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Subject: 10/03/91 - The National Midnight Star #348

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 348

                 Thursday, 3 October 1991
Today's Topics:
               A clearing house and a hook
                    Rush and Rockline
               Best Parody Yet by Ed Chang
         Pittsburgh Rush parties: Seeing double?
                  Metallica-Fans of Rush
                      tour date info
                       BOSTON ????
                        Re: Xanadu
      Re: 10/02/91 - The National Midnight Star #347
                     Ticket Bragging
                   Tickets && purchases
                       Boston Show?
               Press Booklet/Packet/Release
                RTB Memorabilia!!!/Etc...
          Dogs in Dreamline and Stranger Things

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Well, this was supposed to go out yesterday, but for some reason didn't,
so here we go again.  There will also be a Friday NMS following this.
The FAQL will come out early next week.  Probably.

Ok, so who's paying attention this time ?  One, two, three ...   :-)

First of all, if any of you Pittsburg people have a free ticket and a
place to crash, I'll be willing to take them off your hands!

Now, down to business.  I am still waaaayyyyy behind on the administrative
mail, so if you're wondering why you haven't gotten a response to your
request/suggestion/flame, it's probably because yours is #94 in the queue.
(There are a few special ones out there whom I will contact directly from
another account
I'll be working on it, but dunno when I'll get back even (if ever).  Also,
preparing to teach a short course next week doesn't help me any...

For all those readers having heart attacks because their city/state/country
wasn't on the tour list posted, relax just a bit.  At the risk of stating
the obvious, Rush is well known for doing thier tours in legs instead of
contiguously.  I would bet good money (unlike what my job pays) that come
the 2nd-3rd week in January they'll start the second leg of their tour,
hitting many places in CA and the SE US.  Now, as for overseas, that's
another ball of string; they indicate they now tour on the basis of sales,
so I guess it depends upon how well their album did in your country, and
the surrounding ones as well...

Well, enough blabbing from me, on with the show!



Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1991 16:10 EDT
Subject: A clearing house and a hook

 In response to the imports someone mentioned recently, I have both Life/Live
Under Pressure and Rushian Roulette from Metal Memory (both on CD). As an
aside, this was the company that set aside a portion of the profits for the
original artists...

 LUP is from the GUP tour, specifically the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, July
8th, 1984. The sound is pretty good. It is strikingly like the GUP tour video
(Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto) minus the medleys. The song list is:

 Spirit of Radio, The Enemy Within, Witch Hunt, New World Man, DEW,
 Red Sector A, Closer to..., Tom Sawyer, Free Will, and Finding My Way (47:20)

 Rushian Roulette is from the Pinkpop Festival in Holland, May '78:

 A Passage..., Xanadu, The Trees, Closer to..., La Villa, 2112 "part 2",
 In the Mood (plus drum solo), and Something for Nothing (55:44).

 There are some minor this-song-starts-here errors, plus they perform The
Sphere (part 6 of Hemispheres) and aren't credited. The sound quality is
very good, even though Geddy is singing like he sat on a toilet plunger.

 As far as the Dreamline 'sound effect' goes, I thought it was a dog barking
the first time I heard it - and still do. Sure, they probably sampled a
single bark and triggered it three times, but it still sounds like a bark
to me. And, it fits the "hometown" theme that it follows in the song much
better than any other theory put forth. All this speculation took me by

 And as for hidden lyrics, I was following the fade-out special effects in
Neurotica a few days ago and found something of almost certain uninterest.
Milliseconds before YBYL begins, the very last sound in Neurotica is Geddy
shouting "Stop!". This can be found by continually turning up the volume as
the music fades out (ooooh, slick :). I'd look up the exact time, but hey,
would that help? Be quick with the volume knob though - the opening drums to
YBYL can hurt if played around 8 or 9 :-) This seems vaguely similar to the
end of Batdance...

 AND, I've been meaning to mention this for quite some time, but never got
around to it. Someone from ages gone by mentioned a special bonus lyric at
the end of Red Lenses. Well, I checked my CD, and at 4:33, as the music is
fading out, I could hear (mixed very closely with the bass) Geddy saying (in
an almost southern accent) : Everybody can suck my
                             Everybody can suck my d*ck

I can assure you it wasn't dack, deck, dock, or duck. I was very surprised
to hear this, and listened several more times just to be sure. But sure
enough, sung *very* closely with the rhythm and pitch of the bass, I heard
those two lines. (Make sure you employ the nifty turn-voulme-up trick to hear
this). Maybe my speakers are brighter than most or most people haven't
checked, but I definitely heard it. This seems like a good make-'em-sweat
Rockline question. Speaking of which, when are they on Rockline!?

 And, is it just me, or did everyone else who listened to the CD launch
notice some technical errors, e.g. we heard some chatter we weren't
supposed to. I listened to WEBN in Cincy and noticed several 'mishaps',
most notably a long silence between the preceding commercial and the very
start of the show. Studio chatter fades in with Geddy : "They're
professionals." then some unintelligible stuff, a faint gasp and silence
again. Some other things happened, like the chatter fading in again during
the beginning of Dreamline (host: "You sound like you just woke up"). I
assumed everyone else heard it, but no one has mentioned it yet...

 Tickets went on sale for the Tue. Oct 29 show in Cincinnati at 10 am Sat.
Sep 28. I got through to Select-a-Seat (513-721-1000) at 10:25. The girl
didn't mention anything about good/better seats so I assume they were all
$19.50. Unfortunately, I know nothing about Riverfront Coliseum's seating
arrangement, so if you know anything about section 114, row F, seats 1,2,3
drop me some mail.


ONPQ: "I've got a car as big as a whale..." (reference NMS #317 for details)


Date: Wed,  2 Oct 1991 19:38:57 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: Rush and Rockline

Has anyone out there heard about when and if the boyz
will be appearing on Rockline?  I know they did during
Presto, but I haven't heard anything about RTB.
Any information greatly appreciated.


"Everybody got to deviate from the norm."


From: (kerry yackoboski)
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1991 19:30:17 CDT
Subject: Best Parody Yet by Ed Chang

	Kudos to Ed Chang for what I consider the best
	parody yet, Pitch Bunt.  This'll be a tough one to

Mysterious Moon Man of Manitoba 
The Canadian Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Lab


Date: Wed, 2 Oct 91 20:59:39 -0400
From: "John W Connelly" 
Subject: Pittsburgh Rush parties: Seeing double?

Seems Pittsburgh's got more parties than it knows what to do with...

Doug Schwabe and I didn't consult each other when we each posted to the NMS
yesterday about having Pgh Rush Party #2.  He proposed having one the Saturday
before the show, October 26.  I proposed having one just before the show on
Monday, October 28.  Doug's place is where we had the first party, in August,
and I think it's a fitting place for Part II.  However, I plan to party just
before the show anyway, so my hosting a party *also* makes sense, and it's
closer to the bus than Doug's anyway (for those of us without cars).


	(are you ready for this?)

we're thinking of having Pittsburgh Rush Parties #2a and #2b!

	(Please, bear with me...  :)

#2a will be at Doug's on Saturday.  Contact him (
if you wanna go to a weekend party.

#2b will be at my place on Monday.  Contact me (
if you wanna go to a day-of, pre-concert party.

Got all that?  Good!  We Pittsburghers sure know how to party, don't we?


| John W. Connelly  | "If you choose not to  |  |
|  511 LRDC Bldg.   |   decide, you still    |+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=|
|  U.of Pittsburgh  |    have made a choice" |    CONNELLY@Pittvms.BITNET   |


Date: Wed, 2 Oct 91 21:04:30 -0400
From: jtkung@caf.MIT.EDU (Joseph Kung)

I just saw Eric Johnson a few nights ago in Boston, and I've seen
him on the _Ah_Via_Musicom_ tour last year [July 1990], and both
times, he was fantastic on the guitar. He definitely is no Jimi
Hendrix or Prince in terms of stage presence, but no less than Rush
has been in previous tours. In terms of guitar playing, I would say
that no guitarist I have ever seen or heard comes close to the level
of virtuosity in both feeling, melody, and technical skill than EJ.
He blew the crowd away with an assortment of songs from pop to cool
jazz to fusion to country-western to hard rock. Of course, most of
us in the audience were guitarists or people who were guitar fans, so
we were a bit biased. But his tone and sound were so impressive, and
his playing so crisp, clear, and blazing that I was stunned once

I would say that having Eric Johnson as the headliner is probably
going to be a real treat for most Rush fans who appreciate technical
virtuosity without forsaking melody and feeling. This guy really
cooks on guitar. It's like having Steve Morse as the headliner back in
'85 for the Power Windows tour. And that was great! The boyz really
know how to choose their headliners ...

- Joe


Date: Wed, 2 Oct 91 18:27:26 PDT
From: changed%robotics.Berkeley.EDU@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU (Chang... Ed Chang.)
Subject: Barbeque

In counting up the parodies that have been written for rtb, I noticed
that the only two songs (with lyrics) that haven't been defaced were
"Bravado" and "Neurotica."  (Forgive me if I missed any parodies of the
aforementioned songs.)  In an effort to enter my submission for the
Hall of Infamy, I wrote this up in about an hour.  Enjoy...


If we burn our wings
Trying to cook 'em well-done
>From the heat of the charcoal
Forgotten in all of the fun
If the dinner's done --
Though everything is lost
We will order out,
But we will not count the cost

When the smoke has cleared
And edible food denied
A burger too blackened
Chicken a little too fried
If we keep our pride
Though all the food is lost
We will order out,
But we will not count the cost

And if the fire stops
There's only the smell of the flame
All the steaks and drumsticks,
All the barbeque in vain
And if the guests remain
Though everything is lost
We will order out,
But we will not count the cost


"Well, you can claim that steak -- "


Date: 02 Oct 91 22:35:31 EDT
From: Thomas Regina <71530.417@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Metallica-Fans of Rush

In reference to Metallica's "borrowing" from Rush on their song
"Holier Than Thou": I think Metallica are fans of Rush. Remember
"Master Of Puppets"? They borrowed the Tom Sawyer bass line for
the song "Welcome Home(Sanitarium)". They also thanked our boyz
in the "thanks to:" liner notes. Well, better them to borrow from
Rush, than Vanilla Ice! Metallica reminds me of early Rush; refining
their music from album to album.

Finally, do people really like Marillion? In the Rush 1983 week at
Radio City Music Hall, they were nearly booed off the stage!
(Not saying they are bad, just stating facts).


Date: 2 Oct 91 23:52:00 EDT
Subject: tour date info

Hello all,

  I was just wondering, with all the talk of Rush's upcoming tour, does
anyone know when the boyz will be rocking the southeast (i.e. Florida)?
If so, great, but if not, I would greatly appreciate someone sending me
the phone number for Atlantic records or someplace that would know when
Rush is coming to a town near me.  By the way, does anyone else besides
me think that "You Bet Your Life" is simply Rush's worst effort to date?
FYI, I am as obsessed with Rush as any of you on here, I just don't see
the point in liking something JUST BECAUSE Rush wrote it.  A select few
Rush tunes to date (Anagram, Superconductor, and several from RTB) just
don't do anything for me :-(.  (Unlike 100% of pre-Rubert Rush)

Gregg Brown

ORQ: "Can't feed the people but we feed the machines,
      can't really feel what international means..."


Date: Wed, 2 Oct 91 21:09:11 PDT
From: "Why are we here, Because we are here, ROLL THE BONES" 
Subject: BOSTON ????

     Hi Folks,

            Does anyone have any idea when Boston tix go on sale ??

            And are you sure it's Boston and not Worcester ?


            "Don't ask me, I'm just improvising"

            "Almost, but not entirely, unlike tea"


From: atz@clmqt.marquette.MI.US (dweezilbub)
Subject: Re: Xanadu
Date: 3 Oct 91 01:51:04 EDT (Thu)

sunri!cadreri!mjv@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Michael J. Vargo) writes:

>    I would like all the info and insight all you Rushians have on
>Xanadu and
>the poem Kubla Kahn it is taken from. What do you think Neil is trying
>to get
>across to us? What do you think Coleridge is trying to get across to

I never read the actually story, but I always felt that Neil was just
simply talking about a place (like the fountain of youth) where one
could become IMMORTAL, if they want too.  It seems that it could be a
BIG choice for one.  I get the feeling from the lyrics, and Ged's
singing that he totally regrets it afterwards...

I like to think of Xanadu as a pre-cygnus song.  You know, become
immortal, THEN onward to a place where you become a God.

I would also like to relate to something that someone posted about
Xanadu awhile ago, seeing it live (finally).  I think Dave mentioned in
between about goose bumps or something, but that was the same feeling I
had, after seeing them 8 times and never seeing Xanadu live, just the
first 30 seconds of the song when they started playing, almost made me cry.

[ I felt the same way - I hadn't heard it live since the Hemispheres tour.
                                                                 :rush-mgr ]

I started yelling instead (but only for a few seconds).  ;)

      \_._____._____._____.    ====  ====  ===== .____._____.___.___/
  \__The Enterprise BBS      ==  ==  ==   ,===~   This space for rent!__/
       __-__________-__     ==~~==  ==   =====    ____-_____-___-__
         \          \  \    /     /   /


Date: Thu, 3 Oct 91 00:23 MST
Subject: Re: 10/02/91 - The National Midnight Star #347


	I am sorry to say this, but lately the NMS has been getting lame.
  WHO CARES whether the sound in Dreamline is a stupid DOG or a PING??

	If you like the music, then what is the point?  Noone will EVER
know what it actually was, unless of course they have the luck of asking
Geddy, Alex or Neil.

	As far as I am concerned, it might as well be a DEAD DOG.

Ian D. Bjorhovde

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ  85720


From: stedmant@LONEX.RL.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 91 09:04:08 EDT
Subject: Ticket Bragging

        I don't know about the rest of you, but I like to hear that at least
SOME Rush fans got really good seats for shows in their area.  No matter
how long I wait in line or how early I get to the computer, I always seem
to miss out on the first ten rows or more.
        Thanks go to Shane for info on my tickets for the Rochester show.

    Terry Stedman    Internet:
    I ) I I <~ I_I   "It is my will which chooses, and the choice of my will
    I \ I_I _> I I   is the only edict I must respect." - Rand from _Anthem_


From: (Sean A. Matheis)
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 91 08:21:55 -0700
Subject: Tickets && purchases

I must agree...I'm tired of seeing "oh look at my big pen*s - I've got 3rd
row seats." My opinion: Good for you. Enjoy the show. But we really don't
need to see half of this mailing list go bat-crazy over their wonderful
tickets.  Some of us don't even know when they're going to be able to see
the show.  I doubt they're coming back to Sacramento, CA.

My response: Pththth...I've got tix to see Metallica, Queensryche, Faith
no More and Soundgarden in the same show :).

[ Ahhh, but Shawn Cassidy is coming to Max's on Broadway in Baltimore, MD
  next Monday!  Top that!!  :-)                                  :rush-mgr ]



Date: Thu, 3 Oct 1991 11:40 -0500
Subject: Boston Show?

I saw a December 10th date in someone's post for a show in Boston (or
Boston area).  Anyone know where this show is gonna be? (Centrum?)  Also,
I haven't heard anything about when tickets go on sale.  Anyone with info
please e-mail me.   Thanx.

BTW: I've heard Eric Johnson is "pissa" in a small setting; not so good
     in an arena.  Anyone ever seen this guy?


Date: Thu,  3 Oct 1991 13:43:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: Matthew W Cushman 
Subject: Press Booklet/Packet/Release

Hi.  This is my first post on here, and I'm probably going to sound like
an ignoranamus, but can someone tell me how I can get ahold of one of
those press booklets that everyone seems to be talking about?  I'd
appriciate it...

"And the Trees were all kept equal by hatchet, axe and saw..."


Date: 3 October 1991 12:52:57 CDT
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 
Subject: RTB Memorabilia!!!/Etc...

Hi All! Guess everyone is awaiting for the day where Rush will
come and play in their town. Don't blame you guys/gals one bit!

Well, in the meantime just thought everyone would like to know
the memorabilia that is available for Roll The Bones:

Roll The Bones Promo CD (the entire album) has the 2 Atlantic
  stickers on the front just like on the CD cellophane wrap
Dreamline Promo CD single (Atlantic vers.) has the wishbones on
  the front cover of the album
Roll The Bones Promo poster (same as the Front cover) except its
  24 * 36 " size thanks to Mr. Riker for this present! My Bday is
  Oct. 5. :) and I'll be 24.
Roll The Bones Press kit (about 8 pgs long) printed on 8.5 * 11 "
  size paper w/ a little story by Neil in the beginning, then the
  rest is the same as the Roll The Bones CD booklet, but at the
  back it contains a beautiful 8 * 10" promo glossy black and
  white group foto of the Boyz thanks John for letting me know
  where to find this one!
The Scroll (a nice promo scroll) written in Old English type
  style and printed on old paper.  thanks again John on where to
  find this one!
Roll The Bones LP , yep you got it, you can actually get it on
  Vinyl but only for the People in the UK. The entire album w/ 10
Roll The Bones Tour Program (this one will only be available
  after the tour has started which shouldn't be too long from
  now) I'll have mine on Oct. 26 after the first show from a
  good friend who's going and picking one up for me. :)
Roll The Bones CD on Sony/Epic Japanese import (this should be
  available within the next few months but may be a little
  pricey! but worth it, where else can you get the lyrics
  translated in Japanese!)

I guess thats about it for now, I'll post more memorabilia as I'm
able to get it myself. If any one has any questions on where to
find the above mentioned items feel free to email me direct!

I can't believe they are doing the Midwest so soon in the tour,
they really caught me off guard this time, but I still managed to
get 25th row main floor for the Rosemont Horizon show in Chicago,
Il. on Oct. 31, 3rd row main floor for the Bradley Centre in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Nov. 10, and last but not least 1st row
Mezz seats for the Red Bird Arena, Normal, Il. (thanks Trav!) on
Nov. 9, but I'm sure you don't want to hear about the rest, so
I'll stop while I'm ahead! Ready to rock out Mr. Riker? :P

ps: Adrian, I have tried sending mail to you, but my system here
at college is rejecting it! Did you change your address? If so
please reply if you read this. I have been able to obtain most of
the items you have requested and I would like to know where to
send it (snail mail). thanks

(sorry Rush Manager for this private post, but I couldn't get a
 hold of him)

[ No problem.  For anyone, if you are having problems sending mail to
  someone, you can send mail to the administrative address.  Sometimes
  the address is either incorrect in the header, or different than where
  they normally get mail.  "From" addresses are funny creatures sometimes.
                                                                 :rush-mgr ]

p                           p
-  "I was lined up for glory but the Bitnet:u24129@uicvm.bitnet    -
g   tickets sold out in advance.     Genie: P.Choy                 g
p   The way the big wheel spins."                                  p
-                                                  Patster         -
g                                                                  g


Subject: Dogs in Dreamline and Stranger Things
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 91 14:31:29 EDT

(Wow!  My *second* post ever to TNMS!  I think I should celebrate! 8-)

Well, IMHO, those are, in fact, dogs barking in Dreamline right after
the line "Far away from her hometown."  I've listened to that song
God knows how many times through a good pair of headphones and every
time I grow more and more convinced it's a dog.  Maybe a sampled dog,
maybe some weird electronic percussion instrument burping, hell, maybe
Alex is playing with his thing, but IT SOUNDS LIKE A DOG TO ME!!!

Well, enough said about that.

I would've enclosed my multiple parodies of "Where's My Thing?"
including: "Where's My Fling?" detailing a tortured, frustrated man's
attempts to have a meaningful extra-maritial affair and the
dissatisfaction inherent within, resulting in his final, bitter
decision to settle for cheap sex; "Where's My Ring?" about the frantic
efforts of a groom to figure out what to do after learning the best
man hocked the wedding bands for a wild night in Tijuana; "Where's My
Ping?" which talks about a musician who cannot seem to get his
digitized sonar sound to come out properly and instead it keeps
sounding like singing goldfish; 

[ ... or barking dogs.  (sorry, couldn't resist!)             :rush-mgr ]

                                 "Where's My King?" a stirring epic
about a knight's frantic, desperate search to find and rescue his
leige-lord; "Where's My Ming?"  about the theft of a precious, stolen,
ancient Chinese vase and the hard-boiled detective's attempts to track
it down, done with a gritty, B&W-movie-era feel; "Where's My Wing?"
about an angel which has lost one of its wings, a symbol of its purity
and fall from grace, and must attempt to regain it in order to
re-enter heaven or be stuck in a pop music group as punishment; and
"Where's My Zing?" about a carbonated soft drink which has lost its

Unfortunately, I don't know how to do ASCII representations of sheet
music and can't figure out the proper silly sound effects to use
instead ("What the *hell* was that?!"  "I dunno, sort of a
`dunalunadun!' I think").

Viva les Boyz!
Bill "Life bites intergalactic moose turds..." Barnes
Disclaimer:  Don't assume anything I say is truthful, accurate, or worthwhile.
Datclaimer:  My employers wouldn't WANT to share some of my opinions.


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