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Subject: 10/25/91 - The National Midnight Star #363

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 363

                 Friday, 25 October 1991
Today's Topics:
                 the countdown continues
                  Columbia House CD Club
                Re:  request for new stuff
                 The quote-unquote debate
           Musical Instrument Digital Interface
                  Re:  Grammy? --  Juno?
                      Grand Designs
                     Rush in Montreal
     Name that rapper (reprise), harmony, synthsolos
           bowing to commercialistic pressures?
                   Rush Videos For Sale
                         NMS #253
             "Big Wheel", "Ghost" and angels
                     Random thoughts
                  Miscellaneous replies
                     Tour Book Wanted
                      Cap. Ctr. show
                 Re: Lyrics Inconsistency
                        RUSH Movie
                      Two Things...
         Lyrical Interpretations: 2D Life/Angels
               RTB Review from local paper
              Is this the worst review ever?

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

First, in keeping with the Star Trek thread, a moment of silence for the
passing of Gene Rodenberry, creative force behind all of it (except maybe
all those cons... :-)

Once again I'm wayyy behind on administrative mail.  I'll make a serious
effort this weekend to get caught up.



Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1991 18:38:06 -0400 (EDT)
From: Matthew Joseph Desantis 
Subject: the countdown continues

Dear fellow RUSHans,
	Only two more working days until I can see the boyz. Usually, I like to
have a few brews "maybe molson, eh?" before the show. However, I have
sworn to myself not to overdo it. I don't want to see RTB in an
inebriated state, if ya know what I mean.
	Anyway, I have a question. On presto's Superconductor, how many times
does the time change? I've been trying to play it. As you may already
know, keyboard is by bag, and guitar is secondary. Superconductor is
like ALL guitar, and I don't think I have the proper feel. I want to
think in fours, but it seems that sevens are used, but then that's not
right... I got the perfect string sound on my Matrix 1000 for the
string- bridge type part of the song and I'm trying, with the help of
the drummer in my old band (who told the neil stories), to do a pretty
good recording of the song. The vocals aren't hard (Nothing Geddy sings
IS anymore) Well anyway, if someone could just tell me more about the
time signature it would be appreciated.
	What's with geddy's voice, now, I mean It sounds kinda rich, but I miss
that shrill twang. Is it just age? Or did he damage his voice singing in
the previous manner? So many questions....


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 91 15:27 MST
Subject: Columbia House CD Club

Hello, Everyone!

Well, it seems that Columbia House has made a leap towards Rush -

Just last summer they only had Presto available.  Well, I just joined,
and they sent me their catalog -  they now have:

Grace Under Pressure
Permanent Waves
Moving Pictures
A Farewell To Kings

Quite a selection - it sure beats BMG.  If anyone wants the order nos,
send me Email and I will pass them along...



          {                                            ()   HYF   }
          {     Ian D. Bjorhovde                                  }
          {                                          ()   ()      }
          {                          }
          {     Department of Materials Science & Engineering     }
          {     University of Arizona                             }
          {     Tucson, AZ  85721                                 }
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Date: Thu, 24 Oct 91 16:46:14 PDT
From: (Raymond Degennaro)
Subject: Re:  request for new stuff

NIDSTER%JHUVMS.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU, Chrystyna Lafferty, et. al.  were
        ^^^^^^-how are things @ Hopkins, Hon? (Class of '89)
commenting on the lack of new stuff in the NMS, well here's an attempt at 
a new thead.

i've recently really gotten into AFTK again, esp "Cinderella Man,' and i 
thought of an interpetation that i don't recall hearing (pardon if this 
one has been said.). anyway, i look at the song as a response to anti-
objectivist who feel that altruism is the "right way."  or maybe its a 
way of relating people like Mother Theresa (who noone could call evil) 
with an objectivist philosophy.

the plot seems to be a person who has earned a large sum of money but 
now chooses to help the hungry. the key here is that he's doing this 
because he wants to not because it's expected of him, or because he feels 
guilty of his riches or because the needy demanded them. altruism and 
objectivism are not mutually exclusive, but objectivism and hypocritiacl 
altruism (as it usually practiced) are.

i won't start bogging this down with lyrics yet, let's just see if this 
thread goes any where.


Ray (DJ) DeGennaro


From: rushlyn@Athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: The quote-unquote debate
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 91 20:59:12 EDT


Well, there was quite an interesting question brought up about a possible
	contradiction in Neil's lyrics in RTB:
>For an angel to forgive my sins



In my HUMBLE opinion, a closer look at the latter may relieve any questions
	one may have.
Let's see, how can I put this?
O.K. - Neil is refering to relationships and how we may be lucky enough to
	find one that is "perfect".
When Neil says that he doesn't believe in the planets or the stars,
	you know this is not to be taken literally.  I don't think Neil
	intends to piss off any astronomers or cosmologists.  What he's
	saying (I think) is that he doesn't believe that relationships
	form because some zodiac alignment makes it happen.
This goes also to the next line.  Neil is saying that there are not any little
	cupids up in the clouds shooting arrows to make people fall in love.
	He doesn't believe that these relationships are formed because
	the angels above want it to happen.  He's not necessarily saying that
	he doesn't believe in angels.  What he's doing (in my own words) is
	he's giving love a more intellectual outlook.  There's no mysticism
	involved - why does it happen?  because it happens!
If one looks at the lyrics in this way (and I'm not saying that this is
	the ONLY way to INTERPRET the lyrics), the need for this so called
	debate no longer exists.

id est

"Looking for love the way the big wheel spins..." -N.P.


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1991 20:32:56 -0400 (EDT)
From: Matthew Joseph Desantis 
Subject: Musical Instrument Digital Interface

Well, first I would like to thank Rick for responding to my comments on
lyrics. Emotion and deep feelings definitely arent exclusive to those
who have a broad vocabulary.

Someone wanted to know who Ayn Rand was....
She is a novelist who prided herself on individualism and wrote two
extremely popular novels, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged. Her
themes include (and this is very cursory) the ability to establish your
own beliefs/styles regardless of the popular "status-quo" thing

You can see the Fountainhead on video (w/ good acting, I must say) but
again, like the proverbial English class teacher would say: read the

And to Rotem....
I don't particularly like the direction that Rush is heading, either.
The COOL thing about Rush was the idea of a power trio. Three people all
playing simultaneously and doing it quite well. What WAS even more
impressive was the complicated structure and time of their compositions.

They even had more of my appreciation when they added the Taurus Pedals
(Pedal Synth for the Original Tom Sawyer Effect) These pedals required
real-time playing in addition to the work being simultaneously done on
the bass and guitar.

Now, MIDI lets them press a pedal once to trigger the sequence....
MIDI lets geddy play one synth that is MIDIed to a stack of rack synths
and it sounds like all the synths being played at once. (An attempt at a
thicker sound on FM rather then Analog Moog or Oberheim equipment)
So don't let anyone tell you that there's only one synth on a certain
song, because now, there NEVER is. It's always layered.

And Rush uses those pedals sometimes for extra bass.  The trio sounds
like an orchestra. This is good and bad.
There are so many ways to sound cheesy with synthesizers and samplers.
The more equipment you get, ther easier it is to sound cheesy. I had
this band my senior year in high school, and I had a Korg DS8 Digital
synth, a rack-mount YamahaTX81Z a Casio CZ1000 and a sampler. I have a
HUGE library of sounds! But, I generally used piano and organ patches an
an occasional "analog synth" Subdivisions kinda sound- but really that's
Rush uses all kinds of sounds and it gets to me. I know they enjoy what
they're doing. Some of the music is getting cheesy, especially this
mellow stuff. We will never see the three man guitar jam until the end
of the concert. But think about this....

	New Rush is better than no Rush.
 	If RTB is nothing more than an EXCUSE to tour, I'm all for it!

M. DeSantis


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 91 16:52:05 PDT
From: (Raymond Degennaro)
Subject: Re:  Grammy? --  Juno?

i don't know if they're eligible for a Grammy, they're Canadian. anybody@*.*.ca
know if they've won a Juno?

Ray (DJ) DeGennaro


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1991 22:05:21 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: Grand Designs

In response to Mark's Shaw's question about the Grand Designs line
"life in two dimensions is a mass production scheme", I would
like to offer a plausible  explanation.  It seemes to me that
Neil is trying to convey his disapproval of living without any
real substance, or alternatively, in merely two dimensions.

A third dimension exists, one with a whole other range of
possibilities, and there is no reason for not taking advantage of it.
I may be pushing it, but I offer a geometric example.  With only
two dimensions, there are only circles, squares, triangles, and
other fundamentally important but essentially limited shapes.
Add a the invention of a third dimension, though, and those same
basic entities become spheres, rectangles, cubes, pyramids, and
a whole host of other, more complex, figures.  By "living in
two dimensions", man is basically limiting his vision and existence.

With regard to the aforementioned being "a mass production scheme",
I contend that this is another example of Neil advocating the will
of the individual against that of the state (i.e. the man vs.
government).  Parallel to earlier works such as 2112 and Anthem,
I believe that Neil is alluding to repression of the masses.  Certain
powers that be would prefer us to live in two dimensions, having
a very shallow and essentially meaningless existence.  In short, to
accept what the status quo, not look for that third dimension.

I think this interpretation is consistent with the overall theme of
Power Windows (power) as well.

Phil Simon

"A rush is a good vibe."
                    -Geddy Lee


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 91 21:17:49 -0500
From: (Aaron Osborne)

Hi everyone, this is my first post to the NMS.  I've really enjoyed
reading all the varied opinions of the great Rush following the past
couple of weeks.

Just thought I'd mention what I heard this evening on our local
"Classic" rock station 92.1 WTSR. They will be broadcasting a 2 hour
Rush special this Sunday at 7pm.  That is the extent of my knowledge
of this event.  I intend to tape it on my HiFi VCR and would be happy
to copy it to cassettes if anyone is interested.

Aaron                             "They call me the working man...                          Guess that's what I am"


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 91 22:24:54 EDT
From: Tanguy Kervahut 
Subject: Rush in Montreal

Rush will be in Montreal, november 28 (thursday). Tickets go for
$19.50, $26.50 and $32.50 (CDN$). They will be on sale saturday
october 26. I will buy some for me and some friends. If there are
people interested in seeing them here, I could buy tickets for you,
just drop me a line, my email address is in my .sig

| Tanguy Kervahut      DoD#0349 | "I'm uptight can't sleep at night I can't   |
|                               | pretend everything's alright. My ideals my  |
|     | sanity they seem to be deserting me." -Fish |
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Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1991 20:36 MDT
From: "David C. Copley" 
Subject: Name that rapper (reprise), harmony, synthsolos

For anyone who is interested, I have submitted a soundfile to syrinx
that contains the first half of the rap ('spoken') section in "RtB"
sped up approx 20%.  At the beginning of the file is a sample of
Geddy's spoken voice from a Rockline interview so you can compare with
the sped-up rapper's voice.

The soundfile is in NeXT's .snd format.  It may or may not be
compatible with Suns, however. It is in 16-bit linear, 22.05KHz

[ The file exists at the syrinx ftp site in 'rush/sounds/rtbrap.snd'.  I
  haven't tried with this particular file yet, but other NeXT .snd files
  have played on the Sun by renaming it to .au.          :rush-mgr ]

I know this is a disputed topic, so I will not say who I think it
sounds like...:-)  ...but I'll let you draw your own conclusions.
Who knows, by this time next week, the controversy may be resolved
straight from the boyz themselves.

On another note... I'm wondering about something.  I remember when p/g
came out, and hearing 'Kid Gloves' for the very first time.  I
remember how stunned I was at the vocal harmony on '...tough to be so
cool.'  Correct me if I'm wrong, but was that the first time Rush
attempted harmony?  (I haven't heard their first 3 albums for a while
and only have a few songs from each on tape)  They've really gotten into
it since.

Also, does anyone else out there miss those single-note synthesizer
solos like the ones from 'The Trees','Jacob's Ladder','Tom Sawyer',
'Subdivisions', and 'Countdown' ?  I sure do.             or   
                              David C. Copley
  Brigham Young University College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1991 22:49:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: bowing to commercialistic pressures?

Posing a hypothetical question to Neil on Rockline, Larry Stein
"intuitively" writes:

>Would you say that Rush has compromised its musical integrity
>in the past few years by bowing to the pressures of commercialism?

>I know what my answer to that question would be.  I wonder if Neil
>would give anything but a curt "No" as an answer.

Color me sensitive, but this type of crap really infuriates me.  I don't
care if you loathe RTB or any of Rush's other more recent albums, but to
insinuate that they have sold out, which is exactly what you're doing,
is quite simply erroneous.

It is not even a matter of opinion that Rush's music has drastically
evolved over the last decade.  One could even argue that musically they
are not even the same band.  But, "bowing to the pressures of
commercialism"?  Who the hell are you kidding?  Look at the facts,
Lawrence.  If Rush has sold out, why would they have altered their music
from Permanent Waves?  Waves (which made Rush a radio favorite) and
Moving Pictures (arguably their most successful album) were very
successful on the commercial level.  Why would they change, having
already discovered the formula for success?  They could spew out
essentially the same music guaranteed that it would be embraced by their
new flock of new fans.  What came after MP?  Signals, which at the time
was a very daring album.  Rush "deviated from the norm" and made a
record atypical of anything they had ever done.

What I really respect and admire about Rush, what their true fans
appreciate, is their repeated willingness to experiment with new music
ideas and styles.  As musicians, as Alex and Ged put it (on a past
Rockline I believe), they learn and grow more and than if their music
became contrived.  Many bands who are continually successful on a very
shallow level (i.e. Bon Jovi and their kind), never really attempt to
expand their musical horizons.

So RTB is pretty popular.  Rush isn't selling out, maybe more people are
recognizing the fact that they are a great rock band.  Let's not make
snap judgments about Rush.  Given their past history,  I doubt in a few
years, provided they are still around, their music is similar to what it
is now.

Phil Simon

"Having an ego is not a bad thing.  That's what makes you move, that's
what makes you feel good about yourself.  But when your ego is
encroaching upon other people's presence, then it becomes a problem."
                                                -Geddy Lee


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 91 23:03:32 EDT
From: Have YOU seen the fnords? 

Greetings, fellow Rush-a-holics!  Figured I'd take a plunge and actually
POST to TNMS, instead of just reading it like I've been doing for a week or
so now.

First, I'd like to say something about RS -- I think the advice to ignore
that trash is peachy keen.  RS is _not_ a magazine about music, but about
pop culture including pop music.  Rush may have gotten a wee tiny bit more
commercial-sounding over the last couple years, but I think that has more to
do with mellowing with age than giving into the glittering prizes and
endless compromises.  We've seen a lot on here about Rush articles/reviews
in *real* music magazines, and I think that *real* musicians appreciate
Rush.  I myself am utterly bereft of musical talent (*sigh*), but I DO know
what I like, and I can spot a complex, intelligent melody and meaningful
lyrics anyday.

Another point that I've been wanting to mention - someone mentioned the
curious semi-coincidence of a song on the new Tull album featuring dogs
barking in the background.  (I didn't want to say ANYTHING about barking
dogs, but oh well.)  But nobody has mentioned that *Catfish Rising* _also_
has a song called "Roll Your Own"!!  Interesting, to say the least.

Finally, a sort of 'technical' question -- most of my Rush CD's were bought
in the U.S., although I have a vintage *Signals* LP that I bought when it
first came out -- I was living in Toronto at the time, and Rush were just a
WEE bit popular then and there.  Anyways, all my Rush CD's save RTB (and
Presto of course) are the American Mercury versions (you know, the ones that
RIP YOU OFF royally with the utter lack of insers for Rush through 2112!),
but I got RTB -- the TRUE version, ie. Anthem -- after moving to Montreal
this fall.  So, I'm sort of curious as to whether there are any notable
differences between the Canadian/Anthem and the American/Mercury versions.
I remember the FAQ saying that the Anthem ESL is ADD, but is there anything
else?  Also, does anyone know who distributes the CD's (or albums, for that
matter) elsewhere on the planet?  Just a minor point of curiosity, y'see.

"We are planets to each other
 Drifting in our orbits
 To a brief eclipse"

			Greg Ward (sorry, no fancy .sig)


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 91 23:21:15 -0400
From: "Allan Hirt" 
Subject: Rush Videos For Sale

I am at school now, but... I'm selling the following videos (all
in mint condition and originals - like new)
E  1. Exit Stage Left
  2. Through the Camera Eye
  3. Grace Under Pressure Tour

I've moved onto laserdisc.  For all you laserdisc owners, Chronicles
is out in Japan.  I own it and it is AWESOME!  Mail for info on
where to get this.

Does anyone own the Time Stand Still CDV from the UK/WG?  If so, I'd
pay top dollar for it.

I'm asking $15 for the videos, or best offers.


Just a side note:  I've  been playing bass for about 12 years,
and I think Geddy is THE best rock bassist around. (jazz is another
story, but watch the end of the ASOH video - Ged ain't too shabby)
The new album, from a bass point of view, is no Hemispheres or
Hold Your Fire (my personal fav bass album).  I figured out Dreamline
and What's My Thing on the first tries, but all-in-all, RTB is a solid

Any news on when tix go on sale for Providence or Worcster (12/9 and

If anyone in the Boston area is a Rush fan, feel free to mail me.

"anything can happen" - NP


Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1991 03:42:18 GMT
Subject: NMS #253

May I have NMS #253? It was posted the day I was unsubscribed.  Hence, can
you  return post it please?  (With NutraSweet on top)

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*University of Sydney  	       	       	       	   *
*Undergraduate Dept.   	       	       	       	   *
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Date: 24 Oct 91 23:28:00 EDT
Subject: "Big Wheel", "Ghost" and angels

Sorry, but the lines quoted ("Looking for an angel to forgive my sins" from 
Wheel" and "I don't beleive in the stars or the planets, or angels watching
from above" from "Ghost") are not necessarily contradictory.  They do
contradict each other, but that does not lead to the view that was expressed in
the TNMS yesterday, that Niel was blatantly contradicting himself. I believe 
assumption made that led to this conclusion is that every lyric Neil writes is
a part of a cohesive philosophical system.  I do not believe this to be the
case.  Neil has written A LOT of songs and to try to reconcile all of them
would be a job of epic proportions - especially for Neil, who has one job in
the songwriting process - to come up with insightful, meaningful, and above all
intellegent lyrics.  He may very well have some strong philosophical views, but
I doubt if we, the listeners and fans of Rush, are going to be directly exposed
to them on every single song that Neil writes lyrics for.  And finally, while
Neil's lyrics tend to be philosophically oriented, they are SONG LYRICS(damn
good one's I will admit, but still only song lyrics).  If Neil was more
interested in making a philosophical point and presenting a philosophical
system than in making good music, he would be writing treatises and not
"Available Light" or "Natural Science"(Two of my favorites)

"In the cnyons of the cities, you can hear the buildings cry." Available Light

"Living in their pools, they soon forget about the sea." Natural Science

Shane McNally
Criticsm welcome, flames ignored!!!


Date: 25-OCT-1991 00:21:44.77
From: Kyle Patrick Murphy 
Subject: Random thoughts

   Hello everyone. This is my first post to the NMS and I just have a few
somewhat random thoughts to share and a few questions to ask.
   If anyone does get on Rockline when Neil is on, rather than asking him
about that stupid dog/fart/sonar noise is, why not ask him some questions with
a little more substance? For example :

   1. Were there any specific influences for the themes and/or individual songs
      on _Roll the Bones_?
   2. How would you answer the charges that Rush has "gone commercial" with
      _Presto_ and _RTB_?
   3. Do you still consider yourself an "objectivist" or have you largely
      renounced Rand's philosophy?

   As far as songs for the show go, I think it would be really cool if they
did "By-Tor and the Snow-Dog" and "Circumstances" as the encore. Note that
both of these could be done as "jams" without the need for MIDI control.
It would be a change from the "2112"/"La Villa" encore and "Circumstances"
would sort of fit in with the theme of the _RTB_ songs.
   I'm willing to bet (a not large sum) that Rupert Hine is the rapper.
   If anyone knows when tickets go on sale for the Dec 1 show in Hartford,
Ct, please let me know. I've called the Civic Center twice, and they're
clueless, but I find it strange that the date when they go on sale for the NYC
show is known when that show is after the Hartford one.
   I was just watching my _Chronicles_ video for the thirtieth time and a
few things occurred to me : (sorry if these questions are of the "What was
the combination to Kirk's safe in Episode 23 of Star Trek" variety, but anyway)
   1. Who was the kid in the "Subdivisions" video?
   2. Was the van that shows up for a few seconds in the housing development
Rush's old tour van?
   3. Do the initials "JMT" on the Tempest game at the end have any
   Also, I wonder if the dice image from the "Big Money" video will show
up anywhere in any of the _RTB_ images.

ORQ : "They dream in Middletown." (Anyone who knows where Wesleyan U. is will
       get this one.)

|   Kyle Murphy                    |   "Keep on looking forward             |
|   Wesleyan University            |    No use in looking 'round            |
|                                  |    Hold your head above the crowd      |
|   _Not_ an all-girls school      |    And they won't bring you down"      |
|       outside Boston.            |                                        |
|                                  |                     - Neil Peart       |
|                                  |                                        |
|     |Rush,The Who,Yes,Pink Floyd,Jethro Tull |


Date: Fri, 25 Oct 91 00:38:07 -0400
From: ap555@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (John Brooking)
Subject: Miscellaneous replies

>Date: 24 Oct 91 02:46:09
>From: Gonzalo.A.Lira.Jr@Dartmouth.EDU
>Subject: Re: 10/23/91 - The National Midnight Star #361
>In ten years of listening to Rush, I've spent long, long hours thinking about
>them, probably more than what's good for me. RTB proved no exception, so
>here's some educated B.S. about it.
>nonetheless.) Neil has definitely matured, but he's not taking risks either; I
>at least would like to see him do more stuff that isn't strictly rhyme, like
>Ebbing Tide in Natural Sciences (personally, I think they are perhaps the
>greatest lyrics ever written by anybody in any kind of music, from The
I agree.  I think this song must be my absolute favorite for lyrics, and
the mustic is right up there too.  I've gone on several times on this list
about preferring less structured songs, my biggest complaint with Rush's
current style.  It's great how Natural Science starts and ends with the
tide theme (ebbing out at the start, roaring back in at the end, so the
song is about what goes on between, in life as in tide pools), and each
major section is delimited with the "wheels within wheels" phrase, first
acoustically, leading up to the 7/8 section, then after that solo being
repeated with more of an electric sound leading to the "science like
nature" verses, then (and this is harder to notice), the power chords after
those verses leading into the tide roaring back in, there are no more
lyrics, but the chords are the same harmonically and rhythmically as the
"wheels within wheels" chords, so it is again begin used as a bridge.  The
tide roaring back in at the end is majestic and tragic at the same time,
indicating the cyclical nature of life and death, which you can take as
meaning either on the individual or global level.  All this complexity and
cause and effect, and sooner or later it is all wiped out and nature starts
over again fresh.  Kind of sobering, eh?

Definately one of Neil's most inspired lyrics, IMHO.
>Subject: Letters To Rolling Fart
>From: (Phil D. Croix)
>Date: Wed, 23 Oct 91 22:48:16 PDT
>Permanent Waves sounding like it was "recorded poorly"? I disagree!!!
>It sounds to me like it was recorded yesterday! It is one of my favorites
>to listen to because of the sharp clarity of everything, every

  I still think that PeW sounds somewhat tinny, too much treble sound, or
square waves, of something.  Almost pinched, especially Ged's voice.  Not
that it's not great music, one of my favorite albums, but to me (and I
don't know much about recording technology and don't have great equipment)
the recording sound has always seemed sort of odd.

>From: stedmant@LONEX.RL.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
>Date: Thu, 24 Oct 91 11:48:18 EDT
>Subject: Lyrical inconsistency and MD magazine
>Let's see if this stirs up debate:
>In "The Big Wheel", Neil writes:
>>For an angel to forgive my sins
>        ^^^^^
>but, in "Ghost Of A Chance" he writes:
>    ^^^^^^
>        To me, this is a contradiction of beliefs.  In one passage he is
>looking for an angel and in the next he states that he doesn't even believe
>in them.  Maybe the lyrics that Neil writes are not always based on his
>personal thoughts and feelings.  If that were the case, only one of the
>above would (or could) be correct.

I have to disagree strongly.  People are *not* totally self-consistant,
except maybe for sufficiently small time intervals.  Even if he were
using "angel" in the same sense of the word (which I'm not sure he is
anyway), he is certainly entitled to feel either depending on his mood.  I
used to be terribly introspective when I was in college, and one thing I
concluded is that by the time you may think you have yourself figured out,
you change and you have to totally rethink yourself again.  This implies
that self-consistency in either emotions or personal philosophy is a
constantly fleeting ideal and, IMHO, not to be demanded of anyone,
including ones self (although it is certainly better to strive for it while
being aware of the impossibility).

To use another argument.  When I think a lot about life and the meaning of
it, I'm apt to come to one of two conclusions: (1) It's fine overall, some
rough spots but overall the intersting, nay, fascinating experiences in
life end up making it all worth it in the end, or (2) there is no final
meaning to it, and everything we do finally comes to nothing in the end, so
why do we even try?  Which one I feel depends mostly on my emotional mood
at the time, and sometimes when I'm in a particularly ambiguous mood, I
feel both at the same time!

Got to go, FreeNet has a time limit and I'm within a mintue of it..

--  | "Wheels within wheels in a spiral array, a
-----------------------------+ pattern so grand and complex.  Time after time
we lose sight of the way, our causes can't see their effects."  - Rush


Date: 25-OCT-1991 00:49:57.86
From: Kyle Patrick Murphy 
Subject: Polls

   Darn, forgot something. I think an NMS reader's poll is a great idea 
someone out there has the time and patience to tabulate it.
   Appropritae categories would be :
1. Best Album
2. Best Song
3. Favorite Band Member (okay, Neil would probably win hands down, but it
   might be interesting to see how many votes Geddy and Alex would get.)
4. Best side-long Song
5. Best song on each Album (this may be going a bit far, but eliminating
   the live albums would at least help a little.)

   Someone mentioned Rush doing a cover in a post and, although I can't
see it happening, I would love to see them do a Who cover. Imagine "Won't
Get Fooled Again" with Neil's drumming and Geddy, instead of Roger Daltrey,
screaming at the top of his lungs after the keyboard part. I belive the band
in general was influenced by The Who, with Neil being especially influenced
by Keith Moon (His drumming, obviously. _Not_ his lyric writing. Ever hear
"Wasp Man"?) "My Generation" would also be good. (Picture Ged playing the base
part on this one.) If Rush were going to copy anyone, why not copy the only
people who could even come close to their instrumental proficiency.

Non-Obligatory Who Quote : "I went back to my mother
                            I said, 'I'm crazy ma, help me.'
                            She said, ' I know how it feels son'
                            'Cause it runs in the family.'"

|   Kyle Murphy                    |   "Keep on looking forward             |
|   Wesleyan University            |    No use in looking 'round            |
|                                  |    Hold your head above the crowd      |
|   _Not_ an all-girls school      |    And they won't bring you down"      |
|       outside Boston.            |                                        |
|                                  |                     - Neil Peart       |
|                                  |                                        |
|     |Rush,The Who,Yes,Pink Floyd,Jethro Tull |


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 91 07:32:31 -0800 (PST)
From: (Richard R. Rubel)
Subject: Tour Book Wanted

Unfortunately, it looks like I cannot make the local RTB concert (time rather
than money problems).  I was wondering if someone would pick up and send me
a program/tour book from one of the shows (one of the overseas ones would be
great, as well).  Of course, I'll reimburse you for the book and your trouble.

Mail me at:



From: (Patrick M. Ryan)
Subject: Cap. Ctr. show
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 91 7:49:52 EDT

I got a little more info about the 12/4 show at the Capital Center.
I was at the Tower Records on 21st St. last night and talked to the
guy at the TicketMaster desk.  The facts are:

	1. the 12/4 show is now 'in the computer'.
	2. tickets are $23.50 and $28.50
	3. he did not know when the would be on sale.

Seeing as how they know about the show and have prices, I would guess
that the tix will be on sale *soon*.  I will call TicketMaster this
morning and see what I can find out.

[ Interesting.  I just called them (4:30 p.m. EDT), and the central
  number (301)432-0200 claims to have no information about the show
  or tickets.  I told them about the above info, and they put me on
  hold to check.  They came back and said "we have no information."
  What a well-run organization!       :rush-mgr ]

"His mother starts to call him as a hawk goes soaring by.
 And the boy pulls down his baseball cap and covers up his eyes..."
   - analog kid

                                                                patrick ryan
                                                       oceans and ice branch
                                    nasa / stx / goddard space flight center


From: bigal@wpi.WPI.EDU (Nathan Charles Crowell)
Subject: Angels
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 91 9:53:51 EDT

In the last TNMS, someone (I don't remember who; and I'm notorious for
that) stated that Neil has contradictory beliefs on angels. Not so!

In the line from "The Big Wheel", the 'angel' Neil is referring to
is a woman. He's "looking for love", and the angel is a woman who
will accept him for who he is, good and bad, or in other words,
forgive his sins and not expect him to be perfect.

However, in GOAC, Neil is talking about the mystical forces people
frequently associate with love. The 'stars or the planets' refers to
astrology (the old 'you're a , we're meant for each
other garbage'), and 'angels watching from above' refers to Heaven.

To me, anyway, Neil was trying merely to use different literary tech-
niques, and use two different images. Albeit both of these use angels,
something most Rush fans accept as a thing Neil doesn't believe in, but
I honestly don't think that he was trying to squeeze anything seriously
religious out of it. He was just trying to make a point in a poetic way.

Big Al (Nate)

OBRQ: "That's nice."- Lerxst


Date: Fri, 25 Oct 91 11:26:35 EDT
From: Barry Brumitt 
Subject: Re: Lyrics Inconsistency

>In "The Big Wheel", Neil writes:
>        ^^^^^
>but, in "Ghost Of A Chance" he writes:
>    ^^^^^^
> To me, this is a contradiction of beliefs.

I think it's a bit simpler than that. My interpretation, and I have
noticed this "contradiction" before, is that "The Big Wheel" is about
a younger person, looking for direction: "I was only a kid...",
whereas "Ghost of a Chance" is about a mature adult, reflecting on
"All the Choices we made." A younger person wouldn't reflect on the
many decisions he has made, or have that kind of insight.

Just my interpretation.  3 days til Rush Pittburgh... 3rd Row!



Date: Fri, 25 Oct 91 10:58:08 -0500
From: (Daredevil-The Man Without Fear)
Subject: RUSH Movie

Just to let you all know, there will be a movie entitled "RUSH" appearing
on movie screens on 12/25!

Unfortunately, there is no correlation with the boyz :(



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Date: Fri, 25 Oct 91 09:37:29 PDT
From: (Todd Palmer)
Subject: Two Things...

Hey y'all!

I just wanted to say two things:

1) I've been keeping up with the NMS admirably during the
   past few weeks and I would have to say that I am extremely
   disappointed with its overall content.  All I can say is
   that lately I've gleaned an understanding of why the music
   community comes away with a bad impression of Rush fans.
   A great deal of extremely boring and unimportant stuff has
   been spewed forth and I only hope I'm not contributing to
   the morass with this message.  'Nuff said.

2) What is it about Signals' production quality that
   listeners don't like?  I understand that 'the Boys'
   were unhappy with the sound they got on that album,
   but from my where I stand it sounds pretty good.
   I sort of come away with an impression of coherency.
   Albums after 'Grace Under Pressure' have this clarity
   that, to me at least, cause the sound to be segregated.
   In other words, you hear each member like he was sitting
   right in front of you, but the band doesn't come across.
   I am eagerly awaiting a whole slew of responses.

Best Regards,


"His world is under anaesthetic -
 Subdivided and synthetic
 His reliance on the giants
 In the science of the day..."     -->  Digital Man


Subject: Lyrical Interpretations: 2D Life/Angels
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 91 9:45:03 PDT
From: Dan Dickerman GSY 1-447-4425 

> From: Mark Shaw 
> First of all, I have a question about some lyrics.  On Power Windows in the
> song Grand Designs, what is meant by the line "Life in 2 dimensions is a
> mass production scheme"?  Any ideas?

The lyrics have always struck me as a discussion of the work involved in
avoiding the pitfalls of conformity, hoping to achive a greater goal than
the norm.  His point here is that forcing yourself to not rush into things,
but rather consider them carefully and plan for them is the best way to be
sure you're getting the most out of situations, and be satisfied with the
results (finding the "diamond in the waste").  Note the word play in the
title: Grand Designs could be either the concrete "big plan" one could make
for life ("curves and lines of..."), or also the more abstract idea of having
general high lifelong aspirations.

Here, "life in 2 dimentions" refers to planning-out life rather than just
letting it happen around you (being proactive rather than reactive).
This is a "mass production scheme" to be certain.

> From: stedmant@LONEX.RL.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
> In "The Big Wheel", Neil writes:
> >For an angel to forgive my sins
>         ^^^^^
> but, in "Ghost Of A Chance" he writes:
>     ^^^^^^

I wouldn't call this a contradiction, since the word angel does not have
the same meaning in both songs.   The angel not believed in in "Ghost..."
is the Biblical angel (ya'know with wings and a harp, etc), a figure of
pure faith and religion.  The angel in "The Big Wheel" is the more
concrete angelic person.  Although at some times, it requires faith to
believe either exists, it takes a smaller leap of faith to believe we will
find a person to forgive our inequities on this planet, someone we might
refer to as an angel.


Date:         Fri, 25 Oct 91 12:36:30 EST
From: Hans Gruenig 
Subject:      Angels...

Terry Stedman writes:
>In "The Big Wheel", Neil writes:

>>For an angel to forgive my sins

>but in "Ghost of a Chance" he writes:

>>I don't believe in the stars or the planets
>>or angels watching from above

>To me this is a contradiction of beliefs. In one passage he is looking for an
>angel and  in the next he states that he doesn't even believe in them.  Maybe
>the lyrics that Neil writes are not always based on his personal thoughts and
>feelings.  If that were the case, only one of the above would (or could) be

Helloooo.  Have you ever heard of a simile or a metaphor?  When Neil writes:
"I don't believe in the stars or the planets" -does that contradict all
references to stars (Cygnus X-1 perhaps) or to earth (there are plenty of those
too)?  I think not! He is most likely saying that he does not believe in the
predeterministic tenets of astrology- which would go along well with the rest
of the album's lyrics as well as some from others (I'm not one to believe in
magic...).  As for the quote in "The Big Wheel", just look at the preceding
line that you yourself included:  "LOOKING FOR LOVE" -this would indicate that
the sought-after angel is a metaphor for an intimate partner who is forgiving-
not a cherubic, saintly creature-as you point out: he doesn't believe in those.
That would be one interpretation anyway.  The point is that Peart's lyrics are
rich in similes, metaphors, and allusions (perhaps a few illusions as well),
and that, as in all respectable literature, you can't read everything the way
you read an encyclopedia.  It takes a bit of creative effort to understand
                                          ORQ-HYF "Keep it burning bright-"
                                                       Hans G.


Subject: RTB Review from local paper
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 91 10:38:28 MST
From: (Dan Quella)

I thought I'd submit this short review of RTB from the local paper:

Salvatore Caputo, Arizona Republic, Oct. 20, 1991

"Rush - Roll the Bones   *** (out of *****)

When I heard the instrumental _Where's_My_Thing?_ on Z-Rock (KGRX, FM 100.3)
and then heard it was by Rush, I just had to check out this album. I've
never been a Rush fan, but the song has the kind of energy and melodic
style that makes what should be nothing more than a boring technical
display something you can get up and dance to. The band is choosing to
emphasize melody over technique these days, and it energizes the album.
Rush doesn't completely get rid of the impression that the band is just
a trio of engineers, but there's more soul here than on any of the group's
earlier efforts. Even Geddy Lee's voice sounds warm this time out,
containing a bit of John Lennon's timbre in _The_Big_Wheel_, which crunches
the continent with those _Gloria_ chords."

All I have to say is,


Dan Quella


From: (John Becker)
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 91 13:38:59 CDT
Subject: Is this the worst review ever?

I thought I had gotten to where seeing bad reviews of Rush albums didn't
bother me too much anymore. But now I have seen one that has got to be the
most unobjective trashing of the group and their music that I have ever seen!

It's in the November issue of Request, a free magazine published and
distributed by the Musicland and Sam Goody stores. Everyone's entitled to
their opinion, but I don't see the logic behind publishing this kind of
review in a publication that is presumably intended to help the stores sell
more product. As a Rush fan, it gives me a darn good reason to buy my CDs
somewhere else. And if I wasn't familiar with the group but read the review to
see if they might interest me, I sure wouldn't buy any of their albums after
reading it. Seems like a no-win situation for Musicland and Sam Goody!

I won't make you all sick by transcribing the entire wretched review, but
here's a sample:

"Rush has always been willing to appear ridiculous, and nothing on this disc
is as bad as 'The Trees', from 1978's "Hemispheres', a pathetic allegory..."
DO YOU BELIEVE THIS CRAP?? Here's a little more:
"I even miss Lee's grating siren of a voice..."
Yeah, right, they used to gripe about his "screaming banshee vocals" and now
they miss them!

You know, it occurs to me that maybe one of the reasons Rush has never
achieved great commercial success is that they haven't done anything
outrageous enough to become notorious. You know, like trashing hotel rooms,
having drunken orgies with jailbait groupies, starting fights with members of
the audience etc. etc. All they seem to know how to do is make good music!!

Well, I guess the tour starts tonight, right!! Have fun up there in Hamilton.
I get my turn in 7 more days.

|  John Becker, Staff Engineer    |     "When The Music's Over,     |
|  Motorola, Inc., Schaumburg, IL |      Turn Out The Lights!"      |
|   |     James Douglas Morrison      |


Date:     Fri, 25 Oct 91 14:04 CDT
From:  (Na]gahyde 1% [Bri Gipson])
Subject:  Angels

In the last NMS stedmant@LONEX.RL.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman) wrote

In "The Big Wheel", Neil writes:

>For an angel to forgive my sins
but, in "Ghost Of A Chance" he writes:

        To me, this is a contradiction of beliefs.  In one passage he is
looking for an angel and in the next he states that he doesn't even believe
in them.  Maybe the lyrics that Neil writes are not always based on his
personal thoughts and feelings.  If that were the case, only one of the
above would (or could) be correct.

(Sorry to have been repetative, and I also despise reduntant behavior in notes,
 But I'm afraid too many people will have to scrummage through the post to find
 this one submission.)

He stated that he doesn't believe in angels watching from above, not solely in
angels - perhaps that means he believes 1) Angels aren't watching us at all.
2) Angels are not above us watching.  3) The heavens (stars and planets incl.)
are not above us, but in our minds/souls and more "cat-in-the-box" theory of
its actual existance.  (out of sight, out of mind - solipsist stuff).

Naugahyde 1%


Date: Fri, 25 Oct 91 09:16:33 HST
From: hinano@ahi.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Hinano Akaka)
Subject: Aristotle

Someone yesterday asked about Aristotle (and I'm sure someone's
already answered this, but in case not...)

Aristotle thought there was a Prime Mover or some god somewhere 'out
there' that controlled the movement of the spheres going around the
earth (we must remember he believed the heavens went around the
earth).  The Prime Mover didn't interfere with the whole kit and
kaboodle -- just basically started up the thing and stood back and
watched.  -- gee, sounds a little similar to a certain song...


[Gene Roddenberry (1921-1991)]


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