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Subject: 10/02/91 - The National Midnight Star #347

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 347

                Wednesday, 2 October 1991
Today's Topics:
                    Ghost of a Chance
              Speaker in "The Necromancer"?
         Just another parody... on a scoring run
Re: 09/30/91 - The National Midnight Star #345 ** Part 2 of 2 **
            The Tour/Tickets/Things Like That
               Rush pre-party in Pittsburgh
       Ladies and Gentlemen, A Special Announcement
                     Concert Bragging
                   Fill in 'Dreamline'
                        Normal, IL
             ** Concert Dates For Michigan **
               Rush tour dates in Arkansas?
           "Dreamline" controversy--resolved !
                         Dogs !!
                  Concerts, rapping, etc
              Dogs (wasn't that a Who tune?)
                        tour info
       How about west and southwest(!!!) tour date?

Date: Tue, 1 Oct 91 13:37:59 PDT
From: changed%robotics.Berkeley.EDU@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU (Chang... Ed Chang.)
Subject: Ghost of a Chance

>    Various people have recently been saying that Ghost of a Chance
> is a love song dealing with the relationship between a man & a woman.
> This may be true, but there's another interpretation of the lyrics
> of this song that occurred to me when I first heard it. It might
> just as easily refer to the group Rush, and the relationship of the
> 3 members to each other (brotherly love?).

>   'we can find someone to love' seems to imply *someone* singular>
> Paul May, University of Bristol, UK.

The default assumption that most people would make on hearing the song
is the interpretation of romantic love.  The word "love" itself (as
applied to people) has romantic connotations, and you have to precede
it with "brotherly" or make the context clear to change it.  The evidence
doesn't seem to make it clear that it is platonic love, so I'll assume
it's romantic.

In addition, the line: "Somehow we find each other through all that masquerade"
implies romantic love more than brotherly.  As described in "War Paint" off
the previous album, people involved in a romantic relationship will often
pretend to be different from their true selves. "girl before the mirror
appraises her disguise" and "boy before the mirror checks his camouflage"
clearly refer to romantic, rather than platonic love.  This artifice occurs
less frequently in platonic realtionships, in which the people are generally
in control of their senses.  :-)



Date: Tue, 1 Oct 91 16:50:59 EDT
From: bhatia@Cadence.COM (Ajoy Kumar Bhatia)
Subject: Speaker in "The Necromancer"?

Hi everyone & greetings from a die-hard Rush fan,

This is my first posting. The main purpose is to ask
a question. I'm listening to "The Necromancer" right
now and would like to know who recites the prose in
the beginning and again, towards the end.

And speaking of Rush's chart ratings, I don't care if
they don't make it to any charts; Rush is THE greatest
group ever!!!

I think I prefer them not to be on the charts, considering
the company they'll be in & the kind of music tastes
that decide the ratings. But then, maybe I'm just being
an elitist bastard :-)

Ajoy K. Bhatia

  "No, his mind is not for rent
   To any god or government."   - Rush


Subject: Huh?
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 91 13:27:45 PDT

What? You can't understand what the deeeeeep voice is saying in Show
Don't Tell? It is: "I will Be The Judge" And "Give The Jury Direction"
And Who's to say it is Alex Saying it? Alex's voice isn't even THAT deep.
It's Neil who has a Hella DEEEEP voice. And the voice on Subdivisions say
ing the word "subdivisions" is not A natural voice. It seems computer
enhanced. Everybody has this misconception since they see Alex Step up to
the mike and Lip Sync the word Subdivisions in the Video, that he has a
deeeep voice. WRONG! I've heard his voice and it is not. So there.
Also, I was reading through the credits at the end of the ASOH video, and
it lists one JACK FUNK in the credits, so it seems that he existed way
before the band even thought about concieving a song like Roll The Bones.
Got My Roll The Bones Press Booklet a couple-o- days ago and DoooooooD!!
It is HELLA sweet!By the way, "hella" is the new "in" word. It includes a
black and white photo of the dudes, sort of like what you would get if
you wrote them a fan letter saying, "give me a picture of you guys!"
And it also has Row The Boats, the press release penned by Neil that we
all love so much.

P.S. Pleeeeeeeeze! No more Explaining about how a vinyl disc can have
more or less sound on one side! WE GET THE PICTURE! Thank You.

"Folks are basically decent, Conventional wisdom would say"

"All those precious, whasted years.....Who will pay?"



Date: Tue, 1 Oct 91 14:11:50 PDT
From: changed%robotics.Berkeley.EDU@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU (Chang... Ed Chang.)
Subject: Just another parody... on a scoring run

Despite the subject heading, this is not a parody of "You Bet Your Life."
In fact, this isn't even off rtb.  Instead, I finally decided to write up
a parody of "Witch Hunt" that's been brewing in my mind for the last year.

Without further ado,

"One likes to believe in the freedom of baseball"

--| * Pitch Bunt
--| Part III of 'Beer'

 The batter stands
 Without a sound
 The air is thick, and still

 All the eyes are focused on
 The lonely pitcher's hill

Bleachers distorted in the halogen light
The faces are twisted and grotesque
Drunken and loud in the sweltering night
The mob moves like demons possessed
Completely obnoxious, waiting to fight -
Confident their team is best

 The righteous rise
 With blurry eyes
 Unfocused and unclear

 Fat men fed on beer and fries
 To eat, and burp, and cheer

They say there are dangers, to play for us
Gotta dodge that wild ball
But other sports are much more dangerous
Have Bo Jackson tell you all
Those who know what's best for us -
Must try to save us from football

 Quick to swing
 Quick to anger
 Slow to hit the ball

 Being sent
 Back to the bench
 Or worse
 The shower stall

I've started to collect the parodies, but I forgot to save off the earlier
ones, like "Beeresy" (part 0 of "Beer"?) and "Take my Wife."  Is someone
putting together a collection for us Weird-Al-junkies?



Date: Tue,  1 Oct 1991 17:52:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jason James Haas 
Subject: Re: 09/30/91 - The National Midnight Star #345 ** Part 2 of 2 **

You guys better be ready to rock!!! Because our boys are going to be
here, Monday, October 28 in the Civic Arena.  Tickets went on sale the
30th of September.  Put a jammin' party together and invite the entire
damn city.

"So get out there and rock.....and Roll the Bones."

Party hard,
Jason (alias 'Hoser')


Date:         Tue, 01 Oct 91 19:31:36 EDT
From: Ian Nathan 
Subject:      The Tour/Tickets/Things Like That

I am just going to take a moment to be very selfish.

Can anyone tell me if they have any clue as to when TIX go on sale for

                         December 4 - Capital Centre
                         December 6 (7) at Madison Square Garden?

I would appreciate any responses to me via e-mail and not the list.

And does anyone have a clue about the second leg of the tour and if they'll
in fact repeat any of the same venues?


Ian Nathan
The George Washington University
(yeah the place they brought Reagan when he was shot)
Washington, D.C.

P.S. I saw Eric Johnson here last week at Lisner Auditorium (although
it's not RUSH I now consider him RUSH related) and he wasn't that good -
Actually he was completely unimpressive - I would be happy to discuss this
with anyone via e-mail.


Date: Tue, 1 Oct 91 20:00:31 -0400
From: "John W Connelly" 
Subject: Rush pre-party in Pittsburgh

As many of you know by now, Rush is playing one of their earliest stateside
dates in our beautiful city of Pittsburgh (where they've been playing "Ghost
Of A Chance" all along, Brian Young!).  Since several folks have expressed
interest in having our second Pittsburgh TNMS Rush party the night of the
concert (October 28), and since I'm all for it, I'll immediately eliminate the
biggest problem we faced in organizing the first Rush party by offering to
host Round Two at my apartment.  We won't be able to have live music there,
but (a) it'll reduce my email organizing headache and (b) we'll be going to
hear the real thing anyway!

So what I propose is to have a pre-concert get-together at my Shadyside pad,
which is right across the street from a Negley bus stop, on a direct line to
the Arena.  I'll even spring for a couple cases o' beer (how 'bout that
Glacier Bay, Chuck and Doug? :), but depending on the response, donations may
be necessary (I *am* a poor grad student, after all).  Since it's on a Monday,
I don't foresee it starting till around 5, so as much beer as we can consume
in two hours is all we really need, eh?

If you're interested in attending, email me at the address below and I'll send
you directions to my pad.

"Get busy!"


| John W. Connelly  | "If you choose not to  |  |
|  511 LRDC Bldg.   |   decide, you still    |+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=|
|  U.of Pittsburgh  |    have made a choice" |    CONNELLY@Pittvms.BITNET   |


Date: Tue, 1 Oct 91 20:03:40 -0400
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: Ladies and Gentlemen, A Special Announcement

Revenge of the Pittsburgh Rush Party:

WHEN: Proposed Date:  10/26/91

WHERE: Stately Dawson Manor, Pittsburgh PA

WHY:   Why Ask Why?

SPECIAL GUESTS:  The Swedish Bikini Team, Steve Vai

Any questions 'bout this send email to the below address.

Hey Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Missasaga, Willowdale, Buffalo, when
is the 16 of December.   How's about a party before the show or after the
show or during the show?  Also, does anyone up there know when Kim's new
album comes out?  Does anyone have Alert
Records or Atlantic Records number?

Douglas Schwabe


Date: Tue, 1 Oct 91 19:04 CDT
From: (JW Smith)
Subject: Concert Bragging

Uh, people...I think I speak for us all when I suggest that NO ONE
REALLY CARES how good your seats are for the Rush show.  Especially
those of us who live in the ass end of nowhere and probably won't
see the show at all.  (Yeah, right, I'm going to drive to St. Louis
from Arkansas on a Thursday.  I work nights and do school days.)

Not to sound nasty, but it's kind of like waving food before a
hungry man...behind glass.  Know what I mean?

"the heat and the beat of the neat repeat"


Date: Tue, 1 Oct 91 19:15:53 -0500
From: (James Moseley)
Subject: Fill in 'Dreamline'

Awile ago I posted that the three beats in 'Dreamline' sounded like wood
block strikes through some heavy effects.  It's quite possible they could
be sonar pulses or anything else for that matter, except for dogs.
But who really cares anyway?  As for the argument that they were triggered
by Neil, and therefore not dogs, HEY, ANYTHING can be sampled and then
triggered later, in recording or concert!  And as for the people trying to
find some meaning in the pulses, its's JUST a neat drum-fill.  I really
don't think Neil added those beats for some kind of imagery effect, but
think what you will!

James Moseley


Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1991 21:38:23 -0500
From: Matt Jun 
Subject: Normal, IL

 I thought I'd pass along what I know about the Normal, IL show.  First of
all, if you don't already have tickets, forget it-they went on sale two weeks
ago.  Here's my sad ticket tale.  Tickets went on sale Friday, but only to
ISU students.  I quickly called a student friend and we got in line Thurs.
night ~10:00-120th in line.  Then they make "the announcement"-no limit on
ticket purchases!  Needless to say it was a feeding frenzy for the first
people in line.  The first two people both bought 70 tix each.  The fourth
person in line only got seventh row.  I only got second row risers off to the
side.  Geesh-what a stupid way to run a show.  Maybe I'll do better this Sat.
in St. Louis(anybody gonna be in line Fri-see you there)

On a non-related note...
  As long as everybody's trying to figure out various sound effects(dogs,
 Someone mentioned the jackhammers at the beginning of Force Ten.  To me
it sounds like fast synth drum roll.  IMHO I don't think it's sampled, it's
too clean.
  Also, and if this has been discussed shoot me, has anyone noticed that the
line "...and the meek shall inherit the earth" from 2112 is two different
takes-one on each channel?  I know, it's trivial, but it kind of freaked me
out when I listened to it on headphones.

Oh well, enough of this, gotta get ready for the ticket expidition Friday.



From: (David A Warner)
Subject: ** Concert Dates For Michigan **
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 91 23:30:27 EDT

i saw the concert dates for *rush* in my hometown *michigan,detroit*,
which today, i called up ticketmaster, harmony house, soundwarehouse
and they don't have any info on when the dates are in michigan, also
when they go on sale...

correct me if i'm wrong please...

11/13/91 & 11/14/91 at auburn palace (detroit michigan)..

does anyone out there know when they will annouce the concert
*rlb* in michigan....

please let me know.....a/s/p...

-----also----  whats better? waiting for the tickets in line or
               calling up ticketmaster?.....

** also, if your interested, i'm looking for a keyboard * bass guitar
   player that can sing to join a bar/party/wedding and original
   material band **

rush-mgr....if this post is against NMS,, please omit it from
            the bulk mail...only the part about keyboard & guitar
            player wanted...

** thought the communication would be strong in what i'm looking for!!**



Date: Tue, 1 Oct 91 22:29:29 EDT
From: vanth! (Jim Shaffer)
Subject: touring

Kevin Tipple  writes:

>Personally, I think they should hit the bar scene under false names a la
>REM in Europe when they appeared as "Bingo and the Hand Jobs."

"Bingo and the Hand Jobs"?!

Well, I guess Rush could use something like "By-Tor and the Snow Dogs"...

  *  From the disk of:	|  jms@vanth.uucp		 | I'm in a groove now
  Jim Shaffer, Jr.	|  uunet!cbmvax!amix!vanth!jms	 | -- or is it a rut?
  37 Brook Street	|  |
  Montgomery, PA 17752	|	 | (Rush, "Face Up")


Date: Tue, 1 Oct 91 23:39 CDT
From: (Chris Bray)
Subject: Rush tour dates in Arkansas?

Does anybody know of any rush tour dates in Arkansas? Maybe in Little Rock,
or more favoribly, Fayetteville?

 - Chris Bray
Chris Bray  -   -  University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
 "Just because some of us can read and write and do a little math, that
  doesn't mean we deserve to conquer the Universe."
			 - Kurt Vonnegut - "Hocus Pocus"


Date: Wed, 2 Oct 91 01:03:39 edt
From: John Caruso 
Subject: "Dreamline" controversy--resolved !

     I just can't understand all the confusion I'm hearing.
Surely any reasonable person should be able to hear that the
sound in "Dreamline" is the mating dance of the dung beetle,
recorded at night, played backwards, sampled, and then sped
up to twice its normal rate.  At first I thought it was the
sound of lemmings smashing on wet rocks, but now I realize
how unlikely that idea would be WAY too hard to filter
out the noise of the waves.

     As for this whole "dog barking" angle, I just don't get
it.  Dogs barking in the distance in someone's hometown ?  I'm
sorry, but isn't that a bit of a stretch ?  I mean, at least
the submarine theory had the benefit of linking in with all of
the subtle underwater references in the lyrics (you know, the
"liquid-crystal compass", a "book of the rivers" [a MAP book],
"a flickering light left behind in the heartland" [obviously
referring to an enemy city fried by a sub-launched missile !]).

     I guess this is really a request to all you well-meaning
but mixed-up "dog bark" believers:  listen to it again, think
about it for a while, and see if you don't agree that it sounds
more like the wily dung beetle (or at least a submarine ping).
You'll be glad you did.


From: David Edwards 
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 91 12:11:29 BST
Subject: Dogs !!

The sound is a SAMPLE of dogs barking.

Go but a decent hi-fi and report back.

Dave Edwards, Software Group, INMOS Ltd.
  Email (UK) :   | Snail : INMOS Ltd, 1000 Aztec West,
  Internet   :     |         Almondsbury, Bristol,
  Janet      :   |         BS12 4SQ, UK.
          ".. endorsed by the moon in its crescent form"


Date: Wed, 2 Oct 91 08:57:59 EDT
From: (shane p faulkner)
Subject: Concerts, rapping, etc

Damn!!! I knew someone would beat me to it.  I played the rap in Roll the Bones
last night on a 6-track with a pitch control knob.  The voice has GOT to be
MC Geddster judging by the nasaly voice.

Terry Stedman (sorry if spelled wrong)_ said he got floor seats for Rochester
in section 73.  I got section 53, ROW E, and I think this means I'm in about
the 20-25th row, although I'm not sure on this.

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Date: Wed, 2 Oct 91 09:01:25 EDT
From: Doug White 
Subject: Dogs (wasn't that a Who tune?)

That Dreamline bit doesn't sound like a dog's bark, IMO. The sonar ping
idea is possible, but I really think (read OPINION) that that little
section of noise is just one of the orchestrative touches R.Hine threw
in. Like the "Faith is cold as ice - (bell chimes) Why are little ones ..."
in RTB. Just throwing in noises to keep the songs busy. :)

An extra special thanx to the posters of tour dates!! And to the
scheduling of the Largo date neither night of my classes! (Like it
really would have mattered?)

Lastly - the alternative lyric laddies/ladies. I laffed my butt off at
Face Up, Bet Yer Wife, Mobile Homes, etc. If anybody does collect all
these together, _PLEASE_ wing me a copy!
Later, Doug
ORQ: "Midway hawkers calling 'Try your luck with me'..."
 Douglas White, National Institute of Standards & Technology
 Bldg. 225, Rm A216, Gaithersburg, MD 20899 /  Voice: (301) 975-2182 / FAX: (301) 590-0932

 - Every person should struggle to love what they do,
	 when they cannot do what they love. -  Descalzo


Date: Wed, 2 Oct 91 10:41 CST
Subject: tour info

Has anyone heard about tour dates for Dallas, OKC, or Kansas City?
                               Brian Utesch


Date:         Wed, 02 Oct 91 14:35:49 EDT
Subject:      How about west and southwest(!!!) tour date?

I was very glad to see the tour dates in a recent issue of NMS, but then I was
disappointed to see that all the dates were Midwest, northeast, and eastern
Canada.  Does anyone have any dates for the west, or better yet southwest, or
even better yet the New Mexico area?  Up until 3 mos. ago I lived in Michigan
and had no problem seeing the Boyz, since Detroit was a regular tour stop.
Now I find myself in Los Alamos, NM for another year and I am seriously afraid
of missing the show.  (*SOB*)



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