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Subject: 11/20/91 - The National Midnight Star #382

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 382

               Wednesday, 20 November 1991
Today's Topics:
                       Voting Polls
                      don't give up
                      email address
           RTB Dice, "People", and VCR Follies
                       E.J.'s tour
                       Rush & STTNG
                 non-rush musician votes
              Rush/Primus in S.D. Jan 20th!
                     Songs from books
             European Dates/Any info on GB???
                       Anne Dudley
                     Hemisphere's CD
                    Re: People Review
                     concert tickets
              Brought to you by the letter ?
                Neil on Rockline/tourbook
                    Concerts: On & Off
                      RTB on eMpTyV
                   Tickets! NYC, Dec 7!
             RTB review in _People_ magazine
         another "I saw 'Roll the Bones' posting"
                      False Ending!
            Tourbooks (Important! Read this!)

Date: Tue, 19 Nov 91 23:14 EDT
Subject: Voting Polls

Fellow Rushians,
   I just finished reading Mike's (cubsfan) results for his poll on favorite
Rush albums and songs, and I think it's a good idea to take such polls.  It's
interesting to see the different things people like about Rush (I, of course,
as many of you, like EVERYTHING about them...they're just the perfect band.)
Anyway, I am now conducting a poll of my own.  I would like to know the other
types of bands that Rush fans (Rushians) like and listen to.  So if you want
to take part in this poll I would like to know your top 3 favorite bands (or
singers...can be any type of music).  For instance, my vote is:

   1) Rush (duh!)
   2) Led Zeppelin
   3) Metallica

So act now!  'Rush' your vote to "".  Thanx.

                           ^    |\  |>
                           |ony |/el|>usso

                  |                               |
                  * |>      | |      <       |_|  *
                  | |\      |_|       >      | |  |
                  *                               *
                  |                               |


Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1991 19:07 EST
From:, Matthew S 
Subject: don't give up

	For those of you who are pi--ed and dismissed about getting bad
seats for a show, don't give up hope--Roll the Bones!

	At the Knickerbocker Arena show for the Presto tour, a friend of
mine and his friend got what he called "Uecker seats". They were
sort of behind much of the stage and in the upper level. Well, some lady
came up to them before the show started while they were sitting there
complaining about their seats and offered them tickets. She said she
couldn't stay for the show and thought they were ripped off as far as
seating was concerned. Out of her kindness, she gave them her tickets for
free and then darted off without another word. My friend looked down at the
tickets and noticed that they were---
		---FOURTH ROW---!!!!!!!!!
	My buddy got to rock in the fourth row just out of pure dumb luck.
Neil is truly right.   Fate is just the weight of circumstances.

By the way, Dave mentioned something about Geddy having had a nose job. I never
heard or read this before. It still looks the same to me.
What's the scoop??

"So much style without substance, so much stuff without style..." NP
						(the letter B's fav quote)


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 00:02:43 EST
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: email address


A couple of issues ago I offered to send an `interpretation' of RTB
to anyone who wanted one, but I realized upon seeing the post that
it might be difficult for some people to ask for one if my email
address were posted only at the top of the message like it was. So
in case you missed the email address and want to be sent the RTB
musing, my email address is:  .

I can't wait to see the photo of Neil reading Aristotle's _Poetics_;
wacky stuff!

Gregg (


From: (Joshua J Soliz)
Subject: DICE...
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 0:17:22 EST

Did anyone notice that the dice at the Normal, Il, show were facing the
crowd as six-six-six?? Does this mean anything?? Just wondering!
this is how it looked:

               --- ---
               |6| |6|
               --- ---
      (  )  _  _  |_  _ _  _
       \/  |_| _\ | | |_|_/ \


From: bigal@wpi.WPI.EDU (Nathan Charles Crowell)
Subject: RTB Dice, "People", and VCR Follies
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 0:43:55 EST

Hi out there!

First of all, as far as the dice on the RTB cover go, I think
it could be interpreted as order degenerating to randomness,
as it usually does....sorry, I'm taking thermo right now!
I usually don't get into cover interpretation discussions,
but I thought that whether it meant anything or not, it was
at least a plausible explanation.

With the "People" magazine review, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? That
magazine is a rag, and rags are only good if you own a pet that
can't relieve itself outside.....boy, do my girlfriend's back
issues of Rolling Groan do a nice job in the guinea pig's cage!
So absorbant! So easy to roll up when cleaning!

To the person who set up the VCR to get the RTB video off of
eMpTyV, I did the same thing. Twice! First I set it to tape
for 6 hours from midnight to 6 am. Nothing. In fact I saw
the VH video 3 times, the John Mellon-head video 4 times, and
"Black or White" twice. Yech!

Then, I set it to tape for 6 hours on a Friday from 11 am to 4 pm.
Again, I saw VH and John Mellon-balls umpteen times, Michael
Jackson, Paula Abdul, and I am SO down wit O.P.P. I can rap it
in MY SLEEP! The only bright stars were Ozzy's new video and
Metallica.....MTV's garbage to music ratio definitely approachs
infinity exponentially!

I'm just gonna have to kill someone at MTV if they don't play
the F*&%ing video for me.......


ORQ:"Undemanding contact in your happy solitude"- The Spirit of Radio


Date:    Wed, 20 Nov 1991 1:03:41 -0600 (CST)
Subject: E.J.'s tour

Eric Johnson will play in Houston on Friday.  I assume that this
means he will be off of the Rush tour by that time.



Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 00:19 MST
From: "Pat E. Perez" 
Subject: Rush & STTNG

Hey hey to those of us who are Rushans *&* Trekkies/ers!

Just thought I'd let y'all know that the upcoming episode of TNG (the
one w/ the dude from the future on it) has some serious RTB overtones
(or were they undertones?) towards the end in a speech by Picard.

Waiting to travel the "desert highway straight to the heart of the
	sun" (I-10 up to Phoenix) in mid-January!!!

ps - has the "Primus opening for the Boyz" rumor been verified yet???
		Hope so!!! 


Date:        Tue, 19 Nov 91 18:58:36 EST
From: "DB/fw" 
Subject: non-rush musician votes

I just gotta say that all the keyboardists that placed in that
non-Rush musician pollsuck. Phil Johnstone is better than all
of them.

And the drummer for Queensryche is Scott Rockenfield...not Rickenfield.




Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 00:38:23 PST
From: mfletche@sdcc13.UCSD.EDU (Vlad Drac )
Subject: Rush/Primus in S.D. Jan 20th!

Hello everyone. Just thought I'd tell you that I heard that tickets
for the show in San Diego January 20 go on sale this Staturday. I
haven't seen this in print yet, but I've heard it from a couple of
people. The opener, by the way, is PRIMUS! Primus will be touring
with Rush on the West coast leg of the tour. Talk about an excellent
show! I would have liked to have seen Eric Johnson, but I'll settle
for seeing my favorite band from San Francisco open for Rush
instead. :)



Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1991 08:52:43 EST
From: Doug Brown 
Subject: Songs from books

Hi all,

  2112 is taken from the book "Anthem" by Ayn Rand.  I was wondering
if there were any other songs by Rush that are from books.  If so,
I definately want to check them out!


                                "Get out there and rock
                                 and roll the bones...
                                 Get busy!" -RTB


Subject: European Dates/Any info on GB???
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 16:01:27 EET

I am one of the poor unfortunate people, who have never managed to see Rush
live. At the time of the ASOH tour I was busy graduating and during the
Presto tour the Finnish army kept me tied up pretty well. Now I'm DEFINITELY
NOT going to miss this tour.

As the European dates seem to be finally surfacing, this should be the time
for quick decisions. I was originally thinking of The GB (Birmingham or Lon-
don), since I've never been to England before. Anyone have a clue? I just
can't believe they'd entirely skip their English following, so something
should happen just about now. Also, if tickets become available, would any
considerate fellow Rush-fan out there care to help a few foreigners to get
decent seats? Trying to get decent tickets with international long-distance
calls is just about hopeless.

To Frank Lancaster:
In case England fails, I'd like some info on how to get tickets to one of
the German shows, hopefully in the northern parts (less driving). Which
concert are you going to see? Koeln (K|ln)?  And if they don't have inter-
national service (I'd be surprised), would you care to help out?

One very quick and easy solution would also be to fly to Amsterdam and try
the dutch date. At least I don't believe that one will sell out...

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Any other Rush-fans besides myself and Kaneli who will
be going? Atthe? If we decide to do Germany by car, a group of four would
probably be optimal. (I know it's a waste of bandwith to post something like
this back and forth across the Atlantic, but it's still the fastest way
to reach everyone...)

And to every person fortunate enough to live somewhere close to their
regular tour route: Rejoice!

Sadder still to watch it die		I Mikko Rinne    Helsinki University
than never to have known it.		I Ver{j{nkorva 3        of
For you, the blind, who once could see,	I 00650 HELSINKI    Technology
the bell tolls for thee.		I 358-0-7284479
		 - N. Peart		I


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 10:05:29 EST
From: (David Kuznick)
Subject: Anne Dudley

Now some of you must be saying who the &^%*% is Anne Dudley and what
does she have to do with Rush?  Second question first:  She arranged
the strings on Moving Pictures.  First question second:  She was/is a
member of the group The Art of Noise.  Cool.  I just noticed this
today while looking through the lined notes to MP.  I love AoN.  If
someone wants more info, just ask.  There is also a mailing list
devoted to them (which has not been very nusy lately). for more info.

David Kuznick


Date:     Wed, 20 Nov 91 09:58 CST
Subject:  Hemisphere's CD

A big thanks to the poster who listed the Columbia House CD numbers for Rush. I
just received a copy of the Hemispheres CD and I can't believe how much better
it sounds than my sorry old vinyl LP. Hemispheres is perhaps one of the
greatest albums from the Rush Masterpiece era (by that I mean albums that have
one or more long narrative songs on them). However, my CD cover only has the
picture shown on the front of the LP cover. The picture on the back of the LP
is not shown anywhere. Is this just Columbia House saving money, or are all
Hemispheres CD's manufactured this way. Also, while I'm on Hemispheres, both
Cygnus X-1, and Cygnus X-1 Book II, mention a ship called _Rocinante_ (sp?). Is
this ship out of Greek mythology or something or does the name have some other


ORQ: ... In a single, perfect sphere. - _Hemispheres_, "Cygnus X-1 Book II"


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1991 10:57:13 -0600
From: (Wade Williams)
Subject: Re: People Review

>"Here is audible proof that dinosaurs still roam the earth.  On its
>18th album, the Rushosaurus tries to adapt to modern society by
>abandoning thunderous drum solos and adding Top 40 synthesizer hooks
>and snippet of rap on the title track.  But lumbering guitar solos,
>chest-thumping lyrics and Geddy Lee's shrieking vocals soon expose the
>hopelessly primitive nature of the beast.  Roll these bones into a
>museum--say, an FM oldies station. -- Craig Tomashoff"

It's quite plain that this guy has never listened to Rush but for about 5
minutes.  He'd obviously read other reviewer's comments about Geddy's
vocals, so he thought he'd jump on the bandwagon.  While I can see that
some may not *like* Rush, any reviewer that knows anything about music
cannot deny their talent.  Obviously, this guy is just a plain Bozo.

And speaking of shrieking vocals, there's a lot worse out there.  Anybody
heard the lead singer from Cinderella lately?  Although he can sing when he
tries, he can also have the absolute worst voice of anyone I've ever heard.

Wade Williams   	       	       	"Any escape might help to smooth the
User Services Specialist        	unattractive truth, but the suburbs
Academic Computing      	       	have no charms to soothe the restless
Auburn University       	       	dreams of youth." (N. Peart)


From: djabson@sdcc13.UCSD.EDU (The God of Balance)
Subject: concert tickets
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 9:39:06 PST

	Just a few misc. questions about seeing the show when it
hits San Diego.

1) Does anyone know when the tickets go on sale for LA/San Diego
and/or where they're playing?

2) Are there any good places to get tickets I should know about? All
the outlets I have ever been to have been swamped by the time
lottery numbers were handed out. I have yet to get good seats for a

3) How much are good seats if you buy them from a ticket broker? I
suppose it depends on how good and who you buy them from but is
there a range of prices one can expect? $50? $100?

Please reply via e-mail unless you think other readers would be
interested in your response. Muchas gracias.

	Dave (


From: Jason Patrick Affourtit 
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 12:56:28 -0500
Subject: Brought to you by the letter ?

For whomever asked what the statements "Brought to you by the letter B," and
"Brought to you by the letter D" meant, here's what I think.  It's my
opinion that they're just references to the childrens' show, "Sesame Street."
If you watched it when you were young, as I did (or maybe you still do :)  ),
then you'll remember at the end they used to say something like "This episode
of Sesame Street has been brought to you by the lettter P and the number 4."
OR maybe that's not what the Boys are referring to, and I'm just trapped in
my childhood !!! Later...3wks til I see Rush!!!!

 |                                                                           |
 | -King Ad Roc           " If you cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend,     |
 |          would you tell Jesus ? " - JA                    |
 |                                                                           |
 |             oo          QUESTION STUPIDITY !!!                            |
 |              >                                                            |
 |            (__)                                                           |
 |  (A word to the wise - NEVER take Physics at R.P.I....)   -GM             |


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 13:05:54 CST
From: (Ervan Darnell)
Subject: 1001001

Maybe I'm just being teased here, but I'll bite and give my explanation.
'1001001' is the ASCII code for the letter 'I'.  This fits with the
theme of an android caught between its machine nature and its self-conscious/
quasi-human nature.  So, the chorus is a plea for help,  'I'm in trouble,
I need help' becomes '1001001 S.O.S....'.   'S.O.S.' is used (in the world
at large I mean) because it is convenient to signal in morse code, another
machine (albiet not computer) code.

As for 1001001 = 73 (decimal) being an important Rush year, as was
suggested by someone else, that's a darn cute trick if Peart planned
both meanings together.

A friend of mine once suggested that 'crack the code' was an anology to
attempts to sequence DNA.


Date: 20 November 1991 13:13:10 CST
From: "Cmdr. RikerDood  " 
Subject: Neil on Rockline/tourbook

    Heyo, Fellow Froods. Should anybody from the list manage to get ahold of
    Neil while he's on crapline, please do me a favor and ask him why he
    thinks Coburn never seems to let anybody thru with decent questions!
    Seriously tho, I'm really hoping that we don't hear too many dweebie
    questions (we all know wot I mean!), as Neil hardly ever makes appearances
    like this as it is. (I'm half-hoping he'll see fit to flame any callers
    with dumb questions). Too bad he wasn't on last nite, eh Patster? :)
    Wot say we come up with a list of possible questions, in case anybody
    manages to get thru? At least let him know that all the NMS people went
    out and got lives. :) Too bad he wasn't on last nite eh, Patster? :)
    Oh, the bonez in the inner cover of the tourbook spell out REMEMBER DEATH
    in morse code. They didn't make it too hard to decipher! :)

    Oh Tero, I agree that Fish is a 'lyrical genius', but much prefer
    Steve Hogarth myself. The band seems happier with him too.

  P     \\   /\\                             P   Wiker duh WUSH-Head   P
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  O     |-----|        at UIC                O "GET A LIFE!" -N. Peart O


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 15:02:53 -0500
From: Jonathan Russe Stehn 
Subject: Concerts: On & Off

Look, you've got to understand- some nights they're going to be clowning
around having a great time, and others they're just not going to want to
play.  This is one of the unfortunate results of being human.  I don't
think it's because they're losing it-- you go try to play 60 concerts in
75 days or whatever and tell me you're going to be up for it EVERY night.

Not blaming the Boyz,
the Letter "B" from Delaware

   ......     ..     ..       ......     ..      ..
   ..  ...    ..     ..     ...    ...   ..      ..
   ..   ...   ..     ..     ...          ..      ..
   ......     ..     ..      ........    ..........
   ..  ...    ..     ..            ...   ..      ..
   ..   ...   ..     ..            ...   ..      ..
   ..    ...   .......      .........    ..      ..

"And the knowlege that they fear is a weapon to be used against them..."

"It went right by me, at the time it went over my head.  I was looking out
the window, I should have looked at your face instead..."

----------------MADISON SQUARE GARDEN   12/6/91    16 DAYS----------------------


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 15:25 EDT
Subject: RTB on eMpTyV

Yes! I have actually seen the video twice in the past 12 hours. Yesterday, I
noticed that MTV reran the videos that they played around 1 in the afternoon
yesterday at midnight. Today, I saw the RTB video at 1:30, so maybe they'll
show it around midnight tonight. Just a guess. It was quite painful to sit
through all the drivel that they showed last night just to see RTB, but it was
worth it...and they played the new Metallica video, which I think is _great_!
Anyway, good luck if you're still trying to catch The Boyz on eMpTyV.

Ken Aaron, Johns Hopkins Univ

ORQ: "anything can happen"


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 15:58:55 EST
Subject: Tickets! NYC, Dec 7!

Hey Folks,
   Sadly I won't be seeing The Boyz in NYC, but if some kind soul
out there wants or knows someone who wants these tickets, then he
may be sending this kid off to see Rush in Philly!  Then again,
maybe not :-(, but that's the way lady luck dances...

E-mail me at:,
     , or

or call Pete Morgan at:  1 908 238 8067 (Central Jersey)

                            -- Rich K
                               Williamsburg Institute for Sleep
                               Deprivation Studies and AAA
                               Presidents  (aka The College of
                               William and Mary)


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 13:44:49 -0500
From: merk!uvmark!davem@uunet.UU.NET (Dave Meeks)
Subject: RTB review in _People_ magazine

What I find amuzing about this review is how inaccurate it is, and how little
the reviewer knows about anything.  I have no problem with the album getting
a bad review.  It happens.  Some people just will not like Rush, or this album.
I can deal with that.  What I have a hard time dealing with is how the reviewer
goes about it.  What Shrieking occurs on the album.  After listening to the
radio all day yesterday, I heard many examples of shrieking/screaming on an
sone... Many of the current HeavyMetal/HardRock/GlamRock (call them what you
will), use this style for vocals.  But Geddy??? Not on the last 3 or 4 albums
at least...  And where is the "thumping" drums???  To me, this is one of the
more underplayed albums as far as drums go.  And, in my opinion, Neil has
seldom gone for the "thumping" drum sound.  Intricate and often prominate,
but not your standard rock drum sound.  If the reviewer wants to criticize
the album, so be it... Let's just hope they get the review correct.  Same
with R.S.  Oh well, such is life...

David T. Meeks                    || "Let us not go gently to the endless
VMark Software, Inc.  		  ||  winter night"   - Rush
uvmark!             || "Alive at both ends, but a little dead
>..uunet!!uvmark!davem    ||  in the middle"  -  Genesis


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 16:10:07 CST
From: Ivelisse Atiles 
Subject: another "I saw 'Roll the Bones' posting"

So there I was, in my dorm room... came back from lunch, a friend
of mine ready to pop a Manfred Mann CD on the player, and then I
turned on MTV in the vague hope that they'd show the video, and lo
and behold, there it was.... This was around 12:24 p.m..  I think
we're starting to see a trend here.

Aside note, to anyone in Peoria... Community Progressive Radio (I
think it's like cable channel 18) is playing "The History of Rush,"
a 2 hour show (the second part) beginning at 11 p.m. Saturday.

(yay yay yay yay!!!)

Ivelisse Atiles     @}--->---    @}--->---
Bradley University  @}--->---   Peoria, IL                    @}--->---
"And if love remains / Though everything is lost / We will pay the price
But we will not count the cost."  -Rush
DISCLAIMER:  It only *looks* like I'm on drugs!


Date: 	Wed, 20 Nov 1991 09:36:26 -0600
From: (Todd Madson)
Subject: False Ending!

One more bit:  At the very, very end of the Minneapolis show, Neil hit the
distinctive 2-beat pickup to Superconductor and when Alex and Geddy were
caught offguard and started looking at him like he'd gone mad (they'd already
played the song about 45 minutes previous), he stood up and waved his arms at
them, shooing them away!  Real humorous.

UUCP: {amdahl!bungia, crash}!orbit!pnet51!tmadson
ARPA: crash!orbit!pnet51!


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 18:50:03 -0500
From: jjm13@po.CWRU.Edu (Jeffrey J. Murphy)
Subject: Tourbooks (Important! Read this!)

>       I bought the tourbook for 13.00.  I put it away, and
>upon taking it out to read when I got home, I saw that a few
>pages were torn and a few others were never cut(many pages stuck
>together).  Does anyone know someone to call or write to, to get
>a replacement copy?  Any assistance would be helpful!!!!!

This happened to me also.  Luckily, I caught it and was able to exchange
mine at the show.  It's copyrighted by Anthem Entertainment, so I would
contact them about a replacement.
Sorry I can't help you more.

**To those who are going to future shows:
If you buy a tourbook, BE SURE to check it _before_ you leave the show.
It's easy to exchange it while you're still there, but after you leave...
Quite a few of the tourbooks seem to have their pages uncut this go around--
so BE SURE to check it.

**There might be a few SPOILERS here, read at your own risk!

 Mickey  said:

>I have to say that I agree with some earlier posts in that the sound on this
>show seemed to be lacking.  Unless a song was Alex intensive,(Limelight,
>Xanadu) you could hardly pick out his playing mushed in with the other sounds.
>I also agree that Ged's bass has sounded a lot better in previous shows.
>Neil's solo was the only time the mixing seemed to be on track.  During
>Superconductor, Alex's mike was mixed out and he singing into a dead mike for
>two lines in the chorus.  I noticed that this happened twice during two
>different Eric Johnson songs as well.  It may have been mechanical, I dunno.
>Presto seemed to sound a lot better eventhough the tourbooks credit the
>same person as tour sound technician on both tours.

At the beginning, I couldn't hear Alex's guitar at all.  Funny though,
during "Dreamline" I couldn't hear Geddy's bass!  Of course, R. Colesium
doesn't have the greatest acoustics in the world (they suck).  I haven't
been to another concert there, so I can;t say for sure if it was sound
techs or just the building that was screwed up.

>I also agree with Mark Caufman in that the extra large stage was hardly
>used.  Ged and Alex hardly moved around at all compared to previous shows.
>Unless I missed it, Ged didn't even say 'goodbye' or anything during their
>two stage exits.  I definitely have seen the Boyz put on better shows.
>(Ones that sounded better too).

Did you see the first or the second Cleveland show??  The show I saw, Ged and
Alex moved around quite a bit.  I _think_ Geddy said "Goodnight" at the
end, but I'm not sure; it got lost in the crowd noise.

 Mark Gardner  said:

[oops--got one line too many]
>two years I've been using Pro-Mark oak wood-tipped 747 drum sticks almost
>exclusively, for their light weight and strength.  So, when I finally broke my
>last pair (yes, it does happen to the best of drummers, especially when trying
>to perfect 'The Rhythm Method' for the nth time) and went to the local music
>store to get a few more pairs, I was amazed and delighted that those very model
>of sticks are now signature-endorsed by none other than Professor Neil Peart
>himself.  Needless to say, I snapped up three pairs.
>My question is: are these the actual sticks that Neil uses, or is this just an
>advertising gimmick?  Does the Roll The Bones tour program mention what
>equipment the band is using at all?

Neil mentions in the tourbook he uses Pro-mark "Signature" sticks...
Same thing???

 ap555@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (John Brooking) said:

>I'm sorry, I have great respect for Neil, but I thought having his picture
>taken reading Aristotle's _Poetics_ was just a bit show off-y, IMHO.
>(Although about his shadow in the background -- is this supposed to be him
>*screaming*?  If so, maybe he's trying to make a statement about what it's
>like to read Aristotle, which as a philosophy minor I would totally
>understand and would let him off the hook, pride-wise, if this is the case.)

I'm sure the picture is a joke of some sort, stuck between the one of
Alex and his pictures and Geddy and his noses.  Screaming??? Laughing???
Maybe he's trying to make the statement that he thinks _Poetics_
is a piece of junk! :-) :-)




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There is also a mail server available (for those unable or unwilling to
ftp).  For more info, send email with the subject line of HELP to:

These requests are processed nightly.  Use a subject line of MESSAGE to
send a note to the server keeper or to deposit a file into the archive.

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