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Subject: 09/12/91 - The National Midnight Star #337

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 337

               Thursday, 12 September 1991
Today's Topics:
                   New NMS subscribers
                Yet more thoughts on RTB.
                      Mystery Rapper
                    Tour Dates Source
                       Re: NBC NFL
         Re: Scissors, Paper, Stone -- in Pascal!
                       Prime Mover
                      RUSH TOUR!!!!
             RTB and Motorcycles: more proof
               The meaning of 'Tom Sawyer'
                    Just a thought....
             Dear Geddy, (What's her thing?)
                       Sound off...
                    Not Motorcycles!!!
           Rush on TV and Boot names in lyrics
                     Caress of Steel
                       Jack Secret

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

This issue is the one that was supposed to go out on Wednesday, 9/11/91.
Due to lack of time it didn't, so here it is now.  This should be the
first of two issues you'll get today, the other being the regularly
scheduled NMS.



Date: Tue, 10 Sep 91 16:45:28 -0400
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: New NMS subscribers

Last night I received a call from a couple of guys from Toronto who are 
interested in subscribing to NMS.  A friend of theirs gave them some old 
issues and they
were impressed, to say the least.  However, these guys do not have Internet,
Bitnet, or UUCP addresses (I think they have something simular to CompuServe)
If there is anyone that goes to school in Toronto (U. of T. U of Guelph) or
works in Toronto that is an NMS reader and that uses this system (don't ask
me what the name is because I don't know) please send me mail so I can give you
a phone number where to reach one of the interested parties.  David, you might
be interested in this so, if you want the number, I will gladly give it to you.

BTW, David, when are coming to Pittsburgh for that NeXT class?


Hi Ian!!

Has Anyone been following the Toronto Argonauts?  How's the Rocket and the 
Pinball doin'?


From: Iain Campbell 
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 91 21:04 GMT
Subject: Yet more thoughts on RTB.

   ARRG! (Another Rush Review, Groan!)

   Well, I've had RTB since Sept 2nd and have been receiving the NMS for some
   months now (without ever submitting anything), so, here's my ten eggs'

   As with Presto, my first thoughts went along the lines of: "Hmmm. It's not
   bad, but it'll grow on me" and it did.  I quickly took a liking to Dreamline
   Roll The Bones, The Big Wheel, and later to Where's My thing, Face Up and
   Ghost Of A Chance.  I'm still working on the others and I guess they'll
   fall into place when they're ready.

   [Gets on hobbyhorse...]

   Its strange to see so many people slagging the band off for being a little
   different.  The new album has only been out for a fortnight and look at all
   the droopy faces.  It took me two years to get to like Red Lenses and
   Between the Wheels!  ISTM that there are a lot of people out there who
   *don't* appreciate surprises.

   [Gets off hobbyhorse...]

   Conclusion: I haven't heard a Rush release that I haven't liked or grown to
   like - RTB being no exception.

   Other thoughts...

   The mystery rapper: haven't got the foggiest, but my money's on NP.

   Liked the wishbones, want a poster.

   Anybody know possible tour-dates for the UK and when the tickets are likely
   to go on sale?

   Cheers for now!

   Hate mail and flames to:
                    or c/o: (TIA NODROG)


Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1991 10:11:09 +0930
From: Kevin Haines 
Subject: Mystery Rapper

Howdy Folks!

   Well, here I am, sitting at the edge of the universe... well, I
guess that's a bit of an exaggeration. But there _is_ a connection -
_Roll the Bones_ hasn't got there yet. Believe it or not, I still
haven't been able to get the album yet. Sure, It's been released, but
the distributors don't seem to be in any hurry to make it available.

The record store ordered it for me the day it was released, and it
still hasn't come in. Rush ain't real big in this dump of a city.

Anyways, enuff bitchin'...on with the real subject...

An idea I had about the mystery rapper (not that I've heard it yet...)
is...  Hugh Syme ... Kinda makes sense - he has played keyboards a
couple of times, so why not just rap on a bit?

Probably wrong, but still, who knows...


           ----- He Knows changes aren't permanent
           ----- but change is...
           ------                                  Tom Sawyer.


Date:     Tue, 10 Sep 91 17:41:37 PDT
From: Michael Jan Trnka 
Subject:  Rap

Why is everyone so surprised thar Rush is rapping?  Didn't they
in fact, start the genre of "white boy rap" in 1981 with the live
version of La Villa?  Anyways. . .


Date: Tue, 10 Sep 91 22:08:29 EDT
From: "David S. Schmidt" 
Subject: Tour Dates Source

One way to find RUSH tour dates is to call SRO Management in Toronto.

They have provided me with all the tour dates I needed in the past-
    the number is (416) 923-5855  (I haven't called recently, but this
    was a valid number during the Presto tour).

Get out there and Rock-N-Roll those bones!


Subject: Re: NBC NFL
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 91 10:34:40 PDT
From: Bob Joslin 

>	Did anybody see the NBC NFL Live show today.  During a bit about
>the San Fran QB problem they played Bravado as the background music.
>Somebody at NBC is hip.

Yes...  However, I'll be really surprised if I don't hear Where's My
Thing on some background music soon.  It's got that incidental-music
feel more than any Rush song I've ever heard.  I wish it was a bit



Date: Tue, 10 Sep 91 22:59 EDT
From: Computer Idiot Extraordinaire 
Subject: Re: Scissors, Paper, Stone -- in Pascal!

Well, this is my first post.  Hope all goes well...

	In NMS#335, Douglas G. Schwabe writes:

>	You know you're a RUSH Fan when...
>	You look at one of the programming assignments in a Pascal text and it
> asks you to write a program simulating "Scissors, Paper, Stone" with a person
> who types S, P, R at each turn.

    From the "Gee, I had a similar experience!" dept:
        Last fall, I was suffering through my first engineering course (for any
Pitt engineers out there, ENGR 009; you know, all pain, no gain), and one of
the questions on one of the exams was basically the same problem that Mr.
Schwabe wrote about.  Most of the other students walked out of the exam
scratching their heads: "what the hell is scissors, paper, stone???"  Thank God
for the boyz (hmmmm...wonder what Neil would think of that one)! I had
forgotten about the childhood game until _Presto_.  Alas, ENGR 009 is not one
of my favorite freshman memories, and I have since "misplaced" that exam, but I
do know that I was mighty happy with _that_ question, as were a few other
RUSHheads in the class.  Always wondered where they dredged that question up.
        Okay, a "quickie"  opinion of RTB...
        I've been listening to it almost non-stop for a week, and I like it.
Not love, it, not hate it, just _like_ it.  I was disappointed at first, but as
many people have pointed out, it grows on you.  The "chat" is better than any
"rap" I've heard.  It's not a huge, powerful album, (by RUSH standards,
anyway), but it's still fun to listen to.  'Course, I am meither musician nor
lyricist, just your not-so-standard music freak.

	One final thing:

DATES??????  (yes, I am grovelling, begging, pleading, whatever).
	Anyone, anyone?

	That's it.  Thanks for enduring my "I don't really have a hell of a lot
to say" post.


| John E. Piwowar                   |  University of Pittsburgh             |
| Computer Idiot Extraordinaire     |  Chemical Engineering Undergraduate   |
| Internet: |  (this space intentionally left blank)|
|                                                                           |
| ORQ: "Because he was human, because he had goodness,                      |
|       Because he was moral, they called him insane"                       |
| 									    |
|  "...rational romantic mystic cynical idealist..."                        |


Date: Tue Sep 10 18:34:44 PDT 1991
Subject: Cymbals

Greetings to all...

puanani>I love the "Neil Peart -- Drums and Cymbals" bit...I mean, cymbals are
       >a kind-of given, I guess...Or is that just me?

	"Neil Peart -- Drums" would look sort of short and boring, especially
compared to the much longer credits Alex and Geddy get... as if his drumming
wasn't enough!  But there is also a double meaning here...Cymbals is a homonym
for _symbols_, which are frequently used by Neil when he writes lyrics.  There
is more to this man than meets the eye.

[ Dull, especially after the multi-line list of equipment from albums/tours
  such as AFTK, PeW, and MP!                                      :rush-mgr ]



Date:         Tue, 10 Sep 91 23:17:52 EDT
From: Ian Nathan 
Subject:      Prime Mover

"I set the wheels in motion
turn up all the machines
activate the programs
and run behind the scenes

I set the clouds in motion
turn up light and sound
activate the window
and watch the world go 'round-

anything can happen..."

Does anyone know how I can obtain a copy of "Not Fade Away/You Can't Fight It"

[ I've heard the original Anthem 45 goes for well over $100 ...   :rush-mgr ]

Ian Nathan
The George Washington University
Washington, D.C.


Date: Wed, 11 Sep 91 08:06:19 EDT
From: Steve Bromley 
Subject: RUSH TOUR!!!!

Just announced on WIYY 98 Rock Baltimore, Rush is "getting ready
to embark on a major US tour."  This was announced after Dreamline
was played.  No dates were given, stay tuned.  Anyone else here
of a tour or dates???



Date: Wed, 11 Sep 91 09:44 EDT
From: Eric Thies 
Subject: RTB and Motorcycles: more proof

Here's an early draft of FACE UP, when it was still called SHIFT UP.  More
evidence of the RTB motorcycle theme. ;-)

Sing along and enjoy.

                                   SHIFT UP

  I turned my head
  I spun my wheels
  Landing on elbows
  You know how that feels

  I'm on a hawg now---
  Or is it a 'glide?
  Won't be too careful
  With this fabulous ride
  If I could only pass that car inside.
  And burn it up

  SHIFT UP---Or you can throttle back down
  SHIFT UP---Miss the volvo
  Or your butt'll hit the ground
  SHIFT UP---There's still time to run
  That car aground
  SHIFT UP---Burn it up---
  Or wear the road rash crown
  Burn it up

  Sudden rain,
  I don't think my motorbike
  Will beat this train

  I'm in a groove now
  Or is it a ditch?
  I want my teeth back
  This crashing is a bitch
  I get so hungry, when they wire my mouth shut
  And burn it up

  I got all broke up inside
  But didn't earn the road rash throne
  The leathers really saved my hide
  but it's bad to be a bone

  I can go out, I can take a ride
  But only on my wheelchair
  The leather sure saved my hide
  And at least I still have hair
  Burn it up

---         Eric Thies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro          ---
--- (internet)  ethies@uncg (bitnet)        ---
---                "I'm in a groove now, or is it a ditch?"                 ---


Date:    Wed, 11 Sep 91 15:51
From: "Thomas Koenig"  
Subject: The meaning of 'Tom Sawyer'

I think I understand most of Rush's lyrics, but 'Tom Sawyer' has me
baffeled so far.

Anybody who can shed some light on it?

Thomas Koenig
            :      ib09@RZ.UNI-KARLSRUHE.DE
X.400       :      S=UI0T;OU=IBM3090;OU=RZ;P=UNI-KARLSRUHE;A=DBP;C=DE


Date:     Wed, 11 Sep 91 09:43 CDT
From:  (Na]gahyde 1% [Bri Gipson])
Subject:  Presto

I am unfortunately poor, and haven't been able to locate a local station to
hear any of the RTB singles/releases.  However, for the past 2 months I have
been listening to Presto (why is it so innexpensive compared to the rest of
Rush's albums?) and trying to make sense of some of the songs -

I'm not too sure, but isn't "Walk on the Razer's edge" - the song - about
suicide?  ("nothing noble in your fate, Christ what have you done?")
Is rush supposedly satanic? this doesn't appear in Presto... Are the rabits
symbols of fratility - such as discussed in the latter song of the album about
destroying our planet's ecosystem, etc...

Seems that rush music has a flare for having to acquire it's musical flavor
before savoring the content.  So... forgive me if I seem misunderstood.

Bri Gipson: Naugahyde


Date: Wed, 11 Sep 91 10:42:58 -0400
Subject: comparison

This is my first posting, but I'm a long-time Rush fan (well at least
seven years). I can honestly say that RTB is NOT one of the band's
greatest accomplishments, but I love it anyway.

I have to look at things as relative. If you want to look at music, you
have to look at periods of music. In past centuries, the likes of
Beethoven and other musical geniuses have been looked at as rebels, and
disliked for their work. They were shunned by even the classics of the time
as well as the commoners. Ahh, the commoners!! Those who, by these geniuses
have been shown what is possible through music, and who the geniuses strive
to keep in touch with as they create further genius.

For example, if it had not been for the public opinion, the Beatles, the
Stones, maybe even (definately even) the King would have probably done things
that nobody could relate to. You see, it's important for Rush to do what keeps
their current die-hard fans happy, and it's important that they attract new
audiences. No, I'm not just talking about money. The guys could probably
retire now if they wanted to, but their is an entire new generation of young
listeners who need quality music to listen to, done in a way that they can 
relate to. I know that before I heard Rush for the first time, my idea of 
idealism in
Rock-N-Roll was VanHalen.(chuckle)(Still a great band, don'e E-mail me to 

Anyway, if it hadn't been for MP, I probably wouldn't have ever been attracted
to Rush the way I am, and never would have searched the record store for older
releases. I'm not making excuses for RTB, I'm saying it doesn't need excuses.
If you don't like RTB, it's time you moved into the 90's. Rush is still the 
band performing today, and I think comparisons to Metallica or any other half-
cocked bands of the commercial 80's are a slap in the face to Rush and its
members. Of cours this is MHO.

Remember, Rush is reaching a mew audience. If you want a band that does 
nothing new and reaches out to the same crowd all the time, try The Dead.
I'm also a drummer, and have attempted to play along with RTB, but the things
Neal has accomplished here arre beyond my understanding of the art. Don't just
assume it's a reflection on MY playing, I can still play La Villa without
stopping to rest.

I'm not looking back, but I want to look around me now....
                                       Time Stands Still


Date: Wed, 11 Sep 91 08:55:43 PDT
From: (Matthew Coohill)
Subject: Dear Geddy, (What's her thing?)

Dear Geddy,

        I have been dating the same girlfriend since
before HYF.  I enjoy her company very much, but she
(we) has (have) a problem.
        I am (as all RIGHT thinking people) a big fan
of Rush, however when we first met (post-PoW) my
girlfriend didn't like Rush (gasp).
        Naturally, I felt this to be quite an
abberation, but I knew that Rush would continue
releasing albums that had a vastly different sound
to them.  Therefore, it was only a matter of time
before she "clued in".
        Needless to say, HYF was unimpressive to
her except for "Time Stand Still" (which she enjoyed
mainly because the song had a guest appearence...
eek!).  But, HYF is my least favorite Rush album
to date and at the time I thought that it was
natural to give her another chance (I mean I wouldn't
want to be judged by... say... TNMS subscribers or
youself on MY reaction to HYF).
        ASOH???  Well that was their old material
in concert.  I couldn't expect her to be as enthus-ed
about it as I was.
        Well, by the time P was released... we
were living together, her grandparents could
pronounce my last name correctly, her father lost
all hope of driving me away, her mother started
calling me things I thought that only my mother
would call me (like adding that "-y" to the end of
my name), I was considering allowing her to have
a pet cat (Ack!) and I'd dropped a lot of cash into
this high-risk venture.
        P wasn't good enough, I guess.  So I thought
that seeing "the boyz" in concert would either aid
our failing relationship or cause me to loose her to
some roadie (Skip Gildersleeve) as a Rush Crew Slut.
        The only good news is that she liked them in
concert.  However, she still didn't change her mind
about her opinions on their albums and didn't like
them enough for continuous play at home (ARGH!!!).
        Recently, I'd been sweating it out.  As the
new album release date was approaching, I started to
notice things that I had somehow overlooked before;
the way she can turn a simple phrase like "take out
the garbage" into a screech that can only be rivaled
in the readings of ancient mythology, the strange
way that her back can never be cured from needing
constant "rubbing", the way that all of my friends
are annoying to her and we never get to do anything
with HER friends (cough! cough!), our sudden passion
over the TV set rather than each other, the subtle
way she tells me that I haven't gotten any mail, the
way she says tomato (or for that matter potato), the
way the eyes roll back in her head and she releases
a great sigh of boredom when I mention hockey, the
fact that in some way I'm to blame for "the cramps",
the number of ways you can strangle a person with
a... Oh sorry!!!  I've gone off on another tangent.
        She dosen't like RTB.
        I mean out of so many albums, each with their
own unique sound, she can't find one that she merely
likes (not one)?
        Geddy, what do I do???


                        Ghost of a Chance.

P.S. - Don't answer with that sophomoric philosophy...
"Roll the Bones".  I mean "Why do I have a microwave oven?
Because I have a microwave oven.  Try Bud Dry.  Roll the


Date: 	Wed, 11 Sep 1991 13:33:20 -0230
From: John Palfrey 
Subject: Sound off...

   I was on the Syrinx FTP site and I have noticed that there are
a variety of large sound files.  My main question to those who may
know is what computer are those sound files are for?  They seem
too big for a disk that can only handle 880K!  Please advise.
Thanks in advance.

   Another question.  After reading the most recent FAQL I have
noticed a lot of mentioning of the CD called RUSH _Profiled!_
and I have an interest in listening to it.  I was wondering if
anyone has this CD or if not, have it on cassette tape???!!!  As
I would love to listen it.  One desperate RUSHan here!

   That's all that I think of in way of asking.

One Fellow RUSHan,
John W. Palfrey


Date: Wed, 11 Sep 91 09:27:13 PDT
From: (Matthew Coohill)
Subject: Not Motorcycles!!!

        In regards to the recent review (theme explaination)
of RTB, I believe that it was slightly inaccurate.

        RTB is more like a moped than a motorcycle... it's fun
to listen to, but you don't want any of your Finnish friends
catching you listening to it.



Subject: Rush on TV and Boot names in lyrics
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 91 11:35:22 CDT
From: (Mark Brubaker)

Two quick things.  First we all now know that NBC used some of Bravado.
Well, last Sunday I heard some of RTB in an add for a local news team.
I'm pretty sure that it was Neurotica, but it may have been Bravado.
The thing is, I'm almost positive that the portion of the song that I
heard is not taken straight off of the album because the section I heard
had no vocals.  Maybe I'm loosing my mind or maybe I just don't remember
what I heard well enough, but it seems to me that since TV networks had
this stuff in ads less than a week after the release...  This all seems
to add up in my mind to the possibility that Atlantic released Rush
material (minus vocals) to the networks explicitly for the purpose of
background music in ads etc.  I think this is the case.  Is it a marketing
plot or what?

Second, two Rush Bootleg titles that I have heard of before are "Rush'n
Roulette" and "State of Grace".  Does anyone out there think that it is
more than a coincidence that in Ghost of a Chance is " a state of
grace" and in Neurotica is "It's like Russian roulette to you" ?
Personnally I think it's just coincidence, but I thought some of you out
there who like to read into all sorts of stuff might find it interesting.

- Mark Brubaker


Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1991 12:39:30 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Nicholas G. Alexander" 
Subject: Caress of Steel

Out of curiosity,

    People have been mentioning their particular favorite albums as of
late, and there was a poll last year about the favorite album of the
group.  Most, nay, all of the albums selected come from the middle to
late period of Rush's work (e.g. Moving Pictures, Hold Your Fire, Power

    I personally think that Caress of Steel is Rush's best album.  I
suppose part of it stems from the other types of music I like
(Alternative (Janes Addiction, The Clash, The Sugarcubes/Industrial
(Front 242, etc..)/Hard (Classic?) Rock (Iron Maiden, Led Zepplin,
Queen), but there also seems to be something on this album that some of
the others lack.  An energy, a creativity, a subliminal message mixed in
with "The Necromancer,"  I don't know.

    I remember from one of the book transcripts that someone posted that
there are a select few of us who pick Caress of Steel as their favorite
Rush album.  Are any of you folks out there?  And if so, just out of
curiosity, what are some of your other favorite types of music/groups?
(Always looking for good stuff to listen to.)

If your going to give an extended list or something, go ahead and reply
directly to me, so as to keep Ian Bjordohives bandwaves clear of
"useless drivel."

    Nick Alexander

Tangent:  I have never seen more Rush tour shirts in one place than on
the Carnegie Mellon campus.  Maybe there is something to the statement
that "Rush is the thinking man's rock and roll" :)


Date: Wed, 11 Sep 91 13:05:35 -0400
Subject: drumming

Thanks a lot to whoever it was that brought to my mind the comparison of Neal
Peart and Stuart Copeland. I feel it's a valid comparison that any Rush fan
would love to really explore. And from a drummer's point of view, I hope to do
that. Now, don't get me wrong, Copeland's a great percussionist, writer, and
producer, but he's just not in the ranks of the illustrius (Murder by Numbers).
By the ranks of the illustrius, I mean guys who have explored themselves just
to see what's possible with skins and sticks.

Copeland's work derives from Brazillian influences, and when mixed with the
kick-a-- bass lines Sting has created, they become a tremendous rock format.
However, I don't see Copeland reaching anymore. He did for a few years in the
early eighties, but most of the Police songs that get the attention are 
relatively stagnant as far as new time signatures, sycopation, or even drum 
flare at all.
I know what you're thinking now, the same is true of Neal. But Neal is a
drummer's drummer. He's the kind of guy you can listen to and not help getting
reinspired to become a better percussionist. Imitating Neal on the drums has
always helped me improve what I'm able to do on my own. As for Copeland, it
just makes you wish he would quit fooling around and show us what he can do.

By the way, I thought it very interesting to find out that the rythm in YYZed
is morse code for Y Y Z. Thanks for whoever posted that. If you want to be
impressed by these guys, realize that they have the versitility to play rock,
jazz, funk, rap, love songs, and probably a few other things we haven't seen
yet. Thanks guys. Roll the Bones and see what happens next.

Other members of the illustrius would include John Bonham, Steve Gadd,
Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, and a few others sho created new music, not just
recreating what was the norm. As for those of you who are drummers, try
playing "Thing", and good luck.

Any escape might help to sooth the unattractive truth...


From: (Amy Moseley)
Subject: Jack Secret
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 91 10:28:23 CDT

Uh, if it's Jack Secret he's had a lot of vocal training to do that
part because the REAL Jack Secret has a low but very gravelly voice
whereas the voice on record is velvet-smooth.   Their intonations
are completely different.  How do I know?  I met and spoke with JS
about three hours.
Amy J. Moseley
Motorola Computer Group
(512) 329-7117					:) or


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