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Subject: 11/19/91 - The National Midnight Star #380

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 380

                Tuesday, 19 November 1991
Today's Topics:
                 Hartford Show Postponed
                    Various Ramblings
         Impromptu (may be considered a SPOILER)
                Bootlegs and other junk...
                    The Lost Verse...
                 Well, What Have We Here?
        German Tour Dates; Weird American Seating
                HARTFORD 12/1 POSTPONED!!
                      Geddy's Voice
The concert at Redbird Arena in Mormal, Ill. ( **SPOILERS** )
              Non-Rush Musician Poll Results
               Ticket suggestions, anyone?
                   RUSH POLL RESULTS!!!
               a plug for a great new band
                      RUSH SUCKS....
           RTB interpretation and p/g broadcast
            The mystery rapper, concerts, etc.
               Cleveland 11/17 - SPOILER!!!

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star
Subject: Administrivia 

This is Monday's NMS, a little belatedly.  I'm a bit under the weather
(cough, snort), and doing this from home.  Sorry for the delay, folks.



From: (John Becker)
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 91 17:18:15 CST
Subject: CFV:

I see that the proposal to start a group on Usenet has
reached the call-for-vote stage. IMHO, the creation or not of this group
will have little or no impact on the readership and activities of this
list. I suggest that we let the proposal pass or fail on its appeal or
lack thereof to non-NMS subscribers. In a word, I suggest that we refrain
from voting on this proposal at all. Just my opinion.

BTW, I caught the RTB video on MTV at about 11:20 PM CST Wednesday, and I
think it's great!

To the reader who asked about MuchMusic: it's a Canadian music-oriented
cable channel, and unless you have your own dish, it's probably unavailable
outside of Canada. Too bad for us; I've heard they have a lot of good



Date: 15 Nov 91 18:43:14 EST
From: Ronney Melendi <70400.1165@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Hartford Show Postponed

Attention, Attention:
                   Hartford Conn Rush Show for Dec 1st has been postponed
the new date is Dec 13th I believe.



Date: Fri, 15 Nov 91 19:17:17 -0500
From: "Dylan Kaufman" 

>> [ If anyone cares, *I* voted 'nay'.  The NMS continues, whether or not a
>>   Rush newsgroup comes into existance.                           :rush-mgr ]

Regardless, I think it would be a GOOD THING if people who are members
of this digest refrained from mentioning it on (if it
gets created) so that we don't get too many of the detractors.  I
hope that only the most fervent of detractors will bother to post to once the news is out of, why would
they bother to read another group?

-<>Dylan<>-                     MA EMT-M, CA EMT-1A, BEMCo 107
Dylan Kaufman 			Major in Computer Science	Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
------<< Support your local Emergency Medical Services >>-------
And on the seventh day, even He rested.  We don't.  -Emerg. Med. Svcs.


Date: Fri, 15 Nov 91 21:21:20 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Various Ramblings

To whoever said the mystery voice in camera eye was a belch
and a voice saying "Gross Alex!" , you right!!!!

The belch is very distinguishable.

Well folks by the time you read this, I'LL BE ROCKIN WITH THE

And Matt the sorry bassist, dont worry...I wasn't THAT pissed!

Well, bye all!!!!!

|~~~\  |    |  /~~~\  |    |    Nick Mascari-Case Western Reserve
|   /  |    |   \     |    |    "If you choose not to decide, you
|~~\   |    |     \   |~~~~|     still have made a choice"
|   \   \__/  \___/   |    |    Look for "Peart" on IRC


Date: Sat, 16 Nov 91 01:01:33 EST
From: (patrick madden)
Subject: Impromptu (may be considered a SPOILER)

 Well, at the Palace at Auburn Hills on 11/13, there were a couple of
interesting moments which I assume don't come about in every show, especially
since I saw the 11/1 show in Chicago and these did not occur.  Well, during
Big Money I think it was, at the end, Alex and Geddy were talking and
motioning to each other, and then to Neil.  Suddenly, Neil broke into a
Chinese sounding thing on the xylophone, while Alex and Geddy performed
mock karate, just like in the picture in the tourbook.  Very funny.  But,
even more exciting, was when Neil, during the middle guitar part of Finding
My Way (where Ged sings "ooh said I'm comin out to look for you" etc.),
Neil stood up, and with a huge grin, swung his arm around in a sort of revving
up motion.  Hard to describe, but extremely entertaining for the fans who are
used to Neil's totally serious style.  I think that got the loudest cheers of
the night.  It did from me.  Well, enough of my yappin.


Date: Wed, 13 Nov 91 23:11:35 EST
From: "A Lerxst in Wonderland" 
Subject: Bootlegs and other junk...

Hello people.

A few weeks ago someone posted about a RTB tour bootleg.  Whoever it was --
please contact me.  I really have to have that encore on tape!!  If anyone
has a tape of the Indianapolis show, I would be most greatful.  Also, if
anyone has a boot of the Van Halen Carnal Knowledge Tour....

Thanx alot -- Roll the Bones!!

Josh Vaughn.


Date: Thu, 14 Nov 91 09:41:45 EST
From: "Let's be as descriptive about Nature as we can, shall we?" 
Subject: The Lost Verse...

In the last issue of the Star, there was some discussion about the lyric sleeve
for the "Fly By Night" album.  I have never seen a copy of the sleeve before
and am curious about a verse from the song "Beneath, Between, Behind."  It's
the second verse, specifically.  I purchased the big two-volume set of Rush
sheet music recently and was surprised that the second verse of the song is not
included.  Indeed, in the live version of the song from "Exit Stage Left," the
Boyz (God, I LOVE that word!) omit that verse entirely.

Does anyone know what this verse is and why it's not printed, not sung or
whatever else is not being done to it?

Thanks in advance...


"One god hammers the Pulse,
The others, Breath and the Strings...
Reclaim the moving impulse
  in the structure of hopeful things."
              -- Janet Johnson, about Rush.


Date: Thu, 14 Nov 91 12:01:15 EST
From: "Let's be as descriptive about Nature as we can, shall we?" 
Subject: Well, What Have We Here?

Hello, all you Rush fans!

Earlier today, I sent my first posting to the National Midnight Star.  I had
intended to add the following preface which, as it happens, really should stand

I have been a Rush fan since I first heard "2112" way back in prehistoric
times.  (Coincidentally, we had "Anthem" as a reading assignment in high school
literature class.  I enjoyed the novelette greatly and was intrigued by the
existence of a rock band who adressed the concept of "social fiction.")  Back 
those days, Rush articles were common in rock magazines and there was always 
accepted confusion about the Boyz:  "How could a band with no 'hits'
continually sell out their concerts in minutes?"  There was the accepted
explaination, which went something like, "Rush has an enormous underground
following...  they're a 'cult-band.'"

Well, I must say that I am glad to have finally found the sounding board for
this "underground following."  I have already received the 'Star several times
and am amazed at all which is said, known and, sometimes, not known about Rush.
I salute the editor of this journal and all those who contribute to it.

We all can agree that, when Rush is no more, there will be NO replacement!

"Your eyes...  they seek a compromise,
A psalm to share for all our sakes.
But be well aware of the things
   we may have to break."
                 --"Taking the Next Step"


Date: Sat, 16 Nov 91 13:36:31 +0100
From: tools!fl (Frank Lancaster)
Subject: German Tour Dates; Weird American Seating


Here are the tour dates for Germany that I know of:

21.4 Hannover Music Hall
23.4 Koeln Sporthalle
24.4 Frankfurt Festhalle
26.4 Nuernberg Frankenhalle
27.4 Berlin Eissporthalle
29.4 Stuttgart Schleyerhalle

Six dates in Germany! Last time they did only two. I think
in 1981 they did five, but six, I really didn't expect this.
Tickets are on sale for the Koeln concert, so the tour really
seems to be true.

Now a different subject. Reading all this stuff about tickets
and seating in the states and Canada, I was wondering if
it is true that in all concerts in the states there are seats
and you have to sit. Pretty awful I would think. 10000 people
all in one arena and everybody sitting, that's no rock concert.
Here in Germany the main part of the audience stands, and
everyone can try and get to the front if he likes. And Rush
don't attract big crowds here, so it seems that when they do come
to Germany, I'm far better off than any American fan. I would
like to hear more about how rock concerts go in the USA, I
just can't believe that you have you sit and can't get to the

-- Frank Lancaster fl@tools.uucp


Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1991 10:24 EST

In reference to the question of 1001001. Yes that is 73 in binary and yes
it does have some significance.  Rush was more or less started in 1973.
Kinda neat huh?

This sounds like one for the FAQL.

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                                               Sleep Deprivation Studies
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From: (David L. Hamilton)
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 91 12:12:54 EST

Just so everyone knows, I called the Hartford Civic Center today to
confirm this.  The show originally scheduled for December 1st at the
Hartford Civic Center has been postponed to Friday, December 13.
(oooh... scarrry).  Just thought everyone should know.  Neither Atlantic
or SRO/Anthem had any explanations to why.  As for the people at the
Civic Center's box office, I have a hard enough time talking to them
just to confirm that it had changed that I didn't bother to ask why.
English IS such a tough language, ins't it?  Heh...


David L. Hamilton              |  "How can anybody be enlightened?  |   When truth is, after all, so poorly lit."
Compuserve: 70244.322          |                  -Neil Peart


From: (David L. Hamilton)
Subject: Geddy's Voice
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 91 12:20:24 EST

People who have seen the RTB tours have been saying that Geddy CAN'T hit
those high notes anymore. In fact, I remember people saying this before
RTB came out regarding their attempts at Freewill and the like on the
Presto tour.  I saw Rush at the Meadowlands on the Presto tour (cool
show in itself... they had playboy bumnnies come out before warpaint and
give drinks and towels to Alex and Geddy while a fat guy in a Bunny suit
came out for Neil.  Seems Geddy and Alex had a score to settle or
something...  very, very strange..)  Anyway, During Show Don't Tell,
Geddy was doing some AMAZING things with his voice (he hadn't at that
point in the tour, added those cool harmonies to War Paint yet).  He
would screech up on some high, HIGH notes during the ride out of the
tune.  Also, at the end of the show, Geddy let out a two measure shrill
yelling "Ohhhhh, Yeaaah!" Just before the end of In THe Mood.

I don't think Geddy's lost it at all... Well, maybe a little.  I think
it's more that he's afraid of losing EVERYTHING, so he doesn't want to
do that kind of stuff every single night.  Just so you know, the 3 other
shows I saw on the Presto tour, Geddy did none of this.

Just my two cents.
David L. Hamilton              |  "How can anybody be enlightened?  |   When truth is, after all, so poorly lit."
Compuserve: 70244.322          |                  -Neil Peart


Date: Sat, 16 Nov 91 15:07 EDT
From: Computer Idiot Extraordinaire 
Subject: Rockline?

Ummmm...attention fellow RUSHheads?

	I just heard something on WRRK Pittsburgh (more commonly known as 97
Rock) about Neil's Rockline show...the cheerful announcerperson said he'd be on
Dec 2nd at (I think) 11:30 PM.  Can anyone confirm this, especially the time?
	I apologize if this is old news, I'm _way_ behind on my newsletter
reading.  If it _is_ old news, kindly tell me to shut the f*ck up and quit
wasting valuable NMS space.


| John E. Piwowar                   |  University of Pittsburgh             |
| Computer Idiot Extraordinaire     |  Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Dept |
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Subject: The concert at Redbird Arena in Mormal, Ill. ( **SPOILERS** )
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 91 20:23:17 CST
From: - dave writes:

>> Subject: The Minneapolis concert at Target Center
>> Well, it was really great to see The Boyz again, but this show did leave me
>> with some misgivings, I guess... Somebody else who was there can maybe shed
>> a little different/more light on things, but..
>> That was the most spartan stage setup I've yet seen for a headlining band!!
>> I mean, Alex has a guitar, mike and synth on his side with 2 small monitors;
>> Geddy has 4 large monitors, his bass, a mike, and another synth on his side;
>> Neil has his kit on the rotating base in the center, and then he's flanked by
>> the effects racks of Alex & Geddy. I could flatter you people by saying "At
>> least the stage wasn't cluttered," but... Man.. Eric Johnson had about the
>> same amount of stuff up there himself as the opener!! The ramped stage was
>> interesting-- I hoped Alex or Geddy would run around behind Neil and maybe
>> vamp a bit, but Nooooooo.
>> In fact, the boys didn't really start any antics until the show was over half
>> over! You can't tell me that they were so chained to the synth and pedals
>> that they couldn't jump around a LOT more than they did.. Ah well, maybe too
>> much eMpTyV has caused me to expect too much performance/entertainment..
>> Don't get me wrong, though-- musically, they were dead on! No mistakes like
>> earlier posts mentioned at all! It was a pretty Alex-oriented show, too-- he
>> was really upfront and maniacal on the solos. It was a pleasure to hear the
>> 'oldies' too-- Some would accuse the Boyz of 'recycling' but I think that
>> they intended to satisfy older fans or people who had the old albums and were
>> wishing to hear that burn-up-the-fretboard solos that are so scarce on the
>> albums of late..
>> My suggestion to all you future concert-goers: BUY THE TOURBOOK. For $13, you
>> can't go wrong! Some old fotos to be sure, but Neil's ROW THE BOATS and
>> Alex's liner notes are really good. It's so fun to be a fan of a rock band
>> that has intellect..

    I couldn't agree with you more. I went to the concert in Normal
Illinois abd I have to say that I was rather disappointed by it. Let
me tell ya.....

   I have been a RUSH fan since I was about 18 back in 1980. I heard
my first RUSH song when I was 13. It was off of the Archive
collection. At the time my friend was learing to play bass and I was a
die-hard Zeppelin freak. ( Yes, I saw Zeppelin in 1977 at The Cap
Center in Largo, Md. ) My friend played something and I said " I can't
listen to them, his voice is too high! " ( like Robert Plant's wasn't?

   I sort of ignored the boyz till I was 18 and became a member of the
band. Another friend of mine introduced me to Hemispheres at the same
time I introduced him to Van Halen. I thought, " Hey that's cool! They
use music from the Warner Brothers' cartoons in this song" Our band
was a bunch of cartoon freaks. I proceeded to by all of their albums
when PeW came out and especially when MP came out.
   I remained a die-hard RUSH fan ( even was scared when Ged got his
nose job and all the DC101 DJ's were predicting that his voice
wouldn't be the same and the band would break up. Liked GUP and
LOVED!! PoW. I love synths and PoW is still one of my favorites. But,
I still hadn't seen them in concert.
  In 1987 I moved to Indiana and went to Purdue for grad school. I met
a fellow RUSH fan there and we both went out and got HYF and tickets
to the show. I was in heaven, I was finally gonna see them. It was one
of the best concerts I had ever been to ( I have seen a lot. For
instance, I saw Aerosmith in 1978 when STYX ( you read correctly )
opened for them ) It was an awesome stage show, cool light show, Aimee
Mann singing backup via the video screen ( that really impressed me ).
   In 1990, I saw the Presto tour in Detroit at the Palace ( excuse me
Auburn Hills ). I drove four hours from Dayton, Ohio just to see them
and was not disappointed. I loved it. In both those shows, the boyz
really got down and Neal ( what more do I need to say ) was just hot.
He is still the only drummer I will listen to a solo for. ( Bonham's
solo was 20 minutes long and BOOOOOOOORING in 1977 ).
   So, November 8th. I do my radio show here at Iowa State as I do
every Friday night. I played nothing but RUSH for four hours and got
several pretty people who want to hear American Pie for the 100th time
pissed off. I made a lot of people happy, though. One guy brought me a
picture he had drawn by hand of the boyz and gave it to me. I was
   Saturday, November 9th. Me and thre other guys get in the car and
head for Normal listening to RUSH, Zappy and lots of others along the
way. We get there and we were pissed that our seats were on the side.
I pointed out to them that we would be able to see Neal like we have
never seen him before. We had an unobstructed view of him the whole
time. I could see everything that Alex and Geddy did with the
keyboards and pedals. It was a small arena and I felt that these were
the best seats I had ever had. I was in the upper bowl but had never
been closer to the stage.
   Eric Johnson did not let me down. He was very good. I loved the way
he dedicated "Trademark", my favorite song of his, to the crowd. He
mentioned RUSH twice and all in all was a very humble but damned good
guitar player. Not like Mr. Big and other opening acts which try to
convince you ( and themselves ) that you came to see them. When he
finished he said he hoped we enjoyed RUSH and thanked us for letting
him play.
  Ok. I'm ready. Quickest striking of a stage I ever saw. RUSH came on
15 minutes after Eric Johnson left. I was waiting for Show Don't Tell
in keeping with the pattern. Instead I got Force Ten. I waited for the
Three bLind Mice.  I never heard it. What I heard and saw was exactly
the same show I saw at the Palace a year ago. They had the same
videos, and played the same list of songs I heard before in just about
the same order. I kept turning to my friends saying, " Subdivisions",
"Here come the bunnies, Tom Sawyer". I was almost a carbon copy. I was
disappointed. Even the encore was the same as last time with the
addition of Red Barchetta. Alex and Geddy both seemed glued to their
keyboard/pedal spots. Every now and the then Alex would go downstage
center and play to the crowd. Geddy did this even less frequently.
They didn't really joke like they did on previous tours. They seemd
very business-like to me. It was sort of, "OK. Let's come in, do our
thing, and take off.

    The only part of the concert I really enjoyed was Neal's solo. I
talked to someone who saw them in Minneapolis and in Omaha and he said
Neal's solo was shorter. He was wrong. It was the longest and best I
had ever heard. He even included some African influences as he refers
to in the tour guide.

    So, all in all, I was disappointed and felt like I was being
served a product rather than watching three guys have fun.

   Sorry if this depresses you, but I wanted to see if anyone else
felt like I did.



Date: 17 Nov 91 14:16:00 EDT
Subject: Non-Rush Musician Poll Results

Hello again.

  To break the monotony of concert reviews and comments, I've compiled
the votes for everyone's favorite musicians (Rush members excluded).
Before the votes came in, I had a good feeling that Yes members would be
fairly commonplace in the ballots, but I had no idea that they would be
this dominant.  Anyhow, I enjoyed reading everyone's votes and would like
to thank those that participated.  Well, here they are:

Note that the musicians listed are those that received a total of 10 points
or more.  Remember that 5 points were given for each 1st place vote, 4 for
second, etc.  The number in parentheses is the number of first place votes
for a player.

VOCALS:  Jon Anderson (Yes), 30 (2)
         Geoff Tate (Queensryche), 26 (3),  Fish (Marillion), 24 (3),
         Peter Gabriel, 13 (1), Sting, 13 (1), Phil Collins, 12 (1)

GUITARS: Steve Howe (Yes), 34 (2), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), 20 (3),
         Al DiMeola, 15 (3), Joe Satriani 13 (1), Eric Clapton 12 (1),
         Vernon Reid (Living Colour) 12, David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) 12 (1),
         Eric Johnson 11 (1), Trevor Rabin (Yes) 10,
         Steve Rothery (Marillion) 10

BASSES:  Chris Squire (Yes), 55 (6), Tony Levin (King Crimson), 26 (3),
         Sting, 17, John Pattituci (Chick Corea), 12 (1), Stanley Clarke
         (Animal Logic), 12 (1), Stu Hamm, 12, Mike Rutherford (Genesis),
         11 (1)

KEYBOARDS:  Rick Wakeman (Yes), 78 (13), Keith Emerson (ELP), 49 (4),
         Tony Banks (Genesis), 30, Geoff Downes (Asia), 16, Mark Kelly
         (Marillion), 11, Chick Corea, 11 (1)

DRUMS:   Bill Bruford (Yes), 44 (5), Stewart Copeland (The , 31 (1),
         John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), 22 (2), Phil Collins, 21 (2), Carl
         Palmer (ELP, Asia), 18 (1), Dave Weckyl (Chick Corea), 15 (2),
         Scott Rickenfield (Queensryche), 11 (2), Will Calhoun (Living
         Colour), 10 (1)

Happy listening!!

Gregg Brown

Florida Gators 1991 SEC Champs!!!!


From: Dan Dickerman GSY 1-447-4425 
Subject: Ticket suggestions, anyone?
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 91 12:25:36 PST

To all those of you who brag of x-row tickets (for all single-digits x):
could you share with the rest of the class exactcly what you have to do
to get such good seats?  Those of us with shows poised for announcement
would be eternally grateful, I'm sure.

At the last tour, for example, I managed to get in line at a BASS/TM
outlet early enough to place second in line (minutes from first, too,
as it turned out).  As 9:00 rolled around, the girlfriend of guy in
front of me shows up (although not buying tickets, they say).  Then
this lady walks up to them, takes the girlfriend aside, strikes a deal
with some guy who just showed up, hands are shaken, and this girlfriend
person is now buying 6 prime seats, and I'm buying tix for seats in
the next state.  Who said life was fair?  The odd part was that even
the "prime" seats I was robbed of weren't that great, and the first
guy in line was already 20 rows back.

So what's the secret guys?  If standing second in line is not the answer,
and first isn't much better, how is the basic concert-goer supposed to
get the good seats.

[ On the P/G tour I got 6 seats in row 'T' being first in line, and got
  four seats in row 'D' being second in line.  You can guess which seats
  I took!  On this tour, I was second at the window, and got waay back
  on the floor, 6th row in the 2nd sect. back.  I dunno what makes things
  change that much - both were four-seat grabs...               :rush-mgr ]



Date: Sun, 17 Nov 91 15:31:15 -0500
From: mazzolav@dw5 (Andrew V. Mazzola)

        If anyone is wondering tickets for the Albany show went on sale Nov
I called ticketmaster the next day @ about 2:30 in the afternoon and got my 
but I don't know if the are sold out yet.  The show is Dec 12th @ 7:30PM.  Also
I got 2 tickets for $48.50, and they said that they are were the best tickets 
at that
time; but we will have to wait and see on that one.

>From what I have heard the show will be awsome, and I thought presto which 
was also at
the Knick in Albany was the best concert that I have seen.  Although I have 
a bootleg
of GUP from Montreal and Neil does his solo in Red Lenes.  As for the RTB 
rapper I think
it is either the guy who sang at the end of 2112 or in the begining of 

To me this similar to COS and FBN, this doesn't seem to be as hard as MP or 
PW, these
last 2 albums both have seemed to change pase and go back to there eariler 

Somebody was telling me that guys got mad with Cronichles because they didn't
have any say
which songs will be on the album.  I think it was good but they should limited
it to maybe
2 songs off each album and not one from Presto and 3 from MP.

Last thing I would like to know if the rumors that I heard about the band 
breaking up after this tour are true.


Date: Sun, 17 Nov 91 16:20:43 CST
From: Michael Silverman 

Here they are, the results to my Rush poll. Vote totals differ in
the three categories because some people didn't vote in some categories.


Best Studio Album (118 votes received)
Album				Votes
Moving Pictures			23
Hold Your Fire			16
Hemispheres			16
Permanent Waves			14
Signals				11
Grace Under Pressure		10.5
2112			 	9.5
Power Windows			8
A Farewell to Kings		4
Fly By Night			3
Presto 				1.5
Roll the Bones			1
Caress of Steel			0.5

Best Live Album (110 votes received)
Album				Votes
Exit...Stage Left		51
A Show of Hands			35
All the World's a Stage		24

Best Song (107 votes received)
Song				Votes
La Villia Strangiato		12.33
Subdivisions			10
Red Barchetta			7
Xanadu				7
Natural Science			5
2112				5
Closer to the Heart		5
By-tor and the Snow Dog		5
The Pass			4.33
Spirit of Radio			4
Analog Kid			3
The Weapon			3
Limelight			2.5
Mission				2
Terretories			2
Witch Hunt			2
Lock and Key			2
Red Sector A			2
Cygnus X-1			2
Time Stand Still		2
Hemispheres			1.5
Dreamline			1
Countdown			1
Tai Shan			1
Freewill			1
Enemy Within			1
Bravado				1
Losing It			1
Prime Mover 			1
Kid Gloves			1
Presto				1
Marathon			1
Mystic Rythms			1
Big Money			1
Cinderella Man			1
Anthem				1
Fountain of Lamneth		.5
Ghost of a Chance		.5
YYZ				.5
Middletown Dreams		.5
Where's my Thing		.5
Enemy Within			.5
Different Strings		.33

"Favorite Song" votes for different parts of "2112" were combined
into one category (2112) to make the results more significant

Remember before flaming that this is a non-scientific voluntary
poll of a *very small* segment of Rush fans and may not represent
all Rush fans' views

"Favorite" Albums and especially favorite songs for many Rush fans
may change day-to-day depending of mood, etc (as many respondents
pointed out to me) which makes interpreting this poll more difficult.
Some compromised by dividing their vote, other by qualifying their
votes, but I think I speak for most in saying that it is *all* great

(hmmm...I wonder how a poll for people's "least favorite" song would
go??? I wonder.....if you have time, let me know what you think. My
vote goes to "Hand Over Fist" from _Presto_)

One voter suggested that I add a category "Best Lyrics" which I think would
be interesting, but very hard to do. I for one can't pick out my *favorite*
lyric(s),but if anyone can, let me know...

My votes, for anyone interested, were for _Power Windows_, _Exit..Stage
Left_ and "Subdivisions".

Well, hope you liked 'em.
Get out there and rock...and Roll the Bones!
(get busy!)

	_     _            _     _      _
       (_ | ||_)|\ | | | |(_  | | | |\|(_    "Any escape might
        _)|_||_)|/ | \/  | _) | |_| | | _)     help to smooth the
					         unattractive truth
					      but the
	/\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\          suburbs have no
       |  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  |           charms to soothe
						    the restless dreams
						      of youth..."
	     Mike Silverman


Subject: a plug for a great new band
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 91 19:04:48 EST

Well, it has been a while since i posted last, and i
must say i haven't managed to catch up on all the talk
going on now, so i hope i don't bring up anything that
is already to hashed up to be of any interest...
the one real reason i'm posting is because of a band i
saw this weekend here at North Carolina State...they're called
Von, and they are **AWESOME**.  let me say if any of you are ever
in this neck of the woods and happen to here of a band called
Von playing anywhere, GO SEE THEM! but why do i like them so much?
i'm glad you the show i saw they played YYZ, Red Barchetta,
and In the Mood...PERFECTLY.  this bass player is incredible, and
the drummer my as well have been Neil (his solo in YYZ **WAS** the
Rhythm Method!) and the guitar play did an original solo that was of the
same style as Broon's Bane and that great part of la Villa...but
that's not the amazing part--these three guys are all FRESHMEN in college
and the bassist/vocalist performed with a fever of 103...
i was seriously even if i can't make it to a rush concert
this time, i will at least have some satisfaction in the facts that
i saw some great rush played live and gave the band that played it
a little plug on a national newsletter....btw, they played some original stuff
that was 100% rush-caliber material--again, if you're ever graced
with the opportunity to go see them, do!

enough of me for now...


From: (Joshua J Soliz)
Subject: RUSH SUCKS....
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 91 14:35:20 EST

Sorry guys and gals, but I had to get your attention!  I know I Did!!

Anyway, I was just wondering, I went to see Rush at ISU in Normal, Il
and the show was the best I have seen, but I waited outside (along with
about 20 other fans) for about an hour and a half in the freezing cold
to get an autograph from Neil (being the drummer that I am!) and they
wouldn't even give autographs for that small amout of people!  I could
see if maybe it was 100 people they wouldn't want to, but it was only about
twenty!  Has the band forgotten who made them what they are??  Sure, they
are great, but they wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for us fans who
buy their albums, see their concerts, etc... Also, a friend I went with was
at the Chicago show and the one at Indy and she said that their were less
than 20 people at those shows and they still didn't sign autographs!!
Hell, Maybe they were tired, but damn it they should be loyal to their fans
as we, the fans are to them!  Any comments??

Note: Any flame mail will be laughed at over a cold beer and bounced all
over the net, after all remember this was just an opinion!
      (  )  _  _  |_  _ _  _
       \/  |_| _\ | | |_|_/ \


Date: Sun, 17 Nov 91 20:40:52 EST
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: RTB interpretation and p/g broadcast

A couple of items.

1st: If anyone has a tape of the broadcast Neil did after p/g was released
     wherein he discusses the songs of the album track please drop me a
     line or transcribe it for TNMS. I'd dying to hear what Neil said!

2nd: I've made a relatively comprehensive `interpretation' of RTB which
     is too long to post to TNMS. If you're interested in a copy I'll
     send you along a copy.



p.s. In item 1 above I meant to say ``track by track,'' sorry for any
     dizziness the error might have induced!


Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1991 23:00:07 -0500 (EST)
From: Matthew Joseph Desantis 
Subject: internet.rush

I know I'm not supposed to be wasting space in the NMS to ask these
subscription questions, but MY subscription folder at Carnegie Mellon
University , "internet.rush" does not exist anymore (at least that's
what the computer says) What should I do to read the mail sent by the
Can somebody help??????

[ I'd help if I could, but it's outside my realm.  You might contact Steve
  Chan, the redistribution coordinator for the NMS there.        :rush-mgr ]

	Anyway - I just bought Moving Pictures on CD (12 years of being a rush
fan and I never bought this album on cd! I have two copies on record,
one on cassette, but the CD sounds great!

	Please help me read the Star again!!!1
					- Matt DeSantis


Date: Sun, 17 Nov 91 21:11:49 PST
From: Jimmy Lang 

For those who have been keeping up with USENET, there has been a call for and although this has been hashed and rehashed in the past
on here (see older digests the early ones) I must concur with the rush-mgr
on this one.  My vote is a clear cut NO on this.  The last thing we need
on USENET is a aliased to rec.rush.flamers.. I can see
the "ERLAND Fan Club" standing in line right now as I type.  The basic
reason why this Rush mailing list exists in the first place is because
the majority of us at the time felt a need to have a Rush forum free of
flamers who had nothing to say but hollow unsubstantiated flames along the
lines of "Rush sucks, Geddy's voice makes me puke.."  Constructive
criticisms on USENET where Rush is concern is a rarity without having a big
flame war over who's better, Tiffany/Madonna or Rush. (Yes, folks it has
happened before).  Sure, we'd get a good thread now and then but you can
bet your life (no pun there) some joker's gonna come in with a flame every
couple of postings and the quantity and quality of the newsgroups won't be
anywhere NEAR what members of the NMS mailing list has done so far.

I vote NO on and I hope that a lot of you (especially the
newer members to the list and those who haven't been on USENET long enough
to see what's happened in the past) take time out to consider the strong
points of a mailing list vs. a USENET newsgroup before you send in your
votes. is doomed from the start, there are just too many
plain flamers and Rush bashers out there to even make it worthwhile.

Thanks for listening.


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 91 01:32:58 -0500
From: jjm13@po.CWRU.Edu (Jeffrey J. Murphy)
Subject: The mystery rapper, concerts, etc.

To everybody who thinks Geddy is the mystery rapper:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Geddy state in an interview
in September that neither he nor Rupert H. did the rap section in
"Roll the Bones"?  Now, I really don't think Geddy was _lying_, so
it _must_ be someone else...

Be careful what you say about Metallica--Geddy likes that band! :-)


Just got back from the show here in Cleveland--
they KICKED A__! (naturally)

A few notes:

Geddy had his hair down for this one.  Both he and Alex moved around
stage quite a bit; Geddy didn't seem anchored behind his keyboard like
some people have mentioned.

I also didn't see anybody around Neil's set during the rap in RTB.
What was that thing Alex played the keyboard with? (It wasn't his nose)

The playlist was the same as other people have posted.

The tourbook is great, too.  (It better be for $13)
Some of the pictures in the middle are hilarious:
 Geddy in his dressing room with a set of noses and a few ponytails hanging
in the corner.

Don't miss it!


ORQ:  Why are we here?  ...for the beer?     - Geddy Lee


Date: 18 Nov 91 03:03:00 EST
Subject: Cleveland 11/17 - SPOILER!!!

Just returned from cozy Richfield Colliseum, and Wow!!  That's all I can say.
Wow!!  I'd already caught the RTB tour at home, in Rochester, on the 26th of
last month.  So, when the boyz came through school area, I, of course was going
to go, but I figured on basically the same show.  And while the set list was
the same, that was about all that was.
	I thought they played a good, tight set in Rochester.  No, no, no.
This was the grand-daddy of tight sets.  From the opening drum beats of Force
Ten to the closing bars of Spirit Of Radio, they just didn't slow down.
Leading off w/ Force Ten, into Limelight, Freewill, Time Stand Still, and
Distant Early Warning - all before even acknowledging the crowd!  They were
just on a roll.  The only time the show dragged a bit was with the Pass and
subsequently, Where's My Thing?  The Pass was just a bit too mellow, and they
didn't quite get it back together for Thing?, but with Neil's solo, it took
	Lasers on Xanadu, La Villa - Great!  Better then any other shows I've
	Plus, they were just so energetic, happy to be playing.  High five with
Alex and Ged after Subdivisions.  Then, the kicker for a high energy
performance,  Neil screwing around.  I'd never seen, nor heard for that matter,
him take a show with any degree of seriousness less than somber.  Anyhow,
during the part of Anthem where Alex plays the intro riff again, after the
first verse, Neil stood up behind his kit and started playing air guitar.
	Anyhow, it can best be expressed in the jubilant words of one of my
friends with whom I went to the show.  He's not that big a rush fan, or at
least he wasn't he may be now, but after the show, he said, awestruck, "...the
best artistic display that I could've imagined...I now see why you like that
group so much."
	Also, I've confirmed my suspicion that Rush fans are among the best air
musicians around...    :)



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