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Subject: 10/11/91 - The National Midnight Star #354

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 354

                 Friday, 11 October 1991
Today's Topics:
                 Rush dates and tour info
       Neil Peart the poet and he doesn't know it?
                     WMT white noise
      Re: 10/10/91 - The National Midnight Star #352
                       A Revelation
                        ASOH Video
         read red, thinking about the undersexed
                      UK metal mags
                    Guitar TAB Makwer
                     Neurotica parody
                       Let's Do It!
                 RUSH ?? EUROPE ?? WOW !!
                Evalating from the norm...
                  10/31 show now 11/1??
                     Rush Tix Info!!!
              Gone with a whimper or a bang?
                     By-Tor on tour!

Subject: Administrivia
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 91 10:31:08 -0400
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

Well, I've managed to hose the smooth operation of the mailing list this
week.  First, I sent out issue #351 before I sent out issue #350.  I've
gotten mail from a couple of people (thanks guys) telling me there were
duplicates of #350.  Since it was mailed the morning after issue #351
was sent, that may have been the source of the problem, and no actual
duplication existed.  (Side note for newer members - if you do get
duplicate copies of the NMS, please drop me a line at the administrative
address to let me know.)  In addition to that, I played with the numbering
scheme at that time, and forgot to put it back to where it was supposed to
be, resulting in yesterday's NMS being labeled #352, the same number as
Wednesdays.  Thursday's NMS (second #352) is SUPPOSED to be #353, and I
will treat it as such, moving on to #354 for todays NMS.  This means there
will APPEAR to be no #353, but in reality, Thursday's (10/10) issue is
that issue.  Narf.

In addition, I'm almost totally caught up with administrative mail again,
so if you haven't received a response within 48 hours when you expected one,
drop another note to me there and I'll rectify the situation.

Having said that, I don't know if there will be an NMS for Monday, 10/14.
I won't be at work that day, but I may have time to log in from home and
put the digest together.  I can't guarantee anything, tho.

Last, and hopefully most, WE HAVE FINALLY BROKEN THE 1000 MARK!!!  Yes,
with the ton o' subscriptions I've been processing in the last week, the
list has grown to over 1000 *known* members.  Of course, this does not
count all the anonymous people who receive it through various redistribution
points, although these points in and of themselves account for about five
or so "names" on the list.  This means this humble newsletter probably
reaches well over 1000 people on a semi-daily basis.  Humbling, in my
opinion.  Who'da thunk two years ago that it would snowball to this
magnitude??  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who
contribute to this forum, and to let you know I'll be making a request
soon for contributions to the anniversary issue.  In that issue I'll be
explicitly thanking the many people without whom this wouldn't be nearly
as complete as it is.  In any event, I'll be posting a new names list to
the anonymous ftp area once I've finished processing adds/drops today so
people can see who is out there listening.

The National Midnight Star (RUSH fans mailing list)    or


Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1991 17:50:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: Rush dates and tour info are all the Rush dates I know about.....some are
redundant, I know....

Philly, PA      12/3
Buffalo, NY    12/15
Albany, NY    12/16 (last date of the preholiday tour)
Toledo OH       11/16
Cleveland OH  11/17
Pittsburgh(my show!)   10/28
Largo MD        12/4 the following number in NYC and they will tell you ANY
city they have a date for.  They won't mail you a master list, I tried,
but request any city and they'll tell.  I only got cities where I might
feasibly go.
Also, the South and West wont be hit until after the new year...They
officially stated this (I live in Ft. Lauderdale, so I hope things are
in sync with my Spring Break)

Atlantic Records -NYC
(212) 484-8230

Also, If they get pissed about the number (which they probably won't),
please don't mention my name and screw up my connection....

Good luck in finding your city

		Kickin' some gluteus max-
				John Santore

	"We break the surface tension with our wild kinetic dreams"
					-Rush, Grand Designs

John Santore (


Date: Thu, 10 Oct 91 17:03:24 EDT
From: Chrystyna Lafferty 
Subject: Neil Peart the poet and he doesn't know it?

I heard a while ago that Neil Peart published or was thinking of publishing
a book of his poems and literature... Does anyone else know about this?

If so , do you know how I could obtain a copy ??? I've been looking for it
for over a year now....


Maybe I am the only one who has heard this???


Subject: WMT white noise
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 91 17:22:59 CDT
From: David Sandberg 

Hans Gruenig writes:
> 2)Now for a new noise:  has anybody noticed that at about the 2 min. 30 sec.
> point in "Where's my Thing?" a subtle white-noise-type-of-sound rises in the
> background, panned slightly to the right?  It remains audible for about 20
> seconds and dies with the next phrase (I think).  It could be a watery sound
> (something to do with Boats?) or it could just be studio noise.  Any ideas?

I've certainly noticed it!  Every time I'm playing RTB in the
background while doing something else and that part comes around,
my first instinct is to turn and see if someone is running water
in the bathroom sink!

It doesn't seem to be a cymbal or anything of that sort, since
there are no audible attack transients in the sound (or amplitude
changes at all, for that matter).  Maybe Rupert just piped some
white noise into the track right there in order to fatten up the
hi-hat - the sound does have the same approximate musical effect
as a ride cymbal would (to my ears).

   "and if the music stops, there's only the sound of the rain
    all the hope and glory, all the sacrifice in vain            rush,
    and if love remains, though everything is lost             _bravado_
    we will pay the price, but we will not count the cost"
    ______________ david sandberg ___ ______________

(And, even though Geddy would disapprove, I must say it: GO TWINS!)


Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1991 19:22:12 -0400 (EDT)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: Re: 10/10/91 - The National Midnight Star #352

In response to:


Subject: Rose colored glasses and a New question

 Why is it that the replacement for 'baby' in "In the Mood" changes from show
to show? I don't have any facts here, but I have always thought that a good
explanation would be the first names of their wives. I think I've heard Ellie?
and Cookie? in different performances, and it seems reasonable. Does anyone
know if the two correlate? The question itself is one gushing disclaimer, so
try to be civil...

}I figured that there are 3 versions....'Hey Baby (early Rush)', 'Hey Cookie',
and the last one is Geddy saying 'Hey Alex' and Alex saying 'Hey Geddy' so
together it sounds like 'Hey Ally'.

Also, back to the EVELATE thing on Vital Signs....I see no valid reason why
Geddy would do that deliberately....I always thought it was an accidental
spoonerism ('like Yuck Fou' and stuff like that) that never got
noticed...which seems I am clueless as to its origin.

Also...could Jimmy Lang  who is compilimg NMS subscribers going to shows, post
a valid email address... I couldn't get my response to mail though.  Hopefully
the rush-mgr  was able to forward it.

			Why am I here....because I'm here,

				John Santore


	"We break the surface tension with our wild kinetic dreams"

					-Rush, Grand Designs

John Santore (




Date: Thu, 10 Oct 91 16:30:38 PDT
From: Jeff Gray 
Subject: A Revelation

Funny, I've always heard "everybody got to REVELATE from the norm"
at the end of Vital Signs, you know, like in having a revelation?
(I kind of hope no-one else posts on this subject, since these discussions
are getting about as trivial as on (Didja notice that
Maggie Simpson registers $847.52 when she gets scanned at the checkout
counter?) (Well, MY 4-head VCR has freeze frame and it's definitely $847.62,
not $847.52.))
Sorry to drag this one out.

Jeff Gray


Date:    Thu, 10 Oct 1991 18:58:19 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: ASOH Video

   I have a question for all you Rush fanatics...  In the beginning of La
Villa Strangiato on the A Show of Hands Video, they censored out something
that Alex was singing or saying to the audience.  Do any of you know what it
was that Alex was saying?  It has been bothering me ever since I got the vid.
If you want send the mail to me it doesn't matter....


Date: Thu, 10 Oct 91 20:18:40 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: read red, thinking about the undersexed

The truth _is_ after all a moving target -- and lenses polarize...
Let's review what not-dirty-minded ( >> ;) x 10,000 << )
people have heard at the end of `Red Lenses':

>      ***** NEWS FLASH *****
>    Here are the lyrics for Red Lenses after 'Not blue',
>       4:03   Thinkin' about the overfed, the under rated
>       4:12   I said I'm not red, red
>       4:19   Thinkin' about what you said
>       4:27   Think about it, thick thick red
>       4:33   Emotion
>       4:35   Thinkin' about what she said
>       4:37   Bit by Bit
>       4:40   ogh!


>GeddY: I'm thinkin about the over-fed, the underread
>I said I'm....Red Red
>Think about what you said...
>Think about it! Think-think Yeah!
> something that i cant understand....and then:
>everybody's inside my HEAD

What I've always thought it was is:

-  Thinking about the overfed, the underread
-  I said I'm not red  red
-  I'm thinkin' about what you said...        [`what you' sounded `what-shew']
-  ...Thinkin' about it! I think, think, red!
-  Everybody's inside my head, everybody's inside my bed...
-  ooh                                        [`oh' with accent-like emphasis]

Which pretty much lies between the two recently submitted views.

As I mentioned recently I've also heard (with absolutely no doubt)
Geddy say in a live performance (boot) ``I think about/I think about...
being red'' which is an addition and IMHO *not* what he says on the

Now if you look at the last of these three there is a
sensible connection with the sense of the entire song, which is
about someone brooding over the state of the nation (presumably the
U.S.) as reflected in newsprint and reaching a state of psychogical
distress. (as reported in at least one interview available via ftp
Neil himself was influenced in his writing by reading the newspaper
daily, during a nice time I'm sure we all miss ;) : near the KAL plane
downing and the break down of nuclear arms negotiations). Now if someone
is ideologically attached to capitalism (as realized in his or her nation,
of course) but is faced with all sorts of national ills (and self-evident
economic injustices like starving child-citizens loan scams, and insider
trading) one will is forced consider the ideological alternative
(namely communism). Now if someone's in a state of real distress it's
hard for the person to think clearly or even stop thinking at all
(``thinking about what you said'', ``everybody's inside my head'').
In fact, this scenario is sufficient to account for all of the lines
in the last proposal: the `narrator' is talking about the sad state of
affairs (about ``the overhead, the underread/ the overfed, the
underread'') and the person with whom he or she is talking advocates the
obvious socio-economic alternative (being red), so the `narrator' thinks
about that alternative (being `a red'), but only sees red (doesn't like it,
and/or sees it as being true to the ideological stereotype, `red').
Geddy's extra lyrics also make sense viewed this way. No need for
genitals or the jamming thereof...



Date: Thu, 10 Oct 91 20:21:10 EDT
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: p.s.

There is a full interpretation of the lyrics to ``Red Lenses'' in TNMS#273


Date:         Thu, 10 Oct 91 20:17:40 EDT
From: Ian Nathan 
Subject:      UK metal mags

Check out Metal Forces (October 1991) for a pretty nice article on RUSH.

Unlike most of the crap we see today, this article actually alludes back
to the albums that didn't quite get that much commercial success.

In addition to the article there is a review of the record and it scores 90/100

(It would have cost me 1 pound 95 in UK but it cost 4.75 here)

Ian Nathan
The George Washington University
Washington, D.C.


Date: Thu, 10 Oct 91 17:25:32 -0700
From: (Michael L. Ruddick)
Subject: Guitar TAB Makwer

I think the idea to expand on that Bass Tab writer and make it a full blown
guitar TAB writer would be great.  I've got a bunch of RUSH stuff down
but I just can't make myself take the time to make it into a textfile.
Something to do it for me would be great.

Also, to whoever called Atlantic in LA to get a promo kit, what is the
phone number?  I'd like to give a stab at getting one of those...


Date: Thu, 10 Oct 91 17:46:27 -0700
From: Adrian Mariano 
Subject: Neurotica parody

It looked like only a Neurotica parody was needed to make a complete RTB
spoof, so my roommate and I attacked Neurotica, and this is what
we ended up with.


You  just don't get it
What it is ... well, you're not really sure
Your patient's head is held in a big vice
The patient's very secure

Veins in a spiral --  hard to observe
I know you get dizzy, but try not to cut that nerve
With the sharp scalpel you make a wrong thrust
Waiting for rescue, and I know that you just
Don't get it
You just don't get it

Neurology -- Biology
It's just Oncology -- Histology
It's just Pathology -- Serology
It's just Biology -- Neurology

You just don't get it
The patient is about to die
You won't get a paycheck -- forget it
The hospital is asking why

Heartbeat is random -- the pulse takes a dip
The knife sure is slippery but try not to lose your grip
With the sharp scalpel another wrong thrust
Blood gushing out, and I know that you just
Can't stop it
You just can't stop it

Blood pressure fell, this one won't get well
He will not be in debt to you
Sweat running cold, relatives must be told
They're a personal threat to you
Another one dead from a blow to the head
But don't let it get to you


Date: Thu, 10 Oct 91 20:05:18 EDT
From: sjuphil! (Joseph Roberts)
Subject: Bravado

Howdy, Rush fans.
I've been reading the digest for quite some time now, and I finally
got the hang of this network here at SJU, so I decided to write in.
I just wanted to talk about the line "We will pay the price, but we
will not count the cost" from Bravado.  I know it's from _The
Tidewater tales_, but I've never read the book & I'm wondering if
the book's theme has anything to do with the "theme" (if I may be
so bold- and I think I may) of the mighty drummer's lyrics.

Also, I'm a bass player for a band here in the Philadelphia area
named "Reflection" (yes, this is a shameless plug) & we've been
known to throw a Rush song or three in our set! I'd love to here
from all the bass-playin' Geddy fanatics out there!

ORQ:Why are little one's born only at supper...
                           -just kidding


Subject: Sounds
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 91 23:10:43 PDT
From: Dan Dickerman GSY 1-447-4425 

Just a few votes for whomever is tallying opinions of what makes
what sound on which track:

 - I hear no beeper in Manhattan Project, but I do hear something
   that sounds like dogs barking (sun dogs? ;-)
 - At the end of Red Lenses, it sounds like Geddy is just doing a
   bit of scat-type singing to go along with his playing: something
   like "shoop-ba-de-bee-bop-sapa-doopa-deep" (spelling corrections?)
 - 2:30 into Where's My Thing? the hissing you hear is just a cymbal
   ringing.  Note that the hiss gets stronger, pulsing on the downbeats.

Well that's about it, exept to say that the only thing about this digest
that I'm getting a little sick of is people trying to tell everyone else
what they do and don't want to read.  Do you people go into bookstores
and tell the hired help to stop selling books that you didn't enjoy
reading?  Wait... people do that, don't they.  Scary.  Well, you get the point.
(and yes I see the irony -- I'm getting on a soapbox to tell others not
to get on a soapbox -- but at least I'm being brief).

Recovering from the end of a 3-1/2 year relationship (send cards and letters),


Subject:  Let's Do It!
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 91 01:19:24 PDT

So, So how about a Bay area Rush Party! I would like to meet a
bunch-o-people from NMS fame. There seems to be a bunch of us in the
Stanford-Palo Alto-Los Altos-Mountainview area.

"Every body got to evalate from the nooooorm!"

Oh! I wrote a five page essay last night based on the story of Cinderella
Man. I don't know what my teacher thinks of it yet because I handed it in
today. Hmmmmmm. I wonder if she is a closet rush fan.......


From: (Lauhanen Rauli OH1MKS)
Subject: RUSH ?? EUROPE ?? WOW !!
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 91 12:02:07 EET

                            Vittu !!

                 IS RUSH REALLY COMING HERE ???
          Everybody knowing something pliiiiz answer !!!

                     This can't be true...


      ObRQ: For Best Result listen with maximum volume !!
Rauli Lauhanen * 50.000 men were sent, to do the will of
Post: BOX 62,  SF-32701 Huittinen * one. His claim was phrased quite simply
Opiskelijank. 4A15  Tampere 33720 * , tought  he  never  voiced   it  loud.
Genesis ,  Wind & Wurthering >>>> *  - And I am he , the chosen one .....


Date:       Fri, 11 Oct 91 13:35:13 BST
Subject:    Evalating from the norm...


     The question about why does Geddy say "Evalate" rather than "Elevate"
in Vital signs is obvious. The whole song is about the comparison between
humans and machines. Machines can only do what they're programmed to do.
Humans occassionally break the rules. Geddy is simply exersising his
freewill (in a humourous manner) by deviating from the norm and inventing
a new word. By NOT doing something in the conventional way, Geddy is
deliberately demonstrating the whole point of the song, ie that we are NOT
programmed machines.

   Also someone mentioned Prime Mover being about a godlike being. That
godlike being is in fact human willpower and pride in achievement. This
is the driving force that makes mankind desire to achieve greatness in
any sphere of activity, arts, science, medicine, etc. The title Prime
Mover comes from Ayn Rand's book "The Fountainhead", and a discussion of
this was done in NMS a few months back.

  "swimming against the stream"

    Paul May, University of Bristol, UK


Date: Tue, 8 Oct 91 21:51 EDT
From: Don Quixote 
Subject: Xanadu

In the 8 October 1991 issue of NMS, someone (Sean Flanegan, I believe)
mentioned that they will be able to play Xanadu for their English class
after it reads Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem of the same name.  When I
was a senoir in high school and we read the poem, I volunteered to play it
for the class onew day and the teacher was enthusiastic when I showed him
Peart's lyrics, since they closely corespond to Coleridge's text.  But
when I played it, the teacher got too anxious to hear the lyrics
and ended fast-forwarding through the brilliant instrumental part that
takes up the first 3-4 minutes of the piece.  He couldn't care less about
the musical integrity of the piece, which I consider to be one of Rush's
finest masterpieces.  All he wanted to hear was the lyrics.  And the
rest of the class felt the same way.  They are so used to those short
3 minute meaningless eMpTyV pieces.  They could not stand to hear a piece
that is 11 minutes long -- 11 minutes seemed like an eternity to them.
Obviously, they were not impressed at all with either Xanadu or Rush
in general.  Thus did my little experiment fail, that of gaining new
disciples of Rush.  I'll never forgive my English teacher for what he did
to me.  Thus I learned how close-minded others are to hearing and appreciating
real music.  It is a shame that Paula Abdul and all her friends on eMpTyV
are such an opium to the masses.  It is a shame that people cant recognize
when music is written for money's sake and when it is written with the highest
artistic aspirations in mind.  I'm just glad that myself and everyone else
that appreciates Rush is aware of this distinction. It is too bad everyone
isnt aware of this crucial distinction in the culture of modern society.

Just my $.02 on the issue of trying to get new converts to Rush

Bob Hackenberg

Undergraduate MSE,University of Pittsburgh


From: Thorsten Schiller 
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 91 10:04:25 EDT

Can you please unsubscribe me from this group? Thanx.



Date: Fri, 11 Oct 91 09:54 CDT
Subject: 10/31 show now 11/1??
From: ihlpb!!

I heard thru a friend of mine (also going to the Rush show at the
Rosemont in Chicago) that the date of the show moved from 10/31
to 11/1!!  He said he heard it on the LOOP (WLUP 97.9). Can anyone
confirm or deny this??  I'll try to get ahold of the Loop myself
and find out.

Also, how many other people from the NMS are going to be at the show??
Everybody, SOUND OFF!!

[ I will, if I win the contest DC101 is running!  :-)             :rush-mgr ]

att!ihlpb!skennedy    or

ORQ: "And the meek shall inherit the earth ...."


From: (Jeff Boerio)
Subject: Rush Tix Info!!!
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 91 10:28:35 EST

OK folks, I just got through talking to TicketMaster.  Rush *WILL BE* in
Indianapolis at Market Square Arena on October 31.  They *WILL BE* in
Chicago at Rosemont Horizon on November 1.  Please note that this is a
CHANGE.  Tickets purchased for the 10/31 show at Rosemont will be good for
the following evening.

For folks in Lafayette:  *BOTH* Stewart Center and Elliot Hall of Music
TicketMasters *WILL NOT* be open tomorrow morning.  If you want tickets,
you must go to Rose Records or L.S. Ayers.  [I debated telling you all this
so I could get better seats, but I'm a humane person :) ]

     - Jeff

Jeff Boerio
Purdue University Computing Center:
Purdue University Engineering Computer Network:
Purdue University Dept. of Computer Science:


Date: Fri, 11 Oct 91 13:13:59 -0400
From: ar977@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Karl  W. Oberjohn)
Subject: Gone with a whimper or a bang?

	Someone commented earlier that the recent music of our
favorite band seems to have lost its punch, particularly on Presto
and Bones.  You have to keep in mind that the boyz have been
playing for about twenty years, and they're always looking for
new directions, musically.  That's what keeps their sound fresh
with each new album, and that's why they've survived as long as
they have.  I agree that their earlier music, especially in the
early 80s, is very exciting--possibly their best.  But I really
like their last two albums, and I know Geddy and the boyz had a
lot of fun with them as well.
	I guess you could call the band's new direction as a
"sign of maturity," although I know some people will not buy this
theory.  I think a band that makes a good example of this shift
is Led Zeppelin.  Their career was only half as long as Rush's,
but in ten short years they went from "Communication Breakdown"
and "Black Dog" to "All My Love" and "Fool in the Rain."  The
songs are worlds apart, but very good in their own right.  I
think the same can be said about Rush's newer songs.
	Maybe you need to ask yourself:  are you a Rush fan, or
a fan of early Rush music?  (Things that make you go hmmmm....)

                        Karl W. Oberjohn
                      University of Dayton

                           GO BROWNS


Date: Fri, 11 Oct 91 14:08 EDT
Subject: By-Tor on tour!
From: mtuxo!!

>Date: 4 October 1991 22:56:10 CDT
>From: "William T. Kirk.... er, Riker  " 
>Subject: Yep, the Boyz are goin' to Europe...

    >They also talked a bit about their new outlook on the band (more fun,
    >*looser*, more feel, downplay the techno-rock aspect) and mentioned that
    >they're considering playing some reeeeeeelly old stuff (By-Tor, maybe???)
    >for the tour.  There's a shot of Gedd and Alex leaning against a fence
    >with a cute caption (Alex asks Gedd about By-Tor, Gedd considers
    >breaking out the old silk kimono).

COOL!!  Don't know how many of you were fortunate enough to have caught
the "FAREWELL TO KINGS" or "HEMESPHERES" tours (my first 2 RUSH experiences)
but they were phenominal.  Some old stuff like By-Tor (you HAVE to see this
LIVE!!!) would bring back some great memories.

Speaking of the "FAREWELL" tour, the Pat Travers Band was probably one
of the best opening acts I've seen for RUSH.

"Let the fray begin....."

Mike T.


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