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Subject: 10/28/91 - The National Midnight Star #365

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 365

                 Monday, 28 October 1991
Today's Topics:
                   Re:Gangster of Boats
                       I GOT TIX!!
      Hamilton, ONT show.... no spoilers though....
                      grand designs
        Anagram/Hotel California/Lord of the Flies
                    Anagram--Moron Fog
                    Reviews of RTB....
                      being creative
                       Sound Check?
                 philly arena - how good?
                    Vocal harmony....
             Captial Centre ticket sales ...
                      Rochester Show
               Grand Designs and Rush in NY
                      re: Two things
                      Show is GREAT!
          first two RUSH shows - NOT A SPOILER!
                   RUSH in Las Cruces!
                     CONCERT SPOILER
            SPOILER - ROCHESTER, NY SHOW 10/26
                Rush, Hamilton show review
                     Rush in Hamilton

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Yes, this is the second issue of the NMS for today.  Once again, I've
tried to move all spoilers to the end.



Subject: Well...
From: (Vindicator)
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 91 00:47:08 PDT

I hope the set list is up here soon!  Damn soon!

I recently recieved my first issue of "A Show of Fans", very very nice
fanzine.  I think everyone on here should give it a chance.

About letter writing to Rolling Stone.  I don't think I am even going to
mention rush. I'll just state that I don't purchase their magazine
because it does not follow my musical tastes, it only focuses on the pop
scum that floats to the top, being lapped up by the masses. (tis true)
Please don't be bitter.  What do I wish to accomplish.  Well it would be
nice if RS was a decent magazine.  I just want to let them know that they
have gotten out of touch with a great portion of a potential audience.
If it changes something, great, if it doesn't, oh well no biggie!

Come one rush mgr.  get a set list from the oct 25 show up here, I know,
it will probably be in this issue!  Ok I'll shut up!

not dogs not dogs not dogs not dogs not dogs not dogs not dogs not dogs
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t    "That's nice!"     Dan Flanegan              o
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not dogs not dogs not dogs not dogs not dogs not dogs not dogs not dogs


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 91 12:31:19 -0400
From: (Ron Wiseman)
Subject: Re:Gangster of Boats

	Hi, I'm new to the NMS.  I only started getting it via ftp this week.

Re: What the hell is the Gangster of Boats.

Ans: I dunno, but:
In case some people don't know, The Gangster of Boats has been mentioned
previously to the album RTB.  In the credits on  HYF the boyz say something
to the effect of:

		'  Elsewhere we have been helped or entertained by: .....
			The Gangster of Boats, ....'

Ron Wiseman


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1991 13:22 EST
From: Mueller@DREW.BITNET, Matthew S 
Subject: I GOT TIX!!

From:      Mueller, Matthew S

        Hey guys(and gals)!! This is like my first post, eh, so GOOD DAY!
I've been a Rush fanatic since I first got Exit.. in 86'. I saw my first
show in 90' on the Presto tour (My stupid parents wouldn't let me see em in
87'). What an incredible experience! Now I can go see em again cuz..
       I GOT TIX !!!!!!!!
for the Dec. 6 show in NYC!!! Yeah baby!! I can't f%#kin' wait!! It's gonna
be orgasmic( especially if they play By-Tor and Xanadu). I finally got through
to Ticketbastard at 9:30 (my friends got in at 9:01 (dickheads!!)). I got
25$(first tier, right??) seats. Just a little over one month and one week
to the show! The countdown begins!!
---By the way, the noise In Dreamline is actually a small white poodle that
Neil activates with a kick-drum pedal which hits the dog in the butt!
RRRRR........" -G.Lee(2112-Soliloquy)in 1980
(Someday, the Boyz should play Natural Science again!)
-Matt the Bassist


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 91 16:17:59 EST
From: sjuphil! (Joseph Roberts)

It has just been made known to me that the Dec.3 show at the Philly
Spectrum has been POSTPONED!!!!!  (Who said life was fair?) If
ANYBODY out htere has info about this (such as when tix might go on
sale for the new date - whenever that may be) PLEASE POST IT PRONTO
(or PRESTO, wichever you prefer)!!!!!!!!!
The Fuzzy Navel

ORQ:I Believe There's A Ghost In My Pants :^)


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1991 16:58 EDT
From: Lewis A Bernstein 
Subject: Hamilton, ONT show.... no spoilers though....

	Just have to add in my two cents on a bunch of topics right
	about now.  I have the good fortune of living in Buffalo
	(no Buffalo crap please) and was able to get great seats
	for the first show.  My comments:  The boyz looked like they
	were having an awesome time up there on stage.  It sounded
	good and I really enjoyed the three or four obvious screw-ups
	in the show.

	The 'mix' of songs played should upset no-one, and no album
	had more than three songs played from it (RtB included).
	Thankfully only 2 from HYF and that was one too many.
	The mystery rapper is still a mystery......
	The tour book is *great* and pretty damn hilarious too, and
	I must paraphrase part of it, because we are all huge fans.

"In the past we have never looked past the current album or tour always
letting what was going to happen in the future happen.  Suddenly we are
aware that we are a part of a long-term creative partnership.  We cut
our holidays short to record RtB, cut them short again to get out on
tour and we will cut them short again to start on the next record."

	I guess it looks like they like being RUSH and will continue
	to record *at least* one more and hopefully many more.

	I brought one of my housemates to the show, and he had never
	been to a Rush show before and all he could say after the
	drum solo (quite a bit of new stuff) was that Niel is the
	best rock drummer he has ever heard.  (Maybe I have another
	convert to my credit?)

	One last point, I just can't see HYF as their best album.
	As a matter of fact it is one of the ones I like least.
	(not dislike, but certainly  has never rotated to the favorite
	like most of the others)  Probably rate them as Signals, RtB,
	PeW, and P/G right now.....   Then again my least favorite song
	on Presto has to Available Light.......

	To anyone going to the show --  ENJOY  --


From: (Joseph Corso)
Subject: grand designs
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 91 17:13:31 CST

Hello Again ,

        Today I write in response to MARK SHAW'S letter about
the lryics in "GRAND DESIGNS", one of my favorite songs on
POWER WINDOWS.  Anyway, I think that the line 'Life in two
dimensions is a mass production scheme' is refering to all
the published material ( books, newspapers, mags, etc.) as
being used to as a guide line to life, and to the lives of
others. For most of us , the only thing we know about other
parts of the world is what we have read.  Printing paper is
a mass production scheme and what is printed is what the public
will know when they read it.    Indeed, this is one of many
ways to look at the song, and there are other alternatives.....

Need Washington D.C. ticket info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                   or anywhere close by   :)

The kid on the cover of RTB looks like the one in teh video for
"DISTANT EARLY WARNING".                          the

doesn't matter...................oooooooooooooo   Cannot wait till Nov 9th 
RUSH AT Illinois State U

anyone going to it or to St. Louis show Nov. 7th  ??????

R, and RTB



Date: 27-OCT-1991 19:19:01.93
From: Kyle Patrick Murphy 
Subject: Anagram/Hotel California/Lord of the Flies

   Has anyone else out there noticed the similarity between the following
lines in "Anagram" and The Eagles' "Hotel California", respectively?

"There is no safe seat at the feast
 Take your best stab at the beast."

"...In the master's chambers, they gather for a big feast
 They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast."

Knowing that Peart would never intentionally copy anyone, ("Hotel California"
 was recorded way before "Anagram", for anyone who didn't know) are both of
 these lyrics references to William Golding's _Lord of the Flies_, or is there
 another source that relates even more specifically to them? If anyone is
 aware of such a source, please reply. Feel free to discuss the possibilities
 of them being taken from _Lord of the Flies_ (or Peart copying
 anagrammatically) as well.
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|                                  |    Hold your head above the crowd      |
|   _Not_ an all-girls school      |    And they won't bring you down"      |
|       outside Boston.            |                                        |
|                                  |                     - Neil Peart       |
|                                  |                                        |
|     |Rush,The Who,Yes,Pink Floyd,Jethro Tull |


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 91 20:46:44 est
From: John Caruso 
Subject: Anagram--Moron Fog

     Interesting that there was a post about "Anagram", since
that's been something I've been meaning to post about for a
while now.  I've always liked it--it's a playful song without
pretensions of grand significance, but it's not just playful
pablum.  Phrases like "cosmic is largely comic", or "pride
reduced to humble pie" are beautifully done; they provide a
moment's pause that goes beyond their syntactic cleverness.

     But the thing that "bothers" me whenever I listen to the
song is the two glaring mistakes!  And they occur on what are
probably two of my favorite lines.  The first one is, "the image
just an eyeless game"...well, close but not quite.  Actually,
the game is an "i"-less image.  The second one is, "he and she
are in the house, but there's only me at home"...close again,
but actually, he's at home too.  So is Moe, but that's beside
the point (and actually, he's always wherever she is, although
she isn't so faithful) :-).

     This and that wishy-washy By-Tor, hmm?


Date: ,
Subject: Reviews of RTB....

I've read the recent set of articles pertraining to reviews of this album,
and the one in NMS361 BUT today I picked up a British magazine called
"Metal HAmmer" (Which , for OZ, isn't too bad..!) AND

it is their ALBUM OF THE MONTH!!

They rated 20 albums for September and RTB came TOP.
They ahd a picture from the Visions cover and the album cover aswell.

10-12 judges rated all 20 albums from 1-5 (1 being worst) and RTB got
one 1, one 5 and all the rest in between, with an average of 3.9...

ALSO this beat my current fav album at the moment Metallica by 0.2 pts!!

Pretty cool I think, my top two albums coming 1 and 2....taste!! Aaaaa!

HAHA! Have fun!



Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 02:31:52 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: being creative

Yes, I have decided once again to be creative, and you readers
of the mailing list are my victims! :)

Actually I'm putting together a book of Rush and Rush-related stuff you can
buy; I'll mail them out after I get it togther, complete with pictures
of all the stuff. But as I don't have everything ever made about them I
need help from the list. If you have anything rare, or not so rare, such
as posters, singles, articles in magazines about Rush, stickers, pictures,
even foreign copies of albums e-mail me and tell me about them! Like if
the original album Fly By Night had liner notes or whatever... hopefully
I'll be able to get a comprehensive book put together with some help.

Please let me know what Rush stuff you have!!



Date: 28 Oct 91 10:12:54 EST
From: doug <70003.5604@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Sound Check?


Does anyone know about what time during the day they do the
sound-check for an evening show?

You can post it, or just send me a message.  I'm interested
in the Cleveland show on 11/17.




Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 10:51:27 EST
From: Doug White 
Subject: philly arena - how good?

I hope this doesn't get lost in the concert reviews ... :)
Can anyone give me a description of the Philly Civic Center? A friend of mine
was commenting on the Cap. Center (MD) acoustics, and I'm wondering if a
trip to Philly is called for. Obviously it's too late for the Pbgh show,
and NYC is on the fringe of my travel limits... Can anybody give me comments
about tour stops around D.C./Balt. ? (8-10 hours travel)
thanks in advance, Doug


Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 13:06:51 EST
From: bigal@wpi.WPI.EDU (Nathan Charles Crowell)
Subject: Vocal harmony....

I can think of one other 'harmony' off the top of my head. It is the
"In a distant overture" line in 'Jacobs Ladder' from PeW.

It's a harmony, but not a real tricky one.

Big Al

OBRQ: "Undemanding contact / In your happy solitude" - The Spirit of Radio


Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 13:10:39 EST
From: Glenn M. Mason 
Subject: Captial Centre ticket sales ...

Don't know if this info has circulated yet, but just in case for
those who haven't heard ... tickets for Rush at Capital Centre
(Laurel, Md.) go on sale November 2nd, Saturday @ 10am. Information
from TicketMaster in Md.

[ I was finally able to corroborate this.  The local TicketMaster number
  has not admitted to knowing anything about the show.  After I read this,
  I called (202)432-0200 and asked about it.  Once again, they said they
  had no information (in spite of this post and one last week).  I told
  them they'd bloody well better look again.  She came back and said yes,
  tickets go on sale Saturday at $28.50 and $22.50.  *sigh*  At least we
  know now!                                                     :rush-mgr ]



From: stedmant@LONEX.RL.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 11:35:54 EST
Subject: Rochester Show

        The show was awesome to say the least!  Anyone who wants to
know specifics can just send me email and I'll try to answer.  I won't
post any "spoilers" to the digest.

    Terry Stedman    Internet:
    I ) I I <~ I_I   "It is my will which chooses, and the choice of my will
    I \ I_I _> I I   is the only edict I must respect." - Rand from _Anthem_


From: bigal@wpi.WPI.EDU (Nathan Charles Crowell)
Subject: Grand Designs and Rush in NY
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 13:26:19 EST

First of all, w/rt the "Life in two dimensions" debate, I offer
an analogy that sums up my viewpoint:

	You are a musician. You make music of a certain level of
complexity/creativity. However, rather than expand your talents or
try new styles/arrangements/etc., you seek only to make more and more
of the stuff you make now.

Case and point: Rather than elevate what is (move in 3D), you squander
	your effort and talent on 'mass producing' what already exists.

Also, I won't spoil the surprises I had at the Rochester show in NY
last Saturday for anyone, but I will say two things about the show:

		2) You're in for suprises you WON'T expect!

The band has really put together a great show, and I think you'd
be out of your mind if you don't love what they've done!

Get out there and rock, and ROLL THE BONES!

p.s. If anyone wants a set list privately through e-mail, I'll send
	one on the condition that it does not get seen by people who
	want to be surprised. I leave that to your conscience.

Big Al  (

OBRQ: "Let the truth of Love be lighted
       Let the love of Truth shine clear" - "Hemispheres"


From: tpick@apd.MENTORG.COM (Trevin Pick)
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 09:51:53 PST
Subject: re: Two things


In NMS #363, (Todd Palmer) wrote that he is
"dissappointed with it's overall content" and also asked about the sound
quality of "Signals" compared to more recent albums.

Todd, to some extent I agree with you.  This list has over 1,000 members
and therefore people are going to get different things from the NMS.
I tune in for concert dates, transcribed goodies, and lyric discussions.
Most of the musician stuff goes right by me, and the flame-fests (and
dog discussions) I skip right by.  Since this is a free deal, it's not
really right to complain.  Just do like I do and sort through stuff to
find the gems, and do your best to start interesting discussions!
It's still AMAZING to me that people from ALL OVER THE WORLD can
easily participate in this medium, and that we are all electronically
linked up together.  The good definitely outweighs the bad in my opinion.

About sound general I'm not impressed with the recording quality
of Rush's albums.  They seem to lack a certain DEPTH and PUNCH.
Clarity isn't such a problem nowdays, but for some reason they
frequently sound "tinny" without nearly enough bass.  For example,
Metallica's new album has amazing depth, clarity, and punch.  You may
not like the music, but the recording is world-class and almost
every review I've read picks up on that.  I don't know much about
recording techniques, but the engineer or producer needs to capture
Rush's live sound better.  In concert there is absolutely no lack
of depth and power!  This poor recording may be the reason they
get slammed on reviews when the critics say it sounds "cold"
"computer-like" and "emotion-less".  If these people could see
a Rush concert, I think they might change their mind; while I've
seen many bad record reviews, there's rarely a bad concert review!

Enjoy the concerts, you lucky people in the East!

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>              ...!uunet!mntgfx!tpick   .
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Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 14:38:09 EST
From: Chip Knee 
Subject: Show is GREAT!

This is my first posting...I just had to let everyone
know that the show is unbelievable!  The song selection
was also unbelievable (personal opinions).  As far as
innovative effects...well, I won't say anything.

Peart fans should LOVE the solo.  Nuff said (hopefully
not too much).

Also, I'd like to thank Doug White for enlightening me
about the song Anagram -- I never really took the time
to reduce it too it's constituent game-like elements.
It renewed my flame of admiration for Neil's lyrical
abilities, which easily becomes extinguished by the
endless activities of a social psychology grad student.

And all of my colleagues think *I'm* into
people are AMAZING!!

Chip Knee

--Better the pride that resides in a citizen of the world
  Than the pride that divides when a colorful rag is unfurled
Territories (1985)


From: joezete@wpi.WPI.EDU (Peter John Chestna)
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 14:51:58 EST
Subject: first two RUSH shows - NOT A SPOILER!

Well I just got back form seeing the first two tour dates and I have a
few things to say...

1. I had mixed feelings after the first show because of the set list in the
   begginning of the show.  The encores however were worth the price of

2. I have two great sounding boots of the shows for those interested.

3. I have backstage passes for the rest of the tour :-)

4. I am doing an interview with Jack Secret(Tony Geranios) when he comes
   to Worcester and I am also doing an interview with Mike Mclouglin in
   Providence(hw has been doing the T's for RUSH for 18 years).  I will
   post bioth interviews in their entirety.

5. The stage is much more conservative this tour, as is the light show.

6. Thought that the shows were excellent in reflection and I can't wait
   to see them again.



Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 15:10:47 -0500
From: brian christopher te 
Subject: rapper

Cleveland 17 Nov...20 days of the jitters...will I survive?

Just playing around on this beast we all call Mac and agree, the rapper might
just be the Gedster. Maybe I'm searching a little bit though because increasing
a little more and it sounds like Aimee Mann, too. If so, they might just bring
her on tour with them for real vocals in Time Stand Still.

Yet another Rush-freaks $.02 worth

|        Brian C. Testa                 |        Be an adult, not a kid       |
|            |      Hit the toilet not the lid     |
|	    Go BUCKS!			|		-Anonymous            |


From: (Amy Moseley)
Subject: Superconductor
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 11:49:21 CST

Going strictly by memory here, the verse is in 7/8, the bridge (Put you in
a soft place, etc.) and chorus are in 4/4.  The tricky part is that both the
verse and the chorus are syncopated (not on the beat) much of the time.  That's
what gives the song a dance feel.

Well I just had my car wrecked by a school bus this morning, so
please forgive me if I'm wrong.
Amy J. Moseley
Motorola Computer Group
(512) 329-7117					:) or


Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 13:33:42 MST
Subject: RUSH in Las Cruces!
From: sraby@NMSU.Edu!

As I posted, earlier, I thought Rush would be here in Las Cruces, NM on
January 17.  Well, I was wrong.  Turns out that they will be here January
14-17.  It seems that they are going to try a new stage set up here and
have 3 days of set up and rehearsal.  They will perform one concert on the
17th.  This information comes straight from the director of special events
at the Pan American Center so it is pretty a pretty solid source.  He is
also in charge of signing up people for the backstage crew, and I am down.
So, there you have it, the first date of Rush's western U.S. tour.



Date: Sun, 27 Oct 91 16:07:28 EST
From: William_A._MacDonald@MTS.RPI.EDU

Hello all!

Well, I attended the show last night in Rochester, NY, and I must say
that there were a few surprises.  Here's a brief wrap-up...

*****S P O I L E R*****

First off, for the song list.  Here they are in no particular order...

Closer to the Heart
Tom Sawyer
Distant Early Warning
The Big Money
Force Ten
Time Stand Still
The Pass
Show Don't Tell
Roll the Bones
Where's My Thing?

The encore was a major change, including a medley of 6 songs!!!!
The songs included in the encore were:

The Spirit of Radio
Finding My Way
La Villa Strangiato
Red Barchetta

Neil's solo was interesting, to say the least.  I'll let you all find

During the second song, Alex broke a string, so we heard part of the song
minus a guitar section.

Look for an unexpected surprise during Superconductor (here's a hint:
remember last tour?)

Neil actually dropped the stick when he threw it up once.  Oh well......

Alex is sporting unusually long hair, and Geddy has a new hairdo as well.
Neil was wearing a bandana.

All in all, the show was pretty kick-ass.  Here's to hopin' that you
all get to experience it!


P.S.   Eric Johnson was awesome, esp.  Cliffs of Dover!


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 91 22:42:25 EST
From: (Dave Zegas)

Here's some concert/tour info for all you rabid fans.  There's a list of
cities, according to the back of a shirt I bought at the Rochester show,
and a set list from the same.  I purposely didn't include a review because
that would leave little for you to anticipate.  If you want to know
about the Rochester show, just send me email and I'll send you my review/
description (it's already written).  If you really want to be surprised, don't
read any further.  You have 10 lines to turn back.
Too late...Enjoy the show!

CITIES FOR RUSH ROLL THE BONES TOUR (from back of tour shirt, purchased
					  Rochester, NY, 10/26/91)


SET LIST FOR RUSH ROLL THE BONES SHOW (from Rochester, NY, 10/26/91):

(parts of the following were played)

  /	Dave Zegas
 /	Computer Consoles, Inc.
/	Rochester, NY


Date: 28 Oct 91 11:37:48 EST
From: Ronney Melendi <70400.1165@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Rush, Hamilton show review

                        Hamilton Show Review

  Well people I just came back from Canada and I have the full story for you.
Before I get into the meat of things let me go back a few hours before the 
show on Friday, Rocktober 25th at about 2:00pm.

My friends and I had just spent about 7 hours on the road heading from New
Jersey to Hamilton Canada. When we got to the city we were looking for a place
to stay. After cruising the city we found the Copps Coliseum and a Sheraton
Hotel right next to it. So I went inside to get a room for us while my friends
waited in the car. The lady at the desk said I had to make reservations first
using the house phone across the lobby, so I went to the phone and called the
operator. As I waited I saw someone who was very familiar on the other side of
the lobby. He was about 6 feet tall and had blond hair and was signing
autographs, IT WAS ALEX LIFESON, I hung up on the operator and walked on over,
More liked ran, I met the guy and shook his hand, he was in a hurry so i didn't
get his autograph but just to shake his hand was enough for me. Anyway that's
the hotel we stayed in that night.

At 7:30pm we headed over to the coliseum and went inside to a sold out show of
about 10,000 rush fans. The Canadian crowd really gets into it, that night the
local radio station, I believe 97.7 HZ FM, had a banner contest and the people
who had banners paraded around the floor to show off their banners. Some were
great and others belonged in the fireplace but it made the Jersey crowd from 
the last tour look really sad.

At 8:00pm the opening band hit the stage, Andy Kern was the opening act, they
played for about 30 min. Then the excitement hit in just a few more min Rush
would hit the stage for the start of the RTB tour.

9:00pm the lights went off and 10000 fans screamed and yelled like we all hit
the florida 100 Million lottery. The video screen turned on with the opening
that's on ASOH video. Through the quad sound system the jack hammers were heard
everywhere as they opened with:

Force Ten- Their they were the three of them for the first time in over a year,
Neil was wearing a headband with skulls and crossbones, Geddy had his new red
bass and Alex with his New Paul Reed Smith Guitar. Oh and Neil has a new set, 
No more double bass drum and the color is a Blue Shadow finish. Anyway the 
song was played perfectly and Geddy's voice was in great shape, alex did all
backing vocals throughout the show with the exception of Roll the Bones and 
Time stand still.

Limelight- was next, they went right into it and played it perfectly, the boys
still had us on our feet and the balance of the sound system was great, at 
least were I was sitting, which was sec 110 row 11, I could feel that the dice
were hot tonight.

Freewill- ripped through the PA and everyone went nuts and Geddy hit those 
notes like they just recorded the album only yesterday. At the end of the 
song they went right into:

Distant Early Warning- with the familar video going on in the backround, the
boys kept right on rocking. But the night was still young and anything could
happen, and it did. At the end of DEW they stopped and Geddy greeted the crowd,
"Thank you" and he talked a little and then the band started up again with:

Time Stand Still- However something went wrong, on this song neil plays to a
click to be in sync with the vidio but the soundman piped the click track into
the PA instead of neils headphones and neil didn't know what to do and alex and
geddy started in one place and neil in an other and it sounded like a wall of
noise. But in just a few sec the all locked and continued perfectly to the end
of the song. Hang the soundman is what I say, I wonder if they fired him, No I
doubt it. They stopped at the end of this song and Geddy said they are now 
going to play some stuff from the new album, starting with:

Dreamline- it sounded a little different from the album, not much, maybe a
little slower but very good. Oh, those so called dogs or blips were played
through the Quad system and they were really up front in the mix, Sorry but
your all wrong, There're just regular keyboard sounds, no dogs barking here
just a cool sound. then the boys went on with:

Bravado- The song was played well except one thing really disappointed me. Neil
simplified his drum part towards the end of the song. The part were he is going
all out, come on Neil you can do better than that. Then the band rolled into:

Roll the Bones- Excellent live version I must say, I bet your all wondering who
did the Rap, aren't you, should I tell you or maybe keep you in suspense
somemore. Well the secret is still not out of the bag, it was triggered and
synced to video of a skelton doing the rap, real cool. Then the band ripped

Show Don't Tell- Alex and Geddy were a little off on the opening riff but then
they locked and it was golden to the end.

Big Money- was next and the boys did a great job on this one, boy I wish I had
some big money, with the tourbooks going for $13 canadian dollars and a shirt
going for $28 it didn't take long to become broke. Next came:

Subdivisions- The boys screwed this up big time in the beginning of the song.
Neil started playing by himself and a different drum beat to, if this was on
purpose it sucked and they shouldn't do that again, just my opinion so don't
flame me, oh he started this after the synth intro, so the song was already in
progress, anyway the song was also cut, they left out a verse, for time 
purposes I guess. Then they did:

The Pass- I really liked this one, great the whole way through. Next came:

Where's my Thing- This song had a really cool extended intro with Geddy doing a
bass solo, real cool. Then they went into the song which they
performed excellent, the sound guy mixed this as well as the whole
show perfectly. In the middle of the song their was one fill were we all 
thought neil was going to break into his solo but he fooled us with an 
extended fill. Next came:

The Rhythm Method- Neils Drum Solo, totally re done. This is a band new solo,
don't miss this one. I can't even think of a word that could discribe what I 
saw neil do. The man is not human. The one part he kept from the other solos
is the cow bell section, it lasted for about 7 minutes or so. I didn't time it
but it was very long. Geddy and Alex came back and they started with:

Xanadu- They played the song with perfection as only Rush could do but the guy
running the lasers was out of sync with Band, were do they find these people I
could do a better job than that. Then they broke right into:

Superconductor- They played this song very well and had the crowd going, next
came the last song of the set before the encore:

Tom Sawyer- We were all standing for this one, It sounded great like always. 
The band ended the song and said good night but I knew They were coming back,
and they did with a 30 min encore medley of their older songs starting with:

Spirit of Radio- This song opened the medley and they played most of the song,
then they went right into:

2112 (Overture)- They played the whole intro, except for the part were Geddy
says "And the meak shall inhirit the earth" at this point they went right into:

Finding My Way- During this song Alex's guitar went out of tune and he was
trying to tune it by ear but was not successfull so his tech ran out and he
swiched guitars, it was strange hearing the song with no guitar in it for about
15 sec. At least you know you not hearing a tape of them playing. Then they

La Villa Strangiato- Real cool but a very short version, mainly the guitar solo
section, then they went into:

Anthem- Wow, they played a song that they haven't done in a few tours. They
added a little to this one and pumped some new life into it. Then came:

Red Barchetta- A shorten version but very cool as well. Then the boy's finished
the medley and the show with the end part of Spirit of radio.

Well there it is the opening show in Hamilton, I hoped you enjoyed reading it 
as much as I did seeing it, yeah right!!

Oh I have the tour book and if you want I'll post up Neil's opening message 
that he always does, let me know if you want me to do this so i don't waste 
my time. Anyway, until next time, Good night and remember
to call La Villa Strangiato at 201-386-9150 for the latest Rush News.


                                                    Ron Melendi


Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 14:43:27 EST
From: ames@cs.Buffalo.EDU (ralph w ames)
Subject: Rush in Hamilton

Well folks, I went to my first Rush concert ever, it was opening
night, and I was happy.  What am I saying, I WAS ECSTATIC!!!!!

The vendors weren't too helpful, they didn't give me any exchange
rate on my US money, and to top it off, they gave me Canadian change
(Loonies, great!)

The opener was Andy Curran who was ok, not great by any means. His
Nickles and Dimes song rang a bell, and his one guitarist was rather
amusing with his head and leg swing dance.

Before Rush came on, they had a banner contest, and some of them
were really well done, especially one that had the Roll the Bones
cover with fourteen other Rush covers surrounding it.  The croud
was also the coolest I had ever been around at a concert.

Rush opened with Force Ten (after the cartoon) and then went into
Limelight and Freewill.  I believe Geddy blew his timing at the
begining of Freewill, and Neil inadvertently triggered some se-
quence early on.

They didn't hit RTB stuff untill about the 6th song and then did
only four cuts from the album.  The crowd really popped for The
Rhythm Method (standing O.), Closer to the Heart, Tom Sawyer, and
Xanadu which was spectacular!  Xanadu was interesting because they
jumped right into Superconductor!  I never would have thought of
connecting those two songs!

My personal favorites were the Dancing Bunnies and the encore
which was an incredible medley of their work.  Rush played for
just under two hours, and I am thrilled to say I was THERE!
When they hit Buffalo (It was listed on some of the shirts) I
will be there for second helpings!  See you there!

Ralph Ames                                                "I WAS Truth!"
ames@sunybcs.BITNET                        "Have a little more for Ken!"                "The horses want another shot at it!"
ames!sunybcs!ames     "...I am the eastern seaboard.  Wow, what a view!"


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