OPINION. 'NUFF SAID! ARG! (*snort*);-)

I just hope I don't take _Roll The Bones_ too literally when I'm on my

Actually, the theme of RTB! ;-) Here's proof:
  1) Dreamline - lotsa folks tour the country on motorcycles
  2) Bravado - it takes a certain bravado to ride a bike in heavy traffic
  3) Roll the Bones - well, everyone takes a spill once in a while.
  4) Face Up - if you don't wear a full coverage helmet, better land Face Up!
  5) Where's My Thing - you might have to say this if you spill really hard.
  6) The Big Wheel - make sure the big wheel is on the back of your bike.
  7) Ghost of a Chance that too-serious rush fans are still reading this :-)
  8) Neurotica - when one-too-many volvos pulls out in front of you.
  9) You Bet Your Life - each time you ride.

Yep, I left Heresy out.  Can you guess the secret message behind that?

[ Ten points for originality on this one, Eric!                    :rush-mgr ]

---         Eric Thies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro          ---
--- (internet)  ethies@uncg (bitnet)        ---
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