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Subject: 10/04/91 - The National Midnight Star #349

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 349

                  Friday, 4 October 1991
Today's Topics:
           New York City/Madison Square Garden
    Pop, Epics, and Excellence [Re: `beeresy` and pop]
             Washington, D.C./Capital Centre
           Mobile homes / shoot the damn dogs!
             Original format of album artwork
                   RUSH ITEMS AVAILABLE
         The review you have been waiting for ;-)
                S.A. Express Review 10/04

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star
Subject: Administrivia

Sorry 'bout the snafu with Thursday's NMS - for some reason it didn't
go out at the prescribed time.

I'm still too far behind in administrative requests to count.  I'm
trying to take care of all removal/change requests before processing
the adds, of which there are a good 75 or so (of course, the week I'm
off I get flooded!).  Please bear with me...

Lastly, congrats to the Toronto Blue Jays, Geddy's fav. team, for clinching
a place in the playoffs!  Now Geddy may try to restructure the tour around
the playoffs!  :-)   Maybe have a stand-in bass player for nights he's at
the ballpark?  :-) :-)



Date:         Thu, 03 Oct 91 15:31:25 EDT
From: Ian Nathan 
Subject:      New York City/Madison Square Garden

Since I have had a ton of responses to my query on tickets for
Madison Squre Garden on the weekend of 12/7, I thought I'd relay my
past experience with getting tickets for NY shows.

I have experienced in the past that tickets for arena shows, at least
in the New York area - MSG, Meadowlands, Nassau Coliseum - go on sale
on Saturday mornings at around 9am or 10am. I am anticipating the same
this time around. I just want to know which SATURDAY?

I am getting nervous because I have seen our friends from around the
country get tickets already for shows up through the middle of November.

So I will go as far as to suggest that we all keep calling
ticketmaster - I call (212) 307-7171 each time - and I have for the
most part received decent seats each time.

I will call in a few minutes to see if they could give me any more info
as to when tickets go on sale. And of course I will keep you all posted.

Any questions please send them e-mail.

Ian Nathan
The George Washington University
(yeah I am going home to NY to see them 'cause it's easier)
Washington, D.C.


Date: Thu, 3 Oct 91 14:03:04 -0700
From: (Steve Schneider)
Subject: Pop, Epics, and Excellence [Re: `beeresy` and pop]

| ----------------------------------------------------------
| Date:    Thu, 19 Sep 1991 19:34:57 EDT
| Subject: `beeresy` and pop
| who made the remark that, in effect, said that it was more difficult to
| create a well-constructed pop song than an art rock tune w/ "science fiction
| lyrics." Art rock in itself is based on complex musical composition that
| utilizes all of the various instruments(including the voice) to create an
| `orchestra' that builds up a musical theme(s) which can put images in our
| mind as clear as a brilliant sculpture. (Whew!) The difficulty of producing
| this in a coherent and musically beautiful form is monumentous.

Unfortunately, Rush and Yes have rarely fully surmounted the monumentous
task of creating a coherent art rock tune.  Surely, such colossal epics
tax the musicianship of the players and are certainly not without merit
compositionally; however, when one speaks of the difficulty of creating
a well-constructed pop song, one refers not only to the merits just
mentioned but also to the visceral and immediate connection for the
listener which is typically lost by all but the best art rock tunes.
  The distinction that I'm trying to draw is handily illustrated
by contrasting "Hemispheres" with "Limelight".  "Hemispheres", though
a fantastic song, and clearly a monumentous composition,
is dwarfed by the compositional genius exhibited in "Limelight".
An abstruse foray into the stuff of greek myth and psychology, "Hemispheres"
is largely a piebald conglomeration of different musical themes.
Though I don't deny the song it's overall direction, nor do I
deny the existence of some lyrical theme; but the song stands in sharp
contrast to the seamless melding of complex rhythms (meters) as well
as deft lyrical exposition on the joys and cares of fame present in
  "Lime"'s among the most popular Rush songs ever, it appeals to
a larger group of people than "Hemispheres", it's shorter, more
mundane in terms of lyrical theme (which isn't saying much compared
with "Hemispheres"), and yet so much more impressive from a compositonal
  Of course, Nate probably wasn't thinking of "Lime" when he
was talking about pop songs--personally, it doesn't even occur
to me that Marky Mark or other pre-fabricated groups of his ilk
would be considered music at all.

| [...] I'm not here to slam
| pop music, I'm just pointing out the sheer illogic of comparing the
| difficulties of these two styles.

Indeed, it's daffy to compare Milli V. with Rush, Yes and the like.
But Rush has been moving toward (for what, ten or more years?) more
pop-ish songs (shorter, catchier &c), so I wanted to confine my discussion
purely to Rush songs because I think the "good old days" of 2112 and
Hemispheres and Caress &c are overrated.  While I really enjoy the
old Epics, I don't think that they're deserving of the praise that they
are commonly paid.

Steve C. Schneider


Date:         Thu, 03 Oct 91 20:13:19 EDT
From: Ian Nathan 
Subject:      Washington, D.C./Capital Centre

To all Washington area RUSH fans...

According to Ticketmastere here (202) 432-0200, tickets go on sale no less
than 4 to 6 weeks before the show, putting sale date for the Cap Centre
at the middle to end of October. Of course I HIGHLY recommend calling
yourselves to find out first hand.

Any questions can be directed to me via e-mail

Ian Nathan
The George Washington University
Washington, D.C.


Subject: Mobile homes / shoot the damn dogs!
From: (Vindicator)
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 91 17:49:38 PDT

First I must say that the rap section in Mobile Homes was written by Sean
and myself and a little revising from Matt.  He of course wrote the rest
of the parody.  I just wanted to get our credit in there, especially
since I think it's much better than my wheel parody.  Hi matt!

Oh and about the dogs, please stop it.  It's a damn sonar blip, I was the
first to say it and I will say it again, it ain't dogs but a blip.  And
yes I do have a good stereo, I have listened to it 5 or 6 times on a
Nakamichi 6 disc changer, 7 speaker sub woofer system in a lexus LS400,
and believe me there is no other way to hear it!  Awesome!

Well that's about it.  Also I think that since the tour dates were posted
once it's of no use to post again and again, unless they have changed!
Cummon west coast people, we can't let all this concert date material
drown us out!  We need to know for sure!

PS.  Spinal Tap is working on a new album as we speak!


PPS.  A tour is in the making too!


From: The Masked Avenger 
Subject: Original format of album artwork
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 91 11:58:52 CST

Howdy people.

I've just picked up anther copy of 2112 on record, just because
of the cover artwork. My old copy was a re-issue (priceless
recordings?) and didn't have the fold-out cover, and so it
didn't have the lyrics, which was a real bummer.

What I'd like to know is with the early albums, which of them
had fold-out covers, lyrics, posters, etc. All of my early
Rush albums are these Priceless reissues, so I'd like to know
what I've missed. In particular I'd like more info on Rush, Fbn,
Cos, 2112, Aftk, and Hemispheres.

If this is available at the ftp site, just a reference to where it
is would be fine.

thanks, and goonight.

P.S.  Happiness is  xloadimage -onroot -fullscreen wishbone.gif

Kevin Haines.    | Why is it that when you DIE, you can't take
   :-)           | your HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER with you??


From: (The Charlatan)
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 91 23:17:41 EDT

Howdy Rushfreaks...

Due to one certain jerk not coming through with his money, there are still
a number of Rush items up for auction that continue to be available. I
deleted the messages from those of you that had made previous bids and
would appreciate it if you would e-mail me once more.

Here be the list:


Subdivisions 7" picture disc

Big Money 7" in deluxe "window" gatefold

Rush Interview 12" picture disc

Looking through a window (live double boot from powindows tour)

And many other 12 inchers and other neat stuff.

Please email me to make an offer or for more info.

Neil Prasad

P.S. Anyone have Canadian tour dates yet?


Date:    Fri, 4 Oct 91 07:29:07 CDT
From: storey%batse.span@Fedex.Msfc.Nasa.Gov (SCOTT STOREY X7700)
Subject: The review you have been waiting for ;-)

Hello all

Well I have been waiting in the wings long enough. Reading all of the
reviews, good and bad, Finnish and American, Canadian and Australian :)
Now you have to suffer through mine. BWAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I HAVE

Well at the outset let me say that my favourites are still the 70's Rush.
Maybe it's my age, but ask me if I give a shit. However, _Presto_ was my
favourite since MP. In fact, I gave up after P/G. After _Presto_ I went
out and bought HYF and PoW. I liked them, but not as well as _Presto_. So
my hopes were high in anticipation of RTB. Also, if you are still reading
this, I won't do Rush a disservice by comparing RTB to any of there older
stuff. To me that's only useful when you are being general. Like "RTB is
more like HYF than FTK". Besides, I'd be bored to tears listening to the
same old thing album after album. I do think some bands change to much but
that's another story.

First of all, Dreamline, Roll.., and Wheel.. are my favourites right now.
It's probably no coincidence that these have plenty of Alex on them.

Wheel is probably the best of these three. I just love those simple chord

Dreamline definately makes a good single. Real appealing to the general
radio listener I think.

Roll The Bones is probably the most curious song by them in a while. I
don't mind the so-called rap part. But damned if I know why it's there.
Just some kind of interlude from their more art-rock days I guess.

Bravado. They could have left this one off. Just can't get anything out
of it. Maybe later...I have not given up. With Rush sometimes it takes
years before you get what you want out of a song. Maybe the Fins will
come back to this record later for the same reason.

Thing. I like this one except for the intro. Somehow doesn't fit for me.
Otherwise a good showcase for all.

Face Up. A good rocker. This one is growing on me more and more. I know
I like it better than when I first listened. That's true for the whole
album really.

The rest. I lump the rest of the songs into that "listenable" category of
mine. Not bad songs, just not good enough for me to have any strong
opinions. I bob my head and air guitar to these just the same though.

Generally RTB is a good record. I like Geddy's bass in this one but it
is not as prominent as I would like it. The Dr's drumming has been better.
Oh yeah he still keeps a beat and does fills with the best. But hell he
spoiled me with all the stuff he used to do, e.g. FTK, 2112. Alex.... this
is his record. Glad as hell to see he is not buried under a wash of
synths. Playin them riffs, strummin them power chords just like the old

Now that it's said and done, I reserver the right to change my opinion in
any way I wish. In fact, I was just thinking (scary), does anyone besides
me think it would be interesting to read our reviews of RTB 6 months from
now? Maybe even a year from now? Just a thought...

Well that's it! I sure hope Rush tours the south soon.



Date: 4 Oct 91 13:31:00 CDT
Subject: S.A. Express Review 10/04

Roll the Bones review
San Antonio Express-News
Friday October 4, 1991
Reprinted without permission

Roll the Bones
Atlantic 82293
Reviewed by Robert Johnson

                       Rush delivers yet another solid album

  Calling a band "dependable" sounds like damning it with faint praise, yet
that's the first term that comes to mind regarding this sturdy Canadian power

  It's meant as a compliment, not a thinly veiled insult.  To no one's
surprise, "Roll the Bones," Rush's 17th studio album, is a solid piece of
work.  The standard blueprint is still being used - music composed by
guitarist Alex Lifeson and bassist/synth programmer Geddy Lee; lyrics penned
by drummer Neal Peart.

  Though a bit predictable, that blueprint still works.  "Roll the Bones" is
dominated by the shimmering, metallic reflection that Rush albums have been
giving off since the early '80's.  Lately, Peart's future-shock lyrics have
left me with a vision of a computerized wasteland, with the gleaming
arrangements representing the sun as it beats down on the unfortunate
humanoids below.

  Since Peart is often maddeningly vague and Lee's vocals are often on the
chilly side, the fact that Rush can make compelling songs while staying within
its somewhat narrow musical parameters is nothing short of amazing.

  Peart's lyrics are frequently on the mark, too.  In "Roll the Bones," he
simplifies Rene "I think, therefore I am" Descartes to "I'm here, therefore
I'm here."  That circular philosophy compensates for the song's ill-advised,
obligatory rap break.

  As on 1989's mostly excellent "Presto," "Roll the Bones" works best when
sandpaper is taken to the shiny surfaces.  The ultra-funky instrumental
"Where's My Thing" is guaranteed to scratch any itch.  One question:  It's
listed as Part IV, "Gangster of Boats" Trilogy.  Where are Parts I-III?

  The album-opening "Dreamline" blast off after a deceptively low-key opening,
while "The Big Wheel" approaches the neutral zone between Rush's contemporary
sound and its heavy-metal past.

  "Roll the Bones" may stay in familiar sonic territory, but my hat's off to
Rush for its amazing ability to keep reinventing the wheel and making it seem
new.  ***   {three stars out of four}


Date: Fri, 4 Oct 91 16:16:56 edt
From: Donna Skarbo 

Hello, fellow RUSH fans,
	A few people have asked if anyone has been keeping copies of
the spoofs.  I have.  If anyone is interested in a copy, please send
an e-mail request to:
	Take care and keep rolling dem bones!



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