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Subject: 11/21/91 - The National Midnight Star #383

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 383

                Thursday, 21 November 1991
Today's Topics:
                       Butt?  WOW!
               Vinnie Moore as opening act
 CALL FOR GET-TOGETHER:  Rush show in Albany NY (12 Dec.)
                 Sober and eager (what??)
                The Mystery Rapper NOT !!!
                  Music By Lee And Peart
                    Re: Eric Johnson?
                      Rush CD Prices
      KOME (Bay Area) Drumstick Auction and Contest
                      RTB on eMpTyV
                   Anagram (for mongo)
                 Hemispheres Album Poster
                  People Magazine review
               What is your IP #, Delbusso
               Alex's pictures in Tour book

Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 22:21:13 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Sticks

Somebody asked if the tourbook mentioned what sticks Neil uses.
Here's the line:
"Remo heads are punished by Pro-mark "Signature" sticks."

Sounds like the same ones you use, alright.

Also, on page 26 of the book, in the lower left corner, there
is a picture of Neil making a face and holding up a can of
Planters peanuts. What the hell is that thing on his hat????

My pages stuck together, too.
I was turning the pages too fast and ripped the corner off one
of 'em. I was pissed!!!  Oh well. Not much I can do about it.

Hi Loretta!!


|~~~\  |    |  /~~~\  |    |    Nick Mascari-Case Western Reserve
|   /  |    |   \     |    |    "If you choose not to decide, you
|~~\   |    |     \   |~~~~|     still have made a choice"
|   \   \__/  \___/   |    |    Look for "Peart" on IRC


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 22:59:02 -0500
From: ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jim B. Stevenson)
Subject: Butt?  WOW!

I have a question that's been bugging the Hell outa me and ALL my
friends.  In the RTB CD, what is the meaning of the big elephant
butt in the booklet?

By the way, Rush kicked ass in Cleveland on Nov. 17 & 18.  I went
to both nights and bought at least one of every souvenier
available.  I'm totally broke now, but I'd do it again for more
new Rush stuff!!  The only thing that dissapointed me at the
concert was that they didn't play Red Sector A.  Also, they
played 2112 I. Overture, but they didn't follow up with Syrinx.
But the version of Spirit of Radio there was the best ever!  And
when they played Xanadu......WOW!  Now there was a great
surprise!!! :)  They ended up playing 31 songs, NOT INCLUDING
surprise!!! :)  They played 31 songs total, NOT INCLUDING THE
MIX ENCORE!!  Can't wait for their next album!  And yes, Ged
did sing "Catch the Fish" & "Ketchup" in Tom Sawyer!

			Until next time,
				Jim Stevenson

"We are young.  Wandering the face of the earth......."

"We will pay the price, but we will not count the cost"


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 23:06:30 -0500
From: Joseph Kung 
Subject: Vinnie Moore as opening act

I've heard from the NMS that Eric Johnson will not be opening
for Rush for the Worcester show, and for the rest of the tour.
This is a shame, since I think fans of Rush (the ones who like _Moving
Pictures_ and "La Villa Strangiato" -- you know, the guitarists out
there) would have will really loved Eric. He's a melodic guitarist
with technical brilliance and plenty of feeling and soul. Just ask
Carlos Santana. Anyways, I heard that Vinnie Moore will be "replacing"
him, which is a shame. Not that Vinnie Moore is a bad guitarist, but
he's from the same school as Satriani and Vai -- fast, distorted
passages that blend minor and pentatonics together for that
pseudo-neo-classical-blues sound started by Yngwie Malmsteen. On his
latest release, _Meltdown_, he rocks hard but never slows down. And
his tone never really changes. Those who know Moore will know that the
little "trick" that he likes to use is sweep picking where he
arpeggiates a chord in a single-note fashion at blinding speed. It
sounds cool, but a little over used.

In the recent Guitar Player interview of Rush, Alex Lifeson has
nothing but praises for Eric Johnson. Most guitarists would voice the
same opinion. I don't know his opinion about Moore though ...

- Joe


Subject: CALL FOR GET-TOGETHER:  Rush show in Albany NY (12 Dec.)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 91 00:26:04 EST

I haven't posted to the list in a while, but figured I'd break out the
ol' editor for once.

This year I've got tickets (not GREAT ones, but I'm happy) to the 12
December show at the Knick arena in Albany.  Since I live in Albany,
I'd be happy to host a get-together/party for any list readers going
to the concert!  Unfortunately, it's a Thursday night and the
beginning of finals for me, so I can't have the real blow-out I'd like
to, but beer, chips and dips would be easy to do and fun. Send me mail
if you're interested!  (

Also, if anyone is coming from far away, and needs a place to crash, I
can put a couple of people up here.  Again, drop me a line.

		air-drumming 'til my arms fall off,

						Derek L.
       derek@albnyvms.bitnet       <>
====}=---------------`  Fencers love to touch  '-----------------={====
               "Cinderella man... hang on to your plans..."


Date: 21 Nov 91 00:34:38
From: Gonzalo.A.Lira.Jr@Dartmouth.EDU
Subject: Sober and eager (what??)

My fellow Rushlings:
	There you have it: not only am I the only sober person here at
Drinkmouth, I'm the only eager one as well, waiting for the Montreal show.
	As with all previous concerts, I've stopped listening to my favorite
band for the past week, and won't listen to a thing until the actual concert.
Sounds masochistic? Well, try it yourselves. You'll soon find out that you
catch a lot of stuff that you might miss if you'd just stopped listening to
Rush a half hour before the show. Hell, it works for me.
	Someone asked about literary references beyond Ayn Rand's stuff.
Hemispheres is based on Robert Graves' work on the Apollonian and Dionysean
extremes; the Cygnus character, I believe, is the Prof's own stuff. Rocinante,
however, is Don Quixote's broken-down horse, which the Knight believes to be a
great stallion; check out that work (actually, they're two books) by Miguel de
Cervantes--it's super hilarious, if you find the right translation. Rivendell,
as probably most of you know, is taken from J.R.R.Tolkien's Middle Earth. From
PeW on out, however, I don't recall any song being wholly devoted to or drawn
from a single author or book. Certainly, some song titles are taken from
books, but the songs themselves aren't wholly based on that specific book. As
I posted earlier, the Professor's influences have grown to such an extent that
no single work can sum up his ideas, forcing him to make a montage or collage
of influences, with plenty of underground references in between. So go fish
for 'em!!! Only thing that's always bothered me is Jacob's Ladder: the name is
a children's game, played with a loop of string, nothing much to do with the
actual lyrics. So what's the idea? That one is above my head.  WAY above my
head (or else the Prof was drunk)
	Little anecdote: my roommate said, on listening to U2's Achtung Baby,
that it's amazing that rock bands still use the word "baby" all over the
place, like shards of broken glass waiting to get stepped on. I started
thinking, of course, about Rush: well, besides the debut album, I don't think
a single song has the word "baby" in it. Can anyone confirm this empirically?
I don't have all the albums with me, but I know most (if not all) the lyrics
by heart, and I don't think so.
	On to other fish that I must be frying.
	I've sent a couple of postings that never got posted. Dear Mgr.: do
you not like what I'm saying? Or am I being too wordy about my stuff? Please
	Friederich, are you still being a pseudointellectual?
	Notice in the 'Fear' trilogy that WitchHunt starts gradually and ends
in a bang, while the reverse is true with The Enemy Within, and The Weapon
starts off gradually and fades off likewise. Question: Was this on purpose? I
hope it was, and even if it wasn't, it turned out great, because I was able to
mix the three tunes and get one monster of a recording, synchronized all the
way. This makes me wonder too at the fact that, since MP, there hasn't been a
single extended piece from Rush; the longest song after Camera Eye (which is,
incidentally, the name of an experimental technique of John DosPassos' The Big
Money) runs no more than 6 and a half minutes. Why? Shame on the Boyz, for not
letting us OD on their music with one really monster tune like Xanadu.
	Time to go. I can practically hear our trusty Mgr. getting hysterical
over the length of this posting. So: Think Big, Dream Rush. Gonzalo Lira,
Dartmouth College.

ORQ: "...behind us you will only see our dust." Making Memories, Fly By Night,

Oh and P.S.: Rush was formed in '69, by a couple of seventeen-year-olds named
Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. Been a wild twenty-two years, hasn't it?


Date: 21 November 1991 00:57:03 CST
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 
Subject: The Mystery Rapper NOT !!!

Ya Hey there everyone! Well, first off I would like to thank the Rush
manager for his work on putting together this digest (I'll email you soon
I promise Dave, I just have to look @ my fotos of their tour bus, maybe
I'll even have the plate # for ya ok? :) )

I've gotten a bunch of mail from ppl asking about the Mystery Rapper, I guess
I should have kept my mouth shut :(  (you were right Jonster), well I've
given this a lot of thought and after listening to some of Ged's newer
interviews and trying to recall what happened the night of the Chicago show
I must say that Rush would probably want ppl to guess about it a little
longer. So I don't think I should disclose the info as of now. Sorry folks!
Who knows maybe Neil will reveal who the person is on Rockline on the 2nd
of Dec.? I guess thats about it for now, next time I'll just keep my BIG
mouth shut, i promise :).

ps: I will say this much though. It is one of the members of Rush! :)
p                           p
-  "I was lined up for glory but the Bitnet:u24129@uicvm.bitnet    -
g   tickets sold out in advance.     Genie: P.Choy                 g
p   The way the big wheel spins."                                  p
-                                                  Patster         -
g                                                                  g


Subject: Music By Lee And Peart
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 91 02:04:35 PST

I'm looking at my Moving Pictures cd booklet, and under the title 'YYZ'
it just says "Music by Lee and Peart". Yes, yes, yes, I've seen this many
years ago, but never asked anybody about it until now. Does this mean
that Alex had no part in writing the music? I know the song has a lot of
tradeoff's of bass and guitar fills, but all that guitar work, surely
Alex had to come up with all of that........or was it Neil. Hmmmmmmm.
I talked to someone who say the Cleveland show, and he says that a roadie
or guitar tech put a glove on the end of a guitar stand and gave it to
Alex to play the Synth part of Superconductor with.

Boots? Pete, are you still offering Boots of the RTB shows? I would love
a copy. Hell, I'll pay ya!


I will now quote rush: "It slips between your hands like water
                        This living in real time
                        A dizzying lifetime
                        Reeling by on celluloid

                        Struck between the eyes
                        By the big-time world
                        Walking uneasy streets-
                        Hiding beneath the sheets-
                        Got to try and fill the void..."


From: (Dennis Rivard)
Subject: Re: Eric Johnson?
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 91 9:05:04 EST

> I have tickets for the Dec 9 (Prov. RI) and Dec 10 (Worchester) and according
> to a newspaper add for the Worchester show, Vinnie Moore is opening...  Does

Vinnie Moore? AAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!! I have to endure another crummy
opener for Rush?  I almost had a heart attack when I found out that
Eric johnson was openign for them... Finally, a good opener... So much
for that, eh?

> reasonably psyched...  Now I hear he's not opening for them...  Someone
> please tell me that the last show he's going to open for is Dec 9 @ Prov!

Can anyone else confirm that EJ isn't opening for them in Worcestor?



Subject: Rush CD Prices
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 91 8:14:36 CST
From: (Robert Whitehead)

My fellow Rushians;

For some little time now, I've been buying CDs from Noteworthy Music
because I like the prices and the service.  Now, I'm contemplating
replacing *all* my Rush LPs with CDs, and I've been working out the
prices for doing so.  (Nice way to *HINT* at my wife, eh? ;-)

Here's what I found:

Album Name				Catalog #		Price
Rush						POP822541.F		9.03
Fly By Night			POP822542.F		9.03
Caress of Steel		POP822543.F		9.03
2112						POP822545.F		9.03
ATWAS						POP822552.G	  10.69
Farewell to Kings		POP822546.F		9.03
Hemispheres				POP822547.F		9.03
Permanent Waves		POP822548.F		9.03
Exit.. Stage Left		POP822551.G	  10.69
Moving Pictures		POP800048.F		9.03
Signals					POP810002.F		9.03

                          Total:	  93.62

Noteworthy's prices seem fairly consistent; bigger bands (like Rush)
command about $9.00 for single discs, $10 - $12 for double albums
and live recordings.  Box sets (such as the Beatles) run between $50
and $100, depending on the number of discs.  We have a little group
of folks here at work (including our local TNMS distributor, T.J.
Higgins [hi, Teej!]) who band together each month to put in a large
order from Noteworthy and save on shipping, so I assume that they
like the service and price, too.

What do you think?  Is $100.00 a reasonable price to replace my
vinyl collection, or should I continue to shop around?

If I do replace what I have, I'll probably sell the vinyl for what I
can get (except my Archives collection; that was a gift for my
graduation from high school in '78).  What should I expect to get
for these LPs?  (They are all in very good condition.)  Would I be
better off offering them for sale in TNMS, or should I go through a
local consignment shop?

If I can't unload them, I'm thinking about donating them to the
local public library.

BTW, this doesn't include RTB, Power Windows, ASOH, or Chronicles
because I don't have them in CD or LP yet (though I will soon); I
do have HYF on CD, but due to a hiatus in my CD buying habits (and
the fact that I haven't made a convert out of my wife yet), that's
the first Rush album I have bought in some time.

Opinions?  Questions?  Private email or repost; it's up to you.
| Robert C. Whitehead       |
| Intergraph Corporation    |
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| Technical Documentation   |earth.  On the back it said, "Wish you were
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>From the Real World: bob@medrcw.b17a.ingr.COM

"In our century, we've learned not to fear words."
    -- Uhura, "The Savage Curtain," Stardate 5906.4


From: (Amy Moseley Rupp)
Subject: Rocinante
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 91 10:39:28 CST

This may be a FAQ, but Rocinante was the name of Don Quixote's horse.
At first glance he was a sorry excuse for a horse but Don Quixote thought
he was a valiant steed.  Don Quixote looked at everything in the best
possible light, even though sometimes it was not realistic.  Don't know
why Peart chose the name.  Don Quixote also made the saying "tilting
at windmills" famous.

I tried to read the book once, but didn't get all the way through--it's
long, and has a certain sense of humour, but gets tiring after a hundred
pages or so.  But some consider it one of the finest literature works
of all time.
Amy J. Moseley Rupp                         Hey twentysomethings!
Motorola Computer Group                     Listen to Austin's 107.7 FM!
(512) 329-7117                  :)          It's the music we're growing up or                   with, not a yuppie reminiscent
uunet!!oakhill!arla!amy        repetitive station.


Date: 	Thu, 21 Nov 1991 09:34:23 PST
Subject: KOME (Bay Area) Drumstick Auction and Contest

Bay Area Rush fans,

Just heard this morning on KOME radio (CA Bay area) that they'll
be having a Thanksgiving drumstick auction, including sticks from
Rush!  I won't be able to make it, but just wanted to pass the info
along.  That's all I know - call the station for further details on time,
place, etc.

Also, there's a contest on KOME where, when you hear a little snippet
from "Distant Early Warning" (I think - there may be other snippets
too...that's the only one I've heard) and you call in and are the same
number caller as they roll on their "bones," you're entered into a
drawing to go to NYC to see Rush (plus some other goodies too,
I think...just caught the tail end of the announcement).  If you're the
right caller, you also get a RTB CD and a Vinnie Moore CD.

Just wanted to make sure Bay Area NMS folks are well

Roll the bones,


Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1991 13:56 EST
From:, Matthew S 
Subject: RTB on eMpTyV

                                        Date:      21-Nov-1991 01:47pm EST
                                        From:      Mueller, Matthew S
                                        Tel No:    (201)-408-4432

TO:  Remote INTERNET Address              ( _IN%RUSH@SYRINX.UMD.EDU )
Subject: RTB on eMpTyV

		To those of you who are wondering when the hell the losers
on eMpTyV are going to to show RTB, today(Nov. 21) they showed it around
11:30 am. This is awesome cuz now it is on at decent hours. I guess they
are showing it around every 12 hours or so, once in the evening and once in
the morning(even though they show the stupid Michael Jackson video like
every half-hour(yecchhh!)). I'm still waiting to see it . Sure wish I had a
friggin TV in my dorm room!

ORQ-"Well, ten bucks is ten bucks." -G. Lee   -"Take Off"

		-Matt the Bassist


Date:        Thu, 21 Nov 91 14:07:28 EST
From: Dan Newcombe 
Subject: Anagram (for mongo)

Okay...I just noitced this one, though it may have came up before.

 It just hit me what Anagram (for Mongo) must mean.
I think that it is taken from the movie Blazing Saddles. There
is a character Mongo who get's a telegram and a candygram.

   (The things one thinks of in the morining...)



From: stedmant@LONEX.RL.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 91 14:32:57 EST
Subject: Hemispheres Album Poster

Hi All!
        I haven't posted in some time so I thought that I would make some
people jealous. :)  I was thumbing through some used records at a local
shop and came across a copy of Hemispheres.  I remember awhile ago
that the rush-mgr mentioned that the original pressings contained a poster.
I decided to look inside the sleeve and... surprise surprise! the poster
was in there.  And even more surprising was that the guy who runs the
shop gave me the poster just for being a good customer.  It does pay
sometimes to shop local as opposed to doing mail order business.
        He also had a copy of the Live Under Pressure CD for $36.99 US.  Is
that a bit steep or what?

    Terry Stedman    Internet:
    I ) I I <~ I_I   "It is my will which chooses, and the choice of my will
    I \ I_I _> I I   is the only edict I must respect." - Rand from _Anthem_


Date: Thu, 21 Nov 91 14:57 EST
From: (bk35)
Subject: Rocinante

        To the person who inquired about the ship named Rocinante in the
songs Cygnus X-1 on AFTK and Cygnus X-1 Book II on Hemispheres:  Rocinante
was the name of Don Quixote's horse in Cervantes' book of the same name,
known to most of us as the musical "The Man of La Mancha."  Although some of
the other referents in the six-part Book II are from Greek mythology, I
think Rocinante was a very appropriate choice as the ship, or steed if you
will, carrying a knight of sorts on a quest.  Besides, I love the tale of
Don Quixote.


Date: Thu, 21 Nov 91 14:33:20 -0600
From: Brian E. Saunders 
Subject: People Magazine review

To all you people upset over the idiot who gave RTB a bad review in People,
I have one question:  what the hell are you doing reading that piece of
trash for music reviews?  People is just a mainstream version of the
National Enquirer, with a tad bit more verification on their gossip.
Granted it makes for semi-interesting reading in waiting rooms (it does
have some solid interviews), but as a music magazine, NOT.

I would be more worried if People liked RTB...   :^)    :^)    :^)

Brian E. Saunders


Date: Thu, 21 Nov 91 14:38:49 -0600
From: Brian E. Saunders 
Subject: What is your IP #, Delbusso

I think your poll is interesting (top 3 favorite groups among Rush fans),
but I can't get you mail.  I did a nslookup on, and
couldn't find address information, and I'm connected to one of the largest
nameservers in the country.  Please include your IP # (internet #) in a
following post.

By the way, my favorite 3 groups are:

	1.   Rush
	2.   Kansas
	3.   Queen

Brian E. Saunders


Date: Thu, 21 Nov 91 14:45:17 -0600
From: Brian E. Saunders 
Subject: Alex's pictures in Tour book

I've heard a lot of banter about the tour book, so I was wondering if
someone could explain to me the picture of Alex standing in front of
a few photos.  I swear one of them looks like him standing with
George Bush.  Another one looks like him standing with the Queen of
England.  Are these photos real, are they a trick and a joke, or am
I just way out there?

Brian E. Saunders


Date: Thu, 21 Nov 91 15:54:33 -0500
From: Jonathan Russe Stehn 
Subject: Aaauugggghhh!!

Blasphemy! I've just been told that Axl Rose has a better voice than Ged!
See what kind of idiots I'm subjected to here?!

The Letter "B"

"Chase the wind around the world, I want to look at life-- in the
available light..." NP.



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