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Subject: 10/08/91 - The National Midnight Star #350

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 350

                 Tuesday, 8 October 1991
Today's Topics:
                  Looking and distressed
            tour speculation and sad realities
              Re: RTB Memorabilia!!!/Etc...
             compiled works of Weird Al Peart
         Don't be too thrilled about Eric Johnson
                I'm sorry if I sound anal!
                      The last time!
     Re:  10/04/91 - The National Midnight Star #349
                        Xanadu &c.
           Yep, the Boyz are goin' to Europe...
                 Album covers and designs
               more on those "barking dogs"
                        Kubla Khan
                     Minneapolis show
               sheet music for Working Man
                   St. Louis tickets...
             Where is all the energy gone???
                    No Tide (a parody)
                 Misplaced Stagepresence
                  Geddy and "Red Lenses"
                     Wax in your ears
            Any word from the Backstage Club?
                       Many Things
                    Moving Pictures...
                   C H R O N I C L E S
              RUSH LP is available (no lie)
                What row are YOUR tickets?
               What is best way to get tix?
   Reply to: 10/04/91 - The National Midnight Star #349

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

I am still much too far behind in the administrative mail.  It's getting

There was no NMS for Monday, 10/7/91.  There will be two for today to make
up for it.



Date: 	Fri, 4 Oct 1991 18:17:13 -0230
From: John Palfrey 
Subject: Looking and distressed

Greetings fellow RUSHans,

    Upon reading the lastest FAQL, I noticed that there are three
books that deals with the band.  The Visions, SUP, and one called
RUSH by Brian Harrigan, published by Putnam Publishing Group.
My problem is that I have the first two and I wrote a letter to
the publisher of the third book and they have none.  I was wondering
are there anymore around out there???

    Speaking of Heart Attacks.  This will be the second time in a
row that the Boyz never came to the Atlantic Province.  They were
in Newfoundland for thier Hold Your Fire tour, but have not been here
for the Presto and signs indicates that they will not be here for the
Roll the Bones tour.  The nearest venue will be Toronto or Montreal
and that is to far to travel!  ARGH!  Is there a possibilty that
they may show up here?

   That's all that's on this Fisherman's mind.

"...Catch a fish...",
John Palfrey


Subject: Necromance
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 91 13:11:31 PDT

It's Neil doing the Narration In the beginning and the end of the song
"The Necromancer". He's also the on doing the initial shouting in the
beginning of Witch Hunt.



Subject: Nope!
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 91 13:39:11 PDT

Nope! You're wrong, the beginning of Force Ten IS a sample of a
jack-hammer. Read the Presto tourbook, where Neil lists his equipment and
some of the sounds that he has sampled for his trigger pads. And, if you
watch ASOH the video, the cartoon character that is shown at the same
time the jackhammers go off, is using a jack=hammer! He also lists a
"beeper" in his various sampled sounds lists. I'm guessing that he uses
the sound of a beeper in the song "manhattan Project" during the chorus
when there is obiousley a beeper going off every other measure or so.
He also lists sheet metal as being in one of the songs, but I haven't
figured out which one.
     Oh, and why is it that a lot of you think that every little keyboard
sound that you hear on the record is done by Rupert Hine?! I doubt he did
very much playing on this record! He even said it himself"I listened to
what they had and I realized that they really didn't need any more from
me to add. They Did just fine on their own. " Of course that was just a
paraphrase, but that's basically what he said. I mean, he's only produced
their last two albums, and the ones before that have little keyboard
parts in them, but you don't say, "Oh, Rupert Hine Put those in there

         "I believe there's a Ghost of My Aunt, haunting the roon above"

 Are those really dogs? NOT!!!!!! I don't think it's supposed to mean
anything. I think those three sounds are in there because IT SOUNDS
COOL!!! What a concept!



Date: Fri, 4 Oct 91 17:04:34 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: tour speculation and sad realities

As was mentioned in an earlier edition of TNMS, Rush appears on the cover
of Kerrang! magazine's Sept. 21 issue. Therein Alex discusses the form
of the tour. He say's they're planning to tour Britain in the Spring.
``We'll tour for a couple of months and take a month off; go to Europe
for a month and take a few weeks off, then come back and finish up in

We'll be finished mid-next year...''

So it looks like a tough break for many Americans and a great deal for
our European friends who've been dying to see the band...



Date: 	Fri, 4 Oct 1991 14:13:07 PDT
Subject: Re: RTB Memorabilia!!!/Etc...


This is only my second post to TNMS,  so again please forgive me if I say
anything doofus.

Are Japanese imports of Rush albums something that hardcore fans want?  Are
they hard to find?  Are they worth anything?  I've got a Japanese import copy
of the Signals LP, complete with multi-page booklet written almost entirely in
Japanese.  Occasional English phrases pique my curiosity (such as "The History
of Rush").  Since this is the only copy of Signals I own, I just wanted to ask
if someone can give me the gist of what's in this big booklet.  Are the
contents reproduced in the CD booklet?

While this Japanese album is a bit of a curiosity item, I'd rather have the CD!


PS:  Love the parodies, but I was bummed that someone beat my husband and me to
posting the Wheel of Fortune motif (although whoever posted that one did a
great job! Better than we would have done...).  We've now moved on to trying to
parody "Neurotica."  If we get anything, I'll let you know. :-)


Date: Fri, 4 Oct 91 14:32:18 PDT
From: (Raymond Degennaro)
Subject: compiled works of Weird Al Peart

OK THAT DOES IT! once someone writes the parody for "Neurotica," (or did
somebody already do that, i vaguely remember some husband/wife fight ditty, or
was that for another tune?) we'll have to assemble them into a list or even
make a mock album liner.

i'll start to keep track, so if you wrote a parody, email me, i'll see what i
can do.



Date: Fri, 4 Oct 91 18:00:44 EDT
From: (David Kuznick)
Subject: Marillion

In some ways I am glad I didn't get to go to the Radio City Show
(before I knew what a ticket agent was).  I would have walked out if I
would have heard Rush fans booing Marillion.  I LOVE them.  I don't
see how any Rush fan could not like them; they both care about their
music and lyrics a great deal.

David Kuznick


Date:         Fri, 04 Oct 91 18:27:14 EDT
From: Ian Nathan 
Subject:      Don't be too thrilled about Eric Johnson

I mentioned this in a small post-script a few days back.

I saw Eric Johnson a few weeks ago here in D.C. at a small venue that holds
a few thousand (Lisner Auditorium) and it was not an experience that I'd sit
through again unless it were under the following circumstances:

1. I get a free ticket
(which is why I saw him to begin with)

2. He opens for Rush on their next tour.
(which also happens to be the case)

I feel that this issue needs to be addressed because of all the bands I'VE seen
open for RUSH, Tommy Shaw (HYF tour) was the only half-decent act.

Sure, EJ is a good player, but he's like the Rick Wakeman of 6 string:
on fire when playing, but the writing is kind of limp. With EJ it was 2 hours
of constant up-and-down-up-and-down the frets -and it was annoying and
got dull very quickly. Flames to e-mail, please...

Ian Nathan
The George Washington University
(Yeah Blues Traveler will be on campus in a few weeks, BFD!!)
Washington, D.C.


Date: Fri, 4 Oct 91 15:57:54 PDT
From: donehoo@olivee.ATC.Olivetti.Com (Doyle W. Donehoo)

It would be no big task for G.Lee to do the low rap part in
Roll Yon Bonz. For example, DigiTech makes something call the Vocalist
VHM5, a human voice harmony processor. It would lower his voice in
real time, with pitch correction! Heck, he could do 5 part harmony all
by himself with one of these Vocalists. Devices like these have been
available for some time, but they are just now becoming affordable.

Lessee, things I have been listening to these days besides RUSH:
Eric Johnson - glad to see he is touring with RUSH.
Stewart Hamm - Easily the equal to G.Lee on the Bass.
Middle YES - ...Camera, camera....
Radar Music - thats ME folks!....
Terminator II - really industrial...
Enigma - bump...POP! bump......bump bump: what IS that French pop tart saying?
>... the beat goes on...

ORQ:   I don't believe in destiny
       or the guiding hand of fate,
       I don't believe in forever
       or love as a mystical state,
       But I believe I'll have another beer.                  ;-)


Subject: I'm sorry if I sound anal!
From: (Vindicator)
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 91 16:38:35 PDT

I just wanted to quickly say that I feel a little discouraged by all
these people bringing up these sudden revelations.  Like "gee did you
hear Geddy say 'STOP!' amd the end of neurotica?"  Yes, the first time I
listened to it (ok maybe 2nd or 3rd) and it's not stop but SNAP!  It is
also repeated, quite obviously in the another part of the song.

So please don't bore us with, "wow I think I hear a low voice saying 'why
are we here' over ged's voice at the end of RTB."  Chances are we already
know, and that we already have heard it!

I'm not trying to flame, it just really gets my blood boiling and a few
friends of mine when the obvious is expanded upon!


By the way it's Rupert Hine (with a P) not Rubert!


Date: Fri, 4 Oct 91 19:43:03 -0500
From: (James Moseley)
Subject: The last time!

Dude, this will be the last time I post on this subject.  Whoever is saying
that those three beats in 'Dreamline' are dogs, well, you can think what
you will, but I have sympathy for you.  BTW, I have a $400 CD player and
a Koss pair of headphones.  So, at least I think, I have the Hi-Fi
requirements that you suggest.  Now, might I suggest that you listen to it
again, or better yet, go outside and listen to a REAL dog's bark, and
hopefully you'll agree.  I honestly think that some of you think it's a
bark because it would fit in neat with the lyrics, but your going way overboard.
It's just a percussion fill.  As a matter of fact, I just played it for a
couple of friends and they laughed when they heard people thought it was a
dog's bark.  Whatever.  I'm sorry if I sound like an a**hole, but when you
tell people to get better equipment, I think you ought to get a better
set of ears!




Date: Fri, 4 Oct 91 17:16:48 PDT
From: (Raymond Degennaro)
Subject: Re:  10/04/91 - The National Midnight Star #349

>Lastly, congrats to the Toronto Blue Jays, Geddy's fav. team, for clinching
>a place in the playoffs!  Now Geddy may try to restructure the tour around
>the playoffs!  :-)   Maybe have a stand-in bass player for nights he's at
>the ballpark?  :-) :-)            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
                  ^                |
that should be :(..... :(.... :(....



Subject: Xanadu &c.
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 91 18:42:15 -0700

Someone writes:
 > P.S.  Happiness is  xloadimage -onroot -fullscreen wishbone.gif

Is this what I think it is?  Please, if someone has this, upload it to!!

Someone else writes:
 > 	A few people have asked if anyone has been keeping copies of
 > the spoofs.  I have.  If anyone is interested in a copy, please send
 > an e-mail request to:

I seem to remember rush-mgr mentioning that if we got a whole album's worth,
he would put them all together into a special edition.  I think this is the
best solution...

Yet another person writes:
 >   The distinction that I'm trying to draw is handily illustrated
 > by contrasting "Hemispheres" with "Limelight".  "Hemispheres", though
 > a fantastic song, and clearly a monumentous composition,
 > is dwarfed by the compositional genius exhibited in "Limelight".
 > An abstruse foray into the stuff of greek myth and psychology, "Hemispheres"
 > is largely a piebald conglomeration of different musical themes.
 > Though I don't deny the song it's overall direction, nor do I
 > deny the existence of some lyrical theme; but the song stands in sharp
 > contrast to the seamless melding of complex rhythms (meters) as well
 > as deft lyrical exposition on the joys and cares of fame present in
 > "Limelight".

Yes!  My sentiments exactly.  "Hemispheres" is a cool song, but sounds a bit
too contrived, whereas "Limelight" sounds natural and relaxed, yet still

The same person later writes:
 > But Rush has been moving toward (for what, ten or more years?) more
 > pop-ish songs (shorter, catchier &c), so I wanted to confine my discussion
 > purely to Rush songs because I think the "good old days" of 2112 and
 > Hemispheres and Caress &c are overrated.  While I really enjoy the
 > old Epics, I don't think that they're deserving of the praise that they
 > are commonly paid.

_Farewell To Kings_ used to be my favorite Rush album, especially "Xanadu"
and "Cygnus X-1", which were epic both lyrically and musically.  But now I
prefer _Signals_ and _Grace Under Pressure_ because they seem more mature
and also more deep, again both lyrically and musically.  And though I'm a
big heavy-metal/guitar-noise fan, I really love what they do with
synthesizers in those two albums especially (before those awful obnoxious
synths that showed up on _Power Windows_... but that's aother subject).
Just compare "Losing It" to "Cinderella Man" -- both great songs, but I
think the former is clearly superior.

(I still prefer the FTK album cover, though!  My all-time favorite cover,

Anyway, about "Xanadu":  Coleridge's poem "Kubla Khan" is famous in part
because it is an unfinished work.  As the story goes, he woke up in the
middle of a dream (probably opium-induced, he was addicted) and started
writing the poem down from what he had dreamt.  Part way through, a visitor
interrupted him, and when the visitor had left, he had forgotten all about
his dream and so never finished the poem.  (I strongly urge you to read
Douglas Adam's book _Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency_; this is a
major plot point...)

So apparently old Neil took it upon himself to finish off Coleridge's epic
poem, ending the story with the guy getting trapped in the caves of ice.
And Neil did a pretty good job of it, too; the meter is a bit different, but
he pretty much uses the same style and everything, and it seems to be a
logical ending to the story.

Footnote: if you're into Coleridge, check out Iron Maiden's "Rime of the
Ancient Mariner" (from the _Powerslave_ LP).  It's a straight retelling of
Coleridge's other great work.  And a great song too; I rank Steve Harris
right up there with Geddy as far as bass-playing skill...

-- DougO

P.S. I've always thought it would be cool to have a Cafe Xanadu, where you
could break your fast on honeydew and drink the milk of paradise...


Date: Fri, 4 Oct 91 18:13:54 HST
From: hinano@ahi.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Hinano Akaka)
Subject: VIDEOS

Guten Tag.

Hey, has anyone seen or heard about any videos for any stuff from RTB?
I don't watch MTV at all nowadays (except maybe for the Week in Rock)
but has there been any mention AT ALL about the band making any videos
for "Dreamline" or "Roll the Bones" or whatever?  Hmmm, makes you

About the barking dogs... I think it's sampled heavy breathing from
someone engaged in very intense sex...			:-)

puanani akaka


Date: 4 October 1991 22:56:10 CDT
From: "William T. Kirk.... er, Riker  " 
Subject: Yep, the Boyz are goin' to Europe...

    Yahey again ffolx! I picked up a copy of the 9/21 issue of Kerrang,
    w/Gedd and Alex on the cover (no Neil, as usual). It's got a 2-page
    interview,"The Diceman Cometh" with them, and in it they announce that
    they shall indeed turn the amps up to 11 and head over to the kingdom
    where the sun never sweats. Info provided by the certifiable Patster
    (and verified in the interview) is that they'll hit the UK sometime
    during late winter/early spring (or sooner??). They also talked a bit
    about their new outlook on the band (more fun, *looser*, more feel,
    downplay the techno-rock aspect) and mentioned that they're considering
    playing some reeeeeeelly old stuff (By-Tor, maybe???) for the tour.
    There's a shot of Gedd and Alex leaning against a fence with a cute
    caption (Alex asks Gedd about By-Tor, Gedd considers breaking out the
    old silk kimono). Not a long interview. but a good 'un! BTW all, keep
    up with the hilarious parodies! I love em! And Rush-Mgr, keep up with
    the good work, yer performing pretty Gracefully under the... you know!
    Energize Me!


    Launegayer's Maxim: If at first you don't succeed - so much for skydiving.


Date: Fri, 4 Oct 91 21:51:06 -0700
From: Mark Jager 
Subject: Album covers and designs

In response to a query about what Rush albums folded out, etc., here's
what I know...
Fly by night didn't fold out, but the inner sleeve had all the lyrics and
photos of the band and their road crew.
Caress of Steel, 2112, AFTK, and Hemispheres all folded out.
    (COS was meant to have a steel grey color, why didn't they ever
     fix that on the later pressings?? I find it's current bronze color
     ugly and totally out of place!)
I forget if Permanent Waves opened up.
All the World's a Stage was a tri-fold!
And of course Exit... and Show of Hands also fold out.
(And the only ones that still do on current pressings.  If they still
 press records.)

-- M80


Date: Fri, 4 Oct 91 19:31:40 HST
From: hinano@ahi.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Hinano Akaka)
Subject: more on those "barking dogs"


My great and wise father has deduced that those three sounds are, in
fact, a rogue cow elephant in heat (as evidenced by the photo of the hind
end of aforementioned pachyderm)...

puanani akaka

p.s.  who else, after listening to "Ghost of a Chance" has come to the
conclusion that Neil is such an unromantic guy...? (!)  :-)


Subject: Kubla Khan
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 91 23:58:19 PDT

        I am too tired to transcribe it all but here are the first four

  In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
  A stately pleasure dome decree:
  Where Alph,  the sacred river, ran
  Through caverns measureless to man
       Down to a sunless sea.

     Well it is in my british literature book and was so damned happy
when I found it!!!   And get this ....    My literature teacher is going
to play the RUSH tune for the class!!!!!   After we read it of course.  I
can't wait because my class is filled with a bunch of musically ignorant
people.  For example:  this one guy says Rush are probably like every
other rock band and wear sunglasses during the day,  smoke pot and do
lines during interviews, have greasy hair down to their ankles, and are
satanic.  Well this just goes to show the a Paula Abdul, Bobby Brown fan
fan has a very slanted, disjointed view on music. I may even be able to
show the class the ESL video of Xanadu!   THose dueling double-necks
should get their attention!!!



Subject: Minneapolis show
Date: 05 Oct 91 11:58:50 CDT

I saw something a while ago about Rush being in Minneapolis. I was stupid, tho,
and didn't write down exactly where it was and where to call for tickets.
Can anyone get me that info again? Please?



Date: Sat, 5 Oct 1991 13:06 EST
Subject: sheet music for Working Man

My roommate is looking for the sheet music to Working Man.  He has found 
only the rhythm part and is seeking the solo for guitar.  If anybody knows
where he would be able to obtain it, please contact me via e-mail.




From: (Jeff Boerio)
Subject: Bootlegs
Date: Sat, 5 Oct 91 12:15:57 EST

OK.  I just found something the other day while I happened to go into a
record store (I even went in without any form of money for once!).  I saw a
copy of RUSH - Live Under Pressure.  I hadn't seen it before, and I hadn't
seen it mentioned anywhere here (I didn't take much time to go through back
issues :) ).

Has anyone else seen this boot (oh yeah ... it's on CD).  I love it.  It's
from the GuP tour.

     - Jeff

Jeff Boerio
Purdue University Computing Center:
Purdue University Engineering Computer Network:
Purdue University Dept. of Computer Science:


Date: Sat, 5 Oct 91 14:19:54 -0500
From: (Christopher M. Dunphy)
Subject: St. Louis tickets...

  I just got my tickets today, and I would really like to congratulate
the folks at the St. Louis arena for the quick and efficient way they
handled the sale.  At about 9:30 they started lining people up in the box
office based on lottery numbers, a few at a time, so that there was no
confusion or cutting.  They had 7 windows going, and exactly at ten they
started pumbing out tickets quick and clean.  I was 4th at my window,
and got my tickets at 10:04, 13th row, center floor.  Awesome!
	It was real nice to see a ticket sale go smoothly for once.  Keep
up the good work St. Louis Arena....

		33 days!


Date: Sat, 5 Oct 91 16:36:25 -0400
From: (Balaji Ekambaram)
Subject: Where is all the energy gone???

  This is my first posting to NMS. Am I excited?? ;-)
I have been going thro the postings of different people for the
past 3 weeks and I feel too much is being said about the
dogs barking in 'Dreamline'.  Someone else in the net concurs
with my opinion..So what the hell, whatever made the sound,
the music is what matters in the final analysis.
  I have listened to RTB and Presto a few times and I cant help
feeling that the power and the energy of RUSH so so prominent
in the earlier songs was conspicuous by its absence.  Being
crazy about RUSH is fine, but all said and done, the last
two albums s*cks.( probably with a exception of a couple of
songs).  Why doesnt someone listen to jacob's ladder or
Spirit o' radio or Bastille day and then listen to Superconductor
or Red TIde .....and you will see what I mean.  RUSH, much as
it tried to avoid ( as Neil says in the Sharp interview) becoming
a typical group that dies a painful death...with its songs becoming
lousier and lousier, they are exactly heading for such an end.

  They have lost their original energetic music talent and as
a ardent RUSh fan I hope they realise it soon enough and
fade away gracefully rather that writh to a pathetic end.

  This is just my opinion and any flames, please direct it
to me.

"Better the pride that resides
 In a citizen of the world
 Than a pride that divides
 When a colourful rag is unfurled"
                     ---  Territories..._Power Windows_ RUSH.



Date: Sat, 5 Oct 91 13:48:33 -0700
From: Adrian Mariano 
Subject: No Tide (a parody)

Here is a parody my roommate and I assembled today.
(Tide is a brand of laundry detergent.)

          No Tide

Nature has some new plague
To live in our sheets
Microbes in the wrinkles
We must try to defeat
Fugitives at the laundry room door
Cleaners pause to find an open  store
Clothing is spread all over the floor
And there's no Tide lets get some more.


Stay out of the mud
Even where clothing covers skin
Dirt full of poison
And my jeans are just to thin
Bless the washer and mud no more
Clothing stained by an open sore
Black grime falling to the laundry room floor
And all the Tide spilled by the door

Nothing we can clean away
Dirt we cannot best
The clothing is made ugly by
An uninvited guest

Deadline approaches
Clothes full of sand
They used to be spotless
But now they are sticking to our hands
Too late for debate, to bad to ignore
That atrocious odor leads to open war
Bring all our change to the corner store
Hope they have Tide we need some more

Now's the time to turn to Tide
Now's the time to fight
Let us not go dirty
To the big event tonight
Now's the time to clean the clothes
While hope is still in sight
Let us not go dirty
To the big event tonight


Date:    Sat, 5 Oct 1991 17:04:45 EDT
From: STU_SMMCDANI@VAX2.ACS.JMU.EDU (Keep the wolves from the door!)
Subject: Misplaced Stagepresence

>Date: 02 Oct 91 22:35:31 EDT
>From: Thomas Regina <71530.417@CompuServe.COM>
>Subject: Metallica-Fans of Rush
>Finally, do people really like Marillion? In the Rush 1983 week at
>Radio City Music Hall, they were nearly booed off the stage!
>(Not saying they are bad, just stating facts).

   - Yup.  Actually, I listen to Marillion more than I listen to
     Rush.  They are not very accessible to American audiences,
     however, what with references to "Wide boys, born with hearts
     of Lothian" and the like.  In general, Fish writes lyrics that
     get to me both emotionally and sensually, while Neil writes lyrics
     that get to me conceptually (i.e. Hemispheres and Xanadu).
     For instance, the lines and "Singing psychedelic praises to the
     depths of a china bowl" and "pumping arteries ooze his problem
     through the gap that the razor tore" are really vivid.  :)

     I understand that most openers for
     Rush receive pretty brutal treatment, though.  MSG, at the Caps
     Center on the HYF tour, didn't stand a chance.  Virtually the
     entire crowd was chanting "Rush! Rush!" less than halfway through
     MSG's set.  Not that MSG was anything great, but I thought it
     pretty rude.  Anybody know how Tommy Shaw was treated when he

                    Scott McD.

      "Why is the alphabet in that order?  Is it because of that song?"

                                                    - Stephen Wright


From: (Brian Young)
Subject: Geddy and "Red Lenses"
Date: Sat, 5 Oct 91 21:54:45 EDT

   Somehow I don't see Geddy saying "Everybody suck my d**k" at the end
of "Red Lenses."  It just doesn't fit.  But, I think Geddy definately
says something.  I think it's "Everybody, Everbody's seeing red."  Just
fits.  My $.02.


Subject: Wax in your ears
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 91 00:50:14 PDT

Hi. In the last NMS, someone said that they could hear the word "STOP!"
at the last second of Neurotica. Duh. Use your common sense, it is simply
a "SNAP!", just like the ones that come earlier in the song. I know that
a lot of you are probably reading this and saying "Who Cares?!", but it
really gets on my nerves!!! Also, I think the same person said that in
the last seconds of  Red Lenses, Geddy says "Everybody can just suck my
Nixon...". COME ON! Do you really think Geddy is going to say that and
let it stay on the record? He really says "Everybody's inside my
head...", but if you WANT to hear the other version, then I guess you
will. Just like if someone points out to you that a certain jumble of
noises in the song Stairway to Heaven makes you hear "my sweet Satan",
then you will actually think you heard it. THINK ABOUT IT! Rush have
NEVER put any kind of vulgar language in their music. They are above
that. Geddy hasn't sang the word "baby" on a studio album since their
first record. They are not that kind of band. Neurotica is a fine song to
include this word that rarely is a part of their song vocabulary. I
totally admire them for this. They don't sing "Baby this!" and "Baby
that!, Baby, Baby, ohh, yeah baby! You got what I need! I got Yer number,
yer number is me! Oh Babe!"From: ROB NEELY 
Subject: Any word from the Backstage Club?

        Has anybody heard anything from the Backstage Club yet?  I joined
up after the release of Presto - so I'm not sure when they send a new
newsletter out announcing a release... But it seems like we should've
gotten something by now, eh?  I'm hoping that they'll offer a huge tapestry
or poster of the wishbones!
        Anybody out there planning on seeing the Montreal or Albany shows
in December?

--Rob Neely


Date: Sun, 6 Oct 91 15:42 EDT
Subject: Many Things

First of all: rush-mgr, sorry that I sent you mail asking where the list
had gone...  You see, issue #343 was at the end of a LARGE "newmail" folder,
and I didn't feel like reading it right away, so I moved it somewhere else.
Then I just sort of forgot about.  I remembered when I saw all of these new
responses to messages I never remembered being posted, and I just read that
issue.  Sorry...

[ You are forgiven, my child.  :-)                               :rush-mgr ]

Dogs:  Someone said something like "Yeah, I noticed them too!  I counted 3
total!"  It's not as if they're hidden in there, or anything.  I thought that
they were very obvious. But they definately are not dogs.  I always thought
that they were someone out of breath, quickly blowing air out.  And, after
reading everyone else's ideas, I still think that that's what they sound like.
Definately not dogs.

Everyone has mentioned  the use of RTB music on sports shows, but I noticed
something a while ago that hasn't appeared...  I'm not really a baseball fan,
but my brother is, and he was watching one of those shows on ESPN on Sundays.
Well, they were talking about superstitions of baseball players, and at the
beginning of the segment they played wierd music and showed quick shots of
differennt things.  One shot that I noticed was the cover to _PoW_.  I don't
know why--it never came up  again, but I'm sure that's what I saw.

I noticed that the discog. doesn't have a song list for the ASOH video.
Anyone know where I can get one

Anyone know where I can get a list??

On the topic of videos, a friend of mine said that he has a bootleg video of
the Presto tour.  Since that was before I discovered Rush, can someone tell
me what they played on that tour, so I know what's on it?  E-mail, I guess,
since I'm sure a lot of you know.

Does anyone think that when videos are released, RTB will reach a new MTV
audience and mmake it back into the Billboard's Top 10?  After all, it
reached #3 based solely on people like us, who  were already fans.  I think
it's definately possible.  I'll have to call up a local Top40 station and
ask for "Dreamline".

I'll stop for now.  I still have 3 or 4 issues to catch up on, so don't be
surprised if I ramble on some more later on...



Date: 	Sat, 5 Oct 1991 17:46:18 -0230
From: John Palfrey 
Subject: Moving Pictures...

   Thus far, I have a the GIFs from our favorite FTP site, that
being the Syrinx and I am interested in getting the raster ones
that are not already converted to GIF!  I tried to get the
rastogif file, but could not due to the permissionary did not
allow me to get it.  I was wondering if our rush-mgr could get
the permissionary set to allow getting that file.  As I would
like to get the other rast files converted and then have those
GIFs added to my already growing RUSH GIF collection!

[ Umm, I thought all the rast files had been converted.  The 'rasttogif'
  file is just a script which calls three other programs on the local
  machine; it's not self-contained.  Getting it may not help you anyway.
  If I have time I'll change the permissions, but don't hold your breath
  unless you're running Ultrix 4.2 ...                         :rush-mgr ]

Forever Rolling the Bones,
John W. Palfrey


Date:         Sun, 06 Oct 91 17:32:46 EDT
From: Ian Nathan 
Subject:      C H R O N I C L E S

You know, I was just listening to Chronciles and I realized that there were
some things missing and some things that I thought should have been left off:

Things I miss on this collection are
                      Prime Mover

Things I could live without (although by no means to I dislike them) are

                      A Farewell To Kings
                      Red Barchetta
                      Time Stand Still

Additionally, I don't remember who mentioned it, but Geddy does make some
extra remarks like "Everybody can suck my d**k" at the end of Red Lenses
and it did shock me a little, but what I can't understand is why anyone
would turn up the volume at the end of the song like that unless they were
actually looking for something....

Ian Nathan
The George Washington University
Washington, D.C.

"A cynic is some one who knows the price of everything
                                   and the value of nothing."


Date: 6 Oct 91 16:54:00 CDT
Subject: RUSH LP is available (no lie)

  Well my favorite record store has come through for me again,

    I got my vinyl copy of Roll the Bones Friday ($14.95, more than what I paid
for the CD, but well worth it).  The back and the front are the same as the CD
except the titles aren't numbered and no track times.  I opened it up and
pulled out the sleeve to see if the wishbones print was bigger but instead
found the song lyrics on one side, plain black and white, and guess what's on
the other side....  you guessed it, the elephants gluteus max complete with all
the credits and the lyrics to the 'Spoken Word'.  Along the left side of the
sleeve are pics of the boyz and the wishbones.  The labels on the album are
exactly like the back cover.  On the cover it states that it was 'Made in
Germany', but there was a sticker on it that said 'Made in England'.  (I guess
the sticker was put on when it left the U.K.)  The colors are all outstanding
on both the front and especially the back.  I will keep looking for a print of
the wishbones and will print an address when I find it available.

| Robert Graves                |
| "SIGHT AND SOUND MASTER"                                                   |
| "We read about the exceptions, in the papers everyday" RUSH, Second Nature |


Date: Sun, 6 Oct 91 23:16:25 -0400
Subject: What row are YOUR tickets?

Posting short paragraphs of how people got tickets IS useful.
I was very interested to find out what it took to get good
seats at concerts.


Date:         Mon, 07 Oct 91 00:44:29 EDT
From: Geoff Talvola 
Subject:      What is best way to get tix?

Could someone with experience in getting tickets for shows please
educate the ignorant (i.e. me) -- what is the best way to get good
seats for a Rush show?  Is it best to

      a) camp out at the box office all night,
      b) have eight people call Ticketmaster the morning they go on sale,
      c) Something else

[ Having a connection in the ticket office doesn't hurt - they always pull
  a bunch of tickets before they open the window for us peons.   :rush-mgr ]

Also, if anyone has any clue when Providence Rush tickets go on sale,
please let me know.  Thanks!

Geoff Talvola,


Date: Mon, 7 Oct 91 08:46:56 edt
Subject: Reply to: 10/04/91 - The National Midnight Star #349

Reading the messages regarding that blip-bark thing in Dreamline,
has anyone considered the possibility that it might just be a
wood block (naaahhh.....couldn't actual percussion
instrument? Neil would never do that!!).

On another note, anyone know if the CD or cassette single of
Dreamline has been released for general consumption yet rather
than just for radio use??

OBRQ - "Time is a spiral
        Space is a curve
        I know you get dizzy
        But try not to lose your nerve"

OBMPQ - "Semprini"

[ Ok, who's got a boil on their semprini?                      :rush-mgr ]


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