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Subject: 10/14/91 - The National Midnight Star #355

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 355

                 Monday, 14 October 1991
Today's Topics:
                 Rush in Las Cruces, NM.
                     RTB tour and NMS
           Info on our Modest Man From Mandrake
                   West Coast, Rejoice!
    forwarded: proposal on news.groups
                   A plethora of RUSH!
                       News letter
     Xanadu in the classroom, and Satanism revisited
                    RUSH music on SNL
                  Rush digest mail list
                       The Scroll?
                  Polls,where are they?
                     RE:ASOH video..
        DATE CHANGE/U know Yer a Rush Fan when...
                 just some more comments
        Has anyone here at the NMS seen this RFD?
             Roll the Bones Cover question..
                     Rolling Groan...
                 Almost didn't get it...
                Rush Tickets for 1st show

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 91 14:39:41 MDT
Subject: Rush in Las Cruces, NM.
From: sraby@NMSU.Edu!

Until now, all the dates for Rush that I have seen are for the midwest or east.
But ALAS,  I have heard through sources at our Pan American Center that
Rush is in the process of finalizing plans to play here In mid-January,
which also means that they will be playing around here in the following or
preceding days.  What is great is that I can get tickets through the people
who work at Pan-Am, and it will be the first time I have ever seen them!!!
So, hopefully their plans will hold and we can all enjoy the boyz when
they finally reach the west!!
BTW, can anyone else confirm my finding??

Until then, Keep rollin' the bones!


Date: Fri, 11 Oct 91 16:51:36 -0400
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: RTB tour and NMS

Well, so far I've only had 2 replies to my message.
so once again, a reminder that if you' going to a Rush show please send

1) Your Name, and what show you will be attending, seat location etc..

and I will send you a list of other NMS subscribers who will be
attending the same show you will be at.  It is a great way to meet new
people!  So email your ticket info to:

ps. rush-mgr ?  how about a weekly reminder in Administrivia ??

[ Well, I'll see if I can remember.  Send me mail to my 'real' account,
  Jimmy.                                                      :rush-mgr ]


Date: Fri, 11 Oct 91 19:35:34 -0400
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: Info on our Modest Man From Mandrake

Does anyone have info on the movie "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town", the movie that
inspired "Cinderella Man", i.e. who starred in the film, is it an American
Film, is it out in video (tho I highly doub and when the film was made?


Doug "Still waiting for that Steve Vai-Billy Sheehan reunion" Schwabe

"Eyes wide-opened"
"Heart undefended"
"Innocense untarnished" - Cinderella Man from AFTK

Did someone mentioned Pat Travers well:


Bucs in 6, Jays in 5-  -   You read it here first


Date: Fri, 11 Oct 91 20:39:04 PDT
From: djabson@sdcc13.UCSD.EDU (The God of Balance)
Subject: rapper

	Sorry to bring up a well debated subject but I felt like sharing
this info.  The question of who the mystery rapper is seems to have been
setled when someone said Geddy's voice could be heard (approximately?) when
the song was played through some sort of vocal effect thing. Well, I
am not really sure what effect that was (bad memory) but I was playing with
my mac and found something interesting. I digitized the rap section and
was fooling with the playback "pitch". When the song is played back
at about 1.1224-1.1892 times the original speed (2-3 semitones higher on a
keyboard) the voice sounds very different and very familiar at the same time.
I don't know what the other 2 band members' voices sound like but at no time
did I get a sound similar to Geddy's voice. I don't know, this whole thing is
probably meaningless but if you have the equipment handy, give it a try
and see what you think.


ORQ:	"...far away from her hometown. Ruf! Ruf! Ruf!"

P.S. It's kinda far away but when someone finds out when the band will be
in California please let me (us) know.



Date: 12 Oct 91 01:04:45
From: Gonzalo.A.Lira.Jr@Dartmouth.EDU
Subject: writing

dudes and dudettes:
      I caught Rush in early '81, and believe you moi, I've never quite been
the same. I'm in the rather laborious process of writing a collection of short
stories loosely based on Rush tunes (I most certainly will NOT tell you which
ones; guess for yourselves), and I wanna know: wha'd'y'all think of it? Ya
hate it, like it, love it, or don't care?
			At the risk of sounding pompous (which means I'm gonna
sound REALLY pompous), I think, from Permanent Waves on, Peart stopped writing
lyrics and started writing poetry. Only Sue Vega comes close, which means that
The Mighty Peart is basically out there all on his lonesome. But nobody in the
"serious" lit. establishment has ever even heard of him or the band. "Oh,
they're rockers, therefore stupid" is their attitude.
			I propose we put Rush on the map, artistically and
interlectually, and make them neuroticos pay attention. Send me your ideas.
Gonzalo Lira, Dartmouth College.


Subject: West Coast, Rejoice!
From: (Jade)
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 91 04:21:20 PDT

I just read in the artical on rush in Metal Hammer mag, that rush will
INDEAD head west before they hit Europe. Hell, they can't possible shaft
a whole bunch-O-hearty fans in california. Can they. And I sure hope they
don't decide to pull one of those "Skip the Bay Area" like they did with
the HYF tour! If they do, then they must die.

Wishfull thinking, Jadester


Date:    Sat, 12 Oct 91 15:09
From: "Thomas Koenig" 
Subject: forwarded: proposal on news.groups

I just read a USENET RFD (request for discussion) on the
creation of a Rush - newsgroup, which I think will be
of interest to the readers of The National Midnight Star
(And to its administrator, of course).  BTW, the guy who wrote
it has already been told about the existence of TNMS by others,
no need to do that.

Thomas Koenig
            :      ib09@RZ.UNI-KARLSRUHE.DE
X.400       :      S=UI0T;OU=IBM3090;OU=RZ;P=UNI-KARLSRUHE;A=DBP;C=DE

Here it is:
=========================== snip, snip ==============================
Newsgroups: alt.rock-n-roll,,news.groups
Subject: RFD:
Message-ID: <>
From: (Greg Franklin)
Date: 11 Oct 91 02:11:48 MST
Followup-To: news.groups,alt.rock-n-roll,
Distribution: world,local
Organization: University of Arizona
Summary: Perhaps a Rush newsgroup is needed?
Nntp-Posting-Host: ivax
Nntp-Posting-User: f67700115
Lines: 31

I would like to propose the creation of a newsgroup,
devoted to news and views about the Canadian band Rush.

I believe this proposal is viable because:

1) Rush is a long-established band, with legions of fans around the
world. It is my understanding that a thriving mailing list for the
group already exists.  Having a Rush newsgroup on Usenet would
provide an excellent, easily accessible info link for Rush fans
and those interested in Rush.

2) It might cut down the traffic on alt.rock-n-roll and (to a lesser
extent) relating to Rush.  Flamefests (a major pain
in alt.r-n-r) also might be avoided.

3) A precedent for this type of newsgroup has been set by,, and  Unlike
say, the proposed, this newsgroup will
have no ambiguity in its focus.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to set up any sort of voting
procedure on my skimpy account.  Perhaps if someone with more
resources could handle the discussion, formal charter, voting
procedure, etc., this newsgroup could be realized.

I wish you all well.  The time for has come.

[Followups to news.groups]
Greg Franklin                       "Some people call me Maurice,     'cause I speak of the Pompetess of Love."

[ Well, for what it's worth, I'll put in my $.02.  I'll go along with
  the first point - the size of this list backs that up.  As for 
  flamefests being avoided (point #2), IMHO you are a bit naive to 
  think that just because it's a Rush newsgroup that Rush flamers will
  stay out.  Call me pessimistic, but I think flamers will take great
  delight in causing strife there.  As for point #3, sure there are
  groups for the Beatles, the Dead, and Bobby D., but remember about
  two-three years ago when the Pink Floyd contingent got shot down in
  their bid for their own newsgroup?  The same argumenets used on them
  will be used on us.  Also, not everyone gets Usenet; a good portion
  of the readership of this list don't.  This is exclusionary of those
  people.  Lastly, what of the news we might miss if we belong to one
  forum and not the other?  I for one don't have time to read Usenet
  any more (partially blamed on this list :-), and I would miss out on
  any discussion there.

  Make a group if you want to and can.  I'll still be
  here moderating this mailing list unless 1000+ people drop off...

                                                            :rush-mgr ]


Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1991 15:19:36 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Charles D. Nichols" 
Subject: A plethora of RUSH!

Hey!  I recently turned on a local radio station here in Pittsburgh and
for a second, thought I heard 2112 being played!  Much to my dismay, it
was a song by a group called "Driving and Crying" entitled "Get used to
it".  Has anyone heard of this group?  A guitar riff repeated frequently
in this song sounded almost exactly like a short riff in 2112 that is

I have also heard a rumor from my girlfriend in Lafayette, Indiana, that
this weekend (10/18-19) there is going to be a laser show at the Mars
theater featuring pink floyd/led zep/ and RUSH!  Fortunately I am
travelling that way next weekend.  Anyone in the Indy/Purdue/lafayette
area might want to check it out! I think WKHY has info on the times.  I
also know that they (WKHY) have RTB, but refuse to play any of it!  So,
If you live near there *please* call them and request they play

Everyone in the Pgh area don't forget about RUSH parties 2 (10/28) and
2a (10/26)! [Hey Doug! How about a "come as your favorite RUSH
member/song" theme? (being near halloween and all)]  Featuring a fine
Toronto beverage and much RUSH festivities.  And last but not least, the
show on the 28th!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chuck Nichols
Carnegie-Mellon University Biology              ^^^\/^^^                             [o][o]

                                                 ( ++ )

 "I must be in (RUSH) heaven!"                   ||  ||


Date: Sat, 12 Oct 91 15:29:39 EDT
From: Derick Cordoba 
Subject: News letter

I would appreciate it if you took me off the mailing list. Thanks


Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1991 18:58 EST
From: "Life is just a candle, and the dream must give it flame."
Subject: Xanadu in the classroom, and Satanism revisited

Xanadu in the classroom:

     I find it interesting that at least two people have mentioned that
Xanadu was played in some high school English class.  My brother also had
the same expierence two years ago.  A girl spoke about the relation to the
Kubla Khan poem, and discussed her feelings about the song.  Unfortunately,
my brother was the only person that gave her any positive feedback.

     Around the time Power Windows was released MTV mentioned that lyrics
to the album were being made available to some schools.  I think the song
"Manhattan Project" had a lot to do with this undertaking.  Does anyone
know what became of this?

[ The story I heard was that it was being used in English classes as
  examples of poetry.                                             :rush-mgr ]

     My whole point is that I find it uplifting that there are some bands
whose music and lyrics can be used in such a setting.  I can only think of
a handful of groups that one can say this about.

Satanism revisited:

     This topic is not so uplifting.  My other brother (how come I never
have anything happen to me?) informed me today that he has read an article
in his college newspaper on how Rush's lyrics have satanic messages when
played backwards.  The main example was a part of "Anthem" that supposedly
says "Oh Satan, you are the one who is shining."

     I know this topic was addressed before by a Texas paper almost ten
years ago.  Neil wrote a rebuttal to an article that accused musical groups
of putting satanic messages in their songs, titled "Rock Groups Hardly
Satanistic."  After transferring the article from Syrinx I see that this
would be a perfect time to have the article republished.

     I would like to know if there are any copyright laws that prohibit me
from doing so.  I know the article as it appears on Syrinx was probably
copied without permission.  Is it illegal for me to print it out and send
it to the college.  If it is illegal, whom should I write to get
permission?  Neil via Atlantic or Anthem records, or the original paper
that published the article?  I am asking law, journalism, or printing
majors, or anyone that has knowledge of this type of thing.


From: (Marc Jordan)
Subject: Yoko?
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 91 23:08:10 CDT

How the hell did Yoko Ono's picture get onto the new CD?
You would think they would have fixed that mistake after doing it
on Presto! :)



Subject: RUSH music on SNL
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 91 23:52:58 CDT
From: David Sandberg 

Did anyone else notice that the SNL band used a hook from "La
Villa Strangiato" as a musical break going into a commercial
on the 10/12 show? The accompaniment was quite a bit different
(odd and jazzy), but the main hook was virtually identical.

(Or is that hook one of those cartoon bits of music which isn't
really original to Rush?  Anyway, it was wild to hear...)

[ It is partially a hodgepodge of cartoon themes from the 40's.  :rush-mgr ]

   "and if the music stops, there's only the sound of the rain
    all the hope and glory, all the sacrifice in vain            rush,
    and if love remains, though everything is lost             _bravado_
    we will pay the price, but we will not count the cost"
    ______________ david sandberg ___ ______________



From: (Shawn FitzGerald)
Subject: Rush digest mail list
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 91 10:57:58 EDT

I am writing this to request that I be taken off the mailing
list. My mail traffic has gotten rather heavy, and I've been
asked to cut down. I'll just have to ftp new copies from the
archive server. It's been fun, viva las vegas blah blah blah.

   Shawn FitzGerald           |
   (Rational Romantic         |   University of Michigan
    Mystic Cynical Idealist)  |   Computing Club
Even SATAN doesn't know SATAN is just santa spelled funny.


Date: Sun, 13 Oct 91 16:45:24 -0500
From: (James Moseley)
Subject: The Scroll?

Could someone please enlighten me on what the scroll is.  I read about it
once in NMS, but forgot.  Thanks!


James Moseley


Subject: Polls,where are they?
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 91 23:15:10 MET DST

When someone mentions the word poll,everybody screams and shouts and
you get obscure e-mail messages from poll-enemies.
Seriously...Have there been a big or HUGE poll that takes up subjects as

*Best song ever.
*Best song on (album).
*Best album.
*Best guitar solo.
*Weirdest photograph.(I vote for the picture on 2112.)
* + 20 more questions.......

If some of these polls (or others) have actually taken place where can one
find the results?
I have looked at syrinx but couldn't find them.

Anyway,I think it's time for some new,fresh polls since there now are over
1000 subscribers of this list.......

Ulf Sundelin       | Internet:           |  "I am born"
Pors|g}rden 20:32  |  |
95165 Lule}        |                     |  FoL VI
Sweden             |                     |


Subject: RE:ASOH video..
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 91 18:38:24 -0400
From: "Keegan" 

   In an article with Neil Peart, someone asked what Alex in fact did
   say  during the opening of LA Villa Strangiato, and as anticlimactic
 as it may seem, His vocals were impromptu and unexpected, and his
 mic was simply not on, and in favor of leaving out the opening, they made
  a joke out of it and unintentionally caused all of this controversy...
       Has anyone ever heard of THE RUSH BACKSTAGE CLUB ?  Well, it's a
  rush-sponsored "club" thru which you may purchase surplus tour merchandise
 at discounted prices, and you get a newsletter to which Neil actually writes
 and answers questions...Very informative....About $9 per year, and you must
  buy at least 1 item per year to stay on the mailing list...I'll post
  the adress and other info later...

[ Save yer time, it's all in the FAQL.                        :rush-mgr ]

					-Jon Keegan
					Syracuse University
				"I don't beleive we lost to East Carolina."
				 << >>


Date: 13 October 1991 17:36:14 CDT
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 
Subject: DATE CHANGE/U know Yer a Rush Fan when...

howdy all!
Well, its definitely been finalized. The Rush show on Oct. 31, 1991 at the
Rosemont Horizon in Chicago is now moved to Nov.1. Its been broadcasted on
the Loop FM 98 radio as well as being in the Chicago Sun Times... sigh :(
Have to wait another 24 hrs to see them. Unless I go to the Indy show which
is on the 31.... Are ya game Mr. Riker? How about you John? Trav? Anyone?
WEll, I'm seeing 3 shows on the first leg as it is, but hey whats another
show??? :) I am surprised that they are not adding a 2nd night for Chicago.
They have done at least  2 dates ever since AFTK tour at the Aragon ballroom
eons ago... Hmmm, i wonder what happened. As far as i know they have booney-
ville seats still available. Its not sold out yet. If i won the lottery this
Saturday (47 Million) I'd buy the rest of em tickets and hope that they add
another show. I should check my ticket again to make sure. :P
thats is for now, take care all.

p                           p
-  "I was lined up for glory but the Bitnet:u24129@uicvm.bitnet    -
g   tickets sold out in advance.     Genie: P.Choy                 g
p   The way the big wheel spins."                                  p
-                                                  Patster         -
g                                                                  g

ps: You know yer a RUSH FAN when you are about to see DECEIVED in a movie
    theatre and for Previews they show parts from a movie called RUSH
    and you just burst out laughing! You nudge your friend and say
    "Hmmm, the way RUSH is spelled out is very similar to the Font that
    they used for ASOH." Well, Terry, well have to go to this Movie too.
    Maybe even on an Opening night! :P


Date:         Sun, 13 Oct 91 20:33:58 EDT
From: Joe Maruschek <00063306@YSUB.YSU.EDU>
Subject:      just some more comments

     Before I talk about some other parts of RTB that I find
interesting, I'd like to take some time and respond to some recent

     From: (Steve Schneider)
        The distinction that I'm trying to draw is handily
     illustrated by contrasting "Hemispheres" with "Limelight".
     "Hemispheres", though a fantastic song, and clearly a
     monumentous composition, is dwarfed by the compositional
     genius exhibited in "Limelight". An abstruse foray into the
     stuff of greek myth and psychology, "Hemispheres" is largely
     a piebald conglomeration of different musical themes. Though
     I don't deny the song it's overall direction, nor do I deny
     the existence of some lyrical theme; but the song stands in
     sharp contrast to the seamless melding of complex rhythms
     (meters) as well as deft lyrical exposition on the joys and
     cares of fame present in "Limelight".
       "Lime"'s among the most popular Rush songs ever, it appeals
     to a larger group of people than "Hemispheres", it's shorter,
     more mundane in terms of lyrical theme (which isn't saying
     much compared with "Hemispheres"), and yet so much more
     impressive from a compositonal viewpoint.

Exactly!  I agree completely!  I've been wanting to say that for
quite some time, and I'm glad that there is someone else that
shares that same view.  On the other hand...

     From: (Vindicator)
        Oh and about the dogs, please stop it.  It's a damn sonar
     blip, I was the first to say it and I will say it again, it
     ain't dogs but a blip.  And yes I do have a good stereo, I
     have listened to it 5 or 6 times on a Nakamichi 6 disc
     changer, 7 speaker sub woofer system in a lexus LS400, and
     believe me there is no other way to hear it!  Awesome!

And on the third hand...

        Well, IMHO, those are, in fact, dogs barking in Dreamline
     right after the line "Far away from her hometown."  I've
     listened to that song God knows how many times through a good
     pair of headphones and every time I grow more and more
     convinced it's a dog.  Maybe a sampled dog, maybe some weird
     electronic percussion instrument burping, hell, maybe Alex is
     playing with his thing, but IT SOUNDS LIKE A DOG TO ME!!!

Because the number of people that are adamant about what those
sounds 'really' are, I came to the conclusion that there are
multiple pressings of RTB, some having a sonar ping and others
having the dog bark.  My copy, to me at least, seems to sound like
a dog bark.  There is no question that whatever sound it is, it is
sampled and sequenced (or triggered).  Vinnie, do you have access
to the original multi-track master and have heard the sound
isolated?  Do you have connections with Rush and/or Rupert Hine and
have been told that it is indeed a sonar ping?  If not, then please
reserve judgement on us deaf people who cannot tell the difference
between a sonar ping and a dog bark.

This is the last I will say about those sounds in "Dreamline": no-
one can say that they are 'definitely this' or 'definitely not
this.'  Right now, these sounds are like an audio version of an
ink-blot test; there are no wrong or right answers.  Don't be so
arrogant to think you have the only 'correct' answer.

Blast from the past: There once was a posting about there being two
versions of the cover artwork.  The difference is that the boy on
one version has no earring, while on the other version, the boy
does indeed have an earring.  I finally found an example of the
'earring' cover.  It is actually a printing defect.  It looks like
a piece of dirt got caught somewhere and prevented one of the
plates from touching the cover when they were being printed.  If
you turn the box over, you can see that the defect also appears
there too.  The defect is right on the boy's ear-lobe, and for all
the world does look like he has an earring.

You know, the word "paradise" appears a lot on RTB and in Rush's
lyrics in general.  I wonder how many songs it appears in?  Could
Geddy really mean "pair-of-dice?"  Makes you wonder.

As for the mysterious sound that starts at 2:30 in "Where's my
Thing?" I believe it is just a 'breathy' synth patch that is
playing a suspended 4th chord in the background.  Neil also happens
to be playing his hi-hat 'partially closed' which adds to all the
high frequency content at this point in the song.  To actually hear
this background chord better, listen during the drum fill that
occurs between 2:36 and 2:37.  The chord is held until the end of
the 6/4 measure that precedes the key change and the reprise of the
main theme of "Thing".

Now, some more notes about RTB.  "Bravado" is a gem of a song, and
I can see why they chose it to be the second song.  Like
"Dreamline," "Bravado" makes beautiful use of dynamics.  The song
builds from just about nothing in the first verse to a very full
arrangement in the last verse.  To me, this gives the song motion;
the song is going somewhere.  Just listen to Neil's drum part as it
develops from nothing to the most complex pattern on the whole
record.  The whole song is summed up again when Geddy sings, "and
if love remains..."; it recalls the first verse because the volume
is brought back down and then is gradually brought back up again
for the final chorus.  Overall, a beautiful song with a beautiful
message.  I'd love to see them play this in concert.

"Roll the Bones" is another favorite, and I predict it will become
another classic Rush song.  One thing that can be said about the
album as a whole is that it 'grooves'.  If you've ever been in a
rock band, you know what the 'groove' is.  That's when you have all
the people in the band playing as if they were one person.
Everything is in sync.  The audience feels this when you want to
tap your foot or bob your head; you are feeling the 'groove'.  A
lot of people say that this album sounds real 'funky', but what I
think they really mean is that the album 'grooves'.  "Roll the
Bones" is a great example of this.  Even though there are really
abrupt and drastic changes of styles of music in this song, the
'groove' continues.  To me, the 'rap' section does not spoil the
song, it just adds yet another style of music to what we've already
heard, and I think that's what the point of this song is; life is
always changing with the roll of the dice, and "Roll the Bones"
echoes this point both lyrically and musically.

I just love the way Neil's entire drum sound changes during the
'pre-chorus'.  I can visualize like the C+C Music Factory dancers
really getting down during this part of the song.  If they do this
song in concert, I wonder if Neil will have to spin around and play
this section on his electronic set.  On second thought, he can
probably just assign the new bass drum sound to one of his foot-
pedals, and trigger the snare sound from the closest electronic

During the 'rap' section, I used to think that all the instruments
were done on keyboards, including the guitar-like sound.  They
could just be guitar samples like the ones used back in the first
verse of "Big Money".  The more I listened to it, however, I grow
more and more convinced that that's really Alex back there.  It's
a very cool line anyway, whoever plays it.

It seems that I am butting heads with a lot of fans in that I
really enjoy this album, much more so than _Presto_.  But this is
what this list was created for: to share all our different views
about Rush.  You may not agree with me, but don't try to force me
to change.  I'm interested in what others have to say, too.  That's
why I still subscribe.  That's all for now, but I'm sure I'll have
more to write about.


Date: Sun, 13 Oct 1991 20:45 EDT

Does anyone have any information (mgr. feel free to pop in here anytime) 
ing the show in Largo/Washington D.C.  I need to find out when tix go on sale.
What is the ticketbastard's number?


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Subject: Has anyone here at the NMS seen this RFD?
From: "Stuart L Labovitz" 
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 91 22:14:03 EDT

Haven't seen any mention of the following here at the NMS (but I've been
skimming due to my thesis workload), so I thought I'd pass it along and start
some discussion.  Note the (brief) mention of the NMS, although not by name.
If you have any substantive comments, you might also want to post them to
the newsgroup news.groups.

[ See my comments in the previous post on this subject.          :rush-mgr ]

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Subject: RFD:
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Date: 12 Oct 91 20:33:54 GMT
Followup-To: news.groups
Organization: Office of Academic Computing, Houston, TX

I would like to propose the creation of a newsgroup,
devoted to news and views about the Canadian band Rush.

I believe this proposal is viable because:

1) Rush is a long-established band, with legions of fans around the
world. It is my understanding that a thriving mailing list for the
group already exists.  Having a Rush newsgroup on Usenet would
provide an excellent, easily accessible info link for Rush fans
and those interested in Rush.

2) It might cut down the traffic on alt.rock-n-roll and (to a lesser
extent) relating to Rush.  Flamefests (a major pain
in alt.r-n-r) also might be avoided.

3) A precedent for this type of newsgroup has been set by,, and

An issue yet to be resolved is the relationship between the newsgroup and the
mailing list for Rush fans. This should be resolved during the discussion.

I wish you all well.  The time for has come.
Jay Maynard, EMT-P, K5ZC, PP-ASEL | Never ascribe to malice that which can      | adequately be explained by stupidity.
  "ITS was nobody's trademark and damn proud of it." -- Eric S. Raymond,
         _The New Hacker's Dictionary_ (a must for your library!)


Date: Sun, 13 Oct 91 22:07:57 CDT
From: Bruce Tenison 
Subject: Roll the Bones Cover question..

I have a question about the front cover of RTB.  I have recently re-subscribed
to the list, so please pardon me is this question has been asked...
Has anyone noticed the white dice on the front not being all 3's?  It only
occurs on the last five lines as far as I can tell..  What's up with this?



Date:       Mon, 14 Oct 91 09:21:06 BST


   In the rap section of RTB, there is a line which says "A fact's
a fact from Nome to Rome, boy". I've never heard the phrase 'from
Nome to Rome' before, is it a Canadian/USA slang phrase? If not did
Neil invent it. Does a place called Nome exist in real life, or in
a fictional story? The meaning of the phrase is obvious (a fact is
a universal absolute), but I'd still be interested to know if any
of you know anything about Nome? Theories: It is short for Nowhere,
or No-Man's-land, or...I don't know.

[ There is a Nome, Alaska.                                     :rush-mgr ]

  "swimming against the stream"

      Paul May, University of Bristol, UK


From: bigal@wpi.WPI.EDU (Nathan Charles Crowell)
Subject: Rolling Groan...
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 91 8:32:59 EDT

I just got through searching Rolling Groan magazine for a review
of RTB....there ain't one.

Has there been a review and I've completely missed it (not unlikely)?
Has Rolling Stone decided to ignore the new album?
Have they taken the advice "If you don't have anything nice to say,
	don't say anything"? (this last one is wishful thinking...)

If anyone knows what the Rolling Stone story is, it's killing me
to find out how they're going to respond to RTB...

Big Al (Nate)

OBRQ: "It's that fool on television
       Getting paid to play the fool" - "The Big Money"


Date:     Mon, 14 Oct 91 10:26 CDT
From:  (Na]gahyde 1% [Bri Gipson])
Subject:  Almost didn't get it...

I finally purchased RTB - last August when I heard of it being released, I was
somewhat anxious. . . That is why I subscribed to this list. . . however,
after listening to all the criticism I almost didn't purchase it.  After
listening to Presto for 5 months I decided that it may be a decent investment.
Needless to say, I am very impressed.  Presto, I thought, was good . . . RTB
is strong with its themes of chance.  The allegories and metaphors used are
thought provoking and refreshingly different in their use.  Since I had been
writing poetry for the past 4 years trying to imitate a style that they seem
to have mastered, and after hearing Presto and RTB, I am now in want of more
of their other albums.  Except for 80% of their first album, RUSH, and a few
songs here and there, which seem to be redundantly misplaced, the group has
produced some very interesting concepts and ideas in their songs. . . I am
personally turned off from any song that contains the words "Baby" "Love"
"Never" "Always" "Uhn huh" or anything of that nature - Rush for the most part
has avoided such, and by doing so have proven that there still is an unseen
finite array of needing art and at least one more group out there to try to
cover what we often look over and seldom re-examine until the final days of
examination (usually the "life flash before my eyes - I almost died"
situations).  I have a multitude of questions, but will spare you those until
I can't locate any answers anywhere else.

"I Kiss the wind, and it chaps my lips - the gratitude of affection"

Naugahyde 1%


Date: 14 Oct 91 11:19:44 EDT
From: Ronney Melendi <70400.1165@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Rush Tickets for 1st show

Send to: >INTERNET:
From: 70400,1165
Subject: Rush tickets for 1st show

Hi, everyone. I'm new to the NMS and this is my first post to the newsletter.
I Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I also wanted to find out about
the first show in Hamilton Onterio on the 25th of October. You see, i have
tickets for the show and I was wondering if anybody can tell me what kind
of seats are Section 110F Row 11 seat 4.

I also wanted to invite all you Rush fans to call my Rush related Board at
201-386-9150. The name of the board is La Villa Strangiato so call and tell
the sysop that Prince By-Tor sent you for access and also that you have read
this message. Well until next time have a good day.

                                   Across the river styx

                              Ronney Melendi- PRINCE BY-TOR


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