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Subject: 10/29/91 - The National Midnight Star #366

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 366

                 Tuesday, 29 October 1991
Today's Topics:
                     re: Ebbing Tide
                   Typical American???
                    Undeliverable Mail
      Re: 10/28/91 - The National Midnight Star #364
           Ayn Rand, Selfishness, and Spoilers
                      Spirit of Rush
                  spoken country covers
                         RTB vid
                     Another spoof...
                  How to win friends....
                     BOOTS and shirts
                    Rush In Rochester
                  Re: Previous concerts
              What a show -- NOT A SPOILER!!
       NO mistakes in `Anagram'! Hotel CA, no way!
                      mystery rapper
                 complaints and spoilers
    Neil   What have you done to youir drums?!?!?!?!?!
                  Rush Collector's Guide

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Yes, I'm still wayy behind on administrative mail.  I'll notify here when
I've caught up.

If you post about a show you've attended, PLEASE be considerate of others
on the list and put "spoiler" (or better yet, "SPOILER") in the subject of
your post.  I'm currently moving them to the bottom, so it makes my life
much easier.

When you post, PLEASE keep your lines to 75 chars or less.  I had to cut up
three people's posts because they had 85-200 chars/line in them.  It's a pain
for me to do, and I'd rather not.  If it keeps up, I'll go back to putting
this message in your particular post, so EVERYone will know.



Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 19:46:18 EST
From: sjuphil! (Joseph Roberts)
Subject: Harmony

Yo people,
David Copley was wondering if Kid Gloves was the Boyz's first attempt
at harmony - good heavens, no!
If you listen really closely to _Before & After_, you can hear
             -a dog barking!!!
(just kidding)
             -an overdubbed Geddy singing harmony on the "Yeah, Yeah-
Yeah-Yeah" section towards the end of the song. It's crude, but
it is there!

Also, thanx to Gonzalo Lira for posting info on _THe Tidewater Tales_.
The Fuzzy Navel
ORQ: And if the music stops, there's only the sound of the rain...


Date: 	Mon, 28 Oct 1991 17:01:34 -0800
Subject: re: Ebbing Tide


Sorry, but this is wrong.  Rand did *not* urge people to be "completely
selfish."  She advocated rational self-interest--basically the idea that if you
don't look out for your own interests, why should you expect anyone else to?
She also advocated individual rights and personal responsibility.  To be
"completely selfish" is to ignore the rights of others, something Rand
disagreed with strongly.  Ignoring others' rights is as bad as giving up your


Wrong again.  Pardon me for harping, but as an Objectivist myself, I do *so*
hate it when people misrepresent Rand's philosophy.

Objectivism does not hold genuine caring about the plight of strangers as "its
antithesis."  It merely holds that you must not be *forced* to care about
strangers.  If you choose, for example, to donate to a charity that feeds the
hungry because you genuinely value this ideal, then you are acting in a
rational manner.  But if you are forced to give up your income (in the form of
taxes, for example) to support programs and charities you do *not* value, or if
you are made to feel guilty or pressured until you donate "voluntarily," then
you are not acting in a rational manner.  This is a big difference from
"Objectivism says you can't care about anyone but yourself." Objectivism
*really* says that you must know what you value and never sacrifice a greater
value to a lesser (or non-existent) one.  What's so bad about that?

That's enough for me for now.  Anybody know when tickets go on sale for the Bay
Area shows?


"Brothers, you asked for it!"
--Francisco Domingo Carlos AndrBes SebastBian d'Anconia, "Atlas Shrugged"


Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 15:09:42 HST
From: deane@galileo.IFA.Hawaii.Edu (Rebel Without A Clue)
Subject: 	.sig's

	Good day, eh?
	Could we trim our .sig files before we send to the NMS? It's long
enough as it is, and with so many notes to read, it's frustrating to have
to flip through 30 lines of creative yet empty ASCII art or whatever.
	Not trying to be a party pooper, but a little restraint would be
helpful to others.

	Any word of RUSH hitting the Pacific? Hell, they should be keen on
a Hawaiian vacation, and I'll take Neil up to the summit of Mauna Kea for
some real inspiration for the next album - nothing like the Milky Way from
14,000 feet.



Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 21:10:38 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Typical American???

I was shocked and offended by the remark in yesterday's TNMS
that read:
"The lyric is not superior or divine, but considering the
 vocabulary and the creativity of the typical American, I can
 see why it would seem so."
This was referring to Anagram.
One, who cares if they are not FULL anagrams?!?!? I never even
noticed the puzzle but when it was pointed out I thought, "Neil
never ceases to amaze me! Just when you thought you had seen it
all, he comes up with this. He's a genius!!!"
Are you telling me that your first reaction was, "'s
okayyy...but they're only PARTIAL anagrams."*sounding really
whiny*. It sounds like my 9th English teacher picking apart a

 ..the vocabulary and the creativity of the typical American?
Although this may be PARTIALLY true (haha), I dont believe any
of the readers of TNMS even come close to being typical!!!! If
In fact, most Rush fans would be offended if branded as 'typical'.
Rush is by no means a typical band; why would they have such a
close, dedicated following? Not because they can make Top 40
with half the songs on their albums but because (IMO) Rush
produces "Intelligent Rock". Yes! You heard me! Intelligent!
There are many reasons people love them, but mine is that they
express such meaning in their lyrics that appeal to my emotions,
instincts, and intellect. I dont even need to say this but, RUSH

They appeal to those parts of my mind AND it's STILL the kind
of music that makes you move and dance around crazily playing
an air guitar, air drumming, sing along, or all three at once.
That's why I love Rush!!!! Period. And to be branded as typical
just because I like the Anagram is ridiculous!

|~~~\  |    |  /~~~\  |    |    Nick Mascari-Case Western Reserve
|   /  |    |   \     |    |    "If you choose not to decide, you
|~~\   |    |     \   |~~~~|     still have made a choice"
|   \   \__/  \___/   |    |    Look for "Peart" on IRC


Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 21:24 EDT
From: "Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug"
Subject: Anagram

I've been on this list for about a week and a half now, and I keep getting
surprised.  My latest shock comes with respect to the recent business about
"ANAGRAM (for Mongo)", and the wordplay lyrics.  Do you honestly mean that a
bunch of Rush-junkies never noticed this before?!?!?  I don't mean to brag, but
most Rush fans I know personally have realized this since not long after the
album was released.

I always thought it was one of those things that most real Rush fanatics
(which most of the members of this list seem to be) just _knew_, like the
meaning of YYZ or how Geddy got that name.  You know, that sort of stuff.
The in-formation that seperates the pretenders from those really do eat, sleep,
and breathe Rush.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who knows these things!



Subject: Re: 10/28/91 - The National Midnight Star #364
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 23:03:19 -0500

A spoiler-reviewer writes:

>I think I safely speak for most true Rush fans when I say it's time to
>retire Closer to the Heart (and Sawyer too, though no one will agree

Horse hockey!  I happen to like both of those songs, especially Closer
to the Heart.



Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 20:12:15 -0800
From: (Bill Barry)
Subject: Ayn Rand, Selfishness, and Spoilers

Hello all!

Just here to comment on a few things. There have been many postings
lately about Ayn (rhymes with "mine") Rand. I have been listening to Rush
for over 10 years now and have just discovered Objectivism within the
past few years. Let me say that  if there is one book that any Rush fan
should read it is Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. I say this because there are so
many instances in that novel in which the values that are portrayed in the
book are in direct harmony with the values that Rush portrays.. both
musically and lyrically.

Also someone brought up the point that Ayn Rand's motto was "be selfish."
This is not entirely true. It depends on your definition of the word.
Quoting from Miss Rand:

"In popular usage, the word 'selfishness' is a synonym of evil; the image it
conjures is of a murderous brute who tramples over piles of corpses to
achieve his own ends, who cares for no living being and pursues nothing but
the mindless whims of any immediate moment." (THIS is anti-objectivist!)
"Yet the exact meaning and dictionary definition of the word 'selfishness'
is: concern for one's own interest...This concept does not include a moral
evaluation .. it is the ethics of altruism that gave selfishness it's bad

And before somebody says that it is anti-objectivist to care about total
strangers let me say this: It is not anti-objectivist to care about total
strangers if you do so on your own freewill and good judgement. It IS anti-
objectivist to be forced to care about total strangers and be made to feel
guilty if you worry about yourself instead.

My whole point here is that I don't think that Neil has turned completely
against Objectivism. It was only a couple years ago when asked, "How do you
feel about Objectivism?" Neil responded ,"Pretty good! How do you feel about
it?" Also his most recent lyrics do support Objectivist thought. For example
in Ghost of a Chance love is not based on supernatural mystic experiences..
it is based on values - and you are very lucky indeed if you find someone
that supports those values independently of you...Also how about "Can't get
no satisifaction from the facts? You better run home boy -- a fact's a fact
from Nome to Rome" I can also site instances from Show Don't Tell, War
Paint, You Bet Your Life, and many other songs but will leave it all who
read this to discover these things for youselves.

Finally just a quick word on spoilers...Many people don't seem to like the
idea of somebody posting a song list from the upcoming tour.. but I do for
two basic reasons:

1. I won't be disappointed. If I didn't read last year's spoiler I would
have been extremely let down when I found out that they didn't play Presto
or In the End or A Farewell to Kings etc. But because I knew what was coming
I wasn't let down (that much anyway!)

2. I can anticipate...Again when I found out ahead of time that Rush were
playing songs like Freewill, Red Barchetta, and Xanadu it made me extremely
joyous and I couldn't wait to hear them. Now that I gained the knowledge
that they are playing X, Y, and B on the RTB tour (I'll leave the titles out
for those who disagree with my point) I simply can't wait 'til the end of
January to hear them live!

Well enough rambling for one day!

Famous Quotes:

"Who is John Galt?" -- Anonymous

"A is A" -- Aristotle

"You can twist perceptions but reality won't budge" -- Neil Peart

"The defense rests" -- Howard Roark

Until  later...

Bill Barry


Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 22:06:32 CST
From: motcid!marble!dalessio@uunet.UU.NET (Mario D'Alessio)
Subject: Spirit of Rush

Does anyone out there subscribe to "The Spirit of Rush"
magazine? I sent in a subscription letter and a check back
in March (maybe even before then), and I have not received
a single issue. Any help appreciated.

On another note, I am in the process of converting the bass
tab for "Red Barchetta" to be made available for ftp. I
have bass tab for more songs, but I don't have the time to
do all of them in the near future. Would anyone be willing
to convert a song? I will mail you the tab, and you can use
my Bass Tab Creator program to help with the conversion
(actually, all you really need to do is enter the note info
into a file using any editor, and I can run the program to
create the tab files). I have tab for the following songs:

    Red Barchetta   (I'm doing this one)
    Spirit of Radio (already posted)
    Closer to the Heart
    New World Man
    Show Don't Tell
    Distant Early Warning
    Tom Sawyer

I also have the guitar tab for these, so if you are willing
to do the work, I'll send them to you. Your help would be
appreciated by all musicians out there.  Thanks.

* ********************************************************** *
* *                                 __             __/\__  * *
* *                        ____.---'--`---.____    \RUSH/  * *
* *  ____________________  \----.________.----/     |/\|   * *
* *  \___________________|) //     `--'                    * *
* *            __||________//      Mario D'Alessio         * *
* *           /  NCC-1701   \/_    Motorola, Inc.          * *
* *           `-.___________/\     motcid!marble!dalessio  * *
* *                                                        * *
* ********************************************************** *


Date: Tue, 29 Oct 91 00:19:47 EST
From: (patrick madden)
Subject: spoken country covers

Many people know this already, but as far as other Rush spoken parts go, 
the Necromancer is Neil, 2112 is Neil, Cygnus X1 is Terry Brown, and 
Subdivisions is Alex.  Did I miss any (besides Roll The Bones) ?  I forget 
where I heard these all, but I remember it was from Neil himself.

To K P Murphy, on a radio show in 1974, Rush did the Beatles' "Bad Boy."  
This is on a bootleg called "Electric."  On their very first single, they 
did a Buddy Holly tune (also done by the Rolling Stones) called "Not Fade 
Away."  Both songs are pretty good, and sort of funny too.  The Who do not 
come close to Rush in instrumental proficiency however.

[ There's also "Fancy Dancer", from the _Stellar Dynamics_ boot album.
                                                                :rush-mgr ]

Since there have been a few concerns about Rush backmasking, a little joke:
What do you get when you play country music bacwards?
You get your woman back, you get your job back, you get your truck back...
Heh heh heh

To rushlyn, I don't know if you're being sarcastic, but when did you get 
Presto?  It certainly didn't take me two years to figure out Anagram's cool 
anagrams.  I'm sure lots of people knew about them already, but I just 
started subscribing recently so I don't know if it's been discussed.  I 
do wish Alex Lifeson would write to me though.  Cool.  A friend of mine 
got a postcard from Neil.  Cool.

If anyone likes King's X, Ty Tabor recently mentioned Alex as a guitarist 
he really likes and was influenced by.




Date: 29 October 1991 00:45:07 CST
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 
Subject: RTB vid

Hey all, Well the concert world tour has finally kicked off.
Now all we have to do, is have the patience to wait for our 3 fav. Ppl
to come to a town nearest you.
My buddy in Canada saw the Vid for RTB on Fri. Says its really good, I should
have a vid of it in the mail soon and I'll give my review of it and let ya know
but I'm sure Mtv will air it someday. (prob. in 92) :) I wish I had a sattelite
dish. Hmmmm, Xmas is coming up , better talk to the P's.

Well, I'll let ya get back to reading the SPOILERS on how great the tour is!
4 more days and counting until Chicago can not wait!!! Ged/ Alex/ Neil here
I come ready or not!!! :))

p                           p
-  "I was lined up for glory but the Bitnet:u24129@uicvm.bitnet    -
g   tickets sold out in advance.     Genie: P.Choy                 g
p   The way the big wheel spins."                                  p
-                                                  Patster         -
g                                                                  g


From: Ronald L Chrisley 
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 23:37:31 GMT
Subject: Another spoof...

My friend Ron Donez is a serious RUSH fan, but he does not have net
access.  I told him about the RTB spoofs, and that I had heard on the
NMS that Neil would be on Rockline.  He sent me this; I think its
subject matter is quite timely:


He's got a crapload of adverts
A radio fix on the stars
All along the airwaves
She's got the latest Rolling Stone
A picture book of the posers
Playing the Sahara*				*Famous Vegas casino

The travel in the time of the profits
On invisible airwaves promoting beer-drinking as fun
Like losers and bozos, and the witless part of everyone
They're only at home when "Rockline" is on
"Rockline" is on

The band has the intelligence of balsa wood
A list of cheap groupies
All along the tour
They'll throw your sister out on her ass
After she delivers a decent blowjob
Lead guitarist with his pants down

They travel on the road to the Grammies
A highway of album sales that the interview brings
Like losers and bozos, lip-synching means that nobody sings
They can only perform with their tape machines
Tape machines

When fans are dumb
Wandering the face of the dial
Asking the same questions with an asinine smile
We're learning that Bob Coburn is too dull
For an unlimited time

"Why don't you play all your old stuff?
 What does YYZ stand for?
 Why was John Rutsey shitcanned?
 Will Geddy play at my bar mitzvah?
 What's Alex's favorite color?
 Was Neil influenced by Ayn Rand?"

The microphone is manned by a buffoon
If I had my way he'd be given the boot
Like Jimmy and Tammy, he's in it only for the loot
He's only at home in a leisure suit
A leisure suit

He travels on the road to the next show
On a primetime pathway straight to Heart and Bryan Adams at #1
Like Collins and Petty, and the Top 40 part of everyone
If I'm only at home it's with a CD on
FM's gone...


[ Beauty, eh?  Love it!                                          :rush-mgr ]

Has someone compiled the set of alternative RTB lyrics?

Ronald L. Chrisley                                  New College                          Oxford  OX1 3BN
Tel:  +44 865 52656                                 United Kingdom

NOTE:  Use my csli path.  Don't just reply, or I might not get your message.


Date: Tue, 29 Oct 91 06:01:42 PST
From: There's no such thing as cat-proof 
Subject: How to win friends....

  In yesterday's NMS, Tero writes:

>>The lyric isn't superior or divine, but considering the vocabulary
>>and creativity of a typical American I find it easy to believe why it would
>>seem that way.

  Are you looking for enemies or something? First you rip on RTB
  the day after it's released, and now you rip on Americans... You
  seem to make hasty, knee-jerk conclusions -- I'm amazed you were
  ever able to get into *any* Rush album! I'm trying valiantly not
  to make a hasty, knee-jerk conclusion about people from Finland...

>>1. Cinderella Man
>>2. Natural Science
>>3. Working Man
>>4. Jacobs Ladder
>>5. Something For Nothing
>>6. The Trees
To the person wanting to know which of the above have been played
live before, I've heard Working Man, Something for Nothing, and
The Trees. I've heard quotes from one of the boyz saying that if
they can't get a challenge out of playing an old tune, they won't
play it. In other words, they've played some of these oldies so
much the boyz just can't get anything else out of them. Now, I don't
know which ones they consider "dead", but I'd bet we'll hear some
of these again before they're put to rest.



From: joezete@wpi.WPI.EDU (Peter John Chestna)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 91 09:19:54 EST
Subject: BOOTS and shirts

Well, well.  Here it is only 9:00 a.m. and already I have about 40 requests
for the boots for the first two shows, with about ten more requests an hour.
Here is how it will work:

I need to play wilth the boots for a few days to get them ready to
distribute.  I will then post my address to the list.  Your mail to me
must include: 2 blank 90 min. tapes per show, a mailer with postage affixed
for the return mail to you, please address it on your end.  Make sure
you write a note telling me which show(s) you want, or else you will be stuck
with what I send you.

For anyone that wants to trade with me, e-mail me your list.  I have a
pretty large collection, so don't bet that you'll have something I want,
but I will look.

The reason I need the mailer and postage all ready for me is thet I don't
have the time to go to the post office for 50+ guys.

Boots will be recorded on a first vome first serve basis.
Any one who is waiting for stuff from me, its on the way, please be patient.

Some one asked me a question through private e-mail
about bootleg-shirts and the band policy.

I was talking with Mike McLoughlin, the guy who handles the tour merchandise
and he is very upset about all the bootleg shirts being sold.
He has a court order to take away such merchandise.  I saw him do it a few
times already.  I tried to explain to him that most RUSH fans buy his
shirts and then purchase bootleg shirts after the show and that it in no
way affects his sales.  So, thats the deal, buy them as soon as you see them
because there are under cover police looking for the venders.

Talk to you soon.

Hoping for 15 shows this tour.  13 more and counting...


No matter where you go,         |
there you are. -Buckaroo Bonzai |


From: (Jeff Boerio)
Subject: Re: Previous concerts
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 91 10:03:40 EST

Ceri Morgan wanted to know if certain songs had ever been played live.
I've never HEARD them live, but I do have recordings of the following

	Natural Science
	Jacob's Ladder
	Something for Nothing
	The Trees
	Working Man

I have never heard at all, Cinderella Man, live.  I wouldn't mind it!   I
don't know what will get played this time around .... I'm seeing them
Thursday night, though.  I can't wait!

     - Jeff

Jeff Boerio
Purdue University Computing Center:
Purdue University Engineering Computer Network:
Purdue University Dept. of Computer Science:
ORQ: "Buenas Noches, Mein Froinds, and welcome to La Villa Strangiato!"


Date: Tue, 29 Oct 91 09:36:04 EST
From: bhatia@Cadence.COM (Ajoy Kumar Bhatia)
Subject: Anagrams

Regarding the anagrams in the song "Anagram (for Mongo)",
come on; that's no secret, is it? The song is *titled*

I was surprised to see people on this list just now
catching on to it. But it's good you did, folks and
do keep sharing your experiences.

- Ajoy Bhatia


Date: Tue, 29 Oct 91 11:24 EDT
Subject: What a show -- NOT A SPOILER!!

Awesome show here in the Burgh!  I was very impressed with the show and believe
it was better that the Presto show.  Although they had some technical problems
in the opener...which will remain still sounded grrreat.  They
played a number of older tunes which surprised me and 2 of them really knocked
me out of my seat...forcefully.  A couple of songs they didn't do were Mission.
Marathon, Red Sector A, and the Manhatten Project.  Neil's solo is new at the
beginning and very, very forceful, you knew the professor was in the building.
Finally, I won't say why, but you'll be pleasantly surprised at the encore.  Oh
yeah, anyone else at the Pgh. show realize that the horn cues in the solo were
not the same samples he used to trigger?  I strongly believe he sampled the
horns in the fight scenes of the old Batman TV shows, you the "POW" and "WHACK"
scenes.  Anyone agree?  Probably not!  Well, I hope I didn't spoil anyone's
show.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy one hell of a good show.

Love them Bunnies!!

Kevin R. Kirwan
University of Pittsburgh
Pitt is it!!
Let's Go Pens!!

OBRQ:  "We like to actually drop a beat every once in a while just in case
        someone's dancing; they might hurt themselves."
                                               -- Geddy Lee on "Superconductor"


Date: Tue, 29 Oct 91 11:38:23 EST
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: NO mistakes in `Anagram'! Hotel CA, no way!

Comments in defense of `Anagram' lyrics:

>   Has anyone else out there noticed the similarity between the following
>lines in "Anagram" and The Eagles' "Hotel California", respectively?
>"There is no safe seat at the feast
> Take your best stab at the beast."
>"...In the master's chambers, they gather for a big feast
> They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast."

>Knowing that Peart would never intentionally copy anyone, ("Hotel California"
>was recorded way before "Anagram", for anyone who didn't know) are both of
> these lyrics references to William Golding's _Lord of the Flies_, or is there
> another source that relates even more specifically to them? If anyone is
> aware of such a source, please reply. Feel free to discuss the possibilities
> of them being taken from _Lord of the Flies_ (or Peart copying
> anagrammatically) as well.

I don't particularly see what these lyrics have to do with _LOF_, but
I'd like to hear the theory behind the suggestion, if there is any.
As far as I hear Neil talk about it, he was just playing with words
and seeing where that took him... The fact that `feast' and
`beast' rhyme is a good reason for their both occuring in any song
together. Undoubtedly this is the explanation for why both `Anagram'
and `Hotel..' each have both words. If there are not many more such
similarities I think that there is no deeper connection, i.e. none really,
between these songs...

>    But the thing that "bothers" me whenever I listen to the
>song is the two glaring mistakes!  And they occur on what are
>probably two of my favorite lines.  The first one is, "the image
>just an eyeless game"...well, close but not quite.  Actually,
>the game is an "i"-less image.  The second one is, "he and she
>are in the house, but there's only me at home"...close again,
>but actually, he's at home too.  So is Moe, but that's beside
>the point (and actually, he's always wherever she is, although
>she isn't so faithful) :-).

No mistakes here!

`Image' is an I (_when_) less game. That is `Image' is `I,' less `game.'
`Less' here just means _without_.

As for the second `mistake,' it is much more clear. `He and she' are
`I and she,' that is (for example) my wife and I are at home but
I'm _alone_. Get it? It's an emotion thing. No need for an affair
for a bad scene!


Gregg Jaeger    (             ``Hold Your Fire''
Dept(s). of Physics (and Philosophy)                  ______/|/|
Boston University, Boston MA 02215                      (_) \|\|   Trystero?


Date: Tue, 29 Oct 91 12:20 EDT
Subject: peart

[ Please post in mixed-case - all-caps looks like you're yelling...
                                                                :rush-mgr ]


				R THE J
[ *Sigh*  Here's the death/cancer rumour again.  No, Neil is not dying of
  any kind of cancer.  Nor does Geddy have throat cancer (while we're at it).
  Noone knows where these silly rumours come from, but they've been around
  for over a decade.  I heard the Geddy rumour in the P/G timeframe, and
  the Neil rumour on Signals or Power Windows.  It's probably because the
  band are so secretive about their private lives; there are no stories about
  them other than interviews and concerts (other than an occasional run-in
  at a Blue Jay's game), so people make 'em up.                    :rush-mgr ]


Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1991 13:00:07 -0500 (EST)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: mystery rapper

While at the Pittsburgh show last night, a thought occurred to
me.  Is it just me, or does the voice of the rapper sound like
the same person at the end of Chain Lightning?


"Hello Pittsburgh"
            Geddy, from last night


Date:    Tue, 29 Oct 91 13:04:38 CST
From: storey%batse.span@Fedex.Msfc.Nasa.Gov (SCOTT STOREY X7700)
Subject: complaints and spoilers

Hi all

Just thought I would make a couple of comments since I had not posted in
a while.

For those complaining about the content of the list, don't. I agree that
there are some things that are written that I could care less about, but
there are MORE things written that I do care about. I am just glad that
something like this list is available. On the other hand, you have as
much right to complain as I do to write this. I will just page over your
complaints just like I do other topics I don't care about. Sorry but you
cannot page-down this post :^)

As far as posting spoilers; rush-mgr if you want to take the time to place
all of the spoilers at the end, you can do so. Just remember that some of
us (me especially) will not get to see them until March or so. Assuming I
can get tickets of course. So, you may be doing the replacement for some
time if you extend the same courtesy to us. :) I have read the spoilers
so far and it does not ruin my planned trip to the concert. I haven't seen
them since the FTK tour! :(

[ I'll keep moving them until I get fed up with it, basically.  People,
  PLEASE place "spoiler" somewhere in the subject of your mail if you
  post on a show you attended.  Thanks!                         :rush-mgr ]

Good to see that poster volume has picked up. I'm glad I don't have to take
care of all these guys/girls.



Subject: Neil   What have you done to youir drums?!?!?!?!?!
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 91 12:29:57 PST

         From what I have heard   Neil lost a bass drum.   Is this for
real?  If so    please send me e-mail on what it was like (same amount of
toms electronics?)




Date: Tue, 29 Oct 91 16:22:20 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: Rush Collector's Guide

Well reading over my post I can see I was not in possession of a brain at
the time so I'll try again....

Basically the Rush Collector's Guide will be a book about Rush stuff you
can collect -- bootlegs, stickers, albums, posters, etc. I'm going to
include pictures so when you visit your local record shop you can point out
what you want or see if they have it. But I don't by all means have
everything in the world by them so I need your help in mailing me a
description of whatever you may have.

For example:

     4" x 6" sticker, black background with yellow star and white man.

     24" x 36" poster, portrait picture taken from the back of "Grace Under
        Pressure" in color.

I would like to make this as complete as possible so send in your



Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1991 09:37 EST
Subject: Rush In Rochester

  Greetings to all,

 Well, they came, they saw, and they had a AWESOME show.  That's right 
Rush was in Rochester( the second stop on the tour!).  Song list?  Some 
of what I can
remember are: Dreamline, Bravado, Roll the Bones, Where's My Thing, Neil's
*NEW* Drum Solo, Tom Sawyer, Limelight, Free Will, Distant Early Warning,
Time Stand Still, Closer To The Heart, Xanadu(!!!!!), Red Sector A( THEY OPENED
WITH THIS ONE!!!!),somemore i can't remember, encore including 2112, La Villa
Strangiado(An Improved Laser Lights Show), Red Barchetta, Finding My Way, 
and   one or two others.  Altoghether a great show.
 They have an improved riser set-up(you'll know what i mean when you see it),
Neil is sporting a *new* look(he's taken up wear a bandana), Geddy sorta
modified his wardrobe(he's taken to wearing plaid vests and converse tennies).
Alex, well what can you say about Alex?  King Lerxist is still great.
 The opening act was Eric Johnson.  Maybe next time fella.  He was **LOUD**
and that's about all I can say for him.
 Overall, awesome show!!!!!


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