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Subject: 10/21/91 - The National Midnight Star #360

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 360

                 Monday, 21 October 1991
Today's Topics:
                   Opionions ... Quest
                  Re:  RUSH - STAR TREK
                   RE: RUSH - STAR TREK
                        TNMS #359
                 MIDI, Macs, and all that
                     Rush studio vids
             The Great Keyboard Controversey
              Concert info and other StuFF!
                         Ben Mink
                 Stuff From A New Member
      Re: 10/18/91 - The National Midnight Star #359
        10/18/91 - The National Midnight Star #359
                         hi again
                     RTB on Billboard
                     RTB on Billboard
                       neil stories
                     G'day from OZ!!
              Neil's New Color/ New Drums???
             Wash. D.C. tix on sale ... NOT!
                  Re: Gangster of Boats?
                    Rockline Questions
                   The Rapper Revisited
                         RTB tour
                    One more thing...
                   Dreamline Guitar Tab

Date: 	Fri, 18 Oct 1991 19:27:49 -0230
From: John Palfrey 
Subject: Opionions ... Quest

Greetings, fellow RUSHains,

   To voice my opionion on a few matters that are brought up in
this List.  Given the option of a RUSH newsgroup, I personally
wil not subscribe to it, because the TNMS gives me want I want
in way of a wealth of knowledge.  And I kinda like the tight
nit family we have here.  Therefore, I say NO to a
or something like that!

   Isn't the TNMS the wrong place to post "I want to unsubscribe
to this mailing-list!"  Gees, I like to read postings and get
something out of them.  If someone wants out, isn't rush-request@ the place to submit that type of request!

[ Yes, but people don't read the informational tail of any digest.  I've
  gotten 'remove me' messages as replies to a mailing that pleads for 
  people to send mail to the correct address...  :-(               :rush-mgr ]

   According to one of our members, the book that I wanted is no
longer in print and that book is called "Rush" by Brian Harrigan.
IF anyone know of one being sold, or if you like to part with it
("Sure" he says), PLEASE let me know, I want to have a complete 3
book set.

R "Attention all planets of the R "Good Tea, Nice House" - Worf R
U  Solar Federation we have     U                           //  U
S  assumed Control"             S John W. Palfrey       \\ //   S
H          2112 -- Grand Finale H  \X/    H


Date: 	Fri, 18 Oct 1991 16:22:53 -0700
Subject: Re:  RUSH - STAR TREK


I have one possible least it works for me.  My fandom was in
the following order:

1. Star Trek
2. Ayn Rand
3. Rush

I started out as a Star Trek fan back in the mid-70s.  Then I found out that
Gene Roddenberry liked the philosophy of someone named Ayn Rand.  So I picked
up one of her books (Atlas Shrugged), loved it, and became an AR fan.  Then,
someone told me that 2112 was based on her novel "Anthem," so I gave that a
try, loved it, and became a Rush fan.  And I'm still going strong on all three.




Date: 	Fri, 18 Oct 1991 21:15:28 -0230
From: John Palfrey 
Subject: RE: RUSH - STAR TREK (Michael Silverman) writes:
> Subject: RUSH - STAR TREK
> I have only been "on-line" for a couple months now, but I have talked
> to many Rush fans, and many Star Trek fans, and for some reason it
> seems that many people are fans of both.....a lot more than coincidence
> lone would have. By the way, I too am both a Rush fan and a "Star
> Trek Geek" I guess the Rush/Star Trek connection is one of those
> things I'll have to think about when I'm trying to fall asleep....

    Well, I am not only a die hard RUSHan, but I am also a die hard
Star Trek fanatic.  Calling myself a Trekologist.  If I was on the
Enterprise D, I would program the Holodeck for the perfect RUSH concert,
of course all their tours are perfect, despite Down the Tubes (COS).

   I believe our illustrious rsh-mgr may fit into our catagory as a RUSH/
Star Trek fanatic.

[ Well, not a FANATIC ... I just grew up with them, that's all...  :-)
                                                                   :rush-mgr ]

R "Attention all planets of the R "Good Tea, Nice House" - Worf R
U  Solar Federation we have     U                           //  U
S  assumed Control"             S John W. Palfrey       \\ //   S
H          2112 -- Grand Finale H  \X/    H


Subject: TNMS #359
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 91 19:57:40 -0400

Pardon me, Amy, but are you a musician?

  >computer.  Neil wears headphones on many tracks to make sure he keeps
  >the same time the computer keeps.  As I have said earlier, Jack Secret

I doubt that Neil is simply listening to the click track in his headphones;
he could get that using tactile methods.  I've played on electronic/acoustic
sets, and one reason for using headphones is that with e- sets, you are simply
pounding on rubber pads.  One alternative to having monitors blaring the drum
feed is to take the electronic feed and patch it to headphones.  Even if you
are playing on an acoustic set, often times, (especially during tunes with
difficule time signatures) it is easier to have the feed piped directly into
headphones - less delay and more precision during tight passages.

  >the same time the computer keeps.  As I have said earlier, Jack Secret
  >pops the diskettes in and out of the Mac in the correct order for any of

Wouldn't that MAC have a hard disk?  If not, the single point of failure would
be Jack's hands.  Jack could be a backup, but do you really think he's
shuffling disks *all night*?  If so, when would he have time to rap :-)?

  >the boys to trigger.  Sometimes in a complicated song the MIDI is constantly
  >going, and Neil has to keep its tempo.  In this way the Mac sorta interferes
  >with live music; Neil can't decide to jam out spontaneously or change
  >tempos.  But Rush has been like that for a long time; they play straight

I'd guess that Neil has no problems making decisions.  BTW, computer-generated
time-codes can be made more "dirty" or "human".  Listening to any perfect,
digitally-timed signal is psychologically taxing over time.

  >tempos.  But Rush has been like that for a long time; they play straight
  >sets until the encore, then they turn the MIDI off and jam.  That's why

MIDI is a great tool, but Rush are craftsman, artists.  Do you really think
that they are tied to MIDI?

Amy, please, I'm not picking on you.  Lately, though, it seems that a lot of
the posts have become banal.  I guess that this can be expected, with RTB
being out for some time now, and the tour just starting.

Perhaps we could explore some *new* topics?  "Anyone, Anyone....?"

Bob Foery                               | "We draw our own designs but
Verdix Corporation, Chantilly, Virginia |  fortune has to make that frame..."                         |       - Peart


Subject: MIDI, Macs, and all that
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 91 20:49:14 -0400


  With all the discussion of MIDI and the Mac that evidently performs
much of Rush's sequencing, I thought I'd chime in on a few things.
First, Amy Moseley writes:

>As I have said earlier, Jack Secret pops the diskettes in and out of the
>Mac in the correct order for any of the boys to trigger.

So, my question is, WHY?  Surely the boys can afford a hard disk, eh?
Floppies are SLOW!  Floppies can get out of order.  Same should really
hold true for the samplers.  Most of the modern ones have a SCSI
connection for mass storage devices, or even built-in hard drives.  I
can understand Jack Secret clicking a mouse on a menu to open the next
song or something, but swapping disks seems like taking an unnecessary
risk of screwing something up.

Second, on to the question of Neil's being a slave to the sequencer
timing.  It seems to me that they ought to be able (or soon should,
anyway), to remedy this situation fairly easily.  As a Mac/music type
myself, I own a copy of a program called Finale, which is billed as
notation software, but is also a fairly decent sequencer.  It has a
feature for input called "tap tempo" (I seem to remember this being
around on electonic organs, too, a long time ago).  Basically, you pick
the MIDI controller number of your choice, stick a pedal on it, and tap
your foot on the pedal in tempo.  So, you can slow down for passages you
think are difficult to play into the sequencer live, and it still gets
all the note durations right.  If Neil could provide some sort of MIDI
signal to the Mac (hooked off of his bass drum pedal, perhaps?), he
could vary the Mac's tempo.  Whether the feature is available in current
sequencers or not is in question, but it shouldn't be tough to implement
with a program like MAX from Opcode, which is basically an
object-oriented MIDI programming package...  The only concern then is
whether samples with rhythmic content of their own will get screwed up
(for example, if you had "Time Stand Still" sampled, there's distinct
timing to that.  If you played it back, but were playing a few beats per
minute faster or slower under it than the speed at which it was sampled,
it'd sound goofy.)

I guess my point is, Neil may be a slave to the machine now, but perhaps
not for much longer (as the Kurgan would say....)


ORQ:  Funky as Canadians can get, I suppose. -Geddy "Mr. Funk" Lee


Subject: Rush studio vids
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 91 21:12:10 -0400

Gee, two in one day.

  Somebody asked about additional studio videos from Rush, other than
those on the "Chronicles" tape.

  There's also another tape called Through the Camera Eye.  It was out
of print for awhile, I think, but it's back now.  I saw it in Tower
Video the other day.  I don't remember what's on it, exactly, and my
copy isn't at hand, but as I recall, it includes:  "Distant Early
Warning, Vital Signs, The Body Electric, Afterimage, Subdivisions, Tom
Sawyer (from ESL), The Enemy Within, and Countdown".

  Basically, there's very little duplication between this tape and
Chronicles, and some of the videos are really good.  Check it out!



Date: Fri, 18 Oct 91 21:30:59 -0400
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: The Great Keyboard Controversey

Hey all!

Anybody who continues to insist that RTB is primarily a
"keyboard album" can finally realize their misconception.
The arguement has been going back and forth on TNMS for
weeks now, but if you pick this month's copy of Guitar Player,
not only will you see Geddy and Alex on the cover but will read
right the horses mouth that the guitar takes precedence over
the kybd. on RTB. True, on PW and HYF it was the other way
around. But Alex and Ged let it all out in this interview.

I am also interested in bootleg CDs and videos, so if you
have info, msg me.

Well, thats all I have to say,
                      "Until later..."

|~~~\  |    |  /~~~\  |    |    Nick Mascari-Case Western Reserve
|   /  |    |   \     |    |    "If you choose not to decide, you
|~~\   |    |     \   |~~~~|     still have made a choice"
|   \   \__/  \___/   |    |    Look for "Peart" on IRC


Subject: Concert info and other StuFF!
From: (Vindicator)
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 91 20:15:27 PDT

Well, long time no post!

Anyway, a call to the Rush line uncovered some new information.  The guy,
who answered the phone, instead of the message, stated that the boys
would most likely be playing Xanadu again.  They may also play By-Tor and
the Snow Dog.  So it should be a treat!

Second, there is a chance that the new video for the title track will be
out soon.  Anthem told me that it is supposed to coinside with the
beginning of the tour.  So keep the eyes open and affixed on MTV.
Hopefully they will get a clue and play it!!!

Any other video info would be appreciated!


All lyrics (c) 1991 Core Music Publishing


Date: Fri, 18 Oct 91 22:42:36 PDT
Subject: Ben Mink

Let me know if I'm way off base, but who was the violinist on 'Losing It'?
I was listening to k.d. Lang the other day and a certain violin part struck
me as sounding similar to part of the solo on 'Losing It'.  It turns out
that one of k.d. Lang's main collaborators is Ben Mink, playing the violin
and other instruments as well as helping out on some songwriting.  Did
he play the electric violin on 'Losing It'?  (Note that k.d. Lang is
Canadian.)  Thanks for any info,

[ I believe Ben was the violinist on "Losing It"; he's in the album credits.
  As many list members know, he's from the Canadian group 'FM'.     :rush-mgr ]

Brian Sterling


Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1991 02:38 EST
Subject: Stuff From A New Member

   Before I start I would like to say "Greetings" to everyone...I just
subscribed a few days ago (thanks Rob) and must say this is such a killer!!
And my friends thought I was a BIG Rush fan...they should catch you guys!!!

     Anyway just a few thoughts from a new member --

  --I subscribed just in time for the great dog debate!!  I must say
  Ian from Arizona...that was really funny, what's next proof showing
  Neil is a pseudo-intellectual??

  --I'm looking forward to the Buffalo show (Dec 15th??) and curious
  about the opening act, someone mentioned Eric Johnson!?!?  Now that
  would be a GREAT show!!   Could it be??

  --Checking out Van Halen here on Sun, anyone see them?? Whatcha think??

  --If anyone is wondering what a new member's fav. album is *and I'm sure
  yous are* I would have to say Hold Your Fire is at the top of my list.
  Don't think I don't the like earlier stuff, (god forbid I start something
  here)...but to me the music sounds very rich, a lot of kick (for lack of
  a better term).  I think the reason why is because HYF was my first Rush
  experience, and you know what they never forget your first!!

  --Some people have mentioned Rockline--any date yet??

  --And before I go I would like to tell everyone catching the opening
  show in Hamilton the 25th to have a GREAT time and *please* don't ruin
  it for the rest of us.


  *** GO BILLS !!***   >>>>>>>>MANGLE DA BENGALS!!!!!
  *** GO SABRES??***   >>>>>PLEASE?!



From: (David A Warner)
Subject: Re: 10/18/91 - The National Midnight Star #359
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 91 13:23:33 EDT

well rush fans.....

the voice of silence is going to auburn hills in detroit, michigan
both nights..... the first night, i have upper bowl .... section a, row 18 and
lovin it!!!! your hearts out dudes and dudetes!!!

we can wear the rose  of romance........

         |**                                           **|
         |**    I'm made from the dust of the stars,   **|
         |**      and the oceans flow in my veins.     **|
         |**                                           **|
         |**               * Presto *                  **|
         |**                                           **|

 _/_ /                                  /)           //
 /  /_  _     , ______o  _. _      ____//     _   o // _  ____  _. _
<__/ /_
                                    From: "Douglas M. Roberge" 
Subject: 10/18/91 - The National Midnight Star #359

 Would it be possible to cancel my subscription to the TNMS?



Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1991 18:42:17 -0400 (EDT)
From: Matthew Joseph Desantis 
Subject: hi again

	There are a few things that I have to say about the controversy that I
created. Actually, they are questions.

	1) Isn't the word "opinion" inherently subjective. Isn't it true that
opinions are not "right" or "wrong"

	2)Why is this an "all or nothing" net??? Why can't a fan of Rush like
their songwriting, but question the lyrics?

	 3)Why must my error of intelligentsia be rehashed again and again?
And now my usual .....
Personally, I think this forum would be quite boring if everyone felt
the same about Neil's lyrics. I know he is well read. It is not as
though I don't understand what he talks about in his songs, but I think
that the average rush fan might not understand EVERYTHING he has to say.
(I think all the members of this net understand, and it is evident in
their appraisals.)
But for those who occasionally listen, I think the grand words he uses
sometimes get in the way of what he is trying to say. We are a selective
group. Rush is definitely not mainstream.
	Also there are writers out there that express important themes but do
not have to rely on dramatic writing schemes. (now don't laugh, and I
know this is stretching it) but Bruce Springsteen, in his early days
(not the mainstream stuff he cranks out now) songs like Stolen Car and
My Father's House use simple humanized language to express important
themes. And the themes in these songs that are palpable to those with
less of a vocabulary are not less important than the feelings that Neil
	I read the Fountainhead and wrote an essay on it, from which I earned
scholarship money. Now there are some that flame Ayn Rand. I mean-
opinions are just that - opinions. Everybody here insists that I hate
rush. I enjoy playing synths and acknowledge their place in music today.
And to the writer that said I was wrong in saying  that they used 50%
synths and 50% Rush - I was talking about the presto tour in PGH, Not
Ghost of a chance, which is kinda cool.
	For the person who was dissatisfied with Rolling Stone's treatment of
Rush, you will be happy to know that in the Rolling Stone Album rating
book (1981 edition)(that's not the exact title) they gave Moving
Pictures, Signals, Exit stage Left and 2112 FOUR STARS ! It's difficult
to get 4 stars from RS and 5 is almost unheard of. And Rolling Stone
would usually mock a science-fiction based album like 2112. Surprisingly
the musicianship compensated for this. The ratings for Presto were
mediocre. I agreed with some of their criticism, though.
	And one last note. Someone said that the synths used today are better
than the moog used on Moving pictures. Fisrt of all, when MP came along,
Geddy was already using the Oberheim OBX synth, a two-oscillator analog
synth that had the depth that many new FM synths are trying to match.
The MINImoog, a three oscillator analog, was used in hemispheres, and
basically acted as harmony. To me this was a pretty good blend, and
synths were used sparingly;  when they were used, you enjoyed it, know
what I mean?
	I was looking at my original Fly by Night album sleeve and noticed the
original lyric printing on it. It's really cool. If any of you have the
album (those damn mercury cds don't have shit in 'em) take a look. Does
anyone know who did the artwork????

	Does anyone think they'll change the ending jam in the concert to
something other than (la-villa/2112/in the mood)??

	In wrapping up, I would like to say that I do not intend to make
enemies on rush@syrinx !!!!!!!!!! so somebody respond



Date: Sat, 19 Oct 91 19:46:06 -0400
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: RTB on Billboard

In response to Eric Anderson's question about Bones did in
the polls, I checked Billboard's posting for THIS week.
It debuted at #3! Not bad. But, as you predicted, has fallen
off kinda sharply. Now five weeks later, it sits at 23, I
if I remember right. But if it's not 23, it was no lower
than 26. Last week it was 19.
It is a gold record already!

Also, when exactly is Neil on Rockline??? Somebody tell us!!!

Finally, this is a strange request, but I'll go for it. A bunch
of my friends and I are throwing a big Halloween party in two
weeks. I need a costume idea but I want it to be Rush related.
Gimme some ideas!

                     "Until later...." (Show Don't Tell)

|~~~\  |    |  /~~~\  |    |    Nick Mascari-Case Western Reserve
|   /  |    |   \     |    |    "If you choose not to decide, you
|~~\   |    |     \   |~~~~|     still have made a choice"
|   \   \__/  \___/   |    |    Look for "Peart" on IRC


Date: Sun, 20 Oct 91 15:58:18 -0400
From: (Andy Rachels)
Subject: RTB on Billboard

RTB debuted on Billboard at #3.  From there it fell to #10, #21, #25 and last
week it was at #35.  It looks like RTB is continuing the trend of quickly
falling on the chart (But what does it matter anyway?). I think GnR was at
#4 and #10 last week though I'm not sure whether vol I or II was higher.

I agree with Thomas that most music critics are just jealous, disgruntled
failed musicians.

Andy R.


Date: Sun, 20 Oct 1991 16:28:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: Matthew Joseph Desantis 
Subject: neil stories

Well, although I've been saying "unlawful" things about neil, I have
some stories to tell about the drummer.
	Well, he usually bikes from tour to tour and gets there just before
soundcheck. He went on an  expedition in Africa where supposedly no
white man has gone before. He kept a journal during the whole trip
instead of photographs because he says pictures sometimes distort the
true feelings kept in written memoirs.

These are things I heard ... I don't know how much of it is true, but
they sound like "Neil" kinda things to do.

	He also is taking French lessons, because his kid (does he have one?)
speaks and he wants to be the consummate father.

One of my friends back in High School, who is an impressive drummer (in
my band back then) told me these. Are they true? Certainly there has to
be a Neil follower who could verify this info.
	I am under the impression that Neil is a soft-spoken, low key kinda
guy. Is he always like this? In the ASOH video, he is not as brash and
outlandish like Alex with his zany facial expressions and Geddy with his
antics. Neil almost hides from the camera in the video. He definitely
drums with more integrity than 99% of other "pig" drummers. His head is
always pivoted downward toward his set and in his concentration he is
not an integral part of the personas on stage left and right.
 - On one song, Spirit of Radio, He seems to be laughing with Alex about
something right before the bridge - "And the words of the prophets..."
This is the only instance where I see some personality in Neil. Does he
really take it THAT seriously?
	At the Presto tour in Pgh. I was displeased with the same Neil solo,
yet people are saying that he varies it at other shows. His solo at
Presto sounded just like the ASOH version. I gotta believe that Neil has
more chops in store (And with Neil they have to be TASTEFUL chops) and
that he could play an entirely new solo if he desired. Well , I've
Bulls*%it enough. Later, M.DeSantis.


Date: ,
Subject: G'day from OZ!!

Hi y'all,

	Well Its about time I said something about RTB from an Australian
point of view (well, mine anyway...)

After reading Joe Maruschek's MAMMOTH posting I must say I really agree with
his comments about the album. I too reckon its really 'grooves'. Its far
'funkier' than Presto (but then again. its a different album). I actually
look FORWARD to the rap part now!! Weird eh, considering I am NOT a big
rap fan!!

Anyway, I had a thought about Wheres My Thing. I bet you 10 jam tarts that
the next solo Neil does live (ie: this coming tour) will be broken into from
Wheres my Thing. There's a spot about half way through where Neil has a sort
of 'extended' drum fill, which sounds remarkably like that same point in YYZ
when listened to on MP. Who agrees!! We should have a bet, maybe the dice are

Also, I will be touring Europe in January and February and my only chance in
the WORLD so far to see Rush live will be in europe. So.....if anyone at all
could help me with tour dates for Europe I would be most happy...

Being marooned in this sod of a country definitely has its disadvantages...



Date: 20 October 1991 22:50:50 CDT
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 
Subject: Neil's New Color/ New Drums???

Ya Hey there all!

Just got a bit of tidbit for ya all. Neil changed his color for his drumset
again. Instead of being the deep plumb purple color from the Presto tour
its a very dark TEAL color---sort of a dark blue/green color, again its so
dark that if you were sitting 20 or 30 rows back it would look like its
black. I'm not sure if its a new set though, I'm pretty sure its a new
paint job like the last tour. I'll be sure to let ya all know after I talk
and ask Larry Allen though. :))

To the person who suggested putting the word "SPOILERS" in the subject head-
ing, I totally agree. I had the song list for the last tour about 2 weeks
before the tour started, so 2 weeks before 2/17/90. And my first show for
the Presto tour was on March 23, 1990 when I flew out to Vancouver, BC,
Canada to see them. Well, needless to say, knowing the set list really
spoiled the show. I was a good boy in that I had an actual recording from
the first show- 2/17/90 about 2 weeks after that date in my hands and
I had the self control of not playing it! That would have really ruined it.
Thus I would recommend not knowing the song list before a show. But obviously
its different for everyone so to each their own! In fact, by picking up the
phone I could get the song list by one phone call, but this time I'm
definitely not going to do it! Well, I hear my other line ringing now, so
I'm gonna blast outa here. type to ya all later. bye

p                           p
-  "I was lined up for glory but the Bitnet:u24129@uicvm.bitnet    -
g   tickets sold out in advance.     Genie: P.Choy                 g
p   The way the big wheel spins."                                  p
-                                                  Patster         -
g                                                                  g

ps: hmmmmmm, maybe its my friend w/ the Song List calling me now! :P


Date: Mon, 21 Oct 91 10:36:25 EDT
From: Doug White 
Subject: Wash. D.C. tix on sale ... NOT!

I called the Cap Centre 432-0200 line this a.m. - a very nice lady flipped
thru her calendars & mail and siad that the 12/4 show isn't on their schedule
yet - but to call at the end of the week.  6 weeks to go, should be
annouced soon!!!  Any other D.C. folks hear anything, lemme know!   Doug


Date: Mon, 21 Oct 91 10:33:54 edt
Subject: Re: Gangster of Boats?

Nicholas Mascari asked if Rush would be coming out with any more
albums. Well, when Presto was released on Atlantic, I read in multiple
interviews that Rush was contracted to make 2 more albums after that
(Roll the Bones and the next one, whatever it is). My hunch is that
they will renew their contract for at least 2 more, plus a live

Also, he asked about the reason for part IV of the GoB trilogy. I
believe it was a joke, nothing more (at least that's how they made it
sound on the national premiere of the album).

WRT Rush being reviewed in Rolling Stone, I haven't seen anything, but
I don't expect their attitude to be any different. In the last issue
there was an article on Primus (who sucks, IMHO :-) and in it they
mention that Primus "unashamedly cites Rush as one of their
influences". _Unashamedly_? What a bloody attitude!!


"Rolling Stone can Smoke my Bone" - what the title of RtB should be


From: tpick@apd.MENTORG.COM (Trevin Pick)
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 91 09:11:40 PDT
Subject: Misc.

Hello out there!

To Ian B and the "oh no, more dogs" bit...THANK YOU.  That was a very funny
post, and it brightened an otherwise dreary Monday morning!  I hope this
puts to rest the stupid dog stuff.

Alan Edward's suggestion to ask Neil about remastering the older CDs is
a terrific idea.  I was just listening to Perm Waves and was apalled at
the sound quality compared to today.  Another possible question would
be to ask what bands Neil currently listens to and what books he's recently
read.  I would find this very interesting, and might be something he'd reveal.

Also, I was wondering how the band and crew thinks up the light and laser show
for their concerts.  I've seen many concerts, and Rush consistently has the
most impressive light/laser/projected video aspects.  Does the band have input
into this, or do they just hire a crew which thinks this all up?  I would think
they're pretty busy just figuring out the musical aspects of the concert.

          Trevin Pick -- Mentor Graphics Corp.
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From: (Amy Moseley)
Subject: Rockline Questions
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 91 12:34:00 CDT

Don't know if this thread's been discussed before, but just in case some
of us lucky souls get on Rockline, why don't we post our favourite questions
to the NMS?  There may be a clever question I haven't thought of.  The
mystery rapper--who is he? is the best question I can think of, since
Geddy teased us all on the satellite premiere of RTB.

What do you all think?
Amy J. Moseley
Motorola Computer Group
(512) 329-7117					:) or


Date: Mon, 21 Oct 91 14:04:24 EDT
From: Kimberly Engle 
Subject: The Rapper Revisited

	I hate to bring this up again (and I'm not sure if someone has
already mentioned it), but here it goes:
	I was listening to COS yesterday, and I noticed that the narrator
in The Necromancer sounds an AWFUL LOT like the rapper in RTB... what do
"y'all" think??? Has someone pointed that out before? Who was the narrator?
My COS CD doesn't even have the names of the people in the band listed on
it, let alone the individual credits for each song!
	BTW- I am also a Trekker...

   Kimberly A. Engle          -    "...And please madam, the name          -     is Worf, not Woof."        -


From: atz@clmqt.marquette.MI.US (dweezilbub)
Subject: RTB tour
Date: 21 Oct 91 13:50:04 EDT (Mon)

Wow, it's right around the corner for lots eh?

I think it would be totally awesome if during the song RTB, right
towards the end there of Alex's jam, Neil's drumset turns around
and HE did the rap part, while playing his electronic kit.  With a mic
now of course!  Imagine how many people would have cows right
there in the arena!

There's a part in Where's My Thing, towards the end where Neil is
jamming on his snare and he overplays the 4/4 beat there...  I'll
bet that is where he launches into his SOLO!

Man, I wish I was going.  But you lucky humans better keep us up
on things  :)

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From: atz@clmqt.marquette.MI.US (dweezilbub)
Subject: One more thing...
Date: 21 Oct 91 14:09:03 EDT (Mon)

Darn, I wanted to also mention that 'Mobile Homes' was totally
excellent, and I had to crank it up and sing along.

Especially the line with 'mouses'...  Bwahahahahahahahaha!

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Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1991 14:48 EST
From: Why Are We Here? Because We're Here -- Roll The Bones!
Subject: Dreamline Guitar Tab


   My band is contemplating on doing Dreamline, however my guitarists need to
see the tabulature of the song.  Is anyone working on Dreamline or have it
completed?  If so I'd LOVE a copy!  Also, has anyone seen a tab book for RTB

Rob Lizak Jr.

Bitnet : LIZAK98@SNYBUFVA.bitnet


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