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Subject: 09/30/91 - The National Midnight Star #345  ** Part 2 of 2 **

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 345

                Monday, 30 September 1991
Today's Topics:
           Possible opening act for RTB tour...
               Got my tickets for Oct. 25!
                    several things...
                  SOUND LEVELS AND SUCH
                 RTB Tour hits Milwaukee!
                     Hamilton Opener
                Presto - Show don't Tell.
       In the spirit of 'Weird Al' (another parody)
                      Pgh Party #2?
             Rush posters (esp. Neil & drums)
                   Milwaukee tour stop
                  Dreamline three clicks
   Bay Area Tour Dates Unknown / New Video / Press Pack
                     wondrous stories
               Tour Dates and a short story
             HYF and the Gangster of Boats...
                   Just a few questions
                       Tour Date!!
                    Daredevil cometh!
                     Neil's training
               RUSH's Pittsburgh tour date
                     Rush Tour Date!
                   RUSH Fortune Script
                      where are you?
                    Rush in Rochester
                A lot happens in a week...
                  Finite amount of sound
              Ghost of a Chancea love song?
                    S.A. Light review
         Interview with Geddy in Metal Hammer mag
                      TOUR DATES!!!!

Date: Fri, 20 Sep 91 20:42:59 -0700
From: (Magus Psi)
Subject: Possible opening act for RTB tour...

	I have heard a RUMOR that the Florida metal band Savatage,
whose album "Gutter Ballet" was a moderate commercial success, will be
opening for Rush on the upcoming tour.  This information comes from a
friend of mine who knows a guy who is friends with Savatage's bass
player (whew).  According to my friend, the guys in Savatage are
pretty good friends with the boys and toured with them for a while on
"Presto."  I want to urge that everyone take a skeptical viewpoint on
this information since I did hear it through a 3rd or 4th party.  It
may seem a little outrageous, but, then again, Mr. Big and Rush was a
pretty weird combination, too.

|            Kenneth Maupin +===+   o    +===+  |
|  University Of Washington |   |  /|\   |   | "Quick to judge, quick to      |
|          computer science |~~~|  Co--= |~~~|  anger, slow to understand"    |
|             undergraduate |___|  / \   |___|          - Witch Hunt          |


Date: Sat, 21 Sep 91 12:31:08 -0400
From: Mike Hackett 
Subject: Got my tickets for Oct. 25!

   Yep, I just got back from picking up my tickets for the first show in
Hamilton, and I've got permission to write a make-up exam for the one I was
supposed to write on that night, so I'm all set for Oct. 25!  I'm already
excited.  I'm anxious to see if they reveal the identity of you know who at
the show, or if one of the boyz will do the part.  Hmm...
    I'm not going to make any predictions about what they will play, but I
will mention a few things that I would really love to hear:
   - Fly By Night
   - The Fear Trilogy
   - The Camera Eye
   - Presto (I mean, they didn't even do it on the Presto tour)
   - Tears
   - The Manhattan Project
   - Lakeside Park (I was just there in August)

   Basically, I'm just hoping that they'll stuff that they didn't do at the
Presto show I went to last time around.  I won't mind if they do a few from
_Presto_, though - so sue me, I liked that album a lot!  But I'm not going
to get into why I liked it better than RTB, I just want to see a good mix
at this show.  Type to you again on Oct. 26!

Mike Hackett
University of Western Ontario


Date: Sat, 21 Sep 91 18:17 EDT
Subject: several things...

Did RTB ever reach the #2 spot on Billboard's charts?  I thought it just
debuted at #3.  But Thursday I called up the Donnelly Directory's
Talking Yellow Pages to check out RTB's new standings, and the guy starts
off by saying something like "Well, a big drop for Rush, from _#2_ last week
down to #10 this week for RTB".  I assume he was just drunk or something,
because he then went on to say that R.E.M. was at #9 with an album entitled
"Out of Town".  Interesting...

BTW, someone mentioned that one of the dice on the cover looked like a skull.
That's very feasable (sp?) since in the story "Gonna Roll the Bones", he
describes the dice he was using, and said that each one had the dots
re-arranged to look like skulls...

Has anyone seen any videos from RTB yet?  The only Rush video I've ever
seen was "Show Don't Tell", which I'm surprised I even remember, since
that was before I discovered Rush.
On the subject, I seem to remember the video as follows:  A teacher is
teaching the big  bang theory, and I guess the protagonist, a student, wants
him to show not tell...then I remember him seeing the newspaper and he had
won (somehow) and he was happy and shouting along the street...  I never
thought of the band as the kind of ppl that would agree with Creationism,
and I don't suppose they do, but merely used that for the video.  Any comments?



Subject: Hey
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 91 22:25:21 PDT

Those Are NOT DOGS!!!! They don't sound ANYTHING like a dogs bark! And
are you just NOW hearing them? I heard the three "Pongs" the first time I
heard Dreamline. And another thing: the "moan" in Open secrets is
DEFINATELY Aimee Mann. I read somewhere that she came in an did vocals
for a couple -o- songs.
Also, I just picked up The new Metallica album(yes, it was a Big step for
me), and I really like it! Good Music. But I also noticed some familiar
phrases in the song "Holier Than Thou":

     "Point the finger, slow to understand
      Arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand"

Does anyone hear echoes of Witch Hunt? This is a great song nontheless. I
It says pretty much the same thing as WH.
So, Great. Now I'm gonna start to like Metallica. I don't believe this!
One year ago I was Saying "Metallica Sucks man!" Now I'm just going to
hafta buy all their albums. Hmmmm.

************Subliminal Message********************************************
              End Subliminal Message
As For the "Cuckoo" in Turn the Page, There definately is a sound in
there during the solo, but it doesn't sound like a full CUCKOO. Maybe
Half a CUCKOO. CCUCK! Yeah, That's it-CUUCK!

         OSTQ: "My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo
                I wanna sink her with my pink torped-ohhh-ohh!!!"

Yeah, It IS Leanard Nimoy Doing the Rap! I knew that voice! I just
couldn't place the face! Yeah!



Date: 22 Sep 91 10:55:00 CDT

>From: (Gregg Jaeger)

>>And there is a puzzler:
>>"So with _Presto_, the only way we could keep the running order the way
>>we wanted was to put more material on side one than on side two.
>>This means the sound level on the first side is lower that on the second."

>Could one of our resident engineers please explain this one?

>I have trouble seeing how the amount of material on the sides
>of a recording could affect their relative sound level. It
>almost sounds like, gee, each side can only have so much _sound_
From: "Daniel L. McDonald" 
Subject: RTB Tour hits Milwaukee!
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 91 0:10:44 MST

I just found out from my little bro' back home that the Roll The Bones tour
is playing Milwaukee's Bradley Center (new-ish indoor arena, for those
unacquainted) November 10.  Tickets supposedly go on sale this coming weekend,
I can't remember when, but check your favorite ticket seller, they'll know!!!

The question still remains, when will they hit either Tucson, Phoenix, or Las
Cruces, NM?!?

Have fun, Milwaukee Rush fans!
| Dan McDonald     | Internet:  AT&Tnet: (602) 882-6148 |
| Univ. of Arizona +----------------------------+ UUCP:..!uunet!arizona!danmcd|
| Computer Science | "I was lined up for glory, +-----------------------------+
| 1st year Grad.   |  but the tickets sold out in advance" - Rush (N. Peart)  |

p.s. I hope nobody will say "I was lined up for Rush, but the tickets sold out
     in advance".  (That would just suck!   Dan McD.)


Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1991 15:50 EDT
Subject: Hamilton Opener

Hi all. Quick question...

For the Presto show in Toronto, I got tickets by calling a place called
Ticket Wicket. Just tried calling Toronto information on them the other
day and was dismayed to find they are no longer in existence (at least not
under that name.)

Anyone know where I can call to find out about tickets (once they have more
information available?)




Date:     Mon, 23 Sep 91 09:20 CDT
From:  (Na]gahyde 1% [Bri Gipson])
Subject:  Presto - Show don't Tell.

Notice that the first song of the album, _Show, don't Tell_, has Alex whispering
in the background.  I can neither understand nor decipher the reason or content
of what is being stated in this whispered background - perhaps it's a play on
how rumors are spread, or something of the like...

Still can't get RTB on the radio, no matter how often I request or ask... and
just got my paycheck yesterday - perhaps I can soon get RTB, make a few of my
own judgements rather than relying on other people - after all,

"you can twist perceptions,
  but reality won't budge."

-Naugahyde 1%


Date: 23 Sep 91 12:16:00 CDT
Subject: In the spirit of 'Weird Al' (another parody)

Well, I had mixed feelings about sending this to the newsletter but here it
goes anyway.  Weird Al would have wanted it this way.  'Roll the Dough'

He's got a coupon for Folgers
caffine fix for the week
Heads for the sugar
She grabs a liquid crystal cleanser
Places the Apple Jacks
Under the Velveeta

They travel in the isle of the can goods
On a buying spree, straight to the Del Monte Beans
Like Libbys and Campbells
And the cheapest brand of all of these
We only go home when the shopping's done, shopping's done

He buys a star quiz of Capricorns
A box of roach motels
Makes his way to the deli
She's got a rebate for Oreo's
A promise of a discount price
On the roast and the sirloin

They travel to the produce section
fresh out of the grapes today
next to the rasin display
Like apples and oranges
Buying the last of the alar stains
We only go home when we're on the way, on the way

We aren't done
Wandering the front of the store
Wondering what we came here for
Learning that were only forgetful
For a limited time

Kraft is a free Dodge Caravan
Goes away in the night
their lawyers leave you in dreamland
Clorox is a white bleach cleaner
Flicker of flouresent lights
Left behind in the fast lane

We travel to the checkout scanner
A laser reader traces the barcode lines
Like magic and wonder
checking for the lowest price
We only go home when we're satisfied, satisfied

We aren't done
Wandering the front of the store
Wondering what we came here for
Learning that were only forgetful
For a limited time

We travel back from our grocery adventure
On the busy highway straight to the place we call home
Like others before us
through the worst part of the neighborhood
We only get home when we're in the drive, in the drive

Lyrics by Pepsi
Music by Lipton and Sara Lee
Produced by Duncan Hines
Brought to you by the Circle K

| Robert Graves                |
| "SIGHT AND SOUND MASTER"                                                   |
| "We read about the exceptions, in the papers everyday" RUSH, Second Nature |


Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1991 16:12:14 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Charles D. Nichols" 
Subject: Pgh Party #2?

John Connelly writes :

>WDVE has yet to announce a firm date, but they keep saying Rush will be
>here during the month of Rocktober.  So, given that Rush starts their
>tour on October 25, my guess is they'll be here on or shortly before
>Sounds to me like a good excuse for Pittsburgh Rush Party #2, eh?
>Chuck, Doug, Ian, Ken, whaddya think?

Well, I think this is a must! Especially if the Boyz are going to be in town!

What do other people in Pgh or surrounding area think?

Chuck Nichols
Carnegie-Mellon University Biology                  ^^^\/^^^                                 [o][o]

                                                     ( ++ )

 "We each pay a fabulous price,                      ||  ||
    for visions of paradise..."


From: "Daniel L. McDonald" 
Subject: Rush posters (esp. Neil & drums)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 91 13:44:25 MST

I was looking at my room, and realized I needed some decorations.  This train
of thought reminded me of a really cool poster I saw a long time ago.

When Neil P. was still endorsing Tama, they took a shot of him at his set on
a raft in the middle of some lake in Ontario.  It was a rather large poster,
and I remember even then I couldn't get a hold of it.  Does anyone know where
I might be able to obtain something like that, or other Rush posters/wall art?

| Dan McDonald     | Internet:  AT&Tnet: (602) 882-6148 |
| Univ. of Arizona +----------------------------+ UUCP:..!uunet!arizona!danmcd|
| Computer Science | "I was lined up for glory, +-----------------------------+
| 1st year Grad.   |  but the tickets sold out in advance" - Rush (N. Peart)  |


Date: Mon, 23 Sep 91 15:44 CST
From: Kevin Tipple 
Subject: Milwaukee tour stop

There are probably dozens of messages on queue at Syrinx with this same
material, but what the hell....

Rush will be in Milwaukee November 10th (Sunday) at the Bradley Center. Not
sure when tickets will be on sale. Best of all, opening act is...

   Eric Johnson!!! YES!

Finally, a little taste in an opening band. After the Rainmakers and Mr. Big,
I was starting to wonder who matches up acts like this.

By the way, "I Hate My Life / You Bet Your Wife" was -funny-! Truly, something
to be placed in the Wierd Al Hall of Fame.

A comment:

>That was not so for the Presto tour.  In the Wisconsin/Illinois/Indiana area,
>the only concerts that I knew of were at outdoor ampitheatres - I had cheap
>tickets to see them at Alpine Valley but there were T-Storms that day and I
>didn't have the motivation to hear an outdoor concert while getting covered
>with mud at the same time.
>I hope Rush hits this area in the winter so I can see them indoors.  I think
>playing at these outdoor shit theaters is selling out, and I hope they don't
>do that again this time around.

Well, you got your wish, but I'd MUCH rather see them at Alpine. The Bradley
Center/most indoor arenas are just as large and impersonal as the Valley, and
sound twice as bad with all of those sound waves reflecting off the back walls.
Sure, there's the chance of rain outdoors, but that's a chance I'm more than
willing to take. Besides, on a nice day, you can work on a tan/burn as well.

I think Neil was referring to huge stadium crowds, like Pink Floyd has a
passion for playing, or like Rush did (once) at the Texas Jam with a plethora
of other bands. Granted, the places they normally play aren't very small, but
at least you can make out the performers on stage.

Personally, I think they should hit the bar scene under false names a la REM in
Europe when they appeared as "Bingo and the Hand Jobs."

Kevin Tipple                            University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Bitnet: ucskrt@uwplatt.bitnet           Platteville, Wisconsin  USA
"And now, a man with three buttocks..." - Monty Python


From: (Amy Moseley)
Subject: Dreamline three clicks
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 91 22:44:05 CDT

Those are DEFINITELY NOT dogs barking after "far away from her hometown."
On CD they sound either like wood blocks, or the bowling ball hitting
the pins before they crash down.  The initial sound.

Oh well, this is like those radio contests where you guess what's
in the box.  Ged's really got us going on the rapper.

Amy Moseley
(posting from other than usual account)

rush-mgr is my mail bouncing?  Haven't gotten TNMS lately?


Subject: Bay Area Tour Dates Unknown / New Video / Press Pack
From: (Vindicator)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 91 22:42:19 PDT

Well, by the time everyone reads this it may be a little out of date, but
that's ok I guess.

I decided to call Anthem SRO today.  When I got them on the line I told
them I was a reporter for a college newspaper (which I am) and that I am
doing a review on the album (which I would love to do, but I doubt I
will).  I asked a few questions and got good straightforward answers.

What are the tour dates for the Bay Area?

"Well we don't know as of yet.  Most likely in early 92. (you mean in
January or so?)  Yeah around then.  (Would they be playing in Oakland?)
Oh yeah, most likely"

Are there any videos planned?

"Yes, actually we wanted to test the waters and get interest going with
the first single.  The first video will be for the title track 'Roll The
Bones'.  It should be out toward te end of October, to kick off the tour.
I would say there will be at least one other after that, if not more."

Great!  Where is the album on Billboard's charts now.  I know it was a
number 3 in the Sept. 21 issue.

"Yes, the new issue for the 28th comes out tomorrow and the album is
ranked 10th."

How about Dreamline

"No. 1 I believe" (I am not sure on this, she sounded a little unsure!)

How do I get a press or promotional packet

"Call Atlantic, they have a really nice one!"

Well I thanked her for he time and all.  And after a few phone calls I
got ahold of a total bitch at Atlantic, a mere pion taking orders, so I
should be getting a press pack in a few days!

That's about it for now.  I will post the Anthem SRO number soon!
Or you can just call information in Toronto, like I did!



Date:    Tue, 24 Sep 1991 11:08:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: RH2@JAGUAR.UCS.UOFS.EDU (Rebel, Runner, Restless Young Romantic)
Subject: wondrous stories

	just a little story to refute all those 'female RUSH fan??'

	i have a friend, a canadian friend, a guy in computer science
	who's canadian, who never thought twice about listening to the
        good ole boyz from home until i suggested them(perhaps that's
	an understatement--maybe evangelism is better).  nonetheless,
	he went out and bought 'asoh' a month ago. he then asked me for
	tape of RUSH, and behold! last week, he bought 'rtb' all by
	himself.  we have another one!



Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1991 21:22 EDT
From: CRAIG 
Subject: Tour Dates and a short story

Howdy all....First post in a long long time so I'll try to make it somewhat

Tour Dates : I have heard some of them...I am going by memory so dont get on
me if they are off a bit.

Oct 25...Hamilton
Oct 26...Rochester NY
Third Date....Albany NY
Second or Third Weekend(Sat and Sun) In Nov....Toledo and Cleveland OH
Dec 7 and 8....New York City area
Dec 15 ....Toronto (possibly the 14th as well)
Dec 16.....Buffalo

These are all I can remember ...I will find out exactly and will try for more
in the next week or so.

I also hear that they are only going to play 4 or 5 tunes from RTB on the tour
with Dreamline and RTB being two. Ged says he wants to play The Big Wheel and
Ghost of a Chance as well. I would also count on The Gangster making an

Now for my tale...a depressing one at that.

My friends and I held down the 1st spot in line this past Sat for ticket
purchases for the Oct 25 Hamilton opener. I was thinking YES SIR!!! , sweet
seats for this show. WRONG!!! When my friend went in to retrieve our tix he
was the happiest SOB on the planet, three minutes later I was the UNhappiest
SOB on the planet. Seems that the best seats they had for the first person
in line were 28 rows back on the floor. Where is the justice in the world??
I guess that's the way the big wheel spins!!! Damn!!

Oh well...tix for Roch NY go on sale this Sat...I'll try again. With better
results I'm sure. Just goes to may be lined up for glory, but only
the good tickets sold out in advance!! Good Luck....



Date: Tue, 24 Sep 91 20:21:53 -0700
From: (Magus Psi)
Subject: HYF and the Gangster of Boats...

	Pardon me if this has been mentioned before, but I was looking
through the HYF thank you notes and noticed an allusion to "the
Gangster of Boats."  I checked the thank yous for Presto, PoW, and
p/g, but none of them mentioned it.  This brings up an interesting
question -- is "the Gangster of Boats" a person and, if so, who is
s/he and how just long have they been associated with the band?

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Date: Wed, 25 Sep 91 10:51:25 +0200
From: (exspect user)
Subject: Just a few questions

Hi all,
I have a question about posters Rush has come out with. I've only got posters
of the GUP-cover (that's ART isn't it?) and one of their European tour in '83.
Are there any other posters about Rush (not necessary album-covers) and how
can I get them? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. Does anybody out there have the adress of a Marillion or Yes mailing list?
P.S.2. I've seen the UNION-concert of Yes in Rotterdam (Holland). Jon Anderson
said they were recording the show for a live album. I wonder if he said that in
every place they played. Is that live album released already?
P.S.3. Sorry for the non-Rush stuff above but I'm sure lots of us like Yes/
Marillion too.

| Marijn Kuijpers                      ||   Eindhoven University of Technology |
| E-mail:     ||   The Netherlands                    |


Date: 25 Sep 91 12:13:00 CDT
From: "Jason Horacek ACMM" 
Subject: Tour Date!!

     Well folks, I just heard some good news the other day.  Rush (with guest
Eric Johnson) will be in Omaha Neb, November 4th.  Tickets (reserved) will go
on sale Sep. 28.

     Has anyone heard a date for Kansas City?

     Jason Horacek


I vote for Natural Science as an encore! (assuming they're still up to it :-))


Date: 25 Sep 91 12:24:00 CDT
Subject: Daredevil cometh!

Hey all,

Just a quick note:

1)  I really enjoy the title track to RTB.  I think that is about as concise
    a philosophy of life as you can get!

2)  But, MY GOODNESS!  "Get Busy"  ARGHHHH!!!!!!   I can't believe that RUSH
    used such a blatantly "hip" term!

3)  Can't wait for the tour!!!!

4)  And finally, I will be coming to Texas within the next few 
    prepare all you Longhorns, we will be having THE RUSH party of the



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                         "INVICTUS MANEO"


Date: Wed, 25 Sep 91 15:13:05 -0400
Subject: Neil's training

Hello again, I was just curious if anyone knew more than I do (nothing)
about where Neil got his training in drumming. If so, you can send mail
directly to me, or through the NMS. I would appreciate it. I'm a drummer,
and very curious about how he got to the point he's at.

Try as they might, they cannot steal your dreams...
                                           Cinderella Man


Date: Wed, 25 Sep 91 18:00 EDT
From: John Connelly 
Subject: RUSH's Pittsburgh tour date

Hot off the presses...

	WDVE just announced the Pittsburgh tour date for Rush.  Monday,
Rocktober 28, 7:30pm, Civic Arena, special guest Eric Johnson.  (This
ought to be a great show!)  Tix go on sale this coming Monday (9/30), at
the usual ticket outlets.  Listen to WDVE for more info and free tix!


(no .sig this time; unix is down...)

"So get out there and rock, and ROLL THE BONES"


Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1991 17:56:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: David Joseph Zieger 
Subject: Rush Tour Date!

   I don't know how many other people will be flooding the list with the
list with this sort of info this week (kicking the list whilst it's
down, as it were), but I'll go ahead anyway.

   I just heard on my favorite local radio station (WDVE, Pittsburgh)
that Rush will be in town on Monday, October 28.  Tickets will go on
sale Monday, Sept. 30.  This will probably be the 2nd or 3rd show of the
tour, as someone mentioned it would start around Oct. 25.  It should be
very interesting seeing them this early in the tour, before the routine
of continuous travel begins to wear on them.  I saw Van Halen here on
the 3rd stop on their current tour, and it was excellent.  I expect Rush
to be amazing this time around.  I saw them last time, for the Presto
tour, but I was somewhat new to the band, and didn't know all of the
songs. This time, I'm ready!

*      All Hail the Pittsburgh Pirates       *
*       1991 World Series Champions          *
*             Dave Zieger                    *
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Subject: RUSH Fortune Script
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 91 20:56:41 EDT

Good day, eh?

	Remember that RUSH Fortune Script that I offered everyone
earlier in the year?  Well, the same general fortune is being used by
the Quantum Leap list, and has been revised.  *And* the author of this
revision has given me the okay to distribute it around to you guys.

	Here are the improvements ...

	1.  You no longer have to update the number after the "%" in
the first `expr` whenever new quotes are appended to an existing
quotes file.  The script figures it out for itself.

	2.  If you're on a workstation that is rebooted a lot, the $$
is often low, so higher numbered quotes don't show up that often.
This more evenly picks the higher numbered quotes.

	Are you interested in this upgrade?  Send me mail at:		-or-

	Don't post requests to the list.  :)

						-- Erin Sasaki


Date: Fri, 27 Sep 91 13:59:02 -0400
Subject: where are you?

I have not gotten a new NMS for a week now.
Am I off of the list?
Please make sure I'm not.



Date: Sat, 28 Sep 91 15:23:46 EDT
From: William_A._MacDonald@MTS.RPI.EDU
Subject: Rush in Rochester

Hey Hey!  Headin' to see the Boyz the second night of the tour.  According
to my estimations, the show sold out in a few hours...I am not sure as my
friend got tickets for me.  However I do know no more tickets were left at
around noon (tickets went on sale at 9).  A countdown to the 26th begins!



Date: Sat, 28 Sep 91 15:41:31 EDT
From: (shane p faulkner)
Subject: A lot happens in a week...

Just needed someplace to bitch... I detest TicketMaster....  I'm praying that
Ticketron will come back from the dead.

I waited out in the ass-numbing cold this morning for 6 hours for Rochester
tickets (October 26th).  I got on the ticket computer at 9:10, 10 minutes
after sales officially started, and it looks like I ended up with about
25th row..  Couple this with my 28th row tickets for the opener in Hamilton,
and you're looking at one dejected camper.

UK/Europe readers are probably ready to kill me by now, "He's lucky he getsw
to see them at all".  You're probably right, but I had some lofty
expectations for these shows.

Some GREAT news as far as I'm concerned.... ERIC JOHNSON is opening the
Rochester show.  A vast improvement over the rumoured BADLANDS.

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Subject: Finite amount of sound
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 91 21:33:47 PDT
From: Dan Dickerman GSY 1-447-4425 

On the odd chance that this hasn't been covered yet, I'll try to answer:

> >"So with _Presto_, the only way we could keep the running order the way
> >we wanted was to put more material on side one than on side two.
> >This means the sound level on the first side is lower that on the second."
> Could one of our resident engineers please explain this one?

Assuming that the spiraling grooves on the record album should take
up as much space as possible per side (so that the music always begins just
after the needle starts near the edge, and ends before the needle raises in
the center), a longer side means that the grooves must be squeezed closer
together to fit them in the same (radial) space as the shorter side.
Squeezing the grooves closer together requires that the grooves themselves be
thinner so that they don't run into each other.

Having thinner grooves, however, means that the needle vibrates less;
less vibration means smaller sound wave amplitude; smaller sound waves
mean lower volume..... voila.



Date:       Sun, 29 Sep 91 11:05:45 BST
Subject:    Ghost of a Chancea love song?


   Various people have recently been saying that Ghost of a Chance
is a love song dealing with the relationship between a man & a woman.
This may be true, but there's another interpretation of the lyrics
of this song that occurred to me when I first heard it. It might
just as easily refer to the group Rush, and the relationship of the
3 members to each other (brotherly love?). The 'we' and 'our' in the
lyrics could be plural, referring to the 3 boyz, rather than just
one man and one woman. The best evidence for this suggestion is the

       " Somehow we found each other
         Somehow we have stayed
         In a state of grace "

  An oblique reference to Grace under Pressure perhaps?...or the group's
outlook on life?

However the lines:

       " But I believe there's a ghost of a chance
         we can find someone to love "

seems to imply *someone* singular. But friendships are usually
made one at a time, and are not usually mutually exclusive. So
these lines don't really rule out the brotherly love theory.

Any opinions or comments on this?

     "swimming against the stream"

        Paul May, University of Bristol, UK.


Date: 29 Sep 91 18:53:00 CDT
Subject: S.A. Light review

Roll the Bones review
San Antonio Light
Sunday Sept. 29, 1991
Reprinted without permission

TITLE: "Roll the Bones."
LABEL: Mercury.     {their mistake not mine}

                           Band's latest a real Rush

     After 18 albums in 22 years, the Canadian band Rush still produces its
style of melodic rock with zeal.  It's solid, straight-ahead, efficient, true,
but it's also clear these guys enjoy their work.

     On "Roll the Bones," we get what we have come to expect from Rush in the
late '80s:  Rhythmic power rock graced by mystic lyrics.

     "Ghost of a Chance" and "Heresy" will be the "Subdivisions" and
"Countdown" of previous LPs.  These tunes work because of the complex interplay
between Alex Lifeson's shimmering guitars, vocalist Geddy Lee's driving bass
lines and drummer Neil Peart's precise ensemble playing.  On the whole,
however, Peart's quasi-mythical lyrics about kings and future heroes are
hardly profound.

     Although Rush was pegged heavy metal at its birth, attracting a cult-like
following, the band began mining its pop sensibilities in the '80s, scoring
with hits like "New World Man," "Tom Sawyer," "Mission" and "Big Money."

     Besides the aforementioned, only "Neurotica" and "Dreamline" on "Roll the
Bones" come close to that winning Rush signature:  Crisp power chords,
medlodic hooks and catchy verses.  On the whole, however, the album is for the
serious Rush fan.

     If you're a casual fan, pass on "Roll the Bones" and go for "Chronicles,"
last year's two-CD greatest hits collection.  You'll get a lot more bang for
your buck. - RAMIRO BURR, Staff reporter


Date:       Mon, 30 Sep 91 12:53:19 BST
Subject:    Interview with Geddy in Metal Hammer mag


    You may be interested to know that there's an interview
with Geddy in the October issue of Metal Hammer magazine. The
interview isn't very informative however, and is just Geddy
talking about RTB. A few points of interest that I spotted
    Geddy said that he listened to many different types of music,
from Heavy Metal to Hawaiian bongos.

    He also said he really liked the new Metallica album which
he said showed "a new intelligence in the lyrics".

       "swimming against the stream"

           Paul May, University of Bristol, UK


Date: Mon, 30 Sep 91 15:36:03 -0400
From: supriya (Lyricist)
Subject: TOUR DATES!!!!

Hi there,
	I just got a list of tour dates in the mail today from
A Show of Fans (Rush Fanzine).  Here they are :

10/25 Hamilton, Ontario
10/26 Rochester, NY 	War Memorial Arena
10/28 Pittsburgh, PA	Civic Center
10/29 Cincinnati, OH	Riverfront Coliseum
10/31 Chicago, IL	Rosemont Horizon ?? (second date mat be added)

11/3 Minneapolis, MN	Target Center
11/4 Omaha, NB		Omaha Civic Auditorium
11/6 Topeka, KS		Expocenter
11/7 St. Louis, MO	Arena
11/9 Normal, IL		Redbird Arena
11/10 Milwaukee, WI	Bradley Convention Center
11/13 Detroit, MI	Palace of Auburn Hills
11/14 Detroit, MI	Palace of Auburn Hills
11/16 Toledo, OH	University of Toledo
11/17 Cleveland, OH	Coliseum
11/26 Ottawa, Canada
11/28 Quebec City, Quebec
11/29 Montreal, Quebec

12/1 Hartford, CT	Civic Center
12/3 Philadelphia, PA
12/4 Largo, MD		ME!!! :-)
12/6 New York, NY	Madison Square Garden (second date may be added)
12/9 Providence, RI
12/10 Boston, MA
12/12 Albany, NY
12/15 Buffalo, NY
12/16 Toronto, Ontario

At the top it also says "Special Guest : Eric Johnson"

In case you're interested in ASOF, the address is

P.O. Box 292
Canton, CT 06019

RUSHLINE: 203-693-0506 Call for updates and additional dates.
Thank you Atlantic Records..

That's what it says at the bottom of the flyer..

Hope this helps...



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