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Subject: 11/16/91 - The National Midnight Star #379

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 379

           [ The LAST of the catch-up postings ]

                Saturday, 16 November 1991
Today's Topics:
            Capital Centre Tix and geocentrism
                need tix to Worcester show
                       4th Row!!!!
                      pre-RUSH party
                       Longer Shows
                        Tix query
                    Geddy and Baseball
         you know you're a Rush fan when ... (x2)
            Rush in Buffalo/Albany (tickets?)
                D.C. show - my seats suck!
                      Presto review
      Re: 10/31/91 - The National Midnight Star #368
         The Minneapolis concert at Target Center
                      old tunes live
                     First posting...
                  Two tickets available
          SPOILERS! Chicago Show Review, Etc...
            Mr Deeds, Toronto Show(s), and EJ
                Rush, Rush, and more Rush!
           MTV adds Roll The Bones to playlist

Date:         Sat, 02 Nov 91 10:44:04 EDT
Subject:      Capital Centre Tix and geocentrism

Not to be geocentric, whatever that means, but I just want to let everyone
know that they (the people at Tower at 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue) wouldn't sell
me the $28.50 tix.

Is there anyone who was able to get the expensive tix?
I got 4 tix for section 119. Not bad, but I'm wondering if I would have
had better luck actually going to the box office or calling and using credit.

Anyway - just about a month left till the show - and I, for one, am
relieved that the whole waiting-in-line-for-tickets thing is over.

See you at the show....

[ For what it's worth, I was second to the ticket window, and got section
  six on the floor - about 30 or so rows back.  Nobody got closer than
  row 'Q' at the ticketron I was camped at.  :-(               :rush-mgr ]


Date: Sat, 2 Nov 91 11:35:10 -0500
From: Joseph Kung 
Subject: need tix to Worcester show

Just tried to get Rush tickets to the 12/10 show at Worcester
by phone, and was unsuccessful. Anybody in the Boston area or
at MIT have any extra tickets to sell? My guess is that the show
will sell-out, and they will add another show (they've done this
on the last few tours for Worcester).

- Joe


Subject: budget/bootlegs/video/tshirt
From: (Vindicator)
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 91 00:28:37 PST

First of all, concerning the bunnies and what people have refered to as a
skimpy tour budget.  Personally I love the bunnies.  Hey when you get
part of a set like that you don't get rid of em!  I can't wait to see
them again!

Anyone have a bootleg of any of the shows yet.  If so please let me know,
I'll be willing to send a blank tape, postage and all.

Has anyone seen the video for RTB?  If so, please a review, and a copy if

Finally, I'm willing to pay an extra 5 bucks for an x-large t-shirt if
anyone wants to get one for me!!!

mail me at   if you can answer yes to any of these!

I have to wait till Jan to see them!!  Argggggg


(see, it was more like a sonar blip!  And Kurt Looser must die!)


Date: Sat, 2 Nov 91 12:12:26 EST
From: sjuphil! (Joseph Roberts)
Subject: 4th Row!!!!

Yo people,
Well, I really don't have much to say except

I GOT 4th ROW (Philly, Dec. 3)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Right in front of Geddy!!

At this moment, I am complete.
The Fuzzy Navel

ORQ:"Silence shrouds the forest, as the birds announce the dawn"(?)


From: mstovino@Athena.MIT.EDU
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 91 15:01:43 EST

Found a good way to deal with Ticketmaster in New England...  Call 'em
about 7 minutes before the actual time that tickets go an sale.
Hopefully, no operator will be available but you'll be close enough to
get put on hold.  By the time you get an operator, it will probably be
the right time!  If you get connected early, just ask about Jethro
Tull or Dire Straits or some other concert that isn't selling that
day.  I did this along with a friend for the Worcester show, and we
both got put on hold right before ten.  His operator picked right up
at 10:00... BIG WINNER!!!

I guess I'll have to wait till the tix come in the mail to find out
exactly where we are...

See y'all in Worcester and Hartford!!!!



From: Neal A. Dillman 
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 91 19:07:00 EST
Subject: pre-RUSH party


	I haven't posted for a while but now seems to be the in time
to post if you haven't in a while.
	I slept out at Hoff Theatre (University of Maryland) for
tickets w/43 other people (celebrities included our very own
rush-mgr).  Everyone had a great time.  Some people even slept (It
wasn't easy, someone brought a SONY on steroids to the occasion and
never quite shut it off).  My point in posting all this?
	None at all.  I just needed to babble.
	On the other hand, I do have something important to offer in
this post (as many of you gathered from the header).  I am seriously
considering having a pre-RUSH party at my place on the U of MD.
campus.  The party would obviously be Dec. 4, time is as yet
undecided.  E-mail me if you are interested.  I will respond
w/directions, etc. once I get things finalized.

[ I'll be there, with homebrew for the brave.             :rush-mgr ]

	On a different note, I have been working with some RUSH
graphic files converting them to icons.  If you are interested in
seeing them for your system e-mail me your system type, preferred
graphics format (.gif, .tiff, etc.), preferred bits per pixel
(1,2,4,8,16), and image size (in pixels).

	ex: NeXTstation, .tiff, 2, 48X48

Roll the bones!!
 "What you believe is what you are..."    | Neal A. Dillman
 "If you choose not to decide,            | Internet:
  you still have made a choice"           |
 "Trust is just as rare as devotion."     | Snailmail: 1201D Calvert
 "we fight the fire...                    | University of Maryland
  while feeding the flames"               | College Park, Maryland
                                 * RUSH * | Bitnet:


Date: Sun, 3 Nov 1991 13:53 MDT
Subject: Longer Shows

        In the Oct 31 issue, it was asked why don't the boyz
        play longer concerts tham 2 hours--

        I totally agree!! What better way to get all of the new
        fans, old fans, and everyone in between to agree on a cool
        setlist than to add an extra ten songs or so? Yeah, it
        sounds taxing (esp for Neil), but Pink Floyd goes about 3
        hrs., a night, not to mention the GDead and Springsteen, who
        have been known to go in excess of 4!
        Maybe they should do that thing David Bowie did on his last
        tour where he had fans call a request line and compiled the
        setlist from that--of course, he is supposedly never playing
        those songs again...

        Um...on the subject of touring, I've noticed from the spoilers
        I've read that once again the boyz are hitting the road as a
        trio. When _Presto_ came out, I read in a guitar magazine (I think
        it was Guitar World) that they were considering hiring a keybaordist
        for *that* tour. Obviously that didn't happen, but after listening
        to RTB I thought (and still think) that the live sound could really
        benefit from an extra musician on stage. I know that they tour as
        a three piece as a matter of honor and all that, but I think they
        are past the point in their career where they need to prove anything.
        Having a keyboardist/background vocalist (say, um, Rupert Hine) along
        would free Geddy up more (musically and physically), and the band
        sound would most likely loosen up without the constraints of all
        those sequencers. Besides it's always been a fantasy of mine to see
        how the members of Rush would interact with other musicians. Just

        Well, I'm going to bail before I go over the space limit (too
        late, I hear you cry?)

Thom Bowers                           "I'm leaving the band" --Alex
Utah State University  "Alex says that at least once a week" --Neil


Date: Sun,  3 Nov 91 17:37:03 EST
Subject: Tix query

Hey there fellow Bone Rollers, this is my first time posting here at the NMS
and I was wondering if anyone knows how to go about getting tix for the 2
Toronto shows  at the Maple Leaf Gardens(also the date they might go on sale
would also help.  I can't wait to see these guys again. It seems like ages
since the Presto tour. Well if anyone knows anything about the above concerts
(which are on the 6 & 7th of December in case you didn't know) please post the
info and I will be eternally greatful.
		(especially if i get good seats)

	"Take off, to the great white north. Take off, its a beauty way to go."
					- Geddy and the Mackenzie bros.

     -- Mike (the Snowdog) Pickwick


Date: Sun, 3 Nov 91 21:31:57 CST
From: Michael Silverman 
Subject: Geddy and Baseball

Does anyone know if Geddy is a big baseball fan or something?
He mentions the sport in the last to tourbooks...In Presto's he thanks
Sandy Koufax and the USA Today Sports page among others, and in the
Roll the Bones Tourbook he talks about Frank Thomas (WSox 1B), Nolan
Ryan, and the Blue Jays World Series chances...I would assume from
this that Geddy is a baseball fan to some degree...does anyone know
more? (like his favorite team...the Blue Jays maybe?)....

[ He's a big baseball fan, in particular the Blue Jays.  One tip is the
  modified lyrics to "Spirit of Radio", where he says "One likes to
  believe in the freedom of baseball."  Then there's the credits from
  _Signals_, where everyone plays a position (first base, pitcher, etc.)
                                                               :rush-mgr ]

Just wondering...             [ grammatical check: 'to' is ]
                              [ supposed to be 'two' in    ]
                              [ line 2...                  ]

Mike Silverman                   | "Changes aren't permanent, but change        |  is..." - RUSH
GO CUBS (1992 NL Champions)      | "Space, the final frontier. These are
GO HUSKERS (1992 NCAA Champions) | the voyages of the Starship Enterprise"


Date: Sun, 3 Nov 91 23:06:51 PST
From: (Raymond Degennaro)
Subject: you know you're a Rush fan when ... (x2)

you know that you're a Rush fan when you put up with eMpTyV on the faint hope
that they'll show the RTB video.

you know that you're a Rush fan when you put up with listening to MetalShop on
a very staticy (is that a word?, eh chalk it up to poetic license) walkman for
almost an hour and a half because they keep saying that going to have an
interview w/Geddy. i'm listening as i type this and it's driving me up the
wall, i hope i can make it to the interview. they keep saying that the
interview is comming up and they keep playing crappy pop-metal (no slight
against metal i love it, i just hate pop-metal). OK, here it is, lets see if i
can type this in as i hear it:

[junk deleted]

forget it, that didn't work. i'll paraphrase.

the "interviewer" (in you can call him an interviewer) stated that for the
first time in the group has announced that they plan to make atleast 3-4 more
albums. Geddy went on to explain that they've sorted out their problems with
personal lives and outside interests. and fell confident they'll be working
together for a long while.

they then played "Face Up."

Interviewer gave some history (17 yrs, 17 albums, basic shit for the totally
niave(sp?)), actually said the band still still cooks.

geddy talked about improving with age, not retiring just because they're old,
age = experience, etc.

played "Neurotica"

bunch o' comercials (many of which had no place in the middle of a metal show)

Int asked if they always had confidence in what they were doing. Ged said that
in the begining it wasn't as much confidence as it was niavity(sp!) that you
would do well and that you shouldn't kill that time in your life when you
believe that anything is possible.

they actually played a song that goes along with what Geddy said, "Dreamline"

all in all, it was a waste of time.

Ray (DJ) DeGennaro


Date:     Mon, 4 Nov 91 08:28 EST
Subject:  Rush in Buffalo/Albany (tickets?)

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        Does anyone have any info when/where tickets will be on sale for
the scheduled shows in Buffalo and/or Albany?  I called Ticketbastard
yesterday (sunday) and they had no idea (bunch of &^#%$&@ retards!).
They tried to tell me that there couldn't be a Rush concert on Dec. 15
in Buffalo because the circus was in town ?!?!  Help!!!

           Ed Lovell           \              ERL@CRNLNS.BITNET
      Cornell University       \      ORQ: "A lifetime of questions..."


Date: Mon, 4 Nov 91 09:27:39 -0500
From: bolhuijo@uther.Calvin.EDU (John Bolhuis)
Subject: ride?

hi everyone!
   To make a long story short, my friend Mary needs a ride to the
Palace at Auburn Hills on Nov. 13 (or to Ann Arbor) from Grand Rapids.
SHE's going to see the boyz, but doesn't have reliable wheels.
I's gots wheels, but no ticket.
SO, if anyone has either a ticket or a ride, e-mail me soon!
thanks much, and...
                   GET OUT THERE AND ROCK!

-John Bolhuis


Date: Mon,  4 Nov 1991 10:04:10 -0500 (EST)
From: Matthew Joseph Desantis 
Subject: WhereNow?

What will Rush do now ? "A collection of acoustical numbers with the
London Philharmonic?" - Spinal Tap

Just kidding, but seriously, what will Rush do now?? Maybe that's it.
They're done. But I said that with presto. I said that at Stones Still
Life 1981 Concert.

I do sincerely hope that they make an album with pure guitar and bass
and drum sound to it. It would be nice to end with an album like that.
It would put closure on Rush. I think they should exit how they entered,
raw and brash!

This may sound pretty weird coming from a keyboardist, but I think an
album like that would sell !

	They could call it Exit.... Stage
			or Exit.... Stage Right
			or just plain old, RUSH
			 			-just a thought


Date: Mon, 4 Nov 91 13:41:36 EST
From: Doug White 
Subject: D.C. show - my seats suck!

For the person who's keeping track ... I used the phone charge line for
tickets on saturday. I was talking to a human at 10:20, and ended up with
seats in section 104, row V (according to where she said the stage is,
this is the _far_ corner, and you can figure where V is.)  >:-(
I'm gonna bring 40 or 50 bucks, and see if I can upgrade.
How'd the rest of y'all do for the Cap Centre show?   Doug

[ Well, part of the problem is it took so long for you to get through -
  tickets went on sale at 9 a.m., not 10.                     :rush-mgr ]

"I called in for glory, but the tickets almost sold out in advance.."


Date: Mon, 4 Nov 91 15:19:59 -0500
Subject: Presto review

I saw this on the USENET under (I think) and thought I
would pass it along.  It's ashame that he'll have to wait forever to
hear RTB, because it'll never end up in the bargain bins!
If it matters, this is reprinted without permission.

>From eplrx7!udel!rochester!rutgers!!uunet!sco!stewarte Mon
Nov  4 0
9:20:52 EST 1991

I know Rush has a new album out, but I usually wait until their
albums turn up in the bargain bin. In this case I couldn't resist
the offer of getting the CD for 20 NLG in Amsterdam.

Anyway, "Presto" is not a very remarkable album. Rush is a like
a kaledioscope. You shake it and you get a new picture, but after
a while you realize that it's the same patterns that reappear.
Peart's drum whirls and cymbal tipping. The melody figures and
the chords. It is all so familliar. Great playing, yes, yes, but
not even faintly original. This is really music on the safe side.

New for this album is Rupert Hine's production and it is notice-
able so far that the album doesn't sound exactly like "Hold Your
Fire". Overall the syntesizer ingridient is less prevalent, but
"return to the power trio" as comments were on the net when the
album came out? Nah. (Where's the power in that case?) Hine's main
impact seems to be that there is a new voice in the background.
Hine is a much better vocalist than Geddy Lee, who isn't, but I'm
not sure his voice would fit Rush's songs.

Lyricwise "Presto" is not very impressing. Most songs are abstract
words without any meaning, which is good so far that you don't
get repelled by them. But it certainly does not match that raising
to skies of Neil Peart's "poetry" which you often see. Only two songs
have caught my interest enough for me to bother look through them, but
I'm not sure the outcome is positive.

"War Paint" is a sort of a successor 15 years later to Blue Oyster
Cult's "Mirrors". "War Paint" seems to be kind of an anti-love song,
with negative comments on what we call the "meat market" in Sweden.
Although it is probably the best lyric on the album, I'm not sure
that I like its point of view.

In "Red Tide" Peart seems to tells us of all disasters at the same
time, but when mixes the thinning ozone layer with AIDS then I
wonder if he is by his senses, or if read some book telling that all
such problems are God's punishment over man.

Let me so get over to the songs as such. The albums opens with "Show
Don't Tell" which is decent, but surprisingly weak to be an opener of
a Rush album. It is followed by "Chain Lightning", "The Pass" and "War
Paint" which are three second-best songs on this album and all have
some good chorus lines. But I cannot fail to notice that the opening
of "The Pass" in my head easily transforms to "Second Nature" and the
chorus to "Time Stand Still".

With "Scars" the album falls back into the general Rush problem:
there are too many songs. If you really insist on making a 50-
minute album with eleven songs, then they have to have broader
range than Rush's material. There is not a single Rush album which
I feel doesn't have superfluous songs. "Presto" has some acoustic
guitar which makes it sound a little different, but it is yet one
of the weakest songs.

"Superconductor" raises the album a little, and then up again with
"Anagram (For Mongo)" which has a cute chorus line. (But I don't
give much for Peart's attempt to be humourous. It becomes so ela-
borate.) "Red Tide" is already a loser because of the lyrics and
the music does not really save it. "Hand Over Fist" is OK, and would
probably have been ranked better if it had appeared earlier.

Now for the sensation. Well, "sensation" is an exageration, but
the final song "Availabler Light" is probably the best on the album
and is the only one to bring some new elements to Rush's music.
It opens with a slow piano, and in the second verse there is
some guitar playing which is not the usual Alex stuff. Of course
the chorus lines, starting with "And the wind can carry..." are
still very much Rush(tm) material. Nice, but very very familliar.

To conclude, although I will probably play this album with
pleasure, I cannot go further than a +1 because of the com-
plete lack of originality. How was it: "I've heard it all before".
Erland Sommarskog - ENEA Data, Stockholm -

Does this sound like an experienced music critic to you?  I'd hate to
hear what he has to say about RTB!!

[ Erlands a Rush (and Rush-fan) basher from waaaay back.  He's the one
  who three years ago panned the group on the merits of *one* album.
  He's added several more to his collection, but still steadfastly
  denies there's any real real substance.  I guess Industrial is more
  to his liking.  Please don't flame him, he's entitled to his opinion,
  no matter how wrong!  1/2 :-)                                :rush-mgr ]

This one's for you, Bucko.
Scott C. Walker
The Dupont Company                     This space for rent.
Wilmington, De 19880-0328


Date:         Mon, 04 Nov 91 14:48:21 EST
From: Hans Gruenig 
Subject:      Hartford

Well folks it has been a Rush-kind-of-weekend!  On Friday, on my way to the
Ticketbastard, I saw Alex and Geddy peering at me from the cover of the latest
Guitar Magazine in a store window (I took this as a good omen).  After
purchasing a couple of Hartford tickets (thanks for the sale date, Adam!) I
picked up a copy. Great interview.  It's interesting that three of the major
musicians' magazines (Keyboard, Bass Player, and Guitar--Modern Drummer too?)
have had some kind of coverage of Rush in the last couple of months.  I guess
Rush are all valued in their respective musical fields by more than just Rush
fans.  Comforting, isn't it?  Anyhow, the next day at the UVM vs. Boston (go
Cats!  9 to 3 Yeehaw!) hockey game, they played WMT and Presto.  Awesome.  And
yesterday as I was returning from the gym, the Wizard (WIZN 106.7) played Big
Money, Dreamline, and Entre Nous in a Rush-Triple-Set!  Tremendously Awesome!
Besides sharing a bit of this Rusheuphoria, I am writing to find out if anyone
knows where the best seats at the Hartford Civic Center are.  I have two in
section 115, row C, seats 13 and 14.  If the stage is set up in the middle of
the floor (and parallel to it, ie. lengthwise), these seats would be great.
But if the Stage is at the end/perpendicular, these seats would be mediocre
(although they cost enough!).  If anyone has any kind of definitive answer, I'm
sure other subscribers would be interested in hearing too.  Any partial answers
can be directed to HGRUENIG@UVMVM.UVM.EDU   -Thanks/Hope to see you Hartford.
                              ORQ-HYF "Keep it burning bright-"
                                                                Hans G.


Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1991 16:26:42 -0500
Subject: Re: 10/31/91 - The National Midnight Star #368

Would you please stop sending the newletter to me.  Thanks!


Date: Tue, 5 Nov 91 09:01:40 GMT-0600
Subject: The Minneapolis concert at Target Center

Well, it was really great to see The Boyz again, but this show did leave me
with some misgivings, I guess... Somebody else who was there can maybe shed
a little different/more light on things, but..

That was the most spartan stage setup I've yet seen for a headlining band!!
I mean, Alex has a guitar, mike and synth on his side with 2 small monitors;
Geddy has 4 large monitors, his bass, a mike, and another synth on his side;
Neil has his kit on the rotating base in the center, and then he's flanked by
the effects racks of Alex & Geddy. I could flatter you people by saying "At

least the stage wasn't cluttered," but... Man.. Eric Johnson had about the
same amount of stuff up there himself as the opener!! The ramped stage was
interesting-- I hoped Alex or Geddy would run around behind Neil and maybe
vamp a bit, but Nooooooo.

In fact, the boys didn't really start any antics until the show was over half
over! You can't tell me that they were so chained to the synth and pedals

that they couldn't jump around a LOT more than they did.. Ah well, maybe too
much eMpTyV has caused me to expect too much performance/entertainment..

Don't get me wrong, though-- musically, they were dead on! No mistakes like

earlier posts mentioned at all! It was a pretty Alex-oriented show, too-- he
was really upfront and maniacal on the solos. It was a pleasure to hear the
'oldies' too-- Some would accuse the Boyz of 'recycling' but I think that
they intended to satisfy older fans or people who had the old albums and were
wishing to hear that burn-up-the-fretboard solos that are so scarce on the

albums of late..

My suggestion to all you future concert-goers: BUY THE TOURBOOK. For $13, you
can't go wrong! Some old fotos to be sure, but Neil's ROW THE BOATS and
Alex's liner notes are really good. It's so fun to be a fan of a rock band
that has intellect..

	-Mark Caufman

ORQ: Try as they might they can never steal your dreams..


Date: 5 Nov 91 10:28:00 EDT
Subject: old tunes live

Hey all.
  With all this talk of Rush's current set list and why such and such should
be dropped and they should play such and such, let's all try to bear one thing
in mind:  let Rush dictate what _should_ be played since they are the ones
playing it!  As participants in one, two, or even three concerts Rush puts on,
we don't really think about how many times Rush has to play their songs during
the length of the entire tour.  Most importantly, Rush has to have some fun
out there while they're rockin'!  Let them play the songs they like and you'll
find yourself saying, "Gee, that was a great show, _BUT_ they didn't play ..."
much less often.  Just some words of advice (it works for me :-)
   One last thing for you interested in 'when and if Rush played ___'.
I was fortunate enough to attend the Presto show in Orlando when Rush, to my
very pleasant surprise, played 'The Trees.'  Just down the road in 
Jacksonville,the boys substituted 'Limelight.'  Just my $0.02.

Gregg Brown


Date: Tue, 5 Nov 91 13:43:39 PST
From: smosjc!joet@uunet.UU.NET (Joseph Turner)
Subject: First posting...

Hey Fellow Rush Fans!

First of all I've only been getting TNMS for a couple of weeks now
and let me say: This is a TOTALLY AWESOME NEWS LETTER!!!!!!  I was
only a bit surprised to find such a cool news letter to read, after
all only everybody I know likes Rush.  Too bad most of them don't
have the access that I do to a network computer...
Second of all, being a CMU alumni I was amazed to find all of the
good old mail addresses on NMS postings.  Where the
hell were all you people when I spent my time in hell?!!?!?!?  I
was sure that most of the campus was way too geeky to get into
the Boyz!  Too bad I didn't know you all when I went there;  Could
have been quite a party...  Did Rush play the Civic Center or good
old Three Rivers?  Probably the Civic Center since we all know about
the 'burgh's _beautiful_ weather!  8^)
Lastly I have a little Rush anecdote to relate.  R the J wrote about
his brother getting sucky tix for the Rochester show, well, I had
a similar experience.  Before my four year sentence in hell I had
the pleasent opportunity to see the Power Windows tour in my good
ol home town of Philadelphia.  Being poor high school students at the
time, my best friend and I were just able to scrape up money to buy
tickets the day before the concert.  We had heard on the radio that
Rush had put speakers on the sides of the stage and guess where the
tickets we bought were for?  Not only the side of the stage but
waaaaaaayyyyy in the back, almost at the concession stands.  We
arrived at the Spectrum all partied out ready to just listen to
Rush.  We, luckily, missed the opening act.  When we sat down it
was just in time to see the road crew remove the speakers on the
stage sides!  The Boyz apparently decided that they were not
acustically acceptable.  Awesome!  Within minutes I had my feet up
on Rush's equipment.  The Spectrum rent-a-cops didn't bother us till
just before the first intermissions when one of the roadies brought
out three Molsens and me and my buddy tried to snag them.  Needless
to say those beers were for the Boyz.  I had a kick-ass time.  Geddy
and Alex would come over to our side and jam within a yard and a half
of my seat.  I could see Neil just drumming away (that is with the
exception of when he hit the cow bell during his solo - his arms were
just too quick!!).

Well I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my experience as much as I
enjoyed doing it.  Keep the postings coming and if anyone knows info
about the January Oakland shows, let me know.


"We are only immortal for a limited time..."

Joe Turner,
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San Jose, CA


Date: Tue, 5 Nov 91 15:52:34 -0600
From: Mike Korman 
Subject: Two tickets available

I have two tickets available for the show at Normal IL., on Sat. Nov. 9.

They are in the upper bowl row 9, they should be decent seats though, because
apparently the arena only holds about 8000 people.

If you are interested mail me, and we'll see if we can think of a way for me
to get you the tickets, or maybe suggest a way we that we can do it.

Mike Korman
Computer Programmer
Publication Services, Inc.
Champaign, IL.



Date: 5 November 1991 17:02:13 CST
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 
Subject: SPOILERS! Chicago Show Review, Etc...

Hello everyone!

Wow, still recuperating from Friday's show. What can I say???
Words really can't describe a Rush concert or do it justice
you really have to be there to experience it!

First off, I'd like to say that its good to be able to read
the NMS again. I haven't read any the past week because I did
not want any hints on what the show was like so I am one of those
Rush fans who saw the show w/ out knowing any of the song list.



Got to the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago rather early. They were
still in the middle of their soundcheck. Then I met up w/ my
Road Crew friend (he still remembered me from the last tour :) ).
So he invited me to chat w/ him for awhile on his tour bus.
The buses are very well furnished. Table in the centre, plush sofas,
bunk beds, fridge, tvs, vcrs, cd players, stove, etc... You get the
idea. We talked about everything from Rush to himself, his wife,
son, travelling, etc... Had a great time really. Then he said he had
a few things to do before the show and that he would meet me back here
in about an hour---he also had to pick up my BACKSTAGE PASS too! :P

So I hung around a bit, talked to a few other Rush fans who showed up
early, then a tour bus pulled up. So we ran up to it, out the door came
Eric Johnson. Cool, so I got to talk to him for a bit, shoke his hand
and had him sign my Gowan CD. At the same time another tour bus pulled up
about 15 feet away Alex/Ged came out and walked into the coliseum. Thats ok
I'll catch them after the show. Then we all waited beside the other tour
bus. Neil popped his head out the drivers side window and then he ran
back inside the tour bus. About 2 mins later 4 security guards came out
and made us move away from the tour bus. Neil hurried made his from the
tour bus into the coliseum. Then the security guards went back inside.

Finally my Road Crew friend came back out, we talked some more, he gave
me my PASS. I also told him I had a Rickenbacker bass I wanted Ged to sign
and a gift that I had for him as well. He said, now would be a good time.
So I went back to the car took the bass out and the gift and handed it to
him. He said he'd be back in a few minutes. He came back out, he said,
"Ged really liked the present and said thanks". And now on my Rickenbacker
can I say, another show another autograph. Lets see I guess that makes 3
now. :) I thanked him for bringing it too him. I told him I'd be right back
and put the bass back in the car. We talked a little more about Rush, and
he told me who the MYSTERY RAPPER IS, how it was done, and how its repro-
duced live. I told him that was really cool. Then I said, "I don't feel
safe leaving my BAss in the car , so I'm going to drive home real quick
drop it off and I'll be back in a bit to see. ya." So I took off.

Came back about 1.5 hours later talked to him a bit more, thus I missed
Eric JOhnson. Thats ok, its more interesting talking to a road crew
personel than watching Eric jam. And I looked at my watch, and its about
show time!


Awesome, phenominal, awe struck!!! What else can be said.... But in general
the light show was sort of disappointing for me, I'm really a lazer and
light fanatic. This time they toned it down a bit. I guess they wanted
to make it a little more theatrical. The back screen was a little smaller
too. I guess they did this so that they could put little backdrops over it.
For example, a wall of dice, etc... They had the bunnies on the left and
right sides of the stage just like the Presto tour. And they came out of
their hats during Superconductor. I won't go into the song list , since
that has already been posted before. As far as I remember they only had
lazers for about 3 songs: Xanadu, La Villa, the Pass. Alex and Ged bopped
around quite a bit, and were having a great time. Someone threw a pair
of fuzzy dice on the stage and Alex put the dice on Neil's kit. He missed
a few bars on the guitar of course but it was fun. During another song
Alex and Ged gave each other HIgh Fives. Neil was throwing and spinning
sticks fairly often. And at the end of the show someone threw a sweatshirt
on stage very close to GEd and he took it w/ him as he left. All in all
it was a wonderful show. Prob. have to put it down as my top 3 Rush shows
that I have been to all these years.... DON'T MISS THEM!!!


Met a few people while walking to the backstage area. Talked to Mr. Riker,
John, and Travman. We were still in awe. Told them I would call them
tomorrow and that I had to run to the party. :)
There were quite a bit of people backstage. Much more than the 4 of us
back at Alpine Valley on June 17, 1990. So it wasn't as much fun and the
atmosphere wasn't quite as nice. Probably about 30 to 40 people back there
I guess Atlantic was doing a huge promotion of MEET AND GREETS too.
The Only one in the hospitality room of the Rosemont Horizon was GED.
He is the P and R person of the band I guess. He quickly chatted w/ people
signed autographs , etc... This lasted for about 30 mins. After that the
Atlantic people left and I got to talk w/ my Road Crew friend again.
He was bummed that they had to leave that night for Minneapolis w/ all
the snow and stuff. I told him I'd be seeing them in Normal, Il and
Milwaukee, so he said just knock on my tour bus or wait for me around
the backstage area and we'll talk some more. I told him thanks for every-
thing and that I had a great time. By this time it was close to midnight
and he had to leave, so I got my last glimpses of Ged walking out of the
coliseum --- didn't look like he was too happy, I guess he wasn't thrilled
w/ all the P and R stuff he had to do that night. And I also saw Alex come
out too. Alex was really happy, he waved and smiled to us !!! They both
look really good and their playing was in top form too. That about concludes
the show. Then I drove home and couldn't get to sleep. Only 4 more days
until my next show. Can't wait!!! Hope everyone on the NMS sees them at
least once. bye all!

ps: Please don't ask me how or where or can I get a PASS for you because
I don't think I can. It was hard enuf to get one for moi. I will however say
2 words, "GOOD LUCK!".

p                           p
-  "I was lined up for glory but the Bitnet:u24129@uicvm.bitnet    -
g   tickets sold out in advance.     Genie: P.Choy                 g
p   The way the big wheel spins."                                  p
-                                                  Patster         -
g                                                                  g


Date: Tue, 5 Nov 91 18:53:55 -0500
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: Mr Deeds, Toronto Show(s), and EJ

Hey gang,

   To JC, I am alive and well (Though I don't know how long I will be
in this condition).  Count me in for PGH Rush Party #3.

   Yesterday I was reading the TV Guide and I saw that MR. Deeds was
playing on Cinemax Sunday at 9 AM.  That was thisPAST Sunday at
9 in the MORNING (ARGH, Charlie Brown simulated yell).  And what's
worse,  I don't have Max (Double ARGH).  Oh, well, I guess I have to
wait until it comes on at 2 AM on some syndicated station.

   Are there any goods seats available for the Toronto shows (12/16 and
17)?  What is the TicketMaster's number in TO?  Anyone interested
in a party before the show?

   For all you EJ fans in PGH he is coming back later this month. (I don't
remember when and where but I will let you know in the coming weeks)

Until next time, America



Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1991 21:27:33 -0600
From: Raman Yousefi 
Subject: Rush, Rush, and more Rush!

I was recently informed of the existance of your rush "mailing list".  I'm not
quite certain that this is the correct correspondence address.  However, if its
I would like to be included in your email list.  I thank you in advance.


From: atz@clmqt.marquette.MI.US (dweezilbub)
Subject: Anagram
Date: 5 Nov 91 22:44:13 EST (Tue)

(Doug White  writes)

>I finally sat down and gave Anagram (for Mongo!) a good hard look. I
>can't figure out how the Peartmeister does it! Here's the ones I found,
>has anybody spotted any more? (BTW, this isn't in the FAQL, right? )
>I'm primed, impressed, and still it's in the list...   dwhite
>darkness -> _a_knes_ -> snake
>atomic -> tic ; atomic -> toc

What's even more clever is how Neil writes the actual sentences,
like "there's a snake COMING OUT of the darkness"  making it sound like
the word snake is coming out of the word darkness (like you mentioned
above) or "there is tic toc IN atomic", just like you mentioned...

It seems he tried to make them sound like actual things or events, but
every line is very cleverly worded, kind of like it's own explaination
on WHY it is an anagram.                         ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Leaders MAKE a deal (you can MAKE the word deal from leader).

parade FROM paradise (you can make the word parade FROM paradise)...

It seems to me to be a little more than just little anagrams.



Date:       Mon, 04 Nov 91 16:49:47 GMT


   A couple of NMS's ago someone asked about the speaking that can be
just heard during 'The Camera Eye'. I believe this is also a question
in the FAQL, which isn't answered because there have been apparently
11 suggestions as to what it is, all of them different. Well, here's
a twelfth! The song is basically comparing two cities, New York and
London, and there are noises in the background to set the scene for
each city. So for the hussle & bussle of NY we hear car horns blaring
impatiently and typewriters clicking frantically, while for London
there is the sound of Big Ben chiming in the last few secs of the song.
The speaking is another of these scene-setters, being the sound of
two Londoners greeting one another. Many Non-British listeners might
not be too familiar with the London (Cockney) accent (hence the previous
11 suggestions), but having lived in London for a number of years
(although not presently) what's being said is clear as day to me. The
first guy says 'Hello' and the second one replies 'Mornin Guv', short
'Good Morning Governor', a Cockney expression. Due to the London
accent making 'u' sound like 'a', we hear:

    1st Cockney : 'Allo
    2nd Cockney : 'Mornin' Gav.

I could of course be totally wrong (but I don't think so).(It could
even be the sound of two London dogs barking :-) ). Have a listen and
see if any of yoy agree. In any case I'd like to know what the other
11 suggestions were...

    "swimming against the stream"

       Paul May, University of Bristol, UK


From: (John Becker)
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 91 12:21:05 CST
Subject: MTV adds Roll The Bones to playlist

I called the programming department at MTV today, and was informed that
Roll The Bones was added to their rotation this Monday. I haven't seen it
yet...has anyone?


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