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Subject: 11/19/91 - The National Midnight Star #381

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 381

                Tuesday, 19 November 1991
Today's Topics:
      Re: 11/15/91 - The National Midnight Star #377
             RTB review in _People_ magazine
             Erland Sommarskog and morse code
                         The Dice
                 ROLL THE BONES TOUR BOOK
           Neil would tell me to get a life...
                   BOOT SPOILER (KINDA)
                     Clearing the air
                      Cleveland Show
                        RTB video?
                      RTB Tour Book
                   re: Neil's bass drum
                     European Matters
              Re: need tix to Worcester show
                       B's and D's
                      Eric Johnson?
                      weirdo magnet
                  Tour date/place list?
                        Hugh Syme
                  About the poll results
               More On Concert Dates, Sorry
             Re: Ticket suggestions, anyone?
      More thoughts on Cleveland (Definate SPOILERS)
                       extra extra!

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Since I notice several people are asking about tour dates, I thought
I'd mention that two sets of *tentative* tour dates have been posted
to the NMS - I call them 'leg 1' and 'leg 2' of the tour, coincidentally
before and after my birthday/New Years (figure that one out, folks :-) -
no, it's not New Years).  I they were in issues 345 and 364, and can be
gotten via anonymous ftp from Syrinx in the 'rush/digest' directory or from
the mail server at  A combined list can also be ftp's from Syrinx
in the file "rtb.tour.dates" in the 'rush/special' directory.  Addresses for
both and Syrinx are at the end of every issue.



Date: Mon, 18 Nov 91 10:37:14 +0100
From: (Frank Schaapherder)

Hi there,

I asked for European tour dates a few days ago. It seems I've solved my
question myself. I have heard from a usually reliably source Rush will
be playing in Holland at the 3rd of May 1992. The exact place is (still)
unknown to me, but I expect they will play in Rotterdam. The guys seem
to love May for playing in Holland, they played on the third in 1983
and on the second (or fourth) of May in 1988. Whenever I cross more European
dates, I'll post.

I also read some of you guys have been making banners. What struck me is
that there wasn't a single person who had a banner saying something like:

 "The National Midnight Star says 'Hi' to The Boyz"

Just a thought, I'm probably rambling as usually.

And yeah, thanks to Jimmy Lang (and the other authors) for the anniversary
issue, I really enjoyed it.



Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1991 07:48 ADT
From: Ross 
Subject: Re: 11/15/91 - The National Midnight Star #377

About Much Music...

Yes, they air Rush videos. Quite often, actually. Yesterday, I saw RTB,
and Subdivisions. About a month ago, they had the Labatts Blue Spotlight
on Rush, for half an hour. ALSO, they had a contest in which they were
giving away 10 RTB Cd's. You had to answer a 'skill testing' question.
Anyways, I was lucky enough to win one. :-)

Anyways, I would have to say that Much Music does play quite a bit of


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1991 08:11:09 -0600
From: (Wade Williams)
Subject: MIDI

> Geddy
>writes a version of the songs with all of the parts- even vocals,
>guitar, drums and keyboards with Passport software. Usually done on an
>Atari ST (Great for MIDI applications) or a MAC.

As an excerpted interview in TNMS pointed out, they experimented with the
Atari because they liked a software package on it.  Apparantly, they hated
the Atari itself and as soon as the Mac's software was updated, they went
back to it.

Wade Williams   	       	       	"Any escape might help to smooth the
User Services Specialist        	unattractive truth, but the suburbs
Academic Computing      	       	have no charms to soothe the restless
Auburn University       	       	dreams of youth." (N. Peart)


Subject: RTB review in _People_ magazine
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 91 9:24:35 CST
From: (T.J. Higgins)

My wife takes _People_ magazine.  I don't read it, but she pointed out
the following review of _Roll_The_Bones_ in the "Picks & Pans"
column.  This is the review in its entirety:

"Here is audible proof that dinosaurs still roam the earth.  On its
18th album, the Rushosaurus tries to adapt to modern society by
abandoning thunderous drum solos and adding Top 40 synthesizer hooks
and snippet of rap on the title track.  But lumbering guitar solos,
chest-thumping lyrics and Geddy Lee's shrieking vocals soon expose the
hopelessly primitive nature of the beast.  Roll these bones into a
museum--say, an FM oldies station. -- Craig Tomashoff"

So, I wonder if this guy has ever worked at _Rolling_Stone_?  If not,
I'm sure they'd hire him in a second after this piece of shi, uh,
work.  And if he thinks Geddy's vocals shriek on RTB, what would he
think about "Cygnus X-1?"



Now that is some serious shrieking!  Right on!!!!

Needless to say, I disagree with his assessment of RTB...
T.J. Higgins    205-730-7922  |    (Internet)
Mapping Sciences Division     |  uunet!ingr!higgins  (uucp)
Intergraph Corp.  M/S IW17A6  Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.A.  35894-0001


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 91 10:49:08 -0500
Subject: Erland Sommarskog and morse code

As for Erland's tardy "Presto" review, I stand corrected by the rush-mgr
on respecting other people's opinions.  Funny to hear how well known he
is in these circles.  But whatever he said, it's too little too late.
He obviously has not learned to roll the bones yet!

Someone a ways back posted something about some dice on the cover of RTB
being in the pattern of Morse Code.  Has anything come out of that
observation?  What does it say, if anything?

One more thing-can you imagine what would happen if Rush put as much
technical effort into their videos as Michael Jackson put creative effort
into "Black and White"?  Talk about sensory overload...

Scott C. Walker
The DuPont Company                       This space for rent.
Wilmington, Delaware


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 91 12:24:47 -0600
From: (James Moseley)
Subject: things...

Yes, "hello...good morning guv, or just morning guv , is what is being said in
'Camera Eye.'  It's a greeting.  BTW, this subject was brought up last spring,
and was probably brought up before that too.  Funny.

Dude!  Check this out!  Before class this morning, I turned on the stereo for
my morning wake-up jam.  I was going to play a CD but decided to check out the
radio stations first.  When I turned to the 3rd one, they had just started to
play RTB!  So I said Killer!  Then I turned on the TV to check the temp. and
the forecast on The Weather Channel.  Being it was 10:30, I thought it's not
prime-time.  So I turned it to eMpTyV and DUUUUUUDE, just then it faded into
the store window at the beginning of the RTB video!  Is that killer or what!
The video and the song on the radio at the same time!  That's a one-in-a-
million!  All this happening in 10 seconds.  What's cool is now I have a
copy of the video in SP, better sound, if not better picture too.  Oh well,
gotta go.


James Moseley


Date:    Mon, 18 Nov 1991 13:29:44 -0600 (CST)
Subject: The Dice

Midnight Star,

This is my first post to the NMS. I was wondering if the dice on the
album cover and the tour poster meant anything. If you look at the
bottom half of the wall, you will notice that the dice start changing
numbers. Are they just random numbers or do they mean something? It seems
strange to me that they would start changing the numbers half way if thay
didn't mean anything. If anyone knows the answer to this small mystery,
then please let me know!!


                                         Paul Williamson, Univ. of Tulsa


Date: 18 Nov 91   15:46:52 EDT

First of all, let me say that the NMS is incredible!!!!!  Now
here is my story.  I went to the RUSH show in Cleveland on
11/17.  Needless to say, it was truly outstanding.  The boyz
really sounded tight and seemed to be having tons of fun.  At
the show, I bought the tourbook for 13.00.  I put it away, and
upon taking it out to read when I got home, I saw that a few
pages were torn and a few others were never cut(many pages stuck
together).  Does anyone know someone to call or write to, to get
a replacement copy?  Any assistance would be helpful!!!!!
Thanks A lot!!!
Brian Epstein


R    O    L    L   -    T    H    E  -   B    O    N    E    S  !!!!


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1991 16:22 EST
From: "Rob Lizak Jr." 
Subject: Neil would tell me to get a life...

>...but I figured the list would find this story neat!  :)  I got my tickets 
Buffalo on Saturday morning, and after standing in line me and other two guys I
was with determined we needed some food badly, so we headed over to Perkins and
ordered and after we ate, I looked at the bill, it was 23.00 for the three of
us, I remarked saying "Whats the chances of having the bill come up even?"...
one of the other guys with me said "Yeah imagine though if it would have been
$21.12".. I laughed and then looked back down at the check... and there it was
staring me in the face, our customer number... in bold black letters 2112!!  So
we asked the waitress if we could keep the check, and she let us... I know its
a silly story, but I thought it was be something a little different than what
has been on the list as of late...



Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1991 13:33 CDT

urce (hopefully reliable) that this was a major snafu. Not only is that not 
Alex playing, but it's not even Rush! It is in fact Tommy Shaw(?) from Styx. 
Oh wellcan't wait for the concert in Dallas (Feb 16) will the Tone Ranger 
still be opening (E.J.)?

[ I think part of the original mail might have been lost on this one - this
  is how it arrived at Syrinx, minus a few extra headers trimmed by my
  software.  You might want to re-post this...                     :rush-mgr ]


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1991 18:07 EDT
Subject: Clearing the air


All right ...all right....I see I have pissed a few people off with my "real
fans" post. I would now like to clear the air. I openly admit that I like all
of the songs that I bitched about them playing this time out. What I meant
by my real fans comment was this: I get the feeling that the guys feel 
obligated to play songs like Tom sawyer and CttH etc... for the fans that 
may only be
familiar w/ these types of songs(those being the more popular or well known
ones) Apparently I speak for an extremely small minority when I say that
I would much rather hear songs like Middletown Dreams(my alltime fav if anyone
cares), Open Secrets, Vital Signs, Afterimage....etc. My reason for this is 
thatI have already heard those other songs umpteen times live and would just 
a little variety in the live shows. I love 2112 and all the others just as
much as the next guy and didnt mean to imply that you were not a REAL FAN if 
youliked them. I certainly hope all those that I have upset can now understand
what I meant. I realize my original comments may have been a bit ambiguous.
I would appreciate it if anyone else has a problem w/ this to please flame me




Date: Mon, 18 Nov 91 19:11:43 -0500
From: Mickey 
Subject: Cleveland Show

Hello, hello.
Love TNMS, been reading it for a month, my first post, batter up.

I have to say that I agree with some earlier posts in that the sound on this
show seemed to be lacking.  Unless a song was Alex intensive,(Limelight,
Xanadu) you could hardly pick out his playing mushed in with the other sounds.
I also agree that Ged's bass has sounded a lot better in previous shows.
Neil's solo was the only time the mixing seemed to be on track.  During
Superconductor, Alex's mike was mixed out and he singing into a dead mike for
two lines in the chorus.  I noticed that this happened twice during two
different Eric Johnson songs as well.  It may have been mechanical, I dunno.
Presto seemed to sound a lot better eventhough the tourbooks credit the
same person as tour sound technician on both tours.
I also agree with Mark Caufman in that the extra large stage was hardly
used.  Ged and Alex hardly moved around at all compared to previous shows.
Unless I missed it, Ged didn't even say 'goodbye' or anything during their
two stage exits.  I definitely have seen the Boyz put on better shows.
(Ones that sounded better too).

Shawn McCormick


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 91 20:06:48 -0500
From: at656@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Sensor)
Subject: RTB video?

Hello all...

	Just a general inquiry:  Has *anyone* seen/taped the RTB video off
of eMpTytV since it first came out?

	The other night I set my VCR to tape all night and came up with
two showings of the (now-abbreviated) "Black or White" video, 2 of Van
Halen's "Top of the World" (or whatever it's called), 2 of Tom Nasal and the
Heartbreakers, and one of -- oh god, don't do this to me - 2legit. Argh!

	I got both the live and video versions of "Enter Sandman" by
Metallica, so at least the evening wasn't a total waste.

	My point:  I would like to know when the video's been seen so that
I can (try) to tape it.  In addition, if anyone has a copy of it, I might be
interested in obtaining (ahem) a copy.

	Ony 13 days remain until the first Philly show.  Time to go roll *my*
bone...  ;-)


|========| Michael Sensor		| "Leck mich am Arsch!"
    ||     Temple University	        |          - Goethe
    ||     Department of German         | Share and Enjoy.
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Date: Mon, 18 Nov 91 21:36:12 -0500
From: Mickey 
Subject: RTB Tour Book

Me again.  If you do get the chance to see the tour or know someone who is
going, GET THE TOUR BOOK!!!!  It is spectacular eventhough it is $13.
It is 28 pages like the Presto one but it contains more photos and they all
aren't concert photos.  Some are from inside some sort of mobile home or RV
and there is one or two from backstage, as well as one from the back of a limo.

For those of you that already own one, or for those who have asked questions
about it, I may have some answers.  Some of the things I peck you may have
seen in earlier posts, but I haven't yet.
The outdoor stage shots are from Cooper Stadium in Columbus, Ohio during
the Presto tour.(Inside cover and soundcheck shots of Alex and Ged(pg 22-23?)
The skulls and bones in the Morse config. on the bottom of page 1 spell
'remember death'.  I don't have a clue.(remember deaths, remember the death?)
If your page of Alex in the chair(5-6) is stuck together, it is a factory
error.  The guy selling them at Richfield in Cleveland said that many of them
are cut wrong.
Look at the picture of Alex in the chair.  Notice that the pictures of famous
people on the desk and on the mantle all have his picture imposed on them.
Alex and the Pope.  Alex and Liz Talor.  Alex and Bush.  Alex and the Queen.
The only one I can't figure out is the one with the older couple and what looks
like a child.
The picture of Neil bundled up I believe is from the making of The Pass video.
(Ref. Presto tour book)
Lastly.  On the back cover, where the albums are listed, Anagram for Mongo has
become Anagram for Mango.

Anyone else find anything interesting?(Who is the guy in the bunny suit?)

Row the boats.


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 91 19:38:28 HST
From: hinano@ahi.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Hinano Akaka)
Subject: re: Neil's bass drum

LIFE AGAIN!!!  So nice to know you can always return home after being
weeks behind and not knowing what the heck is going on...

A few days ago (or was it months?) Daniel P. Becker responded to my
post about mourning Neil's bass drum (sorry, I'm too damn lazy to call
up the actual post...).  Yes, I do, in fact, understand that a
single-bass drum does NOT, in fact, imply single-bass technique.  I
play drums myself (albeit loosely) -- not that you could have known
that; or cared -- but I am rather glad you mentioned it anyway for tht
benefit of anyone out there who would NOT have known that he could
still play double-bass with only one bass drum.

 I was just thinking that I'm so used to his being behind a doubl-bass
 drum kit, it'll seem so strange seeing him with only one b. drum.
 Call me senntimental...

(heck -- screw the spelling...)  Anyway, just wanted to clear that up!

puanani  "Ho-hoo!"


Date: Tue, 19 Nov 91 15:55:57 GMT
Subject: European Matters

Firstly, does anyone know when the boys will be touring England?. I reckon
that's the only chance that I'll get to see them since they have never come
to Ireland before and I doubt that they'll do so this time. It should be
some trip (train - boat - train)!.

I went out recently to get my copy of Guitar Player - Nov 91 but was
dissappointed to find some other band on the cover (CUSM i think). I
remember a couple of years ago one of the guitar magazines did a double
issue with Rush on the cover of one and George Lynch on the other but the
interviews were in both.
Anyway this edition has no Rush interview at all. Is it a policy of Guitar
Player to vary its contents for the different (N.America/Europe) markets?.
Maybe someone will transcribe it eventually > > ;) ;)  (nudge nudge wink

BTW, I agree that the voices on TCE are (que Cockney accent..)
"mornin' Guv"
Nothing sinister, just a nice touch of atmosphere.

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                                           violent sea."


From: (Dennis Rivard)
Subject: Re: need tix to Worcester show
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 91 10:36:38 EST

> Just tried to get Rush tickets to the 12/10 show at Worcester
> by phone, and was unsuccessful. Anybody in the Boston area or
> at MIT have any extra tickets to sell? My guess is that the show
> will sell-out, and they will add another show (they've done this
> on the last few tours for Worcester).

I got my tickets Wednesday (it appears you tried on Saturday), and got
lower side, whatever that is... From what i gathered, they were pretty
much almost gone by the time I got my tix.  If your problem was that
you couldn't get through to Ticket Bastard, I tried for 30 minutes
before I got through, then was put on hold for another 20... LONG
DISTANCE! arrrgh!

Anyway, I saw Paula Abdul at the Centrum Thursday, and they were still
only advertising Rush on 12/10, so I wouldn't get your hopes up too
high for a second show.



Date: Tue, 19 Nov 91 11:23 EDT
Subject: B's and D's

I was wondering if anybody knows what 'Brought to you by the letter D' on
Presto and 'Brought to you by the letter B' on RTB means. I thought that the
'D' on Presto referred to the all-digital recording technique, but that was
shattered when RTB came out in DDD as well. Just curious.

Anyway, in the completely useless anecdote department, I was riding back home
in a limo from my fraternity's formal when I turned on the tape deck, and
Signals came out! It almost completely salvaged a thoroughly miserable blind date was about as exciting as a piece of driftwood.

Whatever. Only 15 days to Roll the Bones in DC!!

Ken Aaron, Johns Hopkins University

ORQ: "How can anybody be enlightened? Truth is, after all, so poorly lit."


Date: Tue, 19 Nov 91 11:43:33 EST
From: robert l pitas 
Subject: Eric Johnson?

I have tickets for the Dec 9 (Prov. RI) and Dec 10 (Worchester) and according
to a newspaper add for the Worchester show, Vinnie Moore is opening...  Does
anyone know what the cutoff date for E.J. is?  I would go to see him in
concert by himself, so when I heard he was opening for the boyz, I was
reasonably psyched...  Now I hear he's not opening for them...  Someone
please tell me that the last show he's going to open for is Dec 9 @ Prov!

* Bob Pitas                         * Elfin songs and endless nights      *
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*     |___\  \_/  \__/ |_|_|        *                        "Rivendell"  *


Date: Tue, 19 Nov 91 13:55:50 est
From: Donna Skarbo 

Hi there all!
	Two people mentioned that the Dec. 1 show in Hartford, CT, I
believe has been postponed.  One of the posters wondered why.  Well,
the postponement is probably due to the fact that RUSH is playing
in Philadelphia the night of Dec. 1.  This show is being presented by
WMMR rather than Electric Factory so the reason they scheduled that day
MAY have something to do with it.
	On another topic...I was considering having a RUSH party on
Dec 3.  I have not made a final decision on this matter but I received
only a small number of replies.  What I am considering doing is having
just a small get together before either the Dec 1 or 3 show.  For those
who are still interested, please drop me a line and let me know what is
a better day and I'll make a final decision.  Also, I apologize for not
getting on this sooner; I have been SWAMPED at work.
	Please send mail to  Thanks a lot!


[ I'll be there, Donna!  I'll arrive sometime during the day, and will
  let you know several days ahead of time what my 'itinerary' is for that
  24 hours....  I'm also bringing beer... Be afraid, be very afraid. :-)
                                                               :rush-mgr ]


Date:    Tue, 19 Nov 1991 14:21:11 -0500 (EST)
From: RH2@JAGUAR.UCS.UOFS.EDU (Rebel, Runner, Restless Young Romantic)
Subject: weirdo magnet

	...thats the name of my punk/thrash/pop band, just in case you
	recognized no relation at all to RUSH.

	the lead guitarist wanted to do  thrash version of 'working man'
	but, as it is blasphemy, even to 'working man', we are not.

	i just would like to confirm that YES, i did hear that neil will
        be on rockline on dec. 2.

        lets get in there guys and prevent the morons from asking reaaalllyy
	stupid questions like 'so, like, whats you favorite canadian beer,



Subject: Tour date/place list?
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 91 11:47:46 MST
From: Guy Kendall 

Is there a list of the cities and dates that Rush will hit on the RTB tour?
I am one of those unfortunate Coloradoans that has to miss Rush every other
tour. But I say NOT THIS TIME! If they aren't coming to Denver, I want to
make a road-trip to the closest place.

If there isn't a list of places they will hit on this tour, which places
did they hit on the last few tours that are close to Colorado? Where did
all you Coloradoan Rush Fans go for HYF and p/g? Also, how do you get
tickets for a out of state concert? Is there a universal Ticketmaster
number or something?


Guy W. Kendall - Applications Engineer            Guy.Kendall@ColoSpgs.NCR.COM
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Date: Tue, 19 Nov 91 14:50 EDT
Subject: Hugh Syme

Hello everybody,
	I have a breif question I'm sure one of you can answer.  I was
listening to Styx, _Edge_of_the_Century_ yesterday and I was looking through
the liner notes and I saw a familiar name.  Hugh Syme is given credit for the
art direction of the tape.  I looked through my old Styx tapes (The Grand
Illusion, Paradise Theatre, Kilroy was Here, and Caught in the Act) and he
is not mentioned in any of these.  Does he do anyone else's albums? and Did
Rush break him into the field?  Please reply to me not to the NMS, it is long
enough already.  Thanx!

Kevin Ryan Kirwan
The Pitt Drumline
"We'll strike like lightning, and leave you shocked."

Congratulations to Geddy Lee, _Guitar_Player_ magazine Bassist of the Year 1991


From: Tero Valkonen 
Subject: About the poll results
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 91 21:59:02 EET

I was kinda surprised about those "great player" poll results. I
didn't see Allan Holdsworth mentioned in the guitarist list, nor
did I see Vinnie Colaiuta noted as a great drummer.
Now there are two probable reasons:
1) You don't know those two. If this is the case, check out
   Allan Holdsworth's album "Secrets". It features Allan and
   Vinnie among several other great musicians.
2) You don't like them. No need to comment on this.

IMO, Vinnie Colaiuta beats Neil hands down as far as inventive
playing is concerned. On "City nights" (the first track on
Secrets) he plays the way you have never heard Neil play.
Well, I wouldn't vote Neil very high on my favorite drummers
list anyway (he'd be on top ten, still) but still the way
Vinnie plays the drums makes me gasp and wonder.
And about Allan; if you haven't heard him, check him out!
Guitarists will probably hate him for playing the way they
never will, but I love him.

To that guy who complained about not getting autographs:
Have you realised that Rush have signed autographs for almost
twenty years now? I mean, they have probably learned to
hate doing it year after year. I would never ask for an
autograph in the first place anyway, so I don't see what
is so bad about not getting one. An autograph is really
a worthless souvenir.

PS. Gregg Jaeger: send me your email address. I have
    an unbelievable talent of missing it every time..
PPS. If those two abovementioned musiciands were listed
     in the poll results, blame me of being blind.
PPPS. How high would you guys rate Fish as a lyricist? IMO,
      he is the best one. Check out Marillion's album Fugazi
      for examples of his works.

"From a dolequeue to the regiment, a profession in a flash
 But remember Monday signings when from door to door you dash
 On the news a nation mourns you, unknown soldier count the cost
 For a second you'll be famous but labelled posthumous"



Date:         Tue, 19 Nov 91 16:50:37 EDT
From: Mark Gardner 
Subject:      Sticks.

I've been a drummer for about ten years now, a Rush fan for four.  For the past
two years I've been using Pro-Mark oak wood-tipped 747 drum sticks almost
exclusively, for their light weight and strength.  So, when I finally broke my
last pair (yes, it does happen to the best of drummers, especially when trying
to perfect 'The Rhythm Method' for the nth time) and went to the local music
store to get a few more pairs, I was amazed and delighted that those very model
of sticks are now signature-endorsed by none other than Professor Neil Peart
himself.  Needless to say, I snapped up three pairs.

My question is: are these the actual sticks that Neil uses, or is this just an
advertising gimmick?  Does the Roll The Bones tour program mention what
equipment the band is using at all?

Forgive my cluelessness - they ARE nice sticks anyway, and it is a veritable
Cool Thing to have Neil signature on them.

As a sidenote, what're my chances of getting one of these babies signed by Neil
personally when they come to Philly week after next?  :)


ORQ: "Fortune is random - fate shoots from the hip."


Date: Tue, 19 Nov 91 18:59:54 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)


two Rush shows in a row!!!!
People here think I'm crazy for going to see the same band
twice in a row! One girl even asked me, "How can you like Rush
so much?" My only answer was "How can't I?"

Being my first Rush show also made it that much better for me.

Oh well, not really too many spoilers here, just some comments.
The show was AWESOME!!!
Geddy and Alex moved around a lot, not like some other peoples
shows. During one of the songs, I forget which, on the first night,
(11/17), Alex and Geddy were standing next to each other and
vrunning into each other while playing. They had a lot of fun.
Too bad other people at different shows didnt think so.

Too those who have seen them by now, did Neil where a bandana?
I didnt read any spoilers before the show, so dont know if this
is old news, but he wore a bandana to both shows.Not the same one
either. At first we thought he dyed his hair blond, (or at least
it looked like that from 31 rows back ):  )


My only disappointment. (psst. hey guys. you have enough songs
to play 10 hours!!!! why not go for at least 3!!!!)

oh well.

tour book is hilarious. Like the shot of Alex in front of pictures
of him with George Bush, Queen Elizabeth, and the Pope. And geddy's
noses and ponytails.

vNeil's air guitar got a big cheer from the crowd!

I had a blast!!!!

|~~~\  |    |  /~~~\  |    |    Nick Mascari-Case Western Reserve
|   /  |    |   \     |    |    "If you choose not to decide, you
|~~\   |    |     \   |~~~~|     still have made a choice"
|   \   \__/  \___/   |    |    Look for "Peart" on IRC


Date: Tue, 19 Nov 91 16:44:04 PST
From: (Keith Thesing)
Subject: More On Concert Dates, Sorry

Sorry to beat a dead horse but, does anyone know of any Bay Area
tour dates??  If not how about West Coast tour dates.  I haven't
been able to read mail for three weeks so I'm a bit out of touch.

vThanks, Keith-


Date: Tue, 19 Nov 91 17:24:42 PST
From: (Paul Hodgetts)
Subject: Re: Ticket suggestions, anyone?

Dan Dickerman  writes:

> To all those of you who brag of x-row tickets (for all single-digits x):
> could you share with the rest of the class exactcly what you have to do
> to get such good seats?  Those of us with shows poised for announcement
> would be eternally grateful, I'm sure.


> So what's the secret guys?  If standing second in line is not the answer,
> and first isn't much better, how is the basic concert-goer supposed to
> get the good seats.

  My friends and I have been working on this for 15 years now.  I'm not
quite sure if there is a secret, but I'll share what we've learned.

  First we have to understand the sheer volume of tickets that can move
through a typical TicketMaster.  You didn't say what city you lived in -
I live in the Los Angeles area where there are hundreds of outlets.  We've
seen 5 shows at the Forum (21,000 seats per show) sell out in 2 1/2 hours.
That works out to something like 700 tickets per MINUTE.  If you figure
there may be something like 50 seats per row, that's 14 rows per minute.
As you can see, it becomes vitally important to get your tickets pulled
as soon as possible after they are released into the system.  If two
minutes go by, you could be stuck halfway back on the floor with everyone
standing on their chairs in front of you :-(.  Plus, you always have
the wierd chance that another show will be released after 45 minutes and
the 75th person in line will get 4th row!  If you can get some inside
info on how many nights the band has contracted the arena for, you may be
able to use that info to your advantage.

  The next major thing that comes into play is the way each outlet handles
the ticket sales.  It is important to find an outlet where the employees
know about the system and how to make best use of it.  They have to have
the printer filled with tickets long before the show goes on sale (it is
incredibly frustrating to watch someone load the printer after tickets
have gone on sale as the rows slip away).  A good outlet will start trying
to pull tickets 5-10 minutes before the scheduled release time and keep at
it continually until tickets start going on sale.  This way they stand a
good chance of being one of the first to grab seats.  A good outlet will be
organized to the point where they are always at least several people ahead
in finding out how many tickets you want so they can continuously pull
tickets without delays in between.  They will have separate people handling
pulling the tickets and taking money.  And they need to be honest with the
customers - no pulling 25 tickets for employees before they open the doors
to the people in line.  They have to have sufficient security to keep people
from snaking into line.  All I can say is shop around and try different
outlets and when you find one that meets the above criteria, become VERY
good friends with one or more employees or the manager.  And don't be
afraid of trying to educate them on the techniques above - we did this
with an outlet that was way out in the sticks (not many people in line)
and it paid off for us BIG TIME over the years.

  It also probably goes without saying that you MUST get a good place in
line.  If you can, camp out all night or whatever it takes to be there first.
As was mentioned, even if you think you're second in line, the person in
front of you may have 50 friends showing up at the last minute.  Here in L.A.
they have instituted a policy of random priority numbers.  They won't let you
show up at all until two hours before the show goes on sale, at which point
they pass out numbers at random.  Then, 30 minutes before the show goes on
sale, they pick a number at random to see where the line starts.  With this
policy there is absolutely NO WAY of beating the system using the techniques
I described above, it is just a matter of DUMB LUCK (unless you are REALLY
good friends with the manager and they pull you tickets before they open the
door (how far will YOU go to get good seats :-}.  Then again, I suppose you
could try and buy priority numbers from people (hmmm?).

  I used to go to 2-3 concerts per month, but with this new policy I had to
say f@#k it after getting shafted dozens of times.  So I decided to limit my
concert going to a half dozen shows a year that I REALLY want to see, and I
go to a ticket broker/scalper and pay ridiculous amounts of money, but I
always sit in the first 10 rows or so.  I'm concentrating now on finding a
broker/scalper who always has the seats I want for the best price.  I don't
like this situation - there's a lot of shows I miss this way - but I know of
no other way (in L.A.) to reliably get good seats any more.

  Although it's a privilege that only a few have, if you know someone from
the band or the record company or a radio station, make use of them to try
and get seats.  The seats may be good (maybe not), and they may even be FREE.

  Sorry for rambling on so much, but that's the combined experience of 15 or
so people over the past 15 or so years.  There's always a factor of luck
involved, but we have found (up until the random number thing) that using the
above techniques will over a period of time consistently get better seats
than we could otherwise hope for.  Hope this helps a little.



Date: Tue, 19 Nov 91 21:56:02 -0500
From: ap555@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (John Brooking)
Subject: More thoughts on Cleveland (Definate SPOILERS)

First, in response to Joshua Soliz, who commented about them refusing to give
autographs.  Aside from any other considerations of whether or not they
should have given you autographs, we should also keep in mind that it can't
be easy for a band to "stay loyal" to thousands of fans, it's much easier for
us thousands of fans to be loyal to the three of them.  We buy a studio album
about once a year, maybe a boot or two, some paraphanelia, maybe we play
their music in a band, we stand in line for tickets:  All in all, I would say
they still put in many times more effort "for us" as we do for them.

>Note: Any flame mail will be laughed at over a cold beer and bounced all
>over the net, after all remember this was just an opinion!

Have one for me!  On to the recent concert...

>To everybody who thinks Geddy is the mystery rapper:

Could it have been Neil?  He had a microphone in front of his drum set.  Or
how about that guy sitting at the electronics in back of Neil, who was he
and what does he do, anyway?

>Some of the pictures in the middle are hilarious:
> Geddy in his dressing room with a set of noses and a few ponytails hanging
>in the corner.

And notice Alex's picture on the previous page with pictures of him with
famous people?

I'm sorry, I have great respect for Neil, but I thought having his picture
taken reading Aristotle's _Poetics_ was just a bit show off-y, IMHO.
(Although about his shadow in the background -- is this supposed to be him
*screaming*?  If so, maybe he's trying to make a statement about what it's
like to read Aristotle, which as a philosophy minor I would totally
understand and would let him off the hook, pride-wise, if this is the case.)

And while we're on far-reaching propositions, has anyone actually tried to
interpret the skull and bones pattern inside the front cover as Morse Code?
I'm a little curious, if only to confirm my suspicion that it doesn't mean
anything and they just put it there knowing thousands of fans would scramble
to decode it... ;-)

I *loved* Alex's "equipment description".  I'm a lover of puns, and I really
like Alex's sense of humor, very dry wit.  Geddy's was good, too, alas for
his poor Jays.  And as an anti-Bush person, I appreciated both of their
"comments" about him.  "Try to avoid confrontations", Alex says.... Cracks me
up!!!!!  :-) :-) :-)  With these two, it was somewhat disappointing that Neil
actually did just write about his equipment changes.

>during the part of Anthem where Alex plays the intro riff again, after the
>first verse, Neil stood up behind his kit and started playing air guitar.

Aww, man, I missed that!  I must have been watching Alex...  (And I *was* at
the 17th, same show).  It was cool how he (Neil) turned around in the middle
of his solo, good crowd pleaser.  I did notice him dropping his stick twice
after twirling it, but that's bound to happen sometimes.

They did look like they were having fun, but at the same time the music was
flawless as far as I could tell.  (I didn't notice the glitch towards the end
of Boats that someone else mentioned.) Bringing the rabbits back seemed like
more of a touch of humor (if they weren't the first time!) than merely
recycling props.  From where I was sitting (upper side), I could see the
whole stage, including the guys standing behind the rabbits rocking them and
wiggling their ears, which added to the humor.

The long closing medley was great, including as it did so many great songs,
and I personally actually found it a bit difficult to identify even songs I
knew well until maybe 20 seconds in, since mostly they started in the middle
rather than the beginning.  Strange.  But this made it fun, it was sort of a
game.  And I've always loved "Closer to the Heart", and it was the logical
emotional extension to hear its opening chords with hundreds of lighters
going up all over the stadium.  Good show.

- John Brooking

--  | "Wheels within wheels in a spiral array, a
-----------------------------+ pattern so grand and complex.  Time after time
we lose sight of the way, our causes can't see their effects."  - Rush


Date:    Tue, 19 Nov 1991 22:21:37 -0500 (EST)
From: RH2@JAGUAR.UCS.UOFS.EDU (Rebel, Runner, Restless Young Romantic)
Subject: extra extra!

	ticket ticket!

	to see RUSH in montreal on the 28th

	if you happen to be located in or near pa, you can even ride with me,

	though that could be a scary proposition.



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